Fort Weyr - Entrance Square
The massive rock face that makes up the outer walls of Fort Weyr dominate your view amongst the small cotholds that dot the landscape. The path is well-worn and well tended, bushes and tall pine trees running right up against the road, keeping it well shaded in summer, and protected in winter.
Next to the tunnel entrance is a small Tavern, sounds of merriment facilitated by alcohol pouring out the doorway each time some one opens it.

The weather has been rather bad as of late, snow falling rather heavily for most of the day, the temperature falling rapidly leaving a lovely frozen scene all around Fort. This is also true for anything outside the weyr, like the tavern and the forests nearby. Niumdreoth is settled within a small clearly off to the side of the tavern eyeing the forest where his rider had wandered into. It's taken a few moments though soon enough Abigail is making her way on out from the forest carrying some fuzzy looking thing(s) within her arms, a large silvery gray canine is following at her side looking rather curious at the bundle within the rider's arms. "I swear.. It's bloody winter.." Is grumbled out from Abbey. She has her flight jacket pulled around her tightly, gloves on and goggles pushed up into her hair proving she /was/ working when something pulled her down so to speak from the sky.

Borodin has learned many things in his apprenticeship so far. Like.. how to carry objects! A popular and valuable skill, apparently. Today, Borodin has a largeish box held in both hands as he makes his way out of the weyr, hustling along toward the tavern. He's mostly not behind schedule. More like exactly on it, if he keeps up his pace. The hurried one, over snow and ice.

Yes, because a hurried movement over snow and ice is /such/ a good idea. Once Abigail is next to the large brown she eyes the silvery canine at her side. "This is all yer fault." The large canine just huffs and drops down to her haunches as if nothing at all was her fault. Niumdreoth rumbles out, more like an amused chuckle than anything else before his swirling gaze catches sight of Borodin, this information is sent on to his rider. Abbey catches sight of her brother once the information is passed. "Hey Borodin!"

It is a fabulous idea! If he doesn't rush, Borodin will be late, and that would be a bad idea. The part where he might make things far, far worse than being late… well, that's only a might. What Ianco will say if he's late (again) … okay, it's also a might, but one he wants to avoid. So he hustles along, and he's doing okay up until the point where he hears Abigail and looks toward her at the same time as he steps on the ice patch. Wheee- "Yipe!" and he goes sliding into a split and the box goes flying up, up, and away.

Abigail eyes widen as the box goes flying up up.. and yes away indeed. Niumdreoth shifts and moves rather quickly to where hopefully the box comes back down and is making a move to grab at it. A faint sigh escapes Abbey and she turns moving on towards where Borodin happens to be, a curious glance sent towards him. "Are ye alright?.." As for the box, she seems rather sure Niumdreoth will get it.

Oh, yeah. Niumdreoth catches the box. It lands! …with a crash and a tinkle, and the hoppy smell of beer dripping out. Borodin's head turns to catch sight of it, and he winces with the sound of the smash, then lets out a sigh. A very long sigh. One with feeling. "Uhm. Yeah. I'm…" He gives his head a shake. "I'm… okay." For now. Until he has to go report that. He shifts and pushes himself toward his feet.

Abigail sighs a moment as she looks to Niumdreoth whom sets the box down as soft and gentle as possible.. See all is well! At least this is how the brown dragon feels and he rumbles out softly, happy with himself. A slight shake of her head is seen while Abbey moves on to offer Borodin a hand up, a soft smile seen. "Ah.. I hope it wasn't anything to important in the box.." She can hope right? Settled in her rather warm jacket can be seen a pair of fuzzy canine pup heads that peer out at Borodin, both with bright blue-grey eyes. The silvery adult has followed along, tail swayswaying as she snuffles out at Borodin.

The shards will probably appreciate it. Borodin eyes the box without being very appreciative, then gives his head a little shake. "Uhm. Thanks, Niumdreoth." Not that he sounds happy, and he looks to Abigail as he pushes his hands into his pockets. "Well, uhm. It was samples. From, uh… for the vintners. For the tavern. And, uh… stuff I made I was gonna…" He trails off, and shrugs. "Doesn't matter." Because it's probably broken now. He takes a few steps toward the box and dragon, then pauses to look at the pups in Abbey's jacket. "Oh, uhm… are those…"

Abigail is quiet for a moment as she glances to the box then back to Borodin, a soft ah escapes her and she ponders what to say. "I'm.. Sorry.." This said softly. Seems like she messed up his day there, a bit? As for the two canine pups, one yips out at Borodin while the other just yawns. "Yeah.. Ah.. Storm went and had pups.." Because that just explains it all.. In the dead of winter? Well the pups /was/ in a den so that is plausible at least.

Borodin shrugs. "At least it was just samples." Bright side! …not that he looks very bright about it. "I'll, uh… just… get some more." And be late, and explain why, and… all that sort of thing. He gives his head a shake, then stares at the puppies for a moment before nodding. "Well, uhm, what are you going to do with them?" he asks, and then makes his way over to where Niumdreoth has the box. Maybe it - okay, it definitely broke. Maybe it didn't all break?
Niumdreoth settles there peering at Borodin, the box is nosed and nudged on over to him while his wings flutter a few times at his sides. "Still.." Abigail says softly, pondering what else to say. "I don't really know.." There is a slight pause while she scratches at her neck, a soft sigh escapes her. "Hey.. ye want one?" Well it is a chance!

"Thanks," Borodin mutters to the dragon, and then he carefully pries it open. Inside… it's a mess. There's big bottles and small bottles, and about half of them are smashed open to send beer splashed around the inside. Borodin sighs, and then… he stares, and then he sighs again. He reaches in to pull out a bottle and watch it drip, then looks up to Abigail again. "Huh? Oh. Uhm. No. I… I don't have anywhere for a puppy."

"I sort of figured as much. I'll figure out something.. Wonder if Ers'lan might want one." Abigail offers with a soft tone while letting her hands rest in the pockets of her jacket as she peers down into the box. There is a slight pause and she frowns once more. "I'm.. Really sorry Borodin.. Is there anything I can do to make this up to ye?" Maybe she can talk to someone, so he doesn't get yelled at and so forth.

Wait, who? Borodin blinks a little at the name, glancing up and then back down again to the box. He gives the bottle a little wiggle, then sets it down as it foams. Sigh. "Uhm. No. I'll just… uhm… get it dealt with." Maybe after his failure he won't have to go do the next delivery himself and can do something else (worse) instead.

Abigail would tell Borodin if he would ask.. Though she isn't sure if he wants to hear things going on in her life lately. Niumdreoth lowers his head to nose and push the box closer to Borodin, a soft croon escaping the large brown. "Could always say Niumdreoth knocked the box from yer hands?.. I'd report it as such." Well she is trying to help.. Sort of..

Borodin nods to Niumdreoth, then glances up to Abigail again. "Oh, uhm…" He shakes his head. "It'll be okay. I mean…" Borodin can just scrub floors for the next month. It'll be that long until his next brew's ready. (If they even let him do one again.) "It's, uhm… I'm sure it's happened before. And it's icy."

"Still.." Abigail offers though she soon stops, a slight frown seen for a few moments and she ponders. "I guess so.." She doesn't feel like she is being much help here though it would seem. For a moment she seems about to bring up something though pauses, a faint frown seen and she lowers her head a touch to glance at the ground in wonder. "How go the classes and all?" This is finally questioned, though it doesn't seem to be what she /really/ wanted to talk about.

That's right. Borodin isn't letting his sister fix this for him. "I'll, uhm, I'll tell you if there's a problem." That he's willing to let her fix. So maybe he won't actually tell her at all. He sets the bottle down again, and sighs. "Oh. Uhm. It's… they've been going well. I got to do my own brew. So, well, I'm… learning."

Abigail is getting use to the none telling part, not that she pushes the matter either. A smile is seen and she ohs. "Well.. Good!.. How did it turn out?" There is a pause and she looks to the bottle he sets down, pondering a few moments before she lets her pale gaze flick back to him. "Don't tell me.. This was yer brew in the box..?" Well now she is going to feel even worse if that is the case.

"Uhm," Borodin says on the matter of his brew. "Well," he also says. Then he stares at the box. "…it… had the samples, too." So, yes. Yes it was. Partly. He shrugs. "Maybe it's not all gone. Besides, it probably sucked anyway. It's not like the inspection's more than proving it's not poison."

Abigail looks at the box a few moments. "I'm sorry Borodin.." This said softly, she never wanted that to happen seeing how important it is to help that this works out. "I bet it didn't suck, I bet it was fine." There is a slight shake of her head seen before she glances back to him.

Borodin shrugs. "It, uhm, whatever." He peers down at the box, and frowns. Okay yes, so maybe it was good after all, but the world will never know, now will it? He shifts a few of the bottles, trying to get the few that remain balanced so he doesn't drop it (again) on the way back to the weyr to report his failure.

Abigail lifts a hand and scratches at her neck a moment before glancing up to Niumdreoth whom is eyeing Borodin a few moments. There is a slight bit of amusement seen across her face before she looks back to Borodin. "So.. Have ye went to see the new clutch?"

Borodin brushes a bit of broken glass carefully aside, then glances up to Abbey. "Oh. Uhm… not really." He looks down again. "I mean, I don't want to disturb Inri's dragon." He shrugs. "And I've been busy, besides." He frowns. Oh, yes. He's been so very busy with his brewing.

Abigail is quiet once more as she watches Borodin, there is that pang of guilt running through her seeing that broken box. "Niumdreoth says ye should stand again.. For this clutch…" It seems the brown is offering Borodin a chance out on the sands, an not because of the broken bottles in that box. Niumdreoth has always liked Borodin, perhaps thanks to him being his riders sibling but there is a strong liking there none the less. "Ye wouldn't be disturbing her then."

Borodin finishes arranging the (much sparser) set of bottles, and sighs as he lifts up the (much lighter) box and gets up to his feet… only to blink at Abigail. "Huh?" he asks her, then glances to Niumdreoth. "Really?" he asks the brown. "Because, uhm… I mean…" he trails off, and shrugs. "I dunno."

Abigail peers at Borodin, a slight smirk seen before she nods. "Aye really." Niumdreoth lets out a soft croon of agreement with what has been said by his rider. The brown lowers his head to nose out (lightly!) at Borodin. "It's up to ye of course.. But he thinks ye should have another chance to find yer's on the sands." A glance is sent to the dragon before she looks back to Borodin and she smirks once more. "His often not wrong.. Ye know he'll hassle ye until ye give him a full answer of yes or no." The brown is sometimes as stubborn as his rider.

Borodin adjusts the box to rest against his hip, and reaches up and brushes his fingers along Niumdreoth's muzzle, scritching there absently. "Well, uhm…" he says, glancing from dragon and back to Abbey. "I, uh…." it would mean he doesn't have to worry about the reaction to breaking all those sample bottles. Not for a good long while! (And more if he impresses!) "Uhm… okay."

Niumdreoth lets his swirling eyes close, a soft rumble escaping him while he leans into those scritchings, enjoying the attention given. Abigail makes no push at the matter other than what is said while she merely watches Borodin pondering if he'll try again. At his answer she smiles, a nod seen while she leans closer to give him a one armed hug. Mostly thanks to the pair of canine pups in her jacket (which are happily asleep at the moment). "I'm glad to hear. So is Niumdreoth." The brown even bugles out softly while lifting his head back up, he has a good feeling about the one he picked! A white knot is pulled from Abbey's pocket and she offers it to Borodin. "Ye remember where everything is?.."

Borodin does his best not to awaken puppies. They'd probably bite him or something! That, or get drunk, because Borodin's definitely got a bit of a smell of alcohol on him now. The box is dripping. He does lean into the hug, though, and returns it with an awkward arm-pat before accepting that knot. "Uhm. Thanks," he says, then frowns. "I… think so. I mean. I know where the barracks are…"

Abigail nods at the bit on the barracks. "I'll talk to the headwoman about ye being searched.." There is a pause while she eyes that dripping box. "But.. yer have to tell yer journeyman.." Seems she isn't able to really help with /that/ problem. "If'nn ye want help with anything, yer let me know.. Aye?" She doesn't think he would need help, but she wants to be there to do what she can.

Borodin nods, and then… frowns a little. Oh, yes, he'll have to tell his journeyman about this. Won't that be fun? 'I broke the samples, and by the way, I'm a candidate now too!' He swallows, and nods. "I'll, uhm. Yeah. I… have to talk to Ianco anyway. So, uhm, I'll tell him." Ulp. "And, uh… then I'll be at the barracks. By tonight." So if he doesn't show up, set Storm on his trail!

Abigail smiles softly and nods. "I hope that talk goes well.." She has a feeling it might and then just might not seeing how there is a box of broken bottles and so forth Borodin will be taken to him. "If'nn ye don't Storm is going to be looking for ye, and Niumdreoth.." Best believe it! No hiding from dragon and a canine. "When.. yer all settled I have something else to talk ta ye about.. It can wait though for now."

"It'll… be fine." Lies. Borodin doesn't believe a word of it, but he says it anyhow as he considers the knot for a moment before putting it on. Might as well break the news quickly? "I'll, uh, I'll get there…" he says, and adjusts the box to both hands so he doesn't drop it again. Because that'll make things so much better. He might as well get it over with - in fact, he takes a step back toward the weyr - but then he pauses. "There… is?" he asks, and watches for a moment before nodding. "Uhm. Okay. I… maybe we can have dinner tonight? If… I can. And you can…" ulp. "Talk then."

Abigail smiles and nods a moment. "I hope so.." This said softly to the conversation about the bottles. The smile stays as she watches him put that knot on. "Aye I do.." There is a pause as if she wants to bring it up now but she holds back. "Sure.. I'll send a firelizard by later to see if'nn yer free." A slight wave is seen. "Yer do good.. As always. Congrads Borodin." She won't make him linger any longer knowing he needs to go and take care of things.

Borodin hesitates for a moment himself, then nods. "Uhm. Okay. I'll… it should be okay. I mean, unless…" his journeyman tosses him in a vat and doesn't let him escape? He gets thrown on a dragon and sent out on a mission first thing? There are so many options! "And, uh… even if not. We'll talk soon. Okay?" He smiles, and shuffles back toward the weyr. Carefully. He's done falling on ice for today.

Abigail nods to that and smiles once more. "Course we will.. I'll see ye later. No more slipping now." She'll need to get him better boots for the ice.. For that is /so/ the reason why he slipped in the first place, right? Sure! She watches him go, a soft breath escaping her before eyeing all three canines. "Let's get back home and set ye all up for the night.." Off they go.