Who Carellos, Phineas
What Dieting? Nobody likes a quitter!
When Date: Day 22 of Month 12 of Turn 2717 Time of Day: Hour 3 - Night Season: Winter
Where Living Caverns, Fort Weyr

Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It's the middle of the night. Well past the time that people with anything closely resembling sense are asleep. Finn, however, is up clearly being utterly lacking in sense and in the process of scrounging what food is available. Is he making healthy choices? Not even close. Instead, a plate is laden with a variety of snacks, cookies, sweetrolls, something that might be cake? He's not sure. And a steaming mug of klah have all found their way into his hands. That his hands are also covered in dried or drying clay? Whelp, such things are just part of life. Course, the juggling act he is engaged in is making walking a bit more adventurous then it usually is, a fact made clear when one of the sweetrolls escapes to find a home beneath one of the tables. For a moment, Finn just stares at the dark space beneath the table, finally giving a wry shake of his head before sliding into a chair. Not his circus, not his monkeys.

Shards, if you don't want it, there's always someone who does and in this case, it's the shimmery sheen of a bronze firelizard swooping in for the nom! Cause noms, yo. Carellos isn't too far behind, and instead of confections, he's going for modest pickings of meat, veggies, and very few things in the way of carbs. He let himself get carried away with the sweets when his life took a bit of a dip but hard work and stubbornness is working in his favor. Kind of. Spice picks a spot and settles down, leading the man to follow and take up a spot at the table. He places his tray down, nodding his head to Phineas in greeting, then vanishes for a bit to retrieve a drink before settling down to eat. He sets his carb of choice aside for post-meal. Today? It's a cookie, because nobody likes a quitter.

The appearance of the little bronze scavanger has Finn leaning back in his seat, one brow arching as he watches it vanish under the table. "You know, I might have been saving that for later," is noted to the offending party. Blue eyes glance up when Carellos joins him one hand raising in an airy wave. "Early day or late night," is uttered as he tears a sweetroll in half and pushes it into his mouth.

"Both," Carellos replies with a half-smile, glancing down at his plate before that perky half remembers it's place and puts itself back into a frown where it belongs. Spice? He looks at the meat roll, then back at the man, then the meat roll. The pitiful thing warbles, lowering his head. He takes up the slightly chewed morsel, craning his neck back out towards Finn. He supposes he can give it back. The baker takes up a green leaf and begins putting a piece of meat on top with a little pit of pickled veggies. He rolls the little bundle up and pops it in his mouth, covering it with a napkin while he chews with chipmunk cheeks.

Finn finds himself unable to decide what is more interesting. For a long moment, blue eyes flicker between Spice, the napkin covering Carellos' mouth and the utter lack of sugary goodness barring that one lone cookie. In the end, he opts for shaking his head at Spice and noting, "All yours." Licking frosting off the corner of his mouth, he takes a swallow of klah, his expression turning curious his gaze flicks back to his companion. "Not a whole lot of crumbs to worry about with that…" The whole napkin thing? Kinda weird in his opinion. Even so, he raises his mug in a mild salute. "Finn."

Spice chirrups?! REALLY? The bronze croons towards the Finn-person and he carefully makes his way to the back of a chair, carefully positioning the sweetroll between his feet so he can nibble on it like people. Only, mid-bite, it slips free and falls down onto the chair seat. He tilts his head, looks at his tiny bronze feet, then the chair, then his feet, then to Finn and Carellos, then back to his seat. Care shakes his head, reaching down when he's swallowed down enough to retrieve the morsel. It's held so Spice can take it back, then he reluctantly returns to his own drink. He lifts it in a return salute, nodding his head. "Carellos." With greetings out of the way, he takes a sip.

Finn grins, laughing quietly as he watches Spice with the roll. Once he's sure that the squirrel-man is going to give it back, he takes another swallow of klah, winking lightly at the firelizard. "And all was right in the land." Always a good thing in his opinion. At the name, his attention sweeps back to Squirel-man, his chin dipping in a nod as he shoves the other half of the sweetroll into his mouth. No napkin toting for him, he's a proud bearer of chipmunk cheeks, at least until he washes the roll down with klah. "Good to know," is offered as he wipes his lips on the back of one hand.

Carellos couldn't help but to smirk at those words, sparing a glance over to Spice and the little bronze is happily nomming away. He wishes he could nom like that, again. Only, doing so is what got him in trouble in the first place and once the kitchen ladies started saying he was 'fluffy', the man wasn't gonna have it anymore. "Well, that's a matter of opinion. If it's good news about the baking? I'm your man. If it's bad news about everything else? That's the kitchens." He smirks, making another little meat roll. Those emerald green eyes do pause and look longingly at the cookie but he must wait! The healthy stuff has to come first, then he can indulge in the cookie. The sugary cookie. The sugary cookie with little bits of fruit and klah baked lovingly into it. The cookie the size of the palm of his hand. The perfect size. The man quickly puts that green covered meat roll into his mouth, napkin back where it should. No one saw the cookie-induced drool, right? Right.

Finn absolutely saw that and the low laugh that escapes his lips? Proof enough of that fact. "The baking," he points out as he picks up a cookie from his own plate and breaks it in half. "Outstanding stuff." Shoving the half into his mouth, he chews, swallows and washes it down with a mouthful of klah before adding. "A nightly ritual for me." Which is really horridly since he's pretty much rail thin. "Never could eat that green leafy… stuff," he points out with a nod toward the meat roll. "It's all about the sugar," he admits as the second half of the cookie finds it's way to his lips. Pushing it into his cheek, he asks curiously. "You missing teeth or something?" Clearly, that would be a reason for the napkin, right?

Carellos puts down his napkin and picks up another piece of meat, this time stuffing the greens on the inside instead of the outside for the sake of variety. He nods, silently preening about the compliment. He enjoys baking, pastries are his specialty. "I'd rather not eat the green leafy stuff but my own nightly ritual conspired against me. Needed to lose the weight." Which is sorta-kinda true. He pushes the morsel into his mouth, covering it with a napkin for a bit until the question draws his eyes over. He blinks in confusion for a bit, then glances at the napkin and then those shoulders sag. "Got all my teeth, just don't like food falling out of my mouth when I could be eating it."

Finn laughs, he can't help it, his head giving a slow, pointedly wry shake. "Fair enough," he assures before snagging another pastry off his plate. "But…You do realize you are not overweight, right?" Cause really? He may be lacking in the sleep department, but he's pretty certain his vision is fine. "Can always go run off your dinner? I mean, life is about enjoying yourself and that? That can't be fun." Course, he's not particularly neat, or concerned about his weight, or the type to worry about anything, really. He does, however, break off a piece of the cookie and hold out for Spice. "Here you go."

"Now, not so much, but I was. Couldn't fit in my pants, had to borrow from kitchen staff til I could get in stores. I feel better now that I'm back to what I was, but still. Don't want to fall back to that again. I was miserable." And weeping while eating pie in a closet. Don't judge him! It was a rough turn. "Don't have much time for runs, but I do get alot out of loading and unloading supplies when it comes in for the weyr. Lots of repetitive fast paced hauling. That, and I get first look at what I can used for baking." Like the poor, poor, lonely cookie sitting on his plate. Those emerald eyes peer at it pitifully again, and with a deeper frown, Carellos makes up another roll. Should be enough for one more, then cookie! Spice, on the other hand, finished his food like a good bronze boy and he perks up for Phineas. He leans over, gingerly taking it from the other man and he croons his thanks before turning to glide off somewhere safe to nom his prize in peace.

Finn watches the bronze go, his head giving a wry shake. "Care, eat the cookie," he states in matter of fact tones. "The leafy roll your toting? Not gonna be tastey." Okay, so he /might/ be a little bit of an enabler. "Eat half the cookie," he offers as a comprimise. "Then your.. whatever that is." In the wake of the words, he takes another swallow of klah, eyeing the veggies balefully. "Personally, I think that stuff has to be worse for you. Who do you know who eats like that and is actually happy?" NO ONE. NO ONE eats healthy and is happy. They're all craving sugar, he's certain of that.

Carellos looks mournfully at the cookie, then the contents of the roll in his hand. Then the cookie, then back at Finn. Spice was good! He ate all of his food, and now he can enjoy his cookie guilt free. The baker licks his lips in thought, emerald eyes peering around as if the gears are turning but it's more than likely just low blood sugar. Compromise! The roll is placed down and he breaks the cookie in half. He places half in the roll, closes it back up, and pops it in his mouth while the chipmunk-cheeked man looks smugly over to Finn. See? Ate his roll, got his cookie, and his plate is empty! "That… actually didn't taste too bad," he murmurs, taking a long drink from his mug and then he happily takes a big bite of the cookie. The roll would taste better if there was no meat or greens on it. Just cookie.

Finn loves that! Leaning back in his chair, he exhales a merry laugh, blue eyes twinkling with amusement. "Well there you go." Raising the mug of klah in salute, he takes another long swallow before setting it back down. "Sweet and savory," he agrees. "Almost as good as straight up sweet." That being said, he snags another cookie off his plate, making short work of it with a few quick bites. "You do good work, I'll give you that."

With the last of the cookie devoured, down to the last crumb, Carellos leans back in his seat with his mug nestled in his hands. He offers a salute via mug to Finn and he takes a drink to wash down any rogue bits of cookie not finding it's way to it's stomachy doom. "Almost as good, but not quite. Maybe I'll try making meat rolls with cookie dough if I'm bored enough… And we have the resources to waste." Shouldn't waste resources, then no one would have cookies, sweetrolls, cakes, pies, crackers, bread rolls. ANYTHING. "Maybe I'll just stick to baking pies with cookie crusts. Mmmm."

"Now that," Finn notes in response to the last. "Is an idea I can get behind. Better yet, pies stuffed with cookies and frosted." Even better, ALL THE SUGAR. Taking another swallow of his klah, he sets down the mug, frowning faintly as he makes an attempt to scrape the dried clay off his fingers with a nail. "I'm just relieved there are cookies," he admits. "Nothing worse then coming in here in the wee early hours to nothing but fruit." Clearly, he's not the sort of guy to do fruit, if he can help it. "Keep me in cookies, Care."

Carellos pauses mid sip, just picturing a pie stuffed with cookies. Maybe he'll do different cookies for the crust and the filling. The man takes another sip, wiping his mouth off with the back of his hand. This time, he's not hiding the drool. "Yeah, the one thing the kitchen is good about, is keeping fruit here at night at a minimum. Better to put the bulk out during meal times so more people are eating it and less are tempted to take a bite and put it back." Wasting food attracts bugs and vermin. When those things find the kitchen, they find his bakery and Carellos isn't gonna have any of that! See, no one wastes cookie crumbs, they can't be suspect. "Definitely. All the cookies."

"Never a worry with me," Finn assures in wry tones. "The day you see me putting fruit in my mouth? Call a healer." Cause he won't do it. Shuddering at the thought, he lolls his head, giving up on the clay on his hands with a roll of his eyes. "You know… Sweet roll stuffed pies wouldn't horrible, either. Again, frosting." Frosting is a must. "Or," he notes with a lopesided smile. "You could just put all the sugar on the table and I can go right for the source. Course, then you'd be out of a job, so maybe not."

"Maybe sweetrolls filled with frosting and a sweet dipping sauce to go with it." Cause why not? Pastries are his thing and when the man is in his element, he spares no sugary expense! Carellos glances down into his mug and takes what could be the last sip but the mental picture of Finn just rolling around atop a living cavern's table, double fisting the sweet white powder causes the poor man to inhale his drink and he begins to cough hard, fighting the smile on his face. "Yeah *cough* maybe we won't do that. If we come into a surplus of sugar, I'll let you know, though." The baker takes a deep breath, leaning back into his chair as he wipes a tear away from the edge of his eyes.

"Like a caramel sauce," Finn suggests readily. "A really thick, gooey, stick to the roof of your mouth, gotta use your fingers to get the last of it out of the bowl, caramel sauce." Great, now he's craving caramel. It's the near choking laugh, however, that has Finn flashing another toothy, lopesided smile. "Do I even want to know what brought that on? Ahh.. Yeah, best not to have me around when you are working," he admits with a tip of his head. At the tear, his smile broadens, one brow arching mildly. "You gonna be okay," he laughs.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Klah went down the wrong way. I'm good now, though. Dammit, now I want to go in the kitchens and make some and I just got off duty." Cause caramel sauce. Carellos actually begins to turn his gaze to the kitchens, chewing on his lower lip while in thought. It does sound tempting… If he does, however, he'll be short hours for his time off. It was with the Headwoman's mercy that he didn't have to do yet another back to back shift. Sleep is needed as much as food, she would say. It was either her words or the intimidating big soup spoon she 'acquired' from the kitchens. "I dunno. Maybe I do want you around when I'm working, you've got some pretty good ideas. The worst that's gonna happen is you're going to be a bad influence on me." Cause diabeetus.

Phineas is absolutely a bad influence at least, as far as the making of sweets is concerned and it shows in the grin that dances on his lips. "Hey, I spend /alot/ of time thinking about sweets," he admits. In the wake of the words, he snags a pair of cookies off his plate and has one half to his lips before he grins. "You know, take two of these and shove frosting in the middle? That would be… outstanding." And then some. "Plate full of those would keep going all day." In the wake of the words, he breaks one in half and shoves it in his mouth, taking his time with chewing and swallowing.

"I do, too," Carellos says, a comfortable smile finding it's place on his face. It's late, there's no one else around. He can indulge in talking about sweets at the very least. Shame the mug is empty but it's not like he has to wash anything down at the moment. It's more the oral fixation. No cookies, no mug. Guess he'll just chew on the edge of his lower lip for now. Those emerald eyes doe spare a glance at the cookies Finn has, but that's it. He had his cookie, he's content. It might be morning, but he can have another sweet with breakfast-lunch. Not brunch since he eats just breakfast, waits a bit, then has just lunch. "Or ice cream. Cookies dipped in caramel with ice cream in the middle. Or pie filling. Cookie roll with pie filling on the inside, sitting in a pool of caramel with fresh whipped cream on top."

Finn, enabler that he is, nudges the plate of sweets within easy reach of Carellos, snagging another cookie for himself in the process. "Oooh.. Yes, please, do /that/," he murmurs as he shoves the cookie in his mouth. Course, Finn has that kinda metabolism, you know the one, the one where no matter how much you eat, nothing sticks. "Everything is better with cookies. Oh.. Oh… A caramel cookie pie in a cookie cake with that fluffy white frosting that seems to always stay soft…." Closing his eyes, he gives a dreamy smile before lightly clearing his throat. "Just not enough sugar in the world."

Carellos peers at those sweets, then he peers at his mug. He pushes himself up from his seat, glancing at the tables behind him and he steps away for just a moment, returning with a pot of klah and a small cup of sugar. The baker is particular about his own cup. If Phineas wants a refill, he'll have the luxury of creating his own to his liking without leaving the table. "Cookie bowl, filled with cookie cake, topped with cookie ice cream, caramel, and a heap of fluffy whipped cream." As for the 'not enough sugar' comment, those couldn't be truer words. After his mug is set to standard, a stray cookie is adopted and the man gives Finn a nod of thanks before taking a content bite.

Phineas immediately reaches for the pot the moment Carellos is finished, filling his mug and adding a measure of sugar that is probably sickening to behold. "Now you are just being cruel," he laughs as the next treat is mentioned. Using his cookie to stir the klah, he pops the soggy pastry into his mouth and immediately washes it down with klah. "I'd eat it," he admits. "What about cookies with those hard caramels… You know the ones I mean? That you have to suck on? But packed with nuts and smashed into chunks small enough to fit /in/ the cookie?"

"I can feel my teeth hurt just thinking about it," Carellos says from behind his mug. He takes a sip and nods. "So making those next shift." No pain, no gain! "And how am I being cruel? We're talking about cookies, cookies aren't cruel. They're wonderful things." Which is true. So is the fresh hot mug of klah he's taking another leisurely sip of. Now when he goes to bed, all he's going to dream about is cookies. "Get some caramel, fill a mold with it til it cools in a long firm bar. Then you encase that in cookie dough, bake it so it's warm and soft on the inside, then dip it into some whipped cream. Or even a sweetened klah syrup. Top it with nuts, more caramel and cookie chunks. Or instead of cookie dough over the caramel, use ice cream, incase that in cookie dough, cover it in cookie crumbs, fry it, then cover it with whipped cream. If I'm not careful, I'm going to make pie jealous."

"Touche," Finn allows with a merry laugh. "Cakes are pretty terrific, too." Nursing his own klah, the description of the treat being invented on the spot inspires a whimper, the sound transforming into a stuttering laugh. "Shards, if you don't make that, you'll break my heart, Care. I didn't even know you could fry ice cream," he admits. Course, he doesn't ask how it works. Why ruin the mystery of it all? Leaning back in his chair, he snags the last cookie on the plate and breaks it in half, extending one portion out to Carellos. "When platters of those go missing? You know where to look." Cause he will absolutely be walking off with as many as he can carry.

The whimper does manage to earn a tiny crack of a smile at the edge of the Baker's mouth. It feels good to know people appreciate his craft as much as he does, and in this case, more than he does. It gives Carellos incentive to work harder for a better product. "When I do, I'll be sure to let you know so you can have the first one. Quality control testing." As for missing plates, the weyr is used to it. That’s why they have a literal amnesty box out in the bowl for plates, so folks can return them and be out of the Headwoman's reach! At least they're coming back, right? The offered half is taken with a murmur of 'thanks' before the man takes another content bite. "Will I be looking in the kitchens for the next batch?" he teases, taking another bite of the cookie.

"I'm definitely your guy," Finn agrees before taking a swallow of klah. "That," he adds in response to the last. "Is definitely a possibility." Making short work of his own cookie, he finishes off the klah, groaning slightly as he leans forward before pushing to his feet. "I have to go check my kiln," he sighs as he rolls his shoulders into a spine popping stretch. "Pots don't take to being over cooked any more than pies do." Winking, he taps two fingers to his brow in a salute/farewell. "I'll come looking for you and those cookies, though," he promises.

"If you wait too long, I can't guarantee there's gonna be many left." All said in teasing while he returns the salute. Carellos refills his mug one last time, not worrying too much about the caffeine. He'll sleep through it easily enough. And dream about the challenges of coming up with a better cookie. One can't gain weight through dreaming, right?

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