Fort Weyr - Hatching Cavern
The hatching cavern at Fort Weyr is a sight to behold, carved into the highest part of the mountain. The main entrance way is large enough to allow dragons to fly in and deposit passengers, without causing much of a stir to the folks walking around on the ground. To the right as people enter is a grand design describing the rotation of the Red Star, etched on the wall. The entrance to the sands themselves lies slightly off to the northeast, while directly east is the entrance to the galleries.

What way to start a miserable mild wintery day than to be ushered into an egg touching! With most of the Candidates already split up for their excursions, several groups had already left before one of the last to go were intercepted by the Weyrleader and Wingrider Kimmila. Time for a change of plans! Those slated to leave were instead turned back and instructed to gather at the entrance to the hatching sands. Th'ero briefed them all on the rules, keeping it curt and blunt and made it quite obvious that any deviating from them would result in Not So Fun Time. Once assured there will be no trouble, they're escorted onto the sands and ushered to step forwards while Th'ero lingers back with Kimmila, already turning to murmur to her while he keeps a careful eye on the Candidates. Yes, he's watching you all very closely! "This mild winter is doing no good for M'icha's injuries. He's a good Weyrlingmaster and I'd hate to replace him…" he says and then shakes his head, before darting a look to where the clutchparents are. Kouzevelth is calm and no doubt welcoming of the candidates, but the gold has chosen to keep a few of the eggs in her personal space and off limits. Apparently they only get to see half her clutch today. A test, perhaps? Prove their worthiness. Dremkoth is no doubt nearby as well and as for their riders well… rest assured they're also watching.

Kimmila follows after the candidates, meeting up with Th'ero, arms crossed and tilting her head to listen to him. "He is an excellent Weyrlingmaster…" she murmurs in agreement, watching the candidates move about, eying them very closely. No funny business!

There's a bit of surprise flickering in Angelique's gaze as she gathers with those at the entrance. She's been turned back from the latest excursion and perhaps she was disappointed until she's informed of what will take place instead. Then it's a quick dump of her riding jacket, swapped for a lighter one to walk across the bowl to the hatching grounds. There she waits, peering curiously about her as she listens to the Rules. She'll behave, there's really no danger of her not. Once the move in further she'll spare a quick glance to the clutch parents and in particular the eggs that the Queen holds close. Offering a polite bow of greeting to them both she'll simply look to the eggs that do remain available for touching. Having been told a bit of what to expect here she draws in a nervous breath. Any chatter of the WLM simply goes over her head. Now is not the time to worry about that! Drawing in one more breath to steel her nerves she strides forward to lay a hand tentatively upon one.

The woodcrafter took Th'ero's directions /very/ seriously and though he walks with no trepidation, Solan has no aspirations of mayhem whatsoever. Walking onto the sands, he spies the golden mother - who apparently isn't ready to share all her egg-shelled babes - and bows deeply to her. It's a respect thing for Solan, who has come to understand dragons and their ways much better since becoming a Candidate. Rising from the bow, he hopes the gold won't see him as any kind of threat to her children. The other dragons are given dips of the head as well before the woodcrafter moves further forward, choosing an unoccupied egg and reaching out with a tender hand.

Eggs for breakfast is… not a thought to be having. Borodin tries very hard not to have it as he nods through Th'ero's briefing, then goes with the rest to the sands. Clutchparents get a bow, and then he surveys the clutch before slowly shuffling his way over and reaching out his hand to - well, to pause for a moment. Toast. He can think about toast - and then to touch a bright red shell.

Th'ero looks away from Kouzevelth and Dremkoth as the first few Candidates weave their way through the eggs, tensing for a moment until he wills himself into relaxing as they all go about it respectfully. This isn't even one of Velokraeth's clutches and the Weyrleader is on edge! "Of course he is. I just wish his leg didn't act up so badly every time there was some mild weather." he murmurs softly to Kimmila.
There are no pre-set touches for Egg 4. Please use the +tnew or +tsleep commands.

The moment her hand settles lightly on the egg, Angelique gasps with wide eyes that dart around her. Perhaps it's not the cavern though that she's seeing with those widening eyes. "Oooh." she exclaims in a soft murmur though she's mindful even in her surprise to keep her voice down. She'll squat down a bit, trailing her hand downwards along the dark stones that encircle the egg, never loosing contact of skin to mottled egg shell.

Borodin squirms, shifting from one foot to the other. He glances down at his arms - both of them - and then at the egg. His fingers wiggle, the hand on the shell tapping against it lightly. Still here? …so far. Even if he did that little dance before hunching his shoulders and hunkering down against the egg. He's… here.

Solan's breathing - so rhythmically predictable - stutters and then stops, his eyes suddenly devoid of their customary warm mirth. It's almost as if his soul's been transported out of his body and as his hand remains in contact with that silvery shell, a soft smile spreads across his face. He wants to know everything this egg can offer and thus Solan lowers into a crouch, resting on his haunches as he touches now with both hands. "Show me," he whispers.

Kimmila sighs, nodding aside to Th'ero. "It's worrysome," she murmurs. "Do you have anyone else in mind as a possibility for the position?"

Jastre is late because he was in the bathroom when everyone was ushered out, so he missed excursions and now almost missed an egg touching. Fortunately, someone told him what was up, so he headed there right away. He sneaks onto the sands, pretending he was there the whole time. Yep, he totally was, he was just, er, invisible. He fidgets on the sands now, shifting his feet as he watches what the others are doing.

A chuckle. A single chuckle escapes the woodcrafter's lips, the brawny young man looking even farther away than before, despite his humor. "Amazing," Solan says, his mind whirling with the images twisting through his brain. "Never thought I'd see such things." His voice is very low and it's doubtful that it would carry much beyond the egg's immediacy. Running his hands gently down the shell, Solan's eyes trace the mottled surface as his soul stares into its depths. "More please," he encourages, wanting to see it all.

"Uhm. Meat?" Borodin mutters unthinkingly. "I mean, uh…" He frowns, ducking his head as he tries to come up with a better answer… but he keeps being distracted by twitches tugging at his fingers, making him squirm and shift in place.

Th'ero shakes his head again, grimacing. "No, I don't. He's the best we've had. I might try to… speak to him about it. I've my doubts he even sees a Healer over it." he drawls, only to give Jastre a look when the Candidate fidgets on the sidelines. "Go on," he encourages. "They're harmless. Pick one that isn't occupied or you'll miss out. It's quite the experience!" To put it lightly.

Angelique shivers a bit, her unfocused gaze still looking around her with a hint of wonder to her expression. Nothing she sees can be really happening..can it. Yet it seems so real. She draws in a slow breath, releasing it quickly. "Flowers…I can hear them.." she murmurs to the egg. "So many secrets…." anything else she says is lost as her voice lowers. Too soon she stands, breaking contact with the egg and merely looks around with the most peculiar look on her face. Clearly no matter what she was warned… "M'ta can't explain this…" for a moment she looks to see where her fellow candidates are at, a grin being casted towards Solan as she catches some of what he says. Finally she's gathered up enough of her wits to move to another egg, her fingertips lightly splaying against a dark and sombre egg with it's own illusions and ghostly forms upon it.

Kimmila huffs. "Wouldn't surprise me if he didn't," she mutters. "Stubborn git." Then she's quiet as she watches the candidates move among the eggs, and with a little side step she moves to stand beside Th'ero, slipping an arm around his waist and leaning against him. Gasp. PDA. No one will notice though, with the eggs around!

Rising from his crouch, Solan maintains the touch and whispers, "Thank you." It's a warm thought of gratitude that accompanies the words; thankfulness for both the images shown and the message delivered. His hands slide away - breaking the contact - and the woodworker looks around as if surprised others are still here. How long had he been touching that egg? He doesn't know but, overhearing Th'ero exclaim that touching the eggs is an experience, he thinks the Weyrleader is downplaying that just a little. Smiling to himself, another egg is chosen and the woodworker moves forward to gently make contact.

Jastre was relieved that he wasn't going to be chased off the sands for being late, and joins the others. Watching the other candidates out of the corner of his eye, he observes their actions. Ok, they're going and… touching the eggs. Who knew? So he moves towards one that isn't being protected by mommy dragon, and heads for the one Solan just left. Gotta start somewhere, yes?

Borodin's fingers stop their twitching, and he heaves a sigh of relief. It's a short-lived one, though, and he frowns. "…really? But…" Blink. His frown deepens, and he draws his hand back from the egg to cross his arms at it and regard it for a moment. "Not fair." Like it cares? Maybe it serves him right for the stray thoughts about scrambled eggs. Well, fine. Maybe the next egg will be nicer to him. Here's one that looks all unassuming and innocent.

Th'ero snorts and mutters, "Stubborn is only the half of it." Blinking, the Candidates will be without his watchful observing (gasp!) for a mere second or so as he glances sidelong to Kimmila when she slips an arm around him. A gesture that the Weyrleader returns and his head turns back to face those milling about the eggs. Not that it keeps him silent! "They seem to be handling it well." he says in a low and quiet voice.

More darkness and sensory deprivation. Is this what the wholeness of dragon bond is like? Solan wonders such as the lights return, only to wink out again just as quick. Hand still placed on the egg, he looks over his shoulders - as if he could actually see something in such blackness - before casting his eyes back forward. "Hello?" Solan asks softly, curiously, and with a little concern. "Is someone there?" is whispered, the young man's mind reaching out to grope for someone - anyone - in this inky void. His other hand brushes the shell before more firmly making contact.

Kimmila smirks a bit, and then she nods. "They're okay. Maybe this clutch is…calmer?"

There's a bit less surprise this time as Angelique has a least a bit of an idea of what's going to happen. Still though she's at least a little surprised as the feeling from this egg is so much different than the first egg. She's quiet for now and simply listens.

Jastre flinches back at first, is that supposed to happen? He thought you were just supposed to, I dunno, touch them and something was supposed to… oh. Right. Something was supposed to happen. Behold, the thought process of an idiot. He shakes his head, keeping his hand on it. Time, huh? He's not sure what time it is at the moment.

"Ghk!" A strangled syllable from Borodin, as he attempts to keep his dignity once again. He does a little better, this time. Then again, the lights are on - even in the version shared by inside the shell. He closes his eyes, and takes a deep breath. Then… another one. Okay. He'll… see what's here. His hand stays.

Th'ero will fall silent as he keeps a careful eye on the Candidates but he could be studying them as well, watching their various reactions no matter how subtle. There is, of course, always a glance sent to Kouzevelth and Dremkoth at times but neither gold or bronze are showing signs of agitation and so the Weyrleader remains where he is. "Could be? Might be a nice change."

Secrets and songs…inner desires. So much to her senses to take in..Angelique stands strong and steady at this second egg, her attention focuses solely inwardly as the waves of feelings roll over her. PDA? Not seen by here that's for certain! Her gaze shifts sharply as does her hand both landing on the redness of the egg. "…" she mutters, sure that the movement she seen was merely a trick of the light dancing across the shell of the egg. "I am here. I hear you..sing to me." Does she stay? The thrumming in the back of her mind continues on but she does indeed linger. Stay. Both hands rest upon the shell now.

Jastre is caught up with the vision of what the egg is showing him, and can't help but wonder how IT knows about this. It's not even hatched yet, let alone having been there thousands of turns ago. He itches with the desire to know more about those incredible devices he sees in there, but unfortunately, he can't reach into his own head, let alone the mind of this egg. Show me more!

This time, Borodin manages to make no sounds. He just swallows, his shoulders hunching in. Not this again please he- shiver. Borodin shivers, once and then again, and he shifts awkwardly from one foot to the other. "I, uhm… that's okay…" he says, and gives the shell a soft pat.

"Broxis?" Solan asks, hearing his name spoken on the lips of a child long dead. "But how are…" The thought goes unspoken as another begins, this one curled with the warmth of old age and scented bath oils. Where the first name was spoken with disbelief, the next one is full of love and joy. "Magraw!" It's his grandmother and she's here with him - today - with his little brother, who left so long ago. They both smile at him even as the events of their deaths unfold: the sailing ship - struck by lightning - set aflame too vigorously for an old woman and two children to put out. At her urging he dives overboard, only to see Magraw and Broxis suddenly trapped as the ship begins to go down. The waters lap at his face and Solan sinks, too, unable to tread the water that should have been his salvation. But as all grows dark, a bronze head plunges down to snatch him back and Solan is again standing in the dark, staring ahead at the lights only he can see.

Angelique draws in a slighty shaky breath. "One will never be alone with you." a soft caress is given to the hardening egg shell before she steps back in silence. In peace. Withanother glance spared to the other candidates and then to the riders who brought them here, she moves to another egg. One that has tiny beams of light across it.

Solan inhales sharply, his hands falling away from the egg as he sags in place. Has he aged years in the span of minutes? It certainly feels that way. Opening his eyes, the woodworker wonders about a great many things but especially how one egg - one curiously shaped and silvered egg - could make him feel so many things long laid to rest. Feeling empty within his own head, the woodworker looks to the egg one last time before moving away. He spends a few moments breathing deeply, rooting himself in the present, before choosing another egg to softly touch.

Jastre feels the presence leave him all of the sudden, and blinks, stepping back away from the egg. And then when he looks around, he sees that all but one of the eggs has someone touching it, so with a shrug he heads away from this egg and to the one Solan just left. Guess they're going to play musical eggs.

Borodin yeeps softly! He said it was okay. That didn't mean… uh… "I'll just… uhm… it's okay. Really." And this time he withdraws his hand instead of tempting fate by touching it again, and shuffles away from the egg to take a moment of just looking around at the other shells.

Angelique oohs softly, a mingled giggle and exclamation of pain is uttered from her the moment her hand touches the shell. Eyes open she traces each strand of color from tip to bottom. "Oh my…so..chaotic…" she murmurs

Solan can sense the desire to know his heart; to learn his secrets and be trusted with their keeping. And somehow, despite the laughter and ridicule he's suffered because of them, the young woodworker makes his hidden dreams plain. Never to be alone again. Never to watch those around him die while he stands helplessly by. To soar racingly to their rescue, aided by the most perfect partner one could ever have! To never again fear the waters of time and death. Such thoughts have elicited scorn and laughter from family and friends but Solan somehow knows his innermost thoughts are in good hands. And in sharing those thoughts, he hopes the presence in the egg knows the reserve would be true as well.

"Who am I?" murmurs Angelique thoughtfully. "Who're you?" she could counter to the questions swirling around her, engulfing her in the chaotic scientific thoughts of the egg she touches. Still her fingers trace the lines of colors as if those lines will help her discover the answers posed to her. To silently answer who she is. What she is. "Perfection drives me." can be heard being murmured.

The woodwork would never — /could/ never - leave! Not when he's needed so. Both hands tenderly touching the fiery red shell, Solan musters all the loving confidence and support he can shore. "Know me, trust me," he encourages, his words barely audible. "I'm here," the young man reassures with confident strength. The song that calls out to him bolsters his soul and Solan opens all the doors of his mind for the searching even as the shell seems to surge beneath his touch. Yes, take his memories, his secrets, his strength…use it to fight the flames of darkness and stand in the light.

Jastre frowns faintly as he tries to catch hold of what this egg is trying to tell him. He can't see anything! And then he can. Huh, that's weird, and then he starts hearing voices. Oh no, he's going crazy now. And it knows his name. They'll be coming to take him away soon, he just knows it. Oh well, might as well see if it has anything else to say to him.

Egg touching, the touching has arrived and Polana couldn't he more excited. She is going to enter, imprint herself on some eggs, and hope one chooses her! It's pretty wonderful actually. There is a grin on the girl's face as she enters, and one might notice that the purpleness of her hair is starting to fade. After going through the appropriate touching procedures she goes over to the touches the first egg that catches her eye, the freefall through the universe egg.

Angelique stifles out a cry of…something against her lips as she looks franticly around as if uncertain /where/ she even is. Startled she draws her hand back and is…here. Still here in the warm caverns with the eggs around her. Sheepishly she ducks her head to back away from this egg. It's given a wary and uncertain look. Whatever she felt…she's not sure how she feels about it. Hastily she moves to yet another egg.

Solan lowers his hand, a grin on his face shining more brightly than one ever has before. "That…" he says to no one in particular, "was one of the most amazing experiences I think I'll ever have." Standing together like that, battling the fires of doubt and darkness…fires that have raged for so long now seem so far away and it was all accomplished through teamwork and loving support. Looking around as the other Candidates touch the eggs, Solan's heart swells with pride at being among them. His eyes then drift to the golden mother and he thanks her, too, for allowing him this experience.

Angelique simply closes her eyes this time, showing no outward signs of reactions as she lets herself be encompassed once more in the thoughts and feelings of an occupant inside the hardening shell.

A gasp leaves Polana's body as she touches the egg, but her mind is far away from her body. It is in a different world, falling, falling, falling. She is dropped into a new world, an beautiful new world. Sand beneath her, mountains in the distance, planets in the sky. It is strange and beautiful, but she does not want to leave. The egg seems to invite her back as she finds herself falling back to the sands, and as she touches it again she sends a feeling that she wants to see more.

Jastre is a little confused by all the digging around this egg seems to be doing, and he obligingly gives it some of his memories of back home, as well as some of his long journeys around Pern. He opens his mouth to say something out loud as commanded, only to shut his mouth again. Talking to an egg will alert them that he's going crazy, for sure.

Falling, falling, Polana is falling again. She expects to be back in the land of mountains, sand, and planets, but no. Instead it is cold, so very cold, and there is ice all around her. It is not quite beautiful like last time, more like… mysterious. That bluish aquamarine light, the creaks and groans of ice. Then a gunshot and the ice begins to move, causing her to let out a small yelp. As she falls back to the sands there is a tug that encourages her to seek the secrets. And she does just that. Without a moment's hesitation Polana places her hand upon the egg, mentally trying to reach the egg, move through it, untangle it's secrets.

Angelique rocks back on her heels, at some point having squatted down to be closer to the egg a hand splayed across the shell. Movement…being propelled through time itself to another place. Swiftly with enough speed to rival a green's flight across the skies. "Show me more…" she encourages quietly, hungrily. She wants to see more!

Solan is being pulled from the Hatching Sands. He's not sure where he's going but as the universe whirls around him, thrumming lights usher him onward towards wherever it is. And then? Then he's splintering apart into a zillion different pieces, all flowing along the travel current even as his stomach swoops with the sensation of falling. "What's happening?" he asks, enjoying the trip despite the stomach-churning. "Where are we going?" Solan asks the entity in the egg, his mind reaching out with his second hand to gently cup the shell.

That was, amazing. More than amazing, it was marvelous. Polana lets out a gasp as she fades back to the sands from the wonderful world-traveling existence. She is tempted to touch it again, but no, there are others. So Polana makes her way to the All Become Flawless egg. Then the egg leaves her with a question, something that she has been asked many a time, can she be trusted. The look on her face on soft as she touches it again and whisper, "yes, I just need people to trust me."

Her smile lights up her eyes as she stands once more, reluctant to leave this egg it seems. "Travel pern…together." she promises. Back here in this time and now she draws in a breath and simply stays there. Quietly. Eventually she'll move away from the sands with a respectful bow to clutch parents and riders. "Thank you." she murmurs.

Jastre felt like he was Between again for a brief moment, except it's still really HOT and not the biting cold of that mode of transportation. Then everything is back to normal, and once again something leaves him be. He tilts his head and opens his eyes, looking down at the egg curiously. Huh… well ok. And now he looks about only to notice that Borodin somehow turned into Polana. Yup, he's going crazy.

"I do," Solan says aloud, though no one else can likely hear the question posed him. "/I/ drive me." To become a talented woodcrafter who'd be taken on at Fort. To leave the despair of home behind and become someone new. And now, to stand tall before this egg and prove he's worthy of immense, life-long partnership. Throwing open the shutters of his life, he lets the presence inside to see whatever it might be looking for, hoping that the little moments that make up his lifetime will prove that Solan is not as 'simple' as some might think.

The egg is back, the voice of the egg. No, not the voice, the song. It crawls through her mind, digs up her memories, seems to cling to her. Polana likes it, likes the support, likes the feelings of strength. For, even with all her bravado, sometimes she fears she is not strong. The egg will see this, it will also see her shame at this. Polana feels the egg pulsing beneath her, although she cannot tell if it is real or not. Then a question, another question. After moving her hand for a moment she places it back against the egg and whispers, "I will stay, I will be strong. I'll try, I promise."

The woodworker feels himself becoming whole again and sighs softly - not out of frustration or sadness, but of a curiosity gone unfulfilled. Perhaps just for now, at least? Solan withdraws his hand, stepping away from the egg and hoping that the little being inside it could feel his resolve. Looking about the eggs, he finds that the only one left for him to touch is occupied and so he'll wait patiently for Jastre to move along. Musical eggs, indeed.

The song is back, stronger than ever. But there is not just a song this time, there is /love/. Brilliant, powerful love that threatens to overwhelm her, suck her up until she is no longer just herself. The song deepens, feeling of trust are sent her way, it pushes at both the dark inside it and the dark inside Polana. The dark that she knows is there, that she can feel, but when touching this egg is pushed away. It's hot, hot and flickering, but it is good. Finally the egg falls to rest and there are tears of joy falling down Polana's voice. Before letting go she sends something it's way, her own feeling of love. She then moves to another egg, A Device Like None Other.

Th'ero is still there on the sands, the ever watchful one though thankfully none so far have done anything to incur a warning glare or pointed look. With his arm still loosely wrapped around Kimmila's waist, he'll allow his viligant watch to slip away for a moment or two when Solan and a few other Candidates slip away, either to wait, recover or head off the sands. "Taking a break?" he asks the Woodcrafter in a low voice.

Well THAT gets Jastre's attention, and he grins eagerly. Somewhere new he's never seen! Of course, the falling sensation could have been done without, but that doesn't matter anymore. As it fades, so does his grin, and he brings his other hand around to touch the surface. Show him more…

Dark. There is no falling, there are no planets, there are no wonderful songs or feeling of love. There is just darkness and Polana does not like it. Then, light. Just a small flicker that she swears she could have imagined. It goes on and off, click, click. But then she hears something, a voice, whispering her name. But then it is gone and she is back on the sands. Polana gives a small glance around, as if nervous to touch whatever resides inside it again, before finally touching in again.

With a nod, Solan says, "That I am. Only one egg left to touch and…that makes me sad," the woodworker chuckles lowly. "I never would have imagined I'd feel the things I've felt today. It's a little overwhelming but also reassuring. There's just so much more to life than I ever thought," Solan shrugs with honest admittance, his voice low enough to hear but not disturb. Kimmila is given a smile and a nod, too. "Hello there," the young man greets.

Kimmila has been busy staring at the eggs, and leaning against Th'ero. "Hey, what did you think?" she responds to Solan with a smile.

Thankfully it is not horrendously dark this time. No, instead it is loud. Voices everywhere, speaking, whispering, shouting. Words she can make out but also her name thrown in among them. For a moment Polana is scared. But then it becomes clear. Memories, they are all memories. So, without taking her hand off the egg, Polana tries to twine with it once more and opens her mind. She shows her good times, her bad times, she shows the egg herself and silently awaits judgement.

"It can be a bit overwhelming, to be certain." Th'ero agrees with a faint smile to Solan, "And it's true. There is much to life than one thinks. And as for the amount of eggs to touch, well…" he drops his voice then, almost to the level of a hushed whisper or close enough that the Candidate could still understand him. "That rests on Kouzevelth's mood. Though honestly I'm not sure why she keeps those particular ones from view. Perhaps another time. We'll be doing this more than once, to be certain." There's a look given to Kimmila then and to the remaining Candidates, Jastre and Polana and the Weyrleader smirks. "So." Uh oh. "I heard you all visited Landing the other day…"

Dark. When she touches the egg there is only dark. Nothing else, no whispers, no feelings, no nothing. It's black like between and fear enters Polana's mind. Out on the sands her body begins to squirm. However, before her mind can scream out the mind is back, saying that it will learn from her, consider her. Then when Polana is back out in the living world it is still dark. Wait, no, that's her eyelids. With a happy gasp she pulls her hand back and opens her eyes, just in time to hear the Weyrleader's comment. As she makes her way over to the next egg she will be touching she takes the time to call, "it was not my fault, I had nothing to do with it."

Jastre shivers before he can prevent himself from doing so, but he doesn't look any less eager as he mentally looks around. This is… different from before. Another new area! And secrets, secrets he needs to figure out, and…. oh shoot. Gone already. Sighing regretfully, he waits to see if there's anything more.

"It was…very special," Solan smiles back at Kimmila. "Even if I'm not chosen, this will certainly be one of the best days of my life." This isn't said with false enthusiasm or over exaggeration: the young woodcrafter clearly means this genuinely. To Th'ero, Solan smiles and says, "Whatever her reason, I respect it. I'd be a little nervous too with all of these people traipsing around." He starts to grin until Th'ero's mention of Landing turns the smile sour. "I…yes, we did," Solan nods slowly. "I'm sure you've both heard that it did not go well." And perhaps that's putting it mildly, hrmm?

Oh, look, another egg. Hopefully this one won't plunge her into darkness. Taking in a deep breath and closing her eyes Polana presses her hand on Into A Billion Pieces.

Oh, now it reminds Jastre of that one trip to the southern continent. He inhales deeply, even though part of him knows he's actually just inhaling sand dust or whatever back in Fort. Danger, well, he's been in danger before, so that's not too much of a deterrant. And now, however, the presence leaves once more, and this one has a finality to it. Ahhh, oh well. Jastre opens his eyes, looking down at the egg regretfully. Maybe he'll meet you again some other time.

Kimmila clears her throat and looks at Th'ero. "I told you we needed to make his harness out of chains and padlocks…"

Th'ero nods his head slowly, glancing back towards the eggs and checking in to be sure that Polana and Jastre are still managing okay. "Could be. We're fortunate that she is not the type to jealously guard them all, at least. She's been very tolerant so far." So far. Surely they're reaching the limit of Kouzevelth's patience? At that sour smile, the Weyrleader smirks. Oh, he knows! And Kimmila's comment confirms it even before he speaks. "I doubt that'd even stop him," he mutters to his weyrmate before exhaling. "Yes, I've read the reports. Not…thrilled by the outcome but you Candidates are not to blame. There will be another outing to Landing, through brief. We've managed to secure a — more educational location concerning Pern's history."

Light, light everywhere. Blues, whites, and yellows. Polana feels distance, travel, movement. She feels like she's getting torn apart, becoming a billion little other Polana's. It's odd but not exactly painful, although she does let out a little squeak. But in the end she can't help but touch the egg again.

Jastre overhears that 'so far' and glances towards the golden queen, gulping a little and edging away from the egg. But she doesn't leap on him and eat him, so he moves to the only other egg aside from the one Polana's at that he hasn't 'met', touching his hand to the surface.

"Lucky indeed," Solan nods back. "Chains and padlocks?" he asks Kimmila. "I'd think a more watchful nanny would be better. She was very…unobservant, I think." After all, who doesn't notice a little kid under the care undoing several buckles? Wouldn't the leash go slack and the harness thud as it fell to the floor? "But I'm sure she just had her hands full," he offers, not wanting to seem too judgmental. "And I'm glad to hear we'll be allowed back," Solan smirks back. His eyes drift to Jastre as the final egg becomes unoccupied. "If you'll excuse me, then?" Smiling in parting, he moves off to touch the last egg available.

Pull, pull, pull, more and more into little bits. There's a question, what if she made of, what drives her. Polana isn't sure what the answer to this is at first, and so her mind goes blank for a moment. She could say that she drives her, but what makes her? What are her goals, what does she want? She wants to live. Polana closes her eyes as she whispers, "life, life drives me."

Remade, she is being remade, put back together, becoming her again. Out on the sands Polana breathes a sigh of relief. The feeling is good, like she might have a chance to get out of this place that she was trapped. But wait, no, she's still trapped. She knows who she is, she is herself again, but she is stuck in an unfamiliar place, the mind abandoning her. Out on the sands she tenses up and fear surges through her mind. Suddenly, out on the sands, she lets out a cry of, "let me out!" With that she yanks at her mind, pulling herself out of the egg's mind and managing to open her eyes. With that she stumbles back, a stunned look on her face. She is shaking as she makes her way over to and touches the last egg, When I Woke Up.

Time, time, there is no time. But at least she can see. Polana sees fire, great trails of it spinning across her mind. Well, sort of. There is no light or dark, no hunger or tiredness. She just is. Oh, and the egg has something to show her. Without any resistance Polana follows.

Jastre tilts his head, listening to something that isn't there. This one seems to want to give a performance, but isn't sure what to do. "Hmmm….. maybe you should visit the Harper Hall when you hatch." he murmurs, only to pause. Whoops, he's talking to an egg, now they'll KNOW he's crazy! Oh well.

For the briefest of moments, Solan felt himself swept away to what must have been another world. Given the strange planets in the skies and the burning sands, there could be no explanation. But before the young woodcrafter can strike out into the desert, it's all pulled away, leaving him back in hatching cavern. Startled - for this experience is definitely unlike the rest - Solan wonders if the hatchling inside found him unworthy of further sharing. But there /was/ that invitation and with resolve, he crouches closer to the egg and now places both of his hands upon it. "Take me there again. Please," he breathes, smiling in anticipation.

They move and they move fast. Faster than a green in flight, faster than Polana has ever moved. Then the egg shows her something, a image, an image the intrigues her. It is Fort, yes, but another Fort, one she does not know. Tiny dragons, hovering sleds, people actually making the weyrs. Back on the sands a grin splits Polana's face as she whispers, "it's wonderful. I'd like to live there!"

Jastre shrugs at the egg. Sure, he'll stay. He likes the performance it's giving, though once again he finds his memories rifled through. Guess that's what these eggs are supposed to do, or rather, the developing dragon inside. He doesn't really know much about this 'Impression' business but figures they know what they're doing.

Ah. This time, Solan has a little better understanding of things. Having fallen through time, space, or whatever, the young woodcrafter stands upon the ice and walks forward. This time, he takes charge of his /own/ journey rather than relying on the egg's keeper to do it for him. Adventure, after all, mostly comes from striking on your own into the unknown right? So out he goes, his eyes drifting amongst the frozen features of this place. Three steps bring him to a short column of ice, it's multi-facets sparkling in the dim light somehow. There's pseudo-motion reflected on its edges and Solan turns, expecting to see someone behind him, but no…he is alone. Turning back, he studies the ice more carefully this time and in its sheen he finds faces - faces of those he once knew, like Broxis and Magraw. Face of those he knows now, like Kimmila, Th'ero, and Angelique. Even Polana is there, smiling in icy relief with frosted purple hair. Grinning, Solan moves on, coming to another mirror-formed spire. In its facets are the faces he's yet to meet and, including amongst them, is that of a dragon. Its color and exact detail aren't plain but the sight of it excites him to the point of losing the contact. Suddenly he's back on the hot sands and wishing that ice was still beneath his feet.

Polana wanted to explore. Oh, she wanted to get to know every single aspect of that old Fort. But before she can the egg pulls her back, landing her back on the sands of current time Fort. A sight leaves her, longing to explore the far away time. It the egg did show her a message, that they could achieve that some day. "Yes," she whispers to herself, "we will go there one day." With that she gets up, gives a quick bow to the queen and a nod to the Weyrleader. A dreamy sigh leaves her as she murmurs, "thank you for this chance." And with that she is gone, leaving to pull her thought together.

Reaching forward again, Solan takes a deep breath and /touches/. In a chaotic twirling of sight, sound, and smell, he's landed squarely somewhere new. Somewhere…dangerous? Wasting no time, he picks up a stick - thick enough and long enough to be a club - and strikes out into the vegetation that awaits him. There's much here to enjoy for a nature-love like Solan but he can't shake the feeling that /something/ watches him from the trees. Is it a threat? Or a hatchling? Deciding he doesn't need the weapon, it's discarded and he stands tall and still. Let it see him, smell him, know him…Solan has the patience to wait. Only it's then the his eyes open and he's back on the sands. "Fantastic," he breathes.

Jastre opens his mouth again, all set to burst into song, but hastily represses that impulse. No, he's not going to do that, they'll definitely know there's something wrong with him. Instead, the presence gives him a grand finally then exits stage left, and so he exits stage right, leaving the egg.

Jastre suddenly realizes all the other candidates left, and thinks that's his cue to leave. He looks over towards the Weyrleader, stepping away from them. There'll be another touching, to be sure, he can catch the one he missed then.

Needing to be alone with his thoughts now, Solan approaches Th'ero and Kimmila again and smiles. "Thank you for that," he nods. Looking again to the gold, he bows one final time and then turns, slowly striding off the sands and back to the barracks.

Th'ero only grimaces at the mention of the nanny, a look being passed to Kimmila. Maybe that's been dealt with? But the Weyrleader only nods as Solan moves back towards the eggs and is silent again to observe the Candidates. Time passes and just as Jastre begins to edge away, Th'ero straightens a bit against Kimmila's side while casting a furtive look to Kouzevelth. "Best we start drifting away now. I think this is enough for one day…" he murmurs, letting his arm slip from Kimmila as he gestures for the Candidates remaining to file out — calmly. No need to rush! There's no danger. Just as calmly as it began, things will end. A good start, for sure!

Jastre nods at the Weyrleader, then bows to the queen. He dutifully follows the rest out, pausing first. "Thanks for letting us in here." he adds, though whether he's saying this to the dragon or the Weyrleader and Kimmila is unknown. Then he files out with the rest.