Fort Weyr - Beven Dance Hall
This immense cavern is lit by a thousand glows, reflecting off the polished wooden dance floor which dominates the chamber. The lights are kept in hanging baskets, held by hooks on ornate wooden stands which have been set at even intervals along the smooth stone walls. The ceiling rises dramatically to form a shadowed dome nearly a dragonlength far above. Warm despite the distance underground, the air in here has a light woodsy scent, overlaid by the faint smell of oils. The ground underfoot has been painstakingly levelled, with wooden planks in alternating hues arranged in a striking cross-cross pattern, with a wide, gradual spiral at the center, the inlaid design whimsical and flowing. The far end of the cavern holds a stage, the back a grand wooden semicircle that presses right up against the wall and curves partway over the performance area.

On a cold evening like this one, Shenanigans is stocked full of riders, drudges, and everyone else who wants to relax away the day with a mug of ale and a story or two. And as fun as they might be, sometimes it can get a littleold. Some of the younger weyrfolk had been pestering The Powers That Be for something a little more their style and so, late into the night, music can be heard from within the dance hall. Those who stop by and peer inside will see a trio of harpers, one singing melodically as two others play their instruments - a reed pipe and a gitar. As the lively music carries, chairs and tables have been set with simple cloths and glows for sitting and talking - an alternative for those who aren't so keen on dancing away their day. There are a few folk here already, a couple are dancing near the stage while another sips a drink near the table laden with snacks and cider. The snacker, of course, is young Solan the Woodcrafter; a man who couldn't dance if you it meant saving the planet from some terrible threat.

The sounds and the suggestion of hanging out with other people closer to his own age has pulled the normally reclusive Ezra out of his room and down to the dance hall. Stepping inside, the young man is dressed nicely in black trousers and a dark green tunic, his fancy Heir's knot pinned to his shoulder. Pushing hair away from his forehead the teen takes a deep breath, pats the bronze firelizard on his shoulder and strides forward with confidence towards the food table. "Hi," he greets Solan, finding a mug of cider to pick up. Something to hold, this is good.

Xavier took at spot by his friend the Woodcrafter. His hands filled with snacks as he talked with Solan. "So, did I tell you what happened the other day Solan? You wouldn't believe it, but Polana and I had a talk and at the end of it she kissed me!" His face slightly blushed for a moment. He turns to the man who comes up to the table with a bronze flit on his shoulder. "Hi, there." Giving a slight nod to Ezra.

The Weyr goes through a lot of drinks in winter. Fortunately for Borodin, there's time required to brew them, and for a lot of that time, they can just be left to do their thing without constant supervision. So, here he is with a free evening! He didn't exactly plan to come here, but he was passing through the tunnels and heard music, so here he is. He pauses just inside, looking around. Music. Dancing. Food. People. ….yep, seems like a thing.

There is music, there will be fun, there will be dancing. So of course she is going to show up! Shards, it would take a small fortune to even be able to pay her not to. Today Polana is dressed in a light blue cotton dress that goes down just past her knees, the same one she wore when she encountered the cavern of pillows, or, in this case, the cavern of dust and rude people. Her hair is pulled back in a braid so it won't get in the way of her dancing. As she enters the room there is a wide grin on her face. It seems she has not yet noticed Solan and Xavier, giving them a little bit more time to gossip.

And if Ezra has been drawn out, so will his older brother Rayathess, though perhaps by pure coincidence. The young man is dressed casually but nicely for a change, no longer opting towards baggier and ill-fitting clothing. He wears a long sleeved tunic dyed a rich grey in color and tucked into a pair of slim fit pants. The knot pinned to his shoulder is a simple resident one. Drawn perhaps by the sound of music or by his sibling's request, he steps inside and then has to resist stepping right back out again. A social gathering? Dancing!? It's a bit much for him to take all at once but Rayathess grits his teeth and continues on, right up to that very same table that Ezra goes to. A polite if not stiff nod is given to Solan and the others approaching as well. So many unfamiliar faces…

Abigail had caught word that something was going on down in the dance hall, a little bit of fun or something along those lines, not that she actually tends to come out to these things though here she is peering into the room curiously. She has on a white blouse with long sleeves; the neckline of the shirt a tad bit low, light ran leather pants and boots, along with her red curly hair down across her neck. She soon catches sight of Borodin and grins before giving him a slight poke. "Hey.. Was wondering if ye'd be here."

The woodcrafter looks at Xavier with a bit of dark surprise. "Kissed you?" Solan asks, his tone a bit lacking of its normal warmth. A cidery sip helps him recover and a bit of a forced smile rends his face. "Wow, Xavier, that's pretty crazy. Did you kiss her back?" he asks, faux-innocent as the Heir apparent approaches. "Hello," the brawny young woodworker replies. A bronze is on his shoulder too, though his is tiny still; newly hatched, obviously. Unlike others, Solan isn't dressed formally. He's wearing the same tunic and pant-style he's always in when not working; nothing fancy, just light brown on top and dark on the bottom. So seeing Ezra - and the newly entered Polana - all dolled up, he suddenly feels very out of place. Even so, he reaches a hand towards the young man. "I'm Solan," he says over the music, "this is Xavier." When Rayathess approaches, he, too, is given a polite smile and an offered handshake. "Solan," he identifies himself again, his eyes flicking to Polana as the young woman looks around. She looks beautiful, as usual. Borodin and Abigail are seen as well and Solan looks at them with encouragement to enter, though if they're talking, they may miss said look.

Ezra looks around, nodding his head to Xavier and grinning a bit at the talk of kissing. Turning his head, the teen lets his gaze wander, lingering on some ladies dancing before settling on Polana for a moment. Then he sees his brother, and Ezra perks up with a wide smile. "You made it!" he says happily, offering out a mug of cider. "Here. Are you going to dance? There's some nice looking girls here…" Wink wink, nudge nudge? Ahh, to be the younger brother. Looking back, Ezra shifts his drink to his left hand and offers his right. "Ezra Stonehaven," he introduces. "Well met, Solan. Xavier. This is my brother Rayathess." Sine they're making introductions and all.

Xavier smiles at Solan, shaking his head. "No she did it so quick then walked off, I had no idea what to say." He gives a large grin to the two brothers. "Pleasure to meet you." He is wearing his standard clothes as well. He blushes slightly as he turns and sees Polana. "I'm not exactly much of a dancer, I'm no harper. I just can't dance to the beat so I end up just looking like a crazy wherry."

Borodin glances at a few of the arrivals, but in between, his attention goes to the harpers and the few people dancing. He puts his hands into his pockets, shoulders hunching slightly, and his gaze drifts down before looking up as Abigail addresses him. "Oh. Uhm. I didn't mean to." It just sort of happened?

Polana scans the crowd for a bit, trying to see if there's anyone she knows. The first people she sees are Abigail and Borodin, but they probably wouldn't be the best people for her to approach. Oh, but she won't have to, for she happens to spot a certain table. Without any hesitation she moves toward the table where Xavier, Solan, Ezra, and Rayathess sit, a spring in her step. Upon arriving she calls in a happy voice, "hey guys!" It it just to Xavier and Solan that she asks, "any of you feel like dancing?"

"Of course I made it," Rayathess says to Ezra in a low and almost mumbled tone, his eyes darting from unfamiliar faces to the girls out on the dance floor. They linger there and then he blinks and promptly ducks his head away. Oh, look! Cider. He'll take the offered mug from his brother, smiling wanly and trying not to look as nervous as he feels. "Thanks," he murmurs and promptly takes a sip, only to glare at his younger brother from over the rim. "Uh huh." Rayathess sees what's going on here… "I see them. And I will dance only if you dance. Fair is fair!" The older sibling is probably very rusty at it too. Introductions begin and Rayathess turns his gaze to each face in turn, committing as much to memory as he can. "Well met," he murmurs in reply and with polite nods to follow. He's not forgotten his manners, at least! "And you don't have to be a Harper to dance." he goes on to add to Xavier. As Polana approaches however, spring in her step and all, he seems to shrink back a bit while giving a long glance to the young woman. "Hey." Awkward greeting commence!

Abigail shakes her head a moment while letting her arms fold in front of her while she peers at Borodin, she looks amused at least. "That's alright.. Come on in with me?" Little sister forever trying to get slightly older brother to do something fun. It'll never change. Her pale gaze drifts back towards the ones already within the room, some she knows, some she doesn't, and one she sees that makes her smirk. Though she does catch sight of Solan, whom gets a smile along with a wave back. A glance is offered back to Borodin, along with a soft smile. "Come on.." This said while she moves inwards making her way on towards where Solan and the others are to be found.

As the knot of snack-table talkers talk, more and more people are finding their way into the dance hall. It isn't just young people, either: an elderly couple is here now, though they aren't dancing as fast as their less aged counterparts. They dance close, though, the tenderness of advanced years shining in their eyes with love for each other. Some middle-aged folks have come, too, though the predominant crowd is still under 25 turns or so. As the harper trio ends the fast song, a slow one is begun; melodic and gentle but also aching somehow. The lyrics liltingly twist with a lament on lost love that never had a chance.

"Well met," Solan intones, nodding politely to both men and finally eking out a smile again, despite the depressing slow song. "I do believe Kimmila mentioned you both to me before. Said I should meet you," that smile widens, "and now I have. Welcome to the dance," he chuckles lightly, looking over to Xavier. "Crazy wherry, huh? I guess /I'd/ look like an enraged runner beast, then," he smirks. Solan isn't a dancer either, but he couldn't resist being social in a different setting than the bar for once. "So she just walked up and kissed you, out of the blue skies? That's so random-hey-Polana," he rushes out in a breath as the woman suddenly appears, smiling lightly and hoping she didn't hear them talking about her. "Do you know Ezra and Rayathess here?" he gestures to the other two men standing with them, hoping to change the subject /away/ from anything she might have overheard. It's then that Abigail and Borodin are approaching; thank the Egg! More distraction. "Abigail, Borodin," the woodcrafter grins, "good to see you both."

Ezra glances between Xavier and Solan with a little nod, the teen shifting, looking a bit awkward now that the standard introduction part of the conversation has been completed. That was the part he had mastered. Small talk? Not so much. Turning to watch Polana approach, he's about to answer her question on dancing when he realizes it wasn't directed to him, so he hides his open mouth behind the mug. Sip. "I want to dance," Ezra murmurs to Rayathess in a low voice. "We need the practice…" Looking back to Solan, Ezra blinks a bit in surprise. "She was talking about us?" the teen asks, his voice sounding almost…suspicious. "Why?" Looking again to Polana, the young heir nods his head with a smile. "Pleasure," he murmurs, all politeness. "Hello, Abigail. Borodin…" Introductions, he's got those /down/.

Xavier turns to see Polana his blush increases, shards he mentioned her name and now she's here. He turns to Solan his eyes almost sending a distress signal as Polana asks for someone to dance. "Sure Polana, I guess. I mean if you want to…" Just as he agrees the harpers turn to the slow music. Just Xavier's luck. "I guess I'll be right back guys." He offers his hand to Polana, a nervous look on his face.

Borodin shrugs. He's here now, isn't he? Meant to or not, so… he comes on in with Abigail. Not that he bothers taking his hands out of his pockets, though he does nod to Solan. "Uhm, hey." Borodin glances away to the dance floor again, and frowns at the change of music before dragging his attention back to the gathered group, bobbing his head to Ezra and glancing around at the others, gaze lingering briefly on Polana before drifting on. Oh, look. Snacks. He reaches for a pretzel.

Huh, Solan's introduction sounds rather odd, to her at least. She has no idea that the kiss on the cheek she gave him has started the gossip fountain. She gives him a surprised and slightly odd look before dipping her head in greeting to the two brothers, all nice and proper. Than to Solan she says, "hey, Solan. Nice to see you! I hope your firelizard problems are getting better?" Then Xavier accepts her invitation to dance and the grin on her face widens. He offers his hand and she takes it, leading him out onto the dance floor with a quick wave to the others. Awkward as the handyman may feel slow dances are her thing, it's a chance for her to show off her grace.

Don't look at Rayathess for advice on small talk! He used to be good at it but… things change over the Turns. It'll take him awhile to warm up enough, if nothing sets him off and storming out. "Yeah, I know. So? Go find a girl, flatter her and make an offer," he mutters low to Ezra, eyes already beginning to scan the room. Isn't he just a nice older brother? "Why not them?" He points — right to a few who look to be lingering on the edges. But they are promptly paired up by what appear to be friends. Oops? Scratch that then. "You know Kimmila?" Rayathess abruptly asks Solan as he ditches trying to find a partner for his brother. "How?" Blunt much? There's a nod given to Abigail, even a slight smile for the Wingsecond and then a curious look to Borodin as he's greeted as well. "Hello, to you two as well." he murmurs and then is content to return to his drink, only to glance away again and almost choke on it.

For through the doors slip three young girls, two of which are dressed in simple tunics and skirts while the eldest is wearing pants. Two hang back near the wall, looking a bit uncertain and out of place (and one just looks downright miserable) while the third and oldest just strides right on ahead, chin up and confident and approaches the table where all have gathered. It's Rayathess who spills the beans on who it is, muttering a near growled. "Lyreh." once he's recovered.

Abigail smiles and nods to the others. "Solan, Ezra, Rayathess.." Polana.. Though by the time she is there the girl is leading off someone she doesn't rightly know. "How are ye all doing today?" She catches that slight smile and even offers one back to Rayathess. To Ezra a slight wink it seen before she points towards a few girls off to the side. "Go and see if one of them might wish to dance?" As for herself? Yeah no.. She doesn't dance. Her pale gaze flicks towards the appearance of another, a brow lifts as she picks up on Rayathess's muttering growl. "Lyreh?.."

With an easier smile now, Solan says, "I asked about other young people here. She mentioned you were both at Fort Weyr now and that I might enjoy getting to know you?" The last is said with a hopeful finish; maybe /they/ don't want to get to know /him/. After all, they're important people despite their young age. The woodcrafter? Not so important. As Polana asks about his firelizard issues - namely, a thieving green - he smiles back politely and says, "Sort of." Except now there's a baby bronze - whose been watching this whole exchange with interest from his shoulder - who's starting to pick up the green's bad habits. When Xavier volunteers to dance - despite that visual distress signal - Solan simply shrugs, tossing a "Don't break anything" towards the couple as they leave. It almost sounds a bit passive aggressive? To Rayathess' question, Solan answers, "She and Th'ero saved me from drowning once." There's so much more to those newfound friendships but the approaching girl - and the nearly-growled name - has the young woodworker concerned. To Abigail, he smiles kindly and says, "Well and you?"

The singer - a lovely woman in her mid-twenties - softly shakes cascading curls of chestnut hair as she cries, "He sailed away across the moor / My heart like stone, a frozen core. / And when I think of all we shared / the hurt knifes through, my soul is bared." The reed pipe's soft tone rises along, hitting a high, aching note that rends the heart and leaves it sobbing. The dancers below get closer, swept up in the feeling perhaps and turning slowly in place.

Ezra watches Xavier and Polana move off, gaze shifting around the group once more. Head bob to Borodin, and then he's following Rayathess' gaze, about to say something when…yeah, they're taken. Snorting softly, he then stiffens at Rayathess' words. "Where?" he hisses, looking around with a sharp frown and reaching out to curl his fingers tightly into his older brother's sleeve. "I guess she got cold out there," he whispers, his tone a bit biting. His pale green eyes shift to Abigail, and though he gives her a little smile, he shakes his head for a moment. No, he's staying right here for the time being. Though he does look to Solan, and then he laughs. "They like to save people," he says, but there's a darker tint to his amusement. "Glad you didn't drown," he adds, because that's nice to say, right?

Xavier laughs nervously as Solan tosses out the warning. "I won't!" He walks with Polana and takes her hand. He starts to dance slowly constantly looking down to make sure he didn't step on her feet. His movement awkward and nervous as he stepped around. No sign of grace or sense of beat to the man at the moment. "Sorry, I'm not a great dancer Polana, though I expect you are."

Borodin nods a greeting to Rayathess as well, though mostly, he seems to be busy with standing here. Crunch. Pretzels sound loud. He'd think the music would drown it out, but no. He glances to the new arrival, watching her for a moment as the others discuss. So, there's muttering about her and a guy staring. Good thing she's confident.

A light, tinkering laugh leaves her at Solan's warning. She does not pick up the passive-aggressiveness to it, blind as it comes from someone she considers a friend. Soon they are out on the dance floor and Xavier looks incredibly nervous. His dancing is not the best, although she does not call him out on it. But when he does she just murmurs, "it's fine, follow my lead. The beat for this one is simple, one, two, three, four. Don't think about it, feel it." One, two, three, four, feel the music, don't hear it. There is no denying that she does possess a certain amount of grace about this whole dancing thing. Grace that she is trying to spread to Xavier.

Rayathess turns to give Solan another sharp look that soon ebbs into something a little more friendly and approachable. The woodcrafter will be quick to learn that, at least in the eldest brother's case, the Stonehaven's tend to be a bit jumpy and prone to suspicion when it comes to new folk. Not that it lasts for very long, unless they're given reason and nothing Solan does makes Rayathess all that wary of him. "Huh. Well… guess it is sort of true. Are you new to the Weyr, then?" See? Small talk! He can do it. He snorts, brows lifting in surprise. "Did they? How'd that come to be? Aren't… there S&R riders? And I'm doing well, Abigail. Just… giving this a shot." He gestures with a free hand to indicate the dance hall and, of course, the dancing. He winces a bit at the lyrics being sung, promptly downing more of his cider. Ezra is given a brief glance when he tugs at his sleeve and then a vague grimace. Yeah, it's her.

Lyreh isn't here to cause trouble though, it seems and once she's close enough she only gives Rayathess and Ezra both a long but closed off look before she's sweeping her eyes over the others and smiling warmly. "Know we're not yet acquainted but, any of you young men looking for a dance?" she asks. Who knows why she's here or what kept her to the Weyr. Could be the cold but for now she isn't announcing her status — even if her knotless shoulder would be an indication. Paying no attention to the muttering or staring, she'll do her own and it seems she's pinned Borodin, Solan and… Ezra under her hopeful attentions. "Don't be shy now, I don't bite. My companions might though, if'ya want to have a go with them." Cue a thumb being jutted over her shoulder to where the other two girls continue to huddle together.

Abigail looks amused as she hears Rayathess. "Aye there are plenty of us.. Though the Weyleader and Kimmila had everything under control as ye can see. Next time they have promised to call the wing in at least." IF there is a next time that is. Her gaze flicks back to Lyreh, whom gets a slight look at the biting comment before she just grins. "An't that sweet.. Some of us bite too." This said with a playful tone, pale blue gaze filled with amusement. She isn't too worried about Borodin hoping up for a dance so just waits to see if one of the others might instead.

When Ezra comments on Kimmila and Th'ero's penchant for saving lads in distress, Solan pairs some of the rumors he's heard together with that little dark edge in Ezra's tone. Curious. "That they do. And I'm /glad/," he smiles, "because I certainly needed the saving." More isn't said on that, though he does nod his head and remark, "Thanks Ezra." Nice thing to say indeed. The young woodworker gazes out at the dance floor, his eyes lingering on the couples moving together there. In combination with the music, it's all a bit much to take in for him. "Are you enjoying living here?" Solan asks, suddenly changing the subject and turning away from the dance floor. Maybe he's just tired of watching the dancing? Or maybe he just wants to focus on the talking? Either way, he misses the spectacle that is Wherry-Boy and Swirly-Girl dancing. "Yes, well sort of," the woodworker nods. "I've been here a few months now, but still know very few. I spend a lot of time cooped up in the Crafter Cavern." He's glad those suspicious looks have faded into unassuming small talk. "Good?" Solan asks Borodin, hearing the crunching. "I have a weakness for salt," he admits with a chuckle. It's then, though, that the Lyreh girl is all up in their group, asking for someone to dance with her and her friends. The brawny woodcrafter looks /anywhere/ but in her direction, which means Solan's gazing now at Abigail. As she mentions biting, he lets out a snicker-chuckle.

The slow song fades into silence and the Harpers take a few moments to drink up. Then, as if with one mind, they nod to each other and instruments are raised. The singer has plucked a second gitar from its stand and plucks a few fast-paced notes across it. The others begin playing too - something happy and swift - as the dancers below shift gears and get into the thrum. On the far wall - to the left people walk in - is a snack table laden with meats, crackers, cheese, cider, and more. A small group of people stands there talking rather than dancing. Solan, Abigail, Ezra, Rayathess, and Borodin are among them.

Angelique shuffle-limps in, pausing in the doorway to peer about the room. Rumor of the sound of laughing and talking eventually filtered it's way towards her so she decided to check it out. Still stubbornly not using a crutch like perhaps she should she simply leans against the door and watches.

Ezra glances from Xavier to Polana and then back to Solan. "That your girl?" the teen whispers softly. Because he's a teenage boy, he can pick up on the drama. Glancing at his brother, he snorts and lets his sleeve go, sipping his cider. Lifting his chin a bit when Lyreh has the nerve to ask him to /dance/, the younger Stonehaven scoffs a bit. And he looks back at Solan. "The weyr has been good to us," he says, a bit formally and a bit stiffly. "But I am looking forward to returning home." Lifting a hand, he briefly fidgets with the knot he wears. Swallowing, he looks a little bit awkward, eyes darting around. But then he's looking over at the other two girls and with a gulp of his cider (liquid courage, even if it's not alcoholic) he strides over to them. "Either of you ladies like to dance?" the teenage heir asks hopefully. Please don't shoot him down, please don't shoot him down.

Xavier starts to get the hang of it as the music changes he gives a slight sigh, he's following Polana's lead the best he can which is to say not that bad but still no master dancer but he is avoiding braking anything and has yet to step on Polana's feet. He's feeling pretty confident now except for when he looks into Polana's eyes which when he looks up he does and blushes more before looking back down.
Borodin glances to Solan. "Uhm. It's okay," he says of the pretzel, and puts the rest of it into his mouth. Chomp. Chomp. Nope. Can't talk. Especially not about what the Weyr does about helping people or any of that. He's got his mouth full, see. He listens, though, and watches the expressions on faces - Rayathess, mostly, but he looks to Lyreh as she asks for a dance, then glances back to Ezra. Borodin frowns, and from there he glimpses Solan looking away, and… gulp. That'd be him, swallowing down the pretzel. It's dry and salty. Not the best for his throat, but oh well. "Uh," he says to Lyreh, and stands up (almost) straight. "I could dance. If you want to. But I'm not very good."

Hey, he might not be a master dancer but he's certainly better than before with her in the lead! When he looks into her eyes she does not blush, well, maybe she blushes a little, but gives a small encouraging smile. And suddenly the music changes. /If it hadn't been for Cotton-Eye Joe/ /I'ld been married long time ago/ /Where did you come from where did you go/ /Where did you come from Cotton-Eye Joe/ Suddenly she freezes, completely unsure of how to dance to this new music. Slowdancing, graceful dancing, that is her thing, not /this/. Polana sends a desperate glance to both Xavier and Solan that says one thing, 'save me, I'll make a fool of myself'.

Rayathess looks ready to say something snarky to Abigail concerning the Weyrleader and Kimmila, though he promptly bites his tongue. Not… the best place to bring it up. "Guess that is just how it worked out then," he mutters instead, with a sidelong look to Solan that is once again lingering in a not-so comfortable way. Cue more awkward? Truthfully, he's just trying to puzzle the woodcrafter out, but is failing. Starting a bit at the question, Rayathess can only blink and then shrug his shoulders. "The Weyr has been more than kind to me." Except that rough patch there when he was first dragged in. Literally. "And it's been… an adjustment for sure. Can't say I'm unhappy though. A Crafter then?" Rayathess will tilt his head a bit then, trying to get a better look at Solan's knot or badge (if he wears one) to determine his rank only to look a touch surprised when Ezra moves off. Hey! Way to leave him here!

Lyreh quirks a brow as she slowly pins Abigail under her gaze and then grins. "Do you?" she quips right back and with a harsh but low laugh. Not out of malice, she actually is amused, her voice just isn't… a delicate one. "Maybe I'll have to ask you for a dance then, if you're not against a girl-girl pairing." She'll give Solan another once-over, but it's Borodin who steps up (sort of?) to accept and she smiles rather smugly. "Don't matter to me! And I do want to. So come on, before the good songs end," And she'll offer her hand for the taking but if Borodin lingers too long he may just find his arm being hooked with hers as she all but leads (drags?) him out to dance. She is no dancer either, not exactly some graceful beauty. She's rough around the edges but… she makes it work. "Careful she doesn't shoot you in the foot," Rayathess mutters in dripping sarcasm, perhaps to Borodin or to any close enough to hear. As for the two girls Ezra approaches, they simply stare at him as if shocked. Deer in the headlights! Until the one nudges the other square in the back. "Go on!" is hissed and the girl stumbles forwards to peer (or is it glare?) at the younger Stonehaven. "I'm Laurali." she offers in a 'lets get this over with?' tone.

Abigail merely watches Lyreh, an amused look offered back and she soon chuckles. "Oh.. Now yer interested in things that bite?" She shakes her head a touch. "Not likely to happen, unless during a flight." There is a pause as she catches the hand moving towards her brother, there is a glance sent to Borodin before she hears Rayathess comment on the shooting bit. "She better not.." Is grumbled out. Yes she is protective over her brother.

Before Solan can answer Ezra, the young man is moving off to pair up. Fine. He didn't really want to answer that question anyway. Like, /really/ didn't want to answer it. So when Rayathess is asking questions, Solan is nodding. "Woodcrafter, yes." The knot isn't present. He is, after all, not working right now. "Apprentice," he answers the follow up question the likely follow up question. See? Not a Holder. Not a Rider. Not even the child of someone important. Just a woodcrafter, though he's perfectly fine with that. Polana's pleading look bounces off Solan's back as he continues talking to the elder brother. "I'm glad you've both adjusted but when will you go back home?" He really doesn't understand how the two have come to Fort Weyr beyond the most modest of details. Feeling the need to clarify, he stutters, "N-not that I'm saying you /should/ go. Just, I mean," sigh, "Ezra seems anxious to be there." That's all he meant, honest. Head turning towards Abigail and Lyreh, Solan finds himself wondering how this is all going to go down. Is it Sao all over again? He hopes not. Spotting Angelique, he gives the woman a wave.

Angelique steps in, peering about. Food set out. Music from..somwhere? Sticking to the edge of the room she seems content to see what's going on and who's here. Solan's given a wave and Abigail is noticed as well. aha, a Rider! But she doesn't want to interrupt anything yet so she stays and watches.

If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, then the daughter of my enemy is my…dance partner? As Ezra graciously takes Laurali's hand to lead her onto the floor, he blinks at her and coughs. Or is that choking? "You're Laurali? Your father…" Uh. Awkward. "I'm Ezra. Stonehaven." Yeah, his last name gets its own sentence. Subject /and/ verb, baby.

Xavier slowly goes to give Polana a hug, "Thanks for the dance Polana, but I think we should take a break." He saw her worried glance and assumed that it was his poor dancing so he offers her a way out.

Does Borodin want to dance? …no, actually. Not really. But the others were looking funny at Lyreh and so… well, he probably won't fall on his face. How bad can it be? "Uhm, okay." He takes the offered hand - might as well get this over with - and while he hears the muttered comment from Rayathess, he just glances that way with a frown before letting himself be drawn off to the dance floor. (And without even introducing himself first!) The music's fast now, but at least that means there'll be less chance for anyone to see any individual mistake. Borodin on the dancefloor is… well, he's got a halfway decent sense of rhythm, so his feet keep moving more or less when they're supposed to. Where is harder, but he mostly avoids stepping on toes. It's just sort of flaily when it comes to picking a direction. But, hey, between him and Lyreh, they'll probably clear a decent amount of space for their dancing as everyone else tries to dodge. Win?

She notices that Solan does not respond to her look, but also notices that he is talking to someone and has his back turned, so she decides not to hold a grudge and brushes it off. Now, if it was Borodin(and she didn't owe Borodin and need to impress him) or most people it would be the start of a festering grudge. Never let it be said that Polana is not biased. At Xavier's words she gives a relieved laugh before exclaiming, "thank Faranth! I have no idea how I'd dance to that song." No, Xavier, it is not your dancing that's the problem. With that she whips around and heads back to the group, exclaiming once she arrives, "whoever switched to that song is a /sadist/.'

Lyreh doesn't seem to mind if the dance floor clears space for them, nor does she nitpick or rag on poor Borodin, though she does give him a few fleeting glances. Curious? Puzzled? Flirting, perhaps? Could be all or none, but she does chuckle at one point as she side-steps around him in a clever way, avoiding having her feet pinched beneath his and still appear to be dancing. "So who are you, anyways, mystery partner of mine?" No, she is definitely no Sao. She's actually quite harmless… unless Rayathess upsets her. But Rayathess is hardly sparing her a look, save for what he hopes is an inconspicuous darting one now and again as he talks to Solan. "Woodcrafter? I used to do my fair share of woodwork too. Still do but… not as an official Craft." More of a hobby now, if anything. The elder Stonehaven's expression then darkens, taking the woodcrafter's remark as an insult at first before the hasty amending begins. Then it clears and he snorts, smirking. "Ezra just received heir as title. As for Stonehaven it…" He fumbles, frowning. They're at a dance, must he bring all the details up? "…needs repairing." He nutshells it. To say the very least! To Abigail, Rayathess shakes his head and despite his earlier comment he explains in a lowered tone. "She won't hurt him. Trust me. If anyone is at risk, it's me and I ain't about to go pissing her off." Again.
Of all the girls to pick, Ezra picks her. Laurali looks just as uncomfortable as he does, though she knows him by his name, she does not know him otherwise. Still, she'll try to take his hand all the same and leave it to him to lead. "… was Hatskel." she fills in for him with a twisted smirk. Thanks for bringing that up? "I know yo…ur name." Mumble. So awkward. At least she can dance?

Abigail tilts her head as shew atches a few moments more, a slight nod seen once she hears Rayathess. "She best not." Her gaze flicks over to him as she ponders why the other would try to sink his claws into him. Though she doesn't question it at the moment. She shifts on over towards the drink table to get a drink, while still half listening to those near by. Why yes she is a rider. She catches sight of Angelique on her short trip back to where she was, a smile and wave offered to her.

And we're onto something not quite fast but not exactly a slow dirge, either. The song oscillates between the two extremes, the twin gitars strumming a graceful thrum that slows and hastens along the melody line. Singer is singing; it's a breathy sort of performance, the words studded with heartfelt emotion that's imbued with a sense of fun yet hesitancy. Totally appropriate for young people so insecure in themselves and their relations with others, even as they twirl on the dance floor in time with the song. Soon, though, the pace picks up and the chorus is faster, more joyous, more accented. It's great fun to move to while providing a slower dance rhythm than the sadist song. The elderly couple seems to /know/ this one for they're singing along as they move in their pace, eyes never leaving each other as they swirl.

"Really?" Solan asks as admission of woodwork is expressed. This is sort of exciting, you see, and that enthusiasm burgeons bright until Rayathess' features and tone are darkening. That is, of course, until they're not, and things are back to being cordial and nice. It's like an emo roller coaster with all the pained emotions flying back and forth, up and down, and bottom to top in here. "I see," the crafter is nodding, "well, if there's anything I can do to help, I'd like to. I'm pretty good with my hands," Solan smiles, holding up two meaty paws that look like they'd easily handle a large hammer. Oblivious to Polana's look - and to she and Xavier's meandering back towards them - Solan turns back just in time for the pair to be right. In. his. Face! "Uh, hello," he smiles politely. "Sadist? Why?" he asks.

Angelique pauses a moment but it seems that Abigail isn't dancing or involved in any major conversation with anyone so it's Abigail that Angelique approaches, returning the smile. "Heya Abigail, just the person I was looking for. I've a rider question for you if you've a moment."

Ezra clears his throat as he makes adjustments to the tempo of the dance, his hand on her waist as he leads them off. And…surprise? He's actually fairly good. A bit gangly and a bit awkward, but that can be explained by youth and puberty and growing. The skill is no doubt there. "Hatskel. Yes. So. Why are you in Fort?" Coming from anyone /else/, it might be a casual conversation starter. But, well. Nothing is easy with Ezra. And maybe the dance will be fast enough that they don't have to talk? One would hope, right, as Ezra leads her without hesitation.

Xavier slightly frowns while he looks between Solan and Polana, "Sorry, I should get going, thought it was great dancing with you Polana, I'm glad I didn't step on your toes." He gives her a awkward smile a slight blush on his face. "Hope you all have a good night." He turns to leave before giving Polana a kiss on the cheek and storming out leaving really quickly.

"…sorry," Borodin mumbles to the floor when he happens to notice one of his near-misses. Maybe it's not his feet that people should worry about. He's oblivious to the worried looks (besides, he's used to the ones from Abbey), and tries to keep dancing. "Oh," he says as he realizes he forgot his name. Oops? His ears turn slightly pink, not from exertion. "I'm, uhm, Borodin. A… vintner apprentice. Here." Obviously. What with being here. Borodin shrugs, hunching up his shoulders, and then… the music changes. Just when he was getting used to it, too! He tries to adjust. But! Wait. Fast again? Stumble-trip-flail!

At Solan's question her nose scrunches up and a look of pure exasperation crosses her face. She takes her hands and begins gesturing the gestures of one having trouble to find the words. "I just… who can dance to that song!? This is supposed to be a dance party of some sort, right? If I got out there I'd look like a awkward little dragon hatchling." Her voice gets low and grace as she says, "I /cannot/ look like that around so many people." There is fear in her voice, fear of humiliation. Suddenly Xavier says that he has to go and… kisses her? Yes, kisses her on the cheek. Polana is shocked, entirely unsure of how to react. She doesn't know what the kiss the other night was, he was sad, she cared about him, and wanted to make him feel better. A million things are whirling through her head and it shows. Unfortunately she does not have time to say anything as Xavier is soon hurrying off, only giving her time for a slow wave. Confusion is on her face as she looks back at Solan. What's going on? Polana certainly doesn't know.

Welcome to Fort Weyr? Even when things are 'quiet' there is some sort of roller coaster ride you'll fall into eventually. Today it seems to be an emotional one, though for the record Rayathess is behaving considerably well, considering how he used to react. Just the mention of his past, implied or direct, would trip him off. Now? He seems almost passive about discussing it… to a degree. "Guess that's why Kimmila brought it up that you should meet us. Both my brother and I used to do work with stone and wood. Never as Apprentices though. You're posted here then?" More questions. As Polana approaches though, Rayathess gives her one good long look before promptly snickering into his cider as he takes another sip. Poor Solan, but the eldest Stonehaven isn't about to step in between them. "She won't." he goes to reassure Abigail again and gives her a look. Honest! On his… honor or something. Does he even have any? He'll nod politely to Angelique then, but his eyes drift once more to where Lyreh is dancing and briefly he looks — jealous. Jealous of Borodin!

Lyreh only grins and continues to 'dance' either with or around Borodin in some mockery of the form, but not to mock him. She just has no skill but rather than try to yield to the 'norm' she goes right outside of it. So what if it's earning them looks! "Vintner, huh? Good Craft! Won't ever be lackin' for work, will ya Borodin?" Then there's a tempo change and even SHE isn't going to attempt that, though she'll try to reach out and steady Borodin as he stumble-trip-flails with another one of her gruff laughs. "Woah there! I think I'm done. We're both gonna end up tangled together in a mess." Maybe Ezra is having better luck? Laurali pairs him well, managing to keep rhythm and pace even if she's constantly staring at her feet and narrow when he goes to ask her so bluntly. "Cause I got no where else?" Duh? Jerk. "Don't like the Holds, they're too stuffy. Tried to rough it but…" Well, that ended badly.

Abigail smiles as she hears Angelique and nods. "Sure.. Ask away. I'll do me best to answer it for ye, how's that?" As for Lyreh she'll have to take Rayathess word, and yes she does believe him it seems. She takes a sip from her mug before pointing to a seat. "Do ye need to sit down Angelique?" Well the other does have a hurt ankle after all. Her pale gaze driftsoff towards Borodin and Lyreh, her head lifting a bit to make sure all is well. Which it almost wasn't, but she doesn't go running into to help.

With an "Ah," Solan signals his understanding. The girl's seemingly genuinely fear causes the woodcrafter to wonder deeply about a few things. What's the big deal about looking silly while dancing? Most people do as, comparatively, few are actually trained in the art. Before he can inquire further, though Xavier has to go and is kissing Polana on the cheek. Now /he/ is kissing /her/? It's all he can do not to roll his eyes before adopting a fake smile and saying, "It was good seeing you Xavier." There's a touch of something in his eyes but what, exactly, isn't clear. Polana is looking to him as Xavier leaves but Solan isn't the best source of understanding right now. Turning again to Rayathess, the woodworker nods to notion of common trade bringing them together. "Maybe so. Kimmila usually has pretty good reasons for the things she does. And I really /do/ want to help if I can," though he has no idea of the extent of the damage to the hold they speak of. As to whether he's posted here, Solan nods, "Yes, to finish my apprenticeship and become a Journeyman. It's kind of exciting," he admits sheepishly. "Much better than being stuck in Woodcraft Hall."

Angelique inclines her head towards Ray politely though mostly her attention is on Abigail. She's on a mission! "The oils for the dragons. Where are those gotten from?" at the question posed to her she shakes her head. "I'm fine for now, thanks." Most of her weight is on the other foot and she's leaning casually against the wall.

Ezra just smirks a little bit, before he laughs when a difficult step has him stumbling. "Whoops, sorry, hope I didn't get your feet…" He glances at her and nods. "Roughing it is hard," he says quietly, looking down for a moment and avoiding her gaze. "Is the weyr good to you?" he asks, this time sounding genuinely curious as he offers his hand up, inviting her to spin.

"Uhm, yeah, there's… everyone likes drinks…" Borodin agrees with a bobble of his head, and then he's flailing and foundering and being helped by Lyreh and… not falling down! Yay! "Uh, thanks," he says, and stands there for a moment instead of trying to dance again. "I, uhm, yeah. That… I'd rather not fall down." He sorta-smiles, and ducks his head. "Uhm, thanks for dancing with me." Such as it was. And then… he's going to try making his way out of the crowd before too many people start glaring at him for blocking the dance floor.
Suddenly Solan seems… cold. And this time she notices. That smile, it looks just a tad fake, and she should know, she's made plenty of fake smiles in her time. He says goodbye to Xavier before… turning around and completely ignoring her. Although she tries to hide it there is a look of hurt on Polana's face, followed by a sound of insult with just a tad of hurt in it as well. Without saying anything to anyone else she turns around and walks out, head down and refusing to look at anyone.

"Help? How…" Rayathess begins to ask, only for it to slowly sink on. Oh. His cheeks flush with color and his jaw tenses, along with most of his posture. Solan's request was just an honest one and genuine too, but the elder Stonehaven is taking it as far more than it needs to be. All he has to do is make some polite dismissive remark, right? Instead he only mutters as he wills himself to relax. "You'll have to ask my brother on that. Stonehaven is his now… I'm awaiting to see if I am bound to Harper Hall." Awkward? Yet now he's peering curiously at the woodcrafter again, all thoughts of Lyreh and the dance (he doesn't even clue in to who Ezra is dancing with!) forgotten. "Was it easy enough being posted elsewhere? Finding a Journeyman, I mean, to take you on." Polan's abrupt departure has Rayathess blinking, watching her storm out and then glancing sharply back to Solan. "I think you pissed her off." he points out dryly.

Lyreh only grins (toothily!) to Borodin and goes as far as to brush off some imaginary dirt off of his tunic sleeve once she's managed to keep him from toppling over. "Don't mention it and neither would I!" She seems amused by his shy and awkward behavior, watching him as he ducks his head and sorta-smile. "Welcome! Anytime, if we ever cross paths at a dance floor again. You ain't half bad as a partner!" Minus many things? Lyreh will follow him back, but soon drift away, disappearing for a moment among the crowds. Meanwhile, Laurali doesn't quite laugh as Ezra stumbles, but she does at least smile. "Nope. Quicker than you." she mumbles and then looks away again. Riiight. Oops? "Fort and Xanadu were both good to me. Guess that's the only reason why I stay…" She'll take that invitation to spin too. "And you?"

Abigail ahs and blinks as she hears the question from Angelique. She ponders this question. "I suppose it depends.. Some people make ther own, some get them from special shops. Others from the weyr and so forth.." A slight shrug is seen. "Why, interested in starting a new market of dragon oil? I know there was a bunch out there, an it would be a great excuse to use to get back at it for yer ankle an so forth." She catches sight of Polana storming off and lifts a brow before peering back towards Solan and Rayathess pondering if she missed something or if that is just normal Polana behavior.

"Well if there's rebuilding to be done," Solan nods, "I've got a lot of experience." Silly woodworker. Obviously he doesn't know all the details. "Well alright then," he says, "I'll see if he wants some assistance. So you're a harper, then?" Hey, that's kind of great. "What do you play? Or do you sing?" But Rayathess is asking questions and so Solan stumbles to answer, "My father set it up. He knows one of the journeymen working here. Getelle," he clarifies the man's identity. Before he can say more, Polana is suddenly walking away, her head down and her gait quick. Why? Because he didn't immediately engage when her new boyfriend left? "I don't know what /I/ did to make /her/ mad," and from his tone, it seems like maybe the crafter feels justified in being irritated himself. Even so, his tone is kept neutral as Polana disappears from the hall. Of course, then his baby bronze is scrambling up his next and into his hair, chittering quite a bit of disapproval down at the man. Solan sighs, catching Abigail's questioning look and doesn't exactly now how to respond.

Angelique's gaze follows Polana's perhaps not so graceful exit but doesn't remark on it. Instead she chuckles a little to the question posed to her from Abigail. "Oh no..not starting a new market though I suppose it could be an interesting hobby to take up." once she learns..oh everything needed to learn about /how/ to make the oils. "Actually I was more interested in obtaining some with a certain erm…scent. For a friend of mine." one who obviously has a dragon.

Ezra lets her spin and then sweeps her off across the floor again. "Fort has been very good to me," he murmurs, glancing down at the knot on his shoulder for a moment. "But soon it'll be time to fix up Stonehaven and go back home." He looks at her for a moment, brows furrowed, and then offers to spin her again. Surely the song is ending soon, right? This is getting horribly awkward.

"Uh, okay, I won't," Borodin agrees to Lyreh with an awkward smile. "I, uhm, no. Definitely not half." Maybe all? But, still, a little bit of a smile lingers, even if he's got his hands shoved in his pockets again by the time he's off the dance floor entirely and… uh… where to now? Well, he could use a drink, so… he heads that way, bobbing his head to those still lingering near the snack table as he gets a mug of cider.

Rayathesss' grip on his mug of cider grows tighter and he'll stare down at the contents (now so very low) while Solan takes his turn in asking questions. "Not a Harper yet, but my application is pending. I'm… a bit old to be an Apprentice. They may not be willing to accept someone so late." he admits with a smirk. "I've no talent yet with an instrument, but I can sing decently. I guess with practice I'll be… a bit more than decent? Truthfully I am going for Law…" Which makes some sense, given his background. "Ahh, so you're from a Crafter family then?" As for the situation with Polana, Rayathess can only shake his head, drain the rest of his drink and shrug. "Welcome to the enigma that are women, Solan. Just be thankful you didn't get an arrow shot through your foot." That latter bit is muttered as low as he can manage to the woodcrafter. Certain ears shouldn't overhear that!

Ezra will be spared, as Laurali will only continue a little longer and then stop… notably both when their conversation turns so awkwardly stalled and when Lyreh parts with Borodin and vanishes. "You're the lucky one." she tells the teen, meant to be complimentary but it falls so very flat. Then she is stepping back, offering a half curtsey that may be more mocking than polite as she drawls, "Thanks for the dance, Ezra Stonehaven." And then swiftly she is off! Back to her companion by the wall and they return to hovering along the edges.

Abigail watches Solan a moment, pondering before she turns her attention back to Angelique. A soft smile is seen and she nods. "What scent might it be?" This questioned with a curious tone. "The reason I ask is. I'm going to be visiting a friend over at Xanadu Weyr in a few days. There is a shop there that sells scented oils. I can see if they have what yer looking for?"

And end it does. As the instruments go silent, breaths are taken and now the singer sings without accompaniment. It's another sad, sad song - why are so many Harper songs such downers? - that dwells on missed opportunities and people passing like ships in the night. As the chorus is reached, the gitar player comes in slowly, the strumming deep and low, while the reed pipe toots somber notes of loss. Depressing it may be but it has the intended effect. After two songs full of life and vigor, this one gives tired feet a chance to rest. It also encourages the more romantic to appreciate the person held in their arms, moving in closer and perhaps hugging more than dancing. And as they do, the dancers might notice little bits of torn up paper drifting down from the ceiling. How it's done may be forgotten as the illusion of falling snow prevails.

With a huff, Solan is shaking his head. "I've /never/ understood them. Men either," he remarks, disappointment infusing his tone. Reaching up, he gently removes the bronze from his hair and places him again on a shoulder. Message received: he'll try to find Polana later on and apologize for whatever he did to upset her. When Rayathess explains his harperly aspirations, the woodcrafter shrugs and offers, "You never know. Sometimes the best students are the older ones who /want/ to learn. And yes," he nods, "grew up in Lemos. My father's a woodcrafter, my mother's a cook." Thinking back to the arrow remark, Solan laughs and says, "It's not too late. She could still come back with a bow" But let's hope not? "Welcome back," is offered to Borodin.

Angelique is actually paying little attention to the music or dancing as her goal was actually to find a rider. And she has! So her attention is mostly on Abigail. "I'm looking for a woodsy scent. Like a campfire in the woods..burning leaves. That sort of thing. Scents found in the woods in Autumn."

Ezra gives Laurali a holder bow in reply, frowning a bit as he watches her hasten off. Then he's taking hasty steps to get to the sidelines again, standing close to his brother as he gets another mug of cider. "Hi again," he says, before glancing at his brother. "Do you know who that /was/?" Then he's grabbing some food, glancing around at the others, giving Angelique a curious look. "For what?"
Long distance to Moyrel: Rayathess cheers! And no worries. I'm still in a scene here too. :) We can try later tonight or another day?

"Uhm, thanks," Borodin says to Solan, and has a sip of his cider, glancing up at Rayathess over the edge of it and then lowering it to look out onto the dance floor once again. Ezra, when he returns, is given a small nod, and then Borodin's gaze wanders. Hmm. Where'd Polana go? This seems like the sort of song she'd like, now.

Rayathess notices those drifting bits of paper. How could he not? He's staring at them with a mixed look of wonder and suspicion, as if they pose any sort of threat! Glancing back to Solan, the young man only shrugs. "Don't try too. And men, really?" Now he's giving the woodcrafter another look, studying him. Trying to puzzle out, perhaps, if he swings both ways? Not that Rayathess will just outright blurt that but the comment has him assuming such. "That's my reasoning too. Shouldn't be left out just cause of my age. It's not… like I could have gone at the right time anyhow." For many, many reasons. Rayathess nods his head then, "From Lemos? Long way to travel." There's a pause as he casts his glance out to the crowds, as if half expecting Lyreh to return RIGHT then but nothing happens. He exhales, "Don't put that thought in my head OR give her the idea. Though honestly it was a fluke to start." As Ezra returns, Rayathess will try to steal some of that food his younger brother snares, all while mumbling. "Wasn't paying attention. Who was the lucky girl?"

Abigail ahs softly and nods with a smile ashe ponders this. "I'll look into it. if they have anything that seems to match so ye can have an idea or what to really look for?" Well it is an idea. She glances to Ezra and smiles to him. "She wants to get something for a friend." A glance is sent back to see whom all is still around while she takes a sip from her mug.

Angelique grins a bit sheepishly towards Ezra. "Scented oil for a friend." a pause. "Well for the friend's bronze actually. He likes things to do with Autumn." back to Abigail she smiles. "That would be so helpful. Thank you!"

The woodcrafter merely shrugs in reply. "Sure, why not? I'm not ashamed of it." Though it isn't to say he's had much experience there. "I like both. Always have," Solan remarks without apology. "Right," he agrees, "I'm sure there are teachers willing to take you on. There's got to be. Especially if you've some talent," the woodworker smiles kindly. As Rayathess looks to the floating 'snow,' so, too, does Solan. Though the light of the glows doesn't reach the tall ceiling well - especially in the shadowed, central dome - the young man thinks he sees some kind of motion up there. With a thought, the silver-clawed bronze flits from his shoulder and zips up, up, and away, flying upward towards the source of the drifting flakes. A moment later, Solan is chuckling. "There are firelizards up there, dropping the paper bits in small clumps," he explains to Rayathess. Ezra is welcomed back and, to both he and Borodin, the woodcrafter asks, "Did you have fun out there?"

"Laurali," Ezra says, fixing Rayathess with a /look/. He should know that name, right? "Did Lyreh leave already?" he says with a frown, "you didn't dance with her? You should have…" Looking at Angelique, the boy blinks, only to laugh when she clarifies it's for his /dragon/. Because…Ezra's mind went a different way with it. Looking at Solan, the teen nods. "Yeah, it was alright…you're a woodcrafter, right?"
Borodin's listening has given him some clue about the conversation between Solan and Rayathess, and he adds in, "It, uhm, depends a lot on who. Whether they're willing to take an older apprentice." Borodin's an example of one who came late, himself. "So, uh, good luck," he says to Rayathess, then glances to Solan. …fun. Is dancing supposed to be fun? "Uh, it was fine." A look to Ezra at the mention of Lyreh, and then Borodin looks perplexed.

Rayathess has no comment on the matter, though he's looking a touch perplexed at Solan now. So he only shakes his head and allows that conversation to slide. With his track record just handling women well… he's no expert on the matter. "I guess I'll just have to rely on my talent alone then," he muses with a crooked smile to the woodcrafter. The paper explained, the older Stonehaven simply chuckles dryly. "Clever. But I'd hate to be the one to clean all this up." Then Borodin is speaking up and Rayathess blinks, fixing the Vintner apprentice with a curious and intent stare. "Oh? So there is a chance then?" he asks and then pieces it together. "You had to do the same, I take it? Did they ply a different application on you or…?" Information! Rayathess wants it, apparently but his attention is drawn to Ezra then and his features visibly pale. "Laurali? Lyreh and Laurali are here?" he mutters low. Yes, he does recall the name it seems. Rayathess then snorts, scoffing. "Yeah, no. That'd not end well and you know that, Ezra." Glancing about, he is suddenly stepping back and away. "I've… got to go. This is all getting to my head…" The cider? "Pleasure meeting you all. Enjoy the night!" And then… he's gone and out the door. His poor brother now is on his own!

Abigail catches bit of conversation from the others, a smile and nod is seen as she hears Angelique. "Sure thing. I bet I can ask 'em where they get there scents and can try to get some names for ye even." With names one can get other things after all. Maybe like samples and so forth.

Angelique looks thrilled at that possibility from Abigail. "I can't wait to learn what you find out. Thank you so much!" with a glance around she adds. "I should go sit somewhere again." a chagrined smile appears. "Healers say I can be /on/ the foot but limited time only." and she's hit her limit!

"I should probably go, too," Solan says to Ezra and Borodin. Abigail and Angelique are nearby but not exactly /in/ the group right now. Even so, he's offering them both a wave. "I've got two hungry firelizards to feed and a very early morning. This was fun though," he says, looking around as /some/ of those dancing couples are actually kissing. Ugh. With a sigh that's more mental than physical, he looks away from the dance floor and smiles to Ezra. "Nice meeting you. And yes, I am," he confirms. "If there's ever anything I can do to help with your hold," Solan offers, "please let me know. I'd be happy to assist. Borodin," he nods to the vintner. With a final wave, he's moving away from the group and out into the hallway beyond.

Ezra looks a bit surprised at Solan's offer. Perhaps it's the first time he's had such an offer? But he nods just the same, watching him go. Then Rayathess is bailing too, and the young man hesitates before deciding to stay where he is. Maybe he can get a few more dances in. "Did I hear that you're a vinter?" he asks, slowly approaching Borodin.

"It… wasn't really an application." Borodin shrugs to Rayathess. "I found a journeyman who wanted to sponsor me," or maybe the journeyman found him, "and, uh, he made it happen." The personal touch is good like that. "But, uh, yeah. There's a chance." He trails off as Rayathess talks with Ezra and then departs, giving a wave to him - and Solan as well, when the woodcrafter starts to do the same. He takes another sip of his cider, then lowers it as Ezra approaches. "Uhm," he says, and there's a certain wariness as he nods. "Yes. But, uh, only an apprentice."

Abigail glances after the ones that are leaving, a wave offered before she turns back to looking to see whom all is around still. She moves on over to be back where Borodin and Ezra now. "I think I best go take care of a few things. Ye all have fun now." This said with wink, hoping they do at least. She has paperwork to and deal with it seems.

Ezra is left with Borodin as the rest of the group departs, and the teen hesitates. But he's got to get used to being social, right? So he straightens his shoulders and smiles. "That must be nice, being able to apprentice and stay here at the weyr. What's, uh, your favorite thing to make?"

Social is easy, just don't do what Borodin does? He nods, though. "Uhm, yeah. It's… I wouldn't mind going somewhere else, I guess, but I've, uh, settled in here. So it's good." He shrugs. "Besides, they're probably happier that way. I'd be too old to go in the apprentice dorms." He might teach the impressionable youngsters bad habits. "I… like beers. They're not as intense as the spirits, but there's a lot of range to them. Lots of things to try."

Ezra nods with a slight grimace. "That's what my brother is worried about. He's much older than most of the apprentices. He's used to having his own space." Doors. That lock, and all that. Then his nose wrinkles. "I tried beer - well, ale, are they the same thing? - for the first time a few days ago. I, uh, wasn't a fan. I like the hard stuff, I guess, mixed in with juices." This is a teen that doesn't like to taste his alcohol.

Borodin nods to those concerns. "I'm in a shared room here. But, uh, that's still not the same as being in a dorm." Only one other person to complain about. At least until that other person brings home others still… and then Borodin's finding himself a couch in the lower caverns somewhere. "Ale is… well. Mostly the same. There's a lot of kinds of beer. Ale is some of them." Borodin shrugs. "There's a lot can be done with mixed drinks. I'll get bartender training at some point." But he hasn't. Yet.

Ezra smiles a little bit. "You should talk to Inri if you want bartender training. Unofficial, anyway, but she's very good at it." Watching folks drift on and off the dance floor, he keeps his eyes on a few young ladies around his age, but doesn't approach any of them. Not yet, he's chilling.

"Uhm, yeah, maybe I should." Borodin returns a small smile. "If she's not busy. But… I don't want to be a bartender, anyhow. I'm just supposed to know it, for vintnering. I'd rather stay away from the bar." At least from the serving drinks side of it. "Too much talking to people."

Ezra nods, exhaling heavily. "Yeah, I know what you mean," the boy says, looking out across the dance floor again. Anything to just stand there and stare awkwardly at Borodin. "So you just make the drinks and supply them, and be happy." He smiles. "Sounds great."

Borodin shrugs a little, hunching his shoulders and then relaxing them. So, now that the conversation's established that conversation is overrated… what now? Borodin smiles. "Pretty much. I mean, it's a lot of work, and you've got to get it right or a month along you'll find out you wasted it all, but… I like how they work together. Maybe I could write those drink-pairings on the menus." It's like advising people about drinks, without ever having to actually talk to them!

Ezra nods, "That's a nice idea," he says, fidgeting a little bit and pushing hair away from his face. "Well, I'm going to go, but it was nice to meet you. Borodin, right?" The young heir offers his hand.

"Uhm, yeah. It was nice to meet you." Borodin takes the offered hand to give it a brief attempting-brisk handshake. "I'll, uh, see you around, I guess." Or something. Assuming Borodin emerges from his brewing rooms again.