Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place. Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It may be getting late into the night but no one can't say that the Headwoman can't get the kitchens whipped (not literally) to action on such short notice! While everyone was off to the Hatching Caverns to watch, others lingered behind to get the living caverns as prepared as possible for some post-clutching feast for those wanting to evade sleep for a few more candlemarks. Serving tables have been hastily cleared and then rest with fresh platters and trays. The selection is mostly fingerfoods or other light fare, nothing too overly heavy given the time of night it is. There is plenty to go around however and already a sizeable crowd has gathered around. To go along with the food are drinks too, of course and there is a wide variety of that at hand, a little something for everyone's tastes. A comfortable and excited buzz has filled the cavern, many voices caught in lighthearted discussions intermixed with laughter.

Th'ero is lingering by the hearths, having already claimed one of the tables there and he has settled comfortably into a chair, a mug of ale in hand. The Weyrleader also appears to have either heaped two plates generously with food or… actually stole an entire mixed platter. Given his dislike for crowds, it's probably the latter though any who join him will be free to partake. No way he's going to eat it all alone … not that he is alone already.

Never let it be said that Polana doesn't know how to party. Well, sorta. Slowdance, she is /very/ good with the slowdancing. But she cannot dance fast and is actually not that good in crowds. Half the time she ends up drawing attention to herself by being too rude or loud. Several turns ago she would have taken pleasure in that, but after several reality checks at the hands of the leadership she is wondering if her being at this rather large party is exactly a good thing. She looks good, sure. Wearing a light green dress with short sleeves and her hair braided she is in prime condition. But she also looks a bit unsure. So she lurks a bit awkwardly off in the corners by the hearths, not too far from Th'ero. Avoid the possibly drunken party goers, that's what she wants to do tonight. That and locate either Solan or Xavier.

Kimmila enters the caverns from a side door, closing it behind her. Weaving through the crowd, she drops down at Th'ero's table with a bleary blink. "I'm not going to stay long…"

Angelique was among those who were able to escape the caverns and watch the hatching. As tired as she was when the clutching started she's fairly wide awake now. After crossing the bowl from the hatching grounds she pauses to offer a certain bronze from Eastern a good scritch. It's for thanks for bringing M'ta here to visit. That done she then steps inside and immediately checks with Talica on what needs to be done. Everything under control she grins and grabs a plate of food before peering about for a place to sit. The far end of Th'ero and Kimmila's table is chosen, a quick grin towards the Weyrleader and Kimmila. "Tired Kimmi?" she asks good naturedly.

Abigail isn't all that sure how long she'll be around, but she was at least going to show up. With a mug of hot cider in hand she is wandering along the path of tables towards one she is rather sure will have some food on it, along with being a bit off to the side, and perhaps a seat for her to steal. The table in question is of course the one where Th'ero and Kimmila can be found, and once there she settles down upon a seat that was free. "Hello all.." So far so good on the night for sure.

"Why not, Wingmate? That tired?" Th'ero murmurs to Kimmila and reaches over to rest a hand against her leg and perhaps offer her some of the food on that mixed platter he snagged for the table. "Did you want a drink? Klah, maybe or a mulled cider? Thought I saw some." he adds, only to look up when Angelique and Abigail approach and he offers both a polite nod of his head and followed by a smile. "Take a seat," But they already are and so the Weyrleader only chuckles and gently nudges the tray a little more center to the table. "Help yourselves. How are you both?" he asks and then his gaze is wandering as more folk pass and that is how he spots Polana lurking there. She is given a nod as well, a silent greeting but a greeting all the same.

Kimmila glances up at Angelique with a faint smile. "Yeah," she admits with a soft laugh. "Long, long day. Just about to go to sleep…then this." Yaaawn. "Hey, Abigail." Glancing to Th'ero, she just nods with a little smile. "Yeah, really tired."

Th'ero gets a nod of greeting in return before her thoughts wander over to Solan and Xavier. They aren't here. Neither of them are here. But Xavier said he would be here. Polana lets out a loud and exasperated huff. Continue lurking around the edges or go into the crowd… decisions, decisions. Well, she's been standing for quite a while, since before the clutching started, and she's starting to be a little tired. That probably means sitting down. So she wanders over to the table where the others are and sits down in a chair a few seats away from the others. With a quick nod she murmurs, "'ello all." A pause before, "I hope you don't mind me sitting down, I, well, I stood all through the clutching and have been out and about all day."

Angelique's gaze slides towards others as they arrive. She glances up as M'ta approaches, murmurs something to her and then heads out. Sampling some of the foods she's picked out on her plate she is quiet for several minutes. "Seemed like a good clutch." she remarks towards the table in general. Polana gets a nod in greetings as she passes. "With the eggs being laid at night does this mean they hatch at night too?" she asks curiously.

Zhirayr may or may not have fallen asleep at some point between the Galleries and the Living Caverns, but either way, he does at least look awake, as he makes his way in from the kitchens. (For now.) He's effortlessly balancing five pitchers of klah between his hands, doesn't have any of the papers he'd had for the clutching, and leaves four of the pitchers scattered on various tables before taking the fifth over to the hearths, and those gathered there. Politely enough, it's Th'ero he offers the klah to first: "Weyrleader, some klah for the evening?"

Abigail takes a sip from her drink, an amused look sent to Kimmila and she nods a touch at the tired bit. "I'm good, other than tired I hope everyone else is doing well." A glance is sent to Polana, a slight ah heard and she nods to her as well. "Hello Polana.." When did she get so sneaky? At the question from Angelique she sends a curious glance towards Th'ero and Kimmila, oh one of them can answer that. Right? She picks up a piece of some finger food and munches on it.

Go figure the eggs would come while D'ani is off on his very first night sweeps, shadowing Thunderbird Wing. The bronze hadn't been keen on leaving and so when he heard via the grapevine that Kouzevelth was clutching, he'd whisked back to the Weyr, taking his rider with him and moved post-haste into the hatching grounds without waiting for his rider to dismount. There's nothing like having to swing down in front of a crowd and slinking off the sands, is there? He's arriving to the party - finally because Dremkoth, proud papa, isn't leaving to rejoin the (almost completed) sweeps and he's been removing the harness, storing it. Still in flight leathers, mug of cider in hand, he drifts, sipping idly and perhaps a bit dazed by both the whacks of congratulations on his back and the aura emanating in his mind from the giddy clutch papa.

"Reading minds part of your skill set, Zhirayr?" Th'ero drawls as he looks back just as the young man appears with klah pitcher in hand. He'll wave off the offer, lifting his mug of ale to show why though he does motion to Kimmila next to him. "No, thank you. Perhaps for Kimmila here?" Turning his head, he'll give the bluerider a crooked smile and then lean down to whisper something to her again before facing the table. "Don't mind at all," he tells Polana, while giving her a curious look. "Table is open to all! Help yourself to the platter of food." For Angelique's question, the Weyrleader only shrugs. "Hard to say when they'll Hatch. The exact hour anyways. We know the window of days, just not down to the last second. Could be night, could be morning… could be whenever they deem it fit." Oh fun times? Congratulations begin to drift through the crowd and that can only mean one of few things and Th'ero looks up just in time to see D'ani drifting through and tries to lift a hand up to wave. He'd call out, but might withhold to keep from the whole cavern gathering decsending on the poor Weyrsecond.
Th'ero whispers "We won't stay long, Wingmate. Hang in there? Just a bit of discussion and I wanted to see D'ani and Inri, even if briefly, before we turn in for the night. Kyzen go to Tlazio's alright?" to Kimmila.

Kimmila shakes her head with another stifled yawn. "Not for me, thanks, sorry." Kimmila turning down klah? She must /really/ be tired. Pushing to her feet, the bluerider stretches. "Enjoy the party," she says to those around, patting Th'ero on the shoulder before she's shuffling off, presumably back to the Weyrleader's weyr.
Kimmila whispers "I'll see you back at home, I'm really exhausted. Yeah, he did. Didn't even wake up." to Th'ero.

Angelique picks through the remaining food, her energy level from earlier at the clutching is wearing thin and quickly. She nods towards Th'ero's reply with a grin. "Just thought maybe they'd come out at the same time they were laid." she murmurs, uncertainty in her tone. She wasn't trying to assume! Another yawn escapes her as she stands, pushing back her chair. "G'night all." she says to those around. "Abigail, I'll look for you tomorrow!" with that she moves to head out.

When Th'ero says that she is welcome she gives a small dip of her head before murmuring, "thanks, Weyrleader." With that she reaches forward and takes a meatroll that she proceeds to nibble on. When Th'ero responds to Angelique about the time of the hatching she comments, "I once heard a story about a clutch hatching in the middle of a thunderstorm. No idea if it actually happened, sounds awful though." Then Kimmila is departing, leaving the blonde to wake. Oh, look, and Angelique is leaving as well. More waving.

Quite a few people are leaving — Inri is finally entering, having taken some time to get in the nice new purple dress she'd bought for the occasion, fixed her hair, cleaned sand off herself. She looks much more put-together, if still tired. Red-eyed, more than anything else. She's happy to simply take some klah from Zhirayr, even if she barely knows this particular assistant headman — he's someone she's seen around. As long as she's been there, sure, but still. "If anyone's clutch would hatch in the middle of a thunderstorm, it would be Zel's," she conversation-crashes.

Abigail glances up at the leaving Kimmila, waving after her while nodding slightly as she listens to the answer about the eggs and when they may hatch. "They sort of make up there own little minds about it." Hearing Angelique she smiles. "Sure thing, have a good night." There is talk of klah and even the brownrider isn't jumping at the chance for such things. Perhaps to late? Though really it is never too late for klah, at least in her books, normally. Her gaze drifts to Inri, a smile offered to her along with a nod. "Come have a seat Inri?"

D'ani passes Kimmila on her way out, his murmured hi-bye to her lost in the chatter. He winds up near Zhirayr and simply holds out his mug - though he waits politely for others to get theirs first. "I hope that's hot," he says with a crooked grin. Half of his mug is gone - sloshed out by those unexpected back-whacks and by now he's a bit wary, guarding his mug should it be filled. "You look nice," he says lowly to Inri, not that she doesn't always, but. "She's settled then?" he asks before nodding to Abigail and saluting Th'ero.

Crash, bang, boom: thunder, thunderstorm, lightning-drago— wait. Wrong dragon. Zhirayr suffers to have his klah taken from him by one clutchparent's rider after another, and as soon as he reclaims his pitcher he simply drinks from the side of it. Black and hot. (Yeucch.) Maybe he is asleep on his feet; at any rate he seems utterly bewildered by the sudden change in conversation-crashing. Maybe the answer is food: he robs Th'ero's platter shamelessly, somehow managing to keep his klah pitcher (HIS!) close while stuffing his cheeks.

Th'ero will frown, slightly concerned, as Kimmila excuses herself and speaks with him before heading off and his gaze will follow her out. Angelique is going too and he'll remember to at least nod and murmur a farewell to her before she escapes. "Guess the hour IS late," he drawls, sipping at his ale as he slowly settles back into his chair. His gaze will dart to the entrance a few more times and then with an exhale, he blinks to Polana and is about to respond when — Inri is there and conversation crashing. Not that he minds in the least and promptly chuckles. "You're certain on that?" he drawls to the junior weyrwoman and then quips back to Polana. "There are far worse scenarios than a thunderstorm!" Back to Inri, Th'ero's smile turns a slight bit more broad and warm. "Kouzevelth is resting well? She seemed to handle the clutching with little difficulty." D'ani's salute is caught with an abrupt sideglance from the Weyrleader and returned, only to have his hand then gesture for the Weyrsecond to take a seat. "Help yourself." And he'll tap his finger against the platter's edge — which is then promptly raided by Zhirayr. Peering up at the assistant headman, Th'ero drawls through his startled chuckle. "Worked up an appetite tonight?"

D'ani is there, and D'ani does not do anything to show that he notices Polana's presence. How rude of D'ani. But lucky for him the blonde fails to notice it tonight, tiredness over a long night beginning to take it's toll. She doesn't mind Inri's conversation crashing at all, Faranth know's she's done the same thing. A small snort leaves her at mention of Kouzevelth's clutch hatching in a storm. Then at Th'ero's words she lets out a quick laugh before exclaiming, "such as? Thunderstorms have wind, water, lightning, it's like one death machine coming from the sky. Although, I guess a fire might be worse… dear Faranth I hope there isn't a fire on hatching day." To Inri she adds, "oh, and congratulations. Impressive clutch, nice eggs."

"Fast asleep," Inri tells D'ani and Th'ero with a fond smile; that's where she'd like to be, at some point, too, but for now she's sitting down with the others and then giving Zhirayr a charming smile. She doesn't even actually like klah generally, but anything to keep her up any longer! Compliments to her appearance, of course, get more personal smiles. You are the best best friend, D'ani. Well, one of 'em. "She's glad it's over, but it was important to her to get it done. She loves thunderstorms, anyway. It would be the perfect time for her babies to hatch." Loves them? She practically is one. "A fire I would like to avoid. Thank you for the congratulations, though, we do appreciate it." Polana gets a polite smile, for all they've been through.

K'drozen makes his way slowly up from the lower caverns, and moves towards the serving table moving a bit slower then normal as he moves to gathers his meal before glancing about to see who might be about."

Abigail shakes her head slightly at the talk of possible worse scenarios for such things. "Let's not talk about those, aye?" She questions with an amused tone. A glance is offered to D'ani whom gets a nod back. There is a moment where she is about to take something from the platter before Zhirayr is diving into it? The brownrider just peers at him a moment, a brow lifting and she takes a long sip from her mug of cider. "So.. Miss a few meals there?" This questioned with an amused tone and slight shake of her head.

Zhirayr shrugs, keeping the three meatrolls in one hand and the klah-pitcher in the other from wobbling even a tiny bit, and doesn't even have the grace to look sheepish about pigging out. He does, at least, swallow most of what's in his mouth before he answers. "I missed dinner," he admits, "and then realized how hungry I was right before Kouzevelth started clutching. Congratulations, weyrwoman," he adds to Inri, belatedly.

Yeaaah crowds. D'ani is with you Zhirayr, the shift in conversation partners and topic can be disorienting. He murmurs a thanks, kifts his mug and takes a long sip… aaaaaaand there's now klah mixed with his hot cider. Oh well. It's hot. He swallows and takes another. As for Polana, well. Blondes are a dime a dozen? Besides… he's scanning the area for dusky locks, not blonde. He's not finding them, either. Polana's commentary to Th'ero leaves him open-mouthed but he says nothing, just shuts it, shakes his head and takes another sip of his klahcider. Gag. He nods to Th'ero; he'll sit in a minute. First, he pulls out Kimmila's vacated seat and offers it to Inri. "Dremkoth is wide awake, he can't stop his smugface purring."

"Fire?" Th'ero almost exclaims to Polana before giving the girl a long look. He snorts and shakes his head, glancing to Abigail and then shrugging. "I meant more like… I think it was Eastern's Hatching? There was fog. Or it could be the wee hours of the morning. That's what I meant by worse! Knowing our luck, it'll be in the dead heart of a raging blizzard." Or something. Lifting his mug, he'll toast it to Inri and D'ani both as congratulations are doled out again and then drains a good half of it before setting it down again. "Ahh, then that's understandable!" Th'ero muses to Zhirayr and gestures for the man to help himself. For all the food he grabbed, the Weyrleader doesn't seem to be taking a single bite from it.

K'drozen weavys his way slowly though the crowd, trying to get close enough to Inri to speak for just a moment, "Congratulation." is all he says simply, not wanting to take up to much of her time. He glances over towards Th'ero and the others though as they mention fire, "Lets hope there isn't a fire…that could be devistating.

To Inri and Abigail Polana comments, "I'm not saying a fire would be /good/, it would be horrible. Just that it would be worse than a thunderstorm." Oh, D'ani, D'ani, D'ani. She doesn't want you to be /attracted/ to her, just to notice that she is also at the table. But that has absolutely nothing to do with what's going on at the moment. To Th'ero she frowns before murmuring, "fog… Great, you won't be able to see anything, just a random jumble of screams. Not exactly my kind of hatching." She then winces before adding, "and I swear to Faranth, if there is a blizzard we will need to invest in some sort of roof for the hatching caverns that opens and closes. Get Xanadu on it, they're into all that tech stuff." Zhirayr gets a wince but she does not say anything to him. K'drozen then gets a small nod of greeting and a smile.

Abigail ahs softly and nods to the bit on some fog from Th'ero. "True.." A glance is sent to Polana as the fire bit goes on. Right.. Moving onwards! A soft chuckle escapes her as she hears Zhirayr. "Sorry.. Just amused there for a moment." She soon stands and nods to both Inri and D'ani congrads to ye both. I think I'm off ta get some rest meself. Ye all have a good night now." With a slight wave the brownrider is off heading to her Weyr for a good nights rest for sure.

"You realize that the hatching sands are hot enough that the snow wouldn't actually hit them, right?" Zhirayr points out dryly to Polana, who has yet to climb anywhere in his estimation from that first time they talked. "It might be kind of drizzly, and a little bit chilly, but — well, the candidates would probably prefer it, actually." Fewer burns, and all that.

Oh D'ani has noticed Polana, mostly because of her remarks. He's not saying anything to her mostly because he is too polite to interject himself into her conversation. Right now he's thinking she's one fruit short of a loop, but you know what they say about first impressions, right? He's not the type to put much credence in them, but in this case… Zhirayr's comment has him coughing back a guffaw and making a silent salute to Th'ero with his mug, he takes a hasty gulp of his, er, drink. "Thanks Abbey," he says after swallowing to the wingleader's congrats, adding a casual, "See ya later." He's still working at keeping a straight face. Pretty much failing there.

Inri sits. Inri grins. She's being extra-super-polite to everyone, even! It must be how incredibly not-awake she is, as she had been running on impressive levels of empty for a while beforehand and the clutching basically wore her out. She's also maybe laughing at D'ani, a little bit. "Dremkoth's a darling, anyway. He can keep up all of the watches Zel insists are done but that she doesn't want to do herself. I think she's glad not to be so heavy anymore, really," she admits, more softly, not that Th'ero and D'ani and Zhirayr, at least, can't hear her — if not everyone else who's sitting nearby, too.

Th'ero offers a wave to Abigail as she too heads out and slowly does he turn his eyes back to Polana and snorts again for her remarks. "Those instances are extremely rare," he points out in a low tone, quirking a brow at her when she mentions the roof and Xanadu. The Weyrleader shakes his head and just finishes the last of his drink in a few hasty swallows. "And there won't be no fire either!" he says out loud, though his eyes dart to K'drozen as he says it but truthfully his remark is meant almost as if to ward off the notion that such events would ever endanger the Hatching. Th'ero will linger a moment or so longer before pushing back his chair and rising slowly to his feet, "If you will all excuse me? Feel free to enjoy the last of the platter of food. I should probably try to get some sleep myself," Seeing as he's up in the pre-dawn for patrols almost every morning. "D'ani, Inri… congratulations again. To all, hope the rest of the night goes well!" Dipping his head in farewell, he'll excuse himself then and step away, murmuring a few hasty greetings in passing as he drifts through the crowds to get to the bowl and out into the night air.

What about Polana? She won't be responding. Why? She fell asleep. At the table. While people were talking. In a couple of /minutes/. Looks like twenty two hours awake finally caught up with her. If bothered she will get up, mutter a hazy goodnight, and wander off to bed.

Of being happy to no longer be egg-heavy, D'ani says to Inri, "Can't say as I blame her there." Then he adds with some concern, for he's likely suspecting that the goldrider has felt each and every egg Kouzevelth passed, "You… get some rest, eh?" Aiming a rakish grin at the departing Weyrleader, he says, "Thanks, Sir," deliberately cheeky with the non-name usage. He'd make a toast to the no-fire hatching, but has finished his klahcider mixture (absently more than because it was actually good) and so sets the mug down on the tabletop instead. "Night folks," he says amiably and strolls on out to check on the doting bronze. Since Dremkoth won't budge from the sands, he'll have to find somewhere other than his own weyr to sack out for the night. Does anyone have an extra-long ladder? Eh, his office will have to suffice.

Zhirayr is having a lot of trouble hiding his yawns, at this point, and nobody wants to see someone eating and chewing and talking and yawning and drinking klah all at once — so, between that, the lateness of the hour, the earliness of the incipient morning, and the duties he's already been working hard on — he gives up. Meatroll sticking out of the corner of his mouth, he grabs a scrap of napkin, writes "Do Not Disturb — Beauty Sleep Needed!" on it, and drapes it carefully over Polana's head, looking Terribly Innocent about the whole thing, and nods a goodnight to K'drozen and the others who are still more-or-less in the area before nonchalantly walking off, klah-pitcher once again in hand.