Fort Weyr - Arch Stone Bridge
Stretching the span of a deep chasm hundreds of feet below, the bridge connects one cordillera to the next. Engineered by imaginations of historic times, the bridge has stood between these plateaus for ages. Built solidly with a technique lost to those of today, there is evidence that it has become slightly weather worn, but is also indestructible. A dragon span in width, the bridge is constructed out of huge blocks of stone, layered in a fashion that each chuck supports the next and carries the burden load to the base, where it is meted together with the walls of the bowl - there by creating an arch in the design from the living caverns to the administration section of the weyr.
Exposed to the elements, the bridge is often dangerous to navigate. Winds or ice could become a potential threat, which is why the sides of the bridge have been built up with stone guard railings, reaching at least five feet in height. Scenic views aren't necessarily easily accessed for those who are smaller in height, for the rest, the view can be disorienting due to the height but spectacular otherwise. One can view the central and northern bowls from here, as well as get a glimpse of the hatching cavern and the training complex.

Fort is truly into winter now and another Turn's end is rapidly approaching. The Weyr below is covered in snow and the drifts are piling high along the walls. Soon the drudges will have to be sent to start carting it out less the ground become cramped or impassable. It's snowing right now too but it's a lazy sort of snowfall. Big, fat flakes float down from the overcast sky above and it gives a pleasant sort of hushed atmosphere to the whole Weyr. Th'ero likes to come out to the bridge at times like these, bundled warm against the cold air. There is something peaceful about the air and the calmness from the heavier snow fall. It's a good place to brood, but not be holed up somewhere.

Kimmila often seeks this bridge as well, especially when it's snowing and the weyr is muffled, soft and gentle. She's not surprised to see Th'ero already here as she exits the stairwell and walks out towards him. "Beautiful," she murmurs, slipping an arm around his waist to lean against him. Snuggling in the chilly air.

Th'ero's head turns at the sound of a voice and one so very familiar to him. "It is, isn't it? The Weyr is so calm right now," he murmurs back and promptly lifts his arm to wrap it around her and lean back against her body. Snuggling her close and keeping her warm, he will smile soft and faintly to her. "Back from your duties?" he asks softly.

Kimmila leans into his warmth and smiles up at him, expression relaxed and soft. "Yeah. Sweeps, but all looks well out there. Have to send some folks out to keep up with the roads, but other than that it's a peaceful morning. How are you?"

"How are the holds doing? Fort Hold and Healer Hall only tell me so much with their reports," Th'ero murmurs, giving her another smile before gently nuzzling the top of her head. "None sick?" And if there were, did she stay away? So far it looks as though Th'ero escaped the illness. "Glad it was peaceful at least. I'm well, just… troubled. This illness is unsettling." he mutters, holding her closer to him as if to ward off whatever invisible enemy threatens.

Kimmila shakes her head. "As far as we know the cotholds are doing well. Few people in and out, few chances for the illness to spread and most of them closed off their holds as soon as news went out. We drop supplies well outside and they leave them there for a few days before going out to get them. It is troubling," she agrees quietly. "Have we had word from Tlazio from Keroon?"

Th'ero nods his head and seems relieved to hear it from her. "Figured as much. Most of our holders are smart and sensible folk. So long as none of them get completely severed off…" he murmurs and he smiles to her again. "We have. I've the letters back in our weyr. He's saying that all is well. The twins don't seem to really understand and are more curious. Kyzen, however…" he sighs a little. "… he has his moments."

Kimmila shakes her head again. "No, none are completely cut off. Oh good. I'm glad." There's a quirk of a grin for Kyzen. "I'd have thought he would have seen this as a big adventure, and had a blast with it."

Th'ero hugs her close against her side and exhales softly, "Good. Now we can just keep our fingers crossed that those who are ill here recover too. Mr'az keeps us informed about Nyalle and I've not heard of any change in Thys — not for the worst, anyways." Which is good news! As for their son, Th'ero just snorts. "It probably was an adventure and still is, but I'm sure he's wondering why he hasn't come home yet… or why we are not coming for him."

Kimmila nods a few times, watching those fat flakes drift silently towards the bowl below. Then she chuckles. "Our boy can be a handful, that's for sure," she murmurs. "Perhaps we should write him a letter?"

Th'ero will try to brush a few of those flakes off her hair but it could be an excuse for him to gently cup her face as well. "Hopefully not too much of a handful or we may never get a favour out of Tlazio ever again." he drawls with a faint smirk and then blinks. A letter? "That could work. Do you think that'll sufficiently distract him?"

Kimmila chuckles, tilting her head into his hand with a warm smile. "Oh, I'm sure Tlazio is happy to be out of the weyr, and his family too. There are perks to being our foster family," she murmurs. "Well it might help? It wouldn't distract him for /long/, but…it might help for him to get a letter from us. To /him/, not to Tlazio. We can tell him to be good, and all that."

Th'ero laughs, "We did set them up in a rather nice cottage, didn't we?" he muses and relaxes. Maybe that had been troubling him, thinking he's been asking too much of her brother. Listening to her plan concerning the letters to Kyzen, he nods his head in agreement. "Couldn't hurt, in the long run… Worse comes to worse it doesn't work." Simple as that!

Kimmila nods. "The cottage is fantastic. It's a vacation, for them." As much of a vacation with four kids can be. "And no, it couldn't hurt, and it is very likely to help. We'll write one when we get back home." But for now, she is happy to snuggle up against his side, nestling in close and watching the snow fall

"I suppose if you put it like that, it isn't so bad." Th'ero admits quietly. In his head, going anywhere with four children can't be too much of a relaxing vacation! "You're not ready to go back to the weyr yet?" he murmurs with a faint grin before nestling back against her and holding her close. His eyes turn skyward and he sighs, "You think the winter will allow this illness to blow over? I worry about folks being in close quarters now…"

Kimmila sighs. "I really don't know. It seems like those who are going to get sick, have already gotten sick. But…this is the dangerous time, when secondary illnesses can crop up, and another wave can strike. So we'll see. I certainly hope the worst is behind us."

Th'ero gently strokes his gloved hand over her back and his expression is grim, "So the Weyr Healer and Master Healer here keep telling me. I've had the Headwoman instruct the Cooks to keep adding more beneficial herbs to the food when they can. See if we can't stave off more of the sickness that way…"

Kimmila nods. "Everything helps. Washing hands, redwort…it all helps. I think we'll be fine, Wingmate. I think the worst is past…" She can only hope, as she looks up at him and smiles, exhaling softly.

"With Nyalle, Abigail and Thys sick and others… I'd hope this is the worst of it. We were so wise, Wingmate, to have sent the children away…" Th'ero murmurs softly and smiles to her. His hand rests against her hip again and he looks out over the Weyr bowl. "We were fortunate it was not worse and I'll be damned if I let it take us down! To think, that Fort Weyr is brought to its knees by illness." he practically scoffs at the mere idea!

Kimmila nods. "Yes, we were. Almost wish we'd sent them sooner but…there was know way of knowing where it'd spread next. It's such a relief to not have them here." Instead safe in Keroon, in their little cottage. Isolated. Then she chuckles softly. "Illness is far more frightening to me than any renegade," she murmurs. "It kills from within, and brings so much panic and mistrust…"

So long as nothing befalls Keroon and disrupts that isolated peace! "I find it a relief as well. I'd be constantly worried about them, especially the twins. Healers say it's the very young and the elderly…" Th'ero murmurs quietly. Isn't it always the case? His expression turns grim and brooding. "Too true, Wingmate. Which is why we must keep the panic and mistrust at a minimum. So far we seem to have evaded it." There's a moment where he's silent and then he snorts. "Is it bad of me to hope Ustrr died of it somehow, somewhere? That'd be the end of that problem!"

Kimmila nods. "Yes. Much better they're out and away…" Especially the twins. "Have you heard from your mother and father? Are they well?" There's a moment of quiet as she listens, and then she laughs, soft and muffled in the snow. "Of course that's not bad. I hope he did and his men abandoned him to freeze to death."

Th'ero shakes his head, "Just the one letter from Garan. He says that Southern Boll has no cases and that neither he or Kenali are concerned about it. I've been taking no news as good news." he admits and smiles when she laughs. "Renegade-cicles?" he drawls, right by her ear, not that anyone would overhear them in the snow.

Kimmila nods again. "That's good. Yes, I think this is one of those cases where no news is good news, for sure." She shivers at his whisper, turning to peer at him. "Circles?" she asks, brows furrowed and a bit confused.

Th'ero laughs softly, his breath warm against her skin as he keeps his mouth close to her ear. "Not circles, Wingmate. An attempted pun on the word icicle, given that you said it'd be good if Ustrr has frozen to death out there." Aren't they just a charming couple? Still chuckling, he slips his arm around her again to pull her close against his body. "Speaking of freezing… How long did you wish to stay out here?"

Kimmila ohs, blushing as she misheard him. "Got it. Ustrr-popsicle." She smirks, he laugh low. Darkly amused. "Oh…not much longer, especially since it seems like you'd like to get inside and get…warm>"

Lets hope they do not find any Renegade-Popsicles come early spring! Th'ero chuckles low and gruff in his throat, "It was you who said we should write to our son, love. I am only being helpful in reminding you but I won't lie and say I am starting to feel the cold. Some… warmth… should be sought soon." Right! Warmth.

Kimmila draws back to wink at him, and then she steps away from the ledge. "Come, love. Let's go write to Kyzen and get warm."

Th'ero's brows lift at her wink and it's no surprise that he will follow when she steps away. Intrigued is the light way of putting it! "Lead on, Wingmate. I'll be right behind you." Every step of the way. Not creepy at all, right?