Weyrling Barracks

The rounded ceiling of this set of barracks is high enough to accomodate growing dragons. Lining the walls lengthwise are sets of stone couches and cots for their riders. At one end of the room are cabinets holding supplies for bathing and oiling young dragons, as well as the weyrling manuals. Against the opposite wall is a table with scraps of leather and leather-working tools. Tacked up on the wall is a diagram of riding straps.

C’rus makes his way slowly through the barracks on the way to the spot that has become home for both he and Jaicoureth. The dragon is resting on the couch and lifts his head when he spies C’rus coming into view. «You shut me out.» he says sadly, his voice echoing the far away place he goes when he needs time to think. «Something isn’t right. Please tell me what is happening.» he says longingly to his lifemate. For as much as the rider himself worries, his dragon also worries. C’rus takes a seat and leans against the dragon comfortably, trying to steel himself for the conversation that is to come, “You know that I’m a healer right? I make people better when bad things happen. Because sometimes bad things do happen.”

Jaicoureth listens intently to his lifemate as he speaks, he can tell that there is a turmoil of emotions going on inside of him, but just like C’rus he intends to be gentle with him, «Yes. I know that.» he replies softly. It’s after all, one of the reasons he chose Cyrus. He knows that the rider feels ever so deeply about a great many things and it’s something he loves about him. C’rus takes a deep breath and continues, “Some people are sick. We don’t really know how bad it is yet.” The blue reaches out with his love and envelopes C’rus, «Go on.» he encourages. C’rus sighs and lifts a hand to wipe both a tear from his tired eye, “Someone I really care about is there and I’m worried about her. You met her. You remember Kera.”

Jaicoureth does indeed remember his interaction with both the woman and her green. He had enjoyed them both. «Yes. She was very nice.» The dragon too feels a pang of worry grow inside of him on his own behalf as much as for his rider, «My dear boy. It isn’t wrong for you to care about her. Why would you hold this in?» C’rus can’t help the flood of emotion that comes now as he just lets it go and lets the tears flow. He doesn’t know if it’s right or wrong and at the moment he doesn’t care he just needs someone to be there for him. He lays down on the couch beside the dragon and just sobs, “I didn’t want you to worry. I love you.” The blue dragon has never doubted this for a single instant and he wraps a clawed foreleg around him to pull him close. The flood of emotions is strong, but manageable. His own voice can be so chaotic at times that it almost seems small in comparison, «My dear boy. It’s ok. I am here. Don’t doubt yourself. It’s never wrong to care. You are wonderful just as you are. If something really bad had happened I would know.» He doesn’t know how he would he just knows he would.

The rider can do nothing but just rest in the reassurance of lifemate. He feels so terribly misunderstood so much of the time, but he is continually surprised by how much this dragon understands him and supports him, and he needs to be reminded sometimes. Ever so slowly he drifts off to sleep for the first time in so many days and the blue stays awake to stand guard over his sleep and his dreams. «My dear boy. You’re such a lonely soul. How pensive, how sad you seem to me. Believe me. Were it within my power. I’d fill each passing hour…» The dragon speaks softly to his riders sleeping mind «There’s so little you say of the life you have known, why you guard your mind so, why you’re always alone. So dark, so dark and deep. The secrets that you keep.» The young blue swirls in his own thoughts as he ponders before shaking the thoughts from his mind, «It is no matter. All you need is love.» And Jaicoureth will be there to give that in spades whenever it is needed, and wherever it is needed.