Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

Today has been nothing short of exhausting for Polana. Wake up to find herself still in the living caverns, have a brief talk with the weyrleader(not the exhausting part), then get some horrible news about the runner stalls and run, run, run everywhere delivering messages. By the time she had finished she was hot and covered in sweat, which meant a bath. And now? Now she is finally free again. So she is down by the lake, a location that she has come to like. Not doing much of anything really, just walking along the shore. Instead of a dress she is wearing tight black pants, a red top, and a black jacket. Maybe the era of endless dresses is coming to an end?

It appears Polana isn't the only one who favors the lake. There's another person here, hunkered down near the shore sitting on a large rock. A glow basket sits to his right, providing dim luminance as the autumn grays of day give way the dark of night. The young woodcrafter sits skimming stones, his thoughts just as adrift as the various pieces of debris floating out on the lake right now. High winds and storms are bound to dirty the water that way. Hearing the footfalls of another, though, Solan looks up and offers, "Hello Polana. It's good to see you," and there's a glint in his eyes and a certain tone of voice that underscores that sentiment. "I'm sorry about the other day…it wasn't you," though he doesn't say more than that at the moment.

Polana is surprised to see Solan, although technically she hears him before she sees him, and it shows. Maybe not the fact that he's out at the lake, maybe she's more surprised that he chose to talk to her. After the events at the dance she had started to think that she might not be talking to him for a long while, if at all. But there he is, skipping stones and talking to her. She takes a few cautious steps forward, as if unsure of something. At first she is silent, though when he says that it wasn't her that upset him she murmurs, "I have trouble believing that, I tend to cause myself and others a lot of grief." A pause before, "and it's good to see you too."

At that, Solan seems to relax a little. He'd been afraid she wouldn't be keen on seeing him after the other day's events. But now that Polana says otherwise, he gestures to another large rock nearby, offering a seat if she'll take it. "I promise," he sighs softly, "it's not you. At least, not directly." Figuring it's times to offer some explanation, the young woodworker says, "I have some very confused feelings about Xavier right now. We work together and he's a /lot/ of fun," Solan smiles, "not to mention handsome" He waits a few moments, hoping understanding will dawn across the young woman's face.

When Solan gestures to the large rock Polana gives a small smile before making her way over to it and sitting down. A little cold and chilly, maybe, just it's worth it to have a chance to finally be able to talk with him about what's going on. And she does get it indeed. Polana listens carefully to his explanation, finally giving a small nod at the end. Her voice is light as she says, "I get it. You like Xavier, and more than just a friend. Well don't worry, him and me, we're, we're not together."

"It would be alright if you were," the woodcrafter smiles back. "I don't think Xavier feels the same way about me," Solan says softly, "so I'm just trying to work my way through that. All the dancing and him kissing your cheek," he shrugs, "it was a little much with all that romantic music playing." He takes a few long moments before saying, "Whether it's you he's with or someone else, it's just something I need to get used to. I'm just sorry I reacted so poorly and maybe hurt your feelings in the process," he admits.

Polana shrugs before responding, "I don't think he feels that way about me. At least… I…" I look of realization crosses her face, which is followed by a groan. She lowers her head into her hands in the classic not so wonderful realization as she says, "oh shit, he might feel that way about me. I /really/ didn't meant anything romantic, I mean friends can kiss friends on the cheek, right? And the dancing… I mean… the only kind of dancing I know how to do is slowdancing!" For a moment it looks like she might panic, but in the end she mumbles, "I am the most oblivious person on the face of the planet. Xavier's wonderful but I really can't be in a relationship right now, I want to focus on my job more, see if I can move up a bit in the ranks." A small smile before she nudges Solan and adds, "besides, a think you two would make a really good couple."

"Don't punish yourself for not seeing it," Solan's eyes gleam, "you're a very beautiful woman and I understand why he's taken with you. You're smart," his tone warms considerably, "fun to be around, and you speak your mind. I don't blame him," the woodworker smirks. "I've sort of felt the issue out a bit and I think men aren't quite his thing anyway," Solan says in response to making a good couple. "And besides, I'm not looking for something right now either. I'm working so hard to make journeyman," he admits, "but feelings hit me unexpectedly. I /am/ going to put them behind me," Solan promises, "I just want to make sure you and I are alright?"

Polana blushes a bit at Solan's words of praise, looking down at the water. Water, water is safe, you can't embarrass yourself by blushing while looking out at the water. After a moment of silence Polana manages to say, "thanks. Not many people seem to think I'm smart." She pauses again before looking back up at him with a small grin and saying, "and yeah, we're good."

When Polana looks down at the water instead of making eye contact, Solan worries that things might not be so reparable after all. But when she finally looks up again and replies, he's instantly relieved. "Well if they don't see it, they should." His smile is warm and genuine as he nods and says, "Thank you for not pushing me in the lake instead." He can't help but chuckle at the thought, his own eyes drifting to the water - which is obviously freezing at this point in the turn - and he shivers before looking back. "Ugh," is all he can say at the thought.

A smile crosses Polana's fact, a real, genuine smile. There is a joking tone to her voice as she points out, "well if I had pushed you in the lake you might have gotten hypothermia, and THEN where you we be? Down one handyman, that's where. They might have to recruit /me/!" A look of fake horror crosses her voice as she says, "and me trying to fix tables will do more harm than good."

The woodworker bursts out laughing, true humor racking through him in a series of deep chuckles. "If you'll teach me to dance, I'll teach /you/ how to swing a hammer," Solan offers. Before more can be said, though, a bronze firelizard - a teeny, tiny thing still - pops out of *between* and starts chittering loudly. A second later, a bossy green suddenly appears, landing on Solan's head and flitting his hair with her wings. With another chuckle - and a little sigh - Solan says, "I've just been informed that it's their dinner time. See you back in the weyr?" He rises from his rock and smiles one last time, "Thanks Polana. I mean that." And with a nod, he departs back towards the entrance to the bowl.