Fort Weyr - Council Chambers
A large table, spacious enough to seat all of the Weyrleaders of Pern simultaneously, takes up the majority of the space in this room. Comfortable chairs are placed at regular intervals around the highly polished table, and writing materials have been laid out at each place in preparation for the next meeting. Along the walls are a series of sideboard tables, meant to hold food and drink for longer conference sessions.

While Varmiroth lounges in the bowl outside, the rain pours down on the weyr. It probably should be snow, but…no, it's that freezing cold winter rain that promises to make today miserable for all involved. Still, the pale blue dragon is resting in the bowl, among the mud, watching a pair of doors that lead to the council chambers. Within, Kimmila has broken something. Whoops. So a message is sent with a drudge to send her someone who can fix the thing that she's broken. So she waits for whoever they send.

Xavier comes running towards the Council Chambers, his tool belt on, he sees the pale blue outside but can't put a rider to the dragon. He gives a nod to the blue slowing for a moment. "Hey, big guy." He grins at the dragon before coming through the door. To see Kimmila, "Hey, Kimmila, I heard that something needed fixing never would have guessed, you had done it." He gives a small laugh before looking around. "So what did you break?"

Varmiroth lifts his head at the greeting, snorting softly in response before the man vanishes inside. Inside, Kimmila looks up from where she's crouched at the base of one of the sideboards, pulling on a stuck drawer. "Ha ha ha," she says dryly to Xavier, her grin a little smirk. "Never, huh? Well I guess my reputation is good then. This drawer is stuck. I gave it a yank and…well. It doesn't seem to have helped."

Xavier grins at Kimmila, "Well then let me give you a bit of a hand then." He walks over and crouches down to grab the drawer and in a display of his strength gives a small grunt as he pulls the drawer out. Leaving the drawer on the ground Xavier gets to work working on the track for a moment. "Ah here's your problem. The track has gone dry. I actually have a neat trick for this." He reaches into his toolbelt and starts searching.

Kimmila is starting to look smug when he…pulls the drawer out. "Oh," she says, startled, crouching down to peer into the empty cavity. There's another frown on her face. Something is clearly not right, but a second later she plasters on a smile and gives Xavier an interested look. "Really? Will you show it to me?" Shifting around, she sits on the floor and leans back, oh so casually peering around behind the sideboard with another confused blink. Where /is/ it?

Xavier looks up from his belt pouches and smiles at Kimmila. "Sure, it's not like it's a craft secret right?" He gives a soft chuckle, he finds the pouch and pulls it open. Within it is soapstone. "Well, you see with old drawers like this sometimes the track goes dry so you just need to lube it up. So find something slipper or soapy and gently apply it then use a soft cloth with a bit of water and soap it up." He grabs the drawer and it slides back in smoothly. "See, just like that."

Kimmila peers behind the cabinet and then sits up abruptly, smiling at Xavier. "Ah! Well that's very resourceful of you. Smart, yeah. Thanks…thanks for fixing it," she says, as her eyes dart around the room. Distracted by something, clearly, as she pushes to her feet and walks around to the other side of the cabinet, peering behind it.

Xavier slowly stands up and watches Kimmila start peering around. "What are you searching for Kimmila? I mean if you don't mind me asking." He starts to look around the room to see if anything else needed repair while he was here.

Kimmila coughs, shaking her head, and surely that's not a /blush/ on her cheeks. "I've, uh. Well I've lost something, yeah. It's…a…plate." Lips pressed firmly together, she looks around yet again. "Just realized there was a plate in that drawer, and now it's not there…" Yeah, that sounds good doesn't it? Outside in the bowl, Varmiroth just snorts, the dragon's breath audible even over the sound of the rain.

Xavier grins at Kimmila before hearing the snort from the bowl. "You said it." He chuckles before starting to search around. "You know if you told me what you are looking for it would be much easier for me to help you find it."

Kimmila shifts, turning to stare at him. "A plate," she says more firmly, as she stretches out onto the ground to peer beneath the cabinet they were working on.

Xavier shrugs his shoulders, "Alright, alright." He starts searching around for a plate, going back to the drawers he opens them one at a time trying to find a plate. He smiled lightly seeing the drawer now open and close smoothly. "Well are you sure you left the plate here?"

Kimmila nods, "Yes, I'm positive - where the hell /is/ it?" she snaps, pushing a drawer closed with firm force so that it slams. Huff. Fingers run through her hair and she turns to eye the handyman. Then it turns to suspicion. "What do you think I'm looking for? Did you find something that…wasn't a plate?"

Xavier shakes his head. "No, what did you think I was going to find?" He now gets the feeling that perhaps she wasn't looking for a plate. "Well then perhaps someone moved it." He takes a few shuffled steps towards the drawer that Kimmila slammed shut. "I hope you didn't break the drawer."

Kimmila crosses her arms, frowning around the room in mild confusion and irritation. "I was looking for…no. Well." HUFF. Well this is awkward. "I'll be right back," she says, leaving the conference room into the weyrleader's office.

Xavier takes a seat and nods his head. "Alright hurry back." He ran a hand through his hair giving a soft shake of his head. He crosses his hands across his chest and waits for Kimmila to return. Softly tapping his foot on the ground.

Kimmila returns a minute later, holding out a white knot in her hand. "Okay," she says with a huff, "I was /trying/ to play a joke on you to give you this, because Varmiroth really liked you the other day when he was watching you. So I shoved the knot into the drawer but clearly it's vanished, Faranth knows where, so here's a new one." And she holds it out, and grins a bit. "If you'd like to be a Candidate for this clutch," she adds, making the offer more clear. "Varmiroth sees something he likes in you."

Xavier was glad he was sitting cause he suddenly seemed very flustered. "Me? You want me to me a Candidate for the clutch?" He gasps for a moment before standing up and noding his head. "Yes, or course I'll stand." He gives a soft laugh for a moment. "I guess a owe Polana a half mark." He gives a bit of a grin before gently taking the knot from Kimmila. "Thanks Kimmila, thank Varminroth for me will you?"

Kimmila grins, handing over the knot. Then he laughs. "You and Polana had a bet going?" she asks curiously, slipping her hands into her pockets. "I will. He's pleased. You know where the barracks are, yes?"

Xavier grins at Kimmila. "Not so much a bet but she believed I was going to get searched when I didn't think I ever would. She has earned a half mark." His smile broad across his face. "I'm kinda stunned really. I actually don't know where the Candidate barracks are. I've never had a reason to go there."

Kimmila laughs. "Well, it's impossible to tell who is going to be searched and who isn't, so…that's a very risky bet to make. Seems like it paid off for her though. C'mon, I'll show you."

Xavier followed Kimmila along soon finding himself before the barracks. "Oh, I can't believe I didn't notice it over here. I guess it is kinda out of the way. Must be useful for keeping focused."

Kimmila shrugs, "Not many people have a reason to come to the complex, unless…you have a reason to be here. Not really a place where people pass through." She gestures to the door with a smile. "I'm not actually allowed in, but you go on and get a cot and get settled in, okay?"

Xavier nods his head. "Thanks Kimmila, I mean it. I don't let you down. I'll make sure to do my best." He gives a very bright smile before waving to Kimmila as he walks into the barracks.