Fort Weyr - Bathing Cavern
A high, domed ceiling stretches far overhead, voices echoing in the distance. Warm, moist air fills the room, coming from the variety of pools scattered about. Vines have been planted in baskets and grow up the walls, thriving in the soft artificial light provided by glows placed at random intervals about the room.

It is a cool, but queit day at fort weyr, things seems to be going smoothly at one for the weyr. K'drozen, one of the weyrs search and rescue team is taking advantage of the quiet to relax in one of the weyrs hotsprings. Sitting up to his neck in the water he sighs with his eyes closed.

It's only been a few days since the mud and oil incident in the bowl, Angelique is still on light to no duty as of today. So slowly she comes in to soak in the warms waters when there is likely to be less of a rush for it. Limping heavily she moves in further to find a place to sit and unwrap her ankle.

At hearing Angeliques limping gate enter the chamber, K'drozen blinks open his eyes and looks over to her and says, "Hey there Angelique… You doing ok?" his eyes scanning down to her bandaged ankle.

Annnd here comes Solan as well, a small firelizard on each shoulder as he makes his way into the Bathing Cavern proper. Spotting both K'drozen and Angelique, he offers a smile and a wave before sitting down to remove his boots. "Hello there," the woodworker offers. Noticing the bandage on Angelique's ankle, he whistles lowly. "What happened there?"

"What? You mean not everyone knows?" that's somewhat of a miracle in Angelique's eyes. Clad in simple shorts and a short, she's nearly ready to get into the water now that her ankle is unwrapped. Setting the wrap, a towel and a change of clothing somewhere safe she moves slowly to the waters. It's not until she's chin deep in the depths before she offers a reply to both inquiries. "Sprained ankle." that's the short version.

K'drozen blinks a bit at that responce, "Did something happen that I sould know about?" looking more closely to her but he chuckles, "I guess I am out of the loop as per ussual.."

"When you avoid the aunties like I do," Solan smirks, "you end up missing a lot of the gossip." Setting his boots aside, he strips down to a pair of bathing shorts and slinks into the water himself. It's warm and soothing to muscles tired from sawing lumber and hauling it around for hours on end. "It's K'drozen, right? Solan," he waves, "I don't think we actually /met/ when questioning those kids." He refers, of course, to the incident in the store room.

"Oil spill. Mud." Angelique waves her hand a bit, sighing in contentment. "Big to deal…both riders at fault were arguing. Caused a heck of a crowd looking. In the process of trying to get clean up organized, Joheekle decided to be a smarta**. In the end though he wounded slipping and fell…on me. Minor concussion, badly sprained ankle is what I got. Him? Nothing." she snorts once.

K'drozen glances over to Solan and nods, "Sorry I didn't introduce myself then, things wehre a bit…yeah…" before glancing back to Angelique, "I hope he got more then nothing if he ended up hurting you. Even if not hurt there are other consiquence…"

A soft "Ugh" escapes the woodcrafter's lips. "That guy? Again?" Solan and Angelique had had a run in with Joheekle in Shenanigan's - an aptly named establishment for such an encounter. "Well, I'm sorry you were hurt. Wish I'd been there," he sighs, thinking that maybe if he had been, he could have done something to prevent it somehow. To K'drozen he offers, "Not to worry. We had other things to deal with at the time." Lowering to neck level, the month-old green and the tiny, tiny bronze take flight, chittering as they look for another perch.

A small brown about the same size of the tiny bronze and an older blue zips in and splashes somewhere in the waters, away from any people who may be in the waters. "Sergei, Skyler…behave." warns Angelique from where she soaks. "That guy. Again." she confirms. "Oh he was just heckling mostly. The accident was just that…an accident. Far as I know he was part of the clean up crew the whole day." she smirks in amusement.

K'drozen shakes his head and says, "I hope he was." he leans back into the water and sighs at the heat.

Solan chuckles at that. "Glad to hear Joheekle made himself useful after all." When mention of Skyler AND Sergei is mentioned, the woodworker's eyes drift over and spot the brown. "You've got a new one! Nice name," he grins, watching the two play.

Angelique's grin is a bit chagrined as she watches the younger brown splashing the most unhappy blue. "A gift actually from the Headwoman Talica. For my injury." she says towards Solan. A grin is flashed at the brown rider. "He was cleaning alright. Or so I'm informed. Aint seen him since though but then I've not had much mobility either." she shifts in the water, sitting up a bit though the water level stays around her shoulders. "So how're you two doing? Rest day for you or just in between work?"

K'drozen says, "I was actually on dawn sweeps myself, Just though I would relax a bit before heading in to write my reports… It was a queit morning, really a peaceful flight out there."

Green. Brown. Blue. Three firelizards flit into the bathing cavern, aimed right for the bathing pool with a trio of happy chirrs and then matching splashes. LIZARD BATH TIME! The form that follows a bit behind is of moderate height and slim with long ginger-red hair, though at least without a shirt his gender his obvious, and he's nice enough to have a towel wrapped around his hips as he makes his way into the bathing cavern. The smooth planes of M'ta's upper body are marked with scars ranging from thin lashes on is back to the round puckers of crossbow wounds and bare peeks of a ragged gut wound occasionally peek above the towel as he moves towards the pool, "Assistant Headwoman." The Eastern bronzerider's face splits into a grin, "And companions. Do you mind another?"

"Those are the best kind," Solan remarks, referring to gifted eggs. "I've got an extended break today while Journeyman Getelle makes a run down to Lemos. I'd hoped he'd take me with him but it wasn't to be. Probably doesn't want his apprentice getting all homesick again on the return," he laughs. Looking up at the voice, the woodworker smiles and says, "Please join us."

"Or perhaps he didn't wish you falling into a body of water again." Angelique teases Solan with a bright smile. The sound of the trio of 'lizards catches her attention first, snapping over to ensure Sergei behaves. But the young brown is trilling greetings and no doubt passing on firelizard gossip with all the excitement of an Auntie in the caverns. Such a busybody /that/ one is. Meanwhile Skyler is simply perched on the edge of the pool wanting nothing to do with splashing or bathing since it doesn't involve him lounging in the lap of his pet. It's only when the familiar voice of the bronzerider is heard that her attention moved to the towel clad 'rider. "M'ta!" a smile colors her tone. "Always room for one more." her hand splashes palm down the water beside her. Back to K'drozen she remarks. "A peaceful flight…sounds fun. I've only been dragon back a few times but both times involved Between which if you ask me is anything but peaceful."

K'drozen looks up and nods to the arrivign rider and says softly, "Feel free." he motions to the pool before looking back to Angelique and says, "Well that is true, between can be a bit jaring if you aren't use to it." smiling he continues, "But if you want to go for a flight sometimes, feel free to let me know, if Rhy and I are free we would be mroe then happy to take you somewhere.

M'ta drops the towel and slides in beside Angelique, sparing a glance for his trio, the green looking particularly pleased with herself as she gives a comforting chirr back to Sergei and moves to perch delicately on the pool's edge and watch the others. Not long after the brown joins her, both looking as if they feel themselves removed from the playful antics of the others. M'ta offers a hand to each of the men he doesn't know, "M'ta, bronze Rielth's. A pleasure." He maaaay have encountered Kal before, but flights make things fuzzy. Though he does add, "My offer of a trip to Eastern stands, though I am afraid it would require /some/ between."

Angelique leans back a bit, her shoulder brushing M'ta's as she listens to the introductions. "Thank you K'drozen, I'll keep your offer in mind." a grin towards M'ta. "I still want to see the treehouse so I shall indeed endure the of Between with you and Rielth. Him I still owe a scritching too I believe."

"M'ta," Solan repeats, suddenly smiling. 'So this is M'ta,' he says to himself, grinning for Angelique's sake. It's good to see her brighten up so at the man's approach. When he announces he's a bronze rider, though, the woodcrafter withdraws into himself just a little with nervousness. "Well met and welcome," comes Solan's anxious reply. Turning to Angelique, he says, "So many riders offering you trips. That must feel pretty good," he smirks. Brynn and Kon - his young green and bronze - are perched on a ledge not far from the others but definitely want nothing to do with the water.

K'drozen nods to M'ta and says softly, "K'drozen, brown Rhyrith rider….we met breiftly though it wasn't a time for introductions…." he shakes his head, "I hate flights…" he mutters before shifting deeper into the waters.

M'ta arches one ginger brow at Solan, "Am I infamous already? That usually takes a few more clandestine visits." He shifts, leaning back to sneak an arm around Angelique's shoulders, but he's watching Solan's reaction, "Everything alright, lad?" The concern doesn't leave, though he manages to incline his head to K'drozen, "That might be why you look familiar. Still, it is good to meet you properly."

"Seems a bit hard to avoid 'em?" says the owner of two fire lizards who have never flown. So spoken as a true non-rider really. Solan's remark draws a faint smile. "Solan just has a good memory of names since I mentioned you once." or twice but she can't remember. The reaction of the Woodcutter gets a curious look but she says nothing to draw attention to it. Instead she merely settles in a bit more against M'ta's side as an arm snakes around her shoulder. "Not so many riders offering trips really. Just these two and I believe Kimmila has a standing offer as well." her eyes close briefly, taking in the warmth of the water down to her bones. "I do believe I love these bathing caverns." she murmurs.

"Infamous?" His eyes flick to Angelique, "Not at all." They flick back with worry. Is he supposed to know about M'ta? He isn't sure. "I just heard favorable mention, that's all." He's smiling but it's a tentative, hesitant thing. "And I'm doing well, thank you," he nods, slipping deeper into the water and giving the assistant headwoman and bronze rider a little space. "Mating flights - I'm told - can be quite chaotic. Is it really as emotionally turbulent as they say?" the crafter asks.

K'drozen nods to M'ta and says, "It is. I would perfer to avoid the other kind of meeting again if possible."he smirks slightly and nods looking over to Solan, "Oh they are all of that and more. You get draged about by your dragons emotions and well if they lose draged down by them two. If you win you could end up somewhere you wouldn't want to if it haddn't been for the flight."

The furrowing of the bronzer's brow is subtle, but there, clearly unsure of the cause for the woodcrafter's retreat, "Favorable mentions are generally good things. I'm just curious why you're retreating a bit, lad. I certainly shan't harm you." He glances at Angelique briefly, as if /she/ might have the answer for the odd behavior, "Flights are… you are the dragon. What the dragon wants, you also want, no matter how much you might not want under any other circumstance. Even a weyrmated rider cannot prevent their dragon from chasing short of leaving the Weyr before the female rises. And after? After you try to be polite and courteous and give no offense as you part ways. It's awkward, but for dragons essential. A dragon that goes too long without winning will begin to get desperate. I think that's the real reason there are so many greens and they rise so often."

"Sounds a little scary," Solan admits, his thoughts metaphorically in the riders' boots. "But also kind of exhilarating?" After all, there must be /some/ silver linings to this necessary sating of nature's call. When M'ta purposefully asks about his retreat, the woodworker simply says, "I'm glad you won't be hurting me any time soon." A slight smile accompanies the remark before he says, "You're a bronze rider. I'm just making sure you have plenty of space to enjoy yourself, that's all." The comment is tinged with a genuine tone before Solan is looking to K'drozen. "Has your dragon successfully flown before, then?" The young man is naturally curious and hopes his questions don't irritate.

Angelique's shoulder lifts nearly imperceptibly as certain /she/ has no suggestions as to her friend's behavior. After all she's not seen this tentativeness when he's around Th'ero. So he gets a bit of a strange look though she'll let him answer though as her curiosity lays in the flight discussion briefly with a quick glance to her own little brown who flirts with M'ta's green. "So it's strictly casual then and by no means cements any stronger relationship?" she muses thoughtfully. "You are the dragon. Fairly strong emotions then I would imagine." a pause. "Not that I can even imagine what it's like really to have thoughts of someone else inside here." a slender finger taps the side of her head. "Though sexuality is a part of everyday life I imagine the flights are simply a smaller part of it all."

K'drozen looks to Solan and says, "He has caught….once….And that was turns ago." he nods slightly at M'ta explinations about them getting desprate and says, "He is not the fastest or the most agile."

M'ta blinks once again at Solan, then chuckles, "Sweet Faranth, lad, I have a sense of decorum! I'm not going to do anything untoward here if that's what you mean and if you mean something else, I can assure you I'm not an egotistical wherry-head. Most bronzers are actually just normal folks." What had some bronzer done to the lad to make him like this? He nods towards Angelique, "Essentially. The dragon flies, the rider complies. What happens after is entirely up to both parties. The female's rider does have some sense of choice in the winner, though sometimes the males will surprise things. Sometimes flights are consummating things that neither was willing to express, sometimes they're just something that happened and then they move on."

Oh but Solan /was/ that way with Th'ero, at least at first. And it was just as curious then as it might be now, though the woodcrafter's relationship with the Weyrleader has gradually grown into something casually easy now. When M'ta thinks it's something it isn't, Solan's shoulders sag. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend. I have a great deal of respect for you," and there's a tinge of wonder in his voice there, "and was simply trying to be polite." Which has now backfired, of course. "My father taught me that bronze riders are the pinnacle of men and should be afforded tremendous respect and latitude. I certainly didn't mean to project otherwise." As conversation about mating flights continues, Solan finds it all very, very interesting. "That kind of bond…between dragon and human, I mean," he clarifies, "sounds pretty intense."

"Just once?" Angelique asks without much thought behind the question. Perhaps she's thinking of M'ta's remark about desperation after a while. Just how desperate is the poor brown? Shifting a bit more she settles into a more comfortable leaning position against M'ta in the water. Solan's explanation gets an amused twitch of her lips before her gaze simply flickers between the two riders they are chatting with, perhaps wondering if a bit more explanation of the dragon/human bond is to be had. In as much as a non rider is able to understand.

K'drozen sighs and closes his eyes and says, "Yeah…at this point I try to avoid flights when ever I can but…you can never tell when a green is really going to go up though." he shrugs a bit, "Rhy gets depressed about it for a while after but what can you do I can't make him not chase if he is there."

"Ree sees each loss as a concession. He let another male catch her instead. Quite an ego on him." M'ta studies Solan for a long moment, "My father taught me something similar when I was young. Small farmcot, very old fashioned. But truth is?" He gives his jaw a scratch, "Well, first thing is no man deserves latitude. Riding a bronze doesn't magically make it okay for someone to be a wherry or bark orders or take advantage of folks like some do. And most bronzers really are just folk. There are some pinnacles of manhood among them, but the same's true among all colors and in hold and craft. Treat a man appropriate to his rank, but don't let the color of his dragon tell you who he is. His actions will do that for themselves."

"Sounds a lot like where I'm from," Solan replies, his thoughts drifting homeward. As M'ta launches into his commentary on bronze riders, though, the woodcrafter's attention becomes raptly held. "You're right. Station doesn't dictate a man's worth or his temperament. Even so," he smiles a little again, "I can't help but admire riders. Bronze or not," his eyes flick to K'drozen and back, "you all do so much for us. It's appreciated," he grins, looking then to Angelique. "Hope the water is helping your ankle?"

"The water is making my ankle feel wonderful. I could kiss the healer who suggested /this/." she declares with a quick smile. "I could seriously stay in this warmth all day." except for the fact that she'd get overly wrinkly!
"Color doesn't matter." she murmurs in complete agreement to M'ta's words.
"Each man or women makes their own mark in life and it's more than possible
to do so without a dragon in your thoughts as well." she says firmly. "How
much longer before you are sporting a Journeymans knot eh, Solan?" she asks,
shifting the conversation slightly.

K'drozen nods and says, "I have know some bronzers not worth your time, and come residents that where the pinical as you say." glad for the change of subject.

M'ta inclines a nod, "My friend E'don, he rides green, but he's a much better man than I am. And I'd say that on average healers do more individually for Pern anymore now that thread's gone. Dragons are great, majestic beasts, but riders mostly earn a living like anyone else. We do appreciate the appreciation, though." He glances at Angelique, definitely pleased that her ankle is feeling better, then back to Solan, "Journeyman's a big step. How long have you been at your craft?"

Solan nods, "Glad to hear it's helping. I've got not sprains to speak of but it certainly feels nice on tired muscles," he replies. As for the bit about not having a dragon, he nods enthusiastically. "Just look at /us/," he gestures to himself and Angelique. "No dragons and yet we're perfectly content. Though an adventure on dragonback now and then certainly makes for fun," he winks. "Unless it involves drowning, of course." When Angelique asks about leaving his apprenticeship behind, the woodcrafter shrugs lightly. "I'm not sure. Getelle seems very happy with my work but I'm in no hurry. It will be when it will be," he nods. Nodding to M'ta - who has quickly become one of the wisest people he's met since coming to Fort - he says, "About ten turns now. I'm told it will be soon but again," he smiles genuinely, "I'm not rushing."

Angelique remarks causally. "People are people no matter the rank of their knot. How they act is what defines them." she nods a bit at Solan's words. "Keeping my two oiled and happy is enough for me." she says contently. "Oh no rush, just thought perhaps you'd be close." closing her eyes a moment she simply enjoys the heat of the cavern around her when suddenly… "Angelique? Assistant Headwoman?" calls a young servant from the doorway. "Pardon my intrusion but I think you should come now. Talica is seeking you out." a groan is stifled as Ang starts to rise, the water streaming down her as she gingerly departs. She casts an apologetic look towards M'ta. To the towel she goes, but the change of clothing is simply picked up. She'll change after she finds out what is needed. "Sorry to head out so quickly…Hopefully it won't be long. I'll seek you out if you're still around M'ta." she promises. To the others she inclines her head. "Good conversation and company as usual."

With the help of her bronze-riding crutch, Angelique heads out! Both still fairly wet. Oops.

K'drozen leans back into the water and listens to Solan speak about his training an nods, "Just learn all you can while you can, really titles mean very little, it is the skill you have that is the real measure. Me I am a hobbies wood worker, wouldn't even think of calling myself a crafter but."