Who Carellos, Aignes
What Turns change, but some things change the same. Like people having horrible taste.
When Day 1 of Month 0 of Turn 2718
Where Living Caverns, Fort Weyr

Living Caverns
// This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

With the glow of morning creeping in Fort's skies, the kitchen staff is finishing up their preparations in the kitchen while apprentices and drudges begin the task of quickly filling the serving tables. The early birds are slowly making their way in. Carellos? Been here since nightfall, though his bed isn't going anywhere. Not when he has a fresh hot pot of klah to himself along with some simple rolls and eggs. Surprisingly enough, no sugar yet. Looking a little worse for wear, he cuts through his eggs while those tired eyes fight to stay open. He has a few more hours, then he can sleep!

Early birds can get the worms or… klah hopefully. Nice, warm klah. Aignes is carefully touching the klah pots until she finds on that is warm enough and then she claims it as her own! And well, food is probably needed in addition to the liquid fuel. On her way to claim a table, she does pick up a plate with a single breakfast sausage link, approximately one scrambled egg, and some melon chunks. The search for a seat pauses when she sees Carellos and his head drooping. "You're about to end up with egg on your face." Literally!

Drooping? Oh yeah, he's definitely got that head bob going. He blinks the sleep from his eyes a couple of times before he spots Aignes and manages a little bit of a drowsy grin, nodding his head. "Yeah… guess so. Good eggs, though. Got klah, should be alright." Maybe, hopefully. Green Sugar and Bronze Spice are both perched on his shoulders, watching and waiting. When the snoring starts, they have to do their duty and wake up their human. Carellos pulls his mug closer, carefully cradling it with both hands to take a long sip.

"Alright?" Aignes very sincerely doubts that, but she'll keep her side-eyeing to the adjacent table. She might not be as attentive as the firelizards, but she's watching as well. Maybe so she doesn't somehow end up with eggs accidentally flying into her face or something. Never trust sleep deprived people. "Is there a reason you're so…" She waves her fork before poking at the sausage. Somebody may have forgotten that other folks like to do things like have fun. Especially on days like Turnover.

After a good long drink, he forces himself into an upright position, then drapes his arm across his face as he lets out a long drawn out yawn. Carellos shakes his head, forcing his eyes open wide. "Yeah, yeah good. I'm good. I'm more than good, I'm awake and I'm just peachy. See? Bright eyed." Like a potato. He grabs his roll and splits it in two, spooning some of his over easy eggs into the center and he takes a bit. Both Sugar and Spice curl back up into the little firelizard nuggets that they are and just perch til their human nods off again.

Aignes can't help. She tried, really, but she lets out a tiny snort as the baker declares himself bright eyed. "You'd have to open your eyes first to be bright-eyed." Probably. Or at least for other people to confirm said bright eyed ness. Bushy tails would probably be another matter completely. Her own food is much more boring. No touching at all and the fork is carefully used to break that sausage up into tiny bite sized pieces.

Carellos ponders for a moment and then he shrugs. Fair enough! As for the bushy tail, he won't confirm nor deny such things while people are eating. "You know," he mutters around a full mouth, "It has a different flavor if you just mix it all up. It's not like it isn't all going to be in the same place anyway." Come on, Aignes! Live dangerously. The baker takes another bite of his little egg sandwich, dipping it in runny yolks on his plate.

Aignes peers down at the plate as if she's seriously contemplating the whole 'mixing it up' thing, before she shakes her head and continues eating. Even going so far as to push her eggs further away from the fruit in case the baker's words were going to inspire the food to start co-mingling on their own. She's watching them. "Eggs and cantaloupe doesn't sound like a very appealing flavor. I think I'll stick with this. It's a routine." And routines are sacred!

Moving further away? Don't you hear those food items, Aignes? They're sad, they're lonely, and your separating friends. They're gonna give you indigestion for your insolence! "Eggs and cantaloupe can be a good combination, won't know if you don't try. You're gonna tell me that everyone's tastebuds are the same?" All said in teasing, of course. A little more of the egg slop is soaked up with the roll and Carellos takes another bite, leaving a tiny little trail of yolk out of the corner of his mouth. He doesn't seem to mind, though. All of his energy is being put into staying awake.

The gears in Aignes face are clearly turning as she tries to contemplate that combination, but it is far too early and she falls back to the safety of the nice warm klah. "Just because people like something, doesn't mean it's a good idea. Some of the ideas some people bring in for commissions…" She breaks off into just a headshake. "Besides. Isn't there a point to having distinct flavors? Or else we'd just grind everything up into a soup and eat the same thing day in and day out, every meal?"

"Oh dear, you said that and now I wanna know." People asking for commissions in any craft tends to make for excellent stories! Now Carellos has his curiosity peaked, enough so that he drops that last bite of his egg sandwich into his mouth, and the mug is held near and dear. He still has a full pot to work his way through! "Well, yeah. You do have to have distinct flavors. You wouldn't want to come in and find some shellfish stuffed with cake frosting, sitting on a bed of gravy. Eggs and fruit together is relatively harmless."

Luckily, there's not a whole lot of sworn to anonymity required in being a weaver, although Aignes isn't going to flat out drop names about who has poor taste. That's be poor form on her part, but she can at least hint. "There were a couple of harpers a few turns back. Seemed like their 'competitive spirit' ended up extending from the actual music into their wardrobes. There were hats and feathers and like, some of those sketches they came with would not even be physically possible!" As for the whole mixing food discussion, she shakes her head and gives a pretty good impression of a hesitant toddler. "Eggs are eggs." Until they are not, but shhhh, she's ignoring that. These are already scrambled and done, not to be mixed with anything else. She finishes rearranging those eggs so they're on the complete opposite side of the plate from the fruit. No touchy!

Carellos pauses from taking another sip and he grins cheesily. "So, some of the stuff kinda looked like a bunch of kids raided their mother's closet and decided to play some dressup with the stuff she'd wear to a Bitran gather? Cause those people wear some strange stuff. Extra feathers in weird spots. Makes me itchy thinking about it." He might've jerked a knee at that. He'll just smirk at the plate, he put it out there. Never gonna know if you don't try. If the scrambled eggs are spiced right in any case.

"Sort of, but worst! It was like they were taking just the bad ideas from one another and trying to top each of them until they found the true distilled nature of worst dress on Pern. Rhinestones, cleavage, lace, embroidery, ruffles, satin, feathers, fake fruit… all on the same outfit!" It's not that Aignes has a vendetta against all of those said items (even if most are nowhere near her own wardrobe!), but combine it all together and you might end up with the Chaquita Banana Lady mixed with Dolly Parton. Not a good look for most. She'll at least start eating the eggs, sans fruit. Just plain, boring eggs. Not even any additional salt or pepper added.

Okay, that's something he'd have to agree on. If some person decides to come waltzing through the doors right now dressed like a well endowed Carmen Miranda, he'd lose all composure and laugh at them shamelessly. "That sounds pretty horrible and hilarious at the same time. Here's to hoping I don't run into those people when I have something hot in my hands." Carellos will give in on the eggs for now, but before the new turn is over, he'll at least get her to try something with a bit more flavor.

"I didn't actually make it!" Aignes objects. She's got standards! "Someone would doubtlessly have asked them where they got such a, a…" She doesn't actually have the right words for whatever that feverdream of a creation would have been and she just flounders for a moment before continuing. "I wouldn't have wanted to have my name associated with it." Also, Aignes is as bland as bland can be. She may fight this flavoring battle until the bitter (or sweet or savoury) end.

"Folks would want to know who was responsible for the horrible monstrosity so they can point you out to all their friends for a good time." Carellos snorts and takes another sip from his mug glancing at a particularly loud table not too far. The morning must be creeping on as more people are slowly starting to fill the surrounding seats. "I know what you mean, though. I had to make some interesting cakes growing up in the craft. Thankfully, I had a Journeyman over me that did all the sketchy ones. Shamelessly. He'd brag about the client as much as the cake. Figured if he was going down, they were going down with him. Women have the weirdest takes in cakes. No offense." Bachelorette parties. Why are they a thing?

Aignes just shakes her head. Nononononono. No. She doesn't want to have anything to do with the monstrosities. "That's one person I was happy to disappoint." Aignes, the bringing of no-fun. Definitely not who you call for good times. Her face scrunches up as she tries to think of what a sketchy cake would be and she just… can't and so curiosity gets the best of her. "Are you talking about like… awkward flavors? Like eggs and cantaloupe?"

"No. Not awkward flavors. If only it were awkward flavors." Carellos even shudders a tiny little bit before refilling his mug. "More like akward shapes and depictions. Some things best left at the Healer hall, if you catch my meaning." For a moment, those emerald eyes quickly glance around the room, and he even goes so far to twist at the waste to make sure a certain sweet eating potter isn't around. He wouldn't be able to finish the kettle while it's hot with the potential laughing.

"Awkward… depictions." Aignes blinks as if she's not sure if she quite heard that right, but then the nudge about Healer hall has some wheels turning and it's quite clear once things click into place as the weaver starts turning bright red and her eyes widen. "Who would order a cake of… that? If a certain subject shouldn't be table talk, it definitely shouldn't be on the food!"

"You'd be surprised what people will order if they know it'll be delivered to their private locations. Birth announcement cakes are a whole other thing. A simple cake with a few flowers or an ornate border would be perfectly fine and a normal thing to do but there's some people out there where normal just ain't good enough." There's another look of disgust washing over his features but thankfully, Care's mug is there to straighten it out. "Everyone wants to be fancy. So believe me, I feel you on the strange commissions."

Aignes gives a headshake of despair at the state of the world and their fanciness as she picks her fork back up to try eating the eggs, although the redness isn't going away just yet. "Whatever happened to just having a plain cake and maybe some candles? Some icing with 'Congratulations' or 'Happy Turnday'?" The simple things in life, you know? "But I guess if there weren't folks who wanted to be fancy, everybody would just eat what's available in the caverns or get what they needed to wear from the stores and then where would we be?" Commissionless and markless!

"Very true words. They make us look normal." Well, whatever one would consider normal. Carellos lifts his kettle and sure enough, it's empty. Perfect timing. With the familiar faces of the kitchen staff looking around frantically, he takes that as his cue to rise from his seat, dishes in tow. "Well. It's a new turn, here's to hoping the strangeness will be kept at a minimum and things will move smoothly." With a salute, the man departs. Hopefully to just make some normal looking tea cakes.

Aignes will give a salute of her fork to those words. Normal is something Aignes can get behind. And right now, she's going to get behind consuming her perfectly normal eggs, and then her perfectly normal melon. Before going to make a hopefully perfectly normal commission.

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