Southwest Bowl
The dominant feature of the southern end of the bowl is the blue lake that fills the entire southern tip and the rockslide that tumbles down into its far side. It has been many, many, turns since the slide took place, but it still stands uncleared to this day. Occasionally, smaller pebbles tumble down to splash into the waters of the lake below, but the mass seems mostly stable. Sturdy fences mark the feeding pens that the dragons may choose their meals from, located against the west face. The beasthold here is minor, small cramped buildings, used mostly to maintain the herds which feed the dragons. The major beasthold is located out in the forests, just outside the Weyr. There's a sign which warns that "beasts in this location are fair game to the dragons" and that any domestic pleasure stock should be kept in the major beasthold location.

The other feature that does not go unnoticed in this bowl is the large cavernous archway. There seems to be cobble stone laid down near the archway, which causes a clatter when the wagons and trading caravans arrive. Indeed, it seems that there's a tunnel out of the bowl here, wide enough for two trader caverns to fit through and possibly a small blue dragon. To the opposite end, the great bowl stretches away far, leading to some very interesting locations.

The weather at Fort has shifted as of late, the warm-ish summer days fading towards Autumn all too soon in Rynn's opinion. Mazz agrees, as if he wasn't already sleepy and hungry enough this whole gloomy skies thing isn't helping at all. The two of them are at the edge of the bowl, near the lake where brilliant blue waters have a staccato rockslide on one end. The studly brown is curled up in to a ball, stubby tail stretched as long as it can go, Rynn wrapped beneath one paw while he lounges. The huntress has a mess of straps on her lap, and for what it is worth, this is NOT like the attire making she was used to while holding her own in the forest for all those turns. Her stitches are on point, but those blasted buckles just don't seem to sit right, winding up placed in the wrong spot, crooked, backwards and all sorts of other odd things. She's frustrated with those blasted metal-y pieces, harrumphing as she shakes one of the fasteners. "Shards n'shells. If I don't figure this out we'll never get to to do mounted rides Mazz." The dragon whimpers, because he of course wants to be FIRST! so that they can finally get started on that whole flying thing. A'rden and his bronze Filiath are nearby, the bronzer and dragon chiding with a chuckle "That's right girl. Better figure it out." Their escort is oh so helpful!

Nae was hoping her trip to Fort would happen when the weather was still relatively warm-ish. Alas, it was not to be. She's grumbling about the cold before Kaiath even lands, backwinging and settling down not too far from where Rynn and her lifemate are working on their project. As soon as she spots the familiar face she smiles a bit, unbuckling herself and heading in that direction. "Rynn? That you?"

Tovihasuth still thinks autumn is fun, the cooler air and shifting colors of the forest still relatively fresh in his mind - thanks in no small part to the memory of his lifemate. Br'enn and his bronze are also making their way lake-wards, their own escort being a brownrider and his dragon - a sort of stoic fellow whom Tov is having a hard time getting to see the excitement of the season. Fortunately, there's another brown about - his brother, whom the energetic bronze lopes over to greet with a bump of his nose. Br'enn salutes his thanks to the brownrider as A'rden and Filiath come into view, the bronze weyrling's escort moving off to join Rynn's as Br'enn wanders her way, smiling crookedly as he watches her struggling with the straps. Nae's landing is watched, the greenrider saluted as they both converge on Rynn almost simultaneously. Her last comment earns a quiet chuckle. "So don't work on it alone," he suggests, sitting down beside her and glancing over the pieces she's trying to figure out.

Rynn looks up from her pile-o-straps, despite the fact that Mazz is projecting his view of Nae and Kaiath already. "Nae!" she's excited to see her sweet greenriding friend. "It's been too long lady!" The sewn together bits of leather pieces and wonky buckles are tossed aside. Any excuse to abandon the current project for awhile! Rynn stands and trots over, since Mazz doesn't need to be attached to her side any more and opens up her arms to throw a big squeezing hug around the greenie. "How've ya been?" The lounging brown exudes a more subdued excitement, rolling over on to back as if showing of rotund tummy and stretching out to be as long as can be with a yawning sort of dragon warble to Kaiath and Nae. A chilled gust of wind rips across the bowl and the bronzer cozies up to his dragon letting the group go about their business of catching up and whatnot while sending a salute back to the bronze weyrling. The loping nose bump from Tov is welcomed, but still, the lethargy of the upcoming winter has started to take hold. Mazz will nuzzle back, lazily lifting a paw to place on the bronze's foreleg. « I'm sleeeeepppyyyyy Tov. What is in this cold air? » Chilled forest aromas swirl with his rich and bellowing mindtouch. When Br'enn nears and sits next to her former spot that hazel gaze flickers his direction. She's not sure if she relieved or disappointed she got up to green Nae, but it shows in her expression that Br'enn's arrival is also a welcome one. "Well that guy is no help," Rynn chuffs to fellow hunter-ling. "I've missed you…" The first confession of it's sort in awhile.

Nae is quite pleased to get the enthusiastic greetings she receives. Salutes are returned, along with a little nod of acknowledgement. "Good to see all of you. A'rden. And… Brennan, wasn't it? What's it now?" She asks with a little grin at Br'enn. "Congratulations are overdue, I'd say." Her smile softens to something more affectionate as her gaze falls on Rynn. "And to you of course, Rynn. You've been well, I hope? Your lifemate is beautiful. They all are." Kaiath, cradle-robbing flirt that she is, immediately makes her way over and flutters her wings at brown and bronze. « Helloooooooo! »

Br'enn huffs a bit of a laugh for Rynn's comment, leaning back to brace on his hands as he glances over at A'rden and shrugs a little, smirking. Although Rynn is well-occupied with greeting Nae, he watches her, his smirk warming to a small smile. "I've missed you, too," he counters, quietly, but clearly there's much less restraining going on now. He and Tov have worked through a few things, apparently - or mostly through. His gaze flicks to Nae, and he nods. "'s Br'enn now," he says, "'n' this troublemaker's Tovihasuth." The bright ball of energy still on the move as he pads around his brother and then turns to look at the adult green with a curious tilt of his head. « Kayeth says it's part of a cycle. The cold makes the trees beautiful, though. You should come see, next time!» Then he bounds up to Kaiath and stops squarely in front of her. « Hi! I'm Tovihasuth. You're new! Are you from here, too? Or somewhere else? » Questions, questions.

The bronzer 'escort' sends Nae a wink while his dragon shows off with a few impressive wingflares. "Thanks Nae! S'good t'see you around these parts. What's new?" asks Rynn, her cheeks pinking slightly at the compliments from the greenrider. Mazz has no problem working that angle, and he finally rolls back on to his belly and saunters over towards the group, extending his snout to nose at Nae for a second before his head swings towards Kaiath. Taking note, he follows Filiath's example and sends gaping wings as far out as they can go - which for a dragonet is pretty darn far considering he's only a few months old. It also helps that the older bronze is one of the smaller in the Weyr. As for Br'enn, when he says next only intensifies the rosy shades at the apples of her cheeks. The restraint is noticed, but those simple words were definitely needed. Mazz is… less protective than he has been in the past, though this whole emotion sharing thing does provoke a little grumble from the guy who's got most his attention on Kaiath and Tov. « I am ready to see them. When do we get to be free anyway? That guy over there says the lake is furthest he'll let us go. » It is clear the brown is not happy about being cooped up even though Rynn has explained time and time again that this is a process and there are many steps in this process before they can just go wandering around outside by themselves. Rynn plops back down next to her janky straps and Br'enn, frowning as she holds together the long portion that clearly is not lining up with belly buckle "Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong here Br'enn?"

Kaiath thrives as the center of attention. She struts her stuff as she makes her way by the males, eying each as if sizing them up. « I am Kaiath, from Half Moon Bay. Where all the prettiest greens live! » Clearly meaning herself. « We are visiting to see all of you! We teach. Mine is learning from the other weyrs so she can- » Nae seems to pick up on Kaiath being chatty, and thinks something that convinces the green to stop that thought there. Nae steps forward and offers the weyrlings more smiles. "Br'enn. Very nice to remake your acquaintance. I hope weyrlinghood is going well for all of you, then?" She gives a wink to the bronzer and a slightly flirtatious grin before her curious gaze settles on Rynn again. "Life as a rider seems to suit you."

Br'enn shifts, drawing up a knee to drape a forearm across as he watches the two women, giving Nae a grin and a nod of his head. "We each have what we're good at, 'n' what we're not so good at," he notes, flicks of his hand emphasizing his words. When Rynn resumes her seat and holds up that strap, he scoots a little closer to see better, squinting slightly at the strap. It's the leather part that's easy for him; he's still getting the hang of the buckles and alignments, but he's doing well. "Here, lemme take a closer look," he says holding out his hands for the pieces and smirking slightly as he notes the flirting Nae is doing with the bronzer over yonder. « Kayeth says it's soon, » Tovihasuth informs his brother, sharing an image of the forest alight with autumn's fire in its leaves in the process. Then he's paying attention to Kaiath again. « Half Moon Bay, » he echoes. « Where is that? Is it far? »

Mazzolyth isn't really used to being talked to by the older dragons, and honestly hasn't had a lot of interactions with any others than assigned escorts, WLM's and his clutch sibs. When Kaiath speaks to him, there's some weird mixed messages that flow from his lifemate and he can't quite decipher them. She must be keeping things from him again! No time for trying to figure her out right now and he's definitely not listening when Rynn tries to tell him to reel it in. Oh these days of testing independence! « You mean THE prettiest dragon. » Although still juvenile, the richness of his pinecone and cedar mindvoice echoes deeply. « You can teach me? I want to fly! And see the trees! » There's and excited playfulness that temporarily replaces autumn's grasp on the brown, instant gratitude for the images from Tovihasuth despite seeming distracted otherwise. The flirtatious grin from Nae elicits a flurry of feelings that Rynn is unable to address at the moment - the double sided prong of potential jealousy is a weird one and she's uncertain if she wishes the wink and flirty smile were for her or if she wishes it wasn't spared on Br'enn and A'rden. "It is different," she responds about being a Weyrling, looking up to Nae, the mixpot of emotions showing in her hazel eyes. "Mazz is definitely a reflection of my soul I didn't know was even incomplete until the void was filled by his presence. There's easy days and difficult days. Wouldn't trade it for all of Pern though." She passes the requested straps over to the bronzer, nodding as gaze flickers back his direction. "This is one thing m'definitely not so good at." Keeping thoughts at bay is becoming increasingly difficult, especially around these two individuals.

"Mmmm. I remember those days. So much change." Nae gets a wistful, nostalgic look in her eye as she reminisces. Really, it's a little much considering she only graduated two turns ago. But it feels like longer to her. "Well. I'll be here for a little while, assisting in some of your practices. We'll be working together… closely." She bats her eyelashes a little at the bronzers again. Because she's like that. Kaiath is doing her own flirting, making an appreciative little warble for the compliments she receives. Sadly, Nae puts a stop to that. "Well, we have to go get settled into our guest weyr before we get down to business. But it was lovely seeing you both. Let's go, Kaiath." Nae saunters off to find her temporary home.

If Br'enn had thought for one moment that Nae was flirting with Rynn, he'd likely have bristled…and then had to explain it to Tovihasuth later. The greenrider's eyelash batting isn't missed but also isn't reacted to, although the hunter-weyrling does give Nae another inclination of his head. "A pleasure, Nae," he says, and then he's looking down at the straps, then glancing over at Rynn. Back to the straps, then at her again, picking up on the conflict in her eyes. "Hey," he says quietly, trying to catch her gaze with his for a moment. She'll find him smiling at her gently, raising a finger to tap his temple lightly - though he nearly does it to her instead. "Shhh," is all he says to go along with that gesture, and after another moment, he looks back down at the strap pieces, trades one out for another from the pile nearby, and nods comprehension. "There ya go. Close, but not quite the right piece. You'll get the hang of it. Just ask if y' need help, eh?" Him or anyone else…but he'd prefer himself, naturally. « Bye! » is Tovihasuth's call after the green, and then he pads over to settle on his haunches by his brother again.

Rynn watches that nostalgic feeling sweep over Nae, smirking softly as she gets whisked away by her memories. Mazzolyth doesn't even know what flirting is, but he's attempting something of that nature to which the efforts are quickly thwarted. "Mazz, seriously. Get over here. I need your help with this." Rynn scolds and finally the momentary haughty demeanor slips away and he becomes his young and protective self again. Lazily but with intention he will jaunt back towards his lifemate so she can wrestle with one of the sets of straps she tried to make earlier. "Always good to see you Nae. Looking forward to your education assistance." Yep, business, professional… no jelly-ness here! Rynn longs for the freedoms of not being a Weyrling, but goes about hiding this very well due to the constant struggles and testing of this ability since Impressing. A'rden has no problem chatting her up on the way out, promising drinks, dancing and sunset rides if she will partake. This leaves Rynn, Br'enn and their dragons as the brownrider's escort says, "Don't go anywhere," while offering to show Nae to the best guest weyr Fort has to offer. Br'enn's 'hey' helps her snap back to reality, tugging her back to that weird semi-consciousness of controlled thoughts. A smile back is managed - he knows her all too well. The other set of straps is slipped off as he seems to have fixed the second set of the day. "Thanks Br'enn. I appreciate it." She throws the set over dragon back and viola! A perfect fit. They are tightened and Mazz is ready to wander around with them on for a bit. "We can't go far bud, but ok. See ya at the barracks."