Fort Weyr - Gemstone Tavern
The dim lighting by the flicker of candles lining the walls is enough to offer a view of a room decorated in such a way as to be tastefully appealing. Each piece of furniture and decoration is chosen to accent another piece, and so on and so forth, matching and tying the whole room together in a theme that's separate, and yet at the same time unified. Tables line one wall, dimly lit by candles hanging in sconces all along. The bar along the far right wall is made of richly toned mahogany, tooled by a master and polished to shine with the soft glow of wood at its finest.
Candles strategically placed add to the atmosphere, accenting, punctuating. Towards the back is an open fireplace, constantly burning with a bright light, warming the tavern on cold nights and serving as a gathering place for patrons' story-tellings. Across the room, lush pillows and soft-covered floors promote relaxation at ease. Just before the pillows is a long stage, so full of its own vigor and memory - nicks here, marks there, scuffs from footware and other things - that it's possible to imagine the shows put on for the patrons without necessarily seeing the performances.

Another autumn afternoon and what better way to spend it than a quick stop at the Gemstone Tavern? Snow has been falling since morning, on and off and light enough that only trace amounts of it linger now or where the wind has piled it up in shallow drifts. The air is cold and crisp, the sky pale and overcast though the light is beginning to fade early. Most weyrfolk are beginning to drift back into the Weyr itself, but a few duck inside the tavern to 'warm up' with a couple of drinks. Fires are laid and there are enough customers to make for a comfortable atmosphere. At least… in one corner of the tavern.

The Weyrleader has always preferred one of the further recessed tables, one that allows him a wide vantage of the room with his back to a wall and there Th'ero had remained, content to nurse his (vile) dark ale while he waits. Was it for something? Someone? No doubt someone but the one who is by his table now is NOT that individual and from his expressions and the carefully controlled looks he's giving her, it's clear he's venturing from annoyed to downright angry. For there is a greenrider intruding on his personal space, a curvy young woman with long black hair left unbound. She's all but sitting on the edge of Th'ero's table, leaning forwards as she murmurs something to him with a mischievous smile that only earns a very sharp and uncomfortable look from the bronzerider. Please go away?

Kimmila stomps in from the outside (obviously), trying to brush the mud from her boots by the door, so she doesn't track it all the way through the tavern. Jacket is shed, along with scarf, gloves, hat…all that winter gear that one doesn't need when you move inside. So it's at least a good thirty seconds from her entrance to when she actually looks up and around, and sees her weyrmate…with another woman. Eyes narrow, a possessive anger gripping her, though it's not directed at the bronzerider. No, she knows him better than that and besides, who would /want/ anything other than her? The tomboyish, curve-lacking, brash bluerider. Curvy greenrider? Pfft. You don't have a chance. Kimmila begins to prowl across the room, eying the girl's back. Karate chop? Vulcan nerve pinch? Maybe just knee her in the kidney, or take out her knees…but no. She's irritated but she's not /violent/ (yet) as she steps up behind the greenrider, curving a hand down the woman's spine in a slow, sensual caress. "Looking for a threesome?" she purrs.

The door of the tavern never fully closes, Abigail is making her way on into the tavern. Flight jacket closed tight, gloves and scarf, which is undone once within the building. Gloves her stuck into her jacket pockets with a half yawn escaping her. Her pale gaze flicks over the room as she moves inwards to find a spot to settle down and work on getting a drink. She catches sight of Th'ero, Kimmila and another and pauses with a brow raised at the sight.. Though if she was going to comment on anything she smartly chooses not to and is off to the bar. Yay bar!

It is, indeed, a cold day in and around Fort Weyr. Yet despite the snow, the young woodcrafter known as Solan has been out traipsing through the woods for reasons unknown. Entering the Gemstone, he carefully removes his jacket and places it on a hook near the door. Kicking the powdery dust off his boots, he spots Kimmila standing near the curvaceous interloper and Th'ero sitting with a perhaps uncomfortable look on his face. Solan hadn't expected to find the Weyrleader and his weyrmate here but with the current (and rather tense-looking) situation, he isn't exactly keen to approach. Instead, he takes a table within eyesight of Th'ero and offers the weyrleader a smile, should he happen to look over of course. Sliding into a seat, he removes a small bronze lump from his outer shirt pocket and lays it on the table. Metallic wings unfurl - tiny though they are - and the faint cheepings of a newly hatched firelizard signal a need for MEAT. As Solan offers some jerky, he doesn't immediately see Angelique but when he does, he gestures to an open chair at his table if she wants it.

Th'ero is FAR more then uncomfortable, he's downright angry and likely trying to figure out some escape plan while the unknown greenrider continues to cozy up to him, despite the obvious Do Not Want cues drifting from him. The curvasious woman is just about to daringly try to playfully thwap (or is it stroke?) a few fingers against the Weyrleader's tunic when she is — by some merciful twist of fate — interrupted by Kimmila's touch to her back. Which is for the best, as Th'ero had almost begun to scale the wall in an attempt to evade the greenrider's touch, glaring at her and a heated, scathing remark on his tongue that is promptly stuttered to silence and instead a low hissed, "Kimmila!" is fired at the bluerider. Solan and Abigail are very wise to stay away for now, though Th'ero would have been relieved to see either of them! They'd be is escape, after all. Oh, look! Friends of mine. Gotta go… you know. OVER THERE. At last the woodcrafter is spotted, just a glimpse and the Weyrleader nods a brisk greeting. Well… this is a start?

That greenrider however has simply turned to stand, now facing Kimmila with a curious and intent look. "Mmm, no." she says with a warm and charming smile. "Not my thing, really. But sweet of you to offer!" That's followed with a giggle and, of all things, an outstretched hand. "Sao, green Ziasath's. Just came to apologize to Th'ero here about Kara and Ta'lok's behavior." Riiight. Sao gives Kimmila a once over and then either senses danger or just is lucky enough to back away then. With a flick of her hair back over her shoulder, she grins. "I'm needing a drink. Nice talking to you!" A wink is given to Th'ero (who's pointedly staring away) and then the greenrider is slipping off and… right for Abigail with that same cheery smile and wave. RUN Abigail, run!

Kimmila smiles sweetly back at Sao, but her eyes speak volumes of…other things. "Mmm, that's too bad," she says, taking the greenrider's hand ever so gently. Do not break a greenrider's wrist. Don't do it…don't…she pulls a bit until the greenrider is right up against her, face to face, and very much in her personal space. Leaning in, she whispers something to the woman before finally letting her go, with a gentle little push, and then slides into the booth and scoots right up next to Th'ero. Cozy. "Hi, weyrmate. Having a nice time?" Smirk.
Kimmila mutters to Th'ero, "You stay the… away… weyrmate, you slut…"

Abigail catches sight of Solan and smiles, a wave is sent towards him along with a point towards the bar. Meaning she wants to get a drink first it seems. As for the going on over at the booth with Th'ero, Kimmila and the flirty greenrider she isn't paying that much attention. All up to the fact that there is a certain greenrider moving towards her, that she is still clueless on. With drink in hand she is turning and just about bumps into Sao which causes her mug of ale to slosh about and a soft er escapes the brownrider. Her pale gaze flicks to the other. "Sorry.. Excuse me.." She will just try the roundabout way to avoid the other it seems, at least for now. So much for getting the chance to run.

Solan nods to Abigail, smiling wide as she non-verbally agrees to join him. Despite her rather awkward questioning the other day, he /is/ glad to see her. Well, mostly. Assuming she doesn't start asking questions again. On second thought, maybe he /shouldn't/ have nodded to an empty chair. The little bronze's croons turn anxious as his eyes whirl with violet hue, the offered meat now paling in comparison to the anxiety his human is feeling. Reaching down to gently reassure him, Solan focuses his attention on the drama unfolding nearby. Eye contact with Th'ero is established and the woodworker nods before his eyes flick to Kimmila and Sao. 'This is about to get incredibly interesting,' he thinks to himself. It's almost disappointing, then, that the greenrider gives up and leaves. "Everything alright?" he tosses Th'ero and Kimmila, hoping a little external company might help the situation.

Sao was on her way towards the bar, but then her wrist is caught and she's turning with a puzzled look to Kimmila, once she's glanced down to notice that the bluerider is gripping her. "Haven't changed my mind—-oh?" She blinks as suddenly they're face to face and she is being whispered too. Eyes widen and her mouth drops slightly, stunned before she's pulling back with an affronted look. Hmmph! She glares at Kimmila, lips pressed firm and chin up, defiant. "It was just some fun!" she snips at the bluerider before turning on her heel and stiffly walking away — but still swaying her hips enough with the motion to garner a few looks from the other men lingering about the tavern. Sao is too busy being all insulted to pay much attention and - bump! - her elbow catches Abigail. "Oh, dear! I'm so sorry. Did I spill your drink?" she asks and the poor Wingsecond may find her arm clutched beneath gentle fingers as the greenrider peers close to be sure. Or that's her excuse!

Meanwhile, back at his table, Th'ero still looks edgy and fit to scale the wall at any given moment if his usual routes of escape are cut off again. At least Kimmila is cozying up to his side now and he promptly slips an arm around her in a rare public display of affection. "You know the answer to that, Weyrmate. What'd you whisper to her anyhow?" He'd like to know her secret! "She stormed off in a right snit…" Th'ero mutters low to Kimmila with a smirk, pulling a plate of food that he had been slowly picking at closer. Looks like some sort of stew, though only some buttered bread remains and he tears off a small piece of it. "Everything's fine! Why don't you join us, Solan? Who's the new little one?" he goes on to add to the woodcrafter, looking up long enough to spare the young man a longer glance. Quick! Fill up the other chairs so Sao can't come back! Not… that's that liable to STOP the greenrider. But they can hope, right?

Kimmila just glowers after Sao, rolling her eyes a bit and picking up a piece of the bread Th'ero has left on his plate. Grinning a bit, she turns her head to whisper to him, chuckling low in her throat. Muahahaha. "Hey, Solan," the bluerider finally greets him, and then she's watching Abigail with a little grimace, shifting a bit. As if the brownrider would need her help in shaking off the amorous greenrider. "Is her dragon about to rise?" she hisses to Th'ero.

Abigail wishes she could escape, see there are seat right over /there/ that she could take over but her arm is thus grabbed and a soft breath escapes her. Amusement soon trickles across her face, a faint smile seen and she shakes her head. "No in the least deary.. It will survive right as rain." Her words are sweet, friendly sounding almost. "Now, if'nn ye would just let go of me arm won't have no worries over such things." Inside the brownrider is on edge, tensing slightly wanting to escape but at the same time attempting to play it cool.. Be nice is echoed in her mind, at least until there is a real reason to be anything but that. The common sense bit may be words from a certain brown settled upon his ledge happily dozing.

When the invite's given, Solan smiles and rises, lifting the little firelizard with care. He looks towards Abigail and motions toward's Th'ero's table. He obviously means he'll be sitting there when she's got that drink and is ready to join. At that point, though, Sao bumps into her and a new exchange begins. The woodcrafter chuckles to himself, knowing Abigail is perfectly capable of kicking dragonrider tail if the need arises. Even so, he'll keep an ear out in case Abigail could use a little backup. "That's what I was about to ask," Solan says, referring to Kimmila's inquiry about the rider's green rising soon. "Might explain a few things," he smirks. "Hello, by the way." As for Th'ero's question, he reaches out to let the Weyrleader see the curious little bronze cupped in his right hand. "Say hello to Kon," he grins. "Journeyman Getelle gave me the egg. Said I was 'doing satisfactory work' and deserved something more than marks for it." Kon cheeps up at Th'ero and Kimmila, waving his little silver paw at them with hunger as Solan looks back at Abigail and silently mouths, 'You alright?'

Th'ero pauses mid bite when Kimmila whispers to him and a blush suddenly spreads darkly over his cheeks, though not entirely from embarrassment. "You told her that, Wingmate? Shards, are you trying to start a fight?" he mutters low to her, almost whispering and yet… failing. He finishes with the piece of bread and promptly washes it down with a (large) swig of his ale and once he's swallowed he hisses right back at his weyrmate. "Yes. Velokraeth is observing," More like stalking. "Ziasath right now though he tells me it won't be quite yet, but soon enough to explain Sao's…behavior." Which may be why Th'ero didn't exactly rip into the greenrider right off the bat, though he's regretting that now. With his arm still around Kimmila, he looks relieved as Solan takes up the invitation and settles into one of the vacant seats. Now only one remains and there is no doubt WHO the Weyrleader hopes will take it! "Welcome to Weyr life. When every other day there's a proddy rider skulking about somewhere." Th'ero mutters irritably and then promptly reins himself in to at least smile towards Solan. "Afternoon," he drawls, eyes instantly drawn to the small newly hatched bronze firelizard. "Very generous of that Journeyman but well done all the same. He looks to be a fine little fellow. Just be sure to get them trained young. He your only one?"
Being nice to Sao is… a bad idea and she instantly gets the entirely wrong idea in her head. The greenrider only latches on all the more, positively beaming though it only shows through her eyes and her smile remains charming and friendly. Too friendly. "Good! I'd hate it if I spoiled your time here too." Cocking her head, she seems to consider Abigail under a long, studious look before her smile quirks to a faint grin. "You here on your own?" she asks in a softer voice and her hands begin to drift away but she steps closer…

Kimmila shrugs. "Maybe," she mutters with some irritation. Then she grimaces with a low huff. Perking up when Solan joins them, she leans forward to admire the bronze with a grin. "You're getting quite the collection! Congratulations, well earned indeed." She glances up at Sao and Abigail again, grimacing. But she doesn't say anything for the moment.

Abigail smirks slightly while she peers at Sao, her pale blue gaze narrowing just a touch. Perhaps being nice was the wrong idea? "Right.. Because I could just get another drink and not worry about it in the least. Thus nothing would be spoiled in the end. Now would it?" There is just a faint edge to her tone, she isn't interested in being near someone who's dragon is soon to be all glowy. Especially after what happened the last time she was involved in one. "I'm with a friend, yes." Solan over there, see? HIM.. "Look.. I hate to seem rude.. But I'm not interested." To the point rather quickly. "Do me a favor, and just back off." If Sao pushes the matter Abbey may not be so nice. Though there is a part of her that hopes Sao does keep pushing it so she can get her point across.

"Getelle has more than he can handle," Solan grins back, "with his three. He gave the whole clutch away. Can't believe mine was a bronze," he says quietly, his gaze suddenly a hundred miles away and his tone tinged with wonder. There's something rather odd about the way he says that but Th'ero's next question has the young woodworker returning to the moment, shaking his head. "I've Brynn as well, a green. Gifted from the illustrious Kimmila, Defender of Weyrleaders," he smirks kindly at the woman. "And collection? No," he smiles wistfully, "that's not my intention. Both have just sort of fallen into my life," though from Solan's smile, it seems he's quite happy about that. Looking back again, he hears Abigail mention being with a friend and he grins back at her, all innocent-looking. Hopefully Sao will read more into the dragonrider's words than is actually there.

Th'ero turns his head to whisper something briefly to Kimmila's ear when she huffs and then the Weyrleader is turning his focus back on Solan. There is a knowing little smile when the woodcrafter takes on that far away gaze and he chuckles low, his previous irritation involving Sao now dissolving away. With his weyrmate at his side and friends surrounding, that greenrider surely won't be back! Right? "I don't blame Journeyman Getelle for gifting the entire clutch. I've done it with Cranky's eggs — those that I've found, anyways. And did the illustrious Defender of Weyrleaders really extend such a kindness?" Th'ero drawls the last with obvious teasing sarcasm and directed to
Kimmila with barely contained laughter. Good title, Solan! "That's how my three came to be mine. All by chance, with my green being first, brown my second and bronze third and hopefully last."

Sao frowns a little. "Well, I don't know about that…" she begins, still hovering too close to Abigail's side but trying to make it seem innocent enough. That faint edge is missed of course, but when the Wingsecond takes a direct route it is all too clear. Leaning back, the greenrider almost pouts when she's rebuffed. "Hey now, I wasn't meaning to imply that! Was just trying to be nice. Honest! So I get it, I get it. You're with a friend!" she mutters, eyes traveling to where Solan sits with the Weyrleader and Kimmila and her expression closes off. Oh. THEM! Or, more like her, as her eyes linger longest on the bluerider. Hmph! She doesn't seem to be willing to push Abigail further and so the brownrider has her chance to escape. BUT — Sao isn't done either, simply lingering along as she considers…

Kimmila sits up a bit when Sao looks their way again, tapping her fingers against her chest and lifting her hands in the classic, 'bring it' gesture. You wanna take this outside?

Abigail huffs softly as she hears Sao. "What a load of bullcrap." She states with a faint tone as she hears the other rider. "Yer so close to implying it that if ye push it anymore yer going to be dancing in someone's lap." She catches that look that Sao sends Kimmila and leans just a tad closer to Sao. "Do yerself a favor, go home and let it go before ye get knocked on yer arse." Perhaps just a faint bit of a threat? If not by Kimmila there is a good chance the brownrider would do it, actually more then a good chance as this seems to go on.

"Cranky?" Solan laughs, "That is a fantastic name." As the Weyrleader explains how his own firelizards came into his life, the woodcrafter smiles at the thought of having that in common. Before he can say more, though, the situation is escalating again. This is /not/ going to end well and the thought of two (three? Four?) dragon riders all in a tussle has Solan considering the safety of his little bronze. With a thought, he sends the creature *between* and turns in his chair, filling his chest with air and looking as purposefully imposing as he can. He has no clue how to fight - he's never done it - but he won't hesitate to put himself into harm's way if it means protecting his friends.

Th'ero will catch that exchange between Kimmila and Sao, frowning heavily in disapproval as he tightens his arm around the bluerider. Possessive or protective? It could be both! He lowers his head again, after shooting the greenrider a warning glance, to whisper again to his weyrmate and something exchanged then has him scoffing. Then he turns to Solan, smiling crookedly as the woodcrafter laughs. "Apt name for a green, isn't it?" he muses and then blinks when the young man is suddenly adopting a puffed-up and imposing stance. Won't take Th'ero long to figure out why and he sighs wearily. "Shells." he mutters darkly.

Sao only blinks and actually does look hurt by Abigail's words. "I am not!" she huffs and folds her arms over her chest. "What's wrong with being nice or friendly and laid back with folks? If I'm crossing lines then I am sorry! But you don't have to get so snarky with me!" At the implied threat, she blanches a bit and staggers back. "Jays. Is everyone super uptight this afternoon? It was just some FUN! Sorry if I offended you." she exclaims in her defence again and for a moment looks ready to storm off now that that had been said. But Sao only lifts her chin again and promptly… turns to stalk right back to the table, stopping at a respectable distance and at Solan's side, effectively putting him and Th'ero between her and Kimmila. Trouble? It doesn't seem so but one never knows!

Kimmila eyes the greenrider and then rolls them. "/Someone/ needs to lay you back but it's no one here so go on already." Shoo. And, yeah, she does make that little gesture. "It's a perfect name for her," she says, pointedly ignoring Sao to look at the others. "She's lived up to it for sure. Makes me wonder how she would have turned out if you'd named her Lovey." When Solan puffs up the bluerider just grins fondly at him. Dawww. That's so cute. And then a wicked grin for Abigail. Ayup.

You whisper "And everyone KNOWS this! Don't play her game, Wingmate. She'll be bored of us soon enough and move on. I may know of… a tactic to get her gone from here. That doesn't involve us causing any more of a scene." to Kimmila.

Abigail snorts slightly while she eyes Sao a moment. "Right.. So nice and friendly.. Maybe ye should go look for someone that is a bit more interested in cozying up to ye then the few here?" Brownrider is a bit grumpy at the moment it seems. "Yer acting like some wayward cat.." Though this is said to Sao's back at the greenrider is making her way back towards the table? A low chuckle escapes her and she takes a long sip from her mug and suddenly wish it was whiskey. Her gaze lingers on Solan and there is a smile offered back to him before she is on her way towards the table, her mug is placed on the table. Perhaps nothing will happen? Sure.. Everyone will just sit down and shoot the breeze like no one got a little huffy.

Solan isn't exactly sure what to make of things right now. Proddy green or not, it seems like this situation is becoming much more escalated than it needs to be. And perhaps his own behavior is contributing to that but even so, trouble is trouble. Right? A little temperance might not be a bad idea, though. "Excuse me," he attempts a warm smile, "but we were all just meeting to enjoy a drink and catch up. Would you mind terribly if we had a little privacy?" It's an earnest request from a non-rider who just wants to spend time with his friends.

Sao ignores Abigail's parting remark and Kimmila's as well, though from the way her eyes narrow it's clear they've hit and stung considerably. Flirty, proddy and perhaps truly well meaning but just wrongfully executed, she's not approaching the table to cause more trouble. Not intentionally and she straightens, trying to look confident and proud and self assured. A look is given to Solan and she smiles sweetly, half to flirt but half out of sincere relief that HE at least is trying to approach civilly. "I know and I won't intrude much longer. Just here to apologize, because I realize now I've offended. Didn't mean to, just… got caught up I guess." Sao shrugs as she glances to Kimmila and Th'ero primarily, though she'll include Abigail as well and lastly Solan. To whom she promptly leans forwards towards and either rests her hand on his shoulder or on the back of his chair. "Thanks for putting up with me." she says in that charming smile of hers, as some of her hair tumbles over her shoulders and she is so close again. But so unaware…

Th'ero clears his throat, which draws Sao's attention so that she looks up to the Weyrleader expectantly. "I believe Zohenth has returned, or so Velokraeth has told me, Sao. No doubt M'ao is looking for you, as well as the others." Others? Something he said sparks a vivid interest in the greenrider and she is standing straight again and smoothing out her clothes and her hair. Primping. "Really?" she says and only grins when Th'ero nods his head. At least she doesn't squeal? But she looks about ready to but she is also stepping back… and then another step. "Sorry again, really, I am!" Sao murmurs hurriedly, buttoning up her jacket with fumbling fingers. "I'll just — be… going…"

Kimmila actually looks sorry for Sao for a moment, and abashed as she looks down. "Sorry," she mutters. Wait. What was that? Then she's looking at Th'ero, mouthing, 'is she rising?'. And, more importantly, is Velokraeth chasing?

Abigail perhaps feels a wee bit back there for a few moments as she sits herself down upon a chair next to where about Solan is. "Have a good day.." Night.. flight.. Whatever it might be for Sao. She sips at her drink and lets her eyes close as Niumdreoth is perking up a bit from his ledge, though only to turn over and stretch out upon his side. So it seems if anything is happening he is keeping put.

Solan smiles back even as the woman leans on her chair. Flirty she may be but he is no rider and thus safe from her machinations, if they aren't entirely forthright. He nods and smiles again as she's given the news to leave, tossing a wave her way before turning back to the group. "that was…intense."

Th'ero only shakes his head minutely to Kimmila's mouthed question. No — Ziasath is not rising and the Weyrleader promptly smirks. So… did he lie then or simply stretch the truth a bit an foist the proddy Sao on her unsuspecting friends? Probably the latter and once the greenrider is turning to leave, he exhales in relief and sinks back in his chair. He does give Kimmila a curious look for her apology to Sao though and the arm he had slipped around her previously gives her the smallest of squeezes. Was that so hard? "Afternoon, Abigail. Hope you escaped her unscathed?" he drawls, his smirk still firmly in place before he glances to Solan and snorts, almost laughing out loud now that Sao is out of range and heading for the door. "You thought that was intense? She was relatively harmless." Sort of.

It is another crisp and chill autumn afternoon, with snow falling for most of the morning and only now tapering off, leaving only trace amounts or shallow drifts where the wind has pushed it. The Gemstone Tavern is moderately crowded and Th'ero, Kimmila, Abigail and Solan sit in one corner near the back that provides ample view of the entire room. There is a strange atmosphere for anyone arriving, though it seems to break the moment a certain curvy, young black haired greenrider all but rushes out the door. Sao, as it was discovered, is in the first stages of prodiness and her behavior has caused quite the stir among those there to witness it. Even with her now making her hasty exit (those by the door best move out of the way fast! she's on a mission!), there are low murmurs and a few snickering remarks from other tables.

Kimmila laughs. "Brilliant," she murmurs to the weyrleader. "Whew. Well that was not at all entertaining," she mutters, glancing around at the others. "Round on me." Gesture. Bring us ale!

Finally out of the infirmary one of the first things Angelique did was hit the Living Caverns for some food. The second was a rest in her room. Restlessness now though has driven her out of her room and all the way out here which if a Healer were to see they would be dragging her back to the infirmary to get her off her foot. It's well wrapped, the right ankle is, and shoved inot a boot that's not laced. HEr other boot is though and she's also clad in a comfortable enough jacket that's suitable for the cold that usually comes with falling snow. Stepping just inside the doorway Angelique can only stare after the departing green rider in baffled befuddlement. "In a bit of a hurry?" she can't resist calling after before turning attention to the unfamiliar room at large. Just in time to hear the call of her blue riding friend. "Execellent…that include injured Assistant Headwomen too?" she calls over as she gimps her way towards the table of people in the back corner, ignoring most everyone else in the room. One hopes her heckler friend who fell on her the other day hasn't decided to frequent this tavern as well.

Some people are completely oblivious to anything shy of a goldflight, and one of them — Assistant Headman Zhirayr — nearly gets run over by Sao as he enters the tavern on one of his (few, blessed) days off (well, more-or-less off). So who should he immediately spot but his co-worker, Angelique? And besides, it's icy out — somewhere — so Zhirayr hustles over to check on her, having not checked in, really, since her near-death experience. "Still doing okay?" he asks quietly, and — as soon as he has a decent answer — hastens over to the bar, to get her something to drink so she can help herself to a seat more immediately.

Abigail watches Sao go, her mind wandering just a spell before there is a blink and she glances to Th'ero with a smirk seen. "Mostly. I do feel a touch bad I suppose.." It's not all Sao's fault after all. She takes another sip from her drink, her gaze flicking to Solan and she chuckles. "That was nothing." Hearing Angelique she looks up casting a smile towards her. "I'm sure it does, come have a seat. How are ye feeling?"

Jastre for some reason always ends up where people congregate, which makes you wonder how he was even able to go for Turns with nothing but a runnerbeast for company most of the time. A little wary of the snow, he ended up in the tavern. Well, with this crowd there's no chance of getting too cold, that's for sure. Nothing like some good old body heat to-oof! He gets pushed out of the way by a greenrider and blinks, then looks around. What's her issue? Oh hey he knows some of these people. Wave.

Solan would love to stay but a fervent message from Brynn has him standing and making excuses. "I am very sorry," his sigh is soft, "Getelle is trying to find me for something and though it's my rest day, it's best to see what it is. It was good to see you all," he nods, looming about before backing away. "thanks for the excitement," he laughs, nodding before slipping out.

Th'ero blinks a bit for Kimmila's laughter and ducks his head a bit to hide the ghost of a grin that curves his mouth. "Told you I had an idea. Just didn't think it'd work so easily!" he drawls and then chuckles dryly. "Generous this afternoon, are we, Wingmate?" Not that he is complaining that much! Angelique won't get any reply to her call from Sao, save perhaps from a 'Sorry!' drifting back over the wind as the greenrider books it at a good clip back into the Weyr. Inside the tavern though, the Weyrleader will look over as the Assistant Headwoman approaches and slipping his arm from Kimmila he pushes to his feet. Why? So he can fetch a chair for her, though it seems Solan will be vacating one. "It was good to see you again too Solan. Perhaps next time there won't be so much… excitement." Cough, proddy greenriders, cough. "Good luck with your work!" he calls with a hint of amusement to his voice to the departing woodcrafter before gesturing for Angelique to take the now empty chair. "How's the foot?" There will be a nod sent to Zhirayr as well, followed by a curious look. He's not injured too, is he? Th'ero returns to his seat then, cozying right back against Kimmila's side and just in time to spot Jastre approaching and that wave is returned. "Afternoon." One that is likely to be much more easy going now, here at least, that Sao has departed!

Kimmila shrugs, "Anything to make people happy," she says, shifting a bit closer to his side. "How are you doing, Angelique?" No, she doesn't fuss…but she does ask! "Bye, Solan! Hello everyone else…" Seems her call for another round was ill-timed, as her purchase for four has suddenly turned into…how many? Eight? Ah well.

An offered chair by the Weyrleader has Angelique grinning a bit as she moves to get /off/ that blasted ankle. "Doing as well as I can I suppose." is her reply towards Zhirayr before he's hustling off to…do something. She's not sure what exactly though. Settling into the seat she offers a thanks towards Th'ero. "Thank you Weyrleader. I suspect the Healer's wouldn't be happy with me walking so far." lucky for her they didn't see! Angelique's reply to Zhy will evidently work towards Kimmila as well. "What's the round on you for?" she can't help but ask.

Lucky for her the Weyrleader felt like offering her a seat, too, and that Zhirayr comes by with thirty-dozen drinks, too! (Well. Enough for everyone at the table, anyway, including him, since that's where Angelique is sitting.) Maybe Kimmila is stuck paying for it, but at least she isn't stuck carrying it, right? As soon as Zhirayr's tray is down, he gets with the saluting, nodding, and waving — and under the circumstances, no doubt the Weyrleader won't care if he's conscientious enough to hand off a drink to Abigail first, right?

Abigail glances up slightly as she looks after Solan and then she glances back to Kimmila and Th'ero. A grin seen as she nods to Kimmila. "Perhaps next time I can take ye up on that drink?" This questioned with an amused tone at the idea before she is standing up, her drink done and she needs to get back to some work it seems. A glance is sent to Angelique, smile seen while she nods. "I'm glad ta hear yer doing better. I'll see ye lot later on, stay warm and so forth." At the offered drink from Zhirayr she points to Kimmila and grins. "She can have mine this round. Thank ye." Is sent to him at that offer of the drink first though. With that she is off, heading on out from the tavern for now it seems.

Jastre steps closer to that group now that he's had a returned greeting, though hovers a little on the outer edges. "Hey… mind if I join?" he asks, looking to each person almost like he's expecting them to turn him away or something. Which is silly, because most of the people in the Weyr are friendly and welcoming.

"Careful or you'll end up paying for half if not all the tavern guests," Th'ero drawls amusedly to Kimmila and as Zhirayr is so helpful in bringing over the large order of drinks, the Weyrleader does not mind at all who is served first. In fact, he probably approves that the women get their share first and will even help pass out the mugs, with two apparently for the bluerider at Abigail's offer. Th'ero will take the last mug, once everyone else is served and then promptly raise it in a silent and only half-serious toast before taking a small sip. This will be his second (or is it third?) drink and after Sao it is most welcomed. "You shouldn't be on it?" he says to Angelique with a concerned frown. "Is it broken or sprained?" he asks next, only to shake his head. "Good to see that you're at least up and about… even if not entirely advised or encouraged." he murmurs and turns his head to give Jastre a reserved but welcoming smile. "Not at all." Lifting his hand from his mug, he gestures in a sweeping motion. "Take a seat!"

"For drinking," Kimmila says to Angelique, with a crooked grin. Rolling her eyes a bit to Th'ero, the bluerider just shrugs. What can she do? Go steal drinks from people? "How is your wardrobe holding up, Zhirayr? Have anything else ruined recently? Not at all, Jastre, have a seat and get a drink."

Angelique's mug is lifted in what ever silent toast she can think of in her head as Th'ero does his own silent toast. To toasts! Drink up! Indeed a drink is taken from her mug before she hastens to assure the Weyrleader that it's not broken. "Not broken." see? What solid assurance that was. "Just badly sprained and they recommend rest for at least a sevenday or so. So no running around the bowl." no worries there she doesn't do that now. "For drinking. Seems as good of a reason as any." "See you later Abigail." a hand is lifted in a wave to the departing rider. "Thanks Zhirayr. Indeed…how /is/ your wardrobe?" a welcoming smile is cast to Jastre though she's a little unsure if she's actually met him before.

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