Fort Weyr - Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

Another lovely winter day at Fort Weyr, at the moment a light snow is falling across the weyr adding onto the mounds that have already been shoveled here and there to clear paths. Niumdreoth is settled in the center of the bowl, the large brown not seeming to mind the cold weather while his swirling gaze drifts off as if waiting for others to appear. With his normal straps has been added extra ones proving he gets to take people for a ride so to speak. Abigail is there, hands settled in her flight jacket, goggles resting around her neck while she leans back against her dragon. She doesn't mind being the rider to take the Candidates around, and she gets to have a bit of time away, along with Niumdreoth enjoying the 'adventure' as he likes to put it. As long nothing goes to crazy then it all works out. "They should be here soon.." Abbey murmurs to the brown.

"Well I'm here /now/," Solan grins, waving as he approaches the brown and his rider. The woodcrafter-turned-Candidate is wrapped in gear suitable for winter weather flying as his breath puffs out in steamy clouds before him. "How are you, Abigail? Niumdreoth," Solan gives the brown a respectful bow of greeting. "Ready for a little bit of excitement?" Seems the young man's enthusiasm is at an all-time high right now. "I can't believe I'm finally going to see Landing!"

Why would things go crazy? …no, on second thought, don't answer that. Borodin isn't sure he wants to know. He's wearing a jacket suited to Fort's winter as he emerges from the direction of the candidate barracks, which is close enough. He gives Abbey and Niumdreoth waves, then tucks his gloved hand back in his pocket. It's cold out here.

Oh Faranth, they're going to be going something. She doesn't know what that something is, just that it is /something/. This probably explains the nervousness on Polana's face as she makes her way out to the bowl. She is wearing practical clothes today and her purple hair is in good condition, and if you look closely it's a shade lighter purple than before. Looks like she's been making an effort to get rid of it. As she approaches Abigail, Solan, and Borodin she asks in a wary voice, "whatever we're doing here doesn't have to do with herdbeasts, does it?"

It's always something and there is always crazy! Or maybe if one assumes it, it won't happen? Before the gathering can organize to take off, there is another group hurrying into the center bowl. Well, more like a rider is hurrying down at a brisk pace and lifting a hand to flag Abigail while a blue dragon not far behind stretches his wings and resettles them, strapped and prepared for flight. "Good day, Wingsecond!" the bluerider calls, "Mind if I've a quick word with you? Heard you may be heading to the same location we are." he adds, giving the Candidates approaching all a polite nod in greeting before leaning in to mutter low to the brownrider.

Te'zin mutters to Abigail, "… as… along with… nannies…. said… for… and we'd… idea… Candidates… Mind… We'll… if need…"
Te'zin whispers "We're taking some of youth and children towards Landing as well, along with the nannies. Harpers said it'd be good for them and we'd no idea you were taking the Candidates too. Mind if we join in? We'll part ways once there if need be." to Abigail.

One competent but slightly harried looking nanny is bustling a few children out after the bluerider, a child held by each hand. On her left is a sweet looking little girl with twin braids, and on her right is a toddler with bright eyes and dark, familiar curly hair. "Okay, now, Kyzen, you've been between before right?" The toddler lifts his chin and sticks out his chest proudly, beaming as he nods. "Yeah! Wif Daddy." His dragonriding daddy. The nanny smiles. "Can you tell Jess here that it's not scary?" The little girl looks nervous, sucking on her thumb. Reaching over, Kyzen fumbles as he tries to take her hand, but she refuses to take the digit out of her mouth. "Scawy, but fun." That's helpful. "Ooof," the nanny sighs, scooping up Jess into her arms to reassure her and get her excited again, while Kyzen looks over at the Candidates and then gives them all a jerking hand wave. Hiiiiiii!

Abigail glances up at the voice, a soft chuckle escapes her while she nods to Solan. "That ye are. We are well, how have ye been Solan?" Niumdreoth lowers his head and noses out at Solan while a soft rumble of a greeting escapes him. As for things going crazy? Anything can happen, and well does with this lot so one just has to hope for the best! With Borodin's approach Abbey sends him a wave along with a smile glad to see his joined up with the group she is taking on the trip. Polana's voice is one that makes her cringe slightly, pale gaze settling on the purple haired peop.. girl.. "Not that I know of Polana. It'll be a surprise how's that?" This questioned with an amused tone and grin before she points up to where they all will be sitting. "Go on and pick seats, get all ready ta go. Have a time to be there after all." The brownrider does not like being late. The voice of another catches her attention and she looks to the bluerider, whom gets a smile and nods. "Good day ta ye as well." A slight tilt of her head see at the bit on joining in and she slips quiet to hear the rest while her gaze settles on a nanny and the children that comes with them. "I dan't see why not. More the merrier really." There is a bit of an amused look see as she catches sight of a certain toddler. "Ye.. dan't happen to have his harness.. Do ye?" Oh she has seen how quickly Kyzen can escape his parents after all. She sends a wave back to Kyzen, a soft chuckle escaping her.

The woodcrafter grins back at the dragon before replying to Abigail. "I'm very glad to hear that! And I've been very well, thank you," Solan nods, still smiling. "Very much enjoying these excursions in addition to continuing my apprentice lessons," he explains, his eyes shifting to the new arrivals. "Borodin, Polana!" He seems very happy to see them both. When Abigail directs them to take seats, Solan is the first to climb up, bracing his right foot on the brown's hind leg and scrambling up as gracefully as possible. He chooses a position in the center, with plenty of room in front and behind for the other passengers, before noticing the kids and the nanny below. When the young boy so excitedly, Solan waves wildly back, a warm grin flashing out. "Hello there!" He can't really hear the exchange between the riders but it certainly amps up his excitement another notch. Mystery? Yes please!

Angelique jogs into the bowl from the direction of the other bowl and the candidate barracks. "I'm not too late am I?" she zeros in on the group gathering.

Borodin nods a greeting to Solan, then glances to Polana and smiles slightly at her comment about herdbeasts, but then his eyes drift away to a herd of children. "…oh." He said don't answer that, but noooo. Borodin sighs, putting his hands a little deeper into his pockets and shuffling toward Niumdreoth. If he gets to a seat, that means he's further away from the kids. Bonus! So he clambers up, more or less competently, onto the brown. Toward the back, to be out of the way. He even straps himself in, not having considered the fact that this makes him a stationary target.

/Not that she knows of/. So basically they could be doing anything. Wonderful. Solan gets a grin and a wave at his warm exclamation and Borodin a quick nod. Then suddenly… CHILDREN! Children being herded down by someone she doesn't know, including the Weyrleader's child. Kyzen gets a awkward grin and a quick wave before she scrambles up onto the dragon, hoping with all her heart that the children aren't coming. But then she hears the person with the children whisper something to Abigail, something she partly hears. Something about children and nannies. Leaning forward she hisses so that only her fellow candidates already on the dragon can hear, "they're going to use us as nannies!"

The bluerider nods his head, smiling as he prepares to turn back to where his blue is awaiting with the nanny and her charges. "That's what I figured. I'm Te'zin, by the way and that's Zvetrith over there. Who's harness?" Turning his head, he spots the one in question when Abigail points it out and frowns a little. "Ah, yes. That one. Not to worry, the nanny said she has it. We won't be underfoot, I assure you. We've our own business to attend to. Thank you for letting us travel as a group!" Giving the brownrider a respectful salute, he'll begin to walk away but not before saying a quick: "Clear skies!" before returning to Zvetrith's side and helping the nanny get her charges settled.

No, the nannies of the weyr would never send kids off to Landing with the candidates and no additional supervision. No way. The nanny helps both kids up onto the blue before she climbs up herself, speaking softly to the children to keep them from being scared. This is going to be /fun/. While Jess still looks a little nervous, Kyzen is beaming, wiggling a bit. "Blue," he announces happily to Te'zin.

Abigail catches the murmuring from the ones up on Niumdreoth, more thanks to her dragon letting her know what is up. "A pleasure ta meet ye Te'zin. I'm Abigail and this is Niumdreoth." The large brown lets out a faint bugle of greeting to the blue before his swirling gaze settled on Angelique, ah another one! Abbey grins a bit and nods to the other rider. "I'm sure ye won't, it's not a problem truly. Of course, yer very welcome." She doesn't have a problem at all with them following along. "Clear skies!" This said before she turns around to smile at Angelique. "I'm glad ye made it Angelique, go on and get a seat with the others and we're get going here when the rest are settled." With the others all strapped in she follows along settled up front and gets strapped in. "Remember, we're all to be on our best behaviors.. Or else.." Or else what? She'll let them think about that for a few moments it seems. Niumdreoth shifts, slowly standing, wings stretching while he watches Zvetrith waiting for the other to be ready before he takes to the sky.

"Best behavior? I think we can manage, right?" Solan chuckles, checking his straps once more to ensure they're secure. "Hey Angelique," the woodworker grins, "just in time." From his jacket pockets, the young woodworker pulls two gloves and dons them. Then comes a pair of goggles and a comfy warm hat. Yep, he's ready for the cold of *between* /and/ the bristling chill of the sky. Looking over to the blue - and the boarding nanny and her charges - Solan can't help but wonder if these children will somehow factor into their activities today. Perhaps not, given the snippet of conversation he heard about them not being underfoot? Even if they were, though, the crafter doesn't mind the little ones. "Guess we'll see what we're doing once we arrive," he smirks to Polana. "By the way, would you mind securing your hair? I spent half an hour picking it out of my mouth after our last flight together," Solan laughs.

Angelique shrugs into the riding jacket before pulling out gloves from the pocket. A grin is flashed to Niumdroeth and a wave his way before she's moving over to mount up herself and she'll be ready to go!

"Not on our own," Borodin says to Polana's whisper with a shrug. "Weyrleader likes his kid." And see? The nanny's climbing onto the blue dragon. The blue dragon. Not the brown one. Sigh. Of. Relief. He waves slightly to Angelique as she joins them, then nods to Abigail's instructions. Best behavior. Yep. Ready to fly? More or less. He's buckled in and he's gripping the straps.

Best behavior? Sure, she can do that. Her best behavior might not be like, say, Solan's best behavior but she will try her hardest. Polana gives a nod to Abigail to show she understands. Oh, and the kids and all climbing onto another dragon. Thank Faranth. A grin actually crosses her face as that. Solan's words get a laugh and an exclamation of, "don't you know, Solan!? It's alive!" But she does pull it back and tuck it under her heavy wherhide jacket. Borodin then gets and whisper of, "good, if it was us taking care of them on our own I bet we'd lose half of them in a candlemark." Once Polana looks like she's starting to gossip you can tell that she's ready to go.

Te'zin will don his helmet before climbing up the straps and setting about making sure the nanny and her charges are securely strapped, then double and triple checking. The bluerider will murmur his own words of encouragement, especially to the little girl while Kyzen is just given a smile. "Yes, that's correct. Zvetrith," Emphasis. "is blue. Now, remember, don't touch the buckles. Alright?" Good. Once all are ready, Zvetrith spreads his wings and will spring aloft to follow Niumdreoth's lead up into the Fortian skies, with Te'zin using a hand signal to inform Abigail of their readiness for Between, while Zvetrith focuses from the brown where they need to go.

Landing - Bonfire Square
This large square is a common place for the residents of Landing to come together for informal gatherings. Several large logs used for sitting on surround a pile of timber ready to be set ablaze. All vegetation has been cleared from this area to prevent any fires getting started by stray sparks from the bonfire during the dry season. Many people, several with apprentice knots on their shoulders, wander in and out of the buildings on either side of this square or head back towards the north. The building directly to the east of this square, known as the Administration building, is different from the others in this part of landing. It has solar panels in place of the regular roofing materials.

The dragons arrive in Landing a few heartbeats later, circling to land in the square designated for such things. The nanny and her charges carefully dismount from their blue. And as soon as they're on the ground, the nanny is swiftly getting Kyzen into his harness. Arms crossed, the toddler pouts sullenly, while Jess looks on with a little giggle.

Abigail pulls a pair of gloves from her pockets and then sets her goggled in place, along with zipping up her jacket, an yes there is a chance she is wearing two jackets there. She doesn't much think about the children anymore, someone else is watching over them after all and she has her own group to keep a close eye on. "Ye know there is a chore where ye lot has to watch over kids right?.." She knows that very well as she had it more than a few times herself. If they didn't know, now they do! Knowing is half the battle right? Niumdreoth is leaping skywards, large wings carrying him higher into the sky to they are at a good point in which they can head between safely. With the signal given from the other Niumdreoth disappears Between. When the brown appears they are all over the skies of Landing, a deep bugle of a greeting escaping the dragon. Abbey meanwhile is looking back over the ones that came along for the ride, making sure everyone is there perhaps. The weather here is at least a better then the /lovely/ wintery weather that is hovering over Fort at the moment that should be a plus. With everyone accounted for Niumdreoth is heading downwards landing a good ways off from the other dragon and his wings tuck close to his sides while he crouches down so everyone can dismount.

Unbuckling his straps, Solan nods to Abigal's comment from just prior to take off. "I don't much mind children," the young man smiles. "A little patience goes a long way, I find." Sliding down to the ground, he reaches up to offer Polana - the Calf Wrestler - a hand down as well. "Living hair with a mind of its own, eh? Remind me to tell you about my father's unibrow then," he smirks. "I bet the two have a lot in common." As the others dismount, the woodworker looks around the area and can't help but burst into a grin of excitement. "Landing…wasn't sure I'd ever see it! Have any of you been before?" he asks the candidates, knowing Abigail probably has. "Thanks for the ride, Nim," he smiles at the Brown before nodding to his rider.

This time Angelique counted during the trip between and as they emerge from it. "….4…" eyes open. They're here! She relaxes the death grip she had on the straps and draws in a deep breath. One more trip between under her belt. "Not so bad watching over the littles." Angelique points out. "At the end of the day they still go back to their parents." and not with her! She falls silent to admire the view as Niumdreoth soars in to land. A pat to the hide beneath her and she's sliding down to the ground. "Not been here before, no." is her reply towards Solan.

Borodin goes quiet for the flight itself, letting Polana and Solan do the chatting. Once there, he undoes his buckles and slides down, stepping around to the front to offer Niumdreoth a pat and a muttered, "Thanks," before turning his attention back to the other candidates. Watching over children gets a shrug from him, but then he glances to Solan and nods. "I have. Once." Last candidacy.

Up, up, and away! Only it isn't so cheerful, not nearly. More like up, up, /between/, ohmygodI'mgonnadie. She may or may not be clinging to her straps with a death grip when they come out. A relieved gasp leaves her. Alive, they're alive. Abigail's comment gets a frown from her followed by, "I remember, one of them managed to get jam in my hair last time I stood." The Calf Wrestler accepts Solan's hand down, only to let out a squeak of the mention of unibrows. "Oh please, no unibrow stories! I'm not sure my eyebrows could handle it." There is an amused smile on Polana's face despite her words. She gives a nod of thanks to Niumdreoth before answering the question by saying, "and no, I've personally never been here before."

Xavier is in awe as they come to land in the square. He soon finds himself dismount and giving the dragon a pat on the hide before turning to the others. "I've never been here myself, the weather sure is a nice change." He gives a soft chuckle as he looks around the square.

Zvetrith whuffles towards Niumdreoth when the brown comes in to land, having already folded his wings in preparation to settle in once all his passengers have dismounted. Te'zin will step down first, offering his hand to help with the little ones and the nanny in charge of them, then Xavier as well before he's gesturing for the Candidate to hurry and rejoin the main group. Quick, run before you're babysitting too! Kyzen is given a gentle pat to the head when the toddler begins to pout, but the bluerider speaks to the nanny. "We'll wait for you all here, if you don't mind? They shouldn't give you too much grief?"

Meanwhile, as everyone gathers, a Journeyman Techcrafter is approaching from one of the paths, hand lifted in greeting. No doubt word was sent in advance and he's been dispatched to greet them. "Welcome to Landing!" he calls out, grinning crookedly. "Always nice to have visitors! Are we all set then?" he asks as his eyes move from Candidate to candidate, his gaze settling last on Abigail.

The nanny makes sure Kyzen's harness is secure, with its buttons and buckles, and takes Jess by the hand. "That sounds good, Te'zin, and no, they'll be on their best behavior. This is their reward for doing so well in classes last sevenday. Thank you. We'll meet you back here soon." Then she approaches the candidates, but stays towards the back of the group. Kyzen fidgets in his harness, arms crossed and still pouting. Looks just like his father when he pouts.

Abigail smirks as she hears Polana. "At least they didn't try to pull yer hair out." Her red curly hair always had the kids grabbing for it for some reason or another. She hops down after the others, gloves pulled off and tucked into her jacket which is pulled off and left hanging on a low strap, the other thinner jacket she has on is undone. "I've been here a few times actually, lovely place." This said while her goggles are put away. A glance is sent towards the blue dragon and the ones there before she hears the new voice. A warm smile is seen along with a nod. "Tis a pleasure that ye allow us to come for a visit. Fort is thankful for the offer of such things." A faint glance is offered to the Candidates before her attention is back to the Journeyman. "I'm Abigail rider of Niumdreoth, and these are a few of the lucky Candidates that are here to learn anything and everything in which ye wish to offer." That's right Candidates, lesson time in a sense, remember take notes! There is a possible test looming later.

At Polana's unibrow aversion, Solan is chuckling. As Borodin, Angelique, and Xavier reply to his question, though, the young man merely nods. "Well, at least I'm not the only first-timer," he smiles. As the nanny and the children join the rear of the group, the woodcrafter's eyes slide over to rest on the Journeyman. "Hello there," he offers once Abigail has presented them. He spends a few moments removing the appropriate level of warm weather gear - enough to keep him comfortable in Landing's temperatures - and stows the items in a bundle in a dark green backpack, which is now stuffed and fluffed full and slung between his shoulders.

Angelique slips the gloves into a pocket and shrugs out of the jacket now not needed. "Fort's duties." she'll say as she comes up behind Abigail to greet the Journeyman. She's all set it seems, sparing a glance briefly to the other candidates.

Borodin looks to the techcrafter, and nods. "Uh. Thanks." His hands go into his pockets, then come back out to take off his gloves, then go back - wait, he wants to undo his jacket… and some amount of fumbling later, those hands are most definitely in his pockets and he's standing there without too much overheating.

Oh, look, a techcrafter! Polana doesn't trust techcrafters, and is eyeing him suspiciously because of this. Hyper-intelligent technology people, for all she knows they could be trying to take over the world. However, what Abigail says about children pulling hair gets a look of horror that pushes the techcrafter out of her head for the time being. "Well, with my hair being the color that it is at the moment I can only hope that I don't have to experience any of that today as well." At the sight of the others taking off their hot gear she does the same, flinging her jacket over her shoulder. Oh shards, they're here to /learn/? There's probably going to be writing then. Wonderful. Seeing the others greet the techcrafter Polana reluctantly follows suit, giving a wave and a quick mutter of, "hey."

Xavier smiles to the techcrafter. "Nice to meet you, Fort's duties." He gives a small nod while taking off the gloves and opening the jacket. He walks over to stand by Solan. He leans over towards the man. "Hey, how are you Solan?"

"Well met, Abigail. I'm Journeyman Varen and I'll be your 'guide' so to speak for the day." The Techcrafter replies, dipping his head again respectfully to the Wingsecond, before going on to welcome and return all the greetings from the Candidates with the same courtesies. "Fort is most welcome here, especially for the chance to learn. Most of the reason behind the Hall here is for that purpose. Come and follow me then, we'll begin! If any of you have questions, speak up and I'll do my best to answer." Otherwise, he seems content to do most of the talking and even well before they've arrived to their first destination, he's already chattered on about many of the buildings off in the distance and where such paths lead to where. Don't bother with notes, someone start a map!

The nanny keeps one hand on the end of Kyzen's leash, and her other hand holding Jess' as they move after the group. The children look interested at least, and eager, Kyzen's wide eyes peering at everything, hands often pushing unruly curls away from his face.
You paged (Kimmila, Abigail) with 'Sorry about that, I wanted to be sure we sort've knew where to go. XD It'll be lch, mh and then we can ask them where they'd like to go from there or if they want us to randomly choose?'.

Abigail isn't about to comment about the whole unibrow conversation that is happening with a pair of candidates, though they both get a curious look from her along with a raise brow. Niumdreoth rumbles out softly to the lot and is soon settled down there waiting for them to return for that trip back home. Abbey lets her attention turn back to Varen, a warm smile seen while she nods. "Sounds like that they will be learning plenty thanks to ye. I know they look forward to such things." If not hopefully they will keep those comments to themselves. The brownrider will take up following the little group at the end, making sure the lot of them doesn't go wandering off. It will be easier for her to pick up things here and there so they can get back here, who needs a map? Guards use to working in forests and searching for people are better than maps! Well, most of the time.

As Xavier sidles over, Solan looks at him with none of the awkwardness from their last meeting - over a month ago, at the dance. When Xavier kissed Polana and things got very, very weird. Over the last few weeks, the young woodworker has been spending more and more time outside the weyr and, now so long removed from those events, Solan actually gives the young man a smile and says, "Doing well, Xavier. And yourself?" His eyes momentarily flick to Polana as the group begins moving, the young man mentally focusing on how buildings are laid out. That could come in handy later, yes? Following the Journeyman, Solan is raptly attentive to whatever the techcrafter has to say, though a little whispered side conversation isn't too disruptive, right?

Angelique keeps to about the middle of the group with just enough interest as the Journyman's words as they walk to look to each building as it's pointed out. Iiiinteresting! Mostly.

Borodin nods to Varen, listening to the techcrafter with… well, let's not go so far as to say comprehension, but he's at least listening. Maybe he'll even remember it if he has to navigate this place on his own… but for now, he's just sticking with the option where he follows along.

Jastre has totally been here the whole time, no way he would suddenly poof here out of nowhere. He's just been quiet and staring around at everything. Southern continent, again, and this hella awesome place, Landing! Everyone knows about Landing, it's legendary! He's mentally fanboying, because this is like almost the ultimate destination for an explorer like him.

Polana is trying to listen, she really is! But it's all just so… blah. Building this, landing that, when are they going to talk about the /important/ stuff? Like thread? Or the first dragons? She wants to learn about Faranth, not some old houses! Despite the boredom creeping up on her she holds it in, instead glancing to Xavier and smirking before whispering, "told you you'd be searched.

Xavier grinned at Solan. "I'm good, been working hard lately." He hears Polana's remark and smirks for a moment as he fishes around in his pocket pulling out a half mark before giving it to Polana. "Here, I guess you won that bet." He chuckled lightly while trying to listen to Veren. He goes quiet trying to keep up with the man and his endless talking.

Landing - First Floor
This wide, well-travelled hallway runs east and west through the Hall. Tables with electric lamps are spaced along the north and south walls of the hallway, intersperced with floor-to-ceiling tapestries. Blue and purple throw rugs are on the floor, and drudges sweep the stones clean every morning.
An open archway in the north side of the hallway opens into the Dining Hall, while farther down the hall to the west on the north wall are a set of double doors that lead into the Concert Hall. The Classroom and the Workshop are along the south wall while a set of stairs down leads to the huge library complex.

Landing - Workshops
You enter a small circular chamber which has doors exiting in all directions. Beyond each of the wide wooden doors is a workshop set aside for each of the crafts at Landing.

Clutter! This room may, at first glance, be one of the most disorganized places in the Techcraft Hall. It appears that whoever is in charge here uses a 'visual organization system' — everything out where it can be seen. The workbenches throughout the room are covered with wires, electrical components, tools, and projects in various stages of completion. A bundle of cable runs around the perimeter of the room, and has fallen down so that it's partially in the way of the workshop's only entrance.
A workbench against the far wall contains a bank of devices that hum softly as they perform some unknown function. The smell of solder and the scent of burned electrical components mixes with the overriding odor of ozone on the air.

Onwards will they be led! Varen only slows as they step into the Dining Hall and not so much because he wishes to but the bustling activity makes him do it. Not so easy to navigate such a large group through a busy time of day, but it won't stop him from pointing out various details before moving ever deeper into the Hall. He'll go a bit into the history as well, once the din of the dinning hall is behind them. "As you all know, the history of Landing is primarily the start of all our past. It was meant to be temporary, most of it in fact built from materials scavenged from the Dawn Sisters orbiting the planet. This Hall itself is newer, but some of the buildings we passed are, more or less, the originals. There is a lot of history here, as I'm sure you're all aware…" And on and on he goes. Into the history of Landing, it's abandonment during the volcanic eruptions that lead to the Second Crossing north, to this being the creation site of the dragons by Kitti Ping and all while Varen navigates his way as if on autopilot but at a snails pace. At last, he goes silent as he stands by one entrance in the south wall. "We'll start with the workshops! There's electrical and engine, a good introductory as to what the Techcraft is and what keeps most of Landing operating. If you'll all just step inside? Mind what you touch!" he says, cheery enough but there's a tone to his voice. He's only going to warn once! Those who get shocked or zapped for their troubles well… learn the hard way.

The nanny keeps a tight hold on Jess's hand, but when the toddler begins to fuss in the crowd she's scooped up to rest against the woman's hip. Still holding tightly to the end of Kyzen's leash, she follows through the crowded dining hall and stops when Varen stops, ready to move into the workshops. Until she feels tension at the end of that leash. "Kyzen, don't," she begins to say, turning to tell the toddler to not get too far away - only to see that the harness is empty, dragging on the ground. "Kyzen??!!" the nanny yells. Oh shards, she's lost the Weyrleader's son.

Abigail may have been to Landings before but it's not like she went on any tours. She's been here a few times to escort people back and forth for whatever reason. Though like any other rider she knows the history and so just listens in on the conversation that is being had as they wander along. Her gaze turns towards the workshops and there is a stiff nod at the bit on minding what you touch. A glance is pointedly sent to Polana.. You heard that /right/? The sudden worried yell of the nanny is what pulls her attention back to the woman and the kid(-s). "Shells and shards.." Is grumbled out before a glance is sent to Varen. "If.. Ye would excuse me for a moment.. I will catch up.." They can handle the tour a few moments without her, right? Though if the boy can't be found quickly she might need to grab one or two to help try and round him up. There is a certain toddler that needs to be found, and hopefully quickly! She turns and is quick to move towards the nannies side. "When did ye last see him?" Oh hopefully he didn't get that far off. The brownrider is quickly looking around, trying to spot some sign of the little escape artist.

And it was all going so well, too… Solan - despite his fascination with all they are doing and seeing - looks to Abigail and says, "Firelizards?" On cue, both a green and a younger bronze - who's now overtaken his elder in size - pop out of *between,* flitting onto the young woodcrafter's padded shoulders, chittering curiosly. "They can talk to other 'lizards here. See if they've seen him?" After all, Kyzen couldn't have gone far yet. As for the warning of /not/ touching things, Solan suddenly worries that Kyzen might not have the wisdom to discern what's safe to touch versus what isn't. "I'm not sure we should wait to fan out?" What if the little boy really harmed himself while only one person looked?

Angelique listens with about half her attention as they slowly move towards their end goal. The other half of her attention is wandering off on it's own, perhaps thinking of history past and what she learned from the harpers in Souther Boll. Whatever thoughts her mind was on at the moment are suddenly scattered to all four winds as she hears the nanny calling Kyzen's name with what is surely a hint of panic to her tone. Quickly Angelique's gaze slides that way and follows the leash until it reaches the empty harness. "Huh…guess he figured out how to get out of it." is her first remark.

Oh, Borodin's aware of the history. He'll become super double aware of it, by the time the techcrafter is done. That, or his eyes will glaze over and he'll forget everything he once knew. He nods occasionally, navigating his way through the crowd and then filing toward the doorway Varen's indicating - only to pause at the shouted name. "Oh. Uhm." He turns, looking between the others, and then glances to Varen. "…is… there a lost and found?" And does it accept small children?

Jastre listens to the rambler because that's what he's supposed to do, but most of this is stuff he already knows, and therefore, not interesting. He's more interested in the surroundings, and the craft itself, though he's jarred from his thoughts by the nanny yelling for… uh oh. He spots the harness, recognizing it as the one that toddler he met once was wearing. The one who fell facefirst into a basket of berries. Who is the child of… "Whoops." he looks around to see if he can spot the kid. "Heh… I saw a sign once that claimed it was the parents that got lost, not the children." now's not the time for jokes, dude.

The moment the techcrafter speaks of not touching things she feels a slight blush begin to crawl up her cheeks. She likes to touch stuff. Oh, and judging my that pointed look sent her way Abigail does as well. A /completely/ innocent look is sent to the brownrider followed by a small smile. Then a screech of terror from the nanny. SOMEONE ATE KYZEN! No, wait, he just ran away. Well, that's not nearly as epic. But it's still enough to make her worried. "Doomed," she mutters darkly, "we're all doomed.

The moment the techcrafter speaks of not touching things she feels a slight blush begin to crawl up her cheeks. She likes to touch stuff. Oh, and judging my that pointed look sent her way Abigail does as well. A /completely/ innocent look is sent to the brownrider followed by a small smile. Then a screech of terror from the nanny. SOMEONE ATE KYZEN! No, wait, he just ran away. Well, that's not nearly as epic. But it's still enough to make her worried. "Doomed," she mutters darkly, "we're all doomed." Then Solan has his search firelizard idea and she exclaims, "Solan, you're a genius!" With that she mentally calls to her firelizards, who pop in from /between/. Brown Mjolnir immediately swoops off in search of the kid while Opal remains for a bit, chittering in annoyance before also flying off. With them searched Polana adds, "and I agree with Solan, he could get fried while we wait. I say we go in pairs on two, just in case one of us isn't enough to get him."

Varen only blinks, paused midway into stepping inside the workshops to turn his head towards the sound of the nanny yelling. Brows knit at first for the disturbance and then the Journeyman clues in. "A missing child? Oh my. No, that's not good at all!" FAR too many dangers in the Hall, after all. "He could not have got far and much of the doors here are locked. Folk will notice him too." There's a pointed stare for Borodin and Jastre and a bit of a huff that follows Varen's next words. "There is a lost and found but it's for items." Apparently he has no sense of humor or is prickly because… well, lost child? Eyeing the firelizards that arrive, Varen lifts his hands up in a placating matter. "Now, now… no need to panic! As I said, there's not many rooms he can enter freely and neither is he likely to get far without being spotted. At most, he could be back in the dining hall?" What kid doesn't like food! It's a logical assumption. "Or he's gone in…" The workshops. "… well Faranth save us all if he's in there!" Not kid safe! So not helping, mister tour guide! "Though there are workers. He'll be found!" He's just a kid, after all, right? What trouble could he possibly get into?

This is Kyzen they're talking about. While the Nanny holds tightly to Jess, she takes a deep breath and nods. Reeling in the harness, she's frowning at it. "Did this thing break?" No…no it didn't. A swift inspection reveals that Kyzen simply undid the buckles and buttons. Quietly. Sneakily. And then made a run for it. And since no one is looking up from their work and shouting, 'Hey, anyone loose a kid?' it's clear he's not yet been spotted by anyone. However…was that the sound of a thud from the workshops?

Abigail takes in a soft breath and nods to Solan. Firelizards for the win of course.. There is another brown and bronze popping in from between and are quick to start looking around, the brown is heading towards the workshops even while there is talk of is being possible. Abbey eyes the harness a few moments and soon rubs at her eyes. "I'm gona make 'em a harness that I know he can't get out of." She makes them for her canines after all. Hearing Varen there is a moment of her looking a bit pale at the thought of him being in the workshops. At that thud she takes in a soft breath. "I'm checking there first.." Because let's face it, this is Kyzen they are talking about the kid manages to find trouble ever so easily at times. "Whomever wants to follow come along, but someone check the dining hall as well." With that said the wingsecond is heading towards the workshops to make sure all is safe.. Hopefully..

Brynn - Solan's green - streaks off down the hallway, flapflapflapping her way into the dining hall. Bronze Kon, however, is winging his way into one of the workshops further down. The young woodworker they look to is following Abigail, trailing the woman into a workshop and attempting to keep his hands away from anything potentially dangerous. "Kyzen?" Solan calls out, crouching to look beneath a piece of some large equipment or other. "Are you here?" He might be getting weird looks from anyone working here and thus says, "Lost child. About this tall," he gestures with his hand. "Fort Weyrleader's /son/," Solan emphasizes, hoping workers will join in the hunt as well. His eyes dart around the shop, looking for the likely source of the loud thud - though wouldn't the workers have heard it already? Perhaps the noise of the shop drowned it out somehow and it was more easily heard from outside?

"…well, uhm," Borodin begins. 'Where do you put children when you find them?' would be his next question, but he has the sense to not actually ask the prickly techcrafter. Instead, he edges away from the workshop and starts looking back through the dining room. Because, well, firelizards are good, but… humans are useful too?
Jastre belatedly notices people suddenly growing firelizards and sending them off, and hastily tries summoning his own. Well, he does, but whether the tiny green would be able to do anything remains to be seen. Rather than look about for a toddler, she starts chasing insects. Sigh. Too young, not enough training. Oh well, guess he'll start looking himself. He goes into one of the workshops, poking his head in and calling.

Oh, she isn't the one getting the stare this time! Despite the situation she can't help but savor it, just a little bit. Then there's a thump from the shop, she she assumes is the 'Faranth help us if he went in there' place. Well then, it looks like they might be getting a barbecued child today. Unless they find him and fast. At Abigail's words she nods before entering the shop, moving away from the main group within moments. Think like a child, she needs to think like a child. Where would a child go? Oh. Polana sees a small area between some elaborate computer systems, which she assumes will be filled with wires and, possibly, a hiding place. So, there's one place to look. Oh, but if she doesn't find him right away this could take some time. A plan, she needs a plan. In a high pitched, happy voice she calls, "all right Kyzen, let's play a game! Find the girl with the purple hair and you'll get a super special treat when you get home. Oh, and try to find her before she finds you for an extra reward." With that she looks on the space between the computers, forcing a grin onto her face. Children like games, right?

A shout of 'hey, we lost a kid' would have got a good stir of response, but Solan's addition that it's a Weyrleader's child who's pulled the houdini stunt and vanished? Has any not-busy apprentice and a few Journeyman hastily scouring the workshops, questions and orders shouted back and forth. How'd it happen? How long ago? What's he look like? And so on and so forth. The south wall entrance leads into a small circular chamber with more doors exiting in all directions. One is for electrical and beside it engines (danger and more danger!), with Weaver, Tanner and Harper all having their smaller places further in. Plenty of places for a child to hide in, though if Kyzen is behaving as he ought, he'd go for the most dangerous of them all and the most cluttered. Polana's tactic is a good one, but it yields nothing but a few stares from some of the Apprentices, who at least "help" by searching. A few others, ordered by Varen, head down to the Dining Hall. Now the word is going to spread! The Techcrafter then blinks at Borodin and opens his mouth, only to close it again. Uhh… "… well, we've never actually misplaced a child before." Honest, really! Sighing, poor Varen runs his hand through his hair and shakes his head again and in an exasperated tone, ducks into the workshops. "I'm certain he can't get far or into much mischief!" Jinx?

D'ani arrives just as a firelizard - or lizards - leave. He ducks a flurry of wings as he enters the door, turning his head to peer after them for a moment. Then he strides further into the room brown eyes roving the general chaos with a touch of blank confusion. Last he heard someone was to take a group of Candidates for an educational field trip to Landing while he finished up an errand. Though he'd planned to join the outing already in progress, this isn't exactly what he'd expected to find in the usually bustling orderly craftcenter. Oh, the name everyone's calling is instantly recognized and that they're searching is quite evident. Greaaat. They've lost the Weyrleader's son! He just leans against on of the computers to observe for a few minutes, since there's plenty of people searching already. And there's Polana with that perky grin, peering into the space beside him like it's a game. "Did you have anything to do with this?" he asks her drolly. He's kidding. No he's not. Well, mostly.

The Nanny shifts Jess to her other hip and follows after the others. She's a bit less mobile with Kid #2 in her arms, so she'll let the others do most of the heavy lifting and looking. Jinx indeed, Varen, as there's suddenly a loud thud, the sound of something winding down, and then…the power goes out. A sudden silence with the absence of electricity running along wires, and then the emergency lights flicker to life, dim red shades along the floor, marking the exits as a tiny bit of light filters in through the few windows. Mostly, though, it's just dark.

Abigail isn't really in the mood to think about what could be or not be as she is making her way on into the workshop looking mostly low. Under tables, behind a few things here and there.. As she hears Varen and she sends him a glance. "Did ye really need to say that..?" Oh yeah she heard that, there will be all getting jinxed any moment now. The brown firelizard perches on a high vantage point and is looking for the toddler. As the power winds down she pauses and just glowers. "Thanks so much for saying that.." This is sent to Varen, it is ALL his fault now. Though at least she sort of has an idea where a certain little child might be. A wind up light is pulled from the pocket of her jacket and she fiddles with it a few moments before there is a very soft glow of a light seen as she slowly picks and chooses a path towards where she saw the electrical items are all set up.

From bad to worse. And worse again as the power goes out, casting the room into darkness only punctuated by emergency lighting. Sloughing off his backpack, Solan crouches to suddenly dig through it in search of something even as he's answering the workers' questions. He gives the pertinent information, not that they'll be able to see Kyzen clearly in the dim lighting available. "Ah," the woodworker says, coming up with a few glows. "Polana," he says in a singsong voice - sort of in line with the girl's own approach, "Wanna play catch?" He's gesturing with the glow and tosses it her way if wanted. Then he's onto his belly, crawling slowly along the floor - awkwardly with a glow in his hand - looking slowly and carefully amongst the equipment near where the latest thud was heard. Let Polana be the loud looker; he'll be the silent searcher.

"…as long as there aren't any ladders," Borodin mutters as he looks through the dining area. Oh wait. There probably are. Maybe in the tanner workshops, over the vats of lye and acid? … or maybe it's just a little stepladder in the power conduit control whatever it is room. That magical place where electricity and light come… uh… came from. Borodin sighs as the lights go out, but then his sigh is interrupted by a thump-squelch. The thump is somebody walking into him. The squelch is their tray flipping up and dousing him in… soup? He thinks? It smells vaguely like herdbeast broth. At least it isn't scalding… but it is hot. "Uhm. Ow." There's a mutter of apologies as the souper slinks away under cover of darkness.

Jastre was in the middle of looking in a workshop when the lights go out, and he knocks into a table and lets forth something the toddler he's looking for should never hear. Owwww that was his leg! He makes his way more carefully to the door, groping about and letting his eyes adjust. Oof. "Hey is everyone ok? What happened?"

Who in their right mind brings a toddler to Landing? No, D'ani doesn't voice that, he's had the diplomacy training and this is definitely one of those times to put the training into use. So he is silent after his teasing question to Polana, still leaning against the console while folks scurry hither and yon. It's not that he doesn't care. He's just… thinking. When the lights go off he breathes a sigh of relief. Someone got smart and hit the safety breaker so little fingers wouldn't find a live wire. That's pretty much what he assumes. When the area quiets as the hum of machinery silences, he suggests, "If everyone hushes and listens, we might find him faster." Because really, it's a toddler and this place is filled buttons and switches. "Just follow the sounds of clicking as he pushes them."

Oh, look, it's D'ani! D'ani, asking if she has anything to do with this. With a snort and a shake of her head Polana responds, "I can honestly say that I am completely innocent." And then there's that sharding guide again, saying that the child possibly couldn't have any more trouble. Then wham! Jinx. Her eyes narrow to a glare as the power goes out. Her voice is a growl as she says, "if murder was legal I would have that mans head." She's joking. Maybe. When Solan tosses her the glow she catches it quietly, sending a quick grin of thanks his way. A real one this time, not a forced one. Then D'ani has an idea, a rather good idea. Polana gives a nod but does not say anything, instead beginning to creep toward where she thought she heard the last sound.

There are other sounds filtering about, nearby and distant and most of them are voices grumbling or exclaiming in complaint or surprise. Orders are called out and replied to and there is the muted sound of things being shuffled and moved or the thud of things being bumped into. Oh, how many shins shall be barked this day! Woe. Someone has the thought to pull out more glows and pass them around, as well as uncover any windows… not that there are many. Other sounds are the feeble trill sounds of alarms as certain systems announce, rather pointlessly, that 'hey, we don't have power, fix this!'. Varen only huffs, "How is this my fault?" It wasn't he who thought to bring such young children to Landing! Granted, he should have noticed from the stop and had them stay outside. Then the power goes out and the Techcrafter only exhales. "Don't be alarmed. That's someone at control, no doubt!" Maybe D'ani was right? There are clicking sounds, but anyone who goes to investigate will discover it's only Apprentices flicking the switches to a few machines and systems to be sure that when the power DOES come back, nothing overloads. Because that's just what they need too!

Munch. Munch. Smack. Chew. "Mmmmmmm."

Abigail didn't bring the toddler with her and the group, no that was the nanny right over /there/. She catches bits of conversations from the ones behind her while letting her gaze slowly drift one way and then another while pausing next to a few of the machines she saw before. "Kyzen?" Is questioned with a soft tone while she lifts her light up a bit to try and peer out more in the darkness. More clicking sounds this way and that make her look off in the other directions. "Shards.." Is grumbled out. Well this is not how she pictured things happening in the least. Knowing her luck she won't be allowed to take any one else on a tour ever again.

In the Dining Hall, a green firelizard suddenly lands on Borodin's shoulder and begins licking the soup off his face. Tasty! Too bad Brynn didn't stop to think that — in the dark like that — such a sudden tongue assault might be just a tad scary?

Solan had decided to remain quiet already and so his belly-crawl search continues. The sounds of switches and button presses at first attract him but soon he realizes it's other adults. What /does/ seem out of place, though, is the sound of munching, crunching, and 'Mmmm'ing. Was that nearby? It certainly sounds like it. From his backpack, Solan again roots for something, coming up with the wrapped pastry he'd packed as part of his lunch. Breaking it into small pieces, he starts laying a trail from the area he /thought/ he heard Kyzen back towards the door. Perhaps the boy will follow his stomach?

Jastre gets his hands on a glow, and not beforetime, either. He'll have a nice set of bruises later, as his legs bore the brunt of his lack of sight. He quiets down when he hears others saying so, and starts listening. He hears some munching sounds too, but who knows if that's from the kid or not?

Alarmed? No. Disgruntled? Yes. Borodin repeats that sigh - this time, he gets through to the end - and begins shuffling along to keep looking for Kyzen. Did someone paint the boy with glowing ink? No? Maybe they should consider it for next time. Someone is bringing glows over to where - "Iaaaaaagh!" That's Borodin, because a long swooping shadow has just crossed his face and it's got a tendril or slime-protrusion or SOMETHING and it's on his faaaaaace! Flail! …okay, now he's alarmed.

Because kids Kyzen's age don't discriminate between the floor and their plates, right? D'ani actually approves of Solan's lure. He's seen tots in the caverns foraging off the floor, much to the horror of their mothers. The old adage, 'you've gotta eat a peck of dirt before you die' is totally true! Besides - the three second rule is definitely truth!

Well, sorta. Abigail can see through people's clothes, Solan can detect a fashion mess up a mile away, D'ani can fly, Borodin's legs turn into a tail when wet, Jastre gets sabre teeth, and Polana can read minds.

Varen leaves the others to their search, having to turn instead to oversee a few things — namely answer a summons by one of the apprentices standing by the engine workshop. "What do you mean it was an overload of the circuit board? Honestly! Which fool apprentice was in charge of monitoring that?" he exclaims and then sets to muttering under his breath. That means… "See? I told you the child could not have got to any of the important," Dangerous! "equipment!" HA! Triumph! Only… now there's another yell and Varen is exhaling again. "What now!" That's it! Fort is so banned from visiting for the rest of the month! Turn. Forever. Stomping out to where Borodin is flailing, the Journeyman lifts the glows in his hands, "What's all the ruckus? Are you injured?" First concerns! Distractions in place, it's time to see if a bit of clever food bait luring actually works! Or was all that munching from some apprentice snacking in the back corner while the chaos ensues? Popcorn, anyone?

From beneath one of the food tables in the dining room, under the floor length table cloth, a curly haired head peeks out. He /heard/ that wrapper being opened and, like a canine, he must investigate. Oooh. Food! Scrambling forward, Kyzen snatches up the first bit of food. NOM. His face, hands and outfit are smeared with food. Seems like he got a bowl of mashed tubers and gravy, and some sticky sweets under there. Joy?

Abigail glowers as she hears Varen and is making her way out of the workshop room. "Fine.." Is muttered out. Then where in the heck is the kid?! The yell from the dining room makes her sigh a moment as she finds herself nearby where D'ani is, he is sent a glance, which is most likely hidden thanks to it being all dark like still. "I don't remember any of this happening when we went out on stuff like this.."
The firelizard becomes just as frightened as Borodin apparently and promptly disappears *between*. Is it even still there when Varen approaches? Nope. All gone. Poofsies! She's off to find the comforts of home, forgetting the search for poor (?) Kyzen.

Solan doesn't know if the youngster is following the trail yet. So he simply continues laying the bits down until there's no more. Thankfully, he's near the original starting point now and - as a prize for following along the whole way - a whole sweet-glazed muffin is laid out. "There goes my /second/ dessert," the woodcrafter sighs. He shouldn't be having second desserts anyways, right? But perhaps it will be enough to coax Kyzen over and keep him occupied until he can be properly found. Standing, Solan moves away from the muffin and around the doorframe of the workshop, watching patiently to see if Kyzen will come.

And, and and - and then it's gone, leaving nothing but a wet spot on his cheek. Borodin goes gasp and then starts to calm down… only to find himself faced by an angry techcrafter! Borodin turns to look wide-eyed at Varen. "Uhm. No. I. It. Sorry. Sir." Maybe Kyzen can speak more clearly than Borodin, just now. Give him a minute or three, and he might even be capable of noticing things again. Maybe. For now: oblivious…. but watching the shadows. The ones at head height.

D'ani chuckles wryly in response to Abigail, "We were just lucky, I guess?" Meanwhile he has pushed off the console with one shoulder to tread quietly about, keeping an ear and eye out for the little people. Person. The whir of wings has him keeping his head down as excited firelizards flit about. He's not far from Borodin when he exclaims, the yell in the semi-darkness enough to startle him momentarily. Two steps over to the Candidate and he, well he can't exactly check him over in the dark, but he can ask, "Do your eyes burn? Can you feel your nose?" Because, y'know, the slime might be some sort of caustic chemical or something. He offers a hand to steady him. "Easy," he says, trying to stay calm himself. He might need a medic and so the Weyrsecond is prepared to call for one.

Jastre has no idea what's going on, except stuff is coming back online and oh look there's a kid under the table. Somehow he ended up in that room, and he waves to the toddler. "Hey, Kyzen, come out from under there, we're all worried about you!" he points at the muffin that's on the floor, he missed who put it there. He missed a lot. "You like muffins right?"

Varen almost begins to foot tap with impatience for Borodin to work out a clear answer, but the Journeyman's attention is pulled away when D'ani approaches to step in and check on the Candidate's condition. One look at the knot and now it's the Techcrafter's turn to stammer a bit. "W-Weyrsecond, sir! Didn't see you arrive!" In all the chaos. Oh, wonderful example the Hall is setting! "Just a minor set back, honest." No power, lost the Weyrleader's son. Minor setbacks! Cough. Another Journeyman calls for Varen and he hastily excuses himself and after a moment of hushed conversation and the one Journeyman disappears while Varen remains. A few minutes more and the lights flicker back, dim, struggle and then hold firm and strong. Power is back!

Kyzen is a sneaky little guy, and he loves his sweets, but he's also utterly stuffed himself. And now he realizes that he's alone. And he's two. So in the middle of the trail Solan laid out for him, the kid suddenly feels /very/ ill. And throws up. And then starts to cry. Loudly. And then the lights come back on, so he covers his face from the sudden lights and keeps crying. And ignoring everyone else. Crrryyyyyy. Then, "DAAAADDDDYYYYYYY!"

Abigail frowns slightly while she watches, well watches what she can see at least.. Her light is slowly starting to dim and a sigh escapes her so her light is close to being dead it would seem. She tucks the light back into her pocket and is able to see bits here and there as she makes her ways slowly but surely to the dining area where everyone else is to be found. The lights come back on, and luckily her eyes was half closed so she isn't hit with a HELLO in the face so to speak from the bright light. She catches sight of Kyzen and is quiet for a moment as the boy gets sick.. Nice.. Though as she catches sight of D'ani tending to her brother, and well she doesn't see any blood on him so she turns instead and is slowly moving over to where Kyzen is and crouches down, careful of the mess there now too. "Kyzen.. It's alright.." Is murmured out softly while she reaches out so softly touch the boy on his shoulder. "Come here? We can get ye on home now I'm thinking." Before something else goes crazy.

Peeking around the doorframe, Solan is /thrilled/ to see - dimly, of course - the child following the trail of sweet, crumbly pastry bits out into the open. As the lights come on and Jastre and Abigail position themselves to pen the youngster in if needed, visions of calf wrestling suddenly swim through the young woodworkers head again. Only today, what he'd learned from D'ani on that particular excursion had come in handy much more than any brute force could. Smiling to himself, he leaves the doorframe, picks up his second dessert - wrapping it up once more and saving it for later - and then approaches Borodin. "Sorry about that. My green; she loves soup," he shrugs. "Hope she didn't hurt you?" Kyzen and Abigail are eyed from across the way, Solan thankful that this particular hurdled is about to be cleared.

Borodin feels for his nose, just to make sure. It's… still there, yes. Has it always been this lopsided? And… it's wet. That's not blood, is it? From the caustic acidic… ulp. "It's, uhm, I… still have one?" So far. If he falls over dead… well. Been nice knowing ya? The lights come back on and leave him blinking, lowering his hand to stare at fingers that… are not red. Oh good. He's not bleeding out. … and he's not even having the worst day, because while he may be covered in soup, he's not the one throwing up and crying in the middle of the hallway. Borodin stares at Kyzen, buuuut nope. He's not touching that. This problem, Abigail can take care of for him. So he pretends to not notice that (lies) and just turns his gaze on Solan. "Oh. Uh. It's… okay. I'm fine." Let's not talk about this, okay? Please? While Borodin can still pretend to have some amount of dignity…

D'ani's concerned peer at Borodin turns into a squint as the lights come back up but his attention is diverted by the stammering techcrafter, at least momentarily. "It's fine, carry on," he says distractedly, turning back to Borodin to hear his answer. No blood is good, no acid-dissolved eyes and nose, even better. Will he mutate later? Only time will tell. It could be soup, then again… He tries for subtle, pulls out a kerchief from his pocket and attempts to tuck it into Borodin's hand while surveying the… remnants of the chaos. Lights back on, Kyzen found, uh, just slightly worse for wear. Ignore the smashed bits of sweetroll on the floor. Ew, Solan, are you really going to eat that after it's been on the floor?! The Candidate gets a crinkle of brows for re-wrapping the muffin. "Okaaay, I think we're ready to, ah… see something outside?" Because the room smells like baby barf, rather than the fact that they've worn out their welcome, right?

Jastre blinks at the sudden light as the generators come online, and he hears the screaming. And almost walks into the mess… oh geez. He backs away before anyone shows up, he doesn't want to clean that up! Except everyone else is showing up so he tries to slip into the crowd.

Now things can go back to logical, sane order! Varen is likely hoping for it, but as the lights come back on his hopes are dashed by Kyzen's appearance and — apparently redecorating the floor with his pilfered lunch. Eeew! Then he's crying and the Journeyman can only toss his hands up in defeat. At least some of the other apprentices and Journeymen look a touch sympathetic? Also, never fear! Someone will be by with sawdust and cleaning supplies to take care of that mess, leaving the Candidates and both Abigail and D'ani free of that task. Could be that it's also to just… hurry them on out. Where's that nanny gone to, anyhow? And were's Te'zin? Varen is approaching the Weyrsecond again, giving a cursory glance to Borodin as he does. "After all the uh, excitement for today, I think it's best to end this tour?" he says dryly, but still with a faint hit of a smile that's more strained than anything.

Kyzen looks up at Abigail, blinking his red rimmed eyes and wiping gunk from his mouth. "I want my daddy!" he says, setting his face into a stubborn, oh so stubborn line. The nanny…might have been forgotten about, because RPing Kyzen was so much fun? Whoops?

Abigail nods to Kyzen and moves to try and pick him up, a soft sigh escaping her. "Right right.. We're get you to yer father, alright?" This is questioned with a soft tone. Her gaze turns towards where Borodin is, his alright, right? Look she is checking up on him again, though knows how he doesn't want to be fussed over! Her gaze turns to Varen, a slight nod seen before she is glancing to Kyzen. "Let's go on home and find yer daddy." Home.. Home sounds good until Th'ero finds out what happens perhaps. Her gaze turns to the candidates that are here. "Alright, let's get going."

Disaster. That's what this trip turned into. What had started as such an exciting outing to the magnificence of Landing had shifted into the cold of dreams snatched away. Even so, Solan is hopeful that at least at some point, the Candidates will be allowed to return and complete their studies there. Nodding to Borodin - who obviously wants to forget his scare - the woodcrafter follows Abigail, Polana, Angelique, and all of the rest, trailing at the back of the pack just so he can see the wonders of Landing a little bit longer on the return walk to the dragons. As for the Nanny, he isn't sure where she's gone but were he her - and should he have to tell Th'ero he'd /lost his son/ — he'd probably consider running for hills. Perhaps she's in hiding? Too bad she still has that harness.

Maybe Borodin is already mutating. Little does anyone know it was actually wherry soup before all this started. That scent of beef broth? It's just the first step in a process too terrible to describe. Borodin's fingers curl around the kerchief D'ani offers, and he bobbles his head to the weyrsecond with a look of gratitude as he tries to step back and scrub at his face. His shirt… yeah, that's a lost cause until he gets back to the weyr. (Or is that a misplaced cause?)

Jastre follows the other candidates, gingerly rubbing his knees from where he slammed them into something in the dark. Repeatedly. "Well…. nothing caught on fire, so it could've been worse, yes?"

To Varen, "We were just leaving." D'ani manages to say it with a straight face, even. To Borodin, a mutter of, "You're welcome," out of the corner of his mouth so as not to draw any more attention to the candidate. He's making shooing motions to the candidates towards the exit, edging himself around Kyzen's… er, lunch, flickering a grateful look at Abigail for handling the tot. Muddy beastpens, calves and their messes, veterinarian-type work he's quite at ease handling but babies yeahno. They're toxic. He's behind the lot, designated herder, apparently. It's going to be an interesting report that hits Th'ero's desk. Oh joy.

Don't jinx it Jastre! Varen only exhales in relief as everyone begins to gather and it seems as though things will at least resolve peacefully. Solan may have it right, the nanny may have fled in terror or… she simply went to enlist Te'zin's aid and they're caught up somewhere in the Dining Hall. So close and yet so far? Already work is slowly returning to normal around the workshops, most of the crafters drifting back to their stations. Shows over! At least there will be some good gossip for the next few sevendays? Varen will nod briskly to D'ani with a hasty, "Clear skies and safe flight" and will follow to see them out, at least to the Dining Hall before he's rushing back inside. He's got his own reports to fill! And maybe put in a request that there is extra backup next time Fort visits… and no kids. EVER. As for Th'ero, well — the Weyrleader is still oblivious, wherever he is right now and likely in the company of Kimmila. So perhaps they have a chance yet to get back to Fort, settle in and pretend none of this ever happen. Until the reports come in.

Kyzen squirms, but he's feeling too yucky and he's too tired to protest Abigail's lifting of him. So he just goes limp. That dead weight, sack of firestone /limp/. Sniffle. And more tears. And at some point soon he's going to have to go potty. This is the best 'no sex during Candidacy' lesson ever. And the nanny? She's outside dealing with a sick Jess…maybe their breakfast was tainted.

Abigail pauses as she hears Jastre, giving him a pointed look. "Really..?" This is questioned with a faint tone.. if anything happens.. As for Kyzen she really isn't paying much attention to how sticky and gross he is at the moment.. Or at least she isn't trying to, it's not /that/ bad at least. As for reprots, great.. she has to write all this up?.. Reallllly.. "I'm so skipping the next tour.." Is murmured out softly.

As the group exits the building, Solan is pulling his jacket from his backpack and prepares to re-don his cold weather gear just as soon as they reach Niumdreoth. Until then, he smiles at the sun on his face and focuses on the fun flight to come. This will all make for a VERY interesting story around the Candidate barracks and while he didn't see all he'd hoped, at least he'd gotten a good glimpse. "I'll be back," he whispers to himself, his smile widening to a grin at the thought. "Could have been worse, right?" Solan says aloud. "We could have destroyed some irreplaceable piece of technology. Instead, they just got a little delay in their work and some puke on their floor. All things considered?" He shrugs and chuckles, "Not bad, I'd say."

Oh yeah. "Thanks," Borodin says to D'ani, belatedly and muttered in a voice of trying not to draw attention to himself. Sooo it probably doesn't even get heard, but really, he's okay with that. He'll just try to disappear entirely. (And won't between be fun with a wet shirt?) Solan's comment earns him a skeptical look. "It, uhm… I… guess you could say that." Borodin wouldn't. But Solan can!

"Yet," says the Weyrsecond facetiously on the heels of Jastre's comment. Which may be why he's so agreeable to Varen's shooing them on their way. "Thanks, you too," he says to thin air as the Journeyman hurries away. He's wasting no time calling the rider's via Dremkoth to their dragons to load up and get out of Dodge. There's probably something spilled that's going to go FOOOOOF-WHOOSH any second now. Because who knows what those excited firelizards got into or where Kyzen wandered while exploring in the dark. Can you imagine the legacy?? 'There goes Kyzen. He burned down Landing once.'

Jastre blinks innocently at Abigail. What, it's true. Something catching on fire would be terrible! "Well uh I guess we'd better go before something does…." he is perfectly willing to be shooed away, this was adventure enough. Maybe sometime in the future he can bribe a rider to bring him back.

Don't miss the next tour! That involves going to the Yokohama where hitting the wrong switch can result in loss of gravity! Or… life support systems. One of those! It'll be FUN! All things aside, the Hall is still standing and any ruffled feathers will be smoothed by the day's end. There will just be (a lot) of new rules, that's all! Small details. Maybe a few waivers signed. Outside, Te'zin is waiting with Zvetrith and hovering by the nanny as she tends to the sick child and casting nervous glances towards the Hall until at last the group begin to return. Heaving a sigh of relief, the bluerider begins to do a quick headcount. Good, they're all there (and alive) and then he's giving D'ani a respectful nod, mouth set in a grim line. "We're ready to go. Just need to get them buckled in and settled." Then it's time to FLEE!

"If one more person says it could have been worse.. I swear I'm going to be very unhappy." Abigail offers with a slight shake of her head seen. As for Kyzen.. She is going to find that nanny and make sure she takes control of him now it seems. Once that is done she makes her way on over to Niumdreoth, lucky for Borodin she has an extra jacket, which is offered to him. A soft smile is sent to her brother. "I'm glad yer alright." This with a soft tone. She goes about pulling out her own flight jacket and gets it on, buckling it up while finding her gloves and goggles. "Everyone that is going back with Niumdreoth and I get strapped in." Abbey is not going to the Yokohama, it is just that simple.. She is so /done/ with tours for a while.

A wash of embarrassment floods through Solan when Abigail chides them. Oops? Probably wasn't the wisest thing for him to say, it seems. He hides the flush in his face with the business of donning his jacket, gloves, and goggles before - a little more gracefully this time - climbing up Niumdreoth's side. Taking again the central position, he secures one of the straps before reaching down to help others up should they want it. When all are up, he finishes strapping fully in and gives Landing one final, heartsick look. So many wonders! So little time. But the nice thing about Landing? It's been here for an incredibly long time and you know what? It isn't going anywhere. A smile coming back to his face, he says, "Thanks for taking us out here, you two." Though it wasn't necessarily a pleasure, it /was/ an experience. "It was great coming here with you all," he says to the other Candidates astride Niumdreoth. Those upon Dremkoth won't — obviously — be able to hear that but…yeah. Fun times at Landing!

Is this the part where they run away? Borodin likes that part! He takes the jacket from Abigail with a muttered thank you, and shrugs it on - not that the cold of between won't find a way through. It always does. But at least they'll be back at the weyr soon… and he can take a bath. Yes please Niumdreoth. Take him home!

Jastre dons a jacket himself, fastening it up as much as he can before setting the helmet on his head and buckling it. He's definitely ready to go back to the Weyr, this was an adventure and a half.

Who's giving the nanny and Kyzen their ride home? Pleasenothimpleasenothim! Oh joy - Te'zin has them! D'ani will hand out extra jackets, helmets and gloves to whoever's coming with them, load them and check their clips. Time to flee. He's got a report to write, or give. Maybe verbal would be best. Over an ale in the tavern. He's planning this on the fly, y'see. He… doesn't envy the nanny.
Niumdreoth is there, waiting and once everyone is on and strapped in he is moving leaping up into the air to wait for the others before heading homewards. Abigail nods as she hears Solan, a soft smile sent his way. "Yer welcome Solan.. All of ye are welcome." Perhaps she'll offer to bring the ones back at another time, though not for a few days that is for sure. She wants to go home and hide in her weyr for a little while, and then worry about writing a report of escaping children, power outages, and attacking firelizards. Yep sounds like it was a great day!

Oh joy indeed, Te'zin gets the nanny and not one but two sick children to transport back to Fort. Of course, he checks to be sure neither is feverish before buckling them and the nanny in securely. Taking his place, he has Zvetrith join Niumdreoth and Dremkoth once they're airborne. At least none of the Candidates have to travel with them? Small mercy! Back in the Weyr, it's cold and wintery but the Weyrleader is still absent. Everyone book it! Te'zin has Zvetrith land as close to the infirmary as possible, so the little ones can be checked on and ruled either a bad breakfast or… plague of the stomach bug variety? Hope those Candidates scrub their hands! D'ani and Abigail too! Wouldn't that be the icing on the cake? All are lucky though in one sense. Th'ero won't get in to much later towards the evening, with Kyzen already settled with his foster family and the Weyrleader sensing nothing amiss, briefly checks into his office and then turns back to his weyr. Maybe those reports either won't be discovered until morning or are handed to him in the morning and whoever has to do THAT… pity them. And that poor nanny.