Fort Weyr - Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

C'rus has been spending what free time he has in the central bowl with Jaicoureth, just getting him used to being around people other than the werylings and the werylingmasters. Besides, the young dragon has rather taken to being outside the confines that formerly confined all the weyrlings. At present they are standing on the edge of the bowl just observing people and dragons going to and fro taking care of whatever business they have going on at present. «I think Moncerath is cool.» he comments to C'rus, who would be hard pressed to find a disagreement in what the young dragon is saying, "Yes. She is." he agrees with him, «She can fly!» Which of course is the definition for anyone being cool in the young dragon's eyes.

With her nose in a book and Rhenesath by her side, Thys would appear to be being guided by her lifemate across the bowl, headed towards the living caverns. The young gold, having already grown to an impressive size, is concentrating on the path before them with her nose held low to the ground and her eyes whirling a steady blue-green; she hops on ahead of Thys, pauses for her to catch up, then hops on ahead again… altering their course so that they're headed towards Cy and Jaicoureth. They're close enough for Thys to overhear C'rus talking, and she snaps her head up from whatever she was reading to blink curiously at the bluerider. "Hi, Cy - what was that? Who's what?"

C'rus does see Thys coming from a mile away, after all a gold making her way around does stand out a bit. Though he is a bit surprised to find her with a book in her face. That was sort of his job before, and he hasn't even been down to the archieves since Jaicoureth hatched, "Hi Thys." he says with a smile, "Jaicoureth was just explaining to me that he thinks Moncerath is cool because she can fly." he says with a wide grin, "Kera came for a visit yesterday and Moncerath impressed him quite a bit." Not that C'rus is going to complain about that, "It's all he can talk about since." Jaicoureth also spots Rhen and Thys as they approach and wuffs a greeting to Rhenn and Thys, «Hello. I met a green dragon yesterday. She's much bigger than our sisters and she flew here from somewhere else. She wouldn't tell me how she did it though.»

"Moncerath…" Thys mulls over the name, only linking it with her rider when C'rus does it for her. "Oh! Your Kera's dragon. It's so good that you're keeping in touch!" She grins, slipping a bookmark in between the pages she was reading and snapping her book closed. There's writing on the cover, noting it as a journal of some sort - though the full title is hidden by Thys's hand. « Hello, Jaicoureth. We'll fly soon enough! » Cue a bombardment of images captured from around the Weyr, of dragons in flight, take-off, landing - it's so exciting! "Has Jaicoureth tried keeping in touch with her? Moncerath? I think he should be able to speak to her over the distance, right?"

Jaicoureth is thankfully too distracted with talking to Rhen to notice the comment about Kera being 'his'. There would be crazy questions about that. C'rus nods quickly to her with a smile, "This was her first visit since the hatching." he explains. He has certainly missed the greenrider thats for sure, but now that he has seen her he feels more relaxed and at peace with the world, "They can do that?" he asks her. Jaicoureth is getting better at communication with others and replies with a whirl of colors, a cacophony of sound, and a glittering of lights…along with images of Moncerath showing off her wings the previous evening. «Yes we will! I'm so ready.>

Rhenesath fans Jaicoureth's excitement with her warm, encouraging flames, stretching out her own wings in a mimicry of the pose shown in his thoughts. « Soon! You will look glorious in our skies, Jaicoureth. » Thys cants her head slightly to one side, thinking for a moment,, then nodding. "Well, I think they can. It makes sense, doesn't it? I'm sure I've heard of dragons doing it - it's far more convenient than having to pass a message physically from Weyr to Weyr, isn't it?"

C'rus ponders her answer for a moment before responding, "I don't see why they couldn't. You might be right. I've just not thought about it before. Though I'm not sure its a good idea to try without permission. Maybe we can ask the werylingmaster about it." He wouldn't want to do anything that would cause any disruption to his lifemates development after all, even if it would be so cool. He can't help but smile at the thought, "How are you tonight?" he asks, only polite to check in anyway, "You seem to be rather busy. What's the book about?" he asks. Jaicoureth watches Rhen closely as she imitates Moncerath. «Yes. She did that last night. Her wings were huge.» Everything looks bigger when you are young after all.

Moving off to one side, Rhenesath invites Jaicoureth to join her in stretching her wings out, beating them to raise little eddies of air from the ground. « See? » There's no fear of flight, simply practice to strengthen those wing muscles while she makes happy cluck-croon sounds. « Your turn! » Thys winces as the draft caused by Rhenesath's wings ruffles her short - but growing! - hair, then shakes her head in amusement and looks back at C'rus with a grin. "I'm good - we're good! Just reading, trying to prepare myself more, I suppose. This is an old journal from one of the juniors, turns and turns back. I'm trying to get a feel for what it might be like, once we graduate… though I do wish I could be doing the more exciting things you'll all get to do."

Jaicoureth moves off to the side with Rhen and keeps an eye on her as she unfurls her wings and begins to flap them a bit. He's certainly been practicing the same sort of things and is more than willing to give it a shot. He stretches out his wings and and begins to flap them gently, not wanting to actually take off..even though he is sure that he could if he tried. C'rus is content to let the dragons interact with each other so that he can focus his attention on his friend, "I'm sorry…" he offers, sort of a vague all encompassing sort of sorry.

Thys laughs in response to C'rus, shaking her head. "Nah, no need to be sorry, Cy! I'll have fantastic adventures in administration while you're out saving damsels in distress with your handsome Jaicoureth." She reaches out to gently, reassuringly pat his arm. "Have you given any thought to what you might do after graduation? Return to your craft, perhaps?" Rhenesath beats her wings in time with Jai, crooning encouragingly at him, and sharing images of her own idea of what flying might be like.

"I still am a bit…" he says with a smile, "It isn't a life that I would choose for myself." How true is that. He wouldn't wish being a goldrider on anyone, "But I'm pleased that you are happy." he suppose's thats what matters in the end. As for his own future, he just shakes his head, "Truthfully. I'm not at all sure. I could return to the hall I suppose. I guess that would be ok, but there are times when I don't feel much like a healer anymore, but I don't really see myself out there saving damsels in distress either.." he says with a small chuckle, "I suppose there are other choices besides. Chance to start over and all that." Jaicoureth continues to beat his wings, oh yes. He has his own visions of what flying will be like and as she shows him her own thoughts his own voice becomes just a bit louder. He has images of flying too but they are muddled and brief as his mind races between thoughts.

« You've become louder, little brother. I like it. » Rhen is purely encouraging, from the warmth of her flickering flames that venture more boldly into his thoughts, to her vocal sounds of pleasure at Jaicoureth's sharing. « Tell me more about what you've been doing? » While her lifemate lowers her wings and stretches her muzzle out towards Jai in an invitation for nuzzling, Thys gives Cy a little shrug. "Well, you have one of those Crafts that could readily translate into your new life as a rider. Dragonhealing could be a route for you, perhaps? With what you know, you'd likely be good in rehabilitation, helping injured riders and dragons to heal, or something like that?"

"I suppose. I mean I've always cared about things like that. I've always wanted to see what I could do to help everyone though. If I went down the route of dragonhealing I'd not see any non-riders ever, and that would make me sad I think. I don't want to give up on where I came from just because I'm doing something a bit different now. I'm not werybred, and I suppose you can take the man out of the hold but you can't take the hold out of the man." If any of that made any sense at all C'rus will be surprised, "I just feel like there are all kinds of possibilities for me in some ways and less in others." he adds. Jaicoureth seems to be finding that others aren't frightened away by his loudness and so the encouragement only makes him go all the louder both in the visual and auditory sense. He opens his mind up a little bit more and there is a large hall filled with walls that gleam like gold and tapestries that blow and flags of all colors that swirl through the air. Above the visual spectacle is the sound of beating drums and cymbols all crashing and booming at the same time. It's one big chaotic mess, and the various thoughts of flying whirl through the space. He doesn't move to nuzzle his sister, the young dragon still has /some/ space issues but at least he isn't freaking out by even having the conversation. Baby steps.

"Oh, I'm sure you wouldn't have to be exclusive to anyone, no matter what route you decide to take," Thys says, smiling. "From my understanding, a Healer should help anyone who needs it, and I would expect that to be the same for a dragonhealer, too. Rhenesath is still insisting that I maintain my Craft as soon as I can get some time in the workshop, though honestly? It's going to be sharding hard to do that, and care for her, and do everything else that we've got to do… weyrlinghood's a bit of a whirlwind, isn't it?" While Rhenesath doesn't get as far as actually nuzzling Jaicoureth after picking up on his reluctance, she does wuffle warm breath at him, and shares a mental embrace of warm flames, letting him see the mountainside wilderness of her mind beyond the forge-fires.

"Thats the way it should go I suppose. Though you know as well as I do you get stuck in one thing and you just end up doing more and more of that till thats all you do. I suppose really what I do isn't entirely up to me anymore, and Jaicoureth hasn't really commented much on career choices. I think if he had his way it would be a…" C'rus tails off, nope not going to give the young dragon any ideas about flying related careers. He'd not hear the end of it, "I really do hope that you get the chance to do that. I know you really enjoyed it, and is one heck of a ride. And I think just because we are at this new stage of our lives doesn't mean we should stop being ourselves or somehow let ourselves be overly burdened by what the past says we should do. We can make new traditions. Blaze new trails. Decide for ourselves and not let it all be dictated." Jaicoureth isn't put off by the mental conversation that is ongoing. He has always rather enjoyed his interactions with the gold dragon. Though he is momentarily distracted by his riders thought process «What are you talking about?» he asks, «What sort of traditions?» C'rus glances over to his lifemate, "Just talking about the future. After we graduate and get done with training. And we'll talk about it all later ok?" he says gently, "You should keep talking to Rhen."

"Faranth, Cy - you ought to write that down." Thys bites her lip thoughtfully, tapping her chin with her fingertip. "You know… I would absolutely help you to chisel it into the wall in the barracks. 'Make new traditions. Blaze new trails. Decide for yourself and don't let it all be dictated'. Some little weyrling in the future is going to love hearing that, I'm sure. And is it really graffiti, if it's motivational?" She winks, grinning cheekily. "If you're up for being a little rebellious, that is?" When Cy speaks to Jaicoureth, Thys looks from him to his lifemate, then back. "Do you speak to him through your mind at all, Cy? Or always aloud?"

"Whats to say that I don't have all my ramblings written down somewhere." he says with a wide grin, "I have so many after all, though I'd probably need more than one book." And if there was such such a book, how much trouble could it get him into? Probably a great deal, "I somehow think that they would still think of it as graffiti and I'm guessing they wouldn't have to look to far for who wrote it, or came up with it…even if you helped." he says with a small chuckle, "I talk to him outloud most of the time. He doesn't seem to mind and honestly there are times when I talked to riders that I knew they were having some conversation I wasn't a part of and it always kinda irked me. I'd like Jaicoureth to learn to be sociable and I'd like to be sociable too. I suppose there is nothing stopping me from talking to him privately though. We sometimes do when its evening in the barracks and we don't want to disturb everyone." Jaicoureth continues to happily interact with his sister, apparently accepting that they will talk about it later.

"You know, I think I'm mostly the opposite with Rhenesath now? I used to find myself speaking out loud to her a lot when we were first Impressed, but now it's mostly all in here…" Thys taps her temple, and shrugs. "Not that there's anything wrong with speaking to him in whatever way you want, of course! I was just curious." Rhenesath settles her forequarters down on the ground, rumbling a happy sound at Jaicoureth. All that wing-flapping tired her out! And then there's the images she starts to share with him of the places she's explored in the Weyr so far, with a full verbal run-down of everything she's learnt about them. "Y'know what, Cy? I'm going to steal those words from you and chip them into the wall, if you don't want to. They're stuck in my head, which means they must be good."

C'rus probably has more than a few quirks when it comes to his interaction with Jaicoureth. He's hardly traditional material and the dragon, while he might be a bit more traditional than his rider, has his own fair share of quirks, "Oh I know." he says with a smile, "I just figure that if I'm around non-riders especially they'd want to know what I was talking about or at least get one side of the conversation. I'd always rather disliked the whole left out feeling." He just shakes his head, "You have my blessing to do what you want with them, just don't put my name on it, and ok it with the werylingmaster before you stick it on the wall. Otherwise I'd have to report you for breaking the rules." he says with a grin, "I guess when you are my boss make sure I get a good job and a good weyr." Now that's weird to think about. Her being his boss, not that he has ever done well with bosses or masters or any such business. Maybe she'll be different. Who knows? Jaicoureth could probably continuet he flapping for awhile longer, he has been practicing a great deal. Not to the point of strain but he is a fit dragon. When she stops though he does and listens and watches. He is curious about all these places. He hasn't really explored much beyond the bowls, as his rider has been reluctant to take him out too far.

Thys laughs. "The weyr I might be able to help you with, but I think the job part falls under Th'ero and the wingleaders. I'm sure you'll end up with the one you want, though. If it were up to me? I'd put you into Search and Rescue, so I can live vicariously through you." She winks to show she's teasing, and is then distracted when Rhenesath yawns noisily, getting to her feet to perform a full body stretch. "Ah, I'd best get her back to the barracks before she falls asleep out here." And indeed, the young gold is already on her way back, wuffling a farewell to Jaicoureth before walking a few paces, then stopping to make that horrible creel-keen sound at Thys. "Alright, alright! I'm coming!" Thys rolls her eyes, then can't help but laugh. "Hey, I guess I do speak out loud to her after all. I'll see you back in the barracks, Cy?"

C'rus never really did care much who was in charge of what, it never really mattered before now, "At least that's one thing down." he says with a grin. He just shakes his head when she talks about search and rescue, "You know…you ride a gold. I don't think anyone would stop you from doing what you want. You can live your own dreams. Don't have to live second hand through me or anyone else. You run the world!" Ok. Slight overstatement, but why not. Jaicoureth says his goodbye to the gold, yep…she still does the thing, "I'll probably be headed that way myself in a short while. Have a good night Thys."

"Sure, I could probably join in now and again, but my responsibilities and time will be for the Weyr," Thys gives a gentle, resigned shrug, and smiles. "It's not all bad. I think I'm going to enjoy it, actually." She reaches out to give C'rus another pat on his upper arm - a friendly tap accompanied by a click of her tongue in her cheek. "See you later." Rhenesath wuffles air happily with Thys is finally on her way to join her, the ex-Smith trotting across the bowl to catch up with her lifemate.