Who Kassala and Kaetryn
What Kaetryn gets searched! After Phineas and Kezresan leave.
When Winter
Where Center Bowl, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

**Continuation from Not as slick as you think you are, Finn

Kassala nods once as Finn speaks the last, "If you would start this afternoon to get the stairs cleared to the Admin Complex, that would be wonderful, Candidate." She's so mean, she's going to start him RIGHT NOW. Poor Finn. Kaetryn's comments leave her a bit confused, but thankfully, she's distracted by the healer whom earns a bright smile, "Thank you for the lesson, Healer. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day?" She'll let him get away. For now.
It's only then that Kassala turns back to her lifemate to find the gold staring at Kaet in such a way, "What are you doing, Xero??" Far from the gold's normal unless Kaet was another dragon. "Yes, she's of perfect height, I'm fairly certain." Kez has made his get-away, so can't answer that question for the gold! "I'm certain of it, Xero. Promise." A chuff is given, warm breath blown against the secretary, "I'm sorry. She finds you interesting. She's never seen piercings like yours, or… your hair color." Kassala explains, though chuckles at something else said by the golden queen.

"Right now?" Blink. Clearing his throat, Finn sighs and straightens and offers a crisp salute. "Yes, ma'am. On top of that." And since that totally sounded like a dismissal? He's backing away with every intention of getting to it. He does, however, exhale a chuckle as he goes. This? This is going to suck massively. Ah well, she can't catch him every time. Turning on his heel, he tosses another wink to Kaet and Kez, his hands shoving into his pockets as he saunters off. By the time he's nearly out of sight? He's whistling. Magic Eight Ball says chances are good Finn is up to something. Only time will tell what, though.

Reaching up to finger the hoop in her nose, Kaetryn eyes the gold warily, although there's no hostility in her gaze, only a hint of resignation. "I like the look." Dropping her hand away, she shoves it and the other in her pockets and hunches her shoulders slightly. As Finn winks at her, she sticks her tongue out at him - then grins sympathetically. Hey, she can enjoy the show and still appreciate a show of good sportsmanship - it's more than Kez gets as he scurries off - a nose-wrinkle and dismissive sniff, and her attention is back on the goldrider. "I hope "interesting" in this case means "good"."

And that's all Kez needs to hear. A curt nod of his head to Kassala and he is GONE, vanishing into the shadows and relative safety of the living caverns.

Kassala watches the two males leave, giving her head a shake as she spies the way Phineas walks off once he's gotten away. That boy is going to be TROUBLE, she knows it! A sigh escapes, but then she turns back to Kaet, "Oh, it's in a good way. She likes it.. she wondered why I didn't have one, but then wants me to ask you if it hurts." A wry smile is offered, "She wondered if it would look good on a dragon." Funny dragon that gold.

"If you can find a body artist willing to pierce a dragon, please, let me know her name," Kaetryn replies, green eyes widening in awe as she stares at gold and rider. "She's probably magnificent. But - uh, they hurt when they were first done. And they hurt if they catch on something. And sneezing is pure misery with the nose piercing," she adds, wrinkling said appendage in distaste. "But, uh, I think it looks good, so… worth it?" She chuckles, a bit awkwardly, rocking back on her heels. "Honestly, Lady, I wouldn't think it'd be a very good idea for a dragon. And she's lovely enough as it is - she doesn't need the help."

Amused is Kassala, who merely nods her head in agreement after a hand brushes a lock of red to be tucked behind an ear, "I would agree. But she's curious." Yet, it would seem that the gold considers the cons not quite worth the idea of what it might look like. Tilting her head upwards, she hmms, "I think it wouldn't feel that great *between* either. You know how cold the buckles can get on your straps.." Falling quiet with the distant look in her eyes, the Jr. Weyrwoman listens to her lifemate, soon to hmm to herself. Pulling herself back to the current conversation, "Agreed." That single word is offered to Xerosaeth before Kass considers the young woman before her, "Well… Xerosaeth says you could use something else though. To look your best…" From within a pocket in her cloak, her hand moves, and soon reveals a white knot in the palm, held out to Kaetryn, "Xerosaeth says that she believes that you are perfect for Kayeth's clutch, and that she's truly surprised that she hadn't noticed it herself." No doubt, the older queen is being prodded by the youngest. "You are of perfect height, and you appear strong enough, and your uniqueness is something she likes.." So, what is the answer on the white knot?

"Yeah, I've noticed that when my mom's taken me *between*," Kaetryn murmurs, lifting a hand to press against her nose gingerly. "Thankfully, I don't end up there that often." As it's clear that neither dragon nor rider are inclined to criticize her personal decorative decisions, the would-be steward further relaxes, falling into a hip-shot stance and tilting her head to one side with a rakish grin. "It's all good. Not everyone needs to decorate themselves to be beautiful. Some of us just need a little more help than others." Moss-green eyes eye Kass's hair with frank envy. Ahem. "Oh what's tha - " She doesn't even bother finishing the question, just stares at the knot. "Uhm. Uhm." This… was not the expected suggestion. "I, uh - but. Man. Grandmother's going to have a whole herd of kittens." Quick as a flash, she snatches the knot, before the idea of Lady Masopia's reaction to her granddaughter's Search can make either reconsider. "You're on." GRIN.

There's a blush that appears upon Kassala's cheeks when Kaet looks at her in such a way. "We are each beautiful in our own ways, if you ask me." And it's the honest truth as she sees it. "I don't know if I could cut my hair or pierce things other than my ears…" Which she has the single piercings. But with the knot revealed and the question asked, the redhead lets out a hoot of laughter as it's snatched so quickly, "Good. Great, actually. I think Phineas and the other guys need to be shown up by the girls in this group if you ask me… " HAHA. Ahem.

"Pfft. Shouldn't be so hard to show them up. They're guys, and if they're half as bad as Finn, they'll be a cinch," Kaet murmurs, grinning as she affixes the knot in place. Who would have thought that the would-be steward might be dreaming of dragons? Then again, she is a rider's daughter. "I promise I won't disappoint you, Lady." Green eyes glitter with laughter as she executes a proper - if skirtless - curtsy for the weyrwoman. "And if you ever cut your hair," she adds as she straightens, "I'll be most upset. If I had hair like yours, I'd never have dyed it."

"Exactly my way of thinking. My weyrmate thinks that guys rule this year, but I'd like to think differently." Kassala murmurs, laughing softly. With the promise given, she steps in, an dif allowed, offers a quick hug to th eknewly knoted Candidate, "Just enjoy your time as a Candidate, hmm? No matter what the outcome is, enjoy it." That said, she steps back, only to wrinkle her nose, "Sometimes, I consider cutting it. I almost did while at Igen. It was so sharding hot… ugh.." Just the memory makes her wilt a little, "But here, I'm glad for it. Helps keep me warm."

"Fancy braiding used to help me with the heat, before I hacked mine off," Kaetryn suggests, more than happy to accept - and return! - the quick hug, tacking on a quicker grin as she steps back. "Your weyrmate is an interesting man - but, being a man, he's naturally wrong. That's okay, though - his taste in ink and women makes up for it," she adds teasingly, before sobering up a bit. "Thanks for this. This chance," she adds, reaching up to touch the knot. "Grandmother's reaction aside, I would be lying if I didn't admit part of me always wondered." Stepping back, she tucks her hands away and rocks back on her heels. "Hope the Weyrwoman doesn't get too annoyed."

"That he is.. I've known him all my life, practically. HIs family often trades with my back near Ierne." So, Kass has learned how to put up with the bronzer long before they became dragonriders. All joking aside, she smiles, once more to reach out to touch Kaet's arm with a light, comforting touch, "Nyalle will be fine with it. You've been Searched for her lifemate's clutch on the sands." She chuckles softly, her voice lowered, "I once thought I would be fine without a dragon, and me a Dragonhealer. I was searched twice, and both times, left to stand. I was fine with it, but deep inside, I wished and hoped, and finally…" It's then that Xerosaeth nuzzles her back, blowing a breath against her, leaving her cloak to swirl about her a little, "Then Xerosaeth found me. So hope and dream.. always. One never knows what the future may hold for you." A mental prod is given, and she laughs, "I'm being reminded that I should show you to the barracks so you can get your things moved in… and choose one of the better cots for your own before all the good ones are taken."

"Lead the way," Kaetryn replies, expression and voice both a bit dazed as she follows Kass's words through her distraction. It's not that she doesn't care - it's more that the fact that she's been Searched - SEARCHED! - is starting to sink in. "I'll follow you anywhere." Aww, such a good little puppy. And it's on the goldrider's heels that the newly-minted Candidate follows as they head towards her new home.

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