Fort Weyr - Library Archives
Surviving the ages is something that books are known to do, especially if they are left untouched for just as long. In this room, that's exactly what has happened. Put aside as trivial information or simply determined old enough to not impact present day life, these numerous articles stored in ceiling high shelves are the forgotten histories belonging to Fort.
Miraculously, the design of the room itself has prevented any of the books from damage. The rock base of which the room's foundation is actually one of the toughest rock known to man and cannot be surpassed by any creature living, while a layer of tiles of the smoothest stone gives this room a vibrant and mysterious appeal. The door itself on the room was sealed tight and allowed for a minimum amount of circulation, thereby preventing natural decay, although most articles may be brittle despite this. White marble has been used to create an insulating layer wall against the natural rock, giving the room an unnatural brightness and a enchanted atmosphere - while also giving it four distinct walls. The ceiling as well has been made smooth with an arching apex.
As for the books and mounds of information stored in this vault of information, the organization is clear. Books bound with hard covers are kept alphabetical in the towering skybroom wood shelves, where step ladders and scrolling ladders actually attached to the shelves move to assist a person in selecting a volume. The shelves are ornately carved, many crafted with a mastery none have ever seen. Meanwhile, scrolls have a sectional shelf where each scroll based on how they were itemized has a cubical square into which they are kept in. This shelf alone has over a hundred squares in which the scrolls stick out of. As well, any loose bits of information have been assembled in files that are stored in boxes along the back wall. Apparently, recording history takes up vast amounts of space and every where one looks in this room one would find a wealth of information. The ancestors of Fort live here.

The difference in candidacy at Fort compared to other Weyrs was that it was in no way traditional, considering the reputation of the long founded Weyr being mostly that. Over the course of just a sevenday or so, Zaala has been nearly squashed in a mine (over dramatic about it too), taken up a few lectures in the Harper hall, swam with the dolphins and now, she's taking time to study, or read. It's hard to say if it's business or pleasure that brought the weyrbrat down to these archives, but here she is, making a hesitant climb up one of the ladders, visibly strained at the prospect of climbing up. There's a hint of terror in her movements, evidently though, some book or subject matter has caused her to tempt her fate and climb up. The bottom steps were okay, closer to the ground as it were, yet, the higher ladder rungs made her worry, tucking her body up tight against the ladder itself, hands clutching as if for dear life. There's a table near by too, with what appears to be her things, and a stack of a few other books and selections she's previously plucked out from the shelves, along with a blue firelizard who is crouched by, peering curiously at the girl's uneasy ascent.

Ezra slips into the archives hastily, trying to slam the door closed behind him. Back against it, the young heir is panting, rubbing hands hastily across the front of his tunic. Brushing off invisible things, or things only he is aware of while the sound of a group clattering by sounds outside. Exhaling heavily, he puts his face in his hands.

No one is ever alone in the library, with an archivist and scribes always on duty though usually remaining to themselves and their duties, bustling about their work and oblivious unless jarred from it. For now though, the library remains sparsely populated and has that usual hushed silence to it. Rayathess is making his way through the archives, frowning in deep concentration at the list he holds in his hand. Oh the joys of an apprentice! He's escaped (or begged to) from Harper Hall, though his studies follow him as he returns to the Weyr with a Journeyman but for the moment it is only he who combs the archives. He'd have gone about his work in peace had the door to the library not slam and sounds from outside heard muffled but clear enough. Startled, Rayathess swears out loud before he can stop himself. "Shards! What in the—" he exclaims, backing up and aware too late that there is an unnoticed ladder there at his side. Unnoticed until his boot heel clips it, giving it a good jolt but not enough to shift it. Good thing Zaala is clutching it so hard?

Zaala gives a little jump at the woof of air and the sound of the door nearly slamming closed, losing the book that was in her hand and giving a sudden gasping wail as if to try to keep it from tumbling loose out of her hands - about the same time that Rayathess is there bumping the ladder! It doesn't work, her fingers aren't nimble enough to keep the book from noisely smacking spine first against the floor, however, not before first clipping Rayathess in the shoulder! It all happens so quick. These things happen in the same split second after the door has slammed. The jarring jolt to the ladder at the same time she lost the book because of the door means she's not clutching as tight, it means her arm was out to stretch for the book she was just plucking from the shelf, it means her balance was off as she was on her tippy toes! There's a shriek from the girl as it happens, over and above the noise she previously made, as she slams her hands to the ladder, rattling the entire structure. A sheepish look hurriedly scans for any witnesses, finding instead, the form up against the door with hands across his face, then Rayathess below her, possibly smacked by her falling book. Blink. Okay, at least there's no screeches from any archivists coming to scold her for harming the delicate books - they probably didn't hear it over the door slamming, cursing, and shrieking! Cautiously, she picks her way down the ladder, one foot after the other, after the other, before she steps down on the floor proper, making to stoop for the book on the floor. She grimaces as she notices the spine has indeed cracked and the binding glue is now coming off the one end. She can just pretend it wasn't her doing, right? A remorseful gaze settles on Rayathness, concerned, "You okay?" Because the book was a thicker hard covered text book, after all.

Ezra looks up sharply at the sound of shrieking and books dropping and latter bumping. "Raya!" he says eagerly, only to tilt his head at the sound of footsteps. "I'm not here," he hisses, spinning to dart down a stack of books and vanish around a corner. The door opens then, and a few older teens look in, frowning, shaking…dust? Dirt? It's hard to tell. Something is coming off of them in gentle waves, and one of them sneezes. "Hey, you see a snot nosed little brat go through here?" one of them says, frowning at Rayathess and Zaala, before he gives Raya a little sneer. "Your brother, /Harper/. Where is he?"

That thick, hard covered book will find its mark and find it well! Rayathess yelps in a mixture of surprise and pain when his shoulder is clipped by the edge of it and his reflexes have him trying to grasp for it (or fling it away) but it winds up just tumbling to the floor regardless. Sucking his breath in through his teeth to keep the string of curses and oaths he wishes to voice from spilling out, he rubs at the spot but otherwise is unharmed. This pales in comparison to the last injury he sustained in startling a young woman! Just a nasty bruise and the worst of all this just caused by the sudden surprise of everything happening at once. Because no sooner is he trying to source out the cause of that book falling, that he hears his name being called. "Ezra?" he replies, confused but pleased only to resort back to just plain baffled when his brother darts off again with the hissed comment of not being there. Uh? Blinking, he sidesteps a bit as Zaala now steps down and recognizing her, he smirks before muttering, "I'm fine." Crouching down, he'll fetch the book off the ground, handling it carefully before he darts a look up at the Candidate. "Can't say it's fairing so well! But are you alright?" No snarkiness now. He knows he's probably half behind the reason for her dropping it. Then there's those voices and turning just in time to catch that sneer, Rayathess bristles but stands firm, chin up. "Apprentice Harper, if we're going to use titles." he tells them before snorting. "And I've no idea. I'm here on duty. So if you don't mind?" He'll start to turn towards Zaala then, trying to subtly gesture for her to move further down. Time to go over there?

Meanwhile, those archivists? Well, they've been stirred and a few can be heard tersely warning all to quiet in hushed voices, though most of their annoyance is directed to those older teens. Loud, possibly trouble with a capital T and dirty? No thanks.

Zaala is also left a little speechless for the sudden darting off of Ezra, blink. She hasn't really ever seen that kid before, so, she can only track his movements with a questioning expression left on her face and pointed to Rayathess as the other reponds to the plea. Her mouth starts to slip open to ask something, maybe about Ezra, maybe about Rayathess, however, it seems her hands are granted the book, replying with flushed cheeks, "I'm glad." It's a little humiliating? Yes, yes it was. She clutches the book a little closer to her chest, wrapping her arms around it, as if it would keep the text from further harm, or from jumping out of her hands again. His response to her, asking if she was okay, is met with a nod, "I'm okay, just a little startled-" her eyes trailing toward where Ezra sped off toward, "-by the commotion…" She trails off then because those other teens are in, demanding to know where a snot nosed kid went. Her eyes widen at that response, seeing the reaction between Rayathess and them, bringing her to bristle and show tension, "Hey, you can't talk to people like that you know." And well, that's when Rayathess is gesturing for her to move further down, her gaze flicking between him and the others, before with a dismissive sniff, she ignores the teens at the door. Not that she doesn't worry for Ezra. Why were they chasing him? A question she'll whisper to Rayathess once they're out of ear shot of the bullies at the door.

The teens snicker and snort. "Apprentice Harper, my apologies. It take you this long to learn your letters so they'd accept you? And what's it to you, Candidate?" the teen leader sneers. "I can talk however I want, what're you gonna do about it?" Puffing up a bit, the three boys step in, and with a glance around and a silent flick of fingers, they split up to presumably search for Ezra, one of them heading down the path the young heir took.

Really? This is going to go down in the libraries? While he's on duty! His first trip back to Fort Weyr from the Hall and somehow Rayathess is already being heckled by bullies. Never mind they are his brother's bullies, but at their sneering remarks and threatening behavior, well… now they are HIS problem too. He can only shrug to Zaala, giving her a fleeting glance to show he's glad that she is alright, though a touch sheepish for having jostled the ladder she was on. Apologies will have to come later! Ushering her on but not actually touching her or voicing it, he whispers a hushed: "I've no clue. We better find him and get out of here or… find some way to lure them out or get their asses kicked out. Where are the archivists?" That last bit is all but hissed and motioning for Zaala to try to spot Ezra, Rayathess will pause and turn to face where the teenagers are still doing their best puffed up act. Cue a roll of his eyes and a smirk. "At least I can say I've learned my letters, unlike yourselves? Honestly, you best just shove off. I've no idea where my brother is." he states firmly and perhaps a little too loudly, as another terse warning is issued from the archivists on duty. Not to mention they are warily eying those teenagers.

Zaala is just about ready to give up the need to nag at the boys at the front, until they egg her on with the askance of what she could do about it to stop them. She pivots with a sudden rush of outrage and sassy vengence, her eyes boring into those puffed up peacocks. There's a rush of air being inhaled as she's gathering her come back in her chest, narrowing her eyes on them but not yet screaming at them, since Rayathess is between her and those boys, meanwhile, there's the thought of Ezra running around back there trying to keep out of the way of those said bullies. To Rayathess, a whisper of agreement, "I could go get help or find your…" what was that, "brother." She's up for any of the options since it looks like they'll have little time with how quickly those bullies are splitting up to hunt for Ezra. She's quickly shuffling off, leaving that heavy book somewhere where it will be found later, out of order to the dismay of the archivists. She swiftly moves around the aisles, trying to bob and weave around the shelving units to find Ezra before the bullies do.

It's too late though, as the lead bully does indeed find Ezra in the back of the stacks, grabbing the heir by the arm and twisting it. The two have a hushed and furious conversation until a clear /snap/ calls the other thugs to the door, and all three vanish, leaving Ezra to rub his arm and wipe his eyes on his sleeve, muttering to himself. He nearly runs right into Zaala, stalking down the aisle with his hand on his opposite shoulder.

Zaala yells out loudly as she notices the lead bully putting her hands on Ezra as she turns the corner to spot them, "HEY!" She bellows, dashing over there, grabbing a few books along the way and hucking them toward the guy, "Leave him alone you big sharding jerk!" Okay, girly arm throwing books may not mean any of the books actually BEAN the bully in the back of the head, but she does try and she does have a decent aim after all. One might just be lobbed well enough to get the lead bully in the back of the head. She is by all means provoked to attack, to protect, to hurt the guy hurting Ezra! The snap has a chill running through her blood, yet her anger still high, watching in disbelief as the thugs high tail it, "You think you're going to get away with this?!" She growls at their retreating backs, looking with sudden concern at Ezra, "Hey…" she tries to stop him, "Did they hurt you?" Let's hope that snap was just the book shelf or something!

Rayathess tenses when Zaala pivots and he doesn't have to even see the outrage and sassy vengeance to know what may be about to come down. Hissing a warning through his teeth, he'll step back and try to usher her on again, maybe even tug at her sleeve or nudge her arm. Not now! Not worth it. "No time for help. Let's just find him and go. If it gets ugly, we'll just sic the archivists on them…." he mutters and then ducks down one way while Zaala goes another. As for that book she leaves behind, some poor archivist will find it and likely get all flustered and upset over it not only being out of order but also slightly worse for wear. Oh woe! Rayathess misses the snap, too caught up by Zaala's sudden throwing of books and her yelled exclamations, mixed in with the warning tones of those on duty in the library, followed with a dismayed cry when the books are used as projectiles. Sighing, Rayathess moves in to placate those ruffled feathers and aided by the sudden vanishing act the teens all pull and it's a few moments before he can escape, having talked them all out of some serious trouble and likely locked himself into a few promises. First and foremost is to gather those books Zaala used as her artillery and so he returns, arms laden and scowling. "Sweet Faranth, we just dodged having all our hides flayed!" he mutters darkly, giving Zaala a look that is annoyed for her outburst but also thankful. Because he'll spot Ezra there, if his brother hasn't darted off again and his shoulders slump a bit in relief. "What was that all about? What did you do?" he asks, keeping his voice low.

Ezra has to duck the books Zaala is hurling, hissing, "Knock it /off!" at her when she's by his side. "What does it look like," the teen snaps, before he's looking up at his brother. "Hey, Raya." Sheepish much? "Do? I didn't do anything…" Liar.

Zaala narrows her eyes at Ezra and at the retreating boys, stopping from throwing her fourth book… but also she ducks a little sheepishly behind the shelves, putting the fourth book back on the shelf, harmless - the section's all about health stuff anyways. She seems a little put off by Ezra's lack of gratitude for her rescue… or interference as Ezra seems to believe it was. She'll have to make it up to Rayathess to keep her hide from being tanned later, or possibly that candidate knot from being stripped from her. It wouldn't surprise her, books are important. "Sorry… I … was only trying to help… I scared them off, didn't I?" THat or the snap of something did. Ashamed, her eyes travel between the two brothers, but she remains rather quiet now, since, it's apparent Ezra is annoyed with her too, except, with a light whisper she murmurs, "It looks like they did…"

Rayathess's eyes narrow at his brother's quick response and a quick look to Zaala and her current mood and expression to confirm his doubts. "You're a terrible liar, Ezra. So what'd those thugs want with you?" he mutters, keeping his voice hushed so only they are privy to it. Books still in hand, he will shuffle forwards a bit and begin to sort out where they came from. If he can't, well… he'll fudge it a bit. Promise or no promise, he's not about to just abandon them both at this point. "Yeah, either you scared them off or they got what they came for." he says to Zaala and with a twisted smirk. "Wish I knew their names…" But he did get a decent look at them. Maybe later he'll ask his Journeyman if he can go "wander" the Weyr for a bit before going back to the Hall. Pay those jerks a little visit… "Next time try not to use the books?" he drawls to her, snorting but there is no denying the hidden gratitude that remains. She found his brother and he kept them all safe from the archivists raining down on their heads!

Ezra snorts, rubbing his arm. "You didn't scare them off, he was leaving when you started throwing books…" but there's no heat in his words, fingers kneeding his shoulder before he rolls it and with a pop, he groans. "Ah. There. What did they want? Payback. Not /my/ fault they tried to get into their private storeroom which just happened to be full of tunnelsnake dung." Smirk. "/I/ don't know how it got there. It's their little treasure trove for all the stuff they steal."

Zaala holds up her hands in a hapless 'I didn't do it' gesture, folding her arms over her chest with a haughty look replacing it for Ezra's snort, "Yeah well, I won't make that mistake again, trust me." Especially when she thought he might've been out numbered and in trouble, and now she's taking heat for getting in the middle of it. A soft snort, "Boys…" to which she rolls her eyes and teeters back until she rests her shoulders on one of those strudy book shelves. She grows quiet though, listening to the mention of more stealing, "They didn't look to be a part of the group that -had- been stealing…" Yet, she doesn't suggest turning in the other weyrbrats. That's totally against the way it is, weyrbrats just settle it out amongst themselves respectively.

Rayathess quirks a brow up at Zaala's hapless gesture and the haughty look that follows. Riiight, like he'll believe that! Hands free from carrying those books, he too will cross his arms over his chest, peering first from Candidate and then to his brother. Just in time to witness that roll and pop of a shoulder. "Did they hurt you?" he asks Ezra, voice low but still firm. Don't lie! To Zaala, he frowns. Did she know? He does not accuse her of anything, however or give her any grief on the issue. "No, they were too old." he agrees, nodding his head to her and then turning to fix Ezra with a sharp and piercing look. Alright, time to spill it all! "Uh huh. So this stuff they steal… You never think to actually report it? The Headwoman probably would have liked to know that another group is pilfering from the stores or folk! And those idiots looked far old enough to know better." Right? Apparently Rayathess does not understand or know of the weyrbrat code.

Ezra glances at Zaala with a shrug. "I don't think they are. Just boys with too much time on their hands and no craft or nothing to apply themselves." With a roll of his shoulder he frowns at his brother. "He just twisted my arm a bit." No big deal! Then he snorts. "I can't just go tattle on them, Raya! They'd beat me up /worse/ for that. I thought I'd just give them a taste of their own medicine. Idiots." Maybe he thought his knot would protect him. But…no. Stonehaven is hardly a prosperous cothold.

Her eyes switch between the two brothers, for the most part letting that work itself out between them, since a brother could force way more information out than a complete stranger. Zaala notices the look from Rayathess and she seems to indicate with a head tilt and a pointed look at the arm and shoulder, that she did believe he was hurt a little more than he was saying. As for the stealing, she purses her lips tighter, because after all, weyrbrats don't rat on one another. Instead of saying something, she draws her hair over her shoulder, twists it up into a hand held pony tail and gives it a few gentle tugs, worrying her lip in this matter. "You should get your arm checked…" she states with a sullen tone, as if torn between staying quiet and saying something, "I heard something snap… I was hoping it was the book shelves…" Please say it was the book shelves.

"They'd not beat you up worse!" Rayathess fires back, "Cause they'd be too busy sweating out their punishment! And if they dared beat you, they'd be facing far worse consequences. You know that!" Does he? For a moment it's just brother sniping at brother until Rayathess backs off with a deep and steadying breath. No, he's not going to get riled over this! He's an apprentice now. He has to behave, follow the rules and use his time wisely before he's dragged back to the Hall again for Faranth knows how long. "You only pissed them off is what you did." he mutters with a grimace. "Right?" That is aimed at Zaala and he gives her a lingering look. She on his side? Then he blinks, eyes widening slightly as she mentions snapping and he'll follow her pointed look… "What snapped?" he asks, alarmed as he fixes Ezra with a look and is already taking a step forwards to reach for his uninjured arm to touch it — or hold it. "Maybe it should be checked out…" After all, their welcome here may be running short. The archivists have noticed their little gathering and they're starting to get that "look" from them that means either go about their work or get out. Rayathess smirks and shakes his head, "Regardless, I don't think I want to linger here any longer. I've finished with my work here and I don't care to have another round with those thugs."

Ezra frowns at Zaala, and looks up at Rayathess. "Nothing /snapped/. It just popped, that's all. They wrenched it, it's fine." Firm. Stubborn. Stupid! He's a teenage boy and he starts to head for the exit. Still, his fingers curl into Rayathess' sleeve, to tug him along after with another fleeting glance at Zaala. "Thanks for throwing books at us."

Zaala gives a shrug at Rayathess, not really knowing the extent of what the relationship between Ezra and those thugs were, or why they were in this situation in the first place. It was really a matter between the boys after all, since girls can only snip and nag so much, none of which ever seems to prove to make any difference - not in the teenage boy department when they're all trying to discover whose stronger and the like. She eyes the archivists, knowing that while she's not finished with her book collecting for the headwoman, she's certainly not going to get away with having thrown books around. A pensive frown remains on them, until the two boys start to talk about getting the arm check out or not. She doesn't move to follow them, instead, scowling at Ezra, "If I was throwing them at you, I would've hit you." She shifts back toward the end of the aisle, hoping no pages got left behind because of her book throwing.