Who Carellos, Phineas, Aignes, Kezresan
What And Aignes undergarments are mythical and unmentioned.
When Date: Day 25 of Month 12 of Turn 2717 Time of Day: Hour 14 - Afternoon Season: Winter
Where Living Caverns, Fort Weyr

Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It's late enough in Fort's afternoon that everything due to be put on the tables desert wise is being taken care of and some of the weyr's kitchen staff can come out and finally claim a meal on their own. The major rush that kicks off the mid-day meal time has already come and gone, allowing the general populace to dine at their leisure instead of rushing to make room. Those long crumb covered cakes decorated earlier with frosting pines and powdered sugar are almost gone. Carellos manages to grab himself one slice, for his hard work, and only then does he begin to load up his own tray. With a frown. Meat and veggies it is! The poor man has a figure to maintain.

Finn got distracted playing dice in the lower caverns and is late in getting to the living caverns. He makes a beeline for the food laden tables, slanting a lopsided smile at Carellos while piling a plate high with sweets. Why yes, he /is/ grabbing the last of those cakes. All of them. And no, there is absolutely NOTHING healthy to be found in his choices. Snagging a mug and an entire pot of klah, he nudges Care's shoulder with his own. "Face gonna freeze like that you know." Which is a perfect example of exactly WHY eating 'healthy' is bad. "You need more cake," is added before he's off to slide into a chair.

Man cannot live on klah alone! But at least one woman might be trying it today at least. Aignes has currently camped out with one of her more portable projects, but lacemaking is going to have to wait for a moment as tragedy has struck! Her klah pot is now empty and so, the weaver emerges from that small nest she had made and ventures forth towards the line, but alas, along with the last of the cakes, someone seemed to also make off with one of the few remaining fresh pots of klah. "Some folks need to learn moderation…" never mind that now empty klah pot in her hand.

Face is gonna freeze like that. Mehmehmehmeh. Carellos might've mimicked Phineas just a teeny bit, but there's truth in the man's words so he wipes the look off of his face for now. He has… no klah but he has cake! So he's half way there! The Baker finds himself a seat near Phineas, shamelessly stealing the pitcher to pour himself some klah before he resumes staring sourly at his plate. Same thing day in, day out. The man takes a green leaf, puts some shredded veggies in it, tops with a small piece of meat and makes a roll. There. Sad looking meat roll. With a sigh, he takes a bit and glances around the room. "Just think of the rest of us while you eat that cake," he teases. The klah pitcher? Left intentionally in the middle for easy grabbing. Aignes, the kettle is calling you!

NEVER! Moderation is not a thing Finn is ever likely to master. His hearing, however? Exceptional. Exceptional enough that he slants a glance over his shoulder while filling his mug and turns a lopsided smile on the woman bearing an empty pot. "Hot," he notes as he wiggles it teasingly. "Fresh." Is added as makes a point of inhaling the fragrance. "Mine." Is his finish as he thunks the pot back down on the table and goes about the business of spooning sickening amounts of sugar into his steaming mug. Course, the fact that he's not /really/ that selfish is obvious when he tilts his head toward the klah in a gesture of invitation. Tearing one of the many cakes piled high on his plate in half, he shoves it into his mouth, sucking frosting off his thumb before washing it down with a mouthful of very hot klah. "I gotchu," is muttered— yes with a mouthful of food— to Care. And to prove his point, he leans over and starts replacing those healthy choices with at least a second slice of cake and a handful of cookies. "We," he notes as he finishes swallowing. "Talked about this. Sugar is life. Veggie meat thing is gross."

That empty klah pot that Aignes was hanging onto will be deposited back on the klah table once she finally works her way to the front of the line and is left facing the dregs of whatever half pots were left over. The weaver sends a longing glance over towards the klah pot that Phineas had purloined, but she just straightens up and purses her lips a little as he claims the pot as his own. On principle she'll just fill up a cup with one of those leftover pots. And since that wasn't enough to fill her mug, mix in some more from another as well. She grabs a spoon, not to mix in sugar but just to stir the two probably different strength concoctions together into something hopefully more uniform as she goes back to take her seat at the table right behind the two men. And it's totally an accident if any chairs pumped into the gorging Phineas. She'll even mutter a polite "Excuse me…" as she totally tries to elbow him takes her seat.

Carellos opens his mouth to protest for a bit, then wisdom finally rears it's ugly head and he just keeps his mouth shut. Look at that cake. Dat cake. Such beautifu- He takes the cake, puts the meat and the veggies in it, rolls it up and takes a bite. NOW WHAT, PHINEAS? The baker makes a face of surprise, then a nod of approval as he finishes it up, chipmunk cheeks and all. And yes, he still has his napkin ready to go. Which is lucky for him, when Aignes takes her seat, he probably would've choked on his food from laughin as she passed the sugar monster by.

"No Pro- Hey!" Yeah, Finn is elbowed and yeah, he's pretty sure it was on purpose, that much is clear from the twinkle of amusement in his eyes as he twists around and eyes Aignes. "You know for a cute little thing, you need a whole lot of space." And why /yes/ Aignes, he's eyeing those hips. "Girls," is uttered as he twists back around and picks up the other half of his cake. "/Some/ people could use a little more sweet in their everything," he adds before shoveling the chunk of cake into his maw. Course, he nearly chokes watching Care, his head giving a rapid shake that makes it clear that is horrifying. At best. Some People.

Aignes settles back into her seat and takes a sip of her ice cold klah. That scowl on her face surely isn't because of the horrible taste of who knows how many hours old klah. It's icy which could be like iced without any watering down. Maybe. But Phineas' comment does have her spinning around to stare at the man all the while her face is growing red. "Some people are working here!" And judging as well as her eyes widen as she catches a glimpse of the sugar massacre on the other table and the chipmunk cheeks of Carellos. "Are you okay?"

Kezresan has his nose in a book. And it's a freakin /giant/ book, too. It requires both hands, and basically hides his entire head, and could probably double as a weapon. It's definitely a textbook, with some cryptically long and very scientific-ly looking name. Probably entirely unpronounceable. Like 'Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia.' (that's not what it says, tho). Either way, it means he's somewhat slow, and somewhat hazardous to the general health and welfare of the population, which is not usually what a healer is going for. So after a few more steps, and a few more lines, the textbook gets closed with an audible *thump* and he's squinting around the living caverns as though he has NO IDEA how he got here. The book is smooshed up against his chest, because it's /far/ too big to tuck beneath his arm, and he moves through the living caverns with vague purpose. There is no earthly (pernly?) way he's going to be carrying a plate AND that book, so the first order of business is dropping that monstrosity off at a table. And of course he picks /Aignes'/ table! It's luck of the draw, really. He's not really looking at her, just the empty seat. But *KA-WHUMP* goes the book, and *whoosh!* goes Kez, toward the food tables with the vain hope that there is something to be found there. When he returns? He's got a plate that is just PILED with green and healthy things. A little meat, a single roll, a WHOLE LOTTA VEGGIES and a small bowl of fruit (for desert!). "Is that Klah?" he asks, not even waiting for an answer before he's reaching for the mug with the clear assumption that he's /welcome/ to have some.

Carellos is still chewing because chewing your food is the right way to eat, right? Can't be inhaling food whole, otherwise the brain is just gonna let you keep shoveling it in til it knows when you've… actually eaten. VIA CHEWING. That and the Baker worked hard to work off his fluff, he has to be good. Maybe. Kind of. When Aignes asks the question, those emerald eyes dark over in confusion and he makes sure his napkin is covering his mouth. Cause manners. He nods his head 'yes' when his brain tells him to, and he turns back to his nice, hot, steaming mug. Poised to take a sip, there's only one thing left to happen, and that's Kezresan's book assault scaring the daylights out of him to the point where he begins choking a bit. The man pounds on his own chest for a bit, eyes watering, and then he forces down a sip of the hot stuff to help rinse it down. "You gotta warn someone before you do that! That thing is hazardous to my heart." Nevermind the cake wrapped meat roll he just devoured. Those same emerald eyes dart back to Phineas with mild concern. You see that? He almost died a literal literary death!

"*Some* people," Finn allows with another lopsided smile. "Could be a little less *salty*." Hey, he'll poke right back and enjoy every moment of it. That much is clear from the amusement shining in pale blue eyes as he twists around to wink at Aignes. Course, the book and it's bearer earn a merry laugh, blond bangs flip flopping against his brow as he shakes his head and twists back around in his seat. "It's /not/ klah," he calls. "But it could be," is added with a tap to the steaming hot, completely fresh pot on the table he's sharing with Care. "If *some* people could manage a please." Course, Care is choking and Finn pushes up to lean over the table and slap him energetically on the back. Probably not helpful, but it's the thought that counts. "I gotchu," he assures with a grin before dropping back into his chair. Did he smoosh his pile of cookies and cake? Why yes, yes he did. Is there some on his sweater? Why yes, yes there is. Does that bother him? Nah, but he is pretty quick to bring the material up to his lips to suck the sugar out. What! It's clean.

Aignes gives a very cautious nod as the baker signals that he is indeed alright, like she doesn't quite believe him but hey, he's not visibly choking or anything. And than BAM. There's a book on her table and she jumps as well and only fumbles a couple of her lace bobbins. There's only some minor muttering as she tries to reorder those wooden sticks. Kezresan's arrival is accepted by default since she's got more pressing concerns at the moment. She doesn't even notice as the healer tries to claim her ice cold, hours old klah for his own drink. She's busy trying to stare down Phineas. "Can you actually find any salt under the entire dessert table you have there?" She's not going to ask though. Nope. Definitely not now. Her hand just reaches out to grasp where her klah mug had been, and when it's not there, she just keeps reaching around like maybe she just missed where she had put it.

"Are you alright?" Considering that Kezresan is the source of all that choking, he probably ought to have offered something a bit more apologetic but nope. He's just going to inquire as to Carellos' state in a studious, rather confused sort of tone. Concerned? Eh, not so much. He's /coughing/ so… he's fine. Dismissed. "Please?" He's not being polite, he's repeating Phineas with a similar sort of confusion, as though he has NO IDEA what it is he's referring to. A slow furrowing of eyebrows, a rather curious look as though trying to decipher what sort of creature Finn might be. Apparently, it is a creature who wears cake and cookies on his clothing, both of which Kez will point out with a little flick of his finger and a totally earnest, "You got something on your sweater," before he's just dropping himself into his seat, plate atop his book, and whether he's got a mug of klah (hot or cold or somewhere in between) is less important now than the PILE OF GREEN THINGS he's going to be nomming. Aignes and her sticks are granted a glance and another frown of contemplation and mild curiosity before (after swallowing) he asks, "no more socks?"

Twisting around, Finn drapes one arm over the back of his seat, amusement clear in his eyes as he meets Aignes' glower head on. "Pretty sure all the salt is on your table," he points out with a flashing smile. "And sour." Winking just to be a git, his brows rise and fall in a twitch before he's right back to his tearing off another chunk of cake and shoving it in his mouth. It's the observation of the cake on his sweater that has him tugging it back up to his mouth, one hand raising in a gesture of thanks. Finn never wastes sugar. Ever. It's only belatedly that he spots Kezresan's plate and gives it a look of utter horror. "You… aren't going to eat that," he murmurs through the sweater.

Eventually, Aignes does have to admit to herself that her klah mug is not where she left it. And since mugs aren't exactly known for growing legs and walking away, her attention focuses on the only other mug on the table that's now in Kezresan's hands. "I think… you may have grabbed my cup." She rolls her eyes at Phineas and gives a little shrug. "I guess we'll just have to preserve." They have the salt after all. It's what it's for! And in her case, preserving means turning attention back to the dozen or sow threaded bobbins in front of her as she weaves them into some sort of arcane pattern, pausing every so often to pin it in place to the pillow below. "It could go onto socks. But will probably add to a dress. Or skirt." Or petticoat, but would she really mention undergarments outloud?

The look on Kezresan's face when Phineas picks up his sweater and consumes the sugar off it… priceless. Caught somewhere between utter shock and total outrage. He can't even speak because… because what does one /say/ at such a thing?! So there is just silence from the healer, until Aignes is commenting on Klah mugs and Kez comes to the conclusion that she is speaking to him. "What?" A dart of his gaze to the mug. "Oh." And then he's shoving it back over her direction. That's it. No sorry. No 'oops, my bad'. Just unceremoniously shoving it back to its proper owner. And then there's a follow-up "Oh," for the explanation of the lace. "It's… nice." Kez spends a moment or two watching all of that intricate knotting before he's reaching for fork and knife with the clear intention of consuming those veggies that Finn has suddenly noticed. "… yes…?" And then there's some eyebrow twitching because, "are you really going to lick your sweater?" even though he ALREADY HAS. The 'ewwwww' is written all over his face. Please, Aignes, mention undergarments. Kez needs a distraction!

Glad to know if Carellos was asphyxiating somewhere, purple like a grape, Kez might consider saving his life. Maybe. He's just gonna sit there with his warm mug in his hands and slowly take little sips while those glossy eyes go back and forth, following the conversation with a smile forced into a straight line. Phineas consuming his sweater? Don't understand why anyone would be upset, it's fiber, right? Hey Kez? Granny knickers.

Phineas will count that as a win and shows in the smirk on his face. "Don't you hate," he notes to poor Carellos with a wink. "When they run out of retorts and have to settle for being huffy?" They, of course, being women. Yeah, he's totally dragging Carellos into something he probably doesn't want to be involved in, but hey, that's what bros are for. It's only belatedly that he hears Kez and twists around to flash him a smile. "Can't waste frosting," he points out in matter of fact tones. That it is promptly followed with him pushing a whole slice of cake into his mouth? Well, yeah. What can you say about that? Nothing, cause his cheeks are pouched out.
Aignes has not huffed. Eyerolls and shrugging, yes. But definitely no huffing. She'll accept the klah mug back, although with a bit of a perplexed look of what next. There might be like… cooties or something. She'll settle for just wiping the rim of the mug with her napkin. Even if it doesn't technically sanitize it, it may have a placebo effect! She's also got her eyebrows raised practically to her scalp as Phineas eats the frosting directly from his clothing. "You could." Waste frosting. Aignes may be one of those sacrilegious people who scrape icing OFF the cake, although you'd have to catch her eating first to know for sure. "Also, you could eat a vegetable aside from carrot cake."

Looking like he's caught somewhere between a lecture on why licking your shirt is BAD for you, and fighting back the utter confused /shock/ over why he would do so in the first place, poor Kez is just… speechless. Even Aignes wiping his cooties from her mug doesn't warrant any comments (and certainly, he would have comments to make!) So eventually it's just a rather pointed BITE of those veggies that comes as comment from Kez; a statement in deed rather than word. A dismissive sort of snort, and he drops his attention to his plate and the sorting of food items (No touching allowed!) as he pokes this and that with his fork. "Carrot cake is not a vegetable," he murmurs as an aside. "It's a cake." Really, he's probably on Aignes' side here. Even if her undergarments are mythical and potentially hypothetical?!

Carellos glances down at his own plate, meat and veggies untouched. And there's cake left, as well as cookies. The cake? Slid right on over to Phineas, might be more appetizing than the sweater. The cookies? He'll just take one up and nibble on it. "Then why is it called carrot cake?" he asks, nonchalantly. Please, do tell! The Baker would be delighted to hear about this. It's vegetable cake!

"Carrot cake?" Really, it's said in tones that make it clear that Finn is mortified at the very thought of it. "I don't eat that… stuff." Stuff, of course, being vegetables. And Carrot Cake? TOTALLY A VEGETABLE! Sorry, Kez, you sir, are WRONG. Sugar? Yes. Cake and pies? Yes. Cookies, candies, muffins and assorted sweetbreads? Yes. Washing the cake down with a swallow of klah, he snags a cookie off his plate and promptly takes a bite of it, but only after swiping it through the frosting remaining on his plate. "What?" It's uttered toward Kez in response to his look. Course, Finn is grinning as he pops the cookie in his mouth. "Gross," is mumbled about the veggie biting. "Your cake is better," he mumbles to Carellos. Course, there is a moment of pleady eyes that clearly beg him not to put carrots in cake. Don't do it, man, step away from the veggies.

Like Schrodinger's cat, Aignes' underwear may be in a state of quantum superposition until observed, which the weaver will do her best to make sure never happens in such a public setting. "Right," Aignes will nod approval with the whole carrot cake not being a vegetable. "Once you start adding sugar to it, it's no longer a vegetable." A rule she may have pulled out of thin air, but she can at least say it convincingly. "Even if it has some in it at one point." Because it's called carrot cake cause the carrots existed at one point, even if they're only a theory by the end.

Okay, true. Carrots are just something you call what resembles one in Pernese times. It's like calling all plastic food storage containers 'tupperware' even though it's not the same brand. It just serves it's purpose! In this case, the sweet carrot-like tuber is in cake. It's still a carrot-like tuber, and still a vegetable. "I could try to bake a vegetable cake but then it'd just be roasted vegetables. That's more the Cooks department. I'm just a Pastry Baker." Carellos merely shrugs, reaching over for his mug and he glances down into it. Empty. There's a pitcher somewhere, right? Look, Phineas. Your bro has nothing in his mug. That sadpuppy face!

Phineas is tuning out the carrot talk in favor of focusing on his veggie-less cookie. Frosting, at least, serves to soothe the horror of his beloved sugar being befouled by veggies. "Stomach ache? Pftt." Finn has never had a stomach ache in his life. Well, once, but that was on account of a veggie! "Once," he notes to Carellos in sorrowful tones. "A cook gave me what looked like a pie, but wasn't. It was eggs and meat and cheese and… bleh." Quiche, he's totally talking about Quiche. Gross. Utterly and completely gross. Twisting around to look at Aignes, he snorts mildly before noting. "Alright, Connie Contrary." Cause that? Her new name. At Pastry baker, Finn pushes up and leans over the table, grabbing Care by the back of the neck to plant a *SMOOCH* on his brow. "I love you just the way you are!" Laughing, he snags the pot of klah and refills Care's mug before dropping back down into his seat. "So what do you Connie, besides tie knots."

"Best just leave the vegetables to the experts," Aignes will agree as she drains the last of her cold klah from her mug, but she's definitely not going to ask for any from Phineas's mug. Nope. She'll just sit here making some more of her lace. A subtle and persistent click-click-click as she rapidly moves those strings. "Toddlers eat healthier than you do. And with less fuss." The weaver's just going to lay that out there. As for what she does, she gives a bit of a smile as she continues to work. "Oh, just tie different things in knots. Sometimes it's yarn. Sometimes thread. And sewing is basically just using thread to tie knots so two pieces of fabric stay together how you want them…" So all in all, Aignes is constantly up to some knotty business.

Mental note - becareful about puppydog poutfacing into mugs, otherwise stuff like this happens and poor Carellos is just gonna sit there surprised and wide eyed. But hey, his mug got filled, right? Nevermind that his ears are pretty dark red at the moment. He coughs quietly, pulling his mug closer with an appreciative nod of his head towards Phineas, and he turns those curious eyes towards Aignes. Connie Contrary? "Weaver," he murmurs quietly. Yes, let's focus on the knotty one!

"So much becomes clear now," Finn notes in teasing tones. "No wonder you are so uptight. Stiff shirt, stiff spine, tied in knots all day." Smirking, he winks over at Carellos, clearly enjoying himself. Yeah, probably not the most mature man on Pern. "The day a toddler can do what I do with these hands? I'll every vegetable you put in front of me." He's got mad skills, yo. "You okay there," he directs to Care at his blush. "Might need some more sugar."

Aignes' shirt is more than stiff. It's actually starched! At least the points of the collared shirt peeking out from under her sweater are. She's not uptight enough to actually starch a sweater, although her skirt is perfectly pressed. And she demonstrates just how stiff her spine can be by sitting up even straighter. "Good posture prevents back pain." Too bad the healer left or she could have gotten a professional opinion on that! She just shakes her head as Phineas claims no need for vegetables. "Keep saying that until they day you end up with scurvy." And her attention focuses to the baker now as well, since he's been called out with that blushing. "Or some water." Clear out some of that cake he may have choked on earlier.

YES. WATER. Water will uh, do something about the red on his face. Maybe something to make the rest of him red. Bath time? Everyone will be back to work after lunch so that's the way to do it! No one can see him resemble every reddish vegetable out there. What's wrong with him lately?! "Perhaps you're right," Carellos adds, nervously. This was SUPPOSED TO BE LUNCH, WHAT HAPPENED. You know what else helps with that starched shirt? Sugar glaze, it hardens when it's cool and it'll make your shirt just as stiff. It'll taste better, too! "Water is definitely going to be in my immediate future."

"Awwww, worried about my health?" Somehow, Finn doubts it. Still, he's grinning and slouching /and/ resting his elbows on the table. Questionable diet? Check. Poor Posture? Check. Not particularly neat? Double Check. Glancing back at Carellos, Finn flashes another lopsided smile, clearly enjoying the blushing.

Well, since Aignes has finished her last round of klah and it doesn't appear like any more is being added to the lunch line anytime soon, the weaver carefully pins down her work in progress and bundles all her other supplies up into her bag. "No. Keep eating like that and I can charge you a lot more when you need to commission a pair of trousers since you outgrew anything they had in the stores." The choice is really up to him! And with that she's up and giving a nod to both men. "Have a good afternoon." Sincerity of that statement, not very high. But it is a formality to say it before she actually departs, and so she does. And then, Aignes is out!

Carellos turns in his seat, peering at Phineas for a moment. He'd look at him up and down while thinking, but there's this pesky table and food in the way! For now, he'll just offer a crooked grin. "Don't worry. If it comes to that, you can always get into my pants. WEAR. Wear my pants. Without me in them." Smooth move, Baker. Did y'all hear something?

Phineas is thin as a rail and doomed to stay that way no matter what he eats. He knows, he's tried everything to gain weight to no avail. His response, though, comes in the form of a cookie being shoved into his mouth before he raises his hand in a gesture of farewell. His attention, however, is captured by Carellos, a smile immediately tracing over his lips. "Smooth talker," he laughs as he rests his chin on the back of one hand. Once settled, he winks lightly, his brows rising in a not entirely teasing lilt.

"I try," Carellos drawls mournfully, peering into his mug. Only, there's still plenty of drink in it. The teasing isn't lost on him and this time he just stares at Phineas. What does he even say? What did he used to say before? The man doesn't know anymore. This is a different time, different people. Different circumstances. All he can do, is reach over, plucking a little bit of frosting from the other man's face, and lick it off of his finger. He's thoughtful, eyes cast upwards in thought. "Didn't put enough extract in it. Huh. Thought I'd catch that before." Taste matters!

For a long moment, Finn just watches Carellos, not entirely certain what to think. He can see the wheels turning, but under the circumstances? It's hard to tell which way the wagon is rolling. It is the frosting being brushed from his face and tasted that has the lopsided smile returning and pale eyes crinkling at the corners. "I loved it," he notes as he continues to watch the other man with a calm gaze. "And you need to see about getting some time off, Care. I mean, we can't go out if you're ass deep in powdered sugar all the time." Pausing a beat, he raises a finger and notes. "Although that has almost as potential as the pipping bags."

"Time off…" A tired echo and it's only creeping later into the afternoon. Carellos leans back in his chair, hands nestled in his lap for a moment. He glances around the room, chewing on his lip before finally nodding. "I don't remember when I took time off last. I don't think there was anything big coming up on the schedule that required me to be there. I'll put in a request and I suppose we can go from there." Going out. Outside? What. "Where… Where would you want to go out to, that doesn't require me being ass deep in powdered sugar?" The important questions.

Phineas laughs. He just can't help it, everything about Carellos just strikes him as adorably funny. "Alright," he states as he reaches for another cookie. "Let me come at this from another angle." Snapping the cookie in half in pops it in his mouth, chewing, swallowing and washing it down with klah before ruffling his bangs off his brow. "Where doesn't really matter at this point," he explains. "I think it's more important that the whole going out bit be clarified. I like men," he states pointedly. "Well," he allows. "I like you. And if that's not your cuppa, that's fine, we can just hang." He's actually okay with that option, but getting it out there seems like it be necessary.

And there it is. The clarification, though, there's a tiny part of him that was hoping that was the case. Somewhere through all that fatigue, it was lurking in there somewhere. Care doesn't respond to Finn's words at first. He's quiet. Only quiet. Then, under those soot hued lashes, those emerald eyes finally find the strength to glance up towards the other and that nervous smile creeps at the edge of his mouth. "Then… to ask you over for dessert and klah at the end of the day, back at my room, won't entirely be out of the question?" It's not asking much, but it's there for a start?

Phineas actually looks relieved. So much so that, he laughs as he combs his bangs back off his face. "Had me worried there for a moment," he admits with a wry smile. Clearing his throat, he gives a visible shake of his shoulders, snagging the other half of his cookie. "That sounds perfect," he admits as he takes a bite. "Way better then get lost scarecrow." Which, admittedly, was running neck in neck with klah and cookies.

"Aw, I wouldn't call you that." Carellos picks up his mug, taking sip from it slowly. The tension is fading, and so is the traffic within the caverns. Things are getting quieter, moving smoother. His meal is forgotten for now, he's not full, but he's not starving. It's a good balance to be, especially if he's trying not to put on those stubborn pounds he had trouble losing. A drudge passes by, offering to take dishes no longer hovered over and thankfully for the pair, their table is cleared. There's only one thing left to do. "You'll have to inspire me to get something creative and endearing." The baker grins, slowly pushing back in his seat. He rises, pushing the chair back in, and he glances over to Phineas, tilting his head back towards the kitchens. His work day isn't over yet, there's still kitchen staff crawling everywhere. That doesn't mean conversation in the bakery can't happen.

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