Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

To put it lightly, Polana is a mess. But if you ask her she will probably say that she is an absolute disaster. It is the morning after the clutching and party and the messenger girl has only just woken up. Woken up to find that she had managed to fall asleep at the table and the lower caverns folk, yet to clean up everything left over, had left her there. Still in the same clothes as last night, her long blonde hair all frizzy and wavy when she took it out of it's braid, dark rings under her eyes. No, this would not do. At the moment she sat in a chair, muttering angrily to herself as she yanked a comb through her hair. Stupid sharding mornings.

Th'ero at least made it back to his weyr before falling asleep and despite having to get up again far too soon after that, he's not looking half bad. The Weyrleader has been up before dawn and dressed in his warmer riding gear, had gone about his usual patrols of the Weyr. An obsolete habit, perhaps, now that things are more or less quiet in and around the Weyr's territory but he continues it all the same. At least the morning is clear, if cold and windy and the dark rain clouds are far off in the distance. Eventually, Th'ero will work his way down to the living caverns, intent on snagging at the very least a mug of (hopefully fresh) klah and as he walks past a few drudges and cavern workers tidying up he'll approach the hearth and the very table he occupied the night before. Just as he's carefully checking the kettle set over the fire, he'll overhear the angry mutterings and he straightens to peer over his shoulder and blink. "Polana? What're you still doing here?"

Polana notices the Weyrleader entering the caverns and mentally curses, hoping he doesn't notice her. While she doesn't like anyone seeing her before she has time to pull herself together in the morning there are certain people that she especially doesn't like seeing her that way. And it just so happens that leadership of any kind in included on that list. But alas, he does notice and ends up asking what she's still doing out here. A small frown tugs at the blonde's face before she responds, "woke up here. So I assume that I fell asleep here, although how I pulled that off in the middle of a conversation I have no idea. Guess I was a bit more tired than I thought, was up for nearly twenty four candlemarks."

Very little ever escapes the notice of the Weyrleader when he's focused and with nothing else claiming his attention this morning, Polana didn't stand a chance of falling under his radar. Th'ero smirks as she explains herself and reaching for two clean mugs off of a nearby table, he goes about filling them with klah straight from the kettle on the hearths. No on protests him pilfering from it and setting one mug down near to the messenger girl and then keeping his in hand, he'll also nudge a small dish of sweetener. No cream or milk, it seems. Settling into a chair across from her, he'll hold his drink between his hands, still dressed in full gear as he waits on the klah to cool a bit. "And no one came to wake you? Odd. You weren't drinking, were you?" Why else would she pass out? Ahh, there's her excuse. "Mhm, that'd do it. What's kept you so busy to almost pull a full day rotation?"

Well Th'ero has a very keen radar then! Lots of things slip past Polana. Constantly. Really it's a wonder that she normally knows what's going on at all. When the Weyrleader sets the klah cup down she grins before taking a sip. No sweetener for her, oddly enough she likes it tasting more bitter. Much more effective and waking her up and keeping her awake that way. Of course the still-hot klah did burn her tongue a bit, causing her to wince. Carefully setting the cup down she responded, "no, I barely ever drink, I'm not exactly good at handling alcohol. Why no one woke me up is beyond me, although if a few people have been all chatty they might have been afraid of me biting them." She pauses before blushing slightly and saying, "I was up for duties for a while, running back and forth sending messages throughout the lower caverns. Before that I couldn't sleep. And, well, somewhere along the line it became that I just wanted to see how long I could stay up. That and clutchings. Clutching excitement and guessing tends to keep me up."

Th'ero grimaces a bit when she winces. Careful, it's hot? No warning comes from him, figuring she's learned (too late) not to be so eager to sip the hot, fresh klah. The Weyrleader still hasn't touched his, using it more to warm his hands before he sets it on the tabletop and spoons one heaping spoonful of sweetner into the drink. He'll listen as he stirs and then settles back comfortably in his chair as he works on unfastening his jacket. Looks like he's planning to stick around for a bit of conversation at least. "Could be that folk just figured you were comfortable enough there." he murmurs with a shrug of his shoulders, though even from his tone he finds that hard to believe. Nodding his head, he then fixes her with a long look. "Couldn't sleep?" he asks and then snorts softly, lips curving into a small half-smile. "Ah, yes. Clutchings do tend to do that. So you've already set your bets?"

With Polana the easiest way for her to learn is by making mistakes, so once she's burned her tongue she'll probably know better than to do it again, for a while anyway. At Th'ero's comment about them possibly thinking that she was already comfortable enough there she shrugs before saying, "maybe." At his question about bets a real grin crosses her face. "Indeed! I think there will be two greens, a blue, two browns, a bronze, and a gold. While we've had golds recently enough some of those eggs look quite colorful. Although, part of me also thinks that we might get two bronzes or two blues and no gold."

Th'ero chuckles dryly at her 'maybe' comment and then lifts his mug up to take a slow (and cautious) sip. When he's managed to avoid scalding himself, he'll take a deeper pull of the drink before frowning at the girl. "That's only seven?" he points out, quickly running through the numbers in his head. Then she amends her previous count and he nods. "Could be or it could be entirely off. It's often very hard to tell what the spread will amount to. And color does not often determine the color of the hatchling. I've my doubts that there is a gold in that clutch." He shrugs then. "But again, Velokraeth's sired too golds from eggs that were the least likely picked as possible gold eggs. If anything, you should expect more of green and blue… Always a higher number of those chromatics usually in a clutch."

Polana frowns at the comment of only seven. She then goes back does the math again in her head only to see that she was off by one, causing her to let out a small groan and give a shake of her head. She then falls silent as he talks about the golds Velokraeth has sired and the higher percentage of chromatics. A small 'hmm' sound leaves her before she replies, "maybe four greens, two blues, a brown, and a bronze? I'm actually having trouble telling for this clutch, eight isn't the highest of numbers, but on the flip side the clutch looks healthy. Who knows, maybe there won't be any bronzes at all. Although, there's no telling how the more superstitious people might react to /that/."

Th'ero keeps his bemused smile small and mostly hidden behind the rim of his mug as he continues to slowly nurse the hot klah. He's going to make this last! The living caverns are quiet, with most of the Weyr still slumbering in the morning hours after the excitement of a late night clutching. A few drudges and kitchenworkers move about, tidying up and there are a few scattered folk about. Namely the Weyrleader and a messenger girl, sitting at the very same table as the night before. Th'ero is dressed in his riding gear, though his jacket now hangs over the back of his chair and he sits across from Polana, a mug of klah held between his hands. "Your bet is as good as mine. We've absolutely no idea how many of what may clutch. Part of the fun, I suppose, is to keep guessing until the shells crack." he can be heard murmuring, only to frown as he levels Polana with a look. "Eight is a good number for a maiden flight. Not the highest, no but most golds only clutch between eight to maybe ten or twelve these Turns. We're lucky that all the eggs are whole and healthy. A good, strong clutch." He chuckles and shakes his head. "Let them be superstitious!" he huffs with a smirk. "Zuvaleyuth hatched first in Velokraeth's clutch with Zuhth and all that came about from that was good fortune. And I've seen blues and greens hatch first and never anything ill befall a Weyr for it."

Despite herself being up late to watch the clutching and then partake in part of the festivities after though she turned in not too long into them. Angelique is up again early this morning to help some of the kitchen workers and such. Eventually she escapes the kitchen to grab a mug of klah and instinctively moves towards a table near the hearths which as she approaches she realizes at least two people are seated there. Sliding into an empty seat next to Polana she offers a greeting to both. "Weyrleader. Polana. Morning." noting the flight gear worn she asks. "Busy morning, Weyrleader?"

"I'm not saying that eight is a bad number at all," she hurries to say. "As far as I'm concerned eight nice and healthy eggs is a million times better than a sickly clutch of twenty." It is then that she glances down at her klah before cautiously picking it up, blowing on it, and taking another sip. Oh, good, no more tongue burning! With that she takes a bigger gulp, a grin on her face as she sets the mug down. It is then that she points out, "if any of those superstitions were true Pern would have been destroyed long ago. But here we are, still standing and thread free." It is then that Angelique arrives, earning a small dip of her head and a, "morning," from Polana. Awesome, more people to see her wild hair, not that it would be that wild by anyone's standards but hers.

Th'ero can't help but laugh softly for Polana's remarks. "There hasn't been a clutch of twenty eggs for Turns now, but I see your point. Didn't mean to imply I was offended by your comments, because I'm not." Yet? The Weyrleader does seem to be in a good mood this morning, despite having slept so very little. The caverns are quiet at least and the drudges and kitchen workers are finishing with the last of the tidying from the festivities the prior night. Now the servers are beginning to set the serving tables, the soft clank and clink of dishes being stacked and readied for the trays and platters of food to come next. Overall though, the Weyr is very quiet and the morning has dawn cold and crisp but clear, the threat of rain far, far in the distance. Th'ero is seated by the hearths, having reclaimed the very table he chose last night and is in conversation with Polana, seated across from him. Angelique has just joined them and the Weyrleader greets the assistant Headwoman with a nod and welcoming smile. "Morning, Angelique. And no, not really. I just came back from my patrols of the Weyr's limits." All must be well! "How are you?" To Polana, he chuckles again. "Exactly why I do not put much leverage in superstitions! According to them, we'd be buried in ill fortune by now."

Kimmila got all the sleep she needed last night, and the bluerider looks mostly human as she walks in from the bowl. Still, no talking until she's had her klah, thanks. Though she does wave to the others as she passes their table.

Angelique has chosen klah only for now this morning. Which she sips on cautiously as the piping hot steam curls up slowly from the mug. At Th'ero's explanation of why he's dressed in riding gear she merely nods once. She remains silent as she listens to the conversation already started before she got here. The arrival of Kimmilia brings a quick smile of greeting towards the blue rider as she passes.

Relief crosses her face when Th'ero says that he is not offended. It seems that she offends people quite often so the fact that she didn't this time is welcome news. Polana is opening her mouth to say something when Opal pops in from /between/, chittering at her bonded. The blonde frowns at her firelizard before asking, "what are you doing up so early?" Naturally the green does not say anything in response, instead landing on the table and walking up to her bonded to extend her leg, which someone has tied a note to. The frown on her face deepens as she takes it off and reads it, a groan leaving her soon after. Pure annoyance is on her face as she says, "some genius graffiti'd the runner stalls and managed to /dye/ a few of the animals. So I'm afraid I've got to run and find some beastcrafters… and people to scrub the graffiti away." A small shrug before, "well, at least I'm not one of the scrubbers any more."

"Get any sleep?" Th'ero will press Angelique again with a gentle smile when the assistant Headwoman falls silent and then he's back to nursing his klah. As Polana's green arrives, the Weyrleader gives the messenger girl another long, lingering look until all is made clear. Brows lift up high and then he's scowling. "Seriously? Shards and shells, it's too early in the morning and FAR too early into Search for pranks to already begin!" he growls and then shakes his head. "Best place to find the Beastcrafters this hour Polana is out in the Beastholds and pastures outside the Weyr wall. Best of luck!" And it looks like there's going to be paperwork later. Joy! Though it may be more the Headwoman and Weyrwoman's problem and not his. HA! Looking up as Kimmila passes by, Th'ero returns her wave and also looks a touch curious. She's up early!

Kimmila returns to the table with a small plate of food and the mug of blessed, blessed klaaaaah. Ahh. "Morning," she says to all as she slides into a seat beside Th'ero, bumping his arm with hers before she's scooting back to a more respectful distance. Listening to Polana, the bluerider frowns. "Let me know if they find out who did it." Because she likes to take a hands-on approach to this sort of thing, apparently.

Angelique gives a nod before words follow her answer to Th'ero's inquiry. "Sleep? Yes, I did get some though Talica wanted me up early to ensure clean up went smoothly and completely." at the annoyance and subsequent remarks of Polana has a cross of amusement and annoyance on her expression. "Dyed runners? That's got to be colorful. If you can't find enough helpers to scrub then perhaps you help with that, Polona." it's a suggestion though there's a hint of authority in the Assistant Headwoman's tone though she smiles pleasantly to the messenger. Next the glances back to Th'ero. "Pranks?" oh what fun she'll have when the pranks get along full force with a barracks full of candidates. "Morning Kimmila." now she'll greet the blue rider who has the klah needed for speech this morning.

Polana nods before saying, "thank you, Weyrleader. And I promise, if I find out who it is you'll be the first to know." She doesn't say anything to Angelique, instead she just gets a side-eyed glance. With that she gets off and heads out, to change her clothes then track down some crafters.

Th'ero returns that not-so subtle bump of his arm back to Kimmila and when she scoots away, he'll just happen to shuffle a bit closer to her as Polana gets to her feet. "Please do. But be sure to report to the Headwoman or one of her assistants as well." He glances to Angelique as he says this with a slight nod. Right? "Good luck, Polana." he'll murmur in farewell and then sigh. "So it begins?" he mutters and drains the last of his klah. "I hope the pranks are minimal. Can't stand them, personally." Of course he'd be against it! That's not at all a surprise coming from the Weyrleader, right? He'll steal a bite of food from Kimmila's plate then, nibbling at it slowly.

Kimmila frowns at Th'ero when he steals food from her plate, scooting away from him again and taking her plate with her. Scoot, scoot. Her food. "Get your own," she mutters, but there's a hint of a smile on her lips. "I enjoy the pranks, usually," she admits. "It's fun to see how creative the group can be. Or not…but have we even got Candidates yet? With the eggs laid so late, it'd have to be a fast moving person to be searched, settle in, and then get the prank going. Plus…there can't be that many Candidates, if there are any at all. Better to do pranks when there are more people to spread the blame."

Angelique can't help but shrug a shoulder. She wasn't sure herself if they had any candidates but Kimmila is the first to ask the question that's on her mind. Angelique leans back to continue to enjoy the now warm but not overly hot klah, paying little heed to Polana's departure now. "Well I wouldn't think that you'd like the pranks overly much, Weyrleader Th'ero." she comments with amusement. "However I'm sure that Talica and I can handle the harmless ones. Short sheeting the cots, worms in the pillows." to name a few. "Harmless though." a pause. "And normally done by teen boys."

Get his own? When there is some just laying there for the taking (not really)? No thanks. Th'ero only stares at Kimmila blankly, "No." And promptly leans in close to attempt to snare another morsel off her plate if she doesn't smack his thieving hand away. He'll snort then, shaking his head. "Creative? They're destructive and often embarrassing for one or many. Pointless," he mutters. But he wasn't exactly exposed to the best of pranks as a Candidate. Can anyone really blame him for being so jaded against them? "We've none that I know of. Won't be surprised if a few trickle in today though. Always some the day after at least. Some of the younger riders get a bit over eager." Not that any harm comes of that! "This prank was likely weyrbrats…" That has him scowling and he sighs. "It better not be those shardin' kids again or I swear we're going to have to find a strict Hold to throw them in and beat some sense into their skulls." Th'ero grumbles in a sudden and swift mood change. Here comes the grumpy pants? He eyes Angelique then and grimaces, "Worms in the pillows is harmless?" he drawls, nose wrinkling and then he huffs. "Probably. I'll be pleased if they just keep out of mischief all together. Especially if we're risking our political necks by allowing them freedom throughout Pern for those excursions."

Kimmila grins, "Pranks are part of the fun of Candidacy," she says, slapping at Th'ero's hand with a smirk. "Get your own, Weyrleader! Those pranks," nod to Angelique, "sound harmless and easy enough to fix. The /good/ ones aren't hurtful." Glancing back at Th'ero, the bluerider nods. "That's true. If they do any pranks during the excursions they'll be out on their asses so fast they won't know which end is up. I still love the idea though. Glad we're doing them again."

Angelique can't resist. She knows she should but it's really just too tempting. While Th'ero's distracting Kimmila with his reach she's sneaking a hand over from across the table to attempt to snag a morsel of food. "Worms in the pillow is harmless." she assures Th'ero with a grin. Oh mr grumpy pants! "I've never been one to prank personally but I don't mind watching a good one that goes down. "The dragons have a keen sense though so surely whomever they pick up won't embarrass the Weyr." or so she hopes! "The excursions though do sound like they could be pretty informative. You've done them before with other candidacies?"

Ow! Th'ero withdraws his hand, shaking it a bit to take the sting out of the slap as he shoots a mock glare at Kimmila. "Shouldn't slap your Weyrleader, Wingrider!" he fires right back, but promptly smiles crookedly. All a joke, but he'll relent and settle back to his side of the bench and leave the bluerider in peace. His klah is gone now too and so he only folds his arms over the tabletop's edge in a semi-casual posture. He shakes his head, stubborn still on his opinion of pranks but not wanting to ruin the morning by arguing it out. Still, he'll mutter. "They're all hurtful in someway." Under his breath before nodding his head. "I am glad too that we're going ahead with this and changing that part of tradition. Why not?" Hope Angelique's reflexes are faster than the Weyrleader's! Kimmila is quick! As for her comment about the dragon's keen sense, Th'ero only laughs and he fixes the assistant Headwoman with a long look again. "If only it were so simple! But no, it's not, I'm afraid. While no one Searched is ever malevolent or evil or mentally unstable there are… personality clashes. As with any large group! We had issues in the past." Never mind the suspiciousness behind it all! "There were the Trader's kids. Queska and… her brother, now P'on. He's from the clutch Dtirae Impressed in. Let's see… Jajenelja is another. Then we have that who crew that Sao, Ta'lok and Kara are from. They've been at each others throats since the beginning. I think M'icha was glad to see the day they were separated by Wings and not confined to the barracks."

Kimmila eyes Angelique when she steals some food, but the bluerider won't hit her. Only Th'ero gets the privilege, it seems? Still, she scoots back and pulls the plate into her lap now. Let's see if anyone tries to grab food from it now. Harumph. More klah is needed, clearly. "Mmm, no, there seems to always be personality conflicts. Not everyone agrees, period. Though some groups bond better than others, that's for sure. Xanadu's last group seems pretty close. Ours…have been interesting blends. And yeah, we did excursions with…the last few groups has it been, now? It's nice to get people out of the weyr. Teach them something."

Angelique pops the stolen morsel of food into her mouth with an amused expression. With the plate of food now safely in Kimmi's lap it is enough to bring Angelique to her feet and move towards the tables with food. A plate is gotten, her mug refilled and a small bowl of meat scraps is placed on the tray. Returning she sets the bowl of scraps to the side, evidently in preparation for one of her two smaller fire lizards to be putting in an appearance soon. "I guess I always assumed that the candidates would all get along." by virtue of being Searched? Perhaps that's her reasoning. A shoulder lifts in a shrug. "I suppose though it makes sense not all groups of people get along." knowing nothing of Xanadu's group she falls silent to listen while taking a few bites of her own food.

Apparently it is only he who gets that privilege! Th'ero eyes Kimmila as she sets her plate in her lap and HE is tempted to challenge her but… won't. For one, they're in the living caverns and second, Angelique is right there. She's already been witness enough to their private nature than he'd like. As Angelique gets up to grab some food, Th'ero will lean over to murmur something to Kimmila and then sit straight again, eyeing the bounty that the assistant Headwoman has grabbed. All for her? Or is she sharing? Seems he's not only grouchy but also very lazy this morning. "True," he agrees to Kimmila. "Xanadu's last bunch seemed well adjusted. And we have done the excursions since Velokraeth's first clutch with Zuvaleyuth. Inri, D'ani and Abigail and their clutchsiblings were the first to test the new system. It worked well for them and it so far has led to no grievances. Here's to good luck and fortune on this round!" He murmurs in a near-toast. To Angelique he only smiles and shakes his head. "If only… but unfortunately not. However, if anyone is being particularly destructive or has gone too far — well, that leads to expulsion. Queska learned that the hard way." And from his tone, he sounds as though he hopes never to see that particular girl ever again.
Th'ero whispers: "Wingmate… Velokraeth is nagging me about Angelique. Her! Of all… it can't be? This soon? He seems convinced but I've no idea if I should drag her out or if this is him just being in another one of his moods. NOT that he'd joke about such a thing!" he sighs hastily. "Talica is going to kill me. Raiding from her assistants again." to Kimmila.

Kimmila shakes her head with a low laugh. "Nooooope. There are almost always clashes with the Candidates. Put a bunch of kids together for a few months and make them live together and work together? Yeah, by the end there are some definite clashes. Which is fine." Shrug. "Not everyone gets along, yup!" Glancing at Th'ero, she leans in when he whispers, her brows arching slightly. Then she just…shrugs. No help? "It'll be fine," she says, shifting the plate to the table and pushing to her feet, giving Th'ero a look.

Angelique mms faintly at that. "Guess so. Still though, here's too hoping for a strong batch of candidates this time. Her eggs looked very good last night." course Angelique doesn't have much experience in judging them so she's only going off her own thoughts here. "8's a good number too." As whispering ensues she simply takes that moment to eat some more, the tasty bits of food on her plate certainly is all for her. Of course she would perhaps offer a roll to the hungry bronze rider if he asked though it's doubtful she'd offer. After all he can steal off Kimmi's plate if he feels so daring. The bowl of meat scraps isn't left alone for long as a young bronze pops in from between with hungry creels and lands right on the table. So it's with one hand she eats her food and the other is feeding him with the normal admonishments of him to slow down before he chokes!

"Exactly. It's just asking for trouble, throwing so many youths and from so many different lifestyles and backgrounds together," It's a mixing pot for disaster! Sometimes. Th'ero chuckles dryly and gives Kimmila a long look, only to frown as she shrugs. Thanks a lot? He won't be thieving from her plate any more, though with it back on the table it's his for the picking. Nor would the Weyrleader dare mooch off of Angelique's plate. He has standards! Suddenly, he sits up straighter as there is a sound of disturbance from the bowls outside and the muffled sounds of a few people raising their voices in protest. "Oh, for Faranth's sake! Really? Dyed runners and now issues with the tithe wagons?" he groans, lifting a hand to scrub at his face as he pushes to his feet and gestures for Kimmila to go ahead. He'll linger to stare down at Angelique, grimacing. "Mind coming with? This is going to be a mess… might as well have you on hand before Talica or the Steward take control." No rest for them! EVER.

Kimmila nods, "Eight is a fine first clutch. Should be a good one, from the strength of the flight." Glancing at the bowl, the bluerider nods with a frown. "Yeah, I was afraid of that," she mutters, "when Varmiroth saw…" Hand gesture. She stretches, tugging on her tunic and then grins. "Let's go get this under control. Coming?" she asks Angelique, grin crooked. Eager for a fight?

Young Reaghan protests a bit as the food isn't coming fast enough for his liking! "Stop snapping.." murmurs Angelique. The feeding continues with no distractions until… her heads lifts up to peer towards the sound of the disturbance. "Oh great!" she's already half-standing when Th'ero's words are heard. "Of course." she nods briskly, ready to assume some sort of authority out there. Scooping up the bronze she settles him on her shoulder which draws a chirp of protests and nothing else from the now sated youngling. "Guess it's an advantage to have eyes out there." she quips in amusement towards Kimmila as she mentions Varmiroth seeing something. "Let's go!" she'll knock some heads together if needed!

Nodding his head stiffly to Angelique, he'll wait until she's ready to go and grabbing his own jacket, he hastily slips it on. Grim faced and scowling, the Weyrleader will lead her and Kimmila out into the bowl where…

There are no wagons. In fact, there's only a group of hasty moving folk who keep glaring and peering warily over their shoulders before they disappear around a bend in the bowl. One of them is brushing what looks like considerable amount of dirt off their clothing. Is the trouble in another bowl then? Just as Th'ero begins to step out into more spacious ground, there's a shifting sound as a few lose chips of rock suddenly click and fall harmlessly down the bowl wall. It's coming… from above! A whoosh of air, a sweeping dark shadow and suddenly Velokraeth is there, somehow twisting his awkward and boxy bulk to make a rather close landing. One he promptly smugly warbles about to… another? Is there another dragon too? He DID IT! Ha! Bronze not agile, huh? The Weyrleader will still have the same scowling expression as he turns and gestures to Angelique, if the assistant Headwoman has faltered. "Come on. We shouldn't linger!"

Kimmila takes her klah with her, but leaves her now empty plate on the table as she follows the others out. Once outside she glances skyward with a smirk, as Varmiroth swoops down to land very, very close to Velokraeth. Close but not touching, neck arched and rumble sounding both smug and proud. Knew you had it in you, big guy.

Angelique has faltered for when she steps out behind the Weyrleader and Bluerider she was expecting…well a ruckus. And wagons and…not this? Peering curiously towards the hasty moving group she's barely more than a moment for that when her attention is drawn to the whoosh of air and the bronze form landing /there/. Oh hai?! "Huh?" she says smartly before simply nodding as fast as she can to Th'ero. "Right right." shouldn't linger! She'll agree to that though it's not sure why. She hastens her steps then, her steps faltering again though as the blue lands so very close. A brow arches curiously at the pair. What are they up too? "Guess they want to watch?" a hand gestures in their direction as she's quick to once more move to catch up with Th'ero.

Th'ero turns his head to glance briefly at Velokraeth, a slight glare as if to admonish him for his stunt flying but Velokraeth is paying more attention to Varmiroth when the blue joins him by his side. If dragons could grin, the pale bronze would be doing that right now! Oh, he is smug, alright! The Weyrleader shakes his head as Angelique approaches, grimacing. "More like he's testing out his ability for tight landings. Hence that disgruntled group… Shards, Velokraeth how many did you shower with dirt?" Now he'll have to go apologize later but the bronze only rumbles and not at all apologetic. Not his fault they scrambled into his way! A whuffle to Varmiroth. Right? But! Back to business! As Angelique is approaching, Th'ero waits and she may notice a few other details that are off: no wagons, no sign of disturbance, no one rushing to and fro. And neither dragon are wearing straps. Gasp! They're not flying bareback, are they? The mystery will soon be solved as it's Velokraeth who moves forwards to snake his neck and head around Th'ero and Kimmila to peer closer at Angelique with his odd-matched eyes. Head cocks one way, then the other and he exhales heavily before withdrawing with a satisfied rumble, tail coiling about his feet. The Weyrleader says nothing, but he his scowl turns into a wry smile and from a pocket in his jacket he is extending — a white knot! "Seems you'll be overseeing the inner workings of Candidacy first hand, Angelique. That is… if you accept to Stand for Kouzevelth and Dremkoth's clutch." Did he (they?) just… prank her?

Varmiroth rumbles, amused, flicking his wingtips a bit. Kimmila, though, is just grinning. Smirking, almost. "Gotcha," she says to Angelique, even trying to reach out and give the woman a playful nudge, eyes bright.

Angelique casts a glance towards the already retreating people who're pretty far away at this point. "Never too old then for testing abilities…" she murmurs though she's still a tad confused as there are no wagons to be seen and no other disturbances either. Where's the commotion? Trouble with the tithe wagons…wait, were there any tithes to even come in today? Before she's even a chance to puzzle out that particular question there's movement and a…white knot? Buwah? "I…me?" puzzlement colors her expression as she looks from smug looking bronze to the blue and then finally to Kimmila as she gives playful nudge. Gotcha? Oh she's gotten alright! "Me?" she asks again as if certain she misheard despite the fact that the knot is plain to see. "…this a trick? I'm assistant head woman……" her words trail off uncertainly. Assistants don't they? That's plainly her thoughts though!

Velokraeth snorts sharply and then chuffs, usually a sign of 'laughter' from the bronze though it could be very intimidating to anyone not familiar with his antics. Th'ero can't help but chuckle when Angelique doubts their motives and stalls and he only holds out the white knot again. He'll step forwards too, just a bit and his expression sobers to one of seriousness. "You. Velokraeth's found something acceptable in you and he says that assistant or not, it shouldn't matter — to put it in short." Cue another sharp glance back over his shoulder when Velokraeth grumbles in protest. That is NOT what he said at all! Where's all the flattery and… he totally mutters his disappointment to Varmiroth. Why is he always censored? "Talica will understand. This won't be the first time she has an assistant accept Search. It comes down to your choice in the end, Angelique. Do you accept or no?"

Varmiroth rumbles in sympathy, giving the pale bronze a little nudge against his neck. Meanwhile, Kimmila just laughs and grins. "Take it," she encourages with a warm smile, reaching out to thump Velokraeth's bulky muzzle. "He says you are an example of efficiency and energy, and that any dragon would be thrilled to see your, ah," pause, "self on the sands."

Angelique's pale gaze darts to Velokreth and then back to the white knot. She focuses on that for a long moment but finally she decides something. The bronze lump perched on her shoulder trills a little song. She accepts! At least that's the impression he gets. And indeed she's nodding, lifting her gaze from the knot. There's a touch of pride in her voice and a sudden smile to her expression. "I accept, Weyrleader!" Surprised to say the least is how she's feeling right now!

Velokraeth nudges Varmiroth back and then rumbles, pleased, when Kimmila goes on to elaborate and humming in delight when she thumps his muzzle. THAT's better! Th'ero however, starts and looks a touch horrified at his weyrmate as she "translates" from bronze to blue. Cough. "Good! We're both happy to hear it." he murmurs, relinquishing the knot to Angelique's hands. It's hers now! Along with the new rank. "Probably best that you tell Talica as soon as possible… Set your affairs in order and all. You'll be moving to the barracks now. I trust you know the way?" he drawls, giving her a slightly amused look. No need for a tour for her, right? Stepping closer to Kimmila's side, he'll give the bluerider a long look as well and something quietly unspoken passes between them.

Kimmila grins sweetly at Th'ero. Payback for stealing her food, perhaps? Probably. Or maybe…just because she wanted to. That's also likely. "Congratulations, Angelique," she adds, with a warm smile for the girl. "Best of luck out there."

Angelique is a bit touched at the translation from bronze to blue that she's thought of as efficient by dragon standards! The knot in her hands she holds on to it tightly, lifting it up for Reaghan to inspect. "Like it?" she murmurs her question, missing the long look Th'ero gives to Kimmila. "Thank you." she finally tears her gaze back to the pair of riders before her, a stunned and happy expression. "I do know the way yes." she'll hastily assure him. First choice of cots too it looks like. Woot! "I'll inform Talica right away and pack up a back for the barracks…" she hesitates momentarily. "Think there is room in the barracks for my playset?" cause certainly it could keep the other candidates busy when there's more in there! She can stash it under her bed or something. "Or should I keep it in my room….?"

Th'ero will accept that as payback from Kimmila, but it won't stop him from slipping his arm around the bluerider all the same, still turned to face Angelique as he watches her overcome her shock and surprise. "Congratulations, Angelique. I'm sure you'll do fine. And I don't think the playset will be a problem? You get a small chest for your belongings." he says, looking sidelong to Kimmila. Right? "It's more if you trust your fellow Candidates to be, once they begin to drift in! Now, I hope you don't mind but… I've some duty to attend to. Nothing to do with tithe wagons!" He grins. So it WAS a prank! "But I'll leave you to your day. Best of luck!" Letting his arm slip from Kimmila, he'll give his weyrmate a questioning look and then he's turning to stride off towards the administration complex, though Velokraeth lingers to whuffle again to Angelique as if parting in farewell before he's rumbling to Varmiroth and extending his wings. Shall they practice some more?

Kimmila watches Th'ero go and then she looks back at Angelique with a grin, and then a laugh. "That's up to you, I think, if you want the others to play with it or not." She grins at the woman.

Angelique is trusting to a fault so unless they give her reason to mistrust them…there will be trust indeed! So the playset goes. It'll be something fun to do in the middle of the night when sleep eludes someone as often happens to Candidates. Oh so many possibilities…new faces to meet perhaps! The shuffle from the bronze draws a giggle and a lift of a hand to quickly scritch! Farethewell for now! "If you want to play with it then you'll have to visit me at the barracks." that said she glances backwards towards the caverns. "I should go find Talica and pack up to move into the barracks."