Fort Weyr - Venryk's Room
A fairly standard, small room is what waits beyond the door. A bed has been stuffed into the far corner. The sheets seem clean enough although it has been left unmade and rumpled. Just a few feet from the bed, a long desk has been situated against the other wall. Meant as a combination study and workstation, there are plenty of notebooks stacked on the surface as well as a few boxes with small latches to them. While there are a few pairs of footwear that have been tossed on the floor, the rest of the clothes seem to have found their homes inside the single wardrobe located there. The door to the wardrobe is left open, leaving a small shelf visible with a number of metal and leather bracelets hanging from it.

The room itself smells faintly of herbs and tea, most likely coming from the many plants situated around the room, as well as the boxes situated on top of the desk.

Venryk has been in recovery mode for the past few days. After excusing himself from Jaelyn's room to clean up and get more rest, the poor boy spent the next day or so being a bit achey from the whole ordeal. Not that he was unhappy about it, but being that sluggish really wasn't something he was terribly keen on. Not when he had work to do and classes to attend. Lesson learned, however. While fun, doing things like /that/ too often would be a bad thing. He's also made sure to keep the bruising on his neck as unseen as possible. The last thing he wanted was for some rumor to get around to Nyoak. He'd never hear the end of it. At least that was fading. Things were..normal. He didn't avoid Jaelyn though either. Not exactly. Though he didn't run around trying to insinuate himself into the other boy's presence at all times. He did have legitimate things to do, and being a healer takes work! He's spent the better part of the late afternoon in his room for once however, with an open book on plant life and a few small seedling pots on his desk. Yes, when possible he grows things in his room. At least things that don't need a whole lot of sunlight to survive. "Okay, so these three are? Mmhm.." Yep, he's writing labels on things. It's important to keep track!

Jaelyn had probably appreciated not being pursued to the ends of Pern, and there was a rumor going around he's been yanked out of his room by a guard and dragged to the Weyrleader's office anyway. So, he was a little busy. Still, it doesn't stop him from hunting down the healer when he wants him. A light rapping on the door, a few days after their last encounter.

"Door's open!" Venryk certainly doesn't feel the need to lock the door at all hours. But he's not keen on getting up /just/ yet either. Whoever is on the other side has hands, they can open the door themselves. There's a happy little noise from the healer as he finishes writing on the small pot though, picking up two of them to move them back to the wall on the desk. Sure, it's just two little pots of dirt for now, but soon enough something will sprout from them. Most likely anyway. Fingers shove his hair back away from his face then, before his head turns to peer at the door. Or the person who opens it.

That's all it takes, and with the invitation Jaelyn opens the door. He doesn't linger within the frame, stepping inside and then closing the door behind him. "Ya really are only a couple doors down." he says, his usual even and soft voice. Leaning back against the door, he slides his hands into his pockets, and finds a point on the floor he likes enough to admire. Nothing special about it really, but it was his way. "Just came by to let ya know the Weyrleader or Weyrsecond might come lookin' for ya sometime soon about that fight by the lake."

Seeing that it's Jaelyn, the healer offers a smile..even if the other boy likes looking at the floor. "Yep! Pretty convenient really if someone needs something in the middle of the night." Or someone. He works his fingers together briefly, before folding them outward, cracking his knuckles with a satisfied sound before he turns back to the table again. He's finishing his cleanup effort, after all, now that he's all done. There is however a pause and a glance back at Jaelyn again, Venryk's brows raised. "Yeah? I guess that's not /totally/ surprising. Well, surprising it's taken this long but otherwise not really. I knew you got wrangled up by them, and didn't figure you'd lie about what happened or anything like that. No problem." The healer does seem to realize something though, turning right around to face the other boy again. "You're not in trouble though, are you? I'll set 'em straight about what happened if they think you were way wrong about it."

Lashes lower for that, even if golden eyes slide over to the healer before finding their way to the floor again. "Right." he says, quietly, but makes no further comment of about convenience. He wasn't really a talker unless he was worked up, so it should come as no small surprise that he's not cheerfully sitting down and sipping some tea or something at the moment. "They ain't kickin' me out if that's what ya mean." Shoulder hunch some as he idly scuffs the toe of his boots against something on the floor that doesn't move. Paint or something perhaps. "Weyrleader said either him or Abigail come lookin' for ya to make sure I ain't makin' shit up."

Venryk rests a hand on his hip, sighing. "Well sure, if you wanna go absolutely worse case scenario on it. Not getting kicked out is great. So is not having to clean the latrines, though." /Not/ a very glorious task to be given for punishment! There's a shrug given though, before the healer finally leaves the work table to cross the room, sidling up in front of Jaelyn to try and get a look in his eyes. "Well you're not making anything up about it. I don't think you're likely to lie about that sort of thing, so it's no big deal if they check with me about it. Now, you gonna come in and sit down, or do you prefer the door?"

"None of that either," Jaelyn says softly, "Th'ero said I shouldn't be punished if I'm defending myself and gettin' harrassed all the time." Whatever the computercrafter thought about that, he keeps to himself, but who would find fault with perfectly good logic. "Weyrsecond, thought I should be punished and offered to teach me how to fend off people attackin' me without fightin' back." There's a twitch for that, and he might just have rolled his eyes as well. That frown though, as small and soft as it is, still exists there on his pierced lips. "Think I'm gunna pass." Yeah, then again Abigail wanted him to turn tail and run away from every single person ever who tried to start a fight with him. "Her solution was turn tail and run, no matter what. Last I checked, I was a dude. Not a five turn old girl." A slight shrug for this despite the growling undertone that had risen to mingle with his words. A finger is tapped on his arm, before he lifts his chin and drops his gaze onto the healer. "Naw, I'm good here. Ya look busy anyway, didn't mean to interrupt."

"Th'ero's a good Weyrleader. I respect the guy, even though I don't know him real well like..personally or anything. But he does a good job, and he's /right/. It's not very well your fault if you're attacked." Venryk gives a soft little snort for that, possibly imagining those other boys with the way his face scrunches up a bit. "Not exactly a lot of ways to do /that/. I mean, not breaking them and sending them to the infirmary? I can get behind that. But that's something one of the guards or maybe someone from Thunderbird would be able to teach. You know, how to fight someone without actually hurting them too much? I've seen some of them when they're practicing anyway, and they seem pretty good at that kind of thing." The healer looks right back at Jaelyn though when the other boy finally looks at him, smiling still, although he shakes his head. "I'm done at this point, got a few new things planted and everything so I'm all set for now. If you just came to tell me about the Weyrleader you would've said so and left, right?"

Jaelyn doesn't seem to have much more to say about Th'ero at the moment, before he just shrugs as Venryk goes on to sing the man's praises. "Long as he's not an unreasonable prick, we'll be good." Well, maybe he did have something to say, and bluntly honest at that. "I dun mean to hurt them, and most of the time its an accident. Like, that dude with the broken arm? I didn't break it. He broke it himself when I stepped out of his way. He slipped on a patch of ice, tripped over his friend on the ground who was playin' dead so he wouldn't get hurt, and then fell on it," he snorts, "I only threw one punch, and the whole thing was over in two fuckin' seconds." The truth has been revealed. Jaelyn wasn't some sort of magical time bending super man, but rather pretty damn lucky. "The guy with the broken nose? He grabbed me and slammed me up against a wall by m neck and told me to kiss him. I couldn't breath so I tried to knock his arm out of the way and I accidentally caught him in the face with my elbow." So much for not talking a lot. He blinks once after Venryk speaks about note dropping and leaving, dropping his eyes instantly to the floor and crossing his arms over his chest as the tension is suddenly quite noticeable across his shoulders all of a sudden. "Tryin' to make an effort here. I dun do…conversation…" he mutters, growly undertone returned. Jaelyn looks, uncomfortable now.

Venryk might just be grinning. He might be, but if Jaelyn looks up again the boy is going to drop it down a few notches. He makes a point to back off and give Jaelyn more space, simply dropping onto the bottom corner of his bed to watch the other teen. "But going good at it all the same." See? There's at least some praise for the talking being given, and the healer leans forward a bit, resting his elbows on his knees. The explanation of the fight? Well, the boy laughs faintly, nodding. "I was kinda flat on my back for all of it, so I kinda missed all of that." Poor boy was /thrown/. His head tilts a little bit though, nodding. "/But/ that's what I'm talking about. Getting taught /how/ to actually do it would probably make things less…random-flaily and more controlled. I'm not saying you /should/ or that you have to or anything. Just something to think about, I guess. If you think people are still gonna do anything. /Have/ they? I mean, since that time?"

There is no looking, at least for now. Jaelyn shrugs at the praise, the compliment just seeming to make the door-leaning teen more uncomfortable. While his eyes remain on the floor, he seems at least aware of the fact that Venryk has relocated, as his head does move so that it's at least sort of facing that direction. There is a nod for the healer's recount of the events that day by the lake, "Yeah well, ya got shit timin' for being a wiseass. It was either save yer ass or let ya get beat into a pulp. Yer a small dude, and those guys were bigger than me." he says, his frown from earlier still lingering, but at least it was a facial expression. "I know how to avoid hurtin' people, they're the ones flailing around like idiots. Most of the time I just dodge, how is it my fault if they're punchin' walls or slippin' on ice…?" It's not really, "People just assume I'm kickin' their asses, or puttin' every single one of them in the infirmary. Kinda funny, 'cause despite appearance I ain't that bad ass." There's a snort for that, "Seriously."

Venryk holds up both of his hands eventually, nodding. "Alright, alright." The teenager sounds amused by it all still, nodding. "And I do appreciate that. I wouldn't do very good being all..pulpy. /Obviously/, Th'ero needs to start having the idiots around here trained in not being clumsy. Granted, that'd be nice for everyone since we'd have less people in the infirmary for randomly slipping on the ice. Win for everyone..kinda? Though with them taking themselves out, that makes it easier on you so maybe not.." Yes, the healer rambles. Everyone knows it by now. It just..happens. He does smirk just a bit though, nodding. "Well you are a /bit/ of one. I think, anyway. You did pick me right up, even if I'm not exactly that big. That counts. And…/yeah/. I know. Half the time I end up making some people laugh, the other half I've managed to piss everyone off without even meaning to."

Now Jaelyn looks up and over at the seated healer, arms remain crossed over his chest and he's still leaning against that door; dressed head to toe in black and with his facial piercing. He did act and look pretty badass, sure, but the kid probably new himself better than anyone else on Pern. Course, he might be downplaying it. "Dun think Th'ero's got the cure for stupidity, Venryk." he says, shaking his head a little, "The point I was tryin' to make is that I ain't gunna just stand there and watch a bunch of bullies beat on someone half their size." Even if that someone was a wiseass who let his mouth flap continuously. Ahem. The rambling? Jaelyn's gotten pretty used to it now, but whether or not it got on his nerves these days depended entirely on the context of the situation. Right now? He doesn't appear bothered in the least, but then again, it was difficult to say with stony-face there. "I lifted ya a couple inches off the ground and tossed ya a foot and half away. I dun got super powers or anythin'." Jaelyn shrugs and drops his golden gaze to the floor again, "Ya ain't that bad." There he is looking all uncomfortable again, and he winced too. Being a human person was hard damn it! "Fuck, this is stupid." With a growl, he pushes himself up and off the door and turns to yank it open. Guess, he's leaving now?

"If he did we could totally market that. Make a fortune." Alas, there doesn't seem to be much of a cure for the stupid people of the world. He does listen to Jaelyn though, losing some of that grinning expression to watch the other boy a bit more seriously. About not letting people beat up someone like him? No, that doesn't seem to be what the healer is paying attention to. The fact that he's..not that bad however, /is/ something that the teenager is latching onto. He doesn't say anything though in return for it, though. The healer is starting to learn when it'd be better not to push Jaelyn, or to draw too much attention to things that made him look uncomfortable. He waits though until his door is opening before speaking up, calling after him. "If you're leaving, you want me to come by later? So long as you don't bite me again, anyway. Not that it wasn't nice and all, just not too keen on the bruising part of things."

Jaelyn had opened that door for a reason and it is in fact to leave. He does, however, pause when Venryk asks him a question. He keeps his eyes on the floor now out in the corridor, jaw working, and his tongue emerges to moisten his lips. Mouth opening, closing and then opening again. While the glare he sends the healer's way might appear on the surface to be of the death-like persuasion, the words that accompany it just don't match, perhaps lending to the inference that the former Istan was merely embarrassed. "Uh, okay." he mutters, brows twitching minutely downwards as he takes a step or two and hesitates again. "…yeah. Sorry." That glare is thrown back out into the hallway again with a very soft huffy growl and the door is gently closed behind him.

Venryk doesn't wilt under being glared at. He just smiles a bit and gets up from where he'd sat down on his bed. There were /things/ he needed to do if he was going to wander down the hall later to bother Jaelyn in his room. "Kay!" He calls out at least as the door shuts, with plenty of noise of him moving around in there afterward.

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