Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Kriki raises an eyebrow at that. "I will take my side sis." He says simply, crossing his arms over his chest. "I don't take other people's side, just mine."

Miki rolls her eyes, "You and your sides. Alright alright. But just so you know, I do alright with the cold. So I don't need to be bundled up, alright?" This apparently being a problem that Sohnyuoth and Aniki have given her. The AWLM stands in the middle of the caverns with one arm slung around her little brother, Kriki. It's that wonderful time between breakfast and lunch where the caverns are rather deserted and quiet. Well, it would be if they weren't there.

Edani has been working at a desk rather than in the fields today by the look of him. His clothes are clean still, the long sleeves of his dark blue denim shirt rolled up, boots and jeans as yet undusted by the dirt in the pens. The beastcrafter strides in, clipboard under one arm, hat in hand and hair still crisply curling rather than clinging damply to his brow. He's headed for the serving tables giving a nod to Miki and Kriki as he approaches to pass them.

Kriki simply waves at the new person who just came in the living cavern. "You think that *I*, of all people, would bundle you? I'd prefer to throw you in a lake instead!" He adds with that teasing grin.

Miki glanes towards the beastcrafter as he enters, shooting him a bright smile and a nod. "Hallo. Haven't gotten out yet?" Of course, attention's back to Kriki soon and the greenie snorts. "Hah! You would. I'm more afraid that you'll agree to the bundling to see me suffer and waddle around like a human duck." Ah sibling-love. "Just know I'd drag you into the lake with me." A pause before she's adressing Edani again. "Let us know if we're being too loud, yeah?"

Though he's not really a part of their conversation, doesn't know them at all, Edani can't help but overhear the remark from the young boy. Dark brown eyes flick to the woman and a lop-sided smile tugs at his lips as he pauses. "To do that, you'd have to be able to lift her up, Squirt." And the kid doesn't look like he's grown big enough to do it, though the woman is on the small side herself. His smile grows at Miki's comment to him and he shakes his head, "You're not bothering me a bit. Been up since dawn." His voice carries a Western Isles accent, a bit of a slow-drawl to the words. "I'm Edani," he adds as an afterthought, offering his hand towards first Miki and then Kriki.

Kriki smiles and shakes that offered hand. "I'm Kriki, just arrived, and her brother too, to her despair I guess." He says with a wide teasing grin. "And to mine too."

"Yeah, Squirt!" Miki grins at her brother playfully. Considering her 4'10, it really might not be that hard to do, but that's besides the point. "That early? You guys have a lot to do, huh?" There's another smile at Edani before she's taking the hand and giving it a firm shake. "I'm Miki, Sohnyuoth's. And like he said, this guy's my brother." There's a jerk of her head at Kriki before she's eyeing a table with bright blue eyes. "I'm gonna sit down. You guys can join me if you want, yeah?" She slips into a chair close by, letting her feet dangle and kicking them back and forth.

Edani shakes each hand in turn, the gesture firm in return with palm hardened by turns of work in the beasthold, yet fingers gentle with the woman's hand. "Well-met then, mate," he says to the boy with a gravity belied by the warmth in his brown eyes. "I'm new here myself by just a few sevens." He tips his head in affirmation to Miki. "A lot, is putting it mildly. Could use more hands out there separating pregnant bovines from the feeding pens so the dragons don't eat them before they birth." As for sitting, the young man grunts. "It'll be the last I do before nightfall, so yes. Let me get some klah first. Either of you want anything while I'm over there?"

Kriki shrugs. "A klah please, and some pastries." He says. "Might as well enjoy my time here, since sis said I look like I haven't been fed."

Miki raises an eyebrow, letting out a low whistle. "Shards, that sounds like a lot of work. There are lot of them to sort between." She gives a little nod as he moves to get klah, but rather taking Edani up on the offer, she gives Kriki a little nudge with her elbow. "You're young, should get these things yourself." The words are said with a teasing grin, before Miki's hopping out of her chair. "I need to eat lunch anyways, I'll help." A pause. "And you /haven't/ been fed Kriki. But don't worry…give me a few days and I'll have you nourished in no time!"

There's a little bro-sympathy in the glance shared with Kriki. Women! Though Edani is wise enough not to say it out loud. Little gals can hit hard, after all. "Sure thing, Kriki. One very fattening pastry coming right up." He gestures gallantly to Miki, "Ladies first," before following her to the serving tables where he selects a rather hearty, beef-filled sandwich for himself, and then two mugs of klah, settling them on his tray. Then he steps towards the pastries. His hand, holding the tongs hovers over fruit-filled, cheese-in-center and nut-studded, tossing the woman an undecided look. "Uhm… does your kid brother like nuts?" They all look pretty good, crispy golden on the outside, sweet odor rising from them a mixture of buttery pecan, a hint of spices, cherry and rich creamy cheese. Mouth-watering.

Kriki eyes Edani and gives a bit of a shrug. "I'll tell the parents you said they weren't feeding me." He says simply, crossing his arms over his chest. "They'll tell you the truth, and spank you for spreading lies!"

Miki replies to the gallant bow with a sweeping curtsy and wink as a reply. "Why thank you, sir." She steps ahead then, blue eyes scanning over the selections at the food table. Skipping over the real food, she heads straight for the bubblies and puts a few onto her plate. "Nuts?" The AWLM glances sideways at the beastcrafter before nodding at the pastries. "He'll eat them! Actually….I may want one too." Course, Miki doesn't miss what Kriki's saying. "Ok ok, fine. I won't say that anymore! But I'm too old to get a spanking!" So old and mature that she'll twist her head around to stick her tongue out at her brother.

Edani's brows do a suggestive up-down. "I'd offer to help with the spanking of your sister, but you'd probably frown on that," he tosses mildly over at the boy with a smirk. His tongs promptly load a few of each kind of pastry on that plate for brother and sister to share, then he headtilts towards the table where Kriki still sits. "Shall we?" And he'll wait for her again before heading that way, placing the tray on the table and easing himself into a seat. Passing first the mug to the boy, then the plate of pastries between the siblings, he lifts his sandwich with both hands. "So," he begins politely, "what sort of work will you be doing at Fort?"

Kriki sighs. "What I have to do to make you shut up." He says to Miki, rolling his eyes to the ceiling. He eyes the pastry, his tongue licking over his lips. "Oh, thank you!" He adds, taking the pastry delicately. "I dunno, what I can find!" He answers between two mouthful of pastry.

"Hmmm, I wouldn't frown on that at all though." There's a teasing wink to the beastcrafter before Miki's nodding and moving off towards the table once more. She slips into a chair once more, placing the plate of bubblies in front of her and kicking dangly feet again. "What? My voice is that annoying? Woe." The words a joke. She quiets for a moment, spearing a piece of pastry with her fork and taking a bite. A few seconds of happy chewing ensue before she's digging into her own plate. It seems the tiny AWLM has a rather large sweet-tooth.

Edani takes a huge bite out of his sandwich. Growing boy, that he is, he needs his nutrition. He sends a return wink back to Miki while chewing but manners, important enough, keep him from further comment until he clears it by swallowing. "Well, the beast pens could use a hand. There's a pen full of calves we're raising for transport to Xanadu Weyr. Could use a hand mixing formula and bottle-feeding that lot. Or… your sister can give you some ideas I suppose."

Kriki nods his head thoughtfully while he eats his pastry slowly. "I dunno really, I don't have experience with animals, beside my sister that is." He answers, grinning at Miki. "But I can always try!"

"Oh, I've got a bottle-feeding job for him too. Except mine involves human babies, not bovine babies." A pause. "That does remind me….gotta pay a visit to the nursery soon." Miki seems rather happy at the prospect. "It's really been too long." The words seem to be mused to herself, though blue eyes the color of ice soon shift to Kriki and she reaches over to give his hair a ruffle. "Like sister like brother. Remember we come from the same family! It might be a good idea for you to help out with the beasts though."

Edani chuckles at Kriki while taking another large bite - his sandwich is now half gone and he's only two bites into it. Brown eyes flick between the pair and he's shaking his head with obvious amusement. Siblings! Chewing and swallowing before reaching for his mug, which pauses just shy of his lips, he stares at Miki. "Babies. Really? You'd do that to him?" Poor kid, the beastcrafter is downright sympathetic now. "Run. Run while you still can," he asides to the boy with a quirk of amusement then takes a long draught of the klah. "At least the beasts don't need diaper changing or howl their heads off or spit up and drool all over you." Miki's comment about the nursery draws a little smile; clueless as to why except, y'know, girls. They like babies for some very strange reason. At least that's probably what he chalks it up to.

Kriki eyes Miki for a moment. "Is there something you haven't told mom and dad still?" He asks softly. "I mean, if you had a child and haven't told them, they are going to be pissed at you, you know how much they want a grand-child."

"Awwww, they're not that bad. Remember, you were one of those little drooly messes one time too. So was he." The last bit is said with a thumb hitched toward Kriki. She goes back to bubbly eating, thoroughly enjoying herself, so much so that she begins humming some unidentifiable tune under her breathe. Of course, then her little brother's saying things and Miki's immediately snapping out of that trance. "/What/?" She gives the boy a small punch on the arm. "Of course not. Don't be ridiculous. I would've told them if I had."

Edani snorts into his mug, which is once again lifted to drink from. "Yes, I was," he agrees with dry humor twinkling in his eyes. "But I didn't have to do the diaper-changing, nose-wiping or laundry." There's a smile around the rim of the mug, which is drained and set down. "I'll leave you two to settle your family issues. I need to head out." So saying, he stands, reaching for the rest of his sandwich with one hand, tucking his clipboard under one arm, grabbing his tray with the other, the journeyman inclines his head and with a pleasant, "Nice meeting you both," takes his leave.