Who Phineas, Kassala, Kaetryn, Kezresan
What Finn gets caught slacking.
When Winter
Where Fort Weyr, Living Caverns


Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Finn? Assigned to the caverns. The Living Cavern? Totally a cavern. That being the case, Finn is in the living cavern. He even has a towel for cleaning tables tucked in his belt! Granted, he hasn't used it. But then, he hasn't had to. Instead, he's lounging at a table surrounded by girls, and cupcakes, and a good deal of laughter and flirting. Course, people are coming and going and eating in the middle. But, every time there is a table to bus, or wipe down? One of the girls peels off and takes care of it before Finn can even finish licking the frosting off his lips.

Finn, of course, is fine with that. If avoiding work was a craft? He'd be a Master Crafter! Of course, it helps that he's cute as a button and has a good deal of charm when he bothers to turn it on. Turning on the charm? Totally work. That being the case, Finn pretty much doesn't bother, preferring to let Nature takes it's course all on it's own time. Hey, it works /and/ there are cupcakes.

Laughter draws attention, and Kaetryn's gaze zeroes in on the table containing Candidate and cupcakes as she slips into the caverns from deeper in. One dark brow wings upwards, lips quirking slightly with amusement - but that doesn't stop her from altering her course to nip by the table and palmimg a cupcake from the lot. Moss-green eyes flicker over Phineas and she winks her thanks as she eases around a bubbly blonde, extracting herself from the crush with minimal difficulty. Still bemused, she slides into a nearby chair and begins to neatly dissect the treat, popping a chunk into her mouth while watching the fracas with fascination.

Another enters the living caverns, this one by way of the bowl outside. Pushing back the hood of her cloak, Kassala frowns as she's soon accosted by a green flit that lands on her shoulder, soon to chirp and grumble in her ear. "Yaaarrooowww… please.. I just fed you. I know it's icky outside, but still… go.. back.. home then." They might be small, but when proddy, even the little things can be an annoyance. Green eyes find the table as well where Finn and his entourage sit, attention drawn there by the laughter. Her steps slow as she watches the girl peel off away from the table to bus another for the candidate. Shaking her head at some mental thought, she heads for Phineas and girls, pausing once she nears the table and quietly stands there… waiting…

Getting upset? That takes way to much energy and Finn has /none/ to spare. Which really? Given the amount of sugar he consumes on a daily basis? SHOCKING. He does, however, glance up, a lopsided smile and a wink cast toward Kaetryn before he turns his head to suck the frosting from the back of his hand. In the wake of the gesture, he leans over and whispers something to the particularly bubbly blond on his right, his brows twitching up as a peel of delighted laugh and a very noticable flush suddenly erupts. Course, in the wake of the comment, Finn takes the time to give Kaetryn the visual once over, another wink cast her way before his attention sweeps toward the woman entering. Finn, it should be noted, is an equal opportunity flirt— Boys, girls, doesn't matter at all—, and immediately takes his time with looking over the shapely red head. Course, since she's coming right on over, that easy, slightly rakish lopsided smile grows, his chin tipping toward an empty chair in invitation.

While Finn may not have much care for the knot decorating the newcomer's shoulder, Kaetryn's glance-over of Kassala zeroes in on that bit of cording and her amusement banks slightly, the girl easing down in her chair and focusing her attention on the crumbled cupcake before her. Well - apparently so, if one doesn't note the way her mossy gaze glints from beneath her lashes, watching avidly to see how the weyrwoman reacts as she plops another chunk of cupcake in her mouth. Really, who needs TV when one is "visiting" a Weyr? So. Much. Delicious. Drama.

Kassala's knot isn't easily seen, by most. More importantly, it isn't picked up on by Phineas. Poor candidate. Maybe. There comes an easy smile to the redhead's lips as she takes the invitation and sits there next to him. Leaning in just a little closer, she drops her gaze to the white knot, then lifts her gaze to meet Finn's, "Hello, candidate…..?" Her voice dips, leaving space for him to supply his name to her as she tries to ignore the chirpping green flit on her shoulder - no doubt, helping hide just who the redhead is. "I'm Kass.." Bat those eyes back at him.

Have no fear, the SlackMaster General is not intimidated! He is, however, amused and it shows in the pointed twinkle in pale blue eyes as he watches Kassala's face. Or smile? It's definately the smile. Course, he's completely unflustered at being called Candidate, /that/? All Varmiroth's fault. "Finn," he corrects with another easy, entirely to charmingly lopsided smile. "Kass? Nice, easy to remember." Which, when one is Finn? Very important. "Cupcake?" Hey, he shares, at least. He even aims a wink at the chirruping flit on her shoulder. If he sees the knot? He doesn't let it show. He does, however, peel the cupcake for her, the girl's with him slidding over to make room despite shifting uneasily.

Really, with all attention on Finn - rightly so, as he seems to court it so assiduously - Kaet feels no shame in kicking back in her chair, popping another crumble of cupcake into her mouth as she tilts backwards and turns her open, undivided attention on the scene. Ankles crossed as she props her feet against the chair next to her, the would-be steward prepares to - ah, take notes. Yes. Of course. All in the name of unbiased observation, right? Right.

"Sure. They do look quite… yummy." Kass is overheard saying when offered a pastry by the candidate. She goes so far as to lean in once it's peeled, her lips parting to take a bite while it's held in Finn's hands, a sound of pleasure made as the sweetness explodes in her mouth. Pulling back, she licks her lips as she then accepts the cupcake into her own hand, that smile remaining as the first bite is soon chewed and swallowed, "Did you make these?" Innocent is the question, gaze momentarily traveling over to Kaet, a secret wink offered towards the other before attention shifts back to the male. As Yarrow chuffs upon her shoulder, she offers a bit of the cupcake to the flit, only to have it ignored by the green. Meat, not cupcakes!

Finn is watching intently. One could go so far as to say that he is, in fact, fixated on watching Kass take a bite of that cupcake. The moment she takes it from his hand, his smile broadens, a quietly mellow laugh spilling past his lips. Clearly this is a woman after his own heart. "Now that? That is how you eat a cupcake," he murmurs in appreciative tones. Whew. Well. This whole work thing? Not half as bad as he thought. "Me? No, no.. Although, now I'm tempted to learn," he adds with a return of that lopsided smile. In the wake of the words, he folds his arms atop the table, clearly invested in getting to know his new tablemate. Course, it does not stop him from sucking frosting off his own thumb in the process. Course, Finn can't help catching a glimpse of Kaetryn, one brow twitching mildly at what he considers an odd reaction.

Kaetryn is an odd person, as many an observer has noted before. Finn's brow-twitch barely earns a reaction from her, beyond a brief flash of a cheerful, toothy grin. Hi! Kass's covert wink, however, earns one in return, saved for a moment when the Candidate's attention is more rightly focused on his flirtations and less on the Keroonian troublemaker. Uh. Transcriber. That one. Really. Come now, Phineas, you can't make a spectacle of yourself without an audience, right?

"Oh.. well then… I can't gush over the cupcakes too much if you didn't make them, hmm?" Kassala says once the icing is licked from her lips after the bite offered and declined by the flit, is eaten by herself. "What is it you do then, Finn?" Innocence rests in that expression, mingled with a smidge of humor and something more. "When you're not giving away cupcakes, that is?"

By now, the girls at Finn's table have clued in to the fact that something is terribly, horribly, wrong. And, one by one, they are slipping away. Finn? He either hasn't a clue, or he is simply to easy going to react. It should be noted, however, that he completely missed the exchange between Kaetryn and Kass. Sneaky females are sneaky. While Finn is listening to Kassala, he is snags a cupcake, his attention on peeling off the paper as he chuckles quietly. "Yeah, well.. You can still gush, Care is the best baker anywhere." That being said, the cupcake is plucked from it's papery nest and torn in half, one of those halves shoved directly into his mouth. The question, however, has him pushing the cakey goodness into his cheek, frosting again sucked off his thumb before he provides. "'m a potter." Or was, is evidenced by a mild grimace as he chews a few times before swallowing the sugary goodness. "Now, Candidate." From the wry look that traces over his features? It's pretty clear that he's still not exactly sure how /that/ happened. "Pretty certain soon to Potter, again," he notes with a wink and another lopsided smile. "You?"

Alas, Kaetryn's cupcake is now but a frosting-coated paper upon the table, and a dusting of crumbs on her lower lip that is licked away, mourned, and forgotten. Pink-nailed fingertips are studied and licked clean, all the while moss-green eyes stay fixated on the scene. As the girls scatter away in clumps of one or two, she exchanges sympathetic looks with one or two - and is joined by the bubbly blonde, who half-heartedly wipes at the cupcake crumbs on the table while the pair watch, fascinated. It's like watching two dragons stalking the same bull - you just know there'll be snout-boopage at some point and can't look away.

"Care?" Kassala questions curiously, a brow raised upwards over one green eye as she takes another bite of the cupcake in hand, allowing him time to answer as she enjoys the sugary goodness. When information is supplied, she ohs softly, "A potter? How cool! Like mugs and pitchers and such, or… you one of those artsy types with sculptures and figurines?" Eyes widen a little as she questions, as if she hopes it's the latter! She seems to ignore the girls as they slip away from the table, some mirth hidden within that innocent expression worn right now. The green flit finally gives up with one rather loud chirp before she takes flight and disppears *between* above their table. Dropping her attention to the remains of the cupcake in her hand, there is a distance that comes to her gaze, one that signifies a short conversation mentally before she snaps back.

For a moment, Finn actually stares at Kassala like she's grown a second head. "Carellos? The Weyr baker? He's amazing." Clearly it is a topic about which Finn is passionate. "Well, /was/ amazing. Now, he's a candidate. So once these cupcakes are gone? Woe." Woe! He's already mourning that happening. When the conversation comes back around to pottery, he shrugs mildly. "Whatever the Weyr needs. Well, assuming it's clay," he adds. At the last, he actually looks a little awkward, his smile turning wry as rubs a hand over the back of his neck. "I've done some," he allows in tones that make it clear that he's not really keen on the subject. "Clay is costly, though. So. Not a lot of room for creativity." Which is, perhaps, the one bit of work he's actually sad about not getting to do. He'll live though, as is evident when he immediately flashes another charming smile. It's the gaze going distant thing that cues him in to look more closely, pale blue eyes finally sliding to the knot on her shoulder. Yup, he sees it. Rather then get flustered, however, he takes another bite of his cupcake before inquiring. "All good?"

A murmur draws a giggle from the blonde, and Kaetryn briefly lifts her gaze from Finn and Kass to grin at her tablemate before returning her attention to the potter and the weyrwoman. Isn't that the name of a salacious harper tale? Or, maybe a comedy. Then again, viewpoint is probably colored by attitude, and it's fairly clear that the Keroonese girl's got a bit of a warped sense of humor, if she's gaining so much enjoyment from watching this. Of course, when your day consists of transcribing the Weyrwoman's records to electronic form, it's probable anything is a nice change of pace.

"Ah, yes.. I believe I know him more by trade than name. Or at least, his full name instead of the nickname." Kassala finally says after a moment of consideration. As he answers about his own work, she hmms, nodding here and there as she finishes off the cupcake, making sure to lick the last of the icing from her fingers, "I've been wanting…" The words said before that mental interruption happens, and she's left smiling a little more, "All is quite well. Except… well… you see.. I know the girls like you and all.." That recently licked fingered hand is waved about at nearby tables, "And they're willing to do your work for you…" A slow shake of her head is given, "I don't think that's fair, since it is you that wears the white knot and not them." Utoh! "Sooo… if you will follow me?" She pushes herself up to rise, soon to offer, "Kassala, lifemate to gold Xerosaeth, and Jr. Werywoman…" A glance is given aside to Kaetryn and the bubbly blonde nearby, a smile given to the pair watching the happenings unfold. As The Weyr Turns.

Phineas leans back on the bench, both brows arching mildly before he exhales a quiet laugh. "I see…" Rather then protest, his chin tilts down as he rests his palms on the table and pushes slowly to his feet. Of course, he's going to go with her, he's not lost his mind. "In my defense," he offers with another lopsided smile. "I was assigned a task to handle." Clearly, it's been handled, he indicates with a spread of his arms. As for fair? It was, in his opinion, an equal exchange. The task got done, they got the pleasure of his company /and/ cupcakes from his private stash! He does, however, fall into step, flashing Kassala a cheeky smile. "The boys like me, to." Just sayin.

It is only through a supreme act of will that Kaetryn does not, in fact, burst out laughing at Kassala's revelation - although she doesn't quite choke off a guffaw when the weyrwoman smiles in her direction. Her own eyes twinkle back merrily as she beams in return - like for like, and a fair exchange, before her gaze slides to Phineas, still amused as she wiggles fingers at him and mouths "Thank you", gesturing towards the empty cupcake wrapper. The blonde is a bit less cheerful as she realizes exactly how calculating the potter's flirtations were, and she gives him a pouting moue before flouncing off with a toss of her golden hair.

Kassala just shakes her head, still somewhat amused, even though she's trying to be all grumpy and trying to teach a lesson here with the candidate. As the blonde flounces off, she chokes back a chuckle, especially after that quick comment about boys from Finn. As she starts to head out, she does speak up to Kaet, "Aren't you doing things for Nyalle? Might need you to bring her a message on the sands, if that's okay?" And so, the redhead will pull the scribe outside as well. Lucky, lucky, Kaet. And poor, poor Finn. Who knows WHAT that redhead might have in mind now.

Finn winks at Kaetryn, a merry laugh hovering behind his eyes. Hey, he was caught fair and square, he's not about to complain about /that/. He does, however, watch his ever-so-bubbly blond huff off. That? That's gonna take a bit of work to repair. "Not you, Mia… Ah well." That is about all the energy he's willing to spare for /that/. It's Kass' words that have him exhaling that long suffering sigh. "Oh come on, you KNOW it's funny." He's still following though, his hands shoving deep into his pockets.

"Uh - yeah." Caught off-guard at being addressed, Kaetryn bobbles her chair's balance, the front legs slamming back onto the floor before she can overset. Sliding her feet to the ground, she blinks muzzily at Kassala, reaching up to finger the row of earrings in her ear. "I've been helping transcribe her records and stuff." Taking notes. Keeping her schedule. You know - the fun stuff, if you're steward-bred. "I can run a message, sure." Nothing loathe to follow along and, just maybe, witness a bit more fun at Finn's expense, the girl shoves her hands in her pockets and follows merrily behind.

There's a small group heading out of the living caverns and into the warmth of the afternoon sun. At least it's sunny! Even if it's cold out here. Fort winters, gotta love 'em. Kassala is wrapped in her warm cloak, a glance given to the candidate Finn who's following her, and behind him, the Sr. Weyrwoman's helper, Kaetryn. "It might be funny, but.. there's a time and place for such things." Where exactly is the redhead heading? Well, northwest, towards that side of the bowl.

High above, the sunlight catches upon a golden hide as a dragon circles, lower and lower until with a gentle backwing, the youngest queen, lands. Crooning softly towards her lifemate, Xerosaeth drops her head to peer at Kassala and those following her with a note of curiosity in her tones.

"Sure," Finn allows as he trudges along in her wake. "But I mean, if you /really/ think about it? I did my chore. It doesn't say /how/ you have to do it, just that it needs to be done." Yes, he's splitting hairs, but still. Course, he's also hunkering down in his jacket, tugging his gloves out of his pockets to pull them on. "I mean, I could see being in trouble if I just blew it off, entirely." But he didn't. "And you gotta admit, those cupcakes are outstanding." As the dragon swoops down to land, Finn offers her a warm smile and friendly wink, his head bobbing in a nod of greeting. Sure, he's in trouble, but he's still friendly.

Is that what the kids are calling it these days? Friendly? Kaetryn - confused, perplexed, but for the moment, content - trudges along behind weyrwoman and Candidate, her skeptical expression showing just how much she, at least, is inclined to buy Finn's explanation. As the queen backwings into the bowl, her steady pace misses a beat, and she blinks at Xerosaeth before bobbing a nod of greeting, eyes just a touch rounded with startlement. Odd expression for the Weyrwoman's Lackey - but working with Nyalle doesn't guarantee close-contact with the senior gold, after all.

Kezresan might just actually love Fort's winters. He can take or leave the sunshine, but at least it allows him to shed the hood and loosen his scarf. The crunch-crunch-crunch of boots on snow only lasts as long as it takes for him to spot that trio exiting the living caverns, movement halted as he takes in each person individually before peering up at the landing Xerosaeth. And now the debate — continue on with his intended path (likely the living caverns)? Or slide a bit closer and see what all the fuss is about. Of course, he's going to choose option B! Because option A would be /boring/. So crunch-crunch, once more there are boots on snow as he makes his way a bit closer. Kassala, at least, is going to get a polite greeting in the dip of his head and the murmured, "Weyrwoman." Kaetryn gets a similar head-bob and a curious look. But Finn? Phineas just gets peered at with a great deal of suspicion.

Reaching up, Kassala takes a moment to slie her hand against the gold's jawline, petting her lifemate as she looks to the two following her, "You do know that taking advantage of a perceived loophole, only gets you more work, hmm?" The whirling eyes of the gold turn to pin Finn there, that croon bubbling once more in curiosity, no doubt answered quietly by the redhead. When the trio becomes a quartet, Kassala smiles at Kez, "Good day to you, Healer Kezresan. I hope your days have been well?" The Sr Weyrwoman's lackey is not to be forgotten either, "If you would, please let Nyalle know that Candidate Finn will be busy for the next several days with extra chores?" Not as if she couldn't just send that message along through her lifemate, right?

Finn tosses a wink at Kezersan, his lopsided smile remaining despite the fact that he's found himself in a pickle. It is what it is and he's not the sort to get truly upset about anything. And hey, as sour as he is, Kez is currently the bit of sunshine in the situation! And then? Then Kass is talking again and Finn? He exhales a quiet sigh before swinging his gaze back to her face. "Yes, Ma'am," he admits with that same lopsided smile. Hey man, she caught him fair and square. The dragon's croon? Well Finn is Finn and he immediately tosses another merry wink to Xerosaeth. "She," he notes to the dragon with a tilt of his head toward Kass. "Is a champion cupcake eater." Clearly, he finds this a point in Kass' favor, even with the whole chores thing. "Not so good with the sense of humor, though." Dig that hole, Finn! Dig it!

"Uh - yes'm, of course," Kaet replies, gaze bouncing from gold to goldrider, puzzlement showing even as she bobs her head in acknowledgement of the orders. The brownrider's daughter might well wonder at the lack of draconic communication - but hey, even dragons can get in snits. Maybe the two queens aren't talking? Not her business in any case - no more, indeed, than Finn's dressing down is, but it's over the latter that the young woman expresses reluctance when she gazes appealingly at Kassala. "Right now?" Not, like, after she finishes chewing Finn out and assigning what one could only hope is akin to latrine duty? Kezresan's approach earns a brief glance and nod - but really, the healer isn't anywhere near as interesting. Yet.

"Well enough," answers Kezresan, who has decided that the question is reason enough for him to hang out just a bit longer. Nosy? Yes. Totally. So he'll just kinda (not at all) casually slide a bit closer. Even if he's shooting Finn a look like he /might/ be contagious, and ought to be avoided at all cost. "Cupcakes? Why am I not surprised there were cupcakes…" though Kezresan suppresses the eyeroll that clearly wants to come out.

There is a snort from Kassala - be glad it wasn't the dragon or you all might be rolling in the snow! - at Finn's opinion about her sense of humor, "Oh, I have one. My mate is R'hra…" And if anyone knows the hunter-turned-AWLM, they might understand that comment quite well. "Healer Kezresan… can you tell us the dangers of icy stairs?" So the healer is pulled into this conversation so easily by the Jr. Weyrwoman who's hand falls from her gold's jaw as Xerosaeth turns towards Kaetryn, an aside comment murmured by the redhead, "Yes, that's Nyalle's helper you heard about…"

HEY! Cupcakes are /life/. Course, Kez's avoidance only inspires a bright smile to tracing over Finn's lips and amusement to shining in pale blue eyes. "Good to see you, to, O' slayer of fun," he asides to Kez in wry tones. Course, then Kassala is speaking and Finn exhales a breath, his gloved hands digging deeper into his pockets. "Couldafooledme," is mumbled under his breath.

Kaetryn perks slightly at the mention of R'hra, and the blonde gives the goldrider a longer, keener glance, moss-green eyes sparkling speculatively as she draws her hands from her pocket, wrapping her arms around herself at the winter chill. "That explains a lot, actually," she murmurs, just the faintest hint of approval in her voice as she grins. At Xerosaeth's attention, the - well, secretary, really - stumbles slightly, blinking up at the gold. "What, exactly, have you heard?" she asks, just a bit suspiciously. "I assume glowing reviews of my excellent transcription services…" No, she's not stalling, not at all. Quick! Finn! Say something else stupid to distract her from sending Kaet away!

Blink-blink. "I believe the dangers come from attempting to /walk/ on icy stairs, not necessarily the stairs themselves." Because that distinction is important, obviously. But it's said friendly enough, and Kez is only too happy to begin the litany of injuries that might be associated with a slip and fall. "Broken wrist, broken back, broken neck, broken… anything, really. Concussions for a hit to the head, bruised ribs if you're lucky enough to fall a short distance. Death, if you're unlucky enough to fall a long distance or hit the ground just right. Sprains. Twisted ankles. Frostbite and loss of limb if you are left in the cold too long," you know, if you slip and fall and lose consciousness? Yeah. "Dislocated… well. Anything. Fingers, shoulders. Severed tongue if you bite it… do I really need to go on?" He will. He totally will. And that is an actual question, directed at Kassala. A slide of his gaze to Phineas and he huffs a low, "I don't slay fun." Because that's so convincing.

There's not a single blink or sign of surprise as Kez lists off the injuries one might get if they slip on the stairs. A slow shake of her head is given, "No, I think that is good enough, thank you though, Healer." And so she continues after a brief pause, "Any one of those might have befallen me just an hour or so ago as I left my weyr headed to the admin complex and hit an icy spot… I was lucky, however." She managed to catch herself somehow. A look is given at the mumbled words, the redhead straightening a little, "What did you say?" She wonders ever so innocently of the potter. Moving on, she says sweetly, "I certainly do not with any of the others to slip, so I'm choosing you to tackle the stairs to the admin and various leader's weyrs… by yourself. " No one around to flirt with. No one to do his job for him!

Xerosaeth chuffs softly at Kaetryn as she studies the secretary, whirling eye starting… staring… STARING… at Kaet. Feeling a little paranoid yet? "Hmm?" The question is asked aside by the redhead who doesn't give much attention to her lifemate at the moment, more focused on seeing Finn's reaction.

Finn exhales a snort at Kez, although there is still a good deal of humor shining in his eyes. "Mmhmm." The Litany of Woe? Really only half listened to since he is pretty sure it has nothing to do with what is coming, except for the stairs and ice bits. To his credit, he manages to swallow the chuckle that rises in his throat. Even so, it's still there, shining in his eyes as he bounces on the balls of his feet. "Nothing, ma'am," Finn assures as he turns his attention right back to Kassala. It's the doom handed down that inspires a long, slow inhalation, his head lowering for a long moment. When it raises, he gives a single nod of understanding. By yourself. Clever, clever girl. She got him, fair and square and he just smiles wryly. "Understood."

"Don't forget about the danger of being stuck in the same room as a pedant for hours," Kaetryn mutters, eyes all but crossing at Kez's litany. "That seems like the real danger." Although the comment might be a bit barbed, it's also a bit distracted, because she's under scrutiny. Someone with her penchant for - self-expression - is probably used to being stared at, but there's something decidedly unnerving about being the object of draconic scrutiny. "Really?" she finally bursts out, staring right back at the gold, hands on hip and chin jutting forward stubbornly. "She's 'mated t' R'hra and you think I look silly? I'm not at his level - yet," she adds defiantly, with just a hint of petulance. "Will be someday." Abruptly, she drops her hands and turns a guilty stare on Kass. "Sorry. I didn't mean to be rude t' either of you." But to Kez and Finn? They're fair game, apparently.

Hey. Kassala asked him to do it! It's not as though Kezresan walks around as a talking textbook. Still, there's a rather sharp look for Kaetryn and a wondered, "Would you rather be dead?" But it's probably rhetorical, as he doesn't wait for an answer. Really, he's eyeing the living caverns and wondering if now is a good time to jump ship. Phineas is getting assigned chores, Kaetryn is getting eyeballed by a dragon, and Kez? Kez is probably wondering if he ought to beat a hasty retreat before some of that bad luck lands on him. "If that's all, ma'am?" comes polite enough as those booted feet start edging for the caverns and its promise of warmth and food.

Kassala nods once as Finn speaks the last, "If you would start this afternoon to get the stairs cleared to the Admin Complex, that would be wonderful, Candidate." She's so mean, she's going to start him RIGHT NOW. Poor Finn. Kaetryn's comments leave her a bit confused, but thankfully, she's distracted by the healer whom earns a bright smile, "Thank you for the lesson, Healer. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day?" She'll let him get away. For now.
It's only then that Kassala turns back to her lifemate to find the gold staring at Kaet in such a way, "What are you doing, Xero??" Far from the gold's normal unless Kaet was another dragon. "Yes, she's of perfect height, I'm fairly certain." Kez has made his get-away, so can't answer that question for the gold! "I'm certain of it, Xero. Promise." A chuff is given, warm breath blown against the secretary, "I'm sorry. She finds you interesting. She's never seen piercings like yours, or… your hair color." Kassala explains, though chuckles at something else said by the golden queen.

"Right now?" Blink. Clearing his throat, Finn sighs and straightens and offers a crisp salute. "Yes, ma'am. On top of that." And since that totally sounded like a dismissal? He's backing away with every intention of getting to it. He does, however, exhale a chuckle as he goes. This? This is going to suck massively. Ah well, she can't catch him every time. Turning on his heel, he tosses another wink to Kaet and Kez, his hands shoving into his pockets as he saunters off. By the time he's nearly out of sight? He's whistling. Magic Eight Ball says chances are good Finn is up to something. Only time will tell what, though.

Reaching up to finger the hoop in her nose, Kaetryn eyes the gold warily, although there's no hostility in her gaze, only a hint of resignation. "I like the look." Dropping her hand away, she shoves it and the other in her pockets and hunches her shoulders slightly. As Finn winks at her, she sticks her tongue out at him - then grins sympathetically. Hey, she can enjoy the show and still appreciate a show of good sportsmanship - it's more than Kez gets as he scurries off - a nose-wrinkle and dismissive sniff, and her attention is back on the goldrider. "I hope "interesting" in this case means "good"."

And that's all Kez needs to hear. A curt nod of his head to Kassala and he is GONE, vanishing into the shadows and relative safety of the living caverns.

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