Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Abigail smiles and nods to Jastre. "Aye, it is rather different than other places. Though one gets use to it after a while." A slight wink seen. "As for it being warmer I suppose it might be then a few places but not by many." It is still early morning in the caverns. Jastre and Abbey are sitting at a table talking over a morning meal from the looks of it.

"Well everything's warmer than High Reaches. Whoever decided that would be a good place for people OR dragons must've been crazy." Jastre shakes his head. "Then again, not that many inactive volcanos around at the time I guess, so limited choices.

Early morning means nothing to some and M'icha is… not one of those people. The Weyrlingmaster has been enjoying a brief stint without Weyrlings underfoot but that hasn't meant he's been slacking off. Oh know, he's been busy! But good luck asking him with what. On this particular morning, he's entering the cavern with a noticeable limp, cane in hand to aid with his shuffling steps. Grumbling under his breath, he stalks his way to the serving tables, circles them and then promptly selects a few morsels and a big mug of klah. Tromping back, he'll take the nearest seat and apparently that is at the table that Abigail and Jastre currently occupy. Thumping down, M'icha smirks to them both, his hair slightly unkempt and long, his jaw still scruffy from lack of shaving and his clothes just a wee bit rumpled under his unfastened jacket. "What's this about folk bein' crazy for their decision?" he asks, before adding as an afterthought. "Oh, and mornin' to ya and…some such. Don't mind me." Never mind he just crashed in!

Abigail laughs softly and shrugs a moment. "Well, good point there." This said with a grin. "I'm sure there was a very good reason behind it being there." There is a pause as she glances to M'icha once he wanders on over to the table. A soft ah escapes her and she lifts a hand to offer him a salute, it is a natural thing to her when M'icha is in the room. "Morning to ye sir. How be ye?"

Jastre looks over this newcomer curiously. A rider of some sort, and one who gets salutes from other riders, and is not the Weyrleader. Well ok. A ranked rider of some sort. Weyr knots are still a challenge for him, so he'll just… go with the flow. He nods respectfully to him. "The High Reaches, and why they're there. Because it's really cold and…. stuff." wow way to go, Jastre, you speak good.

M'icha waves off Abigail's salute and gives her a look. "Jays, Wingsecond, I ain't yer Weyrlingmaster no more. If anyone's supposed to be hastenin' to salute it'd be me. And you'll forgive me if I just forego that? Hand's 'er full." One holds his mug, the other is dipping inside his jacket for something. It pauses though as he peers at Jastre as though he's the strangest person he's come upon. Way to speak good! He peers at the young man, all while answering Abigail first. "Been fine, Abigail. Leg's just been achin' lately. Sharding rain and damp!" he grumbles and then leans back in his chair as he continues to scrutinize Jastre. Squirming yet? "Of course it's damn cold, it's the Reaches! But it's not like they're bound in ice all Turn round! They've seasons! You even been that far north, boy?"

Abigail smiles to M'icha and nods. "Aye.. Call it out of respect then?" She questions softly. "I'm sorry ta hear that, weather has a way with playing with plenty of people's old aches." A glance is sent to Jastre and then back to M'icha. "M'icha this is Jastre, Jastre this is M'icha, WeyrlingMaster. Good guy all round." See there, she does like M'icha even after her sent the class a bit crazy there. A soft er escapes her and she clears her throat looking perhaps a touch pale for a moment. "If, ye would excuse me. I need ta go take care of something." A slight wave is sent to the pair as she makes her way on towards the door before any goodbyes ae offered.

Jastre blinks at the stare and clears his throat, dropping his gaze. "Yes, I've been all along the coast from the High Reaches all the way across to north of Benden… ah, yes, I'm Jastre, nice to meet you." oh it's the weyrlingmaster. Rank confirmed. "I come from Tillek, which gets kinda cold too, though not that bad because it's lower altitude. Though the wind from the ocean can be pretty cold too." as Abigail gets up to leave, he nods to her. "Bye…. nice talking to you again."

M'icha shrugs his shoulders indifferently and then blinks, shooting Abigail a look as she goes right into introducing him. Sighing, he shakes his head and leans forwards to extend the hand that had been just about to slip inside of his jacket for Jastre to take. "Well met!" he mutters before flopping back into his seat and reaching purposely into his jacket. Out pops a flask and he quickly uncaps it, pours some of the (obviously alcoholic) liquid into his klah and then caps it again. Another quick movement of his hand and the flask is back to being hidden in his jacket. "Clear skies, Abigail!" he'll say with a distracted wave as he sips at his drink, only to fix his gaze on poor Jastre again. "Ah, so you ARE well travelled then! Tillek, High Reaches and Benden? All for a man yer age?" he pries. Oh yes, this is the infamous Weyrlingmaster alright! Gruff though he may be, he's actually quite harmless.

"All along the coast, so…. everywhere in between. I just… couldn't stay in one place for long before I started getting an itch to move on. Haven't been much into the interior of Pern though, much less Ista or the Southern continent." Jastre says.

M'icha huffs a bit, mouth curving into a crooked smirk as he takes another deep sip of his laced klah. "So what're you then? Trader or just a wanderin' jack of all trades?" he goes on to pry at poor Jastre. The Weyrlingmaster then waves his hand again, almost dismissively. "Not been to Ista, so can't say I can comment on 'em. But the Southern continent? Depends were you go but parts of it are still mighty rough. Not for the faint of heart to just start hoofin' it on foot from one side to the other!"

Jastre shakes his head at that, stretching his legs out in front of him. "Oh I wasn't on foot, I have a runner who went everywhere I did. And more of a jack of all trades, I know enough random skills to be able to live off the land on my own, as well as buy my dinner and occasionally shelter too. My best skill of course is fishing, which is mainly why I stayed along the coast." at the comment of the southern continent, he sighs gustily. "Still wanna try getting there one day, though that probably won't be of a while. I'd have to go by boat, couldn't leave Derp behind." Hopefully that's the name of his runnerbeast.

M'icha makes a low sound of understanding, "Oh! A runner. Right, cause that fixes everything." he drawls sarcastically with another sidelong look and smirk for the young man. "Derp? That's what you named your poor beast?" The Weyrlingmaster figured it out! He may be drinking laced klah in the early morning but the bluerider is keenly sharp. Just ask any of his former Weyrlings! "Aye, you'd need a boat and one to ferry a runner that distance would be a good hefty amount of marks fer sure! Fishin' ain't a bad skill to have! Course I'm biased, being born and raised in Fort Sea Hold!" he grins a little at this before shaking his head. "Southern ain't a friendly place to go, Jastre! Skills with livin' off the land or not, it's dangerous out there." he smirks, eyeing the young man as if he should KNOW this!

Angelique returns with her tasks of the morning done. She and Talica are chatting as they walk in. Their words are murmured not reaching far. Soon enough they part with Talica moving off into the kitchens and Ang moves to claim a mug of hot klah. Then she herself ducks into the kitchen for a moment, returning with a bowl of scraps for the hungry bronze form on her shoulder. Looking around she finds herself at the end of a random table to feed the hungry creature. Passing by M'icha and Jastre she gives a nod of greeting to them.

Jastre nods back at Angelique when she returns, and looks at the bronze. He chuckles, glad his gree has dropped back to sleep so he stopped getting fussed at. "And yeah, I know. That's another reason I haven't gone yet, aside from, yeah, the price. I heard most of the shore there is very…. well, not beaches. It'd be more difficult to stay close to the water then." he shrugs, aknowledging its dangers.

M'icha peers long and hard at Jastre and then huffs, shaking his head as he sets his mug aside and takes a bite of what looks to be some preserved slathered toast. "Oh, there's beaches! But it's the jungles that'll get ya and ya got to go inland often enough. Basic skills — fire, findin' water, finding food, shelter… all that means life or death down there if yer thinking of strayin' far from the main Holds or Weyrs. You hunt?" he asks then with a smirk, only to look up as Angelique passes by. A darting look to her shoulder and then he's giving HER a look. "Oy! Candidate! What're you doin'? They not toss you to yer chores or…what're the new things, uh - the excursions! - yet?"

Angelique's expression is startled as suddenly she's addressed by the unfamiliar rider. "Feeding Rea here…" she answers without thinking. "No chores…and no planned excursion yet…sir." Reaghan protests loudly which draws her attention back to him to offer a bit of food in order to quiet him up and quickly!

"Glad mine's still asleep." Jastre gestures to the green firelizard curled on his shoulder next to his neck. "And yes, I'm good enough at hunting to be able to live away from the shore well enough, though staying to the shoreline is less likely to get me lost. And I heard in the southern continent, there's things big enough to hunt you, so…. a third reason, I guess. Maybe I'll just visit Ista and be done with it." he shrugs again.

M'icha smirks as he glances between Angelique and Jastre, but it's the Candidate he'll pin under his stare for a little longer. "Good! Glad to see young folk gettin' priorities right, even if firelizards are considered, well, firelizards! Figured they'd have had you caught up in something by now! Nothing scheduled at all, eh?" Tsk! To Jastre, he exhales and finishing the last of his toast, brushes his hands clean as he swallows, though still speaks through a partially filled mouth. "Goin' by the coast in Southern can still get ya lost! And you bet yer hide there are!" he says with a laugh. "Felines for one! No easy task to take one of those down and thats IF you're lucky there is just one tailin' you! Ahh, but whom'I kiddin'? That's if you go deep into the jungles. I'm not meanin' to scare ya off, Jastre!"

Angelique is pinned beneath that stare! She keeps her own gaze level on the older rider for a moment. She's not even been a candidate all that long! "Perhaps they are waiting for more candidates to be Searched before anything's planned. S'far only me and Solan that I know of." another few pieces get fed to Reaghan. Her gaze flickers now between M'icha and Jastre, uncertain of what their conversation is even about.

"Oh… uh, yeah, well I mean I don't want to be known of as being stupid, you know…. going off and doing stuff that'd get me killed. At the very least, I don't want Derp to get hurt too, I'd have a choice in the matter but he wouldn't." Jastre glances over at Angelique then, and decides a new subject change might be in order. So… uh, what to talk about…. he looks at the firelizard. "When did you get him?"

M'icha shrugs his shoulders again and his expression is one of indifference to Angelique's reply, though his eyes flash with something far more. Oh, he's interested but he's playing ignorant right now. Truthfully, the Weyrlingmaster probably has a very good idea of what's going on with the Candidates. Some of them are going to be HIS weyrlings to train, after all! "Oh, just you wait! Soon you'll be complainin' about the crowded barracks. Enjoy it why it lasts!" he remarks dryly and draining the last of his mug of klah, he sets it heavily back on the table. "Stupid? Wouldn't say yer comin' off as stupid." he points out to Jastre. "If you were, you'd be in Southern right now and lost in the jungles and being followed by felines or worse." He'll fall silent then, as the conversation shifts, allowing it to drift on while he stares down, brows knitted in distracted thought before he's pinning Jastre under that stare again. "So you said you've this wanderlust, eh? Still set on Southern or Ista, even after all my bickering about it?"

Angelique offers a faint grin towards M'icha. "Suppose soon enough there will be plenty of people in the barracks. I've no objections to more people being put before the eggs." she murmurs. "I look forward to the trips actually." To Jastre she looks over and offers a faint grin at the attempt to change the subject. "Got this little guy at Eastern Weyr actually. From a friend." "You leaving here to travel to Southern?"
Jastre hmms consideringly as he absently pets the firelizard. Oh, well, subject change failed. Doesn't bother him though. "Probably after the hatching, I've never seen one before, after all. And…. well, most of my wanderlust is to see things I've never seen before, go places I've never been. I probably won't go to the southern continent until I've explored the northern one more fully than I have been. Next stop, going inland. Getting lost is a good way of exploring."

"No objections, huh? Even though each new Candidate is a, well… guess you can say a threat?" M'icha muses towards Angelique and then chuckles dryly. Glancing back to Jastre, the Weyrlingmaster only shakes his head again and begins to push to his feet, though slow going with his bad leg. "Getting lost is also a good way to wind up dead. Not to be all grim and brutally honest on ya. Lots to see inland here though! Might not be as alluring or as hot as Southern but it's got it's charms." And dangers. Grabbing his cane, he'll lean on it heavily before saluting both. "Was nice chattin' with you two but I best be off. Mornin' is still young and early but there's no rest for the wicked!" He grins wryly then and turns to limp back towards the bowl, nodding to a few as he passes by, whistling some tune and rather badly off key at that.