Fort Weyr - Feeding Grounds
Milling herdbeasts dot this lightly grassy section of the southern end of the bowl. Fences keep them neatly secured on all sides, even extending into the lake, allowing the beasts ample drinking water without granting them an escape. Dragons young and old come here to hunt on a fairly regular basis, though not all come at once of course. From here you can easily make out the entirety of the Weyr's lake as it spreads out south and southwest to the tumbled rubble of the far shore, while the rest of the bowl lies beyond the fences to the southeast, east and northeast.

Rukbat has cleared the horizon at least, it being still painfully early in the morning. Even the herdbeasts that mill about in the corral seem to have missed their morning klah, drowsily wandering or not moving at all. One might come to ask why it is that Jaelyn is here, arms draped over the fence surrounding the feeding grounds, and idly watches the absolute nothing going on in the paddock. He's dressed in a fur lined winter jacket at least, with a knitted cap on his head, goggles perched on top. Golden eyes as transfixed, somewhere in the distance unseeing, his expression lacking a shred of emotion. Pale cheeks are kissed pink by the frozen winter air, a few flakes of snow drifting down here and there which might indicated something more productive to come. For now, the fourteen-turn-old leans and remains lost in his own thoughts.

Sleepy beasts make for easy prey, however. There's a soft rush of air as Livanyth sweeps in, her overlong wings carrying her quite effortlessly about. She drops in gracefully, landing on a smaller of the herdbeasts with those same crystal glass hued wings blanketing around it. Whatever sound the animal might make in death, it's kept short. The most noise is made by the others that quickly lope away to the other end of the paddock. R'yal himself doesn't look particularly happy to be awake, bundled in a fur-lined jacket as he heads for the fence. He's still in the process of pulling on his gloves though, apparently having some difficulty with getting fingers in properly. "The blankets were /warm/, Liv! Warm. I'm delighted that you're enjoying yourself but at least wait until Rukbat's up enough to help ward off /some/ of the chill." He hasn't bothered with anything to protect his head or face, leaving his hair to get a bit in the way when the wind gusts through. He pauses before the fence however, brows raising slowly at the sight of Jaelyn standing there. He leans somewhat, trying to get a better look. "'s a bit early to look that deep in your own head. Good morning."

Jaelyn doesn't even blink when a lovely colored green dragon appears and helps herself to a little breakfast, in fact, the boy doesn't even twitch. Did he even see it? He's got a front row seat and everything! Even when the herd makes its terrified exit, leaving a very wide berth around the hungry predator, Jaelyn doesn't seem to notice. It's possible this wasn't the first dragon to help themselves to a meal, and considering the color of his cheeks he's likely been there for quite some time. In profile, there is still no interest in what's going on at present, dark lashes lowered halfway over eyes of who knows what color. It's a mystery that's quickly solved though when someone speaks, and the kid suddenly has life in him again. Startling golden eyes are turned towards R'yal, their hue distinctive for certain, one of them sporting a nice shiner. He's a handsome kid and probably will be a very handsome man, but right now he was still trapped in that awkward stage between child and adult. A dark brow rises at the statement the greenrider puts forth, "Hey." he says quietly, expression unchanging. This one might be a hard nut to crack. A mostly healed split resides opposite the facial piercing, guess someone got into a fight a couple sevendays ago.

There's a slight tilt to R'yal's head, but the rather limited response earns a smile and a shrug from the greenrider. He eventually hefts himself up onto the fence, perching there to sit with a hand to either side, simply watching Livanyth. The small green eats quite primly, taking her delicate time in tearing bits of flesh. Ladylike, she is! "I don't /think/ I've seen you before. I could be wrong. I don't pay much attention, that I think about it is a bit..bad." His head tips again, peering down at the quiet teen before laughing softly. "I'm R'yal, by the way. If you're curious. That's Livanyth over there." There may be a brief flicker of attention over that obvious bit of damage to Jaelyn's face, but the greenrider doesn't comment on it. He simply hooks his foot a bit better onto the lower rung of the fence for balance.

"Greenrider." Jaelyn murmurs to himself, no longer looking at R'yal. The computercrafter's attention has returned to the paddock and the carnarge going on within it, maybe even seeing it this time. He remains thus as the man settles in to seat on the same stretch of wooden fencing that he himself is using to drape himself upon, as if he'd tripped and caught himself and just decided to hang out there instead of getting up. "Been here about a month." he replies, at least giving the greenrider something other than a one word response. Progress! "Jaelyn." Annnnd, we're back. Jaelyn nods when the man tells him his dragons name, chin coming to rest upon his arms folded one over the other along the wooden post before him, "She's a good lookin' green." No expression, no particular tone, no emotion.

"A whole..month. Well I suppose that's not too bad.. Plenty of people can be missed in a month." R'yal is not the Weyr's greeter! It's not his fault he hasn't seen the kid lurking about the Weyr. "Still, it's nice to meet you, Jaelyn." Gloved fingers lightly tap against the fence, seemingly quite happy to simply enjoy the view of the paddock while he talks. The compliment toward Livanyth though has the green lifting her head, although she's quite quick to duck back down again. R'yal shakes his head just a bit, leaning ever so slightly in the teen's direction. "She's a bit..shy, but she certainly appreciates it. Thank you." Once the dragon finally seems satisfied with her meal, she moves closer to the fence, if only to curl up there for a bit of rest while the whole digestion process begins. It's tough, tiring work! There's a glance then toward Jaelyn, brows just faintly furrowing together as he watches the teen. "I honestly don't mean to pry, but are you alright? Not too many people trekking out here to stand around in the cold when it's barely morning… I'll shut up if it's not my business."

The kid bobs his head once when the time period of his length of stay at Fort is repeated, but makes no comment on the rest that goes with it. It wasn't like Jaelyn had gone too much out of his way to stick out quite yet, but maybe given time that could change. For the most part, he looks the type to keep to himself. Golden eyes flicker the man's way when he says it's nice to meet him, lashes lowering some, and then he's back to looking at the nomming over there. "No problem." Livanyth is admired, and he nods his head to her, even if she can't hear his thoughts and still that stony face is remaining completely motionless. It's difficult to say whether or not Jaelyn is enjoying himself, but his gaze is more or less transfixed to the small green dragon, his clinks slow, perhaps even measured. Even as she comes nearby to curl up and allow for nutrient absorption, he keeps his eyes glued to her. Though, as R'yal speaks again, he looks back over at him. Not even a single hint at what might be going on inside the kid's head, as none of it reflects upon his features. "Not really," he replies quietly, in a rather monotone tenor, "Naw, I dun care. Ask whatever ya want." He shoves off the fence then and turns around hooking his elbows on one railing and letting his butt lean on the one below. His head slowly bowed. "Long as ya dun mind me askin' back."

Livanyth keeps her head up at the very least, giving an elegant curve to her neck as she reaches to rest her muzzle in R'yal's lap. The greenrider's hands automatically go to her, gently trailing over ridges as he considers Jaelyn. The lack of..any expression might be a little unnerving, but at least it doesn't seem to /deter/ him from speaking up. A few turns prior..might have been a different story. He puffs out a soft sigh though, mostly to try and get the hair out of his face when it falls there again. "Oh, I don't mind that at all." Granted, he might end up regretting that, but the greenrider has only smiles at the moment. Even Livanyth snorts out a frosty plume of air from her nostrils at that. "But…you're not really alright then? Has settling in here been difficult?"

Jaelyn's attention drifts again, hey he's a kid, when Livanyth rests his head on the greenrider's lap, letting it rest there for a time before moistening his lips and casting his gaze elsewhere. In all liklihood, the computercrafter probably doesn't care if anyone finds him unnerving or anything else. There might be just something about him that suggests he'd be more comfortable keeping the entire world at arm's length. A glance is spare for R'yal, when he gives permission for questions to be asked, nodding simply. Maybe it won't be all that bad? Before that, the kid's shoulders drift into a half-hearted shrug. "Not really," he says, deadpan expression never ending, voice just as even, "Ain't got much to do with Fort. People here, they ain't bad or nuthin' like that." Well, that's a relief. He probably won't blow the weyr up or set it on fire or something. "Not sayin' I like it here." Oh of course not! Why would anyone expect that? "It's fuckin' cold, and it ain't nothin' like Ista." There is a point to this right? Surely he's not just going to keep going on and on with random tidbits of information. Golden eyes wander back to R'yal, chin tilting just a fraction higher, and then glancing between dragon and rider before he casts it off somewhere else straight ahead of him. Expressionless of course. "Ya into dudes?" Well, there it is.

At least R'yal can look somewhat relieved by the information. His hand continues to stroke over Livanyth's head though, seemingly content to do that just about forever. But he listens at least, head tilting at all the sentences coming out of Jaelyn's mouth. There's so many of them! Though the bit about the cold has laughter bubbling right up out of the greenrider, nodding quickly. "Oh, I'll agree with you there. I've visited Ista a few times. The weather there is..well. Different, to say the least. A morning like this..I'd /prefer/ to stay in bed a little longer, but I've been around long enough to not mind the cold /too/ much. It gets..better?" Sure, that might not be the most /comforting/ statement, but it's the truth! "I don't think Livanyth here would do well in any other place…except maybe High Reaches. It's cold there, too." All this talking, luring R'yal into a false sense of security! When the question comes, he's not quite prepared for it, blinking rapidly. The color that comes to his face certainly has nothing to do with the weather, either, but the rider does clear his throat a bit. "Wha..? Um.. Yes. Yes, I am."

Jaelyn nods, not looking at R'yal for now, as he speaks. It doesn't look like what he's told is flinging open the doors to Nirvana or anything, so maybe the greenrider isn't the only one who's told him that he'll 'get used to it' in time. "Yeah, that's what they keep tellin' me." That confirms that, but there isn't any indication that Jaelyn is disappointed by what's said at least. When Livanyth is mentioned, she gets his attention again, golden eyes settling on the female as she basks in her rider's adoration. His head is tilted some to one side, regarding her, and then he finally comes to look at the man patting her head. "I thought dragons preferred heat." Not really a question, more of a statement, but there was no reason to think that it couldn't be corrected if that assumption was incorrect. Then the impact of the bombshell he'd dropped on the poor unsuspecting man is revealed, though despite the flush that rises on the greenrider's cheeks and the answer that follows, doesn't echo on Jaelyn's face. One might start to think he was incapable of expression at all. He nods though, rather closely inspecting the poor guy he'd just set off-kilter, and then his eyes go towards the path that leads back to the weyr. "Good to know." Cryptic much?

R'yal just remains flustered for a few minutes. He might've lost a lot of the intense shyness that plagued him as a teenager, but some things will likely never be easy to /casually/ talk about. At least his color seems to be returning to normal. Or normal-ish, considering how cold the air is. The greenrider shakes his head a bit, giving Jaelyn a bit of a side-eye at it being 'good to know'. No, he's not touching /that/ comment. A bit of his smile does return though, eventually nudging Livanyth's head off of his lap. She extends her neck a bit to give a bit of a sniff at the teenager then, but pulls back once again quickly from it. "Some do. She loves the cold, though, for some reason. Always has. A snow day is the best day, and all that.. Best advice I can give is spending more time indoors with something hot to drink if the cold gets too bad. What in the world were you doing out here so early, anyway?"

Whatever Jaelyn's point was for asking so an intensely personal question is not expanded upon, going completely silent after he'd responded to the answer. Though one thing should be very clear: the computercrafter was not plagued by the same shyness that R'yal experienced when he was his age. The only color on the Jae's face is from the cold, making the boyish freckles that will likely fade as he gets older, stick out more than they would have otherwise. He remains perfectly still as he's sniffed at, and Livanyth wouldn't smell anything horrible on the kid. If anything, there's the distinct odor of electronics and all the nice things that go along with that. He's bathed recently as well, so perhaps an underlying scent of sweetness and maybe the gravy from his breakfast. Roast wherry. Jaelyn nods for the clarification about dragons, obviously having had his own ideas but then again he did come from a weyr that was warm turn round. "Good to know." Information is power? What is this kid's deal anyway? He just gave the exact same answer to two very different questions. When R'yal asks his next question, Jae folds his arms over his chest, loosely over the area of his stomach and sliding his eyes towards the man. "Couldn't sleep," he replies softly, wispy curls of heated breath puffing out from his face to disappear somewhere up and behind his head. "This place is too quiet." That second part is muttered, and he looks down at his feet. "At Ista there was the ocean at least, and the sea avians…" A pause, "…and at the Computer Craft there was this constant hum of electricity. Here? Ain't nothin' but silence, snow and a sea of unfamiliar faces." He goes very quiet for a while, maybe giving the impression that he's done talking, but his voice gently drifts back as lashes lower over his golden eyes. "Kinda sick of bein' alone all the time."

"The crack of dawn is probably a hard time to find much of anything going on." R'yal shifts finally, turning back ground on the fence to finally hop down again on the outside of the paddock. Once there, a hand settles onto his hip as he considers the rest of the Weyr across the bowl. "Let's see though.. Not the most /exciting/ place, but most of the time there's people bustling around the kitchen. That's plenty of noise by itself if that's what you're looking for. Bonus is that it's warm in there." Try as he might to consider any other places though in the Weyr where there might simply be..noise, the greenrider eventually gives up with a sigh. "That's..about all I've got. I spend a lot of my free time looking for a quiet place to do a bit of craftwork." Gloved fingers finally brush back the hair that keeps getting into his face, holding it there while looking Jaelyn over again. There's a smile though, brows lifting. "Sick of being alone as in, you want people to talk to? Or simply want to be /around/ people? Either way, once evening sets in there's a tavern up the way that gets a bit busy. Not a bad place to look for someone to talk to." Livanyth gives a soft, melodic noise of her own before finally leaping into the air, and effortless motion as if the small green were simply weightless. It brings a sigh from R'yal though, nodding. "But with that, I'm afraid I need to get moving. Liv and I have sweeps to run and it's…really not a good idea to be late. Go inside and get something warm in you, yeah? I'll see you around!" Fingers wave just a little then as the greenrider starts off, eventually breaking into a jog to catch up with Livanyth gliding overhead.

The calm and collected look on Jaelyn's face remains unchanged even if his brows lift just the smallest fraction for what R'yal has to say, "Came out here to think." he clarifies, but the greenrider goes on and he falls back into silence. He doesn't look the man's way again even as he hops down off the fence, not moving his eyes off the tips of his boots even if the railing he's leaning upon shifts back and forth some with the greenrider's dismount. He lets the guy go on, telling him all about the palces of activity, the places he will naturally avoid in the future no dobut as for the first time there is some reaction that might be missed. The slightest tightening along his shoulders and a shift of his weight from one foot to the other, a show of discomfort. Considering his downcast gaze, he misses any smile given, but he nods some to at least acknowledge that he was listening. "Not really," he starts to say as R'yal asks him about what he meant by being sick of being alone. He even opens his mouth to clarify, but the greenrider goes on and lips clamp closed again, this time with a soft sigh. Only when there is a pause does he attempt to fill in the blank there, perhaps having been taught that it was impolite to talk over people when they were speaking, "It's my fam…" But whatever was to come after that fades off, as suddenly R'yal is…leaving? Okay then. On reflection of this conversation, he would likely come to realize the things he said might of given the greenrider the idea that he was looking for a different kinda of company, and that there were just somethings that people shouldn't ask. Time and place, and all that. "Yeah…see ya…" is muttered quietly after the jogging rider and only once the soft footsteps fade enough to indicate that the man was far off, foes Jaelyn lifts his head and turn back around to return to his original posture concerning the fence. Who knows, he might even be there in that exact same position the next time Livanyth gets hungry. It don't appear as if the kid was thinking about going anywhere, anytime soon.

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