Who Kassala, R'hra, and Kezresan
What Kassala slips, and once in the infirmary, the dragons decide Kezresan should be Searched.
When Winter
Where Fort Weyr - Central Infirmary


Fort Weyr - Central Infirmary
This room looks fairly similar to most other infirmaries, with it's faint scent of antiseptic and an eerie quiet that goes along with convalescence. Rows of cots line both walls, each separated by a privacy screen. Breaking the line of cots along the outside wall is a entrance to the dragonhealing section of the infirmary. The far end of the oval room is filled with metal cabinets that hold the tools of the Weyrhealers trade, as well as a desk from which the healer can supervise his domain. Upon one wall rests a thick 'chart' containing the information on all patients within the infirmary.

Evening is generally a quiet time in the infirmary, as most weyrfolk have headed off to various dinner or pre-bedtime activities. Routine exams have concluded, and only the odd walk-in tends to disturb the sanctuary of the space. It is, in fact, a prime time to stock shelves, take inventory or, in the case Kezresan, audit charts and go over the various shift-notes. He's holed up at the desk at the far end, leaned over a chart and murmuring beneath his breath as he consults and updates as needed.

And of course, the evening can't be too quiet. It's all Kezresan's fault for even thinking that Q-word in his head. From the way of the dragon's infirmary comes noise, perhaps some yelling, and the sound of a gold warbling with some panic. R'hra soon enters, barely dressed in shorts and sandles, carrying Kassala in his arm who's got her eyes closed tightly, and is looking rather green around the gills. She's dressed, wrapped in a fur. Behind them is Xerosaeth who's going to be trying to peer into the infirmary, wanting to know what the heck is going on. Mother hen? Yep. "I'm fine.. just.. you're going too fast.. and.. the stairs… you.. I…" At least she'll be nice and turn her head when she looses her stomach. Whoops.

You didn't need those charts did you Kezresan!?! No good. R'hra is anything if not a man of action, though he is isn't considered in panic mode because he isn't yelling and a bronze dragon isn't ripping into stone or anything soo there is that. "She slipped in the shower and hit her head, there was a little blood we put pressure on it" not the dragonhealer holding her head. If she pukes on he it wouldn't be the first time he is fine with it.

Kezresan definitely needs those charts and, thankfully, he's got pretty swift reflexes and a keen eye. So before his precious medical documents can succumb to bodily fluids of any sort, they are wiped off his desk and shoved somewhere safe (like that bottom drawer there). And then he's on his feet, and hurrying around to intercept. And if /he/ gets puked on? Well… it probably isn't the first time, and it's probably not the worst thing that's ever splashed on him. Barely a glance for it, though he does raise a hand as though to halt forward progress, "To the bed. Gently," comes the firm, commanding instructions. And he's fairly confident that R'hra will obey, because he doesn't even wait to watch before he's turning and calling an apprentice to him, issuing a flurry of instructions in a low voice before sending her off in a huff. "A little blood…" he repeats, in the fashion of someone committing this fact to memory. To Kassala, he asks calmly, "Can you tell me your name, where we are, and what day it is, please?" And lest Rio get it in his head to be helpful, there's a slant of Kezresan's gaze and a very 'don't speak' look. "I'm checking for concussion," is the explanation, directed both to concerned weyrmate and concerned lifemate. He did not miss that great, golden presence peeking into his infirmary, oh no.

Kassala may loose her stomach, but at least it doesn't get on anything, or anyone. Much. It's the jangling running steps to blame, no doubt, that made her loose her stomach to begin with. Once Kezresan speaks up to Rio, and the bronzer lays her down on a cot gently, all will be good. "Kass, Fort Weyr, and it's the evening of.." She names the day. All mental faculties are checking out. There's that wince though, "My head hurts though." She turns her head to the side, the lump no doubt hurting when she lays on it. "And my ankle.. but I'm okay.. really.." Dragonhealer she may be, a good patient she won't be!

That golden eye is there still,t he low crooning warbles softer now as Xerosaeth keeps careful watch over her lifemate. Kezresan better take care of Kassala or… well.. a gold might think he tastes good or something.

R'hra knows the drill, not that he has had a few dozen or so concussions or anything, but just grabs a stool and sits down with in arms reach but knows not to be in the way of the healer right now. To the gold rider he has that 'I am so sorry' look on his face, because lets face it it is going to blame himself. There are a little more shouting as there is what looks likes a bronze dragon at the entrance crooning to the Gold dragon, to help soothe her but no pressure Kezresan.

"Good." The word comes once Kassala has adequately demonstrated that she's got her wits about her. No concussions! Phew. Kezresan spares a glance for R'hra as he takes a seat on the stool, though the press of his lips and sudden ignorance of him will have to suffice as gratitude. He's not kicking him out so… it's a good thing! As the apprentice returns with the required items and gets to work setting up a tray behind him, Kez steps forward to begin a superficial examination. The lump on her head? It's definitely got his attention. But while he leans in to get a closer look, he refrains from touching. The mention of her ankle? That draws his gaze downward (skipping politely over the blanket-clad form!) to zero in on first one and then the other. "I'm still going to check it out," he decides. All business, this one! Coddling will have to come in the form of those hovering dragons and weyrmate. Speaking of dragons… A squint of his gaze toward the Dragon Infirmary as the bronze joins in, though Kez will just let him do his thing unless he's trying to push his way into the infirmary. He is, apparently, fine with spectators. A turn, a thorough dousing of his hands in redwort that is sure to stain them pink for hours, and he begins the gentle palpation of Kassala's head. "You'll have a good sized lump," if she doesn't already, "But no stitches needed. Going to have to clean it, though." But first? More pokey-proddy healer hands as Kez works at sussing out any other potential injuries.

Kassala is dressed, honest! She's got shirt and even leggings on under that fur! Just not much else, including shoes. Which might be why she was carried in by Rio. Letting him do his work, Kassala sits up so he can take a look at the lump on the back of her head. Yep, that's going to ache, but at least it won't be too noticable with that hair of hers. She's going to wince some more when he pokes and prods at it, trying not to pull away from his touch. "I figured that.." She murmurs in answer, quietly, as if her voice hurts her head as well right then. "Good. No stitches." That she's glad for. As for cleaning it out, she reaches for Rio's hand to squeeze, "Go ahead. Ready whenever you are, Healer."

Joined by bronze, Xerosaeth exchanges some comments, but then falls silent, likely being told the questions and worry is hurtin Kassala's head a little! The gold just settles in to wait and watch. She won't squeeze in. Yet.

R'hra takes her hand and just holds it but he watches because usually he is the one getting it cleaned so this is kinda neat for him. He does glance at the dragons before he smiles at Kass "Hey your doing great dear. At least it wasn't on those steps.." yes he is trying to joke no he isn't helping probably.

"You can take a blanket from that cot," offers Kezresan, flashing a glance toward R'hra. Or, more accurately, that bare chest of his. "I'd rather not have to treat you for hypothermia." Don't make him put his healer-foot down! He soooo will. Thankfully, the cot in question is close enough that the bronzerider is /probably/ able to reach said blanket without being required to relinquish his lady's hand. It is once she gives that 'go ahead' that Kez turns to the tray once more, procuring a square of cotton soaked in redwort that he in turn uses to dab gently at the wound. Another flash of his gaze, from R'hra to the pair of dragons, then back to the task at hand. "Just sterilizing the area to ensure no infection comes. Thankfully, there is no debris that needs to be removed." He's rambling, likely in effort to give them all something to focus on besides the sting of the antiseptic. But he doesn't linger there for long, and soon enough he's stepping back to fan gently in an effort to alleviate the sting. "It has stopped bleeding. If you want a bandage I can certainly apply one, but it might be rather… cumbersome," given all that hair. Regardless of the answer, he's moving down to check out those ankles. More pokey-proddy healer-fingers! Though it also comes with a murmured, "I'm checking to ensure there isn't a break hiding beneath the swelling," just in case either of those draconic-types think to charge to Kassala's rescue. "Can you move your feet?"

Kassala actually mutters beneath her breath, be it because of the stinging redwort applied to that cut, or to R'hra's comment about the stairs. "Should just go scare him with the fact that I slipped…" Poor Finn. Biting her bottom lip, she closes her eyes, counting down the seconds till the cut stops stinging. "No, no bandage. I'll be careful with it." Someone's hair won't be getting brushed for a few days, or washed. Eyes open back as Kez moves on to her ankle, "IT's the left one.." As if he couldn't tell which one was bothering her. The right is perfectly fine, no problems to be found there. The left, is swollen, and appears to be a nice sprain. Thankfully, not broken. Releasing her breath once Kez finishes poking and proding at the ankle, she smiles at him, "Thanks."

R'hra stretches out and grabs the other blanket, wrapping himself because he is doing what he has been trained to, listen to the healers! With a grin he nods squeezing Kassala's hand "I think it might fix his work ethic.." and because it would be a riot he looks over at Kez and nods then looks back at his dragon very perplexed. He raises an eyebrow at Kassala but then watches the healer again.

Good boy, Rio. Definitely don't piss off the healers! The acquisition of that blanket at least has Kezresan once more ignoring the bronzerider (probably a good thing, since it's Kassala who needs his attention!). He's at least gentle in all of that prodding. Or, as gentle as he can be given he's got to feel through swollen tissue. A distant sort of look, as Kez concentrates on what he can feel rather than see, before he decides, "Doesn't appear to be broken. Likely just a bad sprain. We can wrap it up. You'll need to keep it elevated as much as possible, ice as necessary, and come back for a check-up." Assessment done, he steps back and breaths a bit of a sigh. "You're pretty lucky," he decides. "A slip in the shower can be much worse. You might want to get the floor textured," because he's just going to assume there were no other shenanigans happening in that there shower… "to prevent future slips. Do you want anything for the pain? Numbweed can help superficially," as she's probably aware, "But I can brew you a bit of tea, or…" well. There's always wine and a drop or two of fellis.

Cue the blush to hit Kassala's cheeks as Kezresan brings up the need to texture the shower floor. There was NO shenanigans going on! Yet! Ahem. Nodding her head a few times in a way that only makes her wince, she is quick to say, "We'll be sure to do that…" A glance is given to her lifemate who still sits there, though the whirling eyes have found Kez and stay on him. Making sure he's doing his job? Another breath is released before she murmurs, "Perhaps the tea? Or a little fellis? Just to help tonight though.." She wonders, "Should I sleep with the bump on the head?" Wants to be sure on this.

R'hra is lost on the whole texturing floor thing, which is probably good because he would turn about as red as Kassala's hair. He looks back to his lifemate as it seems he is behind exceptionally vocal about something, which is odd for the stoic bronze dragon. He turns back to watch the rest of this encounter saying "Can she eat her sweats? because I am sure if we leave them out someone else is going to get to them." that someone is probably him or Finn if he learns there are luxury sweets in the Weyr.

Having determined that Kassala is not about to expire on his watch, Kezresan, while still astute and serious-faced, has relaxed enough to carry on a conversation. "I can do that," he agrees, for the fellis. "Do you prefer it in wine? Masks the taste better," and, whatever the answer is, a slant of his gaze will send an apprentice off to procure the preferred vehicle while Kez himself will go about actually getting the controlled substance. "Should be fine to sleep," he agrees, arms crossed as he waits for his apprentice to return. "It's going to hurt, but I'm very confident there's no concussion. Though if you experience any disorientation or nausea," not brought about by motion sickness, "let me know. As for eating sweets?" he considers R'hra a bit longer before he answers, "That is up to her. Sprained ankle and head-bump won't be negatively impacted by treats. Eat if you're hungry," he encourages, "And drink plenty of fluids." Speaking of… the return of the apprentice heralds Kezresan's retreat to mix up that draught of fellis-plus-whatever, the bottle soon locked once more within the medical cabinet. "Here," he murmurs as he offers the drink to Kassala.

The choice will be with wine, yes. She too, does seem distracted a little by her own lifemate who shifts to allow the bronze closer to the entrance from the dragon infirmary. Seems Xerosaeth is assured that all is well with her lifemate. For the moment. "Thank you again, Healer Kezresan." As for her sweets, she looks to Rio, "You're not going to eat all of them if I can help it." Once the drugged wine is presented to her, she takes it carefully in hand, and will drink it down, handing over the now empty glass to the healer, "I will certainly let you know if anything comes up. IT was a simple accident." That, as he said, could have been worse, but isn't. Yay!

Wiliyeth does move closer, the sleak bronze stretching his head in to better look on what is happening, and rumbles softly. This causes R'hra to get up before he whispers something to Kassala as he heads over to the pair of dragons now currently making trouble in the dragon infirmary. He isn't gone long as he returns, as he returns carrying a small satchel that he opens saying to Kezresan "Wiliyeth wants you to know that PT starts early for those required to stand for the eggs." He pulls out the white knot of candidacy holding it out to Kezresan "He hopes you except, for it would be a great disservice to the Weyr and all of Pern should you decline."

"I suggest," continues Kezresan, accepting that empty glass back and promptly handing it over to the waiting apprentice, "That you be very careful on your return home. And you," he rounds on R'hra with the full intent of launching into some sort of lecture about snow, and footwear, and frostbite… only to find the bronzerider vanished for the dragon infirmary. "Ah…" hm. And so there are crossed arms and a stern expression and a pointed look toward Rio's feet before, once again, his lecture is cut off before it's even begun by an offer that he was obviously not expecting. A dark of brown eyes, first to the knot, then to R'hra, then to Kassala (is this a joke?!) then to Wiliyeth (is this a joke?!) and back to R'hra and the knot again. A solid three-beat pause before he squares his shoulders and declares, "I would be honored to serve the Weyr in this capacity," and, to the dragon, "Thank you."

Kassala nods once when R'hra whispers to her and soon disappears as Kezresan begins that lecture. Lucky bronzer, getting out of it. To a degree. To the healer, the redhead merely smiles in understanding - Rio's done the same thing to her a few times, yep. One just learns to go with the flow. Or something. But when Rio returns, offering the knot of candidancy to the healer, her smile turns warmer then, "Xerosaeth agrees with Wiliyeth." Nope, not a joke! When accepted, she would cheer, if she didn't have a sore head to worry about!

R'hra grins and hands him the knot saying "That is great, and with luck you will keep the others from becoming less that hygienic." He grins over at Kassala before adding "When you are done with your shift you can report to the barracks tonight. I will let the Headwoman know that you had a later shift and to give you the day off to reset your sleeping patterns." He maybe a goof ball, but Rio is still an Assistant Weyrlingmaster in Training so he speaks with a little bit of authority.

The knowledge that Xerosaeth also agrees with this offer has Kezresan nodding slowly, though it still takes him a moment before he's picking up that knot. A hard look at the white loop and, at the declaration that he can finish his shift, it gets carefully tucked into a pocket of his scrubs. "Thank you," murmured again, earnestly. "I will do just that," reporting to the barracks. Sleeping… maybe not. But he's glad for the offer, all the same. "I appreciate it. Do you need… do you want… any help?" The offer is for both Kassala and R'hra, and is meant as assistance with getting the weyrwoman back to her weyr. Frankly, Kez is thrown off his game and looking a little shell-shocked.

Kassala nods once more at R'hra's words as to the healer finishing his shift, then getting settled into the barracks. "Here is hoping you can keep them from getting into too much trouble. You have a good head on your shoulders." And yet, there comes a hint of a grin, of a sometimes impish nature, "But allow yourself to enjoy candidancy if you can, hmm?" As for the offer of help, her attention shifts to Rio, "Can you carry me without jostling me all over the place this time?" A croon from the gold has her ohing, "Xero says you can help me up, and she will take me to the weyr." Seems the gold wants to make sure that all is well with her lifemate now.

R'hra grins and nods to Kezresan saying "you heard the lady." He moves to help Kassala and between the healer and the bronze rider they get her on to her dragon which is probably a rather funny sight to see but you won't see Rio laughing… At least not while people that talk to Kassala daily can see, he moves to his own saddle bag and pulls out a thick jacket and a pair of socks to put on with his sandals, no matter how uncool they may look he would rather not get yelled at. He gives Kez a grin and a wink saying "You are going to love it.." before the pair slink off into the night to go and find that murderous bar of soap, and maybe start a rumor that Kassala slipped on the ice to scare a certain cookie eating candidate.

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