Who Phineas, R'hra
What R'hra makes Finn's punishment SO MUCH EASIER.
When Winter
Where Fort Weyr, Northeast Bowl


Fort Weyr - Northeast Bowl
// The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the administration complex and the training grounds were candidates and weyrlings can often be found. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag.//

Finn has been out here for a while now, hacking away at the ice on the Admin Complex stairs. Under normal circumstances, he'd be less then pleased, but he has a sack— yes, a sack— of cookies to keep him company. That being the case, he's currently leaning against the hoe, staring off into space while enjoying the mandatory cookie break he has imposed upon himself. *Munch* *Munch* *Munch* *RUSTLE* *Munch*

R'hra normally is all about the breaks, so he doesn't even look twice at the candidate who is lounging around as he makes his way down those stairs. He is currently got his hunting spear and heavy duffel bag which holds his hunting gear in it slung over a shoulder. "Afternoon!" He waves happily, because well there really isn't a different mood to Rio, though when he hits a slick patch of ice and slides to almost falling off the steps he might not be so smiley.

"Afternoon," Finn calls back with a lopsided smile. Course, he's quick to spot the knot and adds a salute to that— albeit with cookie in hand. "Watch the steps, I'm still working on them." The warning issued, he pushes the cookie into his mouth, tucking the sack under his arm as he aims the blade of the hoe at a particularly nasty bit of ice. *WHACK* Shards go flying everywhere, naturally, and Finn spends a few moments doing his darnedest to get through to the stone. "Catch anything?" Not the right terminology for hunting /at all/, but he has no clue, really. And hey, there could totally be an animal in that pack.

R'hra does mind the ice, before he grins "No not yet, but probably going to go down south to hunt fel… Feathers.. yes feathers.." ok so he isn't good at lying. But he is good at fun as he says "you want to see something cool?"

Something cool? Finn is all about something cool and after a quick glance around to make sure Kassala is not lurking nearbye, he tosses the hoe into the snow. "Yeah," he notes with a lopsided smile. "Gotta be better then /this/." Cause scraping ice off a bizillion steps? NOT something cool. Stepping closer, he snags another cookie from his sack and shoves it in his mouth before holding the sack out in offering. "Cookie? S'good, Care made 'em."

R'hra grins and looks around as if trying to make sure he doesn't get caught doing something dumb. Which if course he is, he pulls out one of those round looking kids toys they play with in the snow and goes back to the top of the stairs. IF he was drinking there would probably be a call for someone to hold the beverage as he jumps on it and slides/surfs down the iced over stairs before he lands in the piled snow with a poof of the white powder going around him.

"No way…" Staring, Finn bursts out in loud laughter, his grin far broader then it's usual lopsided affair. "Where did you get /that/?" And /why/ would they want to get the ice off the stairs when that is an option. "That was very cool," he decides as he shoves another cookie in his mouth.

R'hra brushes snow off his leathers and grins "all the kids have them" he holds it up being a plastic tubogon saying "Though to be fair my Lady gets very very upset when I do stuff like that." He looks up to a certain Jr. weyrwomans ledge and sighs happily before returning his gaze back to the little cookie monster. " I am R'hra, but most just call me Rio.. or Wherry head if they are mad.."

"Finn," is the quick response. "Can I try?" He /so/ wants to do that. No good can come of it, but damned if he cares. "Tch.. Women are way to serious, R'hra," he assures with a lopsided grin. "But I know what you mean, I get that a lot. Well mostly, I get 'have you lost your mind' yelled at me, but still." It's all good, doesn't bother him even a little bit.

R'hra thinks about it and shrugs "sure but if you break anything I was never here, Kassala will skin me alive if she found out I broke a candidate." He looks around and thinks for a moment before he says "actually better make sure you don't" He reaches into his bag and pulls out his hunting jacket, it makes wooden clunking noises as he shakes it out a bit saying "Here put this on."

A pleased laugh immediately spills past Finn's lips, pale blue eyes twinkling merrily as he reaches for the jacket. "No problem," He assures. "She won't hear a word from me, promise." Securing the jacket, he gives a wry shake of his head, his brows twitching lightly. "She's the one who has me doing this whole ice chopping thing," he explains. "I mean.. come on. I was assigned caverns. Caverns got cleaned. Sure, a buncha girls did it for me, but… Chore got done, shouldn't matter how. And they /did/ insist on doing it." But girls man, they get so picky about things.

R'hra raises an eyebrow and ahhs "So your THAT candidate… Well I can't really blame you for skirting around the rules.. BUT you should probably keep your head down from Kass or this is going to be the nicest thing you have to do.." He has that look of a love sick puppy in his eyes as he talks about his fiery redheaded weyrmate, he sighs happily before handing the toy over saying "Well better get to it before we are caught and you get more chores.."

Hey, she's gorgeous, and man.. Can that woman eat a cupcake. Finn gets it. He totally gets it. "Oh, that is the plan," he assures with a laugh. Taking the sled, he winks before turning and loping up the stairs. Yeah, he's totally into the whole idea of sledding down them, danger? Pfttt. Without so much as a hint of concern about the fact that he is doing something UTTERLY stupid, he's dropping the sled and diving into it. His descent? Given speed by the jump and the *WHOOP* that escapes his lips is overshadowed only by the bellowing laugh that escapes his lips as he lands flat on his back in the snow. "THAT IS AWESOME!" Rolling off the sled, he pushes up on his arms before hopping to his feet, one hand raising to comb spikey blond bangs off his face. "It's almost criminal to clear the ice," he laments.

R'hra nods and grins looking like he is might want to go again but there is a deep rumble from his bronze in the bowl letting him know he has a duty now.. With a heavy sigh he says "Yeah but you better get it done.." He reaches out a hand for the jacket at least saying "best not hurt yourself to bad so you can't stand candidate." Because that is a very serious thing there, if he were to get caught there would be a big talking to later!!! "But, why are you doing it with the hoe?"

Phineas grimaces as he pulls off the jacket and hands it over. "Yeah, I mean.. She caught me fair and square. I get it." He's okay with it, actually. Not that he'll stop trying to get away with things, but caught is caught. Heck, he's gotten away with short sheeting all the candidate cots /and/ making one leg shorter then the others. "I'm pretty resilient," he assures as he reaches for the hoe. "I was using a shovel, but it wasn't working as well. This takes a little longer, but the result is better over all." He might prefer to avoid work. But, when he has to do it, he does it well. "Thanks for letting me try, I appreciate it."

R'hra grins and nods "oh anytime…" He crosses his arms over his chest and thinks for a moment "You know there is an easier way to do this right. I mean unless she told you to use the tools.." Because it is all about the instructions right now, if she gave a loophole who is Rio not to point it out. Sorry Kass, please don't kill me

Phineas tilts his head, glancing between the stairs, the hoe and R'hra. "Yeah?" Chewing his lip, he casts a quick glance around before grinning. "Share?" Cause nope, the only stipulation was that he had to do it /himself/.

R'hra grins "Now of course, I am totally not saying you should go and get a meduim sized bag of salt from the kitchens. And I of course, would never tell you they never look at the ones towards the back by the ovens." He says as he casually packs his jacket away, "But if by some /chance/ salt was spilled, or spread out on these steps you could use that shovel of yours and that thing there that pushes the water off them when it rains." He points to the large floor squeggee that is there for when the 'hotter' days are around and the rains come making those stairs slick and unsafe as well.

"That… is… brilliant," Finn whispers with a grin. Glancing up at the stairs— there are a LOT of stairs, his head dips in a slow nod. "Can't take enough to do them all, but… that would certainly make this go a whole lot faster. Thanks," he adds with quirky smile. "And no one will /ever/ know where I got the idea." He's not about to sell out a bro.

R'hra grins and nods saying "just start at the top, and push it down the steps. That way it moves down and makes the rest easier.." Because might as well do it right or not at all. He picks up his bag and spear saying "Well I am off to hunt felines…er feathers!! totally hunting feathers…" He glances around again as if saying what he is doing is going to summon his lady to yell at him. "You have a good day there Finn.."

"Totally hunting feathers," Finn agrees. Stepping away, he sets the hoe down and dusts his hands off before heading to the kitchens for that salt. "Take care! Good hunting!"

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