Who Aignes, Kezresan, Phineas
What Finn hides out with the dynamic duo of Connie Contrary and Captain Carrot
When Winter - Month 13 of Turn 2717
Where Fort Weyr - Weaver Craft Workroom


Fort Weyr - Weaver Craft Workroom
A quiet workplace, this is not. A large, bubbled cavern, the Weaver Craft's area is a hustling, bustling, organized chaotic mess of activity. Work stations litter the room, tables with scraps of fabric, bits of patterns, notes and sketchbooks crowd the desks adding distinct personality depending upon the occupant's preferences. Several dress forms can be found, of various sizes and shapes; male and female, adult and child. Along one wall, bolts of fabric are stacked in a manner that likely makes sense to the crafters who work here, but may appear jumbled and incongruous to those outside the know. Light and dark, patterns and textures, weights and weaves, all jumbled in such a way as to look like a clash of color and chaotic mess.

Along the wall are a series of doors, leading to various private work stations, offices, or dressing rooms. Toward the back, in what may be a quieter section, stands a low platform and tri-fold mirror, affording the customer an opportunity to examine their garment from all angles while allowing the Weaver to tweak and tuck as necessary.

Deep within Fort's fine caverns, the sound of industry can be heard practically buzzing through one particular doorway that happens to lead to a carefully coordinated wonderland of fabric and all sorts of other supplies. It's practically a dance as weavers grab tapes and notebooks, chalk and shears. At least it's brief as most of those chatty and busy craftsmen happen to also be young and hurried off by a couple of journeymen to their first class of the day leaving Aignes to let out a sigh of relief as she's left in blessed silence and the company of Roger. Roger's the tall, silent type. He's also the legless type and doesn't seem to mind at all as the woman stabs some muslin onto his shoulder, held tight with many pins.

Phineas is totally dodging even the suggestion of a thought about actually chopping up, and hauling off, that massive log he'd gotten saddled with. Well, that /and/ he had to come back and get his stuff. It had taken a few trips, naturally, but now? Now he's free and has finally liberated his stash of cookies. Ahhhh..> COoOOoookie, how I love thee. That is the thought going through his head as he munches them straight out of the sack. It is in the midst of raising a cookie that he hears footsteps— and, of course, he suspects it is Kimmila come to lay some other horrible task upon his head. The cookie, shoved into his mouth without bothering to break it up as he ducks into the room and puts his back to the wall while peering cautiously into the hallway. THEY ARE OUT THERE LURKING and trying to get him to do work.

Kezresan is definitely not Kimmila. Which is probably a good thing? But he's still headed in the same direction as Phineas so maybe that's a bad thing? Not wandering, there is definitely a solid thump-thump-thump to his steps that suggests he knows where he's going and he means to get there in a timely fashion. Right down the hall. Right through whatever chaos or lack of chaos may linger in the wake of students and lessons. Right through the door and right… into Phineas? Or at least, those brown eyes catch the cookie-monster, and there's a brief moment of just staring at him (because clearly, Kez was not expecting to find him here) before he just… moves right along toward Aignes at her work stab-stabbing poor Roger (clearly, he likes it). That she is clearly occupied? Perhaps it does not dawn on him, because there's very little pause before he's wiping the length of cloth draped over his shoulder and jutting his chin at her in an entirely expectant way. "I ripped this. Can you fix it?" And then come the side-eyes for Phineas and his cookie-nomming. "You're going to get crumbs on everything."

Roger certainly isn't objecting. Probably because he doesn't have a mouth. Aignes also isn't Kimmila and she also isn't too observant as she's busy tugging fabric this way and that before finally stabbing yet another pin in the poor mannequin, so Phineas can snack in peace at least from her. Kezresan's approach is harder to ignore, but she does as she holds out one finger in the universal gesture of 'just one moment!' while she gets the last half of the shoulder clad in… whatever she's working on and straightens up. "Ripped what?" And the crumb comments has her narrowing on Phineas. "Where'd you come from?" Hellos are apparently so last turn.

Okay, so. Hiding with the dynamic duo of Connie Contrary and Captain Carrot? Not high on Finn's list of great ideas. Still, he chews and swallows, carrying another cookie to his mouth as turns to lean against the wall and watch them. Munch. Munch. Munch. *pause* Munch. Munch. Munch. *pause* It's the mention of crumbs that has him licking the back of his hand and sucking the crumbs out of the sleeve of his sweater before looking pointed at Kez. "Bedder?" Yeah, it's mumbled around a mouthful of cookie. At Aignes' question, he shoves another cookie in his mouth, his wrist twisting to thumb toward the hallway. Clearly, he came from out /there/. "Whatchadoin?" Munch. Munch. Munch. *pause*

Kez does not like that 'just a moment' finger. Not one bit. And there might just be a low, suspiciously frustrated exhale for it. But he does as mimed and /waits/. He doesn't tap his foot or anything, but he definitely doesn't look patient. "This," and he offers over the item once again. "My shirt. Right down the front." On what, one might ask? Well, he's not telling. Not yet, at least. Cookie-monster-Finn, sucking crumbs from his sweater? Cue side-eye and eye-twitching all at once! It might be MODERATELY better than frosting-sucking, but not by much. "You…" but whatever Finn is, he doesn't know. So there's another of those low, suspiciously frustrated exhales and a scowl. Better? "No." Not even a little. "But the crumbs are gone." Maybe.

Aignes does not have the best customer service skills. That's usually left to some other weaver, but she's probably gone off with that horde of apprentices. At least she only does make Kezresan wait just a single minute and she doesn't have any sullen eye rolling when she turns back. Nope. The weaver just takes the garment that is offered and begins to give it a very thorough inspection. "How???" She wiggles her fingers a bit through the shirt on the torn edge. And then casts a glance over her shoulder at Phineas. "There's a broom to your left. That will be better. Since you decided to eat in here."

Finn just grins at Kez, pale blue eyes sparkling with clear delight at the man's discomfort. "Want some?" The offer, however, comes with his holding out the sleeve of his sweater and /not/ the sack of cookies. "Nah," Finn assures in the wake of the mention of the broom. "I'm good." Cause clearly it was an option. Right? Right. Another rustle in the sack is followed by another cookie meeting it's doom into the potter's maw. Cookies all over Pern have nightmares of ending up there, I tell ya.

That's OK. Kez isn't really known for his bedside manner. Clearly, this is karma. As for how he ripped it. There's a very long, level look directed at Aignes followed by a very slow lift of an eyebrow and then a rather deadpan, "You don't want to know." Because, "You'd turn bright red." Which means it was probably NOT in the line of duty. But more importantly, "Can you fix it?" That's clearly the important question. As for Finn and his crumbs? And his offer? "No. I don't suck sweaters." He's not even trying to be funny with that, either. A slant of his gaze from Phineas, to broom, to Phineas again. A snort and an actual roll of his eyes for the declination.

"I wouldn't turn red," And the lady doth protest too much even as she's starting to turn pink. Aignes tucks her head down to look at the fabric. Fabric which can't judge her, much like Roger. It's with a bit of a scowl as she examines the shirt, but eventually gives it a nod. "Maybe. It's going to be visible though. Unless you want to run some ruffles on either side?" She sounds a bit doubtful about the healer being that kind of fashionable guy, but she'll offer it just in case. As for Phineas' declining of the broom, she shakes her head and gives a sigh. "I really doubt that." Phineas being good at anything aside from eating cookies. The sweater may be her evidence. "But you do need to clean up after yourself or we'll end up with vtols all over." THIS IS HOW YOU GET ANTS VTOLS!

"I wanna know," Finn states. Cause yeah, he wants to know. Which is promptly followed by, a smirk that CLEARLY states he -also- wants to know what Kez does suck, but cookies. Munch. Another cookie goes right into his mouth. Course, he does glance at Aignes as she makes her points, blue eyes slanting down to the few crumbs on the floor. Considering for a long moment, he finally licks his palm, stoops, swipes his hand over the floor and straightens. It's with a very pointed look at Kez that he raises his hand to his face and does a remarkably good show of licking the crumbs off his palm. He doesn't actually do it, but it's a convincing act. "Better?"

"Ruffles?" That would be a 'no'. But just in case his tone of voice and facial expression (barely suppressed horror) were not clear enough, there's a firm, "No," issued by Kezresan, followed by a much too delated, "Thank you," and then a less than helpful, "Yes you would," and the supremely impolite, "You're already turning pink at the thought of what it /might/ be." A little bit of finger twitching comes, an expression of nervous energy perhaps. "Do your best, then," he decides at last, for the shirt that might be ruined. "You don't need to know," because Kez is not feeling particularly charitable at the moment. He's too busy trying not to twitch his way right out of the room with all of that smirking and crumb licking and… "Did you just…" because he did. He DID just lick his hand and collect the crumbs (and who knows what else!) from the floor and… "ugh." Congrats, Finn. Ya just grossed out a healer. "The things on that floor…" and he's not thinking about string.

Aignes shrugs as if the existence or not of ruffles on this shirt didn't matter to her. Roger's gonna have to be fine on his own for a few moments because she takes the shirt and swirls over towards one of the cabinets where she promptly digs out a needle, spool of thread and some tiny little scissors. At least she's not lecturing about taking better care of clothing as she carefully threads the needle with the ease that comes from turns of practice, but the last has her stopping and staring at the potter turned candidate. "You… eeewwww… You know the three second rule is not a thing, right?" And those crumbs having been down there for WAAAAAAAY longer than three seconds.

Finn's laugh is absolutely delighted and loud and utterly unrestrained. "Mm Mmm." He assures both before wiping his hand on the bottom of that sack of cookies. A moment later, he's plucking another cookie from the sack and pushing it into his mouth, his amusement utterly unmistakable. "Ye're way to uptight, Kez," he notes with a mouthful of food. "Can't be healthy." Munch. Munch. Munch. It's Aignes' reaction, however, that has his head tossing back, spikey blond bangs waggling merrily as he exhales another laugh. "Waste not, want not?" He will totally roll with it and enjoy every moment of it. "You should," he notes as he fishes in the sack for another cookie. "Let her do what will look best, Kez." Cause yes, /yes/ he wants to see those ruffles being sported.

Kezresan was maybe not expecting Aignes to start right now on his shirt. The surprise is clear, and leaves him standing right where he is even as she goes about doing those weaver-y things like procuring instruments and threading needles. "I didn't mean /now/," he clarifies much too late. She's already doing the thing, and he's happy to let her do it. Phineas and his utterly disgusting habits, of which Kez is only too happy to let his feelings be known in the avid range of expressions flying across his face, is considered with much speticism and apprehension. "You're ridiculous," he decides, which might be for the crumbs, or might be for the ruffles. Probably both. "Ruffles are not what's best," he scoffs. "They'd clearly take too much time." Cause now Kez knows about clothes. Mmhmm. "I don't mind a little… scar," Seam. It's called a seam, "Across the shirt."

"If I leave it until later, an apprentice will probably end up working on it…" Aignes just leaves that as a possible threat with a raised eyebrow. Even if he doesn't need it right away, does he want to see what horrors an apprentice with sky-high dreams could possible create? She winces as Finn wipes the slobbery hand on the bottom of the cookie sack. "Remind me to never accept any food from him." Not that she'll really need the reminder. Needle threaded, she now starts on the actual sewing bit. Luckily, the thread she selected is ALMOST the same shade as the actual shirt.

Finn rolls his eyes at Kez, his head giving a slow shake. "Old before your time, Kez. Old before your time." Another cookie finds it's way to it's doom with a slow munch, Finn's wait shifting as he leans over to peek into the hallway. He can still hear people moving around, and he's /certain/ it's Kimmila the Terrible. That being the case, he settles right back where he was, popping another cookie into his mouth. "Cold, Connie," he notes to Aignes with a mock pout. "So cold."

"I didn't say stop," comes Kezresan's suspiciously quick reply, perhaps all too afraid of what those apprentices might cook-up. And while Aignes works, he'll just find somewhere totally uncomfortable to lean. Like this table here. It seems sturdy enough. "Deal," comes for the wish of a reminder. No food from Finn. Got it. "He only eats sugar, from what I've seen." Like Phineas is some sort of interesting creature whose habits must be noted. And not, you know. Standing right there and hearing everything. The grumpy, "I'm not old," is probably just a touch defensive, while the soon to follow, "her name is Aignes," is all too serious.

Aignes stares briefly mid-stitch, but then continues on with her work. Those little weaver fingers can fly. And the table is totally stable. Nice, sturdy craftsmanship probably bartered from some woodmsiths in exchange for a turns supply of gloves or something. "He only drinks it too." Someone else has also been noting the feeding habits of the Common Phineas (at least common enough as far as this weaver is concerned). She just rolls her eyes at the Connie comment. "I'm not the one hiding in random corners eating cookies while other people work." She's just going to take a wild guess that someone actually is hiding and doesn't have any actual business for the weavers seeing as Finn hasn't thrown any shirts at her or anything.

"Sorry, Uncle," Finn singsongs to Kez. "What was I thinking?" Flashing a lopsided smile, he rolls up the bag of cookies and stuffs into his jacket. "I know Connie's name." It's Connie. Clearly. "Clearly not," is added to Aignes with a wink. "Which is why /I/ am always smiling while the two of /you/ act like a grumpy old aunt and uncle." Pushing off the wall, he doffs his imaginary cap, winking to the pair before peeking into the hall. It's clear! "And I'm off! Don't forget your warm milk!" Just like that, he's zipping down the hallway, the Mission Impossible theme playing in his head as he makes his way out to the barracks.
And his log!

Clearly, Kezresan has no good come back for that because his response is to just… sulk. Scowl. Look thoroughly disapproving with his arms crossed over his chest and his eyes boring holes into Phineas from afar (or, not that far really) while he leans against that table. "Ridiculous," is his final word on the matter, muttered beneath his breath as Phineas darts for the sweet freedom of the barracks… or at least away from the weaver workroom. With Aignes working her way through his shirt at a thoroughly impressive pace (and seeing as they are of a like mind in the matter of the Common Phineas), the healer will just wait right where he is in sulky-silence until his shirt is done or she dismisses him.

Is that a sigh of relief from Aignes as Phineas unexpectedly darts away? Probably. The shirt doesn't take too much longer until it's handed back to Kezresan without much more words at all. Who needs words? And once the shirt is out of her hands and not obviously being returned for additional work, she'll go fetch the broom herself, unless anybody else comes up with unexpected assignments.

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