Weavercraft Hall - Courtyard
Festive to the eyes if not also the ears, this courtyard is filled to the brim with life. Around the edges of the large expanse of space, brightly blossomed plants stare into the open expanse with petalled faces of red, yellow, and blue. Between the cobblestones that carpeted the ground of the area, tiny white flowers have thrived, filling in dark crevices with their cloud like flowers which remain just low enough to avoid all feet that may be rushing across.
The cliff-face into which most of the rooms have been chiseled takes a commanding presence. On any given day, new brilliant banners can be seen dangling off the balcony that rests high above or from assorted windows. The great doors themselves, which usually remain open, revealing the great hall, have been painted in likeness to the leafy denizens lounging about.

Another lovely winter day at Fort, and there are plenty eager for a trip elsewhere. The trip today is out to the Weaverhall it would seem. Abigail leans against Niumdreoth a bit once off as she peers around. "I swear.. If anything goes crazy I'm never taking anyone out on another Candidate trip again." The brown rumbles out softly, though he doesn't think anything crazy will happen. Hopefully. With a soft sigh Abbey shifts forward glancing to see whom all has came along now that they are on land once more so to speak while undoing her jacket and tucking gloves and goggles away. She's a bit grumpy, and a bit tired, but she offered to do this, so here she be.

Never say never? Those could be famous last words too! For whatever reason, Th'ero has signed on to this excursion as well but knowing the Weyrleader it could be for multiple reasons as to why he is flying to Southern Boll and further on to the Hall. Velokraeth begins a lazy spiral down to the ground below, joining Niumdreoth with a contented rumble and a final stretch of his wings before he's folding them against his side. Dismounting, Th'ero will help the few Candidates who chose to ride with him down as well before ushering them forwards while he stows the helmets, gloves and other riding gear. It's a bit warmer here and already he is unbuckling his jacket, peering up at the skies. Overhearing Abigail, Th'ero snorts softly. "We'll just keep them out of the dye rooms." he drawls to the Wingsecond with a crooked smirk. "What else could possibly pose trouble at the Weavercraft Hall?"

Kimmila and Varmiroth emerge shortly after the larger dragons, circling down to let his two passengers dismount. Shedding her riding clothes, Kimmila stores them in her straps before sending Varmiroth up to the heights to watch, before she approaches the others with a small smile. "Hope they stay out of trouble this time." It's a joke, really, lightly offered with a grin.

Zaala is one of those fortunate enough to be hauled along on this outing and something about riding with the Weyrleader makes her hopeful she won't snarl at him today. He just caught her in a bad mood, promise. In any case, she dismounts with a respectful bob of her head and a quick 'thanks' as she hurries along after one of the other candidates, thankfully, her one friend from the lower caverns, Fraydra, is there so she can sort of cling to the other girls arm, chatting quickly with her and sending a glance back at the Weyrleader. The both of them give a quiet snicker before they continue on. Fraydra is tall and skinny akin with Zaala, though the girl has dark raven hair with almond eyes. Zaala was -thrilled- when she saw her friend join her in the candidate barracks, only a few days ago actually, and since then, the duo have been seen together on these outings more often than not. Fraydra is -as- girlish as Zaala, so expect a lot of cackling, giggles, and clucking on this trip.

Niumdreoth shifts to offer Velokraeth more room, the brown warbling out a green to him and Varmiroth in the process. Abigail glances over as she hears Th'ero, a soft smile and chuckle escaping her. "Perhaps.. But.. After the last two ventures I've been on I wouldn't be surprised of anything." She takes hold of a few helmets and jackets and tucked them away before waving the few Candidates that rode with her to fall in with the others. Hearing some quick chattering Abbey sends a curious glance towards Zaala and Fraydra, an amused smirk is seen before she shakes her head a moment. Hopfully there will be only cackling ang giggles on the trip!

Let it remain a joke! Never can tell with Fortians though. This visit can go either very well or… well, anyone can just ask the Techcraft Hall what happened or even the Minecraft! Th'ero will help Zaala down, frowning a little for the Candidate's mood but making no remark upon it. If she wants to be crabby, let her be! He knows better than to even begin taunting that sort of temper and he will simply let her go to join her friend. Th'ero shakes his head to Abigail, taking a slow breath and exhaling heavily. "I've heard and I assure you… we won't be having repeats of THAT hopefully. I believe the Candidates have learned." Or been lectured heavily on how to behave and perhaps some more than others. Joining Kimmila at her side, he gives the bluerider a long look and then chuckles dryly. "We'll see to it that they do, Wingmate. I've business to conduct with the Weavercraft and I'd rather not have it soured before talks even begin. Now. Either of you ever been here? We've got some Candidates to keep busy. I was told that we'd have free range. No tours, though if they had questions, they need only find the Journeyman on duty." he murmurs, looking between Kimmila and Abigail. Where to start, when one has an entire Hall to roam? Another glance is spared to Zaala and Fraydra as the two are giggling amongst themselves and his brows knit into a frown. Is he going to have to watch those two? Or… is he just realizing he may very well be the only male on this adventure?

Kimmila shakes her head as she looks around. "I've never been here, admittedly." Looking over to Zaala and her friend, the bluerider's attention then flicks to Abigail, and then she grins. "No, this one will be fun. Maybe we take things in order? Start with…well. The beginning? Making threads, making yarn and fabrics? Weaves? Then design, pattern, crafting the clothes themselves? Then a stop in the shops?"

Zaala -wasn't- in a bad mood, in fact with the playful nudging toward Fraydra, it's anything but. No crabby mood for Th'ero today, but there are those backward glances at the Weyrleader, glances that he may associate with being looked over from top to bottom. Fraydra twists her head away quickly as she spots Th'ero regarding them, Zaala more slow to follow, smiling knowingly that indeed, he's the only male on this adventure and maybe that's what's causing the mischeif between the two lower cavern gals. Zaala glances over toward Abigail, giving her a wave, though she isn't about to comment on the last trip to the Minecraft. Heaven forbid anyone would ever want to actually apprentice in the mine craft, let alone spend their entire lives doing such a thing. Zaala seems to be happy at least because it's not so cold out, nor does she have to be underground. She missed out on the Techcraft trip, though she'll likely have an opportunity to go there at some point while the eggs harden. Fraydra asks of Zaala, "I always wondered why you didn't apprentice here Zay, you totally have a sense of fashion." Zaala rolls her shoulder, humble of any praise perhaps, "Well, I've thought about it. Trust me, it's just… apprenticeship is kind of limiting, all those rules." Fraydra gives a smug twist of her lips, "As if candidacy isn't?" Zaala shrugs, "It's different, you know, it only lasts for a few sevendays… not like.. Turns." Fraydra rolls her eyes and whatever else she says in return is lost as their voices grow quieter.

Abigail ahs softly and lifts her head a bit. "Though.. If ye don't mind me saying I don't think any of the Candidates really had a hand in any of that that happened.. At least the ones that was with me both times." It wasn't their fault a certain child escaped his harness and proceeded to run amuck so to speak.. Nor that a cave-in would try to happen the other time. If anything does happen now it would be the third time that Abbey has been with the group, perhaps she is the bad luck charm then? As for where to start a glance is offered over the area and she ponders. "I was here a long time ago." When her parents thought it would do her some good to spend a few weeks here. Needless to say that didn't end well. "I agree with Kimmila, go to the start and work on from there." The wave from Zaala is caught, a slight smile and wave offered back to the girl. "Onwards then?" This offered to both Kimmila and Th'ero.

How is Th'ero suppose to know a bad mood from good? Standing by Kimmila and Abigail, he will catch those glances from Zaala and her fellow Candidate and that only draws another frown that edges towards a scowl. He senses something afoot, suspicious and muttering under his breath about 'plotting' but he's not about to shed any further light on it quite yet. He rolls his shoulders a bit, as if suddenly conscientious before turning his head away, looking back to Kimmila as the bluerider offers her suggestion, then to Abigail as she adds her agreement. What is the Weyrleader to do but say: "Then it's settled. Let's get them to the workshops then, see if they can't learn something from this. I think if they learn of the designing process? I'm going to assume most already know how to sew." Pointed look to Zaala and Fraydra then. Oh, he just did not imply that, did he? What does the think lower cavern women do all day, just sit and mend? "You were here before, Abigail? Good. Would you mind leading on? I only know of some of the Hall but none that will be of use to us." Th'ero murmurs, smiling to the Wingsecond before gesturing to carry on. He'll then reach for Kimmila's arm or perhaps he's simply gesturing for her too to follow. At the mention of shops, his hand teasingly shifts back towards where his mark pouch is hidden. "Do you think that is wise?" he drawls, trying not to grin before he's stepping in to follow the others.

Kimmila watches the girls chattering away, but since they seem content to be together, she doesn't try to pull them away from each other. Glancing at Abigail, Kimmila clears her throat. "Kyzen is at home." Just in case they were worried she'd snuck him here in the bags on her straps. Slipping her arm through Th'ero's, the bluerider chuckles and then grins. "Yes. Very wise."

There is certainly something afoot, especially when you get two lower cavern gals putting their heads together. Though nothing will come out now, other than it being two girls oogling the Weyrleader. Mostly Fraydra today, because Zaala is quite aware that Th'ero is not oogle okay when Kimmila is around. Maybe they just like to make him wonder? Little games are fun to play! Either way, they're generally standing around, waiting for someone to make a decision of what or where they're going to do and go. Upon hearing something is settled, Zaala draws her hair over her shoulder, combing he fingers idly through it, pensive eyes shifting between the riders and the other candidates mingling. The pointed look does have her perk up a bit, with Fraydra putting in a saucy smile all the same, proud of knowing how to sew! Do they catch on that it was meant to be an insult or some insinuation that's all they do? Nawh. He's just looking at them, so little things are done, like extra flutters of eyelashes for example, coy glances, secretive smiles. Zaala pulls Fraydra forward, moving toward Abigail after a moment of watching her friend tease the Weyrleader, pulling her up toward Abigail by the arm. "Abigail," Zaala says politely, in an introduction sort of way, "Have you met Fraydra? You might have, she was with me at the docks when we all went swimming in the summer." Oh yes, the chatty cathy's in a little cluster of swimsuits. Though the girl may be tall and skinny, with raven hair, her features are common place and unless one really looked at her, they'd miss the cute dimples and the gap between the girl's front two teeth. Fraydra gives a little finger wave, "So you're Abigail!" Zaala lifts her eyebrows and nudges her friend, with a whispered 'be nice.' Fraydra slides her eyes across to Zaala, impish, "You've told me so much about her Zay. I'm glad I can finally met her, is all." At a glance, Fraydra is certainly more 'mean girl' than what she puts forward - the clique leader sort with a snobbish air to her, evident even as she presents herself to Abigail, flipping her hair some, eyes judgemental already as Fraydra stands before Abigail.

Abigail is the one that is moody, though she is keeping it in check rather well at the moment it would seem. At the bit that she should lead a soft ah escapes her as if she is about to protest such things though a slight nod is soon seen. "Very well.. As for them knowing how to sew I would not jump to that conclusion so quickly sir." Abbey only knows because she makes harnesses for her canines and a certain large brown, which she then uses the same skills into mending clothing. Hearing both Zaala and then Fraydra her pale gaze settles on them, a soft yet tired smile is seen before she nods her head. "Perhaps I did, that was a while ago. Tis nice ta meet ye Fraydra." There is a bit of amusement seen at that judgmental look crosses Fraydra's gaze and the wingsecond merely eyes the girl without even blinking.. Ooo stare down! "So, when yer done giving me the once over we can get going. Though I have ta say yer a bit young for me tastes." This said with a slight grin, she is clearly joking, but enough to perhaps try and curb the other's snobbish and judgmental look on this. Her hand is lifted and she points towards where they are to start. "This way kiddies." Yup she went there. A faint amused warble of a sound escapes Niumdreoth as the brown tilts his head while watching the show it would seem.

Th'ero isn't always fond of games and he certainly seems to disapprove of Frayda's behavior. All that oogling, saucy smiles and coy glances only earn a cold and neutral frown from the Weyrleader, but as the Candidate is pulled away by Zaala then he simply snorts and shakes his head, mouth pulled back into a thin smirk. Women! He'll never understand them and taking Kimmila's arm, he coughs and clears his throat when she brings up their son. "Ah, yes. Kyzen won't be going out on any trips. Not until he's a few Turns older." he murmurs. All are safe now! While Zaala keeps Frayda occupied in greeting Abigail, Th'ero will duck his head down to whisper something to Kimmila's ear as they slowly make their way towards the Hall. "Why not?" he asks of the Wingsecond, when she calls him on jumping to conclusions. Rather than dig himself a deeper hole, however, he is distracted again by a few passing folk. Abigail's remark has him stifling a bit of a chuckle behind a cough and flashing Kimmila another look, he will follow along behind the Wingsecond.

Kimmila stays on Th'ero's arm, and when she catches some oogling coming from Fraydra's direction, the bluerider just winks at her and looks smug. Tilting her head up to Th'ero, she grins crookedly and murmurs back to him before she's following the others.

Fraydra does not back down immediately from the stare down, but she does at the moment Abigail says something about being too young for her tastes! That makes the girl sputter a bit, uncertain of her own response. Zaala considers Fraydra and grunts, embarrassed for her friends sake, yes! Fraydra recovers quickly with a stiff hrumph noise, "I wasn't checking you out." Zaala has to laugh, awkwardly, for the situation has turned awkward, "Oh come on, she's teasing. Let's go see what's in those workshops. Maybe a nice dress or something, right?" Abigail is given an apologetic look, one that states, I will explain this later. Fraydra has been successfully curbed, both from the high and mighty presence and the want to retort to Abigail.

Abigail merely grins at Fraydra. "Oh, I'm sure ye wasn't." This said with an amused tone, a soft chuckle escaping her in fact at the thought. As for the look from Zaala a soft smile and nod is seen showing that all is well it would seem. As for Th'ero's question, it is heard and she casts the weyrleader a curious glance. "Well, not all are taught to sew." A rather simple way of putting it. Though onwards they go, heading towards the workshops. "No one touches anything.." This is mostly sent towards Zaala and Fraydra, as she has a feeling both Th'ero and Kimmila will keep their hands off things that could possible break, right?

WeaverCraft Hall - Workrooms
The floors of the workroom are covered in dark marble - while pleasing to the eye, it only serves to emphasize the scraps and bits of loose thread that usually manage to creep off the workbenches and onto the floor. Starkly whitewashed walls are covered in random patches by tapestries, both practice and master-quality, and pale lavender curtains drape from rods fixed to the ceiling, arranged so they can be easily pulled to shield one area or another from complete view. Several looms are set next to windows on the eastern side of the room to take advantage of the morning sunlight, and carved wooden mannequins are scattered, sitting on pedestals on the floor, usually draped with someone's latest experimental designs.

Th'ero grimaces as Kimmila murmurs back to him and shakes his head again, gaze sliding to where Zaala and Frayda stand by Abigail. The Weyrleader is still frowning, but he lets the matter drop for now. To Abigail, he simply shrugs his shoulders and perhaps looks a touch sheepish. "I had assumed that it was a valuable skill to learn." he murmurs, which may or may not be implied wrong depending on how one looks at it. He snorts then, "Yes. Please, let's try to keep this outing sensible? Unless you're actually told to touch, lets not cause trouble. We're likely about to intrude while they work…" he murmurs and Abigail is right to guess that the Weyrleader will be keeping his hands to himself! As they walk through the Great Hall and towards the workrooms, Th'ero whistles low and mutters under his breath. "Forgot about the tapestries. Often sad how much I miss when I'm out of the Weyr. No time to actually look." Such is his fate! Then they're slipping into the workrooms and Th'ero draws Kimmila aside, murmuring to her again, while the Candidates filter in, thankfully greeted by a Journeyman. They're told to observe and ask any questions, but to otherwise not disturb those working. Simple rules, right? A few begin to drift off, almost shy but certainly hesitant as they take in the busy room.

Kimmila lets her gaze wander happily around the room, studying the tapestries with a soft whistle of approval. "Come to the Hall if you want to see the best," she murmurs. "These rival even ours…" And Fort's are a sight to behold, for certain. Glancing at Th'ero again, she just shrugs and smiles, before her gaze drifts to watch the others. "Do you know how to sew?" It's asked to all - Abigail, Zaala and Frayda.

No touching anything?! What fun is that? For now, the two girls listen, back to quietly talking amongst themselves. Their walk into the hall is mostly under that premise, that conversations are not pointed at any of the riders nor fellow candidates. It could be that Zaala is trying to discover what bee crawled under Fraydra's bonnett today. The rules are rules and the not touch rule is going to be difficult when there's fancy cloth and dummies set up with half-worked garments. Zaala and Fraydra, as soon as they're released to go wander around, make for one workstation that has a rather handsome weaver designing women's clothing - where else would they go, come on? Best of both worlds! Despite the ask not to disturb the weavers, Fraydra can't help but gasp loudly, as she lean's over the man's shoulder. Zaala goes on the opposite side to peer at his drawings. "See, I can't draw-" Zaala pointedly remarks over at Fraydra, who shrugs, "But you've got these visions." All over the poor weaver's head. The man stops what he's doing to give them both a look, noting quietly, "You don't have to know how to draw like this to be part of the Hall. Besides, we can train someone to draw if they really want to design. As long as those who do the sewing can gather what the intent is from the drawing, they don't require us to draw at the Harper level." He gives a broad grin, apparently liking the fact that two women are clustered around him. He introduces himself to each of them, the girls doing so in return. It may be that they're too caught up in -his- work, that Fraydra doesn't hear Kimmila's question and Zaala barely hears the last of it. She crans her head toward the bluerider, "Yes, I worked often as a seamstress in Xanadu." Fraydra tries to bostler her friend up in front of the weavers, "She's really good too." The weaver at the workstation turns to study Zaala who makes an immediate gesture to dismiss that, "It was nothing really. Not like this."

Abigail doesn't worry about any looks that Frayda may be sending her way, though any comments will be dealt with swiftly for certain. Her gaze drifts over the tapestries they pass, a curious glance going from one then another as she takes it all in. She offers a nod to the journeyman and then eyes the ones that have been brought here hoping they remember all there manners it seems. "I do know to some degree. Enough to mend things at least so it works out well for me actually." This offered to Kimmila while she hands back with her and Th'ero. "This is all out of my league for certain though."

"Isn't that the case with any Hall?" Th'ero muses to Kimmila, giving her a sidelong look as she too looks about the workroom in approval. The Weyrleader is certainly impressed! Though it's rare that he ever gets to venture anywhere and simply enjoy himself and stand there, without having to be overly formal or caught in some meeting or debate. "Do you think so?" he goes on to say, chuckling. "Weavercraft Hall does fall under Fort Weyr. Don't think I've ever commissioned work from them directly, however…" That ends with him silent, head ducked down a bit as he frowns in thought. Briefly his eyes dart up to where Zaala and Frayda are surrounding that poor one Journeyman and he frowns, ready to call them to task only the man doesn't seem to mind the attention so the Weyrleader relents — for now. As talk of sewing drifts back from Kimmila's prompting question, Th'ero listens and then cocks his head towards Abigail, giving the Wingsecond a curious look. "I think we're all out of our league here," he remarks with a faint but crooked smile. "Even I, with what pitiful mending I know and I'm certain even all of you could out mend and sew me any day." Was that a challenge?

Kimmila smiles, "So we should put you on robe duty, hmm? So the robes are done nice, and proper? Fort won't send out shabby looking robes onto the Sands, come hatching day." Poorly dressed Candidates are not something to be proud of. Smiling at Abigail, the bluerider grins. "I think I'm better at stitching injuries than I am cloth…" Glancing at Th'ero again, she then laughs. "Probably, but that's not exactly a riveting contest." One, two…SEW! "Doing okay over there?" she calls to Zaala and her little group.

Fraydra straightens at that crooked smile challenge from the Weyrleader, at least, she takes it as a challenge, pointing with confidence at Zaala, "I bet she could." Zaala gives her friend an annoyed look, something like, hey thanks for throwing me under the bus! Fraydra just smiles smugly at Zaala, while Fray works herself closer to the weaver, hands idly going out to touch one of the designs that was on his desk. The weaver doesn't protest, since he's paying attention to the challenge that's on the air. A mending duel! Which weaver wouldn't want to watch that, he even quirks a grin, "I've some spare cloth that'd work well for such a contest, extra needle and thread too." The journeyman scoffs at Kimmila, "Not riveting? Surely it would be! There's a lot more that goes into our daily work than what meets the eye." While eyes are on the possible contestants, Fraydra is taking advantage of the no touch rule, disobeying as she studies the drawing up close. Zaala for her part is agreeing with Kimmila for once, "It wouldn't be that exciting…"

Abigail ponders at all the talk of sewing. "I don't have a problem with making harnesses for my canines, fixing Niumdreoth's straps.. Now and then a hole or two that needs to be mending, outside of them I let others that are in the craft do their jobs." At the talk of a contest escapes Th'ero she smirks at the idea, a soft chuckle escapes her as there is a talk of spare cloth and then thread along with needles. "See what ye started?" This is sent to Th'ero with an amused tone. As for Fraydra she catches that breaking of the no touchy rule and eyes her curiously a few moments before moving on over towards her nice and quiet like. "So.. How's it look?" Is questioned with a soft tone, yes she means to spook the dear Candidate it would seem.

Th'ero eyes Kimmila when she brings up the remark on the robes and has to lift a hand up as if to scratch at his cheek to cover the grin that surfaces, as well as the snickering. Ahem. "It's not like the robes are that heard to sew!" he drawls to her, possibly even giving her a faint nudge to her side. "And aren't the robes already premaid? Unless we're going to make 'em unstitch them all and restitch…" The Weyrleader actually seems to ponder that idea. Say it isn't so! He grimaces, "I've no doubt you'd be better at sewing injuries." Cue a slight shiver, one felt more by the bluerider than actually seen. "And I know better than to say they're similar." Glancing up to where Zaala and Frayda continue to hover around the Journeyman Weaver, Th'ero has missed much of their exchange or the fact that Fray has begun 'helping herself' to the man's work. Instead he only frowns as the one girl sticks up for her friend's abilities — or just makes it awkward for all. "I don't doubt anyone's abilities!" he replies dryly, only to blink at the Journeyman's offer. Wait, what now? Abigail's laughter and both Kimmila and Zaala's comment only have him looking baffled. "What did I start?" he exclaims with a smirk to Abigail, eyes then darting to Kimmila and back to Zaala. Then it clicks and he exhales, almost groaning. "No, no… I didn't mean to imply a contest! At all. Honestly! You lot would win, hands down!" He concedes! As Abigail moves off, Th'ero watches her for a moment but does not spoil the fun when she sneaks up quietly on Fray, only turning his head away to hide his grin again and murmur low to Kimmila.

Kimmila glances over at the Journeyman when he scoffs, and her grin is crooked. "Then by all means, Journeyman, prove me wrong." Then she shrugs at Zaala. "Well, you never know. Apparently it could be." Glancing at Th'ero, she nods. "They are already made, but there are always some that need adjusting, or fixing small tears." Glancing at Th'ero again, she just grins and nods.

Fraydra does a little jump at Abigail's voice being right there, letting the drawing skitter out of her hand and float to the floor. She makes a scowl at Abigail, but the weaver is already retreiving the drawing, looking at them both and handing it back to Fraydra, "Keep that if you like. A souvenir, that may just well bring you back!" He winks at Abigail, to suggest that no harm has been done, even if Fraydra did look to have intentions to sneak off with it somewhere. Or did she? She beams smugly to Abigail and shows her gratitude by thanking the weaver a few times, holding the picture as if it were a valued treasure.

Zaala seems relieved when Th'ero decides not to push the matter of a contest, to which the weaver might be a little disappointed, though not the candidate. She withdraws back away from the table, watching the exchange with the weaver and her friend Fraydra. She rolls her eyes a little at the display over the page, likely all for Abigail's sake rather than not. She smirks at Kimmila, "They don't have dragon racing I bet…" she winks, as some form of sewing has to become entertainment after all. Thus, sewing competitions, why not?

Abigail grins a touch as she watches Fraydra jump, perhaps she finds it amusing that she got the jump on the girl? Yes just a touch. As for the drawing she would pick it up but the weaver is already doing just that. As for that smug look from Fraydra she merely smirks. "Gift or not, rules are there for a reason. Do ye understand or should I draw ye a picture to make it easier for ye ta follow along?" It would seem that bit of grumpiness is finally making its way out. She does catch a bit of the conversation between the others, and that the contest is indeed not moving forward. A soft chuckle escaping her and she merely shrugs. "Yer the one that brought it up sir.. Not the rest of us." This said with a soft amused tone. With Fray dealt with she makes her way back over to where the others are. Though she is looking a tad bit pale for one reason or another, perhaps the workshop is a bit too hot for this here rider, either way she stumbles a touch and it is enough to cause her half fall in the process. Luckily she has enough sense to catch herself with a hand on a close chair before kissing the ground. Who said nothing would happen? Never say never, as karma is creeping around to make everyone know that stuff will indeed happen.

"Not much of a challenge in that," Th'ero drawls back to Kimmila, giving her a lingering look before a slow and vague smile quirks his lips. "Though you may have spawned another idea. I wonder…" He wonders what? He doesn't elaborate and from the low, dry chuckle he gives he does it purposely as he glances sidelong to Zaala and Frayda. Not for their ears? Could very well be and maybe they should be a bit wary when the Weyrleader is in such a mood. As for the comment on dragon racing, Th'ero only lifts his brows up to Zaala but turns his head towards Kimmila with a knowing little smirk. "I wouldn't say so…" he muses, only to give Frayda another look when she is spooked by Abigail, but seems to have earned a little 'gift' from the Journeyman Weaver. No fault in that, though the Weyrleader is likely wishing to move on now that the other Candidates are drifting back, murmuring amongst themselves. "Should we visit the showrooms next? I hear…" he begins to suggest, only to let that sentence hang unfinished as Abigail begins to stumble. Concerned, Th'ero begins to step away from Kimmila's side, another step taking him past Zaala and when the Wingsecond goes down, he's taking the last few strides at length. "Abigail! You alright?" he asks, already beginning to reach out to support her if she hasn't already passed out cold by that point or begin to recover.

Kimmila tilts her head at Zaala and chuckles. "Probably not, no. Design competitions maybe?" Project Runway, Telgar Edition? Looking back at Th'ero, the bluerider shrugs. "No challenge, no, but better than our Candidates wearing fashion failures on the sands." She arches a brow at him, because when Th'ero gets an idea… it's quickly forgotten though when Abigail stumbles, and the bluerider is quick on Th'ero's heels. "Abby?"

Fraydra considers Abigail for a moment, shaking her head, "I already have the picture I want, you don't have to draw anything." She isn't making it easy on poor grumpy Abigail, but then Fraydra backs off and actually goes to the group of milling candidates, happily showing off the gift that was given to her. See, she's totally cool now. Zaala for her part considers her friend with a faint smirk tracing her lips, but then Abigail is her friend too. She's about to follow after Fraydra when she notices the brownrider looking a little off. Zaala would know why too. She stays back, concerned, but a little too late as Abigail takes that tumble. Zaala gasps, rushing over toward Abigail, "Abi! Are you okay?" The talk of challenges and contests seems to be forgotten, even if she was involved in any conversation. She gets to the woman behind Th'ero, looking between the two, "Should I get her water or something?" Do they know about Abigail's condition?

Abigail does hear the voices, yay voices, and no not /those/ sort of voices thank you. It takes her a few moments to answer, giving her head a slight shake, which doesn't help seeing how her head is spinning at the moment. "I'm alright.." Though it might not actually look that way as she is keeping a tight grip on that chair, and well whatever support Th'ero is offering. Look she didn't have to try and oolge at him to get this either Fraydra. "I just need to sit down for a moment." Which she is doing in that chair that kept her up, and once sitting her head is lowering to rest in a hand as her eyes close. Niumdreoth meanwhile is not a happy brown, a few deep rumbles most likely heard echoing and rumbling from where he is. "Water would be good." Abbey offers once able to think straight once more.

Th'ero would have given Kimmila a sharp look for her comment on a design competition. Is she close to his idea? Who knows, but the bluerider is right for being a bit wary. Some of the Weyrleader's ideas are good and most… need a lot of tweaking. At least he tries? Among the Candidates, Frayda is the centre of attention for a whole span of seconds as some of the others look a touch envious that she was able to snag herself a little gift. How come they don't get gifts? All attention shifts however when Abigail is clearly unwell and even a few of the working Apprentices and Journeymen pause to look up from their workbenches. Th'ero will offer whatever support the brownrider needs though it may be nothing more than him gripping her arm to help steady her as she settles into a chair. All talk of challenges are set aside, though Zaala's offer is met with a nod. "Yes, please, do get some water and maybe a bit of food? Light stuff, nothing too heavy." he asks of her, even as Abigail chimes in about the water as well. From the Weyrleader's concerned but puzzled expression, it's evident that he does not know anything of the Wingsecond's condition, at least not until now. "You sure you're alright, Abigail?" he asks her, keeping his voice low and looking up from the brownrider and to Kimmila as the bluerider approaches. Outside, where the dragons are resting, Velokraeth will shift uneasily, eye whirling with anxiety and concern though he croons low and supportive to Niumdreoth. It'll be alright!

Kimmila shoos Zaala off for water and food as she stands by Abigail, studying the brownrider closely. "Are you okay? What's wrong?" she asks, while outside, Varmiroth poses the same question to Niumdreoth.

Zaala seems to worry a little about Abigail, though the moment it is confirmed that she would be more help to them by fetching food and water, she goes, rushing off in search of… it. Hopefully she doesn't get lost in the meantime! But the girl is smart enough to snag an apprentice along the way to show her where to go!

Abigail hasn't told them, nope.. Not that she has much of a choice in the matter now it seems. "I got light headed for a bit." She really rather not have this conversation with everyone staring at them. The simple talk of food makes her pale a bit more. "Just some water." Not that she can get Zaala to stop most likely once that thought is there. Niumdreoth does calm slightly, thanks to both Veokraeth, Varmiroth and his rider seeming better. Still the browns swirling worried gaze is settled on where the group is, as if he could actually see them. At the question from Varmiroth, Niumdreoth rumbles out softly. « She is stubborn. She is like yours was when I was a hatchling. » Yup Nium just spilled the beans to Varmiroth it would seem. Abbey grumbles softly, well no hiding anything now, not that she was going to after this trip. "Let's just put it this way. This is going to be my last trip between for a bit.." This offered with a soft tone to both Th'ero and Kimmila.

Velokraeth will croon again to Niumdreoth, supportive and comforting though the pale bronze does not shift so agitatedly now, settling as the shock of Abigail almost fainting is passing. Back inside the Hall, Th'ero would prefer to bring Abigail and all of them somewhere private but for now he's too worried about the brownrider's condition to risk moving her. Instead, the Weyrleader signals to a Journeyman, likely the same man who Zaala and Frayda had spoken to previously and murmurs a few hurried words. He'll nod and gesture for the mingling Candidates to join him, while Zaala escapes with the Apprentice. "If you'll all just follow me? I'll show you guys some of our finished work. A sneak peek at the latest designs before they're sent out!" It's totally a distraction but it works! The Candidates are led out, which may explain why it's only the Apprentice who returns with the water, setting it down with a polite nod before scurrying off. Everyone in the workroom gives them a wide berth, leaving them as much privacy as can be afforded here. Th'ero continues to stand close to Abigail's side, incase the brownrider begins to pass out again but looks up and over to Kimmila sharply as the explanation begins to dawn. Understanding filters in and when the Weyrleader speaks next his tone is almost gentle though he is frowning as he looks down at Abigail again. "How far along are you? And… are you certain you should be Betweening at all?"

Kimmila doesn't get it. The answer was too vague and she's still trying to figure out how she was when Nium was a hatchling…was she irritated? Upset? Happy? OH. Pregnant. The glow goes on and she blinks, staring at Abigail. "How'd /that/ happen?" Stupid, stupid question.
Abigail is a bit more relaxed once people are moving off. As for the water she reaches out for it, picking it up and takes a slow sip from it. She is about to answer Th'ero before the question from Kimmila catches her off guard and she just peers at her a few moments. There is a blink and she can't help but grin. "Do we need to go over the birds and the bees story Kimmila?" Really, she couldn't help herself with that one. A soft breath escapes her. "Aye, the healers okayed it. I've been limiting it to one these few trips and this was going to be the last one." Niumdreoth is soon settled back there, head resting upon the ground and his tail sways a few times as he would much rather be there at his riders side at the moment. "Suppose I should have stayed at the Weyr. I'm sorry for the mess of things." Three times she's been out on one of these trips and something silly has happened and the third time is the charm it would seem.

Th'ero waits for Abigail to answer, though his eyes dart to give Kimmila quite the incredulous look. Really? She had to go ask that? At least the Wingsecond takes it in stride and makes a joke of it, one that the Weyrleader even chuckles heartily at, almost snickering before his mood sobers again. Now he's giving Abigail a long and searching look, as if to assess her health for himself. "Is it the Betweening that is hard on you or…" The pregnancy. He doesn't want to pry too far into the brownrider's life but his concern is still there and clear as day. "We could always straight flight back to Fort Weyr? Or do you think, once your strength returns, that you can manage the jump home?" Though from his tone, he's likely hoping she picks the first option, even if it means several hours of flight and possibly one pause to rest. Not that she'd be alone in doing it. "I could see about pulling in other riders to bring the Candidates home. Don't worry yourself over it, Abigail. No harm done, though you had me worried there." And still is, if the gesture of his hand reaching to clasp her shoulder has anything to say about it. Just a brief thing, meant to be supportive. Looking up at Kimmila, his expression has shifted and is difficult to read as he adds in a low tone. "We can think of ways for you to still be with the Candidates, Abigail, if you want to continue the outings. There is work with the Guards and straight flight to Harper and Healer Hall could be possible?"

Kimmila coughs, shaking her head and pushing her hand through her hair. "Ah. No. But." Blink blink. "Is it…?" What's his name. That one guy. Yeah, that one. Glancing at Th'ero, the bluerider nods and looks back to Abigail. "Yeah, whatever is going to be best for you. It's fine, don't worry about it. But you don't want to risk…it." 'It' being babything. Nodding at Th'ero again, Kimm looks back at Abigail. "Absolutely. All sorts of things. And the festival, you could make that as well…"

Abigail shakes her head slightly, not able to give the question as to which is more troublesome the Betweening or the pregnancy part. "First time it's happened after Betweening." Which is the truth, while Abbey might not tell people things she isn't one to lie about things. At the question from Kimmila a brow lifts, a faint smirk seen. "Ers'lan." Is offered with a soft tone. Yes /that/ one that was eyeing The'ero's hair. Not that bronzer she knows from Eastern, but another brown rider. "I'll fly home, the long way. Niumdreoth can ask someone from the wing to come with us." So they can worry about dealing with the Candidates. A slight nod is seen. "Thank ye.. I would like to continue helping where I can.. I was going to tell ye both about it.." But well.. Too late now.

Th'ero gives Kimmila another look, brow arched in silent question. Did she have to ask that too? Or is this what is supposed to be asked? The Weyrleader truly doesn't know, beyond the usual 'congratulations' and general concerned questions. Not that his concern for Abigail is fake, that is very much genuine! He frowns as she gives the name freely to Kimmila, already trying to place it to a face… and it clicks. The flight. That brownrider and — "When Niumdreoth injured his wing?" he prompts softly. Ahh, yes. That makes all the sense in the world! Another knowing look is given to Kimmila, his expression once again cryptic and difficult to read but there may be a subtle look of understanding there. As for Abigail's suggestion, Th'ero nods his head slowly though he speaks up to add, "I don't think either of us would mind returning with you, if you wanted the company? The Candidates can return home with the backup we call or they can come with us and we'll… just make some cover reason why." Right? Easy enough to do! He shakes his head then and chuckles softly, "Don't worry about it, Abigail. And we'll make sure you're not left idle for the next few months or stuffed away and stuck with nothing but record keeping or other dullness. Right, Kimmila?" he drawls.

No, it's not a very polite question but Kimmila is the curious type. "We can go with you," she agrees. "We'll just say we have some sweeps to run on the way back. Or we don't tell them anything. We're…" Them. "We don't have to give reasons for our every move." That's true at least. Then, a grin. "Oh no, you won't be idle, don't worry about that one bit."

Abigail frowns slightly as Th'ero brings up when Niumdreoth was hurt, more so the fact that there was a reason behind it. She still hasn't been able to get past him nearly falling out of the sky, and then there is a another 'surprise' so to speak, yay emotions. "Aye.. When he was hurt." Is offered quietly and she takes a long sip of water from the glass. As for the question from Kimmila she doesn't mind answering it, though it is Kimmila, anyone else would have been given an evil look most likely. "I think I might go a bit crazy if I was left to record keeping for the new few months.." Abbey offers softly at the thought and soon is standing once more. At the offer for them to go with her, she smiles and nods slightly. "Thank ye both." That means a lot to her for them to offer such a thing.

Oops? Now it's the Weyrleader's turn to blunder and Th'ero will politely clear his throat when he (slowly) catches on that he's crossed a bit of a line with Abigail. As if to make up for it, without having to openly apologize, he 'fixes' it by simply letting the conversation move on. "Kimmila has a very good point there too. We don't have to tell the Candidates anything." Let them assume! Though the workroom is a little on the warm side and many are probably already assuming that the Wingsecond only succumbed to a bit of overheating! "Trust us," Th'ero assures her, once more looking to Kimmila and this time he does smile faintly and crookedly. "You won't be stuck to record work. You can even keep your sweepriding duties for as long as you can still ride!" Because even that will come to an end for a brief time. Oh, the joy? Stepping back to allow Abigail to stand, he won't offer his hand to steady her unless she looks shaky on her feet. Instead, Th'ero nods his head and offers a small but reassuring smile. "You're welcome, Abigail. And congratulations!"

Oh yeah. "Congratulations." There's a pause before Kimmila grins. "We'll get you an iron banded harness as a baby gift." Yup, moving on. "It'll be nice to fly straight home, actually. I'm looking forward to it. Give Varmiroth a good chance to stretch his wings."

Abigail it's merely a line because she hasn't been able to get past it, all thanks to dreams that are more like nightmares at times. Though right now she isn't linger on it, more so because the conversation is moving on and she is able to indeed kick it to the back of her mind ever so swiftly. A slight nod is seen as she hears Th'ero. "I do." Is offered up to the bit on trusting them. She doesn't need any help up, or standing there at least, though she is still a bit on the pale side. "Thank ye both.. I'd rather not tell the Candidates." Just the ones here she's worrying over. Some privacy is still nice to have. At the comment of a harness from Kimmila a soft laugh escapes her. "If ye get me one, I'll get ye one." Hey she did have to search after a certain little toddler there for a bit with the others. She nods to the talk of the flight back, and the congratulations offered which does ear a smile from her. "I'm just going to go outside to get some fresh air and to prove to Niumdreoth that I'm fine. Thank ye both again." With cup of water in hand she is going to head outside and let them deal with the Candidates able to take that nice long ride homewards.

Th'ero coughs when Kimmila suggests her gift, shooting her a look but also a brief lived grin that fades once Abigail is speaking again. No one saw that! "Take it easy, Abigail. We'll go round up those Candidates… Shouldn't take too long." he murmurs, already stepping to Kimmila's side though his eyes will follow the Wingsecond out as she leaves to go tend to Niumdreoth and get some fresh air. Slipping his arm around his weyrmate's waist, he exhales heavily. "Well, that answers a lot, doesn't it?" he murmurs and begins to gently lead her out of the workrooms and back into the Grand Hall. Time to go find those show rooms and fetch their wayward (but not really) Candidates! "Do you think she'll be alright?" he murmurs in a near whisper, keeping his head and voice lowered.

Kimmila nods, waving after Abigail before her arms cross and she frowns thoughtfully. "Mmmhmm," she says with a nod. "I think she'll be fine. I certainly hope so anyway. Between during pregnancy…dangerous even in the second trimester, but." She shrugs. "Her choice."

Th'ero will gently lead her out of the workroom, even if he has to tug her a long a little with his arm around her waist. "I was wondering the same thing. You weren't Betweening by this point in your pregnancy with Kyzen, were you?" he asks softly, frowning and casting a concerned glance to where Abigail disappeared. It's none of his business, but at the same time he needs to know if his worry is rightly placed. "Yes, it's her choice." Still! The Weyrleader has the right to be worried for his riders, right? "Come on, Wingmate. Lets find our Candidates so we can get them suited up. We've a long flight! And I've some ideas to discuss with you…" Uh oh?

Uh-oh indeed. As Kimmila is lead out, she gives the Weyrleader a very curious look, muttering something about his ideas as they head off to round up the Candidates and get everyone home safely.