Who Inri, S'ndri
What Skating lessons.
When Winter, 2713
Where Lake, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

Fort's rockslides aren't that ancient, these days; more recent cave-ins have not, however, changed the structure of the lake so thoroughly as it may have other parts of the weyr. The lake is still a pinnacle of all things winter sport, and one of Fort's goldriders continues being the skating afficionado she has been since childhood. If competitive skating were a thing on Pern, and Inri hadn't been Searched, she likely would have gone that way instead. Sister's a champion jockey, Inri's a champion … skater? Alas, no, it was not to be, but she still thrives in the months that allow for the ice to be cold enough to carry her across it. Whenever she learns that friendly acquaintances or even true friends can't skate, it's always her opportunity to strike, and poor S'ndri was recently the victim of such observations. So now he's stuck in Weyr Stores-provided skates, getting a basic introduction to How to Ice. "Where did you grow up, again?" Inri is asking as she finishes lacing hers, "That there's no ice anywhere?" Why are so many of her friends from the Southern continent?

S'ndri wouldn't have the slightest clue about Fort's recent rockslides. All he knows is Inri's here and he wants to spend time with her! S'ndri is bundled up tight in a coat that he doesn't need to use all that often because most of the time he's slumming about warm places and not cold places. But Inri is worth the effort of getting bundled up. She is /even/ worth the effort of trying to ice skate. She may /even/ be worth the bumps and bruises this is likely going to cause. "I grew up down by Xanadu. I'm not a stranger to the cold, but it's not exactly like this." he says finishing up lacing his own skates. "Are you completely sure about this. I am almost certainly no good. Now if I was to take you dancing I should show you my moves that way." he says with a wink sent in her direction.

"You can dance on ice," Inri asserts, pulling herself to her feet and managing to just stand on the ice — maybe slide a little bit — rather than start moving away backward. "Or. Okay, theoretical-you can dance on ice. I can dance on ice. Maybe you'll learn to dance on ice." At least she's grinning. "And I promise that actual dancing somewhere that isn't on a frozen lake can happen in a few days, especially if you hate this, but you won't." No friend of hers is going to hate ice skating. Some friends of hers might hate skiing, but not ice skating. It won't happen. It just can't. "Xanadu's nice, at least. Kyzen — K'vir — is there, but I never hear about cold. I only go there for warm."

S'ndri looks more than a little bit skeptical, but the promise of dancing somewhere without ice soon does get his attention. "Ok. I'll try. But no promises." At the very least he'll get to see Inri dance on the ice and that will be cute. S'ndri does his best to stand but its wobbly, though he doesn't fall just yet, "Sometimes you wonder what sort of situation caused someone to invent something. I've never been able to figure out what situation caused someone to invent this." Xanadu is nice, "I don't know K'vir I'm afraid. But I do know the beach there. Someday you and I will lounge on it." But first the impending disaster of ice skating!

Inri's knee-length coat and twisted up scarf do not do her ice dancing skills much service. Not exactly a suitable costume, but she still can manage a few steps. Or. Not exactly steps. Don't walk on ice in skates! "I used to know the answer, I think. It was something that mattered to my da, for … whatever reason, which I've never placed, since as a fisherman he preferred his water to not be frozen over. "Keep your knees bent a little," she demonstrates, "you'll be able to stand in place better. And once you've got standing I'll teach you how to lose your balance safely, since yes, everyone learns that first." She looks like she's going to laugh, but she's not: all good natured smiles. "I look forward to beach lounging, I promise. I like cold and warm equally. I love that I have a dragon who likes to travel — I can do both in a day, if I have the time!" That's rare, being that she is Nyalle's perpetual responsible right hand and doesn't like to leave Fort that long, but … it happens ever.

S'ndri would, no doubt, like to see Inri in a costume of any kind, though those thoughts must be pushed from his mind if he is to survive the moment. Push push! S'ndri does bend his needs just like Inri instructs and he does wobble less. It provides wiggle room, and thats exactly what he does. Stands there and wiggles in his attempts not to fall down face first or backside first. "I'm just going to hold that image of you in my mind then." Lounging on a beach. And thats just enough of a distraction for him that he does lose his battle with gravity and falls down on his butt with a whump. Nothing injured but pride he says, "You should take a long vacation. I'd go with you."

"All right? If you can get back up, I can show you how falling's supposed to work," because he doesn't look injured, at least, "I think Kouzevelth's going to rise soon. Not like, soon-soon, but soon enough I shouldn't be planning any long vacations," Inri admits, though the idea seems to appeal at least a little. Though she feels bad leaving, what with her being the only one of the other goldriders Jajen works well with. Of course, Jajen could always come along! "That's better. The standing, I mean. Once the skating is over, we'll be sweaty and need to take baths, also …" Will the promise of naked time make him enjoy her favorite wintry activity more? "If you're going to fall, fall sideways. Feel yourself losing your balance, try to dip down with your hands on your knees and fall to one side, then roll back up, it sounds difficult but it's not really," she demonstrates by skating back a little and then deliberately falling as so, then placing her feet between her hands and springing back up.

S'ndri is uninjured its true! He uses his hands to push himself up to a squatting position and from there he, still wobbling, rises back to a standing position. Having a proddy dragon is a good reason not to go on vacation especially if she's a gold. "Shame Cenvath won't be chasing." he says with a wry smile. "I wouldn't mind catching." Her next comment makes his smile gleam, "I like the sound of that. Is that a promise?" he says winking at her. He was enjoying it before, but yes he's more on board now than he was. He's watching her even more closely now, which is good since the technique she is demostrating is probably going to be very necessary since he's likely to fall alot, "Ok. I think I got that." Never one to miss an opportunity though he does point out the obvious, "Then after the eggs hatch. Hit the road. You'll have earned it."

"That's what I do as soon as she lets me leave the weyrlings," Inri confirms, because there's always those few days that Kouzevelth has to make absolutely sure they chose right, like the baby dragons could change their minds and pick new riders at that point. But she's a fussy dam, and she acts that way with all of the weyrlings, not just her own; especially Iaverulth's, them being full sisters. Those nieces and nephews are just as important, and these are things that Kouzevelth actually remembers for whatever reason. "Bathing is definitely a promise. Unless you end up with a head injury from falling the wrong way, try not to do that." There are always blueriders at Inri's flights, ever since the first one made it tradition: Kimmila, Kiena, Harmony. All women with dragons not interested in the fallout, though. Kimm was the strong backbone for her first two. "I'm not fun proddy; I usually recommend people who like me most of the turn stay as far away as possible. The aftermath can be enjoying, but the lead-up — bad news."

Inri and S'ndri sound like they are on the same page about vacations then. The man smiles to her, "Good." No. A head injury is not what S'ndri would like to do today. Especially considering what she is promising for after this. That would just be a tragedy, "I promise that I will do my best not to fall and hit my head." She did teach him all about falling on his side so thats good right? It will make him safer for sure. That might just clinch it then. The bluerider just may show up at her flight and see what happens. "I'm sure you aren't that bad. I'd risk it." S'ndri is brave and intrepid after all. "Ok. So now that I'm up. How do I go from here?"

"Now, we glide." Vacations are awesome and important, and gliding is just as much both of those things. Gliding on ice is like flying without a dragon! "On the ground, using our feet, on the ice — though I see dragons doing it too, coming out here and gliding on their talons, using their wings as rutters — " A green off in the distance is doing exactly that, so Inri can point two fingers in that direction as an example. See, they like it too. "Take a step forward and then use that as a push off to let your skates glide across the ice," Inri explains, and then examples. She has the balance and skill for someone who could do a fancier leg lift with that, but she doesn't; just a simple glide. "Once you can glide, you can skate; just a matter of picking up the other foot and repeating the process."

Time to try the glide! Okay. S'ndri observes the green in the distance. Fort dragons probably do have to find different ways to amuse themselves during the winter time. S'ndri pushes backward with his right foot and very quickly tries to set it back down because he is moving and doing his best to maintain his balance as he goes. He probably should have asked her about stopping, but that thought hadn't entered his mind yet. So he is moving slowly forward and using his hands to help him keep upright. Suffice it to say that he lacks the balance and the grace that Inri has, at least while he is on the ice, "Whoa." he says as he glides. It is a little like flying, though he is considerably more practiced at flying than gliding.

Inri probably should have mentioned how stopping worked, since stopping is an integral part of going, but … well, she learned to skate a long time ago, and didn't remember that she'd learned side stops and backstops long before she learned how to skate on one foot. Stopping is important, Inri. But she's still not actively thinking about it, which makes the odds higher that S'ndri's first successful stop is going to be a fall unless he manages to a) figure it out or b) ask. Or she actually thinks of it. Kouzevelth is off on her own flying trip, not supplying these important external reminders. "If you balance like you're on a dragon, it helps. Imagine riding a dragon while standing up. Which it wouldn't surprise me if you'd actually done," because, as said before, S'ndri is brave and intrepid and that might be on par with the dangers of being around Inri the day her dragon's going to rise.

As such S'ndri continues to glide. He could always count on friction to slow him down, but the problem with ice is that there is just so much less friction than normal. It's slippery after all…duh! "I may have done that once or twice." Strickly speaking you are supposed to stay strapped in, but who listens to everything their weyrlingmaster taught them? That would be crazy talk. Her words actually do help a bit and he steadies out, though eventually he is going to run out of time and then there is a strong chance of him falling.

"But only once or twice." Inri has ridden without straps a time or two — or twenty — but not STANDING UP. There's some things that are just reckless and left for reckless, overly fun loving people who are willing to equate fun with death traps. Inri si not one of those people. "Definitely do not try standing on a flying dragon with ice skates on, that's just taking it too far." Since he's managing to skate without falling, Inri lets herself spin around on one foot a little bit, without getting too close to smash in to him and offset that nice basic skating.

Yes. Standing up on skates while riding with a dragon would not be popular with Cenvath. He might even get angry enough to dump him. Not from great height but still. The blue puts up with alot from S'ndri and there is only so far he can push it. Just like this situation. There is only so far that S'ndri can push it before the has to fall to the inevitable. And fall he does. Eventually the motion forward can no longer sustain movement and so he tumbles. Though he does not hit his head and falls on his side just like Inri showed him. This gives him a chance to see her fancy skating, "You look amazing when you do that." She looks amazing all the time but extra special amazing when she does that.

"… well, that was a good fall," Inri manages flatly. She definitely should have taught him to stop; the deadpan flatness is more for herself than him. "I'll show you how to stop correctly, if you like, and then we can work more on continued forward momentum — I'm not that good, but I'm not going to play it down such that I'm going to say I look anything less than competent," she agrees. She's not, after all, currently proddy, and so her self esteem is fairly solid. "It's fun. If you don't get too dizzy. Have to balance it out," she adds, spinning around in the other direction on the other foot.

Well yeah. There is the skating part of it, but that isn't exactly what he meant, "I meant /you/ look amazing." he says as he does what he was shown before adn moves his feet underneath him and gets to his wobbly legs once more, "I'm all for learning how to stop." That has to be priority number one. Then the forward momentum can begin. "You are a very good teacher." He hasn't killed himself yet, though he should probably wait on that assessment until after the lesson is over.

Technically the first priority is standing up, right? But S'ndri got that one, so Inri can give a satisfied nod. "I'm glad I look amazing. I think I always look amazing, but that's only when I'm in a good mood," though with that grin, it's hard to imagine she's often not in a good mood. Which is accurate. She's generally Miss Sunny Optimist. Someone has to be, in Fort. "Good teacher, that's only for some things. Don't ask me to show you how to sew." She wrinkles her nose playfully — it's not that she can't sew, so much as that people usually end up injured and there's a rumor about a candidate losing a finger and another candidate turning pink until after the Hatching — before moving into a glide and then demonstrating a stop, explaining as she does. "Bend your knees and turn your heels outward, like this — not too far so you don't overbalance — it's the easier method of stopping," hockey stops are dumb and hard and sideways, "and causes pretty much an immediate standstill. Then just don't try to stand up straight immediately." That way lies falling.

S'ndri does like a woman with confidence, and a sense of fun and Inri has both of those qualities in spades. S'ndri has confience too! Maybe too much for his own good sometimes given the reaction he recieves from others at times. Though with Inri he doubts very much he has to worry too much. "Since your in such a good mood then maybe after that bath I'll take you to the bed." He says with a wink. He is S'ndri and he has to try. It's just who he is! "And I promise there will be no sewing involved." So everyone will be absolutely safe! Ok. Time to give this a shot! He gives his foot a push an begins to glide, this time he goes for only a short distance before he does as instructed and turns his heels out causing him to come to a lurching stop. But he doesn't fall on his face so WIN! He looks at her with a bright smile on his face, "I did it!"

Inri tends to take other people's confidence, other people's egos, other people's flirtatiousness as amusement and a game in their own right. Most people aren't really as ostentatious as they make themselves appear to be. The ones who are … are getting the benefit of the doubt. "I don't see what's wrong with sticking to the bath," she says calmly, though whether she follows through on that sort of hint or not is anyone's guess. The bluerider's stop is met with a proud grin and some applause. "Excellent! Perfect. Now we can try the skating part without the falling part." She offers a hand, as if to skate holding hands — she won't go too fast, really. And eventually, it will be too hot and sweaty to continue skating, even in the frigid air: and that's where the warm bath comes in.

S'ndri had to try you see. Though he hasn't given up all hope either. Who knows what may happen between now and then? All sorts of crazy possibilites. "We'll just have to see won't we?" he says with a wink. S'ndri probably isn't as bad as he lets on most of the time. Not underneath it all. Though his attraction for Inri is a real thing and she's probably stuck with him. He will take her hand and skate until the time comes to head off to that bath. That hopeful hopeful bath. S'ndri probably won't even fall down but a few times more! Good teacher Inri!

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