Fort Weyr - Scenic Overlook
To get to this room first you must walk up a long and perilous staircase, and move through a sturdy wooden door. Once you do that, however…
Distinct bands of deep brown and black work their way across the low ceiling, and act almost like columns along the sides of this room. The stone has been polished to a high sheen, perfectly smooth as it follows the natural contours of this cavern. Thin gauzy panels of fabric have been hung from ceiling to floor in cascading complementary colors. The fabrics roll and flutter beneath the invisible air currents which occasionally push their way into the cavern. Nestled coves of curving benches and pillow piles can be found stashed in the semi-private coves between the waving fabrics. Light filters through the thin fabrics, creating a surreal if peaceful daytime scene while lit from a few spots unobtrusive along the ceiling at night. At the back of the cavern are two heavy wooden doors while farther forward it looks like there is a larger opening.

After the failed flight at Monaco Bay some hours ago Abigail has felt the need to be on her own. She's tired ands till awake for the second day in a tow thanks to it. Mostly thanks to Niumdreoth as he took a few injuries during that flight. The large brown is in the Infirmary getting the healers checking him over again now that they are back. The rider sips at a flask she had while settled in a chair just watching the evening sky. Annika is there curled up upon her lap crooning out to the rider softly.

While not, perhaps, the most perfect of timing, So'l has come looking for Abigail it seems. It was bronze Kon who'd found the brown rider, reporting back her location like some kind of lizardy spy. And so So'l has climbed his way up to the overlook, his eyes settling on Abigail as she comes into view. He'll approach slowly, not wanting to intrude on her thoughts but also sensing that she's not exactly in the best of moods. "Hello Abbey," he'll offer quietly, not presuming to come overly close. It's been some time since the two have been physically together in one place. Even though So'l has been back from Southern for a few days now, schedules have been hectic and only now is So'l getting the chance to see her in person.

Abigail hears that movement and tilts her head slightly to catch sight of who it is. She looks more towards So'l once his said her name and she ponders a moment before holding back what comes to mind. "Hello So'l." She offers after a moment. The Wingleader is tired, sore and worrying over her dragon, along with attemping to come down from the whole flight doesn't help matters either. She has know he was back for a few days now, though she never went to look for him.

Telling, perhaps, that she did not. Having spent several months training in Southern — on Kimmila's orders, in an effort to better hone him into an effective Wingsecond — So'l was not allowed leave his training to visit home. Instead, he'd been confined to the jungles of Southern, camping and trekking through the wilderness while cut off even from Sharuth for long periods of time…at least physically. The dragon had spent his days hunting, swimming, and sunning: activities that would please most dragons but left this particular bronze frustrated to the extreme. All in the name of So'l learning to become a skilled fighter, hunter, and tracker — skills that might very well save his life some day or, more importantly, the lives of those he's sworn to watch over. "Heard about Niumdreoth. I hope he'll be alright," the rider offers, not assuming he's welcome to take a seat. "How are you?" So'l asks neutrally.

Abigail is still not thrilled that Kimmmila sent So'l away, orders or not no one spoke to her on the matter. She woudln't have fully agreed with it honestly, but that is most likely why she wasn't brought into the conversation. "He'll…. be fine." He has to be fine, it is sort of hard to be a wingleader without a dragon after all. She doesn't stop him from sitting down if he wishes. "I'm well. How have ye been?"

So'l nods slowly, his thoughts drifting to how /he/ would feel if Sharuth were injured in such a manner. "I'm glad to hear it," the bronzerider says before gesturing to a seat and asking, "may I?" When no objection is given, So'l slides down into the chair and considers the question put to him. "I'm doing alright. It's good to be home," he sighs softly, relaxing into the chair and staring out into the sky as well. "The time down in Southern was definitely well spent but I wasn't exactly thrilled to be gone so long." He's mentioned as much in the few messages he was allowed to send to Abigail via firelizard — opting for the handwritten, personal approach rather than just having Sharuth ask Niudreoth to pass along his thoughts — but it doesn't hurt to express it in person. "Had I known what I was really and truly getting into," So'l laments, "I would have handled things a lot differently before leaving. I'm sorry," he offers, his tone genuinely remorseful.

Abigail nods slightly to the bit on him sitting down, another sip is taken from the flask while her pale gaze is settled on the sky, her mind split between here and Niumdreoth at the moment while she attempts to calm her and herself still. She listens though to what So'l is saying. So much has happened since his been gone and she isn't to sure if she wants to get into it right now, or ever. "I… Know So'l." Is finally said, her tone soft, quiet like. "I wish it would have went down differently as well."

A lot has happened for them both. People grow and change over time and while So'l /looks/ very much the same — albeit much more tan — he's gone through quit a bit as well in the months that have passed. Given that Abigail hasn't expressed any gladness to see him, So'l finds himself studying her face as the woman's gaze remains fixed on the sky. Something's obviously been lost in the time he's been gone and while So'l isn't one to act on assumptions, he can't help but feel like maybe it's been lost for good. But then again, the Wingleader could just be going through a rough, emotional time at the moment and may be in no place to have this discussion. Either way, commenting further is perhaps not the wisest idea. And yet…how long can it be put off? He'll let Abigail decide if she wants to continue this line of talk. Instead, he says, "I always forget how beautiful it is up here."

Abigail shoulders lower slightly, as if she's had a moment to relax once Niumdreoth is finally asleep. A soft breath escapes her and she looks to the flask, that is empty not actually, she's spent a bit of time up here it seems. Her thoughts not turn to So'l and she turns to look at him, watching him a few moments. "How… Did everything go down South?" She's missed him, honestly… More then she might admit. Yes they will need to have the conversation, sooner rather then later perhaps.

The bronzer notices the slight easing up but doesn't comment on it. Instead, So'l will answer her questions neutrally, leaving out much of the excitement he feels at having improved his skills so much. "It was really difficult. I thought I was a pretty good Wingsecond before I left. When those riders took me under their wing," he arches an eyebrow, "I learned otherwise. We spent months working our way through the jungles on foot. The whole point was to teach me to be effective without a dragon being able to come to my rescue," he explains. "We experimented with that in Weyrling training but this was wholly different. Pretty handy with a sword now but the bow is where I've come to shine. Remember how my hands used to shake? Apparently it was all mental. No confidence," So'l smirks unconsciously before realizing and suppressing it. "And how have things been for you here? Sharuth and my 'lizards kept me up to date on much of the news but…not the same as being here." Obviously.

Abigail is quiet as she listens to So'l, she supposes that she's had a different background compard to some. She was a guard and thus trained before being a rider, some did not have the background. Still there is something that just bothers her with all this and she doesn't know how to explain it without it making her look like some evil bitch of a person. "I… Always thought ye did fine." Perhaps she was wrong, perhaps she only saw what she wanted to see? "Had some issues with the left over's from Laris crap pupping back up gain." Oh yeah that's been a real mess. As for herself. "I've, been alright. Just busy with the Wing." Those walls she fought hard to not keep up sadly went back up, not hat she wanted it to happen..

"I heard about that," So'l confirms with a nod, referencing the Laris leftovers. "Seems that man continues to haunt our lives in one way or another." Not that So'l has had any direct contact with the now-departed Laris or any of his people. "I'm glad you're alright," the bronze rider says, truly meaning it but coming up short on anything else to say beyond that. He'll go quiet again, his eyes shifting to regard the sky once more, several long moments passing between them before speaking again. This time his tone is somber, the timbre of So'l's voice one of hesitant questioning. "I've been gone a long time. Things change, as do people," the bronze rider says, steepling his fingers over his chest, "and I understand if you want to keep our relationship a professional one now. Perhaps that's just easier, I don't know."

Abigail had the luck of dealing with those men, she never met Laris but plenty of the ones that folowed him. A slight nod is seen while she lowers her gaze slightly, her eyes closing while her mind wanders over several things. "They will most likely always linger around to some degree honestly." She glances towards So'l watching him quietly at the rest of it is brought up. She isn't sure what to think at the moment, what to do.. Everything has happened so quickly the last few days. His comment on it being easier though doesn't fully set well with her, relationships are easy things she's found out the hard way so many times now. "I care about ye So'l.. A lot, but right now with everything going on I honestly don't know what to tell ye." His had the luck that his dragon has not been injured, the emotinal strain on her from that is enough to make her mind not want to deal with the rest of things.

"Well, I'm not pressing for an answer now," So'l shrugs casually. "I understand that right now may not be the best time to discuss such things. But I also didn't want to spend another day in Fort without at least talking to you. Not just because of our…personal relationship," he chooses the words carefully, "though certainly that's very pressing on my mind. But also because you're my Wingleader and whether we remain together or not, we'll still be /working/ together. Unless there's a change in that regards," which — by all rights — Abigail would be within her rights to potentially desire. "I'm back and I'll be around. For the time being, I'll report to you as needed and beyond that, well…" the bronzerider trails off, "I'm ready to talk about the rest when you feel ready."

"I have no reason to send ye from the wing if that is what ye worry of So'l." Abigail offers with a soft tone, her fingers softly slide across the gold firelizard which she watches for a few moments. "Yer my friend So'l, no matter what that will always be true. As for use, I wish I knew what to say honestly.. If ye are back and ye wish to work on it perhaps.. Then we could.. If ye would rather not then I understand and I will leave it at that."

The Wingsecond's shoulders sag with what can only be a modicum of relief. After all, after spending several months down in Southern learning to become more effective in his role, So'l doesn't relish the idea of vacating it. But the relief isn't just from that, however. The notion of still remaining friends even if the relationship fades away brings the rider some form of comfort as well. "I am glad to hear that we can still work together. But more importantly," his tone eases slightly, "that we will remain friends." He grows quiet one final time — the moment stretching forever, it seems — until he eventually admits, "I'm not sure where to go either. For now, maybe we should keep things open. Let things settle and take it day by day," So'l offers. "See how we feel as we go. No pressure?" It's not perhaps the definitive answer either is seeking but in the world of adult relationships, decisions like this one are never clean.

Abigail watches him, sees how he reacts and is quiet for a few moments before she slowly stands. Her hand moves to push the gold up to her shoulder as she stands to move over to where he is. "So'l ye have been my friend for several turns now. I would not just throw that away." This said softly while she watches him. As the rest is said she nods slowly, a bit stiff for a few moments while her eyes close. "Aye… I would be willing to do this. Would be good to get to know one another… again." This said softly to hopefuly not offened him it would seem.

So'l's eyes drift upward as Abigail rises, noting the the gold before making eye contact with the brownrider. "I'm glad we're agreed on not throwing that away," the man smiles, the dying embers of the day casting his face in a rust-hued glow. "Agreed then," he nods, also rising to his feet. "We'll take some time to figure it out and /not/ push things uncomfortably." He studies the woman for another moment ? his natural inclination being to hug her ? but instead So'l chooses to offer only a good-natured smile. "I've got a nighttime sweep coming up. Should probably get ready. It /is/ good to see you, Abbey," the bronzerider offers before moving quietly to head back down to the bowl. Things may not be settled but it's a start at the very least.