Fort Weyr - Gemstone Tavern

The dim lighting by the flicker of candles lining the walls is enough to offer a view of a room decorated in such a way as to be tastefully appealing. Each piece of furniture and decoration is chosen to accent another piece, and so on and so forth, matching and tying the whole room together in a theme that's separate, and yet at the same time unified. Tables line one wall, dimly lit by candles hanging in sconces all along. The bar along the far right wall is made of richly toned mahogany, tooled by a master and polished to shine with the soft glow of wood at its finest.

Candles strategically placed add to the atmosphere, accenting, punctuating. Towards the back is an open fireplace, constantly burning with a bright light, warming the tavern on cold nights and serving as a gathering place for patrons' story-tellings. Across the room, lush pillows and soft-covered floors promote relaxation at ease. Just before the pillows is a long stage, so full of its own vigor and memory - nicks here, marks there, scuffs from footware and other things - that it's possible to imagine the shows put on for the patrons without necessarily seeing the performances.

It's a tavern, not a rowdy bar, so even as the evening hours have settled well in the Gemstone isn't full of rowdy drunks or people screaming at one another. This is something that Inyri, apparently the only staffer on duty, seems to appreciate as she leans one elbow against the bar from her end and simply watches. While there are people drinking at the bar, they're not doing anything except /drinking/, and talking in soft voices to each other. There are a few groups of people at tables, and they're finishing off dinner; a young man is off on the stage playing a quiet drum riff. "Okay," Inyri tells the nearest patron earnestly, in a low voice, after a moment, "if this isn't the calm before the storm, I really am keeping this job forever."

The sound of rustling wings fills the air just outside the tavern as a green lands and her white talons dig into the ground. Paper-thin wings fold before Miki's sliding down Sohnyuoth's side. There's a slightly disapproving snort from the green before she moves to settle down near the trees. As for the rider, well, she simply makes her way into the tavern, a smile playing at the short woman's lips. Eyes the color of ice glance around as she places her hands on her hips. "What? No dancing tonight? Where's the party?" The sentence said to everyone and no one at the same time. She makes her way to the bar, slipping onto a stool and shooting a grin at Inyri. "New?" Because Miki hasn't seen her before. "And, can you make something fruity? Realllllly fruity?"

"Most of the band's not here," Inyri explains with a bright smile, one laced with excitement at having yet another person to talk to. Or maybe it's just excitement at getting to see yet another /new/ person. The gentleman she'd been talking to, a glasscrafter if you asked his knot, agrees, "Quiet night, though I'm sure if you wanted to just start dancing, everyone else would join in." That gets Inyri to laugh, as she gets back to business, facing Miki again with an expression much more professional than excitably curious. "Me? Yes, I've been here about a week — I'm Inyri. And you're in luck, I am the alcoholic fruit master of the Northern Continent."

"Mmmm, that's true." The AWLM glances back over her shoulder, tipping her nod at the drummer and giving him a grin. "Think people would join in?" This asked to both Inyri and the glasscrafter. Miki puts an elbow on the man's shoulder, tilting her head at him. "Wanna dance, then?" The childish grin on the woman's face only serves to make her look even younger, as if the 4'10 height wasn't. But then Inyri's statement is catching her attention. "Oh?" Blue eyes widen slightly, the greenie clearly excited. "Then alcoholic fruit drink master….can you make me something amazing? Something sweet, yeah? And pretty colors!"

"They'd better," is Inyri's teasing threat to her consumerate, which includes the glasscrafter; he's getting a pointedly pushy look from her in addition to the greenrider's glance, which he obviously finds positive enough one way or the other. "I would," he tells her, and Inyri presses her hands together. "Perfect. You two dance, I'll mix up a sweet, bright, colorful amazing. How much? A shot, a pint, a highball?"

"Or else you'll spit in their drinks?" This said with a joking wink to Inyri before Miki's tugging at the glasscrafter's sleeve. "Miss bartender," a pause as she turns to the younger girl, "What's your name?" A short sidenote before she's looking at the man again. "Well anyways, Miss bartender is right. We dance while she mixes it up." The greenie tugs at his sleeve as she slips out of her stool. "Hmmmm, dunno! Surprise me or something." Which means that Miki's being particularly indecisive tonight.

"Inyri. Is my name, not the drink — one surprise, coming right up." Miss Bartender grins, pushing away the slight devious smirk that formed in response to the idea of spitting in people's drinks — she'd never do that, would she? — to turn her focus to her army of ingredients. The glasscrafter, on the other hand? Delighted to dance, and once he sees there's an interested pair, the drummer starts kicking together a beat that actually sounds like something worth dancing to. One musical number later, there are two drinks at the bar: for the journeyman, another of what he was having before (it's frothy). For the greenrider? A highball glass filled with a sparkly, fizzy, slightly pulpy drink that is a twisty blend of pink and bright orange in color, with bonus cherry and a fruit slice floating on top.

Miki loves dancing and is rather immersed in all of it. She's moving and grooving and shooting smiles at both drummer and glasscrafter. The tiny woman seems quite reluctant to go back to the bar for her drink, but well, it looks yummy. So back she goes. Rather than slip back onto the stool however, the greenie simply leans on the counter. "I'm Miki. And that drink….looks delicious." She gives a few light hops from one foot to another, her excitement pure and childish. Lashes lower as she takes a sip and then gives another happy hop. "And it tastes amaing too! From now on, you're making my drinks."

The drummer sure had the time of his life, playing a dance tune entirely by himself, but he also seems just as content to settle down back into the background. "Sekran," offers the glasscrafter — it's presumably his name, and he takes a sip of his frothy whatsit and then glances at his watch. "Sekran, who should probably leave after just one more of these." That gets a laugh from Inyri, who, currently otherwise idle-handed, is standing behind the bar and twirling her hair around her finger. "I'm glad you like it! And I am happy to be barmaid on call, so long as I'm still allowed to make other people's drinks too."

Cesran steps into the Gemstone Tavern, from the Tunnel Entrance.
Cesran has arrived.

"Sekran." Miki says the name thoughtfully, as if trying the name out. "I like it." A bright grin is shot to the glasscrafter before she's giggling and leaning over to look at his drink. "What is it?" Curious as ever, that greenie. And then she's snickering a bit and nodding at Inyri. "Of course. Besides, Sohnyuoth and Aniki would kick my tiny butt if they thought I had someone to mix drinks just for me." There's an amused shake of her head before the AWLM is glancing over her shoulder and back towards the fairly quiet tavern. But then again, with it behing just past 8, there hasn't been time for it to go crazy or anything just yet.

Inyri's still behind the bar — she does ever leave it, like to serve food, but hasn't needed to in a bit! — and schmoozing with the clientele, that being Miki and glasscrafter Sekran, the latter of whom seems to appreciate the affection for his name. As for his drink? "It's beer," he says. "Plain, simple, straightforward and boring, but part of a routine I'd never give up." Which gets an Inyri eyeroll and commentary of, "I have worked here seven days and he has done the same thing every night already. Wait, your /dragon/ would want to share drinks? Or at least I'm assuming Sohnyuoth," she pronounces the name cautiously, just in case, "is yours."

"Hmmm, I thought she might've mixed something fancy in. I'd say that I like it, but…it's not sweet enough for me." There's another grin and wink of blue eye towards the glasscrafter before Miki takes another sip of her own fruity cocktail. "Every single day? I'll have to come more often than." The teasing words come from the tiny woman before she's grinning and nodding at Inyri once more. "Mhm, Sohnyu's my darling. But she wouldn't want to share, she'd probably try and chase said drinker away….which wouldn't be too hard with my brother's help." It reallllly wouldn't.

Cesran comes in from the kitchens and he's wiping off his hands on a towel. He gives a polite smile to Inyri, "The refrigeration unit is fixed. There has been a rash of them breaking down, but it's an easy enough fix." He wipes off his face and he gives a polite smile to Miki, "Hello there."

K'drozen meanders into the Gemstone Tavern, from the Tunnel Entrance.
K'drozen has arrived.

Miki gives a quick nod and smile to the techcraft apprentice. "Heya. Didn't I tell you to have more fun or something? Take a break." There's a grin before the AWLM is also taking another sp. "No no. Sohnyuoth wouldn't be interested in sharing drinks. She wouldn't want drinks, or me to have them either. She and Aniki would chase off the drink-maker if I had one." The AWLM continues to lean against the counter, popping a piece of fruit from the drink into her mouth. It's still fairly early in the evening, a bit after 8, and the tavern's also fairly quiet…..for now.

Cesran smiles at Inyri, "Sure some food sounds good, now that it won't all go to waste." He looks over at Miki, "Alas the life of a techcrafter apprentice doesn't given too many opportunities for breaks, but fortune is on my side as this was the last job for the day for me." He sits down on the other side of the bar next to Miki.

K'drozen makes his way tiredly into the bar giving a nod to those frew he knows as he enter and approachs the bar.

"Hello, sir," Inyri greets K'drozen, just as chipperly as she'd greeted the others that day — that is to say, a lot. Inyri, always glad to see people. Even if they're not paying her. "Get you something? Or maybe you're just here for the scenery? And, okay," shift back to previous subject, "Dragon who doesn't much like drinking. I hope she's not inclined to chase me, I do like my job. And as for food, let's see. Fried tubers, apprentice whose name I don't know?"

Miki rolls her eyes, "You know, you sound like you're 30, not a teenager. Let loose a bit darling." There's a wink for the boy before she's finishing off the rest of her fruity drink and catching sight of K'drozen. "Hey you. Sweeps going alright? You look like you're about to drop or something" A friendly nod is given to the brown rider before she's sliding empty glass towards Inyri. "Ha, you'll be fine. She's as sweet as candy. I blame Aniki's influence for her exploits."

Cesran smiles, "Fried Tubers sounds great to me. I'm Cesran by the way, apprentice techcrafter." He looks over at Miki, "I'm happy to let loose. I'll have a mug of ale with those fried tubers." He looks over at K'drozen, "Hey K'drozen, rough day?"

Inyri becomes momentarily oblivious to any conversation around her, then, as she has an order to set to: "One mug of ale it is!" And the kitchens are happy to provide her with those fried tubers no matter the hour, considering how the boy just fixed one of their major problems. Talk of sweeps don't really make sense to her, but that doesn't mean she isn't eavesdropping anyway when she comes back to present Cesran with his ale — just in time to say goodbye to similarly-named Sekran the glasscrafter, who bows out with excuses of having work to do. Her eavesdropping is blatant, leaning against the bar with her elbows planted firmly, head in her chin as she listens to the riders talk. As an aside, she's unable to bring up again only that, "This Aniki sounds like a piece of work."

Miki raises an eyebrow, "Not really what I meant…How old are you again? Look a little young to be drinking ale." It's the nanny in her talking. And well, she has siblings that are the apprentice's age. As Sekran moves to leave, Miki gives him a small wave and smile. But of course, talk is back to her brother. "Hah, you could definitely say that. Wouldn't trade him for anything in the world though. Might be a pain, but he's my pain."

Cesran smiles as he gets the mug of ale and he takes a drink of it. "Thank you very much." He hasn't heard of this Aniki person so he just listens. He looks at Miki and he laughs, "Old enough to cut loose and have fun with two lovely ladies."

"Aren't you sweet," says Inyri, and finger-waggles at them both before vanishing again. When she comes back, she's at least carrying fried tubers! "Here you go. Added a little extra so the rest of us can mooch off the plate, of course." Not that it was a large crowd, but it was the thought that counted. "And he's old enough to be served ale, 'cause he's an apprentice. That's all the rule is. Hall's not telling me not to give it to him, parents relinquished responsibility, yadda et cetera."

Miki simply blinks at the apprentice. "Riiiiiight." It may be in accordance with the rules, but once a nanny, always a nanny. The greenie's entirely disapproving of the whole affair, but she doesn't make any further comments on it really. Instead she slips into a stool and twists around to lean back on the counter so she can watch the dance floor. There's a glance towards the drummer, though she does shrug a bit at Inyri's words. "Sweet? Not particularly. Just me. Hmmm, when's the rest of the band going to get here?" Eyes go cloudy then, Miki apparently consulting with Sohnyuoth, perhaps asking if she's seen them outside.

Cesran smiles as he gets the tubers and he grabs the ketchup to pour it all over the tubers before he starts to eat. "Thanks again for the food." He looks over at Miki, "I'm confused you said I should loosen up, but I'm not supposed to drink some ale? How else would you like me to loosen up?"

"They're late. Catastrophically so," Inyri explains, as regards the band, looking quite put out about it. "Not that I can do much about it, I can't fire them or anything, and anyway, the drummer's sweet. Dancing loosens you up, maybe that's what she had in mind?" the barmaid quips at Cesran, but doesn't really say much else on it.

Miki just shrugs, "Nothing nothing, nevermind.As long as you're loosening up one way or another, it's good." She doesn't seem particularly keen on continuing down that topic of conversation. Maybe because she's agreeing with Inyri on the drummer. "Sweet….and cute too. Hmmm, maybe I should go ask his name." There's a small smile that plays at her lips, though there's a moment of eye cloudiness followed by a giggle. "Guess that means I'm off the hook tonight then." The words likely some reaction to a little exchange between greenie and her dragon.

K'drozen makes his way to the bar and wave over the tender to get himself a drink before turning to glance around for fimiluar faces.

Cesran smiles as he takes a drink of his ale and eats the tubers. "Sure I'd love to dance. I'm pretty good at the drums, not harper good, but I can keep a beat."

"If you can drum you can probably dance, too," Inyri tells Cesran as she gets K'drozen's drink together for him and presents it with a grin. "It's the whole rhythm and beat thing. I learned to dance on a table, though, so don't ask me much about technique." It's meant entirely innocently; literally on a table, nothing untoward about it. "And hey, I think he's single, so if that helps with whatever you might be in trouble for, go for it."

Miki looks over at the techcrafter, clearly surprised. "Really?" And then there's a bit of a grin. "See. That's what I mean. You should go around doing stuff like that more often. Go out there and shake t." Words are said with a grin before she catches sight of K'drozen and gives him a friendly nod. "Oh? Is he?" The words from Inyri are certainly catching her intention. "Mmm, not in trouble. In fact, there won't be trouble since Aniki's off at the Hall tonight. No one to drag me off if I try flirting with the drummer." Which, by the way she's eyeing him, Miki will try to do.

K'drozen chuckles soflty and leans against the par, "hey there Miki." lifting his drink before glancing about, hereing them tell Cesran to get out and have some fun he nods in agreement, 'you really should Cesran.

Cesran nods, "Yah in my class with the harper it's the only instrument that I could play." He looks at Inyri, "You used to dance on tables? Is that fun?" He finishes off his ale and he smiles, "Sure." He goes out to start to dance.

Inyri is grinning as she playfully shoves at Cesran while he moves to go. "Go for it, kid. Or you could offer to take over the drums while the actual drummer dances with our greenrider here, and then maybe the two of them can slip off a-dragonback for a romantic evening …" She's making the entire idea sound awfully light and glorious, even teasingly fluttering her eyelashes. "And it's what was normal back home, the tables thing, but here I've got to stay behind the bar. Or on it, sometimes, but I can't do anything more than sit on it. Dancing might get me fired."

Miki grins as she watches Cesran move off to the dance floor. "That's what I'm talking about!" The enthusiastic words called to his back. "oh?" The greenie turns her head to grin slyly at Inyri. "I think that's a good idea. Hey, cesran! Want to ask if you can take over drums for a bit?" Because, well, Miki's in a flity mood. And who can blame her now that she's got an evening free of her overprotective little brother. She pushes off the bar then, making for the stage. "I've a man to talk to. See you guys later." And off she goes.

Cesran gets out onto the dance floor and he starts to dance. He shakes he head, "Oh no I'm not that good of a drummer. Like I said I can just keep a beat that's it."

"Have fun!" Inyri calls, waving — and then is distracted by a flurry of customers, all at once. Maybe in the group that comes in is the actual rest of the band — late, and in fact too late to save their drummer from gaining himself a lady friend for the evening. Their loss, really, and their fault for being late!

K'drozen chuckles softly and sits back to watch the pair dance.

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