Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge
The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.
Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.
Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

Still on light duty despite any grumbling that Angelique may have about it, she's finally given up and has parked herself in here. Why? Because it's where she can get drinks served to her while giving her enough space to do some paperwork. Paperwork isn't hard to do while seated. And she can drink. So she does. It's a green drink with crushed ice that sits before her. Working with her head down she writes, reads and takes the occasional drink all without looking up.

Borodin's here for duty too! Sort of, anyhow. Making a delivery was duty. Hanging around afterward is… not so much, but he did make sure he wasn't due back for a while, so it's permitted slacking. Or does the half-mug of beer he's getting from the bar make it duty again? Does that depend if he writes a report on it or not?

Nathaniel is not the workaholic that these weyr-types apparently are. He appears in the doorway with the usual *k-thok* of cane and leg brace, glances around to see who's present and give a grin of greeting to the faces that are quickly becoming familiar, and then heads to the bar to do exactly what he came to do… Relax. He even sighs audibly as he rests himself on a barstool, and then starts digging around in his pockets for coins or whatever it is Pernese people use for money. Once he's found an appropriate amount, he tosses it on the bar, and requests, "Beer, please. Whatever's cheap."

The lounge is lightly populated at whatever time of the day that it happens to be. Perhaps it's the pouring rain outdoors that's keeping everyone indoor. In one corner sits a small group of guys, ranging from mid-20's to mid-30's or so in age. Most of 'em are quietly chatting but one seems to be drinking pretty good and is louder than the rest.

While some are here to relax, or deliver a package and linger, Angelique is seated nearish that one corner but still a couple tables away. Close enough to hear them but far enough to try to ignore them. Her right foot is wrapped up the ankle and propped up on a chair. A greenish drink with crushed ice sits half-drunk and she's working on some paperwork. From the looks of it she's been at it for some time. While Borodin's arrival may not attract her attention, the K-thok of a cane and brace does for she lifts her head to peer around until the source of the sound is heard. "Nathaniel, right?" she calls over. "G'day." it's limited to good day since she's been here for candle marks and really is unsure as to what part of the day they are currently in.

Borodin glances over to Nathaniel. "Try the amber. It didn't sell well, but it's good." And overstocked, hence: cheap! Then he looks to Angelique at the sound of her voice, and lifts his hand in a small wave before taking a sip of his own beer.

M'ta is becoming increasingly common around Fort for an Eastern rider. It probably has to do with a certain gimpy assistant headwoman. The bronzerider makes his way into shenanigans (who doesn't love a pub in a Weyr?) and scans before putting a finger to his lips for Borodin and Nathaniel. Don't tell her. Sneaky bronzer tries to tip toe up behind Angelique. Tiiiip tooooeee, tiiiiip toooooe. He leans forward behind her and murmurs, "Well hello there. Did I miss an invitation for drinks?" He slides onto a stool and offers the gentlemen a smile, "And how are you both doing?"

Nathaniel nods a thanks at Borodin, and glances toward the bartender. "Amber it is." He waves to Angelique and nods. "Got it in one. G'day… Angelic, wasn't it?" He notes M'ta, but manages to refrain from drawing attention to him too soon. Luckily his drink is placed before him at that point, and he can distract himself with a sip from that until M'ta has made himself known. "Doing fine, myself. Hoping to find out the local gossip. You know how traders are," he jokes, lightly.

One hand is still gripping the pen that was making a notation on the paper while the other hand was reaching for the drink. Her gaze has shifted upwards to flicker from Nathaniel to Borodin. "Heya Borodin." "It's Angelique." comes the correction towards Nathaniel who btw has his own chronic gimpyness. Hers is only temporary. "For short though it's just Ange….aieee." which isn't really a normal nickname but that could be cause M'ta's suddenly /there/. Both hands start, one leaving a jagged pen line the other splashing some of the liquid over the side. As soon as her heartbeat returns to regular rhythm. "Farnath's wings!" despite the exclamation she's smiling brightly. "I'm gonna demand Ree tell me next time if you scare me again." it's a false threat and she knows it though from her chuckle. "You are always welcome for drinks with or without an invite."

Borodin glances to M'ta and quickly away again, spending no more attention on him than any of the other bar-goers. "Uhm, hey," he say to Angaiiiiie, and then looks away again as M'ta arrives. Back to the bar. And Nathaniel. He nods. "Always wanting to know the lay of the land. Because, uhm, it sucks to go up a hill and then have to right back down it." Metaphorically?

M'ta grins broadly, "He says he might. If he remembers. You know how draconic memory is and all." M'ta can't help it, he's smirking like a madman, "And what do you have on tap, Borodin?" One thing the bronzer loves is a good drink, "Glad you're all doing well." He arches a brow at Borodin, not getting the analogy, but hey, good friends, right? "I don't know, Angelic might be a good nickname" He glances back at Nathaniel, "Unfortunately, I never hooked up with any traders while I was on my own, but I've heard tales indeed."

Nathaniel laughs a little at Angelique's start, and offers, "Well, Angeaieee! it is," he jokes, bemused, then looks back to Borodin. "That too. But you'd be surprised how the right bit of gossip can turn into currency in some parts." He lifts his drink in a mock toast to M'ta's comment, then takes another drink before setting it back on the bar.

Angelique hmphs just a bit as nicknames are tossed out though the corner of her mouth twitches in a faint smile. "It's a Weyr…gossip flies everywhere but perhaps more so inside a lounge where drinks are served." she remarks. Reaching a bit forward she grabs some napkins to wipe off the liquid on her hand. "Another visit." she smiles impishly to M'ta. "Shall I buy you a drink? What flavor suits you best right now?"

From the corner mentioned earlier, one man's voice rises up a bit though the words aren't completely heard. "She's …… angelic …… point…. view… ……getting visits…… /out of weyr/ bronzerider!" laughter from the table follows Joheekl's words.

"Oh, uhm, it's not my bar," Borodin says with a blink of surprise to M'ta. Indeed, the actual bartender is not looking entirely pleased with the vintner apprentice distracting patrons… but, since Borodin doesn't have eyes in the back of his head, he doesn't see that. "But, uh, there's an oatmeal stout just in, it's hearty, and there's last year's berry liquer. Uhm, too bad the cider from this year's not ready yet, they do a good mix of the two…" At least as distractions go, Borodin's probably an improvement over the drunk guy in the corner? He glances that way, then back to Nathaniel. "Oh. Uhm. Yeah. Rumours, uh. They can be important." He nods.

M'ta whistles softly, "I'd love to try some of that stout if'n you've got a glass and Angie doesn't mind." He slides a mark towards the bartender. He has a heart! "Gossip generally is quite valuable, but only if you keep it to yourself." Does his voice raise a little, perhaps pointed at the male voice across the room? Yes. yes it does.

Nathaniel laughs a little at all that, and nods. "It's true, it is…" He turns a glance toward the gossips in the corner, curious but apparently not curious enough to try to move closer and figure out what they're saying. Intead, he looks back around at the various people in his own conversation, and remarks, "Speaking of rumors… I understand some little ones were picked up outside the weyr, a while back? They were talking about /that/ all the way to the south end of my route."

Angelique arches a brow. "Why would I mi…" she starts to ask but stops as she turns to look towards the corner. "Hush J." she snaps off her words with an audible snap suddenly. "Oh ignore them." she mutters. "Drinking seems to be his job 'round here." she downs the rest of her drink and remarks. "What rumors?" is asked of Nathaniel with great interest as she pointedly ignores the continued words of the man who doesn't know when to shut up. 

"Oh that's great logic.." drawls the man. "What with the whole /point/ of gossip being that it is told to others." a pause. "Besides I aint gossiping just talking'"

Borodin takes a little sideways glance at Joheekl, but then he returns his attention to Nathaniel. "I, uhm… heard something about that," he says with a nod, then glances back to Angelique. He frowns slightly, and lowers his gaze to his mug, taking a sip instead of opening his mouth again.

M'ta reaches to give Angelique's shoulder a squeeze, "Yes, what of the children you mentioned? Did you find out more about that?" Much safer topic. Until he sees Borodin's reaction and his brows arch slightly, "Something up?"

Nathaniel gives a rueful little smile at that, "I'm afraid that the fact that you found them is all that I know. I was rather hoping that you might know something more," he admits, with a glance around to include everyone in the conversation. "No one knows where they came from? What became of them after you found them? The rumors just say you found them, and that perhaps they might be children of some renegades you'd had problems with in the past, but no one seemed to know anything for certain."

Nathaniel seems blissfully unaware of any discomfort on Borodin's part, much more focused on his interest in the answer to his questions.

Another round of drinks is brought over to Joheekl's table and for now the sounds of conversation is muted but Joheekl can't keep from flat out watching Angelique when perhaps he thinks that no one will notice.

"Not much yet." Angelique replies with some disappointment to M'ta's question and then towards Nathaniel and Borodin. A sigh escapes her. "They're being settled into rooms here, given food and clothing. So far though they simply aren't talking. I suspect it'll be a matter of time…" she trails off with an uncertain shrug. "It's sad for sure. Not knowing."

Borodin shakes his head to M'ta. "No." He takes another sip of his beer, just listening. Maybe the mug will hide his frown at the talk of the renegades. For the moment, though, Borodin doesn't talk either.

M'ta shoots a /glare/ at Joheekl. He sees you. "It's good the Weyr's taking them in. My experience says give them time. And possibly a mindhealer." He glances at Borodin again, studying him, "Can I get a mug of the oatmeal stout?" Preeeaaaase?

Nathaniel listens patiently to all of this, sipping at his beer. There's a flash of something different in his expression at M'ta's mindhealer comment… Something darker, perhaps, but it's only there for a moment before it's replaced with his usual vapid smile. It could even be attributed to a trick of the light. "Yes… Good. Well, it's good they're being cared for," he agrees, vaguely. "Who's caring for them, by the way? I understand some of them are quite young?"

Angelique does a bit of a double take as for a fleeting second the darker look is caught but then it's gone, leaving her to shake her head a bit. Trick of the light indeed. "About 14 or so I think is the youngest." she remarks. Her own drink is empty and she casts it a forlorn look. Absently she shuffles together her papers to stuff back into the satchel hanging on the back of her chair. "I'll try some oatmeal stout too." is said on the heels of M'ta's request. Back to the subject she comments. "I really don't know too many details about the renegades as they was before my time here at the Weyr. If these poor kids have anything to do with them though then I suspect that indeed only time or perhaps a certain person will get them to open up. Someone they will consider safe.

The glare doesn't phase the man. He's in the cups so really a glare is just a look to him. He matches the glare with one of his own before sliding his gaze over towards Angelique's back and gives a macabre look towards her. Since there's silence from that corner Angelique isn't paying them any more attention and can't feel the looks cast her way.

But Borodin isn't the bartender! He just, uh- oh, shards, the actual bartender has gone off to another part of the bar. And there are people. Looking at him. Asking for drinks. "Well. Uhm." What does he do now? An anxious glance down the bar does nothing to help him. The bartender's either busy or intentionally ignoring him. And so… well. It's not like Borodin doesn't know what to do. "…uhm. Okay." So he goes around the bar and gets a pair of the glasses and tries to look like he's supposed to be here and like he knows what he's doing (which he does, actually, because he has been studying vintnering and it means knowing how to pour drinks, among other things) and provides the oatmeal stouts to M'ta and Angelique. At least it's a distraction from the conversation about the young foundlings? And he can take the money and leave it behind the bar along with an extra mark of apology of his own. Sorry for serving patrons and giving them a good experience?

M'ta meets Nathaniel's eyes a moment, "My experience is that they're only a little helpful, but a little is better than naught when someone's deeply scarred. Trust me." His tone is unpleasantly serious for a moment, then there's alcohol! Yay! He takes a couple of deep gulps off the stout, reaching with his feet to tug Angelique's chair a bit closer to him. Let Joheekl judge what he will from it. M'ta might welcome the excuse for a good barfight."

Nathaniel takes a long drink of his beer, but doesn't respond to M'ta's comment. In fact, he rather conspicuousyl ignores him in favor of Angelique, though his expression remains a little puzzled. "Fourteen turns? Well, that's hardly a child. I heard some were as long as five or six!" he responds, shaking his head. "But it's better for them if they were older, I suppose." He finishes off his beer and sets it back on the bar, waving absently at Borodin, "Pour me another, aye?" Poor Borodin.

Poor Borodin! He's been turned into a bartender. Perhaps it's simply a sign he's trusted by the others. Once her own drink arrives she slides the proper mark to pay for it. Scooot…tug. Her chair is tugged closer drawing a grin from Angelique though she's really no idea why she's being tugged closer. She's not objecting though! "14 and hoodless…still kids sort of in the way of living the world. A harsh life." a tentative sip is taken to taste it first. Test the waters so to speak.

The movement is noted and watched. Oh yes, Joheekle watches with the look of one who's slightly stalkerish. Or protective of something he thinks is his. A loud snort is heard from him. "Won't last long. Just a roll in the hay ya know." he jabs his friend with an elbow. "She'll be crawlin' back to me. I just know it." he doesn't bother to lower his voice so each word is clear as day in one of those sudden silence moments that seem to fall for no reason in a crowded room.

The crystal clear words causes Angelique to blanch then turn bright red from her neck to her ears. One hand falls hastily to her waist, the hilt of a knife there. Someone's tempted to throw it? She tenses but all she does is lay her hand there for now.

Borodin at least didn't mean to be the bartender, but apparently he is. And once he's started, there's no stopping, because as soon as he's finished serving M'ta and Angelique, there's another request from Nathaniel. "…uhm." He steals a glance down the bar. The bartender (y'know, the one being paid for this work today) is currently in one of the steely silence moments, so there's no help there. "…okay." Borodin takes Nathaniel's empty and goes to refill it. At least it's just beer. Beer is easy. He's just got to tilt the glass and ease on and off the tap to let the head build right. There's none of the fancy muddling and swirling and shaking of mixed drinks. Admittedly, doing that would distract him enough that he didn't have to listen and frown to the conversation at all… though probably not enough so that he wouldn't hear the comment from Joheekl. It is rather loud. Borodin glances up to that table. He glances down the bar to… what. The bartender (y'know, the one who's probably got experience defusing situations like this) is gone entirely. "Uh."

"Depending on what happened to 'em, any age is too young." There are some things M'ta is very steadfast about. Then there are those words, thrown out there as insult. M'ta sets his mug down with an audible clunk on the bar, but instead of standing, he reaches to place his hand on hers, the one reaching for the knife, "Whichever of our honor he's trying to impugn, don't rise to it with steel." Especially on a gimpy ankle. "If he needs reminding of respect, I'll be glad to do it."

Nathaniel blinks at Angelique and M'ta, and starts in, "Holdless love their children just the same as anyone…" He looks like he might say more, but he trailes off when the odd fellow in the corner offers that excellent distraction. He takes a long drink off his beer, but by no means manages to finish it before putting down another coin. "I ought to be getting out of here. This looks to be turning nasty soon," he comments, mainly toward Borodin, as he reaches for his cane.

Angelique could simply toss it from here with out getting onto that gimpy foot! But there will be no drawing of steel this time as her hand is covered. "Don't need you getting into trouble here." she mutters darkly.

"Hah! Not much a man 'eh?" another elbow jab to his friend's side which earns him a 'Hush Joheekle. Just hush!"

Angelique draws in a breath and tries to simply ignore it for now. "No troubles…." she assures hesitantly towards Nathanial.

Meanwhile the drunk is still tossing out various remarks about M'ta now, clearly trying to see what it takes to get under his skin.

Yes. Yes it does, and Borodin's gaze darts between the parts of the potential nastiness before resting for a moment on Nathaniel. "Holdless can be good people same as anyone." A glance back to Jokheel. "Or bad ones." He reaches out to take the mark, because that's what bartenders do in exchange for drinks, and nods. "Uh. Have a nice day." One without any brawls? Maybe? …aren't bartenders also supposed to… throw out people causing trouble Which the drunk's certainly trying. Borodin eyes down the bar again. Where is he? … Right here where Borodin's standing, apparently. Welp. Borodin eases out from behind the bar and heads toward the table in the corner. Once there he… uh… he'll figure it out when he gets there? Maybe?

M'ta inclines a nod to Nathaniel, "Of course they do, never said they didn't. But if the youths have come here alone, without family from the wilds, and aren't speaking? /Something/ happened. Renegades, deaths, disease… /something/." He gives Angelique's hand a gentle squeeze, emerald gaze going to watch Borodin's approach to the other table. It's not that the heckling words don't find their mark, Angelique, at least, can feel his tension, but he's had far worse flung at him than petty insults from drunkards. His voice is soft, but calm when he murmurs, "If I cry insult, I'll finish it, but for now I allow them to continue to ruin their own reputations."

Nathaniel snorts faintly at M'ta's comment about 'something' having happened to the kids, but leaves him to deal with the heckling. "You take care, young man," he offers toward Borodin, with a glance toward the corner. To the rest, he just offers a mock salute and a smirk before he slides off his stool and starts his usual halting progress toward the exit.

Angelique returns the light squeeze of M'ta's hand, trying to wordlessly offer her own assurance to his tension. A frown appears as it seems the conversation is breaking up and dispersing quickly. Unsure of what to even say to keep Nathan from headed off she asks a sudden question. She's full of those after all. "You find a room to stay in, Nathan?" the mutters and taunts continue though it's a bit more subdued as if trying to lower the tension however brief it may be since Joheekle seems intent on still watching the pair. Remarks are random and include insults about Rielth among them. "Mindless she is. I'll tell ya, she wants me." says Joheekle with macho swagger in his tone.

"You too," Borodin offers to Nathaniel without really looking at him. It's more just call and response. Good wishes get them returned! Rude heckling gets… him, coming over to the table in the corner. Not only that, he approaches to where he's blocking Joheekle's view of Angelique. Maybe that'll get his attention? If not, it'll be down to Borodin's throat-clearing. "Uhm." What do people who know what they're doing say in situations like this? …he doesn't know. "You, uh… enjoying those drinks?" …that's almost certainly not what they say.

"I'm more worried about him, rate he's going." M'ta's voice is still quiet, though he nods towards Borodin. He won't bother trying to convince Nathan to stay since the man seems determined to take his exit. Instead, he murmurs to Angelique, "If'n he's so enamoured with himself, maybe he should stop projecting and just bed himself instead."

Nathaniel waves toward Angelique, vaguely. "Did indeed! Thanks for the concern…" And then off he goes, managing to make it out the door before actual violence breaks out.

As with most bullies the game isn't as fun if it's being ignored and so the same thing applies to this situation here. Eventually the taunts and words quiet to a murmur heard only by those at their table. As Borodin approaches, and thus blocks the view of the one he seeks, Joheekle plasters on a fake smile for the Vitner's benefit. "Another round of drinks for my friends and myself. Charge it to that 'rider over there." he gestures good-naturedly towards M'ta. "After all he's a guest and should treat us right?" he seems to think so.

Over at the other table, Angelique stifles a small chuckle at M'ta's murmured words to her. "Maybe he's afraid of disaointing himself?" is her come back. Keeping her hand in his she entwines her fingers through his fingers. "See ya later Nathaniel." that said she falls silent, unsure of where the conversation has to go from here.

"He's a guest," Borodin says. "He doesn't have a tab with me." Technically true. Borodin's not the bartender here! …all current appearances aside. "You want him to buy your drinks, you'll have to ask him yourself." Oh wait. Wasn't he supposed to be trying to keep them apart? Oops. "Uh, and… I think you've had enough, anyhow." The actual bartender might disagree. How much money have these guys spent tonight? Buuut he's not here. See what happens when you take breaks and make Borodin do your job?

The real question is how much damage will there be if he keeps pushing for the barfight over Angelique's honor? Truthfully, with M'ta's hair and slimmness, it's a shock they haven't called him a woman yet. He finally reaches for his drink again and takes a long sip. Siiiip. "Fare well, Nathan." His gaze doesn't leave the other table, though, waiting to see what Joheekl's next ploy is.

One wonders if Joheekle can actually put action to words? Could he handle a fight against M'ta? With the number of barbed insults that have been tossed out so far perhaps one did include his girly long hair? Or maybe Joheekle isn't bright enough to think of it? No matter though because Borodin's just given the man a new idea. Approach M'ta. That'll work out well, right?….Maybe. After all M'ta's already looking that way. Standing is Joheekle and he'll brush past poor Borodin to approach. "Drinks on you right?" asks he, a half empty glass in hand.

Angelique follows M'ta's gaze to the table and stifles a sigh as Joheekle approaches. "Go on. Sit down." she tries to put authority into her voice. After all, she /is/ assistant head woman around here right? Yeah…she's ignored.

Yeah, Borodin. Great job. Instead of making things better, he's gone and made them worse. He turns in place, following Joheekle with his gaze and swallowing. Oops? He starts following with his feet, though he's not even sure why. What's he going to do, give the guy more ideas?

M'ta turns his head just enough to kiss Angelique on the cheek, then turns his gaze to Joheekl, "Though I appreciate a good drink, it seems to me that you have most of one yet," he indicates the half-full glass, "And have already had quite a bit. It might be best you find another way to entertain yourself than trying to extort money from a guest in your Weyr."

There's movement from his hand that makes it appear as if he's lifting the glass to his lips to drink but suddenly Joheekle's motion changes and the contents remaining in the glass gets flung towards the visiting Eastern rider that will likely hit the rider unless he moves fast enough to dodge. Surprise colors Angelique's expression. She didn't expect that. Hastily she lunges forward but it's to avoid the splash of the mixed drink, which results in her feet sliding free from the chair they were propped o and landing hard on the floor to draw a grimace and an exclamation of pain is quickly bit back.

At least Borodin was on his way? For as much good as it does. The actual bartender still hasn't put in a reappearance. He's probably in the back room getting drunk or something. "You, uhm, have definitely had enough," Borodin says as he scurries up the last few steps. "Why don't, uhm, let's get you out of here…" and he reaches to try to grab for Joheekle's arm as a prelude to steering him out the door.

M'ta knows it's coming, but he just sits there and takes it. It's also not a first for him. The falling of Angelique, though? /That/'s something he takes exception to. He wipes the booze from his eyes, moving to crouch beside her, dangerously close to Jaheekl's foot, "Are you alright, Angie?" Her first, then there's a clock to clean. Poor Borodin has a whole second to diffuse /this/ situation.

Angelique grimaces. Who her? Oh she's fine..fine…maybe. A bit embarrassed she nods quickly to M'ta. "Think I bruised my bum." maybe he'll kiss it later? Hahaha! She doesn't say that but stays there and cranes her neck backwards to see what Joheekle.

Meanwhile back to those standing..Joheekle snorts in amusement at the fall of the love of his life. "See? She wants me." he informs Borodin conversationally. "Awe c'mon now..we're just taking." he takes just two steps away and stops, bailing at Borodin's instance and his hand on his arm. "I think if he's dating /her/ then he owes me a drink. After all I did see her first when she was with that Woodcrafter lad."

An entire second? How can Borodin fail? … let's find out! "It doesn't-" work that way, but no, let's not try logic on the drunk. "Uh, that's why you've got to play hard to get. Come on." Borodin gives a tug. Quickly! Before this turns into a fight with a rider on one side of it and things get bad, er, worse. "You'd better stay away from her. And wait for her to come to you." Which will happen approximately never, if he's reading the situation correctly, but anyhow.

M'ta offers Angelique a hand if not up than at least into a comfortable position, "Women, sir, are not commodoties one calls dibs on. Nor are men, for that matter, if your tastes swing that way. They're people and they deserve to be treated as such. Not since I was a lad have I seen such blatant disregard for someone's humanity." He stands carefully, taking a moment to dust at his knees, "And I think that you'd be best off listening to the Vinter." He's trying to be threatening but really, to outward appearance, he's pretty slight and girly. Not, really, especially threatening. He does shoot Borodin a look, though. Clearly, the vinter needs a tidge more instruction in conflict resolution.

If Joheekle can think that M'ta doesn't look too threatening ( and he doesn't), then Borodin's no problem. "Gettorf me." mutters the man who's had too much to drink! "Not gonna stay away from her." in fact Borodin's words give him a good idea and he steps closer with every intention of shoving past M'ta to help Angelique up to her feet. His hand is reaching for her arm with the intent to grasp it. Anything M'ta said is basically ignored.

Angelique does get to a standing position with M'ta's help, all her weight on the good foot.

How about any instruction on conflict resolution? Borodin's not supposed to be a bartender. He's supposed to be sitting, tunnels away, watching as mash bubbles and turns to booze. But nooo. He just had to come to the lounge and get a drink in company. That, clearly, was his mistake. Henceforth, he should only drink alone. Resolution: made. Buuut for now… Joheekle's not listening to him. Or to M'ta telling him to listen. And the drunk's heading for Angelique. Borodin does, however, have one advantage: he's heavy. Not usually an advantage, but when the goal is to pretend to be an anchor, it does help. Also he's not entirely flab, because he does end up carrying those grain-sacks and kegs around. So there's actually a decent amount of force to the pull as Borodin tries to keep Joheekle away. "Uhm, no…" And bring him toward the door? Maybe? If he's lucky? (Hah. Not likely.)

M'ta's hand moves to intercept Joheekl's, "The lady has told you to leave her alone. I get the impression she has done so repeatedly. If you will not, you and I can take this outside." His voice is dangerously soft. Jaheekl has two options at this point, as far as M'ta is concerned, back off, or step outside to deal with this as men.

Something flashes in Joheekle's eyes that clear says 'This is not done yet'. However Bordin's a lot stronger than he lets on and the man is drunk so he's pulled away from the situation and most likely shoved towards the door in a not so nice fashion. "This aint over. I'll get her alone when you aint around." he promises, and loudly, as he stomps out into the night.

Angelique pales slightly but stays quiet as she watches the interaction.

Borodin's not trying to be mean about it. But, well, he doesn't have training on this, either. And drunk makes for stumbly. So… yeah, there's probably some yanks and trips by the time Joheekle's brought to the door and pushed through. Borodin stands there a moment, frowning after him as he makes sure the guy's actually leaving, then seems to fold into himself a little, hands in his pockets and shoulders hunched as he comes back to the other two. "Uhm. Sorry," he says, gaze at about the level of the table. "I… sorry."

M'ta wraps an arm around Angelique and gives her a squeeze, "Come to Eastern. Just for tonight until he sleeps that off." His emerald gaze goes to Borodin and he gives a slight shake of his head, "You tried. And that wherry-brained son of a herdbeast is going to keep it up until something gives. If I have my way, what gives will be his face."

Angelique's only reply towards Borodin is a faint smile and a "Don't be sorry. Thank you." she says his way.

"Uhm," Borodin says, and glances up briefly before bobbing his head. "You're welcome." And then he flees. First to the back room here, to find the bartender and tell him he's got a job to do, and then back to his next vintner lesson before he's (too) late.