Fort Weyr - Training Complex
The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.
Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.
It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the centre of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

Early winter it may be but on a day like this, it may was well be autumn again. The temperature is cool but not enough to keep most of the snow from becoming soft and, in some places, melting entirely. A small section of the training field has been cleared, leaving nothing but damp, soggy ground behind. The sun is out and the winds are down, the sky a clear blue. A wonderful day for flying! … if the weyrlings would acutally be flying. They won't be, but they'll get a little taste today in a small test to see if they're on the path of readiness for the next month to come. M'icha waits by Aycheth, the dark blue sitting back on his haunches, wings folded at his sides. The Weyrlingmaster prefers small groups for this, so while the rest of the weyrlings remain indoors at their written lessons and studies, he's gone and selected two "lucky" ones to come out first! Oh joy of joys?

Joy of joys as far as Tovihasuth is concerned! And of course, Br'enn is glad to be moving on to this so that his bronze will - hopefully - stop going on about it so. Tov isn't even concerned about the snow, that's how excited he is. Flaring his wings as he goes, he follows his lifemate outside, and as always, Br'enn snaps off a salute to M'icha and quietly falls in to await instructions.

It has taken every ounce of Ha'ze's persuasion skills to get Kainaesyth out today. The snow on the ground is offered forth as a reason to NOT exit the barracks. "You get to fly. Common, you've been lookin' forward to this since you was hatched." Ha'ze walks next to his dragon, stroking the neck which has which has lost any hint of glow, the bright veins dulled to a gray nothingness. Even his thoughts are dulled, his desert dead of even the smallest breezes and movement.

Aycheth rumbles encouragement to the two small bronzes, his wings flaring out to stretch as if by demonstration. M'icha will return Br'enn's salute and offer one to Ha'ze too, his eyes lingering on how dulled Kainaesyth looks. Since nothing was determined to be amiss with the young bronze, the Weyrlingmaster remains baffled but lessons must continue! "Morning you two! If you'll have Tovihasuth and Kainaesyth stand apart enough so that they can spread their wings comfortably, we'll get this out of the way quickly! I'm going to have to physically examine their wings, so let 'em know I'll be touching." Hopefully there are no issues with that. "Once I give you the clear, you have 'em stretch and warm up. We'll see how they can handle their first try at take off and landing today. Either of you got questions?"

Instructions given, Br'enn glances over at Ha'ze with a nod and does his part to bring Tovihasuth over to make room, even as the energetic bronze continues stretching out his wings. « Finally! » he proclaims, giving a happy warble up at Aycheth. Brisk breezes gust warmly across to Kainaesyth in an attempt to rouse his brother. « C'mon, Kainaesyth! We finally get to be in the air! Aren't you excited? » It's asked with a bit of puzzlement; he even remembers Kainaesyth being eager for this part. Br'enn lets Tovihasuth know about being examined, but it's almost needless; Tovihasuth just sort of goes with whatever needs doing. "What'll we need to be doin' on our end for this, sir?" Br'enn wants to know. It could be just as much letting them go on instinct as hunting was, for all he knows.

"Come on sweets," There is more gentleness in Ha'ze's voice then he has previously used with Kainaesyth, the dragon's lethargy having done wonders for mellowing Ha'ze and shifting his focus AWAY from things which are not his lifemate. Guided by that gentle hand Kainaesyth moves away from Tovihasuth. « It is too much effort. » A weak breeze lifts itself from the silence of the valley, a chill hidden deep within that breeze. With Ha'ze's hands urging and supporting Kainaesyth will spread his wings, one at a time, for M'icha's inspection.

M'icha will start with Kainaesyth first, stepping close to gently prod and run his fingers expertly over the developing muscles along the wing arms, chest and testing the membrane too. "He still feeling tired?" he asks Ha'ze quietly, while his eyes study the young bronze carefully. It takes just a few short minutes and the Weyrlingmaster is stepping back, nodding in approval. "He's ready. Have him stretch, no rush in it. Just has to be done, alright?" Stepping over to Tovihasuth, he will repeat the same close and sharp eyed inspection of each wing. "You'll be keeping your control on 'em so that if they feel the itch to keep flying that they don't! Weyrlings have tried in the past. Don't end well, let me tell you! As for Tovihasuth here, everything looks to be good. He's ready as well." Not that the bluerider had any doubts but… better to be safe than sorry. "Go on and stretch. Just a few repetitions. When yer ready, you'll have 'em lope and flap their wings until they gain enough air to take off. It's a simple take off, glide a half-beat and land. Won't be pretty or graceful at this stage, but it'll be their first taste." And test. "No need to wait to take turns, there's only you two. Just make sure you've got clearance!"

Tovihasuth has been stretching and reminds Br'enn so, but the weyrling remains insistent himself, urging his lifemate to stretch and flare slowly after M'icha finishes his inspection. He gives the Weyrlingmaster a nod in acknowledgement, then with an utterance of, "Right then, mate," bids his bronze to go bounding and flapping until he gets air beneath his wings. Tovihasuth, however, takes one bound forward, drawing about even with his brother, and pauses. « Want to go together? » he asks. Maybe Kainaesyth could do with a partner, he thinks.

Ha'ze nods, "More 'n more each day." It's true, as the days grow ever shorter the lethargy that roots deep in Kainaesyth's mind is growing. As Tovihasuth draws even Kai swings his head slowly over to examine him. "You can do it," Ha'ze encourages as he steps backwards. Large wings slowly spread as Kainaesyth takes some rather slow steps forward.

M'icha steps back to watch, motioning with his hands for the weyrlings to get on with it. "Not looking for perfection here. They're going to blunder and that's fine! So long as they don't hurt themselves or are exhausted, they can keep trying." Though the Weyrlingmaster may step in and call it off if it's obvious it just isn't working out. Aycheth rumbles his encouragement again and pushes to his feet, moving back at a far enough distance before his wings extend and he reaches out to both. « Like this! » Loping forwards, the older blue needs only a stride or so before he gathers himself and with a sweep of his wings, is airborne, only to land again a beat or two later. « See? These steps are important. You must be masters at it before you can truly fly. »

There's an angry bugle from the entrance to the barracks as Zeruth stares daggers back into it, leaving a hastily shouted, "I'm coming! Geez, calm down. Yah, we're late, but some things just gotta get /taken care of/." S'ai comes out just after the bronze, giving the young dragon a look which is replied to with a wet snort. Grimacing and wiping off his face, the rider follows after his dragon who, true to form, looks quite resentful at being late.

Watching Aycheth simply fuels Tovihasuth's eagerness, and regardless of whether Kainaesyth is coming or not, the little bronze finally starts loping forward, flapping, flapping, until finally his feet leave the ground. His glide is wobbly, to be sure, but most definitely accomplished, and Br'enn finds himself grinning widely with his lifemate's elation before remembering to keep a firm mental hold. Naturally, Tovihasuth wants to keep going, but Br'enn doesn't relent, and all too soon it's back to the ground. The little bronze bobbles a bit, but thankfully doesn't fall. Bouncing back around to face the way he came, he bugles exuberantly. « Again! » he exclaims, but it isn't to be just yet. For the moment, Br'enn calls him back. First glide - accomplished!

Excitment abounds… but not on Kainaesyth. His steps aren't strong enough and when he reaches for the sky he lifts only a little further then a typical leap would take him before he's back on the ground again. He stumbles when he hits the ground, body digging down into the snow as mud slicks itself over his pale hide in a freezing layer of brown. "'m sorry, I," but Ha'ze isn't sure what he's apologizing for as he runs to his lifemate's side. "We'll try again, soon sir, promise, jus…. common Kainaesyth." And Ha'ze is going to drag him back to the barracks before leaving his side to hunt down a dragonhealer. THERE IS NO WAY THIS IS RIGHT.

Aycheth warbles as both Tovihasuth and Kainaesyth succeed, in various ways, at their first attempts. The blue has settled back on his haunches again, wings folded and looking rather pleased. "Good, good!" M'icha calls out to both Br'enn and Ha'ze, though there's a frown for the apologies. "No need to promise. I said that most first tries aren't glamorous…" But it's too late, the pair already turning back to the barracks. The Weyrlingmaster sighs, hands hooked against his belt as his jaw works silently. No, it's not normal but he'll be damned if he can't figure it out! Further commotion by the barracks draws M'icha from his thoughts and spotting Zeruth there and S'ai, he gestures them over. "Well, don't dawdle! Not like you're late anyways but you can be next! S'ai, have Zeruth extend his wings please. I'll have to see if his muscles have developed sufficiently for this."

Zeruth is already on it as he steps forward towards the Weyrlingmaster. Dutifully, he spreads his wings to their full spread. There's no doubt the bronze has long been practicing, trying to fly before he could walk. It's not much different than any young dragon but there is decided evidence he's been working overtime. Maybe a bit too much. "Getting him to not practice is the hard part." S'ai says as he comes up near the young dragon, speaking to M'icha. "It's like his life's goal right now."

"Is that so?" M'icha chuckles gruffly as he carefully steps around Zeruth's extended wings, his fingers prodding and tracing expertly over the bronze's muscle development so far. Wing arms, chest, the wing fingers and even the wing sails themselves. He makes a few low, thoughtful sounds and then steps back, nodding in approval. "Looks like it paid off, anyways. He's ready too, but I'll warn you now that this doesn't mean he can just go and fly off! We're just working on the crucial take off and landing. If he likes to practice so much, he'll get that opportunity soon enough. Have him stretch! When he's ready, he can lope forwards and flap his wings till he gets airborne. Glide just a beat and then land!" Don't push it! M'icha smirks to S'ai, giving him a level look. "Any questions?"

For the briefest of moments, the spark of challenge is in the eyes of S'ai and Zeruth, but the rider clears his throat first and gives a faint nod. "Yes, sir." Zeruth seems less inclined to obey, as he folds and unfolds his wings restlessly. He takes several steps ahead, stretching them to their fullest once more and flapping his wings several times. It's with increasing strength until his forefeet left up ever so slightly. "Alright buddy, you heard the man. Up and down." « There's no fun in down. » Retorts the bronze before he kicks off like a runner let loose from the stable. "…oh shardit…" S'ai mutters as the dragon kicks off. Thankfully, gravity isn't yet ready to yield to upstart hatchlings. Zeruth does get airborne without a lick of trouble and makes to stay that way, but will and ability are two different things and after several flaps he loses control and fumbles, dropping back down to the ground in a graceless and noisy thump and plume of snow.

Br'enn and Tovihasuth, in the meantime, are standing quietly by now that Ha'ze and Kainaesyth have left, watching the third bronze pair try their part at this gliding business. Tovihasuth is practically vibrating with the desire to try again, but he's also watching Zeruth intently, warbling happily as his brother gets airborne and then making a slightly distressed sound at his landing. « Don't worry, Zeruth! You'll get it next time! » he encourages, blinking as he looks between Zeruth and Aycheth. What happens now?

Aycheth watched in silence as Zeruth makes his first attempt and when he loses control, the dark blue rumbles low in his throat. Tsk. « This is not something you can rush and master so swiftly! » he gently informs the young bronze. « It takes time. » M'icha just shakes his head, eyeing S'ai. "You're gonna have to work on that control too," he explains with a grimace. "Go on and see if he's alright! If he's not injured, try again." Stepping back, he gestures to Br'enn. "Is Tovihasuth ready? You can have him try again!" And all the while the Weyrlingmaster will watch.

S'ai makes his way over to Zeruth who is hauling himself out of the snow, hissing in agitation as she shakes snow from his wings. Besides bruised ego, the bronze looks fine but his rider dutifully checks him over. "…come on, Zer, I know you really wanna do this." He mutters under his breath. "So do I, but lookin' like fools ain't ganna help." « I do not want it to take time. I can feel it, I can! I know what I have to do. It should work. » "Life doesn't work like that, buddy, hate to break it to ya." He says with a gentle pat to the dragon's shoulder. "Your brain gets it, your wings need to get the feel of it. Catch a breath, relax, and we'll give it another shot."

"Yep, he is," Br'enn replies, looking up at Tovihasuth, who rustles and spreads his wings with a determined snort and steps forward. « I'll get it this time, » he declares, stone walls standing solid and proud in his mind as he bounds away. One, two, three, four good lopes with wings working and he's airborne, remarkably less wobbly than his first time up. It almost looks…good - until gravity asserts itself again. The last part of his descent loses a bit too much lift, and Tovihasuth hits the ground on all fours but stumbles. His nose plows into the thin snow, and he squeals a bit. « Ow! Awwww… » It's just a bump, really, and the frustration stings more than anything. The bronze snorts mightly, sending snow spraying from his muzzle, and shakes his head as if to straighten himself out again, grumbling a little as he trots back over to Br'enn. « I'm alright. The air part was better though, right? » Br'enn laughs a bit, running hands over Tovihasuth's nose as he answers silently in the positive.

M'icha winces a bit for Tovihasuth's landing, muttering under his breath. This is always a tough part to watch, with so much at risk. Minimal risks, at least. The deadlier ones come last! "Better! You're going to find they'll either get the take off right but not the landing or fumble both or a whole mixture of things. S'why by the time there closer to four months, we're gonna have you lot practicing 'em as often as stretches. It'll become like second nature to 'em. He alright, Br'enn?" he calls, only to motion with his hand as he does. "S'ai, if Zeruth can, send him out again!"

"This time no theatrics, got it?" S'ai says to Zeruth who looks briefly rebellious but ultimately relents with a low harumph. Giving himself a shake and a few more stretches of his wings, he lopes forward and kicks off one more. One, two, three beats keep him up enough and he stretches his wings to glide. He mostly gets it except he's too stiff and locks up his wings. His descent is too fast as he loses his air and his landing is more of a shambling jog, but at least he doesn't bellyflop again.

Rubbing a bit of mud from Tovihasuth's snout and moving around to look over the bronze's wings himself, Br'enn nods. "Just bumped his nose," he answers M'icha, thumping Tov's shoulder as he passes to the other side. Tovihasuth is, of course, watching Zeruth again, warbling happy encouragement when the other bronze's landing goes better this time.

M'icha nods his head to Br'enn, his eyes drifting to Tovihasuth none the less but sees nothing of which to be concerned about. Instead, he grins faintly and crookedly. "Might have to watch out for more of that. So, not so bad, was it, eh? How's he feeling?" Zeruth is taking another turn and the Weyrlingmaster has to look away to study the result. Another wince and he shakes his head. "Better on the landing! Good work, both of you. Now, I'm going to stress that this doesn't mean you can practice this at any time. Not yet! Not until I've done evaluating you all. Too much, too fast and we could do some serious damage. Any questions?"

Zeruth settles his wings back in place with an undeniable pout as S'ai murmurs, "Yes, he means now." Both rider and bronze look to the Weyrlingmaster, the former giving a shake of his head. "No, sir. Not here." He does lean into Zeruth's leg, grinning up to the bronze. "Not too bad for your first time, though. Really. Better than me." « You don't have wings. » "My point exactly."

« Do we really have to stop now? » Tovihasuth asks, disappointment ringing through a mindscape now open among a mountain temple of tall, stark towers - with rainclouds mildly threatening overhead. « We were just getting the hang of it! » "He's ready for more," Br'enn informs M'icha with a long-suffering sigh and an affectionate clout to his lifemate's shoulder. "Feelin' good. Both of us. No worries, sir; won't let 'im try it on his own." Tovihasuth just grumbles again, earning another bit of buffeting as Br'enn leans on him as well. I smirk is cast over at S'ai, and then he's awaiting instructions once more.

M'icha chuckles dryly, "While I usually like enthusiasm, now is not the time. No more for today, but perhaps later this sevenday after all have tested their wings. You don't want to go leaping ahead and bungling so bad that they mess up their wing in some way that restricts 'em from properly flying for their entire life. Y'see my warning in this?" he drawls. Satisfied, he jerks his head towards the barracks. "Now I've got to get the others out here for their turns. You're free for the next candlemark or so! Let 'em feed or rest if needed, but you're both to get back to your written lessons." On formations! How… dull. "Good start though! We'll see how they improve." And with that, M'icha moves away in his usual odd gait as he goes off to welcome the next pair out for their turn.