Fort Weyr - Living Cavern
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It's Fort. It's winter. Today is actually slightly warmer than most the days recently, which means that the clouds overhead are producing sleet instead of snow - but the ground is still chilly, so when that sleet lands, it tends to turn into ice. So, really, great weather so long as you don't have to be out in it. K'yan? He's living the dream of staying indoors! It's long past lunchtime but not yet to dinner, and he's got a table near the warmth of the kitchens with bits of leather and tools spread out across it. Are there better places for a workshop? Probably. Does he care? Apparently not! He seems focused on what he's doing, examining the fit of small pieces of leather before sewing them together.

Abigail has avoiding needing to step outside for long, which with the cold weather out there she is rather happy to stay inside. Right now she is making her way out from one of the lower caverns rubbing her hands together a bit as he goes. If people think it is cold outside they should take a trip down lower! She moves on to get a mug of klah and is soon heading on over towards where K'yan happens to be. "So yer the one making the mess around here." She offers with a teasing tone as she peeks over his shoulder curious like. "Ran out of room in the Weyr?"

It's Fort. It's winter. It's hell on Pern. Jaelyn, who's a sevenday arrived from Ista Weyr with much different weather, half walks, half trudges in from the central bowl. Some of the utterances falling from his mouth, are…creative…to be sure. Kicking his boots against the cavern wall nearby to dislodge some snow, the boy yanks up the strap of his satchel bag, and eyeballs the contents of the living cavern. His coat is buttoned up as far as it can be, hood yanked closed over his cold reddened face. He sports a nice shiner around his right eye, and the side of his bottom lip not pierced is split. Wordlessly he stalks to an empy seat as far away from everyone, and plunks down, his expression clearly throwing up a neon danger sign. It's flashing too.

"Today, at least," K'yan replies with a grin to Abigail. He leans back against her lightly, tilting his head to look up at her. "We didn't have anything for lunch. And while /I/ could subsist on klah for a day or three, Logan… well, he didn't think that was such a good idea." Or K'yan didn't think it was a good idea for him, same thing. "So once we were bundled up to make the trip… I figured he could head for the nursery, and I could try something with those scraps from the stores. And that I'd save an extra trip back and forth." He grins, then tilts his head down to listen to the kicking and swearing coming from a new arrival. K'yan watches Jaelyn for a few moments, then hehs. "Must be time for the weather report…"

Abigail chuckles softly while leaning closer to K'yan and lets her arm ligtly curl around him to get close enough to give him a kiss upon the cheek. "I see. Logan must have been thrilled either way. At least he was sleeping when I went to check on him so I figure he just wore himself out." She shakes her head a bit and grins. "Should I go get ye somethin' to eat so ye don't waste away then?" She questions curious like before looking up slightly as she catches sight of Jaelyn moving on inside and shakes her head a bit. "Sure, it's cold out. Like another report?" A grin is sent to K'yan. As for the flashing neon danger sign? Yeah she ignores it. "Afternoon Jaelyn." She has a name for the grumpy one now.

A shudder and some shivering ensues, along with some more colorful expletives being quietly muttered, but soon the warmth of the cavern begins to seep in, for Jaelyn is unzipping his jacket and removing it to reveal the oversized black and white striped sweater beneath. It's oversized with a stretched out neck, which hangs over one shoulder, exposing a portion of the tattoo there. Beneath the sweater, it looks like he's wearing a black tank top. Jacket is yanked off and tossed off to the available seat beside him, perhaps signaling that he was not expecting company over there in soloville, and pushes the overly long sleeves of the sweater up over his elbows. Soon the satchel is opened and a laptop is pulled out, opened in front of him, and turned on. While it loads, he draws a leg up to his chest, letting the sole of his foot rest on the chair seat he's perched in. Hands and then chin come to rest on that knee, a grumpy frown pulling down the corners of his mouth, idly sapphire flecked golden eyes train over to the lovey-dovey couple over there and his lashes lower. "Hey." comes the soft, grumbled reply, and the boy's attention wanders back to the laptop. It casts a cool blue glow upon his face, making his black eye look darker, and casts a nasty shadow on his split lip. Not flattering, in the least.

K'yan leans back and up, returning that kiss from Abigail, and smiles. "He's a good sleeper, he is. Been watching Khaneth for that one, I expect." He grins, and then - a moment later - grins a bit wider, probably because his dragon's added a comment of his own. He looks over to Jaelyn, seeming unsurprised that Abigail already has a referent there, then nods slightly as he hitchhikes onto her greeting by reacting to Jaelyn's response. After that, he looks back up to Abbey. "Wouldn't want to put you out any, but if some food /were/ to appear… well, I'm pretty sure I could help you do something about it."

"Compard to Khaneth or Niumreoth I'm sure they both give 'em lessons." Abigail offers with an amused tone. As for Jaelyn he gets a slight amused look at the appearing laptop, so she is /not/ that well inclined when it comes to techie things. Let's face it, her Weyr would prove that, no power at all. As for K'yan she chuckles softly and grins to him. "I think I can find something for ye. Helpful with one happens ta be me after all. Be right back." She'll even give K'yan's hair a slight ruffling in a playful manner. Her steps take her by Jaelyn though, and she catches that split lip, which makes her pause. "No means no." Her attempt to joke it seems. "What happened there?"

Jaelyn sits there in front of the laptop, staring at the blue screen, eyes narrowing somewhat before he turns it off again and starts rummaging in his satchel. A handful of tools are pulled out, lining them up on the table beside the slender computer, meticulously. He selects one from the line, flips the laptop over, and begins to unscrew the casing. He does this quickly, perhaps giving the impression that he's done it before, and soon the machine is more or less in peices at his tiny corner of the living cavern. This also serves to complete his isolation bubble, leaving no room for anyone to come within at least three feet without doing it on purpose. The guts of the electronic are examined, turned over, and set aside. From the looks of it, they're being sorted in a particular order, though what exactly might only be known to the kid himself. A glance is spared to K'yan and Abigail as they talk amongst themselves, the continued affection between them causing a subtle stiffening of his slender shoulders, but he makes no comment on it. Instead he goes back to his task, eyes narrowing, and he pulls something right off a rectangular circuit board. When Abigail comes out, the young computer crafter's gaze lifts up from the component he was looking at, "Huh?" he says, brows furrowing somewhat. "No means no, what?" Not catching the joke, the boy goes back to looking at the piece of laptop in his hand, closely. "Some kid thought I was pretty, I disagreed." he tells her, completely matter-of-fact.

"Probably," K'yan agrees to Abbey. "He's a lucky kid, to have that many tutors!" And K'yan? To judge from his grin, he also considers himself a lucky… er, self… to have an Abigail who's willing to volunteer to get him food. He leans a bit into that ruffle, then… well, he's got work to occupy him, and he does a bit more of it while she's gone. Particularly if she's going to take detours by the other Table That Isn't A Table (because it's a workbench). K'yan puts holes in leather with his awl, a pair of neat holes down along one of the scraps.

Abigail looks over the laptop a moment, pondering it seems with a sot hum escaping her. "So… Does it work, or ye just want ta take it apart?" She waves a hand slightly to the question on the joke. A soft ah is heard while she peers at Jaelyn. "So he called ye pretty and ye got into a fight with 'em?" She is just trying to make sure she gets this story right it sems.

"It doesn't work," Jaelyn tells Abigail, glancing up at her briefly before narrowing his eyes at the thing he was holding, and tosses it into his bag. "Which is why I'm takin' it apart." That explained, he moves on to the next question, leaving the joke he missed and its dismissal from its issuer. "In a nutshell." is given for her inquiry about his damaged face, rummaging through his bag for something and pulls out a box containing more of the little component he'd pulls off the computer board. He briefly tosses his head in the direction of K'yan, "Yours I take it?"

K'yan has these bits of leather, see! Having made the holes, he laces them together. Draw them to just the right tightness, they'll tighten a bit more as they dry, and they'll be secure enough for the job! And then it's on to the next piece. He doesn't seem too surprised when he notes - with a glance up between pieces - that Abigail's gotten herself involved in a conversation. This happens! It's like a hazard of her position, or maybe just her her. He shan't starve while he waits. Even if he was going to, he has all this leather to chew on… like eating his boots, without all the effort of making them into boots first.

Abigail shrugs a bit it seems while she is looked at, if she knew the answer well she wouldn't have asked. "Yer a bit handy with 'em things then aye?" A soft ah escapes her. "Ye shouldn't take what others say so hard. Perhaps he just liked ye?" Most likely she isn't making this any better, and when has she ever been level headed over conversations that she hasn't liked? A brow lifts and she glances back to K'yan, whom get's a smile efore she looks back to Jaelyn. "Well that is one way to explain it. Though yes that is K'yan, my Weyrmate." No worries she will not let dear K'yan starve, though honestly she had to say something to the split-lip boy there.

Jaelyn shrugs in a way that teenagers are famous for, nonchalant and noncommittal, "I guess so, but not if ya ask my craftmaster." The kid fishes out one of the little bits from the box and carefully inserts it into the circuit board, then pulls out a battery powered soldering pen and a small spool of something that looks like thick metallic thread. "I'm curious," he starts, poising the metal thread over the contact points and uses the soldering pen to solder the component it place. A wisp of curling white smoke briefly wafts up and then dissipates, "Ya let anyone walk up to ya and try to kiss ya? Cause, I don't. Especially a dude." It's not said in a rude way, but he probably could of chosen better words to explain the situation. "I'm told I look a lot like my dad, but I'm pretty sure I ain't like him." Riiiiight. He glances back over to K'yan, and then goes back to soldering the component in place, with another wisp of smoke. "Ya might want to feed 'em before he starts chewin' on that leather he's workin' on."

K'yan probably won't actually eat leather, but who can tell? Being unpredictable is how things stay interesting! Or at least, it's a part of it. Things might be complicated. He keeps on working on his project, putting a few more pieces together before looking up across the caverns. Hmm. There's a few more people coming in… maybe it is time for him to not take up /quite/ so much table. So he starts gathering his supplies, not particularly hurried but gradually taking up less space instead of more.

Abigail pauses at this and is actually quiet for a moment. "Depends on who is doing the kissing." She offers with a teasing tone. "Though honestly no, an ye did not go about saying that." She points out. "Do ye want ta make a complaint upon the other? Or should I just go and find the fella bent over dealing with his own injuries?" Which she can rather easily. She glances back over to K'yan pondering if he has started chewing on the leather bits yet. She shakes her head a touch and turns to move off for said food things. "If'nn ye want ta talk about it I'm around. If'n not I'll just ignore it too." Maybe… She doesn't need to have someone getting abused around the Weyr after all.

Component fixed in place, Jaelyn puts the soldering iron and spool back into his bag along with the box of little things, whatever they are. Golden eyes flicker up at Abigail when she teases, but the little bastard doesn't even crack a smile. After a second, he starts reassembling all those many, many pieces. "Pretty sure he's in the infirmary, if yer lookin' for 'em." Cool, calm, collected and oh so grumpy faced, the computercrafter continues attaching this and that with a screwdriver. As Abigail moves off, Jaelyn glances up at her again, briefly. Then he's back to assembly, "I'm good, but thanks." A flicker of attention is spared to K'yan, and then he's putting the casing back onto the computer, having put the thing together just as quickly as he'd taken it apart. He leaves to her whatever she might do about the situation that's got him all banged up, not seeming to give the matter much more thought on his end. He seems to note the people starting to trickle in for the evening meal, and that's when he begins to look uncomfortable, scrunching down somewhat in his seat as he turns the laptop back over the right way and presses the power button.

K'yan finishes putting his things away, and stretches before putting the bag over his shoulder and ambling over to… well, to Abigail, but that also puts him within the zone of Jaelyn. "Have we figured out the plan for getting one of those in every weyr yet?" he asks with a glance between the two of them. "Or was this a different conversation? It probably was. This is why they don't let me run the meetings. I'm always three conversations to the side."

"Good to know where he is so I can talk to 'em later." Abigail offers back to Jaelyn, yep she heard that, and she will be talking to them. With dinner starting to get put out K'yan is going tobe lucky, she doesn't have to go an ask for something left over from lunch now does she? She'll come back with a pair of plates, pausing to et soemthing on Jaelyn's table that looks like a few cookies. "I've been in a few tuffs, hurts worse later on." She'll move on back to where K'yan is and sets that platedown fo rhim, roast wherry, tubers and the likes. "If so someone else can deal with it. I'd just use it as a paperweight."

Jaelyn looks K'yan's way when his voice carries over, perhaps having noted that Abigail wasn't whom the statement was directed at. There is a blink cast in cool blue light, before it disappears and then comes back white, "Uh, I dun know?" he says, unsure, gaze shifting away and then back again to the male brownrider. "Can probably ask the craftmaster, I'm jus' an apprentice." He points with a single long digit at his knots, one for Fort Weyr, and the other for computer craft. Sure enough, he's an apprentice. Golden eyes fall to the plate Abigail left for him, brow arching at the cookies. "Thanks." Apparently nothing on this planet makes his kid happy, because he's frowning at the sugary discs. He starts typing on the laptop though, apparently no longer broken. "Gettin' hit dun hurt." he murmurs, typing away now before a pause and he leans in close to the screen and then goes back to typing. He doesn't appear concerned that the boy in the infirmary is going to be spoken with, but he might be later when Abigail finds out the other boy's nose is broken.

K'yan shrugs a bit, nodding to Jaelyn's lack of knowledge about the grander scheme of things, then observes him for a bit as Abbey goes to get things and returns with plates! And also cookies for the apprentice. He hehs, and nods to Abigail about those ever-so-fancy paperweights. "Could still be useful," he says. "But then again, you could probably get a paperweight for far less effort. Just borrow one of Logan's blocks…" And there you go! "Or a rock, I suppose. If you're traditionalist." Or don't like the idea of having children's toys scattered about your desk.

"Sure I could get one with far less effort… I have a few firelizards that could even take over the job." Abigail offers before grinning at the idea of using one of Logan's block's. "Well there's a thought, though I bet he'd like it back." She glances back to Jaelyn a moment. "Doesn't hurt not, might so later." Don't question just go with it already. As for K'yan she looks a bit amused. "Could use some leather bites too." She picks up her mug and moves to give K'yan another kiss, though longer then the other and on the lips. Squirm Jaelyn, squirm! "I should get back to work. I'll won't be to late, she ye both back home."

The computer is shut down, Jaelyn glances over at the brownriding couple just in time to see the make out session. From his expression, he's not so much grossed out as embarrassed, his cheeks color visibly and he quickly looks away after staring a second or two. He just sits there, considering the cookies or maybe the closed laptop before he stands up, slings his bag over his shoulder and drapes his jacket over it. Picking the laptop up, leaving the cookies there, he walks over to the abandoned K'yan and slides the laptop quietly onto the table. "It works now." he says quietly, and leaves it there. He turns away and heads towards the food, standing about as far away from the people lining up for their evening meal as possible without leaving the cavern completely.

"Maybe even with better weather," K'yan offers as a parting hope to Abbey after he returns that kiss, then settles down to eat - since he's got this plate of food and all! He looks up to Jaelyn, as he comes over, with a nod for the laptop's working-ness… and then a blink as the apprentice leaves it there. For a long moment, he just stares at the thing. Does it have fangs? Claws? No? …good. Well, probably good. He might have more idea what to do with it in that case - but after a moment's further consideration - and a glance over to Jaelyn keeping his distance from the people while going for the food - he carefully opens the laptop. It doesn't explode, good. Now to try to remember those vague lessons he once had in that computerized inventory system to actually take a look around it… since it's been left here, and all. Hopefully he won't break it again.

Edging closer and closer to the food as the line becomes shorter, Jaelyn finally is able to get a plate and he loads it up with manly food, like roast wherry and potatoes and covers it with a very overly generous amount of gravy. Oh so manly. A glass of water complete with ice is also procedured and he heads to K'yan's table of all places. Hopefully that leather isn't piled up in front of the seat beside the brownrider because the grumpy teenager drops himself into that place and sets his food down. Perhaps he noticed the apprehensive opening of the electronic. He sets his stuff down in the seat beside him, actively preventing further invasion and gets to eating. "Helps if ya turn it on." he says helpfully in that even tone of his between mouthfuls, golden eyes sliding over to the older man, dark lashes lowering partially.

K'yan turns his head to glance at Jaelyn. "That'd depend on what I was tryin to do with it, wouldn't it?" he retorts, but he does apply power to the system. It lives! Okay, not as impressive as it could be - there's no humanoid monster unless you count Jaelyn - but it does at least power on and brighten the screen. "So is it for something in particular, this one?" He gestures toward the laptop. "Or just… for being what it is and being put to whatever uses can be found." Whatever that is and those are!

There is much chewing and swallowing, one hunk of meat stabbed and held in the area of his mouth from which Jaelyn nibbles. He quietly watches K'yan, his expression unchanging as the brownrider quips, swallowing the contents of his mouth before replying, "I guess." Oh, such wisdom. Another large bite is taken and chewed, gaze shifting to the monitor as the machine hums into life with application of power. For some reason, the brat seems impressed that the man was able to find the on switch, but he makes no comment in that direction. It doesn't take long for the computer to boot up, and a password protection screen pops up with its blinking curser. "Password is…" He leans over and speaks quietly, giving the password, and then sits back up straight again. Another bite, and chewing. "What do ya want it for?" he asks, timbre unchanging, but at least the emotionless tone of his normal speaking voice is soft rather than robotic. One might wonder otherwise. At least there was evidence the kid had at least one emotion, and it was nursing a broken nose in the Infirmary. "I can pretty much code anythin'."

K'yan types in the murmured password - he's hardly an expert on the keys, but he can at least recognize his letters and numbers and figure out to press them - then observes the screen before him. The machine that is nothing, and could be everything! Or at least… anything. Maybe it's a bit much to try to put it all on one machine, but then again, how can you know what fits unless you try? He turns his head to Jaelyn, eyebrows lifting slightly - though he doesn't reply immediately, instead looking back to the screen. "If you try to put something on what don't fit, you won't be getting anywhere. Going to break things, more like." He glances to Jaelyn again, then moves his hands from the keys and spears a bit of his own food. "So. What's it that this thing can do well?" Having asked that, he puts the bite in his mouth.

With the password inputed, the laptop's screen blacks out for a few seconds and then turns white as it continues to load small icons on the right side of the screen. Looks like some sort of operating system. Which is, new. Jaelyn doesn't make fun of K'yan for his lack of typing skill, rather more interested in eating one might suppose. "I can get ya a printer, and install some software so ya can type up documents. Easier to correct errors on a computer than on hide or paper." he suggests softly, taking another bite of food, and considering by chewing slowly. He shakes his head gently, the goggles sitting on his head remaining in place. "Unless yer usin' it as a computer and not somthin' stupid, ya should be fine. Dun let the little near it, and dun spill nothin' on it. Otherwise, it's kinda hard to break somethin' like that." he begins to explain, and goes on in detail about the benefits of regular maintenance, plugging the computer in to recharge the battery, and the right way to store the device. That done, and his plate half empty, he moves on to the next question. "It jus' runs programs, it'll run whatever you want it to run." he replies, popping a peice of roasted tuber into his mouth and swallowing when done chewing, "It dun got a huge amount of memory, but I can expand it if ya want. Ya got enough on there now to save couple dozen large document files, without slowin' the speed down."

K'yan listens to Jaelyn, his expression mostly impassive but with the occasional flicker of something - wry amusement, perhaps, that the apprentice seems to believe that he'd just know what it is a computer's to be used for! But he doesn't interrupt, and so he hears more, and more… possibly more than he'll actually remember, but maybe at least some of it will sink in. He looks at those icons, with an experimental move of his fingers across the keys… and then down from there, wandering along and seeing what gets him a reaction. Which might break it, of course, but if he does, where better than sitting right with the computercrafter who's already fixed it once? "I haven't too much call for documents," he says. "Abbey's more, but I don't know as she'd use it." He shrugs, not justifying that but instead continuing the slow exploration of this device. "Could find things, I suppose. Always something as can be written down, but is there a point to doing them just to have them?" He glances to Jaelyn with the question, then back to the screen.

Jaelyn is at least gentle, for him anyway, in explaining things and isn't calling K'yan an idiot? That's something at least. "There's a finger pad." he gently suggests, pointing at the square indentation below the keyboard with the naked prones of his fork before it's covered with another slab of meat. He lets the brownrider fiddle, and surprisingly perhaps to the man, it does not break no matter how many times he plays with the icons. "Use the finger-pad to move the cursor over the screen, and the left button there at the bottom of the pad to click twice by pressin' on it twice. It'll open that program." Another gesture towards an icon that vaugely resembles a leaping dragon. "I can put learnin' software on there for the little when he's older, or maybe some games. I got dragon poker if ya want…" All gently suggested between bites of undoubtedly cold meat, but it's almost nearly gone now. He tilts his head somewhat to the side at the lat question asked of him, his expression remaining unchanged. "Yer weyrmate probably could use it more, considerin' her position, but from what she was sayin' earlier I dun think she'd use it. Not sure what a tanner might use it for unless I got ya a tablet. Then ya could use it to draw, ya know, designs an' stuff."

Programs! What will they think of next? K'yan may not know that, but he can at least click on things - twice, like some sort of double clicker or something - and have new programs open. Oh look, it's launching a dragon! Which will likely give him more things to click on, or double-click on - hmm, it's going to take some figuring out for him to get good heuristics for which to do when. And from there, even more may happen! K'yan nods to Jaelyn occasionally, then hmms. "Could have used it more, a few turns back. When I was running my own business, I could have kept my lists of who wanted what when and not have to go digging through old papers. Course… now I'm here, and my records don't matter so much as what the stores think of them." He halfway smiles at that, though it's a slightly sour expression… and gone swiftly, as well. "Likely be a few turns before the boy's ready for anything on here. I'd say he should wait until he can handle a book without making a mess of it." And right now? If Logan's not chewing on something, he's dropping it over the edge just to see what happens. "It'd be of good use to a wingleader, likely. Transport, especially, but anywhere that they've got to keep track of reports."

The teenager finishes the food on his plate at last, and places his fork gently down upon it, reaching now for his glass of water. The ice inside, has melted, but the condensation on the side of the cylinder indicates that its remained cold. Jaelyn sips, golden eyes fixed on the screen as K'yan clicks on things and opens up screen after screen. One is an inventory program, the next a documentation program for writing, yet another is actually a calculator for doing math, followed by a program that has a color wheel for mixing paint, and the last an index for storing recipes. "I've only been in the craft for a turn…" he tells the brownrider, perhaps indicating that in the time frame that this particular computer would have been the most useful, Jaeyln may have been more interested in the sorts of things the man's son enjoyed. There is no reaction on the computer crafter's face for the half-smile, drinking his water and setting the glass back down. "I'm givin' it to ya." he says quietly, indicating the laptop. "I'm fixin' ones that no one else wants, and makin' 'em usable again. So, I got no reason to keep the ones that are fixed." A present! How nice. He nods his head in agreement for it being a useful piece of equipment for Abigail, "Ya think ya can convince her to use it?" he asks, a somewhat curious note slipping into his otherwise even tone.

K'yan nods, returning his gaze to the screen again. So many programs! So many things to figure out. "It's good to see a thing get used," he says. A few more clicks, and then he glances back to Jaelyn. "Thank you." His eyes return to the laptop. At some point, presumably, he'll actually eat his meal… but food comes far more frequently than such devices, at least for K'yan. A few more clicks - hey, there's a menu! The things to click on just keep on going down, like turtles or something. Oh, wait, that'd be if there was a program for programming with lines. That'll just have to wait for a future upgrade… and it's probably for the best it doesn't exist yet. K'yan's going to have plenty of figuring out to do just to get the existing programs working, never mind the chance to make his own. He hmms at the question about Abigail, leaning back in his chair a bit and letting his gaze drift up past the screen for a moment as he thinks about it. "She might. Won't if you're trying to make her, though." His smile is somewhere between wry and fond. "If she decides she wants something out of it, she'll figure out a way to get it." Whether that's from a person, a canine, or a computer!

Upon finishing his water, Jaelyn sets his empty glass back down and wipes his mouth the sleeve of his sweater before pushing them up above his elbows again. "Yeah." he says very quietly, lashes lowering. Seems the kid appreciates that K'yan understands, even if his face doesn't really show it. Perhaps if the two spent more time together, the brownrider could glean into his inner psyche or something. For now, he'll just have to guess or ignore the rather shy-like behavior of the fourteen turn old. "Yer welcome." A bob of his head, and he collects his dishes, standing and putting them in the return bin for the kitchen to wash later before he takes his seat again. This time he draws his knees up to his chest and wraps his arms around them, golden eyes drifting back to the man beside him. He quiet watches all the clicking and exploring, and yet his expression never changes, but remains oddly stoic. "I can teach ya, if ya want…" he offers, very quietly as his eyes wander to the screen instead. "…to program." He doesn't push the offer more than that, and lets it drop if K'yan doesn't seem up for it. His eyes do flick to the brownrider when he considers his weyrmate and the computer, together, doing a great deal many things, "Maybe if she sees ya using it, she'll want to try to." Suggestions, human interaction, helping others…if only his family back in Ista could see him now! Surely someone would of fainted by now. "Just lemme know if she show any interest, I'll help her get started if ya want. Or ya can show her, whatever…" A slight shrug for this, all rather noncommittal, and open.

Sometimes, just a few words can speak volumes! Or… not, depending. K'yan clicks a few more things - ah, okay, that's how one closes the program, and then it can be opened again by doing just the same thing in the same place. Consistency over time! It's like how his son's learning about object permanence, except K'yan is doing it on a computer instead of the world around him. He turns his head at Jaelyn's offer, looking at the computercrafter as Jae looks at the screen. "Huh." He turns his head back again, looking at the laptop. "It'd be interesting." He stretches his fingers, splaying them out over the keys, then lets them settle again. "Be something to do with it, too. Besides just looking for things to write." He smiles slightly, then nods. "It's good, knowing how to use a thing." He's discovered window tiling! Go go power of aesthetics! Or… at least of playing with things until he figures out how they work. And inspiring Abigail along the way? "Maybe. Have to see what she thinks. It'll take her some getting used to, either way." Like a canine meeting a strange person, and needing time to sniff around and think about things before it decides whether to approach more closely or growl and slink away.

Jaelyn goes back to silently watching K'yan's journey of discovery, offering suggestions, or guiding him to try something different. No matter what the brownrider does on the screen, nothing is breaking, so perhaps those fears can come to a rest. For now. When he's looked at, the boy adverts his gaze, seeming less comfortable somehow but relaxes again once the man's attention finds purchase elsewhere. "Ya dun have to learn how to program to use it, but if I teach ya how, ya might figure out somethin' ya can use it for that's better for ya. If that makes sense…" he says softly, coming to rest his chin on the back of his knees, having successfully managed to make himself as small as possible where he sits. He does seem to agree that it's good knowing how to fully use something, if that thing is supposed to have use. Knowledge is power! Brows lift slightly when the windows tile, but otherwise the kid is rather stone faced. "No rush, I ain't goin' anywhere." he mutters, his voice actually taking on a growly condemnation and there is an actually flicker of irritation before his features smooth out once again.

K'yan follows suggestions - or drifts outside them, sometimes. He's not so much trying to get a rote routine as he is just… seeing what the thing does. It's the same way he might investigate a piece of leather; seeing how it bends, where it's got some give and what seems stiff. Only… this is a rather different system, and there's a lot of things where he's still learning how to make something interact or what a certain behavior actually means. He lets out a little snort at Jaelyn's explanation, though it's more amused - or maybe even pleased - than dismissive. "There's knowing how to use something, and there's actually knowing it. Plenty of riders know how to /use/ their straps. Couldn't actually tell you how they're wearing, though… or put on a patch that'll last more than half a season. Be good to understand." More clicking, more exploring. Some typing, in there. At Jaelyn's mention that he's not going anywhere, his gaze lifts from the screen again - though it doesn't go to Jaelyn, instead looking toward the passage out to the bowl. "Weather here's crap half the turn. Not so bad the other half."

The boy says nothing and expresses nothing when K'yan is amused and or pleased with what he has to say, back to being stony of face. At least he's seeming more relaxed, the longer that they talk, even if that means the brownrider can't look at him in the eye given their proximity to one another. If Jaelyn was across the room, it might be a different story. "I get it," he says, nodding a bit, "I ain't a rider, but I get the comparison." Back to clicking, poking, exploring and he simply watches what's going on there with the laptop screen, though as the weather is mentioned, the computercrafter's shoulders tighten noticeably. He remains silent for several moments, which might of seemed longer, considering that its become relatively quiet again within the living cavern with the dinner crowd having shuffled off elsewhere at some point while rider and crafter were bonding over the laptop. Finally, he lets out a breath that closely resembles a sigh, "Ista was nice all the time. Kinda feel like I've been exiled to some frozen wasteland." While this is said barely above a whisper, it's easily heard with the current noise level of the cavern and being seated beside one another, "I ain't, the friendliest of people." No! You don't say?! "It ain't like I hate people or anythin', jus' it ain't easy to trust 'em." Jaeyln continues to look towards the passage of the bowl as he speaks, letting the words fall from his lips rather than living in his own head, "My dad was kinda a big deal for a while, and people knew who he was. When I was little, I used to make up stories about the things we'd do together, cause I guess I just wanted people to like me too. I was stupid, because flight kids aren't special, even if their dad is the Weyrleader and their mom is a goldrider." He pauses and he looks down at his own knees, only he knows why he's telling his troubles after hearing about the weather at Fort, "My dad is weyrmated to my uncle, and my mom doesn't like my uncle very much. So when my dad's bronze, caught her gold, she didn't between when she found out she was pregnant. Even though, I guess she promised them that she would. When I was born, I guess it was a real shit show. My dad and uncle broke up for a little while, but when they got back together, my mom kept rubbin' me in their face…." He goes quiet, and curls up a little tighter. "I didn't find this crap out until later, and I guess my dad hates me because he got pretty pissed off when I wouldn't stay in the nursery…"

"And I ain't a computer programmer," K'yan replies. "Yet, anyhow." Maybe that'll change! It's not like he's got much urge to head outside when winter's being all… winter… like this. So he may end up with a fair bit of time to listen to instructions and figure this computer thing out for himself. Which… he proceeds with now, letting the clicks fill in the silence as it stretches without making any effort to add in words to the mix. Maybe it's because he's enthralled by the investigations, but… there's probably also a piece of it where he's figured out not to try looking a Jaelyn in the eyes or making any sudden moves. His motions slow as Jae starts to speak again, but K'yan keeps his eyes on the screen instead of looking up. He nods about the weather. "Aye." Ah, here's a configuration screen. Too bad there's not a slider for 'outside temperature', but… even the best computer can't do everything. K'yan nods again, listening, and while there's the small motions of acknowledgement, his expression remains still as Jaelyn explains. K'yan mulls it over for a moment, then nods. "Might be he does," he says. "Might be he doesn't. People are hard to know. Lots of people know how to use them, not so many actually know them." His shoulders lift in a shrug, then settle back again. "Certainly ain't a story like most people have. Course, just because it's different doesn't mean it's a good sort of special… but just because it's broken, that doesn't mean you can't fix it." His fingers tap lightly at the laptop's frame, just past the keys.

Jaelyn nods, "Right." No, K'yan is not a computer programmer, he's a tanner. "Dun mean ya can't learn somethin' new." This agreed to, he lets the brownrider continue with his machinations in silence. The subject of the weather is what opened up the can of worms that followed, but the topic is not revisited. Instead, there were more important issues that need attention. Clearly. First he won't talk at all, and now he won't shut up. Pfft. Kids. "I dun think he hates me personally, I jus' think that he wishes I wasn't born." he tells K'yan, golden eyes still unmoving from where they are fixed, currently his knees, "Ain't my fault I was born." This is tacked on in a sort of mutter, and then his voice drops off for a bit. When it comes back, there is a twitch, as if he was about to look at the man beside him but then thinks better of it. "Ya know, they sent me here to my grandmother because I wasn't invisible. I got too old for the nursery, and I'm not so good at stayin' out of fights…" There's a surprise! "My grandmother is nice to me but, she's really, really old…." There's a point to this right? Because right now this may seem like just some sort of random information. Then it comes, and poor K'yan has to deal with it, "What happens when she dies?" Down his head goes, and he hides behind his legs. Turtle mode complete.

Like some sort of old canine, K'yan is capable of learning those new tricks! He nods to Jaelyn, though he doesn't revisit that further just now. There'll be time for that education. For now, he's listening to Jaelyn - still not looking at him, but as the boy continues K'yan is doing less with the laptop and more simply using the screen as something safe to look at. He nods to Jaelyn's assertion that it's not his fault, with a soft noise of agreement. It's not very loud, the sort of thing that gets said when the other person is still talking to agree without interrupting - or in this case, as a lead in to the silence that stretches for a few more moments. This time, it's not even interrupted by the tapping of keys. Just quiet, and then… Jaelyn speaks again. K'yan nods, then lets out his breath slowly as Jaelyn comes to… maybe not /the/ point, but certainly /a/ point. He leans back a bit in his chair, still not looking at Jaelyn but letting his gaze rise to the ceiling. "Then there's a decision to make. You can let your parents make it; they'll probably look for somewhere else to send you. Or… you can make it yourself. You find someone to foster you - more like sponsor; you're old enough you don't need a nursemaid - and you tell them you're staying here. If they don't want to have you around?" K'yan shrugs. "Don't be around."

Turtle mode remains for the entirety of the rest of the time that K'yan speak, Jaelyn curled up and unmoving. If there was a point to all this, perhaps it got lost in all the emotional baggage that he had just send the brownrider's way. Postage, unpaid. "I kinda think fourteen is too old to be fostered," he mentions, and finally uncurls. While still lacking much emotion on his face, the burden he carries is plainly visible for now, all the walls metaphorically down. "I just dun get why I gutta leave my home because they can't act like grown ups. Throwin' hissy fits, seriously." He sighs then and starts to collect his things, and still isn't looking at the brownrider, not matter whatever it was that they shared just then. "Here." The boy leans over from that side and reaches over K'yan to show him how to shut the computer down with a little red swirl of an icon tucked away in the far left corner of the screen, choosing 'Shut Down' from the item menu. "When the screen goes black, ya can close the cover and put it away. Dun forget what I told you about storing and recharging." Now that this was done, the computercrafter seems of a mind to leave, and yet he lingers for a few seconds more. Indecisive. A deep frown set on his mouth, he finally manages to get out a moderately decent show of gratitude, "I know ya dun know me, but thanks for listenin'. Not a lot people listen to me." Another second of hesitation, and he awkwardly makes for the lower caverns with a strike that can only be described as, hurried.

"Mm," K'yan acknowledges as far as Jaelyn being too old for fostering. "That makes it simpler." Fewer hoops to jump through on the road to self-determination! And the same potential to… well, to make the choices for his own self and see where that leads him. "Could go back instead, but I don't think you'd enjoy it. Not with them there." The power of immature parents to ruin things for their teenaged children is legendary! Shells, even traveling halfway across Pern sometimes isn't enough. That baggage is probably going to get plenty of stamps, over time. K'yan watches as Jaelyn shows him the ways of closing down the computer, and nods. "Aye. I'll remember, or else I'll ask again." And then there's the hesitation again, and K'yan slowly turns his head to actually look at Jaelyn - though not quite head on. He might yet startle away! And it might seem that he does, with that quick stride away, but not before K'yan gives some parting words of maybe-wisdom. "Might change." The not knowing? Or the not being listened to? …maybe both!