Fort Weyr - Living Cavern
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It's miserable outside, having starting with the howling and blowing of the wind early this morning which has now turned into a full out blizzard. With zero visibility, people were more or less stuck inside, with temperatures easily dropping well below freezing. Jaelyn had set himself up in a little pocket in the corner closest to the hearth, which was regularly supplied with logs to keep the heat pumping. The living cavern was packed, considering the weather presently, filled with people truly enjoying an impromptu day off. The computercrafter was as removed from I all the laughter and merriment as he could, having covered the small table he was seated at completely with the guts of some unfortunate computer from the looks of it. One of his feet was propped up on the only other chair set up there, and would mutter to whomever asks that it was 'taken'. Because of his proximity to the hearth, he'd long peeled off his jacket and sweater, a decidedly oversized tank top hanging off his shoulders, and revealing the ornate tattoo of lotus and butterflies on his left shoulder. All of his attention is focused on the computer housing sitting in his lap, a large screwdriver being applied to the inside.

If there is a path that needs to be made amongst the throng of people in the barracks, Venryk is the one to make it. Though his cargo might be a bit odd to some. Indeed, there’s a little boy thrown over his shoulder and dangling slightly down his back like a sack of very giggly potatoes as the healer worms his way towards where the food is kept. Light excuses are made if he bumps into anyone, followed by a good-natured laugh until he finally reaches his destination and the boy is set down on his feet once more. “Okay! Here you are, untrampled and nearest the food. I take my payment in delicious treats.” Of which, he simply reaches out and plucks up a bun from one of the many dishes sitting out for people to partake in. But then the younger boy is off, tackling the job of feeding himself now that he could reach the table. Ryk takes a plate after a moment though, putting a thing or two on it before turning to look back out at the crowd. Trying to make it all the way back with food in his hands…might not be the easiest thing in the world. So he simply scoots around the edge of things and meanders by the hearth. And since there is a chair unoccupied save for a foot, he simply comes across and drops sideways into it to avoid landing on Jaelyn’s shoe. With his own legs up and draped over the arm of the chair, he looks at least somewhat comfy about the position, free hand coming up in a salute toward the other teen. “Yo there. You don’t mind this, do you?” Because he’s not budging. Not with half a roll already being put in his mouth. Once his eyes scan over the table full of parts though, his brows raise, but he doesn’t ask about it. It’s…fairly obvious that the other teen is tinkering. “Ohh, wait. You’re the one about the scuffle, aren’t you?” There’s a vague bit of pointing given to the fading injuries on Jae’s face, lips quirking upward slowly. “I don’t know much about it, only what I’ve heard which…like I said, isn’t much. But I guess that sort of thing does happen. Name’s Venryk, by the way. Really, just Ryk. Loads easier.”

The computercrafter decidedly is trying to not pay any attention to the goings on of the stretched to capacity living cavern. That was the whole point as to why Jaelyn had picked the most isolated spot he can find, and managed to create a nice space enough as to not feel claustrophobic. He unfortunately misses Venryk's entrance, or perhaps he may have glanced up, but all in all it was just another stranger pushing through the overly crowded space to him. Unfortunately, this was the warmest place right now, his own living space lacking much in the way of keeping it very warm. Space heaters were at a premium right now and he was likely on the bottom of a very long list. It was, suffice to say, rather difficult to miss someone's bum hitting the chair his booted foot was currently placed. Distracted, Jaelyn raises his head and peers over at the chatty boy who's invited himself and all he can do is blink those strange golden eyes of his. Otherwise, the boy's face is completely lacking expression. Another blink as the questions come before he has the chance to reply, and another because the words just keep coming. Who was this guy? His gaze goes to the other's shoulder and sees the healer's knot and the simplicity denoted this as a healer's apprentice. That was about all he was going to get without asking, and the Venryk didn't seem to require oxygen. Finally, when there is the smallest chance that there might be breathing room to speak, the computercrafter goes back to jamming the screwdriver into the casing of the computer in his lap, "Yep," he replies simply, about being the guy in the scuffle. The other guy was still in the infirmary. Heh. "Not much to tell, but if ya want to know I'll tell ya." He says, all without looking up again. As for the introduction? "Jaeyln." Who, what now? Maybe it's his name? He doesn't clarify.

“I’m never going to turn down a good story. Which is…weird now that I think about it. It’s my brother that’s Harper, not me.” Venryk pauses at least to stick his fingers in his mouth, getting off a few bits of stickiness from the bun he had been eating. At the very least he seems to have manners enough to not try and talk with food or other objects stuffed in there. He waits until he’s all clear to start up again with a sideways grin at Jaelyn. “Not at all broken up about it, of course. Lemme tell you. Not my favorite person, although…huh. That actually sucks for me since I work in the infirmary, and he’s still /there/…” He sniffs once, then tosses his head somewhat to keep his hair a bit further out of his eye. Or potentially his food. “But I guess it’s sort of good and bad all…meshed together.” The teenager laughs and shifts just a little in the chair, pushing himself into a slightly more upright position. “Jae, huh?” Yes, he’s taking that as the other boy’s name and shortening it regardless. “You want some of this? There’s….uh. Well that’s a good way to get food bits inside computer parts, I guess, so… Well feel free all the same.” He even extends his plate over, waggling it slightly for emphasis on sharing. “But yeah, really! What exactly did he do this time?”

So. Many. Words. Turning his wrist back and forth to work the screwdriver, it might appear as if Jaelyn was not paying attention to all of that coming out without much pause between. At least he's not telling the Harper to get the hell out, or trying to put him in the infirmary. When the food plate is thrust in his direction, his chin lifts only so much as to allow those golden eyes to peer over the ridge of his own brow, "Y'know if ya get crumbs in that, it'll explode." He says, cool as a cucumber. Venryk might notice that the other boy was not enjoying food or drink in his little nook, and he'd somehow managed to make sure people weren't crowding him where something might be spilled. Still without so much as a brow being raised, the computercrafter simply shrugs a shoulder and starts using the screwdriver to scrap at something writhing the casing he was working on. "He whistled at me, said somethin' about my ass, then grabbed my arm and tried to kiss me," he tells the other boy, still working the metal tool without pause.

“Will it?” Venryk takes another good, long look at that bit of computer, with its poor guts strewn all over the table, and then shrugs. “Well so long as it doesn’t do it right next to me, I’m sure it’ll be just fine, and make a very nice boom.” He settles back into the chair then, drawing the plate back to himself protectively. If nobody wants to share his food, he’ll nom on it all himself. He at least looks thoughtful though, staring up at the ceiling momentarily with an absent, soft laugh. “Ehh…I have /got/ to pay the smiths a…visit…sometime. You know they /make/ stuff that’s supposed to blow up? Heh…heh.” Why not blow things up on purpose? Small things! Not…alive things. He plucks up a bit of food though, nibbling on it all the while Jaelyn tells his short version story of ‘The Pummeling’. “Yep. Figured it was something like that and /well done/ by the way. I mean, I guess I’m not supposed to advocate it, being a Healer and all, but sometimes, people need a good smack. Or a punch, I guess. Or a kick in the spleen. Whatever. The point is, I doubt he’ll be doing things like that again, so hey, you just helped everyone out! Even if more people of the ‘in charge’ variety might not say it.” He grins slowly then, offering a thumbs up at the other boy if he happens to look up.

Jaelyn shakes his head, "Nope," he replies, putting the screwdriver down and picking up a set of really big tweezers and starts fishing around for whatever he was scraping at, "I'm messin' with ya." What was obviously meant as a joke (maybe), is said completely deadpan and without so much as a twitch of a smirk or anything. The raven haired boy does lift his head and glance over to Venryk when the other starts talking about blowing things up, but there is no indication of approval or disapproval for it, simply going back to his hunting expedition over there, "Pretty sure they keep that stuff locked up, so kids can't get a hold of it." The killjoy. Jaelyn eventually gets a hold of whatever he was looking for this whole time and deposits it unceremoniously onto the table. Whatever it is, looks like plastic maybe but it's almost waxy too. Whatever it is, it's gross. He blows a couple of time inside the case before holding it upside down and banging it a few times hard on the bottom, causing something metal to ping off the floor. It's the screw he'd been trying to get loose. Picking it up, it is also put on the table, and Jaelyn glances Ryk's way, "What? He try it with ya to?"

“I’m not. Sounds like it’d at least be interesting.” Something going boom, anyway. There’s yet more laughter out of the teenager, but he finally seems to have finished up with the food. Without room on the table, he simply reaches over and leans around Jaelyn’s propped-foot to set the plate on the floor. Once he rights himself, his now free hand shoves his hair back away from his face, still watching Jae with a grin. “Oh /sure/ they do. Sure they do. The fun part is in the /getting/ it without getting caught. You know, small…not easily noticed amounts, is all. Hypothetically speaking, anyway.” Venryk is not about to admit to ever actually taking anything. Heavens no! He would never! Nyoak on the other hand… There’s a quick smirk that flicks across his face before it’s gone again, and he settles back against the arm of the chair, his own arms folding on his chest. “Oh, he didn’t with me. Not /exactly/. Got his nethers real well acquainted with a bucket of ice water a turn or so back. Seems to have put him off the idea of trying it. Maybe everything shrivels up at the memory when he sees me. I like to think so, anyway.”

The computercrafter says nothing about blowing things up, but that might be because in his craft when something blows up that is never a good thing. Jaelyn drops his foot down to the floor when Venryk leans over it, careful not to touch him in the process and sits up straighter in his chair. A fleeting glance or two might be taken in the other boy's direction though for all the focus he keeps on getting things the adults have locked up in order to keep the kids away from it. "Ya should leave it be. They lock it up for a reason." he mutters, but it's said so quietly that it might be lost in the very loud chatter of the bustling living cavern. He wasn't buying that hypothetical story that the healer was selling in the least from the looks of it, but then again it was impossible to tell what Jaelyn was thinking considering his face never changed. Setting the computer case on the table, he looks directly at Venryk. "How old are ya?" he asks, looking the other boy over in a way that would probably make most others completely uncomfortable. It was probably those eyes, they were a really odd color, almost as if they had the ability to see through a person. "Ain't ever gunna learn with buckets of water. If he tries that shit again, lemme know. I'll take care of it." That said, he starts snapping and wiggling pieces of computer parts together.

Discomfort? Pah. Venryk seems immune to that sort of thing, looking positively delighted instead that Jaelyn actually seems to pay more than just fleeting attention. Eye contact is such an important conversational tool! Although it helps when an expression is somewhat…discernable. He looks more amused than anything though, head canting to the side as he regards the other boy. “Fourteen. And /really/, you’d be surprised what a person can learn without actually sending them carted to the infirmary. You think you won’t think twice about it, go outside right now, strip off your pants, and sit in a river.” Nobody wants freezing water stinging any parts, let alone the important ones! “Still, that’s awful sweet of you, looking out for me.” Or maybe Jaelyn is just looking for an easy excuse to fight someone. “/But/ I’ll tell you. I’m not like…a fully trained Healer or anything, obviously, but I tend to carry the important bits around. Bandages and such. So if you need something like that, I’ve got you covered. You know, in case you walk into the wall of the caverns. Or someone’s fist. Or that stupidly large tunnelsnake I hear is creeping around somewhere in the caverns. Tolie swears it’s there. Just so you know.”

"I guess not, 'cause a turn or so later he was back at it again." Jaelyn tells the other boy, and then there is a quieter "Me too." It was all out of order, but really Venryk spoke so quickly it's possible that he'd focused on the most important bits and then thrown the last part in as a bonus. Communicating! He shakes his head at healer, "Ain't never going to happen." Nope, not putting his bits into a freezing river. The computercrafter' dark lashes lower though when the other speaks of his sweetness, dropping his gaze away to the electronic pieces still spread out all over the table. He doesn't comment on it other then giving the slightest bob of his head and he picks up another component from the table to fit into whatever it was he was building there. Computer, probably. However, his fingers still for a few precious seconds when the healer goes on and promises to supply him with bandages. There is a distinct pause, he bobs his head again, and after another pause goes back to working on his little project there. "…'kay…" Is said softly, tension minutely tightening his shoulders.

Maybe Jaelyn won’t need bandages in the future! But Venryk has been around enough people to know that a number of them really just don’t like going to the infirmary. It’s best to offer up what little aid he can when people seem…reluctant. Laughter rises up again though, nodding. “Well of course not! I sure as hell wouldn’t go do it. I just meant that he’s left me pretty well alone and all. Might change, I guess. Might not.” There’s a huff then, and he finally rights himself in the chair since Jae’s foot is gone from it. He uses the freedom to tug the sweater he’s been wearing up and over his head, fighting for just a moment with the thing and sending his hair everywhere briefly. “You wouldn’t think it could /get/ too warm in here with how it’s raging outside, but man. Pack together a bunch of cramped up weyrfolk, hot food, and a fire, and suddenly it’s a freaking furnace.” Sure, he’s still got a long-sleeved tunic on underneath, but at least it’s a somewhat lighter fabric than the sweater, which he simply hugs into his lap a bit. Comfy sweater makes for a snuggly object. “So huh. Same age and everything, you said?” At least while talking a lot, Venryk can also pay attention to what’s being said. Even if it is occasionally…lacking in description. “Who knew? But that’s great, really. Plenty of us all over the place, don’t get me wrong, but finding someone around here you didn’t run around with the nannies with is pretty hard sometimes. Welcome to the family and all that, you know? The whole…Weyr thing and all.” Family might be stretching it a ways, but his own blood relations do take up quite a bit of space! Or maybe that’s just how he sees the Weyr at large.

"People shouldn't go grabbin' other people, 'less they know them well." Jaelyn murmurs, peeking up at Venryk before he goes back to quietly assembling, sticking this in that, twisting that, and popping that one into that one. Every once in a while he grabs a tool from the strangely neat and organized line of them he has there on the table, applying it to the inside of the case. Another ripple of tension begins, even causing his hands to still once more as the healer takes off his sweater, if only to lessen with the long sleeved shirt revealed beneath. If one were watching him closely, it wouldn't be easy to miss, especially when his eyes close briefly and he releases a soft breath before starting his work once more. "Yeah." It wasn't much of a response, but there wasn't much more he could say about how warm it was in the living cavern with all the body heat and the hearth threatening to bake them into some sort of entree. He wasn't wearing much himself, but even with the tank top there was a fine sheen of sweat making his pale skin glisten somewhat. He nods when asked if they were the same age, but doesn't look at the other boy for now, leaning in closer to the case in his lap to put a little more elbow grease into his machinations. "I'm not from Fort." he adds after, as its suggested that he's never been seen around, not that it particularly needed to be clarified but there it was anyway. There isn't even so much of a twitch but he hunches down very slightly at the mention of family, "Not really." This is said when Venryk asked him if he knew, which obviously, he says he doesn't.

"Well sure, those're the /proper/ rules. The way I see it, he's gonna learn from what's gone on or he's gonna keep getting it a lot worse until it gets through his thick skull. Or someone breaks it open, I guess. But that's messy and I'm pretty sure nobody in the infirmary can really put /that/ back together right." Let’s everyone keep their brains inside their skulls. Venryk breaks out another grin though. Maybe he's just imagining the distasteful guy minus a brain. It's a heartwarming picture, at least. He jerks suddenly to the side a bit though to grab the forgotten plate off the floor, passing it off on someone who walks by, obviously familiar. There's a few cheerful words exchanged, mostly praise for the kind bit of help in removing the dish before the teen returns his attention to Jaelyn again. "Not /really/ from Fort? Is there a way to /sorta/ be from somewhere? Heh! If you're from here or not, that doesn't really matter all that much in the end. You're here /now/, right? Makes you part of it. My dad talks about the Weyr like it's a machine sometimes. Everyone doing their part and everything running smoothly." There's a bit of a lean to try and peek at what might be going on inside that computer case though, brows lifting. "..I just hope that metaphor doesn't end up with our bits and pieces strewn all over a table."

Jaelyn nods, the pieces of the computer spread out over the table rapidly disappearing. He was fast at putting that thing back together, it was maybe a minute that passed since he started the assembly process and already half the pieces were back inside the case. "Yeah," he agrees, pausing to glance once and briefly at that, at the healer. "I dun mind crackin' his head open if he keeps it up." There was nothing about the raven haired boy's tone that even remotely sounded threatening or angry, in fact the evenness had remained constant from the very beginning. That grin though, causes an eruption of tension that rapidly changes into a jolt before he lifts his hand out of the case to blink at the blood now dripping from his left pointer finger, lashes lowering as he looks down at it. Still, his expression doesn't change, even as he brings the damaged digit to his lips and suckles on it. "I dun really know…family." he corrects, having pulled his finger from his mouth, tongue idly touched to the piercing there on the left hand side, as if to clean it too. He was pointedly not looking at the healer now, just sitting there awkwardly with his finger gently curled towards his lips and his shoulders hunched over the computer case. As Venryk mentions his father, golden eyes quickly shift elsewhere and the muscles of his haw clench so tightly that there is visible twitching. Whatever else is said after this, Jaelyn doesn't react to.

Venryk tilts his head just a bit, curls falling in his eyes. Again. There's a quick motion of shoving them back again before he shakes his head in response. "Oh I've no doubt about that, but let's try not to? The healers don't deserve that kind of aggravation." Think of the healers! The poor things. The sudden finger-injury gets a blink from the teen though, and a quick flicker of concern across his face. He shifts his chair to scoot it a little closer, immediately reaching out a bit to wave at Jaelyn's own hand. "Hey, lemme see that. Did you get it real good? If it needs something covering it, I've got a few things." He wasn't lying, after all. He does have a small bag kept strapped at his hip. It's been there the whole time, even! Even while he's expectantly waiting to inspect minor injuries, he manages to keep talking though, shoulders lifting in a small shrug. "Got plenty of time to learn about it then, don'tcha? Never anything wrong with not knowing something, so long as you look into finding out answers. One of my teachers told me that. I think. Might've been an auntie 'round here…I dunno. But it's a good saying anyway."

There is a shrug, as if Jaelyn didn't much have an opinion about whether or not the guy he put in the infirmary needed another reminder to keep his hands and lips to himself just yet. "That's what healers are for," he says quietly, reminding the other boy that people getting hurt was their livelihood, but he didn't press the issue. As the chair scoots closer, the computercrafter's body stiffens quite quickly and he shakes his head. "I'm good. It's just a scratch." A scratch that was still bleeding some, but it didn't look like it needed stitches or anything. He pops the thing back into his mouth instead, decidedly keep his gaze off Venryk and instead finding the half assembled guts of his lap project oh so very interesting. He remains, unmoving and betraying not a single one of his thoughts as the other goes on, though his gaze shifts off again when the topic continues on about family somewhat. "I dun really…" he starts, lashes lowering almost closed before he wets his lips and shakes his head, "…trust…people." While his voice continues to be level and unwavering in its factual tone, the inclination given as to the difficulty of the topic is readily there for anyone willing to hear it.

Venryk might not look quite convinced, but he doesn't press the issue on having that finger handed over. His lips press together for a moment, but instead he digs around in that little bag and comes up with a bit of cloth to offer over. "Just in case." In case he wants to mop up the blood /and/ spit getting on the digit. Or just have something to prevent anything else from knocking against the scratch if and when he sticks those fingers back inside the computer. Whatever the option, Ryk still offers it before setting his chin on his hand. He still watches the other boy though, curiosity quite evident on his face, although that bit of opening up earns a slow, faint smile from the healer. He speaks gently then, nodding ever so slightly. "That's a 'one day at a time' sort of thing, I think." For once it doesn't seem like he's going to continue to spew words constantly. He just leans back into his chair again to make himself comfortable. Finger-crisis is over, after all!

The bit of cloth is gingerly picked up and wrapped around the damaged finger rather neatly, as if this was something that Jaelyn was accustomed to. Perhaps he did this often enough, to get a fairly decent grade in first aid. That completed, he continues with the computer assembly, remaining fairly quiet. Slowly, but surely, the tension that had built up over the course of his interaction with Venryk eases and finally vanishes as he put the final screws in and encases all the parts. The table clear, he sets the unit on top the table and begins to put his tools away in the satchel bag he pulled up off the floor. This done he stands up and collects his things, quite a lot of it really, between computer, jacket, bag and all that. "I…" he starts, falling quiet and looking off towards the side again, struggling visibly with finding the right words. Lips licked, he stands there awkwardly and silent, before he bobs his head and just starts pushing his way through thickness of the people still lingering in the living cavern and disappears from sight.

The whole reconstruction of the computer is a rather fascinating process, even if Venryk doesn't really understand any of it. He wouldn't know where a single piece of that machinery was supposed to go! He does blink though when Jaelyn stands up, brows lifting just slightly as he sits himself up again. His mouth even opens…but he doesn't really get a chance to say anything before the other teen has scurried his way through the crowd. "Huh. Well alright then." A faint grin etches across his face then, before he climbs back into his sweater. He's quick to make his own way off into the caverns somewhere, finally away from the oppressive heat of the hearth.

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