Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands

The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

With the eggs hardening and winter's chill in the air, the hatching sands are a popular place. Small groups of Candidates are being herded in throughout the day with brief periods of time where no one is allowed in so the clutchparents can have a break. This afternoon Dremkoth is wakeful and watching as his rider lingers nearby, the Weyrsecond keeping an eye on the ones let in by those designated to keep an eye on the youngsters. Other than a grave nod in greeting, he doesn't speak, for he and his bronze are close to the dam, gold Kouzevelth, who is soundly sleeping. They're actually a little in front of her blocking off two of the eggs that she's managed to cuddle up close to, preventing any of the Candidates from inadvertently waking her. After the group is given the rules: no running, no horseplay, no loud talking and onely one person per egg at a time, they're shooed by their supervisors onto the sands.

Jastre comes onto the sands for the second time, and this time, he's NOT LATE. Progress. Mincing onto the sands, he bows to the dragons, then notices more eggs are available. Well, ok, that's good, more to get to know. He glances at one in particular that he 'met' yesterday, but decides to go to one of the others instead. So he moves towards Into a Billion Pieces, stretching out his hand towards it.

Having had the most fun time ever from the trip to the Dolphinhall, Angelique is thrilled to be along with this group to the sands once more. Knowing a bit more of what to expect when touching the eggs she's a bit selective, trailing past the ones she's already spent some time with though a finger trip trails along one egg she's drawn too, the one that seems to be covered in dark stone. However she's been in close to that one so it's a new one to start off with today!

After the mine incident on her trip to the mines, Zaala has opted to take the trips that are more in the safe zone - like, harpers or healers, not that they don't offer the thrill of danger too, but there are no rocks bound to collapse on her head. Not that the Weyr has any less risk, but, still, no one's blowing up things on purpose! She's amongst those being herded to the hatching sands on the allure that hey, there's a chance to greet the eggs and become used to those feelings, for a second time. She really doesn't say much at first, though as she looks across toward the faces of the other candidates, she spots Jastre and comes to step up near him, "Hey partner," she gives him a quiet smile, eyes fixing back toward the eggs, giving each a long thoughtful stare. She watches Jastre head off onto the sands, bowing, heading to one in particular without hesitation. She doesn't disturb that time with the eggs, instead, she cants her head toward one in particular. Might as well… Trodding over the sands toward the When I Woke Up egg, she gently greets the egg with a delicate swipe of her finger pads.

Jastre gulps a little. Ok, well, that's a new sensation. He's not sure he likes this one, that's just… he likes staying in one piece, not a whole bunch. He cringes, expecting to feel pain, except there isn't any. Well ok then.

Angelique finds the egg with the slashes of colors first, her attention being pulled into it so very quickly so that everything around her is forgotten. Her mouth opens in a silent sound of surprise, shaping into a round 'O' before snapping shut. A slow breath is drawn in and she stays with one hand upon the egg and she waits for more.

Zaala appears stunned or at least zoned right out, with her fingers remaining sealed to the hard shell beneath her. Her gaze is steady upon something, absent of the current moment, recalled into some inner thoughts. With a long withdrawn breath, as if remembering to take that inhale, her body sways and her fingers slide right off the top of the shell. It's then that she gasps for a longer breath, startled, with a quick look around to regain her senses and her bearings. Jastre is still at his egg, Angelique is still at her's. Okay, she didn't just lose a day! Her eyes flicker back to the egg in front of which she stands, prompted by an inner calling to lay her full palm upon it this time, "Show me…" she whispers.

Jastre isn't sure what he's made of, and never really thought of it. Well… skin, bone, blood? Does that work for starters? He isn't quite sure where these questions are headed. Maybe it wants to know what little boys are made of? Slugs and snails and puppydog tails?

Jastre pauses when he sees a vision of somewhere he's never been, and tries reaching towards it. What? Is that little glimpse all he gets? But then it's gone, and he sighs, stepping away from the egg and looking away from its surface. These touchings are not what he expected. He backs away, and then looks around. Oh… he touched most of the others already.

Angelique is quiet as she listens and feels this egg out. It's a face pace this trip it takes her on but so far it's quiet with her feet firmly on a pathway through the middle. Peeking to either side of her as if expecting to see the light and dark sandwich her she says still and waits.

"Oh I would…" she answers more to herself than the others. Something keeps her there, rooted with her hand across the shell, wanting more. Zaala flicks her hair to the side absently as she waits, placing a second hand on it now to get closer to the one inside.

Angelique draws back with a thoughtful expression as she peers towards the egg. She steps back and looks around herself. A glance is given to the two eggs still kept from them.

Angelique chooses one and circles around it a moment before stopping and standing still. After a moment she leans in closer, head tilted to one side as if listening to something. "Hello?" she murmurs, eyes on the egg and only on the egg. Straining her attention she tries hard to listen to whispers that seem just of of range of her hearing.

Polana shuffles into the hatching cavern for a touching for a the second time. While she might still be a little nervous about the events at the dolphineer outing she tries not to let it show. Instead of letting herself be nervous her gives a respectful nod to the Weyrsecond, Junior Weyrwoman, and the dragons. With that she makes her way over to the only touch she both can touch and is yet to touch, the Timeless Struggle Of Mankind.

Zaala does step away from the egg in a time that is her own. It is slow and methodical, hints of quiet calculation switch back and forth to blank looks, before with a visible shake of her head and a hand drawing her hair over her shoulder, she steps away with a tug and a worrying of her bottom lip. The other eggs are all eyed in a circumspect manner. She can and she does move, sluggishly, and not without an eye cast backwards toward the When I Woke up Egg, before approaching the All Become Flawless egg.

Angelique's head turns this way and that once more as if trying to determine the source of a sound. Blinking several times she looks to the egg she's before and once more turns her full attention. "Family…" she'll murmur to it. "…in my memory." surprise laces her tone but she keeps talking, settling in so to speak. "I can make clothing…to wear."

She is moving forward, soaring through the stars, touching the universe through this egg. Polana can't help but find it amazing, wonderful exhilarating. Then she sees two sides, one filled with beautiful light, kind and all things good. And then there was another side, black, no light, no good, no nothing. But she felt strength, she felt power. Inside the egg's mind Polana felt herself approaching it, called to that darkness. But a voice at the back of her mind said no, no, no, no, no. Just as her hand reached out to touch the darkness that voice became a scream. She yanked it back, rushing toward the light. That was when she opened her eyes to find herself back at the sands. But more, she wanted more. So with only a moments hesitation she touched the egg again.

Angelique's eyes are closed. Were they closed the whole time? Shaking her head as she steps back from this second egg she seems unable to answer that question in her head. Still though a smile is lurking as she regards the eggs with a fond expression. This one she likes. For a moment she returns yet again to an egg she's touched before, lingering only but a second before she withdraws. now she looks over the eggs and looks to choose where to go now.

Zaala pulls back from the egg, clear confusion and a mixed emotions running against her features. Her eyes lift up from the egg and flash around, considering the moment and if she would have time to fully let herself open up to this egg and to all the others as well. Next time perhaps. She says nothing as she retreats a step back, turning toward the rest of the clutch, failing to immediately decide on one just yet. Her gaze instead turns toward her fellow candidates, watching their reactions. Angelique's departure, with the smile, has her crossing over toward it. Angelique didn't scream or weep or anything, just smiled. Let's see what this is all about then. She'll bob her head to her fellow candidate, "This one looks safe, by your reaction," a quiet smile as she assumes the previous candidate's footprints in the sand.

Angelique hovers for the moment, a faint grin as Zaala moves over to her previous egg. She offers no insightt as to what she felt though!

The presence of candidates now has Kouzevelth finally stirring; her curiosity sometimes takes time, her welcoming slow to form. Eyelids open and blink once, twice, at Dremkoth first — her lightning-zap extending to both her present mate and her rider. Inri, who is watching the candidates with a sense of absolute pride, looks back over to her and smiles. "Morning, sleepy storm. Did you want to smell them?" Whatever the dragon tells her, it's enough for Inri to laugh, and then she makes a decision and noses Cell Your Sole Egg out into the group. They can get to know this one as well. It's ready. And she does want them all to enjoy it.

Now Polana is walking, walking down a path she can't really see but feels instead. The light and the dark follow her, and the sight of the dark behind her scares her. There are arcs of blue light, arcs she finds beautiful and mysterious. As she walks Polana gets the feeling that whatever is going to come is inevitable. Soon she is back on the sands again, back and touching it one last time.

Dremkoth is attuned to his mate, and as she awakens he's responding to that flicker of lightening, rumbling an audible greeting to her, extending his neck to offer her a gentle nuzzle. He moves so she can nudge the eggs through the spot where he lay blocking them - and her - and remains to one side, curious as well about these candidates and their reactions to his - errr - their eggs. Possessive much?

The march stops and Polana has to turn around, turn around to face a choice. One side, hot like a fire, ever burning, painful, but good. Then there's the dark, cool, powerful, tempting, but vile. She stands in the middle but that cannot last for long, she has to choose, to leave the shades of gray. But before she can make her choice she is back on the sands, but the question remains in her head. Which side would she choose? She decides not to address it at the moment, instead getting up and, with a nod of thanks to the clutchmother and father, touches the Cell Your Soul egg.

For Zaala, this is her first time with this set of eggs and so, she'll take any insight she can get, even if it was a fond smile that Angelique wore as she departed from the egg and not necessarily verbal dialect. Instead, she turns her gaze back on the shell, left to wonder - will the previous girl's mind still be settling into the mind of the one in the egg, or will it be ready for another visitor so soon? All she can do is touch the egg, one hand lowering from her braid to tickle the top of it. That's when she hears the clicks, her face turning sharply one way, then the other. Whose… a soft realization overcomes her, eyes training back upon the shell and it's whirling shades of silver and green. She remains curious, lingering, studying, focused, waiting for the sensation of the one within to return.

The mind in this egg is strong, very strong. It pipes up and wraps around Polana, wrapping it's love strongly around her. But it is also a little painful, drowning out any thought other than those of it. She wants to struggle, wants to get her thoughts back, but finds she cannot. Finally it pulls back, leaving her to her thoughts, but also leaving her with a feeling that it can tell her anything she wants to know. It is that reason that Polana touches again, curiosity driving her.

Jastre was meandering through the eggs as he waits his turn for a particular egg he hasn't met yet. Once it's vacant, he heads right over to Timeless Struggle of Mankind, placing his hand on the surface even as he belatedly notices the last two might be allowable soon. Oh, cool. Well anyway, he's got this one first.

Polana feels like her thoughts are cut off again, but this time she does not particularly care. Because this egg has stories, so many stories. What it says is garbled, like millions of voices speaking at once, but she knows it speaks the truth. Eventually the voices fade, leaving only the ringing of bells in her head, which soon become nothing. With no hesitation she touches it again, she wants more stories.

Angelique isn't hovering, per say, but she's waiting Polana, perhaps trying to judge the other woman's reaction to the egg.

Zaala squints her eyes in determined focus on what's going on, "There's too many voices. They could be anyone and everyone you know…" quietly snapped down at the egg as she mulls over this, over the sounds and the clicks. This was some big test, remember the voices not the faces and the names. Her attention is diverted from wanting to understand to having to provide some answers, some hints. "Everyone…" she decides, "They're happy, as it should be, in the future one day." Maybe not hints of her past but of her vision for the world of the future. All the same, she lingers behind to give the egg one last pat.

The gold stretches just a bit, then Kouzevelth settles against Dremkoth and returning all signs of physical affection. Curious nuzzling, though her curiosity isn't for him obviously enough: she knows Dremkoth as well as she could know anyone but Inri. It's curiosity shared, curiosity for the candidates walking amongst their offspring — and, lastly, consideration for her final egg. After a pause, she also pushes Deadly Heart of a Secret World out into the wilds of the world, though she is still watching with the same guardlike posture. When I Woke Up Egg is now the target of her attentions, reaching out to nudge it with her nose a couple of times and check on it before she withdraws: they may touch whichever they like, but be nice.

The egg enters her mind again, much lighter this time though. Well, it tries. But over time it gets louder and louder until once again Polana feels overwhelmed. She doesn't know if she can handle the dragonet in it, and before she can try and figure it out the dragonet is gone. With a small sigh she stands up and gives a small nod to the clutchmother. Time to wait.

Jastre tilts his head. This is a new kind of vista, that's for sure. Out in space, or something. Well, guess this counts as a new place to be, and he glances to either side. He kinda prefers the left, actually. The right is kinda dangerous.

Angelique's gaze catches sight of movement and no longer is she hovering but she's now cautiously walking to the egg that's had her eye since the clutching. The one she's been /waiting/ for! Bowing quickly to the dame and sire once more to be safe all her attention shifts with wondrous glory to the egg now before her, a hand moving to lay on it lightly. To feel and touch it and simply explore it. Fingers trace a color before she stops the movement of her hand, a confused expression crossing. "Oh…no..wait. Come back."

Zaala scuttles away from the Device egg, nearly blind, the way her hands are out stretched before her. Hey, who turned out the lights?! It's a moment later, when she inhales deeply again and yanks on her braid, that she opens her eyes and immediately blushes. A suspicious look thrown back at the egg, "Nice…" prank! Her tone is sarcastical and in a drawl. Hesitating, she moves for the elongated egg, "You're next…" announcing, before with a gulp, she feathers her fingers over it.

Jastre shakes his head, fighting down the nervousness of the feeling that something's getting closer to him. He doesn't like confrontation and this makes him feel like something's about to go down.

Angelique trails her fingers along the shell once more, waiting and watching expectantly.

All things upended! Zaala startles a little at the mixtures of colors, though, it's better than some of the probbing. She looks up and peers at the eggs and other candidates around her, wondering. Her eyes are upon Jastre's current reaction, brows lifting, "You okay over there cowboy?" … She saw him lift his head and shake it, with a strange look upon his features. Her own attention reverts shortly, after waiting for a follow up reaction from Jastre, before she seeks the mind inside the egg in front of her.

Jastre is doing a lot of headshaking with this egg. It wants him to choose? He kinda already chose, but then he's left blinking on the sands just in time to hear Zaala talking to him, and he raises his eyebrows at her. "Hmm? Oh, uh, yeah. They're not…. what I expected."

Angelique nearly cries out as if in pain but strangles the sound before it can actually escape from her. Her hand starts to pull away but stops, leaving it with fingers splayed across the egg shell before she dares to even add a second hand. Well, her other hand. She only had two. Time passes slowly when she finally does remove both hands with a gasp, looking to them as if expecting to see burns…there are none though. Sheepishly she makes contact once more, hesitantly but expectant.

Jastre clears his throat and steps away from the egg hastily. Yeah, ok. It wants him gone.

Jastre then heads for one of the eggs that's now available, moving over to Cell Your Sole. Wonder what's so special about this that the queen only just now backed away from it?

"I know right," Zaala replies with a hint of empathy, "My first time… I thought I was so very connected with them all and at the end," she sadly lets her fingers move away from the shell she's at, cautious of how much she gives of herself this time. "You can… sort of get hints of what sort of dragon they could become," her eyes appear hopeful and sad at the same time, if that is possible. A long sigh draws her away from the shell, murmuring it to it as she departs, "Love dear one." The decision made, she carries on toward the one Jastre just left, to see if she may get the same response.

Jastre blinks. Wow, noisy. And then there's a promise. Jastre frowns a little, though its promise is rather tempting. It also seems to love attention, and seems to have gotten it, at least for now.

Angelique spares no looks around, staying very still as she lets her hands return to the egg, eyes wide as she simply waits to feel something else.

The blond is transfixed by this large oval egg, caught in the webs of dark shadows and shimmering waves of light, the embracing and the harsh strokes, a combination of things that seem to relate to her and her life. Zaala remains there, waiting for more.

Jastre grimaces. Noisy, noisy, definitely noisy. He's not sure he likes all this, it makes him want to run away. But no, he'll see it through, and wait for it to dismiss him, that's the polite thing to do.

Zaala doesn't seem to be in need of pushing, she's still there. She's going, waiting to see what's in that darkness, canting her head as if listening for something, some answer, some design of the one inside.

Angelique listens, feels and waits. The feelings that awash over her bring a smile to her eyes as she slowly departs from the egg. Clearly her favorite by far now she seems unwilling to move to the last egg she's not had a chance to acquaint herself with. Since Jastre is there perhaps she can simply stand with arms wrapped around herself as her mind replays the last egg.

Jastre perhaps knows he's being waited on for someone else to have a turn, or maybe it proves it's done with him, because he steps away from it quickly, turning around and noticing Angelique looking his way. Ah, right. Yeah, he'll just…. mosey on over to a different egg now. Actually, the one she was just at. Trade?

Polana approaches the final egg left for her to touch, the Deadly Heart of a Secret World.

Angelique approaches the eye-piercing red egg with some trepidation. Howevrer as it is the last egg…she seems determined and therefor she finally comes up next to it and boldly lays a hand on the red top.

Zaala huhs softly, eyes on Jastre for a moment, contemplating the difference between her own experience and his. There's no saying what she preceived from the egg and what he did, other than he gets that questioning look which follows after him. For a time. Then it's off to the next egg… which one? Wait, which ones did she touch? She looks confused. There -are- a lot of gray and silver looking eggs out here after all!!! She lands herself beside the freefall egg. Was she here before, did she meet this one yet? Hello! Hand on egg.

Now this was intriguing! "Wow," Zaala whispers as if she's been teleported (or beamed - cough) to another planet, something like a dragon does the *between*, but, without a dragon! Or maybe there was a dragon involved, since an egg was involved! Oh it's all so complex. Keep it simple. Into another world she steps out of, only to find herself on the hatching sands with some disappointment at not being propelled through space and time and all that junk! Her hand detached from the egg, that's why. She goes back to reach for it again. Here. Now where?

Now this was intriguing! "Wow," Zaala* whispers as if she's been teleported (or beamed - cough) to another planet, something like a dragon does the *between*, but, without a dragon! Or maybe there was a dragon involved, since an egg was involved! Oh it's all so complex. Keep it simple. Into another world she steps out of, only to find herself on the hatching sands with some disappointment at not being propelled through space and time and all that junk! Her hand detached from the egg, that's why. She goes back to reach for it again. Here. Now where?

Jastre finally gets at the last egg. The last one before he can give his hot feet a break.

Angelique ohs suddenly as there was silence and then…a presence is there. And it's overwhelming any other thoughts that she may have and brings her full attention to the egg she's now touching. Lightly she moves her hand to simply feel it. Her hand won't move away but soon it'll stop moving and just sit in waiting,

Jastre gasps at this egg, staring down at it. Whoa…. now that's different. Almost feels like he's losing himself there, as it seems to overwhelm him. He squinches his eyes shut and takes a deep breath, willing it to show him more.

Bells…so many bells and whistles and beeps…Angelique raises both hands to her head as if to stop the sounds. Uncertainty crosses her expression as she considers moving away from this egg. Howevrer as time passes she does once more lay her hands back to the shell once more time.

Jastre pulls away, recoiling from the egg. Yeah….. he's not sure he likes this one, it's too…. dominating. It wants to be the one in charge, it'd be so easy to just let it run over him constantly, and he knows it. Nevertheless, it doesn't seem done with him, so he places his hand on the surface once more, bracing himself.

Angelique sighs softly, relieved perhaps that the sounds have diminished and aren't so much…there. She listens. She waits. Answers. It wants answers. So many questions. "I am me…"more answers are murmured with the occasional word escaping. "Southern boll. One brother…" she listens again and then there's a fading. She eventually stands, looking…well a bit befuddled. It's time to finally depart the sands for her. She'll bow politely to the riders and dragons and then slip out.

Jastre isn't too certain about that, then pulls away. Yeah…. with that one, he's done, and not just in the sense of having finally touched all of them. He's had too much… way too much interaction, he feels like going and crawling into a hole now, this is all overwhelming. He steps away from all the eggs, moving towards the entrance in a daze.

Zaala shivers! "UGH, no you didn't just do that!" Throw her into a frozen world of ice?! "There -is- enough snow and ice outside for me thanks," she chuckles, not entirely mad at the egg, but that was a little too uncomfortable with everything else. She leaves the eggs side, noticing the others starting to head off. "Hey wait up," she exclaims behind them, remembering not to run but quickly walk to catch up. Oh and a final bob back to the clutch dam and sire, "Thanks!" Buh-bye!