Fort Weyr - Weyrleader's Offices

Aged by time, this office has lived through the ages of Fort though the decor has likely changed time and time again as new leadership comes to fill the offices. The main set up is where the juniors work, three desks settled in the main office that is lined with means to house the old records and reports. Various potted plants are around the office to give a touch of color. From this singular area, the office branches off into two different sections: The Senior's office and the Weyrleader's office. Both furnished to fit the needs of the Weyrleaders along with small flares of personal touch.

It's roughly mid-morning in Fort Weyr and the skies are just clearing as the clouds that had just dropped a light sprinkling of snow over the region break up and let the wintry sunlight through. The wind is bone chillingly cold though and thankfully they remain low, so those who have to venture outside can escape the worst of it if they hurry. The shifts of Wingriders, guards and other weyrfolk volunteers for the efforts in Xanadu would be just beginning to rotate, with Xanadu being hours ahead and those leaving now would be the "afternoon" shift and those returning would have done a all night-morning shift if the time change is taken into effect. Th'ero is within his office, along with another wingrider who many have come to either know on sight or simply accept. Seated behind his desk, the Weyrleader is idly examining a map and silent in his brooding thoughts, occasionally turning his head to murmur something to the other beside him. To one side of the office, by the small hearth with a small fire blazing within it is a small wooden table containing food, light snacks and breakfast stuffs, along with klah and, of course, wine and perhaps rum. None of the alcohol has been touched, nor the food - not by Th'ero anyhow. Velokraeth has taken care of the most important task of all, of summoning Maehwazeyeth once the dark brown would be unoccupied. The pale bronze would have been polite but stern in letting him know that his rider seeks audience with his and as soon as possible.

Kimmila leans back in her chair, one of the ones she's pulled from the guest side of the desk to place beside Th'ero, though at a respectable distance. Replying to his remarks, she occasionally takes a bite of a buttered roll or sips some klah, looking comfortable and warm in her sweater and coat, her hair braided but a bit mussed, and she is - as usual - not wearing her Western bluerider's knot.

Jaye was obviously on that night-morning shift at Xanadu, as she nearly always works the late shifts, it's one of Maehwa's personal preferences. But instead of going to see her daughter and weyrmate and seeking out her bed for some well-needed rest, she's been summoned into the weyrleader's office. She knew this was coming, ever since she managed to decipher those marking on the rock, so she's not really surprised by the summons. It doesn't take long for the tired bedraggled looking scarred brownrider to venture n to the office, shoulders squared and face her typical unreadable mask of neutrality that she's gotten so good at especially the past few days or so. "Sir.. Ma'am.." She inclines her head respectfully to both the weyrleader and the Westerner as she steps in and lets the door slip shut behind her.

Th'ero's riding jacket is hung on a peg near a wall, though he seems comfortable enough in the mid-sleeved tunic he's wearing, the fabric dyed a dark red in a rare show of color. The rest of his clothes, from his pants to his usual knee-high boots though are black. His hair is, as usual, a curly mess but the beard he keeps is neatly groomed and kept quite short. All in all, he's the same as he usually is, save for the dark look to his eyes, signs of little sleep but much on his mind. Velokraeth warns the Weyrleader and likewise Kimmila through Varmiroth long before Jaye's footfalls are heard outside the door. With a last look given to the bluerider at his side, he sits up and straightens his shoulders, schooling his expression to neutrality. "Welcome, Jaye," Th'ero murmurs and then gestures for the brownrider to come in. There's a slight wince at the formality, "No need for the Sir…" Or the Ma'am, by the glance he gives to Kimmila to gauge her reaction. Then he's sweeping a hand towards the table with the food and drink and including the guest chair vacant for her to claim. "Do make yourself comfortable. There is food, drink… klah, wine and I think a bottle of rum. I realize you're just off your shift and I apologize to keep you from your rest. We'll make this brief." Clearing his throat, he continues. "You've already met Kimmila I believe?"

At first, Kimmila does a quick look behind her, perhaps expecting to see her mother Elara or Dtirae there. But when it's clear that Jaye just called /her/ ma'am, the bluerider's grimace is obvious. "Ugh," she adds, just incase it wasn't clear enough. She nods her head towards the brownrider, "Yeah, we've met. How's things at Xanadu?"

Jaye is just one of those formal type people, she's rather used to calling people sir and ma'am, but when the pair wave the formalities off, she nods. "Aye, we've met afore, plenty of times." As for the apology for keeping her from her rest, she lifts one shoulder in a brief shrug. S'alright, I dunna sleep much anyway." The table is eyed briefly, especially that rather tempting bottle of rum, but she turns from it for now, moving to settle upon the chair quietly. "Maehwazeyeth said 'twas urgent that y'see me, he insisted i come e'en b'fore I got up t'm'weyr, so pardon me fer m'looks." And then there's the query of Xanadu. "Seems fine, ain't hung 'round th'weyr much tho. I'm nay a social kinda person, an' i'm sure there're likely things bein' said 'bout me there." Not that she cares really, at least she doesn't seem to care too much about what might be being said about her.

When the offer of food and even the rum and other refreshment go untouched, if the Weyrleader is surprised he's masking it very well. Th'ero folds his hands together then, resting them just at the edge of the map still unrolled before him and pinned down. If anyone were to glance, there's obvious light charcoal circles etched in various spots over Fort and Xanadu's regions and beholden areas and a few tightly scrawled words that are likely his handwriting. "It was urgent, mostly because time for any of us is short as we all have duties to attend to as the day goes on." He murmurs, head tilting a little as he listens attentively to the brownrider. There's a nod given and then his gaze seems to focus on her as if to study her carefully. "What would they be discussing of you?" Th'ero asks softly and with a slightest edge, before it's tucked under control again. Glancing to Kimmila again, he adds, "I suppose then we'll cut right to the matter. All I ask is that you answer me honestly. Kimmila here is just to witness." And control, but Jaye doesn't need to know that. "But you can trust her that anything said will not pass these doors." Pausing to let that sink in, Th'ero then takes a slow breath that does little to ease the tension in his posture and the Weyrleader bluntly goes right to the point. "Those marks that you deciphered. How did you come about those skills?"

If Kimmila is supposed to be neutral, then sitting on Th'ero's side of the desk is a poor way of showing that. She does nod though, at his assurance that nothing will pass the doors. Pleased that Th'ero's cut right to the heart of the matter, she leans back and crosses her arms, waiting for the brownrider's reply.

Jaye doesn't exactly make herself comfortable but she does lean back in the chair a bit, she is tired afterall. "Th'fact that I'm obviously some sort of ex-renegade, an' th'fact that Maehwazeyeth jus' happened t'catch Xanadu's gold Yumeth th'day after our search an' discovery of th'stronghold. I kin 'magine folks would have somethin' t'say 'bout me after it all." She shrugs, then. When the Weyrleader cuts straight to the chase, she lets the comment of people having things to say about her fade away. "I knew th'marks cause i grew up with similar ones. 'Tis a code used by th'ren'gades, obviously, t'leave secret lil messages fer other ren'gades." Hey, he said to answer truthfully, so that's what she's doing.

Regardless if she's by his side or seated between him and Jaye, Th'ero doesn't seem to mind or particularly care. Though he doesn't show it in the slightest, he's just relieved to have the bluerider there at all and that the brownrider has no issues with her presence. Distracted by her retelling of the news regarding Xanadu's junior gold, the Weyrleader's mouth quirks up into a vague smile, dismissing her comments of being an ex-renegade as nothing more then her simply accepting "local gossip". "Ah, that's right. Let them murmur what they wish… but Maehwazeyeth's timing couldn't have been better. What better way to solidify an alliance between the Weyrs then to have Yumeth's clutched sired by a Fortian-bred dragon and Velokraeth's ilk to boot." He muses and for a moment Th'ero seems almost proud of the way it worked, even if Jaye isn't so thrilled over her brown being a sire to a clutch. But the moment is short lived as she moves on and just as blunt as he was, lays it all out for him to put the pieces together. "You were born among the renegades? Raised by them?" he asks, his voice just a little too calm as he fixes Jaye with a long, narrowed look.

Kimmila slumps a bit in her chair at Jaye's news, taking a slow, even breath and glancing to Th'ero. The bluerider's reaction is impossible to gauge, her focus on the Weyrleader, her demeanor calm and collected.

Jaye has really hidden nothing, she has nothing to hide, the question of her past just never got brought up by anyone other than her weyrmate and possibly a couple of her lovers, and Maehwazeyeth of course. "Nay, wasna born among them, but I was pract'cally raised 'mongst 'em. M'parents gave me up when I was real lil, they had run into some trouble an' couldna feed an' clothe themselves let 'lone a lil girl." She tilts her neck, rubbing at the back of it briefly. "So they fostered me to a man they thought was a holder that could take care of me, only he was nay what he claimed." She stops at that. "He took good care of me, taught me how t'read th'codes an' how t'handle m'self with a blade, he treated me jus' like I was his own blood." She frowns. "Jus' so y'all know, I didna know anythin' 'bout m'past when Miki searched me, maehwazeyeth.. He helped me t'remember things, started e'en when he was still in th'egg with 'is probin' of m'mind.."

Similar to Kimmila, Th'ero's mood is hard to gauge at first and the Weyrleader's posture shifts as he leans back into his chair, arms resting on either side on the rests. One hand moves slightly to tap a finger against the carved wood end of the armrest and it's not all from idleness and more of a twitch. Dark eyes never seem to leave Jaye, so it stands to reason that the bronzerider never sees Kimmila's glance. Thankfully the brownrider remains honest and while Th'ero's mouth sets into a firm and tense line, the Weyrleader doesn't seem to be preparing to fly off the handle in a fit of temper. There /is/ tension though, aided only because he remains silent even after Jaye finishes speaking. "But you were never actually part of a band, if I understand you correctly? This man… I suppose your foster father… he was just a lone renegade then?" he asks in a quiet murmur, regarding her with that same level and penetrating look from before. "You had none of your memories prior to your Impression?"

Kimmila continues to watch Th'ero for a long moment, and then her green eyes flick to Jaye. If the bluerider has questions, they've all been asked by Th'ero, because she says nothing for the moment. The silent observer, she takes another bite of her roll and then another sip of her klah, eyes flicking between the two riders. Oh, wait! She does have a question. "How did you lose your memory?" She might have heard this before…

Jaye removes her hand from her neck to tap fingers idly upon her lap as she pauses, waiting for the Weyrleader to speak again. "He was just a lone thief, we only took what we needed t'survive." So.. that makes her a thief as well, probably, or at least it's a possibility. Now, she pauses a moment, eyeing the bottle of rum but still not reaching for it. "We lived our own lives, jus' movin' from place t'place, y'know, just roamin' holdless folks.. Until he stole from th'wrong person when I was in m'thirteenth turn we got caught stealin' food from what we thought was a caravan of traders, only it turned out t'be a man named Belineo an' 'is crew, he took me as payment fer what we had taken." As for the question of her memory, she answers easily. "I had run 'way an' got into a shipwreck, m'head was enjured an' I couldna r'member anythin'. Th'healers at Ista said I had amnesia."

Reserved and almost cold, Th'ero does little else but keep his eyes trained on Jaye even as the brownrider works through the details of her past. If there is relief when she mentions not actually being a renegade, he never shows it though his response may hint at some acceptance. "From what you tell me, he was relatively harmless as far as holdless go." He drawls lowly and there's a knowing smirk that follows. The Weyrleader, once a Guard to the Emerald Isles and Western Weyr itself likely dealt with holdless folk of the same kind. But he's not going to mention that out loud as that would be almost cruel. He does frown though when Jaye explains the events of her lift that lead to her amnesia, grimacing by the end of the tale. His hand has gone still now though he grips the edges of the armrests now a little too firmly. "I see," Th'ero simply murmurs in a low and firm tone before the silence settles in and his gaze /finally/ drops to the map still on his desk. That awkward, tense silence stretches out until finally the Weyrleader exhales heavily and with a sidelong glance to Kimmila, he turns back to Jaye. "So you have no ties to your past then? You do not keep contact with any among the renegade bands or the holdless?" A less then subtle, but polite way of asking: can they trust her?

Jaye nods, running her finger over the brand upon her wrist. "I was.." A pause. "I was more a part of 'is prop'rty than a member of th'group." She clears her throat. "But I'm nay stupid, I learned t'watch an' listen, so I learned their codes an' such jus' by bein' there. I ne'er took part in th'reg'lar events the'men did." She shrugs. "When I got th'chance, I ran 'way onna ship an' that's when I wound up in Ista's infirm'ry."

Th'ero shoots Kimmila a darting, sidelong glance when she brings up the subject of 'payment' and the Weyrleader only then clues in. That does have his mouth curving into a distasteful smirk, that promptly shifts into one of disgust when Jaye elaborates. It's not directed so much to the brownrider as it is to the men who'd use a young girl as property. Unsettled, the bronzerider shifts a bit in his seat and clears his throat as well, "I suppose I owe some form of apology then, for… wrongfully assuming there was some cause for concern regarding your past." He murmurs, a touch awkwardly. What does one say to someone in a case like this? So sorry your life was rough and I just made you spill it out? Th'ero's expression has fallen neutral again, but the Weyrleader no longer seems as tense but neither does he slump in relaxation either. "I believe this whole notion of renegade and rogue riders have got us all a little on edge…" he says, trying to toss a bit of vague humor in there but likely failing. "But now that I know a bit more about you Jaye… I've a proposition for you. One I think you'd be suited for, thanks to those… skills … you acquired." Now he leans forwards, one hand coming to tap the map right where the foothills where the hidden campsite was found, not that it has relevance but the bronzerider is only seeking to snare the brownrider's attention. "We spoke with Weyrwoman Thea and while she has a rider in mind already, I told her I would ask you to see if you'd be up for some… undercover work. Infiltrate possible groups linked to Laris or /find/ a way in. It will mean being parted from Maehwazeyeth perhaps." Not to mention the entire Weyr and her Weyrmate and daughter. Th'ero knows this, so while he levels her with a serious look, there's one of sympathy for the choice she has to make. "I need to know if you'd be willing or not. Then I can discuss things further with Xanadu's Leadership…"

Kimmila scowls, looking downright disgusted with Jaye's past. She might even mouth the word 'bastards'. But it's hard to tell. Glancing at Th'ero, she then looks back to the brownrider expectantly, though there are other qualities to her expression as well. Jealousy and desire, perhaps? Seems Kimm wanted to be the one to infiltrate Laris' group.

Jaye scratches at the branded wrist again, a nervous tick that she had actually gotten pretty good at resisting, though apparently that all went to the wastes during this conversation. "Fort rescued me from m'life of uselessness, an' fer that I will a'ways be grateful to our weyr." She speaks quietly, the mask so carefully placed almost breaking when she does so. "I would ne'er b'tray you or anyone 'ere, y'all gave me Maehwa an' I will fore'er owe y'fer that." Then there's a proposition? A proporition that, likely, the shadowbeast brown is already voicing his strong negative opinion about, it's been bad enough for the brown to be seperated from Jaye while she's at the stronghold camp. "Infiltrate th'group? I'm nay sure I've.." A pause again, and this time she does reach for that bottle of rum because everyone knows that alcohol is liquid courage or something like that. ".. I'm nay sure I've th'skills t'do that. What iff'n they rec'gnize me or somethin'?" And, well, K'drozen and Maehwazeyeth will not be happy about her going off alone into a renegade gang. "I've nay been back fer.. six turns at least." A shift of nervousness nearly breaks through that mask, though it's quickly stifled by the woman bringing the bottle of rum to her lips, who needs glasses?

Th'ero is all too aware of any hidden qualities to Kimmila's expression, considering it was him who set his foot down so vehemently against her going in. But that will be another argument for another time. The Weyrleader hardly looked overly troubled during Jaye's retelling of her past, only a smirk here, a frown there or a grimace. The words she utters though, thanking them and all but pledging her loyalty so openly does have the bronzerider looking uncomfortable. Uncomfortable and so very guilty, this not being at all what he expected and now he's left to flounder and fumble. "You owe us nothing. You were found on Search and Maehwazeyeth found you. I… We appreciate knowing though that you feel so strongly attatched to the Weyr." Meaning Th'ero can see no fault or reason to doubt the brownrider's loyality now, past or not. "I don't think Laris' men or Laris himself would recognize you…" he murmurs, quirking a brow when Jaye begins to help herself straight to the rum and without any glasses. He doesn't complain though or fault her, simply leaving the brownrider be on that matter. Faranth knows he's probably itching for some of that wine, but as its only morning in Fort and that's not a good habit to start… "Were you among those who went in with the Guards to capture Laris on our first attempt?" Th'ero asks, frowning now, as that would certainly throw a wrench into things. It's not like the Weyrleader to forget those details, but then it's hard to remember who was and wasn't in the forefront of things when you're dueling for your life.

Kimmila glances at the brand, and then to Jaye, some appreciation and respect in her eyes for the brownrider's loyalty to Fort. "You don't have to," she offers quietly - almost gently. "It won't be…it's not something that's like you needing to prove your loyalty or anything. You just came to mind because of your knowledge of the markings. But you can say no."

Jaye shakes her head, "I was off duty that week, Kal an' I was havin' a v'cation." A rare occurence, but nonetheless the truth. She shifts, briefly, in her chair, "So iff'n I 'gree.. Then what do I hafta do?" Apparently the chair just isn't comfortable enough for the brownrider and she gets to her feet, standing and stretching a bit. "Kal willna like it. I should.. discuss it with 'im." And the weyrleader will likely be hearing from K'drozen too.
happen to her too badly, is it? ;)"

Kimmila's words have Th'ero snapping out of whatever train of thought the Weyrleader had fallen into and grimacing, he clears his throat again and almost sheepishly. "Of course, as Kimmila mentioned… you can say no. You will not be forced to do this. If the strain or stress would be too great…" And he spreads his hands out, shoulders shrugging a bit in a gesture to imply 'then that is that'. Fort's Leadership, along with Xanadu's would understand. What they ask is much, so none would be surprised if it was rejected. "Somehow we'll work out a way for you to go undercover. Either just to gather information on the outside or infiltrate to the inside as a 'follower'. We don't have a concrete idea yet, as we weren't sure if we'd have volunteers. I'd have to get in touch with Weyrwoman Thea again before I can tell you more." He murmurs as his hands come to rest again, folded together on the edge of his desk. Tilting his head up, he gives Jaye a steady look, but nowhere near as intense as before. "Does this mean you agree then?" Th'ero asks softly and just before smirking at the last detail of having a visit from K'drozen. An irate Weyrmate? Oh the joy.

Kimmila still looks envious, shifting in her chair. She /really/ wants to go too. Then she smirks. "I'm sure he won't like it," she murmurs, shooting Th'ero a look. A knowing look. Like HE didn't like the idea of HER going. Now he'll get a taste of his own medicine it seems.

Jaye takes another drink from the rum bottle, though this one's not as large a gulp as the previous. "Aye, I'll do it." Because, well, that's just the kind of woman she is, and besides, it might be a little exciting, yay adrenaline rush? Crazy darned brownrider anyway, something's not right in her head… or something like that. "Maehwazeyeth will want t'be at Xanadu when Yumeth clutches, but he will still give me any m'ssages y'have fer me." Heck, maybe with the brown busy playing clutchdaddy it will give Jaye a perfect opportunity to sneak off on this whole escapade.

And Th'ero is going to pretend he didn't see that look Kimmila shoots him, though he knows full well how envious the bluerider is undoubtedly feeling. He's guilty over that too, but there are more reasons to him denying her then just his personal feelings and relationship with the bluerider. Nodding his head, the Weyrleader slowly stands to his feet which is signal enough that a dismissal is on hand. "That would work, I think, to our favor," he agrees, concerning Maehwazeyeth's position as clutch sire to Yumeth. Mustering what could be the first smile in some time, though small and a little strained, he inclines his head to Jaye. "It will likely be some time before this will come into effect. /If/ we decide on it. We may not have to resort to these methods but… at least I know I can vouch for your agreement when I discuss matters with Weyrwoman Thea and Weyrleader Xe'ter. For now though… I'll leave you to return to your weyr and to some well deserved rest. You and Maehwazeyeth deserve it. Clear skies." And with that he gives the gesture for dismissal, plain and clear now and perhaps that means she can take the rum with her too, since Th'ero did not mention anything of it. In fact, the Weyrleader's attention is already shifting and it goes to Kimmila, where a knowing look is passed to the bluerider. Join him? Since it's clear the bronzerider isn't returning to his desk when he steps aside from his chair and over to where his jacket hangs on the wall. Who knows where he is going, but it's obvious he won't be found in his office.

Kimmila rises as well, nodding her head to Jaye. "We'll be in touch," she promises, glancing briefly to Th'ero, but most of her focus is on the brownrider. "And yeah, go get some rest and all that." Then she offers a little smile - genuine, even! - and she even goes to open the door for her. Glancing back at Th'ero, she gives him a little nod of agreement. Wherever he's going, she's going with.

Jaye nods her understanding to the Weyrleader, tightening her own jacket a bit as she prepares to go out into the chill winter day. Now she gets to do the hard part, convincing her weyrmate and her lifemate to allow her to put herself in danger for the good of the weyr and possibly Pern. She gives her knot a brief pat, at least she's walking out here with it still attached, she had come in expecting far worse. "Have a good day, Weyrleader an' Bluerider." She still didn't use names, but at least she was a bit less formal, right? She'll have to work on that. And with an incline of head, she turns, bottle in hand, and heads for the door.

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