Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

It's been, a while, since Venryk met the oddly quiet computercrafter in the living cavern the day of that nasty snow storm. By now, most of the clean up has been completed, some of the weyr's occupants having been recruited to deal with the aftermath, and amongst them is Jaeyln. There are paths and such that wind around the lake, and some of the boys had apparently been tasked with shoveling them out, regardless if they wanted to or not. Some are neglecting their chore all together, using their shovels to lean on rather than for their actual function. One group of three, looks like they might not be up to any good, having set determined eyes upon particular isolated black clad figure. It's Jae, who is actually shoveling, but not doing a particularly good job. He's bundled up as much as he can be, a black beanie on his head held in place by his goggles, that covers his ears. He's got black leather gloves, and a scarf wrapped around most of his face, though he's easily identifiable thanks to those golden eyes of his. He apparently has no idea he's the subject of a good old fashioned manhunt, because his back remains to them as he halfheartedly scoops and tosses snow. "Hey!" comes from the apparently leader of the trio, which is ignored by his intended target. This does not please Punk One, who's meaty face twists into annoyance. "I said HEY!" he tries again, and is ignored again. Jaelyn maybe can't hear them? Ah, but anyone who had a close enough look at the former Istan's eyes, could see that they were off to one corner, as if he could see around them. He continues to scoop and toss, but with distraction. Being ignored twice, has enraged the meaty guy and his buddies are egging him on to do something about it, adding fuel to the figurative fire. Meaty guy starts moving with some intent, his rapid footfalls making the snow creak and groan beneath them, and he goes to push the half bent figure that is Jaelyn. Unfortunately, all Jae does is side step out of the way, and meaty guy ends up missing his target and ending up face first in the snow. His buddies laugh, and half-lidded golden eyes drop to him flailing there, before he moves off to another place to pretend to scoop snow.

Helping out around the Weyr is important, even if clearing out snow isn't the /typical/ activity of the day. Though Venryk himself seems to have managed to get out of that particular duty. He doesn't have a shovel on his person at all as he makes his way down the recently shoveled-out area. He's bundled comfortably though, with a scarf even wrapped a few times around his neck and trailing down his back in a pale blue stream. The trio and that one boy set apart aren't missed by the healer though, and he turns to head in that direction, sidling himself up right in between the two left standing. Both arms go up to drape on their shoulders easily, peering between the two with what looks like genuine curiosity. "/Wow/. That is some serious dedication. Is he really gonna /eat/ the snow to help get rid of it? I'm really gonna have to hand it to you, I sure wouldn't have thought of doing it that way, but look at you, taking the initiative. Isn't he great, guys?" There may be a slight squeeze given to the two with his somewhat scrawny arms, flashing grins at the both of them before finally letting go again. He leaves them behind to meander around Jaelyn, broadly grinning at the black-clad boy before he takes a better look at the fallen. "You come see me when your tongue gets frostbitten, though. They've gotta teach us about amputation /sometime/."

The natural conclusion to the story of that time shoveling snow might of been resolved right then and there, but then Venryk appears to deepen the plot. Jaelyn can only stare, transfixed, as the healer apprentice approaches and rekindles the flames of youthful rage. A hand lifts, reaching out to perhaps try and stop him before it makes it worse, but alas it is too late. The two whose shoulders are clasped can only blink at Ryk, while the one on the ground manages to get himself up has redirected his attention on him instead of Jaelyn. "Wha didja jus' say?" he snarls, face red from anger and having been in the snow, jerking his head at his companions. "Alek…Vok…hold him. I'm gunna rearrange his stupid pretty face." This command barked, Alek and Vok do as their commanded and attempt to grab at the healer apprentice, like good little sheep. Unfortunately for them, Jaelyn steps in and hooks an arm around Venryk's waist, bringing him in close for just a fraction of a second. Close enough to feel the warmth of his breath, and the pounding of his heart before he twists his body and forcefully throws the smaller boy safely off into a fluffy mound of snow that acts like so much a pile of pillows. The rest happens very quickly, with fists flying and quite a lot of screaming before it's just…over. One boy is breathing, but not moving as he lay seemingly unconscious on the ground, one is groaning and rolling back and forth holding his stomach, and the main instigator is holding his arm and crying about how 'that jerk' broke it. Jaelyn is panting where he stands, his scarf no longer covering his face, which has a fresh batch of cuts and bruises on it as some of his attackers were not wearing mittens or gloves. His own gloves, were ruined, the knuckles clearing showing through scrapped and bleeding. "Fuck OFF!" he growls quite loudly at the kids he just put down, some of which were considerably older than the fourteen turn old computercrafter. Eventually the three of them do managed to collect themselves and start back for the weyr, but not before both Jae and Ryk are told that it wasn't over. Jaelyn's only reply to this, is to place himself bodily between them, and the healer apprentice and stare them down with the fury of a thousand suns. He remains there as the others eventually disappear over a rise, either limping, or being dragged.

Is it weird that Venryk is smiling the whole time? Not even being told of an incoming beating seems to be able to wipe it off his face. He's not entirely a stranger to fights. Not /serious/ ones, but hey. As much as he loves his family, he's from a whole family of boys. Sometimes fights happen! There's an odd flicker of his expression though when Jaelyn steps right into /him/ though, eyes widening a bit in surprise of it all. He might even stop breathing for a fraction of a second..before he's careening into the snow with a muted thump. But oh that grin does return, turning almost triumphant as he rolls himself over to try and right himself and get back to his feet. Things are practically over though before he even manages it, brushing snow off of himself as he looks about at what's left of the other three boys. He tugs at his scarf though, hauling it away from his throat where it's gotten a bit too tight so that he can drape it around again, glancing once or twice to check on the fallen three. A few steps take him closer though after a moment behind Jaelyn, and he simply stands on his toes a bit to peer over other teen's shoulder, puffing out a light laugh right behind him. "Well /that/ was more excitement than I figured I'd get today. Seriously though, that was pretty awesome. I'm not advocating the pulpifying of others or anything, but wow. Are you sure you don't wanna take up with the guard around here? Bet they'd be all eager and everything to drag you into their clutches of order and law and..whatever. Geez you're strong." The teen takes a step to the side then to come around Jaelyn, brows lifting. The smile remains, but at least he looks a bit more apologetic with it as he looks the other boy over. "And now you're also a mess, aren't you? Guess that's my fault, in the end. Forget sometimes that I don't always have my brother at my hip to help out in the whole..big mouth department."

Jaelyn keeps his oh-so-glaring eyes on the three troublemakers until they're gone, and then for a moment focuses them Ryk as he comes around to the front. The unleashed rage has burnished their golden color, and up close the deep blue of the flecks throughout are unmistakable. Then the anger is gone, shoved back into whatever place the computercrafter keeps it and he looks down and way from the other boy. There is a cut above one eye, the one that was mostly just yellowish around the socket via a black eye from a previous fight. His lip was split again, in the same place it had been before, and the rest is just scrapes and rapidly swelling areas of tissue. Between this and the blooded knuckles of his left fist, he was pretty banged up alright. Whatever else might be damaged, is covered by his winter clothing. "No." he says quietly, his soft voice carried off with the curl of warm breath that visibly drifts off from his mouth. He does not want to be part of the guard, and it's likely the order and law part that was the most deterring. Ew, rules. Lashes lower as Venryk sings his praises, his expressionless unchanging even then, but a breath is caught and he moistens his lips with a quick pass of his tongue before he takes the slightest step backwards away from Venryk. He is decidedly not looking at him, keeping his head bowed. "Ya should be more careful. Ya coulda gotten hurt." This is said quieter, but there was no one else around presently, everyone else having either run off to report the fight that was already over or moved on further down the lake to continue shoveling.

Though Venryk might not have remarkable eyes, they're at least warm, and they brighten considerably at what might just be /concern/ that Jaelyn voices. "Well I could've, yeah. But there you were." There Jae was indeed! Throwing punches and healers! He waves a hand carelessly in the air once the other teen takes a step back though, nodding. "Can't very well blame you about the whole guard business. They've got more rules than I think some of the wings do, and I'm not fond of their uniforms. You've got a pretty good thing going already, it'd probably get all messed up with their stiff outfits." He doesn't let Jaelyn get very far though. No, he follows that backwards distance, leaning and tilting his head to try and get a better look at the other boy's face, considering his bowed head. "Come on though, hero. Your face needs a looking at. In the medical sense, not in the creepy-staring sense. /And/ your hands, I might add. We can get them warmed up and check for swelling and such." His own gloved hands come up to pull on his scarf again, loosening it away from his throat.

Whatever Jaelyn may or may not think about Venryk's eyes is kept to himself, and he certainly wasn't looking deeply into them at present. Something must be really interesting about the snow on the ground off there to the right, because the raven-haired lad can't keep his gaze off it. He makes no comment about the guard either, letting his breif 'no' stand without further explanation. It's when the healer closes the distance he'd tried to put between them again, that there is a a sharp intake a breath through Jae's nose and his chin comes up just slightly. His eyes dart just for a second at the other boy, before it drops away again, looking much like a rabbit being cornered by a fox. This was a startling contrast to the ferocious canine he was not so long ago. "I'm fine," he assures, taking yet another step backwards and into the thick trunk of a tree. Eyes do widen at this, and he quickly checks the issue with a turn of his head before that image of being a small trapped animal might come all the more into focus. "I can take care of it myself, it ain't the first time."

Venryk folds his arms around his middle, watching Jaelyn back himself to a dead end. At least he doesn't move forward to box the other boy in. He stays put, head tilting as he watches the rather flighty Jae. "Just because you /can/ do something by yourself, doesn't mean you should. Especially when you've got a friend to help out. That's me, by the way. Just in case that wasn' know. Obvious." There's a quick smile for that declaration of friendship though, and he finishes pulling the scarf free again, only to fold it in his hands. "Like I said before, I keep some of that stuff handy. I might not be that /good/ at it all yet, but I can help get you cleaned up at the very least."

Some of the tension that had been building up, eases, when Venryk doesn't pursue Jaelyn further. Well, in that he doesn't close the distance again. It gives the computercrafter some breathing room, and it should be readily apparent that this was something very important for him. He remains up against the tree, perhaps thinking of ways that he could escape the insistent healer and find a dark hole to crawl into and lick his wounds. Though, when the other boy calls him friend, the earlier released tension returns as his entire body stiffens and his head comes up, eyes fixing on Ryk's brown. There still isn't any emotion betrayed in them, and his face doesn't indicate anything at all. He just stares pointedly, as if trying to read Ryk's thoughts through visual contact. The connection isn't kept long, because Jaelyn uneasily drops his gaze again to the snow covered ground and he's quiet for what must feel like a very long time considering how quickly the healer seemed to talk and make decisions. Then, he seems to make a choice, for he side-steps away from the tree and off a ways from Venryk. He pauses there, back to the healer, before murmuring a soft, "Ya comin'?" This done, he starts making his way towards the weyr, hands shoved deep into the pockets of his jacket.

Venryk wins! Or at least something along those lines. Ryk actually manages to stay quiet while Jae comes to his decision on things, letting him work it out for himself that help is good. His grin broadens though at the question posed to him, and a short laugh barks out before he hurries himself right after Jaelyn to come up alongside him for the walking. "You bet! We're also gonna have to get hot drinks, by the way, because I'm fairly sure my hands are starting to freeze and there's /nothing/ better for that than a hot mug." Nice and toasty fingers are the best things. He takes a quick glance around once they get a bit further from the lake though, blowing out a bit of air between his lips without actually managing a whistle. "You know, I'm okay with the weather we get, but I think I could do with a bit of spring at this point. This place is going to get so..grossly muddy before everything manages to dry out again properly." A look is cast toward Jaelyn periodically while walking and talking. At least he keeps his eyes on where he's walking for the most part.

Fort Weyr - Jae's Nerd Pit
First impression? It's like a bomb went off. You might even have trouble getting into this small space, with piles of clothes and discarded items strewn everywhere. There might be a mattress on the floor back in the corner, but this bed-like item is in no way made. At least the sheets and such appear to be clean, so that's something. The majority of the entire left wall is taken up by a long workbench, and on it are electronics in various stages of being broken down and put back together. Oddly, everything in this space has a semblance of being organized; tools clearly marked and put away, and there is nothing that might catch on fire anywhere near the workbench, all of the disarray having been confined to the right side if the room. Despite the repulsion that the visual may invite, the room doesn't have an odor. The clothing on the floor, appears to be at least, clean. As if to confirm this, a hamper stands upright beside the bed and appears to contain articles of clothing. The owner of this room, just might be an enigma.

Yes, Venryk wins…this round. Jaelyn says very little to nothing as they make their way back to the weyr. He does at least stop in the living cavern to grab a mug of hot tea for Venryk before they descend into the lower levels. Several winding passages later, they end up at a door which he unlocks, having to forcibly push just to get in before stepping over a pile of discarded clothing in order to get in there. He gives the healer enough room to get by, and then closes the door again. He kicks off his boots into a small shelf containing other pairs of footwear, yanks off his jacket and tosses it over an empty place on the workbench and peels off his sweater, tossing it in the direction of the hamper. This leaves him in a very loosely fitting black tank top, which reveals a peek at some older and fresher bruising that is undeniably present beneath it. Stocking feet start kicking stuff off to the side away from the workbench he's got set up in here. Many smaller piles, become one large pile at the end of the bed. Hey! There's a pretty nice Istan woven rug there on the floor beside the bed too, and you can totally see it now! Hastily picking up this or that random thing that wasn't clothing, Jaelyn them into the closet which is little more than a hollow in the cavern wall with a curtain hanging over it to keep the contents hidden away. Other than the computer bits and unmade bed, the room is much neater now. Wordlessly his goggles and hat are removed, tossed with his coat, and he absently runs long fingers through the longer parts of his hair before dropping heavily into a chair at the work bench. There is a stool though, with wheels on it unoccupied. Golden eyes remain downcast, even as he gestures to it as a place that Venryk can sit.

If there's any moment that Venryk might be a bit dumbfounded, the sight of Jaelyn's room certainly is it. Once he squeezes past the other boy, he just stares around the place with somewhat wide eyes. Certainly not like his own room, which it seems is just down the hall. "Wow. You've got a lot of stuff." A mild way of putting it, perhaps. He keeps to one place though as Jaelyn goes about moving things, and busies himself with unhooking the small pack he keeps attached to his hip. There is a bit of a sideways step to get closer to the table though, where he can set that hot mug for later while he rummages in the pack. With the top flipped open, he comes up with a few bits of bandaging and cloth, as well as a small container that probably contains disinfectant. He might be an apprentice, but he likes to be prepared! He does take a moment to pause over that rug though, taking it in with a slow nod. "Well now, haven't seen many like that around. It's nice, I think. Kinda..bright. Which is a good thing!" With that stool offered though, he's quite happy to drop onto it, scooting it around on the wheels to situate himself in front of Jaelyn, grinning. "Okay then! Guess we can take a look at your hands first. I heard about a guy once that totally shattered his hand on someone's face once, but if you're not in total agony, yours probably aren't broken or anything dramatic like that."

Jaelyn glances at the rug when it's brought up as a talking point, leaving his opinion of it up to interpretation. "Belongs to my mom." he does say in time, but nothing else is shared further on it. He pointedly does not watch Venryk preparing for clean up over there, bonelessly slumped in the rolling high backed chair that has clearly seen better days. It might even have been salvaged from a burn pile somewhere, but has been lovingly patched with meticulous stitches where the leather was worn out. He takes a deep breath as the healer takes a seat, waiting until the other scoots forward before offering the end of his left arm to him. All the skin on his knuckles is broken and torn away and there was no possible way that it didn't hurt. Of course the pale skin around them looks to be scarred from countless such altercations such as the one that just happened not so long ago. No, Jaelyn wasn't a stranger to getting into fights, even if his skill for his age wasn't already an indication.

It's an afterthought once Venryk is situated that he starts to peel off his outer layer of clothing, tugging it up and over his head. His own sleeves aren't entirely long, coming to only his elbow although one wrist is encased in a few bracelets that jangle together once freed from their sweater prison. He absently shoves them up his arm just a bit further to keep them from moving around too much, before instead taking hold of the offered hand to rather carefully take a look at the knuckles. "..Well you're in luck! Definitely not shattered. We won't have to amputate." He flashes a quick smile for that before starting with the process of dabbing the area clean and disinfecting it. "This stuff always stings like crazy. Dunno why it has to be that way. Good stuff should /feel/ good. It's that way with medicine too, half the time. Oh, it tastes awful? That means it's working! /No/, that means you didn't put enough other stuff in there to make it not taste like crap." At least he's quick about the stinging part of things, moving on to the process of wrapping a strip of bandaging a few times around the other teen's hand to make sure his knuckles stay covered. "If you're gonna keep hitting people, you've really got to find a good way to protect your knuckles a little better, I think."

The gangling of the bracelets at least garners a flickering moment of attention for Venryk, being that Jae's eyes that direction but they don't remain long. His shoulders tense however when there is skin to skin contact, managing not to pull away from the touch at least as his hand is taken up. He nods once when the healer cheerfully announces that he won't have to remove the appendage, "I coulda told ya that." he murmurs, head resting on the back of the chair he sits in, letting his other arm hang loose over the side. He blankly looks at the wall above his bed, even if there isn't anything there to keep his interest, as it's just smooth stone without a hanging or anything. He doesn't make a sound of pain when the antiseptic is applied to his poor hand, but there is a twitch at his brows and along the lone of his jaw as teeth are clenched. The muscles of his arm tighten as well, revealing the strong underlying musculature that was just starting to show beneath the paleness of his skin. Given some turns, that would develop nicely. He says nothing as Ryk continues to chat idly about medicine, but does nod when he's told to take better care of himself if he was going to go punching people and things of that nature. "Yeah, okay." he mutters, letting the other boy get to the bandaging and such. Only when it's done, does he retract the hand and give it a once over briefly. "Thanks."

"Hey, this is /my/ thank you. You can't thank me for my thanking. Circles, hero. We'll go in circles all day with it." Venryk laughs though, with the hand now taken out of his grasp. He turns his attention to Jaelyn's face instead, leaning forward to try and get a better look. "Well there's not much I can do about your lip, don't really want this stuff in your mouth, trust me. /Gross/. That'll just have to heal on its own." His hands do lift up briefly, but there's a pause when he thinks better of trying to grab at the poor teen's face. Better not do /that/. But he does point a little higher to that cut on Jaelyn's head instead, before crooking the same finger back toward himself. "Alright, lean up a bit so I can get at you for that. I have one or two sticky bandages that should help keep that closed, since I doubt it needs stitches or anything. Can't do /those/ yet, and probably best if I don't try and start experimenting with poking people with needles. Otherwise, I think you'll be all set. Probably gonna be sore, but at this point I think you know what to expect outta this more than I do."

There is another twitch when the healer explains that his tending to him was a thank you, right there, along one eyebrow. Jaelyn doesn't say anything though, other than to gently nod his head once and drop his gaze from the wall to the bed. Tension mounts again, as he an likely feel the shift of focus now to his face, and able to naturally understand what that meant long before Venryk begins to explain it to him. One golden eye is seen to slide in the other boy's direction, all without moving his head as the impending treatment is explained which allows him to see the crooked finger that tells him that he had to be a little more cooperative if he wanted to get his other wounds attended to. It's not an instantaneous decision here, no, there is quite a lot of thinking being done as he continues to let his eye remain on the endlessly cheerful face of the healer apprentice and perhaps all the implications that may come from those decisions. Eventually, Ryk wins again, because begrudgingly he slides down in the chair with his butt towards the edge of the seat and his torso straightens, spine curling and his elbows planted on the middle of his own thighs before his head finally comes to face forward. His eyes lock with his momentarily and strangely with some intensity before he drops his gaze off and to the side again, unmoving.

While Venryk is waiting for Jaelyn to move, he reaches over where he'd put down his mug of tea. It's sufficiently cooled by now to be able to at least drink some of it, happily sipping at the warm liquid. He doesn't mind waiting, it seems, content to just sit there while the other boy makes up his mind about things. Only then does he put the mug back to reach for Jaelyn instead. He's careful about his touches though, checking out the split skin as delicately as he can before administering the stinging antiseptic. "Sorry." It gets a little murmur for the hurt he knows will at least /be/ there with it, the proximity for some reason needing lowered voices. He's quiet still even when he starts up the chatter again, while gathering up one of the bandages he mentioned. "Yep, not so bad at all, bet it'll be good and scabbed over real quick, but it's better to keep stuff like this covered up anyway. Less chance for stuff to get in it, you know? Heh..I shouldn't have said anything, you know? I wanna say that again about the whole thing. If I'd left well enough alone, probably wouldn't have happened. Might still could've, don't get me wrong. But I sure wasn't looking to get your face done in." He presses the small bandage over the cut then, securing it in place with a quick grin. "All done."

At least Jaelyn remains still as the healer does his work, his breathing soft. Whatever point on the floor has his interest now, keeps it for the length of time that it takes for Venryk to clean up the shallow gash above his eyebrow with only the slightest of twitches for the application of stinging astringent. There is no response for any apologies, doing a fairly decent job of an impression of a statue there. Even as the other boy continues to chatter on and on, there is no reponse, other then perhaps another subtle tensing along his shoulders and a twinge of his jaw. Once the bandage is in place and Ryk announces his is done, do golden eyes flick his direction, settling in on those warm brown depth without apology. He's silent, but doesn't appear to be searching, then again the heaviness of his gaze might suggest otherwise. It was difficult to label the computercrafter because he almost seemed to have two distinct personalities. Whatever exists beneath the surface was carefully hidden beneath layers and layers of cool collectedness. Though, before Venryk has a chance to reach for that cup of tea again or anything else, his bandaged hand comes up and slides across the healer's cheek, hooking gently behind his neck and skull as lashes lower and he tilts his own head to the side, drawing him into a soft, lingering kiss.

Venryk might in fact be a little surprised by the fact that Jaelyn's gaze actually lingers. What with the way those eyes usually slide away so quickly, it's downright startling to be continuously looked at. The lack of real response though isn't exactly shocking. Not with the way the other boy normally is pretty quiet. As long as he's not being condemned, Ryk can simply look at it as acceptance. The sudden reaching of a hand has him blinking rapidly though, his back straightening just a little in surprise as /he's/ the one touched, and drawn in, and shockingly enough…kissed. His own lashes flutter closed for a moment at the contact, allowing a return of it enough to at least let Jaelyn know he's not /offended/ by it. A hand of his own lifts just enough to rest his palm flat on the teen's chest, although he doesn't push against him, simply resting his hand there while he takes in the sensation of lips on his own, pierced ones, at that.

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