Fort Weyr - Living Cavern
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It's well into the afternoon when Jaelyn drags himself out of bed and into the living cavern. He's dressed in his usually head to toe black attire, beanie and goggles in place, and slung over his shoulder a worn canvas satchel. As it's between major meals, he's able to get himself a plate of food and a seat somewhere fairly isolated from anyone else who might be around. After claiming a glass of ice water as his own, he drops himself into a seat and starts eating.

Isolated, but not for long. Venryk also makes his way through the caverns, toting with him a few notepads tucked under an arm. The teen himself doesn't seem to have much of a 'regular' attire save for the jacket he might wear outside. His outfits seem to change color with each day, and it seems green is where it's at on this one. He drops into a seat near Jaelyn quite casually though, depositing food and a mug on the table before the notebooks also land there. He flashes a grin at the other teen then, resting an elbow on the table. "Was wondering when you'd appear! You're lucky, you know. I think I was half asleep through at least half a lecture this morning. Why they start so early..I will never understand. How's all the..well…face?" There's a vague gesture at Jaelyn then, indicating what are very likely battle wounds on the fighty computercrafter.

Golden eyes flick over to whomever was invading his personal space, but the tension that was able to build in those few seconds between unknown and known rapidly vanishes upon the realization that it was Venryk. Lashes lower, Jaelyn returns his attention back to the literal pile of roast wherry stacked high upon his plate, smothered with gravy, a few potatoes tucked off to the side almost as if an afterthought. "Hey." Comes his simple greeting, letting he healer chatter on as he was known to him to do. "It's fine." He'd removed and replaced his own bandages already, or perhaps he stopped by the infirmary before he came to get something to eat, because whomever did it was no stranger to first aid. Fork is speared into a thick slice of meat, and brought to his lips for that whole chewing and swallowing thing, hunched still over his plate with his good hand being used to apply utensil to nourishment, and his bandaged hand idly resting there in his lap.

Venryk does watch the other teen for a moment or two, including giving that plate of piled meat a bit of an eyeing. "Well, now I know what it is they've been feeding you to get you so strong. You're gonna be a big walking brick one day with all that protein." His own plate is quite a bit more varied in what's on it, both with vegetable choices and meat. He takes the time to pull out a small baggie though from the bag he carries, promptly dropping it into his mug water. Yep, this kid definitely likes tea. He leaves it to set though, while a fork pokes at his meal. "Huh. Well good then. I was worried I might have to try and get you to put your face in the snow if there was a ton of swelling or anything. Sure, a bag of ice is a little less /messy/, but why waste what's perfectly useful and right outside?"

"I got a high metabolism," Jaelyn says, already taking another huge bite from a slab and chewing it thoroughly, he chases it with a long pull from his water glass, "I dun eat a lot of protein, I lose weight." That explained, he returns to eating quietly, glancing over when the bagging appears and watches with what appears to be disinterest before eating some more. He doesn't comment on the tea drinking, as it was likely not new information for the computercrafter. When Venryk goes on to talk about using the snow outside to reduce swelling, he pauses between bites, "Prolly dun wanna be using snow for that, 'cause that shit ain't sterile." Which would be true, as he had openings in his skin, it would make it easier to get an infection. Who is this guy? Whoever he is, he's gone back to being quiet and eating between sips of water, the ice cubes clanking lightly against their glass prison.

Venryk's lashes lower faintly, lips still quirked in a s smile. "Less fun, but I /suppose/ we could bag the stuff." He pauses in his usual chatter though in order to actually eat some of his food. Otherwise, he'd never get any of it down! He uses his fork though once it's free to point at Jaelyn again. "Know a few people who'd love to have that sort of thing going for them. But can't say it doesn't sound like a great diet. I mean, yay meat and all. I'll eat just about anything though."

Jaelyn looks over at Venryk only when he goes silent and is eating, his eyes wandering over every detail while the other is distracted and then wanders back to his own plate. However, as he's pointed at with a fork, his gaze darts back in the healer's direction. "It's kinda annoyin'." he murmurs around a slice of roast wherry, before taking a big bite and chews it all up, "That stuff looks like it's good, but my tongue dun like it." His own fork is used to point at the plate that the healer had before him, indicating the things that were not meat and tubers. "I'll eat it if I have to, but it ain't easy." Gagging down fruits and vegetables doesn't sound like a lot of fun, so perhaps that's why Jae sticks to the stuff he can palette.

"Tongues can learn all sorts of things over time." Venryk offers a wide grin for that, before he spears another healthy-looking item to eat. He finally does go after the tea though, removing the small packet so he can sip at it contently. "And who knows? I mean, that might change eventually. I'm told I /hated/ some stuff turns back before I can remember that I eat all the time now. know. Plenty of time for all of that. No sense choking down what you don't like at this point, right? Freedom, and all." All in all though, the teen didn't pack much onto that plate of his. It's gone quickly, and the plate is pushed right out of the way to make room for folded arms on the surface of the table. "But, /one day/, you might try something and /bam/! Surprise, you like it."

There Jaelyn was, just minding his own business and eating his late lunch, and Venryk goes and says that. The computercrafter nearly chokes, and golden eyes go instantly to the other boy as he coughs to clear his airway of the foreign object that just slipped in there all of a sudden. He grabs at his water and takes a long, long sip of it, coughing a few more times before he's able to regain his composure. That grin wasn't helping, and he mildly eyes the healer before attempting to eat again. "Dun think so," he denies, lashes lowering some as he regards his own plate. It was rapidly emptying, even after Ryk's assassination attempt. "Need the protein, but still gutta get the other stuff that meat dun provide." Like vitamins! B12 for the win. He shrugs at himself though, and pops a tuber past his lips.

Venryk looks quite pleased with himself, despite Jaelyn's near-choking incident. Laughter comes, though he at least tries to stifle it in the form of burying his face onto his arms on the table. He's not really successful, not with the way his shoulders shake. At least he's able to get it under control quickly enough, peeking out to make sure the poor boy hasn't gone and /died/ over there. He grabs his mug though, raising it in a slight 'cheers' pose before taking a sip of it. "You're better at it than me, then. I find something I don't like, I'm not touching it again until I forget I didn't like it in the first place. Like that stuff they make that is green stuff but looks all soupy and solid at the same time. No thanks, not for me."

Finishing his plate, Jaelyn pushes it aside and concentrates on emptying his water glass as well, taking a cube into his mouth and crunching on it. He shakes his head some back and forth while Venryk enjoys himself over there. Snorting lightly, he eats another ice cube, and looks off towards the tunnel that leads to the central bowl. He was very much alive when Ryk checks on him, but from his expression he was lost in his head. Only when the other boy speaks does he pull his attention back to the conversation, "If it's the difference of gettin' sick or not, ain't much of a choice." There is a single blink as soupy semi-solid green things are mentioned, and from his expression he doesn't seem to know what the healer might be referring to. Then again, the computercrafter wasn't an overly expressive person to begin with so anything surmised from his lack of one probably didn't indicate much.

Still looking particularly amused with everything, Venryk shakes his head when Jaelyn finally responds. After all, he doesn't tend to have that problem since most things are perfectly acceptable to eat for the healer. All his vitamins are being gotten on a daily basis! "Well, eventually there's bound to be something that you like that's not ripped from bones. Just gotta keep looking, I guess." But the other teen has finished his food too, and he reaches for his notebooks, picking them up in one hand. "Hey, you wanna go do anything? It's not like the caverns here are brimming with interesting things." At least not now that the food has been consumed. On the bright side, at least they weren't as crowded as they had been before during the storming that blew through, or at meal time.

"I like bread." Jaelyn admits, crunching on the last ice cube from the glass he brought over earlier, even though it was half melted at this point. Whatever remains beyond that is tipped back and then the empty glass is placed back onto the table beside his empty plate. Quite a lot of gravy still remains on the plate, and this is studied with the intensity one might use when cramming last minute for an exam before he shoves himself to his feet and heads back over to the serving table. Even if Venryk is still talking. He grabs a couple thick slices of hot buttered bread slices and returns, dropping back into his feet. He arrives just in time to hear the healer's offer, already using his newly acquired bread to sop up the gravy from his plate and eating it like he was still starving. "Ya wanna come back to my room?" he asks between shoveling, glancing briefly over at the other boy, before he returns to biting and chewing.

The amazing shoveling of bread is stared at, brows raised, and Venryk can really say nothing at all about it. There's a faint smile though, something likely on his mind as he watches the event that doesn't involve actually nomming down food. The offer for a place to go is met with a tilt of his head though, as well as a laugh as he gets up from his seat readily enough. "Sure, perfect place to be. Lemme drop this stuff in my own though on the way. Beats carrying it around all over and leaving it somewhere." He gives a wistful sigh at that, eyeballing the offending notebooks. "I've done that before. Took me two whole days to find it again and by then I'd forgotten /everything/ I'd written down. Nightmare, that."

What was there to say about a guy who just ate an insane amount of meat and tubers covered with a gallon of gravy, using four thick slices of bread to make sure every drop of that gravy doesn't go to waste? Jaelyn certainly acts as if what he was up to was as normal as breathing, even as he finishes up. Licking his lips thoroughly, he then wipes them on the sleeve of his sweater and stands up again. He collects all the dirty dishes, his and Ryk's, before he heads to drop them off in a bin. "Meet ya there then." he says, hesitating at the serving table after the other had gone to drop off his personal items. He stares intently for a while, before grabbing a mug of hot water and a sachet of tea before heading down to the lower caverns.

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