Northeast Bowl
The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the administration complex and the training grounds where candidates and weyrlings can often be found. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag.

It isn't quite curfew time for the weyrlings, but it is late, cold, and dark, the evening overcast and still. A few snowflakes stray down from above every now and then, but the sky seems to be holding its burden in secret, only to be released when no eyes are about to see. Such a night wraps around Br'enn like a thick blanket, pleasant thoughts coming easily in such an atmosphere. It's a good time to take a few moments away from the barracks; Tovihasuth is asleep, and his mind is quiet as he leans against the wall separating the Bowl from the Training Grounds, eyes trained on the dull, deep grey ceiling far above.

Rynn has found some strange sense of comfort as fall fades towards winter, despite the bitter frigidity in the Fortian airs. This place is so different from home. How exactly did Rynn wind up here anyway? These are all questions she's asking herself in the silence of a pre-curfew walk. Mazzolyth has succumbed to the seasonal shift, spending more time sleeping, snuggling and eating than almost anything else. The brownling has had to all but force him to do drills, and getting him to venture far from the barracks doesn't come easily. This does, however, allow a good chunk of free time for thinking, and while they share both thoughts and dreams it is in the deepest of the big brown's slumbers that Rynn can work through the thoughts and emotions to be shared as they grow. Surprised to see another Weyrling about, and even more taken aback that it is Br'enn (speak of the bronzer!), she's not sure if she should approach with restrained heed or trot right over. Settling for somewhere in between she lessens the gap between them with a smile. "Br'enn…" is said softly.

The thin crust of refrozen snow on the ground gives away Rynn's approach just a breath before Br'enn looks over to see her, and he smiles, somehow not surprised that the footsteps belong to her. It with a curious mix of both welcome and wariness that he regards her, but blue eyes are warmly steady through the dark as he straightens from the wall a little. "Hey, Rynn," comes with equal softness as he shifts, his hands falling to touch the wall behind him just as one propped boot does. "Mazz is sleepin'?"

Rynn has always admired how in sync she and Br'enn are. It's been a long time since they used to run in to each other during cold nights on the outskirts of the Weyr, but here they are. Just the two of them… Rynn struggles to keep any excitement or wandering thoughts contained. Her hazel gaze shows that there are so many things she wishes she could say, and as usual, she quickly falls in to the depths of Br'enn's piercing baby blues. Stepping directly in front of the bronzer, she bows her head and says, "Hey," before twisting on one foot to lean against the wall close by - but not too close - mimicking his propped foot stance with her closest lower limb. "Out like a glow at the end of a long night. Tovi?"

The struggle is much the same for Br'enn, but given a few recent happenings, he's starting to feel a bit safer letting his mind wander, especially when his inquisitive bronze is asleep. "The same," Br'enn replies with a soft chuckle as he watches Rynn move to lean next to him. "Sort've a relief. He's mostly been on about glidin' today; I'm sure y' saw M'icha take me, Ha'ze, 'n' S'ai out for a test this mornin'. They'll prob'ly be after you tomorrow." He sighs, his breath forming a pale plume in the still air. "Lets me think, being out here. Been…a lot on my mind lately." Apart from what necessarily has to be on a weyrling's mind.

Rynn nods, biting lower lip as both palms are placed flat against the wall. Head tilts back, eyes to the sky and she keeps her thoughts sparse knowing that if they get too complicated there will definitely be questions and confusion at a later time when Mazz awakens. Her expression brightens, partially for the accomplishment and partially for the distraction. "Really?! I sleepily saw you guys leaving, but to glide! How exciting. Mazz's wings are strong but he's still so clumsy." She watches, but only briefly, as the wafts of smoky breath escape from lips she misses so. Wait! She's totally not thinking of that. Must clear thoughts. Must clear thoughts! She coughs to clear her throat, cuz that totally helps. "Me too…" Her response is vague to see where he's going to take this.

"Tov did pretty well for a first shot," Br'enn notes, and he gives a raspy bit of a laugh. "Ended up with a snout fulla snow on the last try, but he looked good in the air." He grins over at her, then lets his eyes fall to the ground briefly, and his voice comes quieter again. "The other day in the cavern, after you left, 'n' Cy came by…Kimmila and Inri said a few things that got my mind goin'. Had a little talk with Tov after that." Eyes rise to the clouds again, and he blinks a bit as a snowflake suddenly appears to touch down on his lashes. "They said we've gotta just let 'em know what we're feelin' now that they're older, y'know? 'n' if things upset 'em, other dragons can help if we can't calm 'em down." He goes quiet again for a moment, and his eyes slowly slide over to Rynn again as he speaks. "I, ah…let Tov know about you. Why I keep ya somewhere else in my head, when he catches things that happen there. When you're around. He knows what love is, in his way, just…not how different sorts work. But he knows one now. Sort of." As much as he could get his lifemate to understand, that is.

Rynn chuckles softly and head wobbles. "They'll get there. N'I bet that was cute - a snow 'stache for Tov." Again she's trying really hard to not think about anything looking good, especially Br'enn and his handsome bronze. Their smirks and glances meet, both falling as his does, finding safety in the soft whiteness that blankets the ground. As Br'enn starts to speak, a perked ear listens, brow raised and she says, "Oh yeah?" She's about to inquire as to what that little talk was about, but falls silent in the moment of snowflakes and eyelashes. As he goes on, she continues to listen, biting bottom lip nervously. "N'what exactly is it you're feeling?" She really is curious, seeing as how their interactions have been severely limited since Candidacy started. It's clear by the look in her eyes she cares for him deeply and when he begins to explain, a mistiness pools in the corner of her eyes. "Yu…you…are you saying?" The words are difficult to get out. He's never used the L-word with her and she doesn't want to jump to conclusions, but she thinks he may be implying that something of the sort may be felt from him to her and not only from her to him. Her heart begins to beat faster and it's taking every ounce of energy to keep the thoughts from flooding over to her sleeping brown. This effort will be futile and she can feel Mazz's presence slowly starting to rouse and pull at her. There's some shared easing, praying they can be in this moment for just a bit longer.

Well, it wasn't really a 'stache so much as a…beard. A little more than a beard. But that amusing bit of imagery is lost in the seriousness of the conversation. Br'enn is breathing deep, keeping his mind as even as he can and doing his best to shield a good deal from his sleeping lifemate without dulling the intent of his words. "Would it scare ya if it is what I'm sayin'?" Br'enn asks at a near whisper, doing his best not to be too intense in his gaze. "We're not supposed t' be thinkin' about it. The dragons have t' be our whole world right now…but that doesn't mean we exclude everything for always. 's killin' me not bein' able to be close, or to give more thought to it all, so…seems easier just to put it out there 'n' have them deal with it." His hand slips along the wall to find hers; it's in shadow enough that if someone were to walk up on them, it wouldn't be readily obvious, and easily escapable. "Maybe I shouldn't be sayin' it right now…but for Tov's sake, I've gotta. And for yours. I don't want y' thinkin' I'm forgettin' about ya, Rynn."

Rynn shakes her head and without a moment's hesitation responds, "Not at all. It'd be a relief." All along the hiding of their feelings had sparked a great deal of doubt in her mind. Br'enn has always been a little stoic, though he had said plenty in their shared moments before all of these changes that pretty much had Rynn hooked from the get go. So here she was all this time, contemplating and muffling, hiding thoughts and fears and pretty much just wondering. "Would it scare you if I felt the same?" She knows that what he says is the absolute truth, and maybe that's why it was much easier to just think Br'enn didn't feel that way and that she shouldn't either. But beneath it all, her emotions lingered and senses yearned. A great deal of clarity is exposed out here in the intermittently snowflaked night. It seems clear with what the bronzer is saying that he's not scared by her reciprocity, and she nods in agreement about how things have been. "I suppose it's better now than later t'start. Cuz Br'enn, my heart…it's wrapped completely with my lifemate's forever…but it beats so fervidly for you."

When the warmth of their hands meets against that cold wall, she's quick to grab hold tightly, a sensation she's missed dearly. "M'so glad to hear our feelings haven't strayed through all this." It cannot be contained much longer - hands clasped, words as sweet as bubblies, and although it is rare form for the huntress turned weyrling, one single tear escapes from the corner of her eye. "Uh oh…" It is an instant domino effect, that tiny droplet making a break for frosted ground, and the rumble from Mazzolyth can nearly be heard across the Weyr. He thinks she's in trouble, rightfully so, and the big brown has awoken with a start. "I… I should go." Her eyes have glazed and she's trying to ease her lifemate, but he just won't settle for anything less than having her wrapped up safely and within reach. "Meet me here tomorrow? Same time? I'll talk to Mazz and we can take things one step at a time." She reluctantly lets go of her longing grasp on the bronzer's hand, catching one last glimpse of that icy gaze she sees in her dreams before running off towards the barracks mumbling something that sounds both calming and hurried.

Br'enn shakes his head, his smile warming as his hand tightens on hers. "Wouldn't at all," he whispers, and oh, how badly he wants to reach out and touch her cheek, kiss her lips, brush away the unexpected tear that suddenly glints at the corner of her eye. It creates a minor maelstrom in his own mind, and it does rouse Tovihasuth, but all the sleepy bronze knows is that Br'enn is happy, the singular sort of happy that goes with what was revealed to him earlier. He also knows his brown brother is decidedly not and sets about trying to figure out what's wrong and how to help him calm down, regardless of the fact that it's likely only Rynn who can do that right now. "I will," he answers, nodding as her fingers slip from his grasp. He watches her leave with a lingering smile before turning to settle back against the wall again - only for a bit, as Tovihasuth invariably becomes unsettled enough to want Br'enn back as well. Much has been both shaken and settled tonight - something to work through with their lifemates, but completely worthwhile for the strengthening of all hearts involved.

Now it's just a matter of staying out of trouble.