Fort Weyr - Weyrleader's Offices
Aged by time, this office has lived through the ages of Fort just as its counterparts have. But unlike the Weyrsecond and Junior Weyrwomen offices, this cavern is spacious and formed in a rough semicircle of three conjoined caves that were carved and modified Turns ago. The middle portion acts as a waiting room of sorts, holding only a few modest chairs and a simple tapestry to otherwise brighten up the plain stone walls. There are no windows here and the only light comes from well placed glow baskets. To the right, the smaller of the two adjoining caverns has been set aside for the Weyrwoman, a large desk situated in the middle and a bookshelf pressed against the wall. A small hearth allows for some warmth in the colder months and another cabinet rests across the room to hold various supplies, as well as several books, reports and records. More tapestries have been hung there, lending some color to room. On the left, the larger cavern belongs to the Weyrleader's office and the walls here are littered with a vast array of maps, as well as a tapestry hung behind where he would sit. The desk is large and the wood aged, looking old and a bit worn, but well tended too. Shelves and a bookshelf line one wall, crammed with rolled hides, other maps, books, reports and records and all arranged in an organized chaos. A small hearth has been built in here as well and various well placed glow baskets are hung to offer just the right amount of light in this windowless office. Both offices have stout wooden doors that have been carefully worked into the stone. They can be closed and locked if privacy is needed but are often left open.

Dawn finds the Weyr gripped in the cold of winter. The air is so cold that it burns and many will be wishing they had any reason to stay indoors today. It's weather better suited for High Reaches, but at least they're not caught in the middle of a blizzard? It's just damnably cold! Oblivious to the new Turn's frigid beginnings, the Weyrleader is currently seated at his desk in his office and completely comfortable thanks to the brightly burning fire in the hearth. He waits there patiently, expression set to it's usual stoic and unreadable mask with his eyes down turned to the papers on his desk. Reports, all of them. Very troubling ones and the whole reason why he's here. The reason why Velokraeth reaches for Niumdreoth and requests that Abigail come to the office to wait with him — and the reason why, minutes after that, a burly, thick-set Guard is dispatched to round up a certain newcomer and bring him to that very room. Whether that individual wants to go or not!

Abigail would rather not be out in the cold, not that she's gotten weak mind you but really it is /freezing/ out there. She is rather sure Niumdreoth had a few bits of ice growing on his nose on the short trip down to the Weyr itself. It doesn't take that long for her to reach the offices, namely Th'ero's and with a faint knock on the door she makes her way on inside along with a slight nod seen. "Morning Th'ero." Oh she had a feeling this was coming, she attempted to search for Jaelyn and speak with him, but now wll… His gone for the frying pan into the fire.

All Jaelyn knows is that far too early that morning he had been roused out of bed and pulled away from whomever he happened to have tangled himself up with the night before, then forced to dress by one of the weyr guards. The fourteen turn old had sized the guard up for sure as he pulled on this or yanked on that, calculating his chances of escape and considering he's physically dragged by an arm into the Weyrleader's office, it seems he'd been unsuccessful. Not that the kid doesn't try to struggle, and earn himself a good shake or two along the way. He wasn't much to look at honestly, as the guard and boy come to a half a few feet from the open door, dressed head to toe in black. Even his hair was black, what little could be seen poking out the top his knit beanie which was held in place with a pair of goggles. Other than the growling, there wasn't much similarity to bronzerider P'rel, as this kid was still lanky and growing. He was good-looking, sure, and maybe he sort of looked like the former Istan Weyrleader when he was a child. Though, as that defiant chin comes up, so do the golden eyes that come to glare at Th'ero, which made the resemblance striking. His glare flickers to Abigail and then back to the Weyrleader, the piercing on the left side of his bottom lip the only one in comparison to the many his father had sported in his youth. "Ya got to be kiddin' me." he growls, trying to yank his arm out of the guard's meaty hand, and getting another shake as a reward.

"Morning, Abigail. Have a seat? I'm sure this'll start soon. You've read up on all the reports?" Th'ero will gesture to one of the chairs off to the side and closest to his side of the desk. It'll basically put her in position as a proper second in command. Mostly for image and it's obvious that the Weyrleader still plays by his old tricks. The other trick was sending the Guard for Jaelyn, when he very well could have just sent a message. His suspicions may have payed off. He figured a note would just be ignored. Now the kid has no choice but to be there and Th'ero barely quirks a brow for the growling coming from Jaelyn or the glare. He's been a Weyrleader a long, long time and he's used to it. Lifting his hand, he'll dismiss the Guard. "Thank you, Private. You may return to your duties." The Guard will probably make certain that Jaelyn can't make any last ditch attempts to escape before he exits out the door, closing it firmly behind him. Th'ero will just observe Jaelyn with a cold sort of calmness and then gesture to the empty chair facing his desk. "Sit." It's not a request. It's a command.

"Aye, I've read 'em, and looked in on a few of 'em." Abigail offers while sh moves to take the seat that was offerd to her. She didn't get to many answers, some tossing blame of course and they don't paint a very pretty picture of dear Jaelyn either. There is a slight pause as she glances over to the door once the guard is there along with Jaelyn. She sits quietly allowing Th'ero to do the talking, for now at least. She merely looks at Jaelyn at the comment that is given, a slight smirk seen while she lifts her head a bit. Yep… This is going to be interesting turn of events.

When his arm is released, the boy rubs at the offended spot some through the fur-lined jacket he wears, unable to hide the way he was trembling. Though its likely less in fear and more because it was stupid crazy cold outside and the pathway he'd been dragged through wasn't nearly as toasty as the office he was in now. Oh, that open door is eyeballed for certain for any chance to slip out, but the door is closed before he even has a moment to act upon escape. Jaelyn turns back to the seated Weyrleader and Weyrsecond, without a hint of nervousness despite Th'ero cool exterior, rather seeming keen on frowning ever so slightly instead. The chair indicated is given a second's consideration before he grumbles something inaudible under his breath and very reluctantly drops into it with a thud. He slumps there some, knees apart and heavily booted feet planted firmly on the floor; his arms draped on the those of the chair and he pointedly glares off at the bottom corner of the room behind them rather than at Th'ero or Abigail.

Th'ero has half a mind to let the silence that has begun to build to extend even longer. Just to see if Jaelyn will start to squirm. It's another old trick and done so easily as he merely pretends to reshuffle a few of those reports on his desk. So those seconds tick by, one after the other, until at last he'll look up and fix the youth sitting before him with an unreadable frown. "I figure you know why you're here?" he begins, his voice low but level. "Weyrsecond Abigail and I are very interested to hear if you have an explanation for this… behaviour of yours." He'll glance sidelong to the brownrider then, giving the smallest nod as a cue that she's free to add anything further if she wishes to at this point. Otherwise he's extending "kindness" to Jaelyn and allowing the boy to speak first.

Abigail is content to allow that quietness to continue, nope she doesn't see a reason to off up some sort of safety mind you. She shifts slightly in her seat letting a leg cross over the other while allowing her arms to fold neatly upon her lap. Her pale gaze just watching Jaelyn, even if he is staring off at the wall over there. A faint glance is sent to Th'ero as she catches the slight bit of a nod. "I would expect there be some trouble as ye are new… Though this is a bit much." After that, well she'll see what Jaelyn just has to say.

No matter how long the silence stretches, Jaelyn does not appear as if he is ever going to squirm. He doesn't even so much as tap a finger from his position since he deposited himself in the chair across the desk, though a close inspection might reveal the way the muscles of his jaw were twitching because he was totally clenching his teeth. This is very likely not his first, second, or even his last time in a Weyrleader's office. It's only when Th'ero speaks that his eyes dart the man's way, and then again to Abigail as she speaks as well. Only when both are silent once more and are looking at him expectantly, take a take a deep breath and let it out in a sigh. "What's the fuckin' point?" he breathes, shaking his head as he regards the pair, "Yer never gunna believe me. People like ya never fuckin' believe me." Another shake and he's back to glaring at the corner again, "All ya see is yer stupid fuckin' complaint reports, and ya just go with it." Eyes are rolled then as his jaw sets again, "I bet ya interviewed the shits in the infirmary and just ate up how they told ya I attacked them for no fuckin' reason." His voice is growly, for certain, but there is a measure of control to keep it even and not allow a rise in volume that would require him to be told to calm down. "This ain't new, ya know." Then he's back to glaring at Th'ero and Abigail both, one leg bouncing up and down just fractionally before he stills it and takes another deep breath and lets it out again, before pointedly setting his sights on Th'ero, "I ain't him."

Th'ero nods his head again when Abigail adds her piece and focuses back on Jaelyn. The response they both earn from the kid has him lifting his brows up before settling back into a deep, near-scowling frown. He'll let him go on with his rant, waiting several seconds in utmost silence to be sure he's finished. There's nothing but the faint, distant muffled, sound of movement outside of the office and the crackling of the fire. If that pause isn't infuriating enough? Th'ero leans over to whisper something low and mostly inaudible to his Weyrsecond. The words 'not another' and then the name 'Ha'ze' may be all that is overheard. Straightening again, he'll pin Jaelyn under a lingering, narrowed look. "We're not like other Leaderships," he bluntly points out. "You're right, we did speak to the complainants first. As is protocol. That doesn't mean," he stresses, all while darting another look to Abigail. "We pass judgement based on a half-story. There's TWO sides to this. Theirs," He'll point to the door for further emphasis and then, predictably, point straight at Jaelyn. "And yours. You're attitude isn't helping your case, so if you could drop that? It'd be appreciated." Smirking, he'll give that gesture again for Abigail to add her opinions, should the Weyrsecond have any and when done, he'll add along with it: "Will you tell us your version, then, as to why you felt it necessary to injure these individuals?"

Abigail blinks and is just left watching Jaelyn there as he goes on his little rant. At the whisper there is a slight scowl of a look at the question is seems. "I hope not…" Is murmured out faintly at the idea with a slight shake of her head, she can't deal with that again thank you very much. She lifts her head slightly to look back at Jaelyn. "I did speak with 'em… An I was going to speak with ye until ye made it damn near impossible for anyone to track ye down. Surprised the guard was able to drag ye in here." Of course she could have dragged him out from his room, but didn't feel it was needed at the time. "As Weyrleader Th'ero said, two sides so now it is time for ye to offer yer's. Unless ye'd rather we just believe we they have ta say on the matter of ye turning this Weyr into a 'fight-club'?"

A hasty hand comes up and wipes away any evidence that he cares what's happening right now from beneath his eyes, Jaelyn falls silent as Th'ero speaks and decidedly does not look at either authority figures for now. His jaw continues to twitch, quietly keeping his emotions in check. "It ain't an attitude, it's the way I talk." he mutters, probably not referring to the curse words he's was dropping like they were hot. He misses Th'ero's smirk, which would have undoubtedly slowed down the progress being made here, Abigail could attest to the fact that in the two or three times she's met the Istan offspring, he wasn't much of a talker. He stiffens at what the Weyrsecond says and his anger flares up again quite noticeably as his eyes widen and he resists doing whatever he might of done had he not a single thread of control. "I wasn't here even a day when some…guy…about my age grabbed me and tried to force me to…" He rolls his eyes again, wiping away there and inhaling sharply, "He pinned me to a wall and said he wasn't gunna let me go unless I kissed him. I couldn't fuc….freakin' breathe…" My, that corner must be interesting, or maybe it was that dust bunny curled up against the wall. "When I went to shove him off, I caught him in the face with my elbow." That's one down, only what, five or six more to go? "The rest of them? They came after me. It wasn't everyday at first, it was just this one kid after elbow thing…said he heard my dad…" A breath is taken here, and let out as lashes lower. "He said he heard who my dad was, and he wanted to find out if I was as good as they said he was. I told him I wasn't my father and leave me alone. That's when I got the crap beat out of me. That guy I didn't even touch other than to kick him off me so I could run. So I did, I ran and hid." The growly tone in his voice fades, making him actually sound and look his actual age, taking on a quiet and rather even aspect that Abigail would instantly recognize. "I have to eat, sometime." he breathes, "So, they just kept comin' after that. Last time, I didn't lift a finger till this harper apprentice that's been following me around got grabbed by these three guys tryin' to mess with me. Kid's mouthy, and he made some smart remark that got them all worked up, and the only reason I stepped in is because Venryk's puny compared to them. They're the ones that started throwin' punches. I was defendin' myself. I just want to be left alone."

They can turn the Weyr into a fight club!? Why hadn't Th'ero come up with that idea? Oh, that's right. Because it's Th'ero. The Weyrleader will be silent through Abigail's comments and silent all the way through Jaelyn's as well. There is a marked change in his posture though when the youth mentions being pinned to a wall and solicited with unwanted advances. THAT doesn't sit well at all with him and notably he'll clench his one hand and, upon relaxing it, reaches for a writing tool. He says nothing, only glancing again to Abigail to see how she's handling this side of the tale. When the end has finally been reached, Th'ero will lean forwards, the chair beneath him creaking a bit from the sudden shift. "First off? I'm going to need a name for that first guy. At the very least a description and even his rank. I don't tolerate that sort of behaviour." Pity that fool, if he's ever found. "As for the rest? If they'd been bullying you, harassing you and this other youth… Venryk, is it? Why didn't either of you report this to the Headwoman or even Steward Zhirayr?" Curious minds would like to know!

Abigail just watches Jaelyn a few moments, a faint frown is seen while lifting her head a moment. "Ye did not comment on this at all for the reason why ye got into that fight when we talked." She looks to Th'ero. "Jaelyn did break the other's nose, though obviously I can't same I blame him on the matter." IF such things happened the way Jaelynn just explained them. As for the rest well she looks back to Jaelyn, a slight shake of her head seen while she lifts a hand to what Th'ero says. "One can not take matter's into their own hands over such things. There are rules, and rules must be follow. No matter how noble ye might have attempted to be, that was /not/ the way to handle things here or anywhere for that matter."

Jaelyn wasn't looking at either Abigail or Th'ero, so he doesn't directly see the change in demeanor over there. "I did report it, to Abigail. Kinda." he says, quietly. Admittedly he did not report it to her because it happened, but rather because she asked why he was all banged up. "I dunno his name, only that I broke his nose." He then goes on to describe the guy as best as he can remember. Which is pretty accurate, in fact. "This ain't the first time this…shi…crap's happened. No matter where I fuc…freakin' go, some kid or adult wants a peice of me because of my old man. I learned to fight, because no matter how fuc…freakin' much I hate my life, I dun want to die." There's a soft laugh, that at least Th'ero would know fairly well from back in the day, but its not full of a love for life as the Wyeleader would remember coming from P'rel. It's somewhat sardonic in tone, and has sorrowful undertones; not a sound any child should make. "Ya dun GET it. If I did it yer way, I might as well move into the infirmary, 'cause for the most part it ain't in some wide open area I can just turn tail and run. The only place I feel safe is my room, with the door locked." A sharp inhale and he now looks pointedly between Abigail and Th'ero, all the fight out of him and looking more like a scared little kid hiding behind a scary mask then he did when he was dragged in here. "I told ya, no one has ever asked me to explain before. Once someone hears P'rel is my father, I get labeled and that's it." And away those eyes go again, are wiped at again, and he attempts to look tough. Not working too great though. "Sure ya guys are listenin' now, but I bet ya had yer judgements before ya dragged me up here." A breathy sigh, and the former Istan shifts uncomfortably in his seat. "I ain't P'rel, and I've been strugglin' to get out from under that dick's shadow for longer than I can remember. My uncle I'srie dumped me here, it ain't like I have any place to go if ya kick me out like everywhere else did…"

"That one individual is lucky it's just his damn nose," Th'ero grumbles low in his throat, his old accent coming to light now that his temper is up a bit. He'll take the details provided by Jaelyn and write them down, his script barely legible but most of the Weyr staff used to it by now that it should be deciphered easily when it's sent to the right people. He'll give a look of approval to Abigail for her words, but for the most part the youth has his attention as more of the story unravels and is woven into a completed picture. Listening, he'll give just a quirk of one brow when P'rel's name is mentioned. Yes, that is definitely familiar but he won't go pointing it out further. There's no point and it appears to be a soft spot for the youth. "Unfortunately some cannot see past that. That said, while we can't shield you from everything, we're not going to tolerate the level of harassment you've been experiencing over your… family bloodline. You shouldn't feel threatened here." He makes no comment about any wiping of the eyes. No judgement here from the Weyrleader. He smirks, "We aim for the truth in all things. Isn't that right, Weyrsecond Abigail?" For the mention of I'srie? Another quirk of one brow to show that fleeting pass of curiosity as he takes that note down and mentally files it away.

Abigail lifts a finger slightly. "I assure ye we get it more then others might. Also.. I don't call what ye told me reporting anything at all." She says with a faint smirk seen while she peers at Jaelyn and shakes her head a bit. "We asked you to explain, an ye did. I'm sorry no one else had but honestly I don't command 'other' places, I don't make the rules there either. Here at Fort things are done differently. Meaning ye don't get to just go off getting into fights left and right. Which I also assure ye the others will be dealt with too." One way or another she will see to it herself if she needs to. A nod is seen as she hears Th'ero. "Indeed it is Weyrleader."

Jaelyn doesn't look as if he wants to talk about broken nose guy anymore, so perhaps a fraction of the tension he had building along his lanky frame is releaved when the topic is finally dropped. Although, it might be because someone is finally listening to him. He purposely stops looking at Th'ero however when the man quirks a brow when his father's identity finally sinks in, jaw tightening. He keeps further opinion of his sire to himself, for now, and certainly does not seem interested in inquiring as to how the Fortian Weyrleader might have come to know P'rel. Jae nods simply, still keeping golden eyes fixed to a point on the floor somewhere behind Th'ero and Abigail, even if the desk more or less would have been in the way of that. Lashes lower at mention of his family's bloodline, lips forming a thin line, apparently having his own soft spot as if that hadn't already been made perfectly clear. What with all the ranting and such. The computercrafter at least has seemed to have calmed down, now that he's had a chance to vent, shame it had to happen all over the Weyrleader and Weyrsecond like that. He glances their way though, when Th'ero says they seek the truth in all things, noticing the quirk again. "Uh…" he says, softly interjecting, "My mom is Uncle I'srie's sister…" Jaelyn might of clarified more, but Abigail draws his attention back to her. "Ya asked what happened to my face, and I told ya. Ya said ya'd check into it. Sorry I didn't tell ya everythin'. I just didn't see the point." Down he looks again, and shakes his head as he releases a sigh, "What do ya suggest then when someone else comes at me, or the next person, or the next person? Ya can't be everywhere all the time. Ya just want me to lay there and take it, maybe let you know if I remember who did it when and if I wake up in the infirmary?" he asks, fingers figiting with the arm of the chair some, nervously.

There's actually a simple explanation to that, that Jaelyn should know (or could find out?). Th'ero is a Weyrleader and P'rel was once a Weyrleader too and with a stable enough relationship between Fort and Ista, it's bound to be assumed that they crossed paths frequently enough. He'll fix Jae with a patient, if not understanding glance, enough of his stoic facade melting away that he begins to show some emotion. "Abigail brought up a good point. We're not asking that you simply take the beatings either. Anyone has the right to self defence… But rather than keep it quiet, we only ask that you report it. I know that makes it seem like we're asking you to snitch on these bullies but they can't just go about beating up new residents or any residents, for that matter, based on who they are. So we'll do what we can from our end and they'll get the message." Eventually. They'll probably move on to other targets too but Th'ero keeps that to himself. "If it gets so bad that you feel that unsafe, then you need to inform the Steward. I'll make sure that the Guard Captain is aware of this too." There's a pause, as he keeps Jae under his gaze for a moment longer before glancing to Abigail. Anything more? If so, he'll wait until she finishes before giving his final say. "You're not in trouble and you won't be… so long as it doesn't turn into you starting these fights. Rumours spread are one thing, but if we find out it's the actual truth? Then we'll have a problem. Understood?"

"That is not the same." Abigail mutters out faintly while eyeing Jaelyn. "There are other ways to deal with someone in a fight as well." She should know after all. "If'n ye want to learn other ways I'm sure we can figure somethin' out to help things along to deal with the matter at hand." THough hat well she'll leave that to Jaelynn to ask an then something can be figured out about it then. She'll let Th'ero finish up the conversation, a slight nod is seen while she agrees with what is said.

The idle fingering of the chair arm stops as Th'ero addresses Jaelyn, casting his gaze back over to the man. It doesn't last long though, golden eyes dropping down again. "Long as I don't have to just take it, I dun care about the rest." Oh he'll report them alright, "Like I said. I dun want all this fuc…freakin' attention. I just wanna be left alone." There's a nod for the Weyrleader, and a flicker of his attention given to Abigail. "Uh…" Yeah, he has no idea what she's talking about from the looks of it, as his brows shift upwards some. "…'kay." Guess he'll ask her about it later, because he's redirecting his attention back to Th'ero again. "I ain't got no reason to lie to ya. Ya can ask Venryk about the three guys by the lake, he was there." Of course he won't mention that the healer apprentice he's currently tossing the Weyrleader's way is likely to give him more of a headache than Jaelyn ever will. Poor, poor Th'ero. "Yeah, I got it." he sighs, and looks over his shoulder to the door. "Can I go now?"

Th'ero's already gathering the papers together on his desk but his attention is still on Jae. The name given is noted as well and tucked away. "And you will be." It sounds almost like a promise? "Maybe we'll speak to him next, then, this… Venryk." he murmurs in his usual low tone. Will he regret that? Possibly. With a quiet sigh, he'll give a dismissive gesture with his hand, while the other continues to gather the materials he needs. "You can go." And stay OUT of trouble! That is the underlying note to his tone and he'll leave Jaelyn to find the door and let himself out as he's already turned back to Abigail and is handing her some of the paperwork, now neatly rolled for transport.

Jaelyn does not have to be told twice, because as soon as Th'ero dismisses him the kid is up and out of that chair so fast. He might be used to these sorts of situations, to a point, but that doesn't mean he likes it anymore than the next guy. Without so much as a thank you or a goodbye, he opens the door and shoots out of it and down the hall. He didn't close the door behind him either, or salute. Freeeeeeeeeeedom!

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