Fort Weyr - Training Complex
The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.
Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.
It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the centre of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

"Up you go Kai, we need to test and see if these work properly." Ha'ze finishes the last stich on another set of what seem like an endless stream of practice straps, cut sewn and designed to fit his bronze lifemate properly. They're done neatly, as Ha'ze as put a great deal of attention into the creation of them, choosing only the best pieces from the scraps avalaible. Each stich had been double checked. There's a hint of pride there in this kind of work- something that shows tangible results. Kainaesyth rises, stretching his large wings, and moves himself so that Ha'ze can begin the process of putting those straps on the bronze.

M'icha doesn't show it, but he enjoys this part of training, when a task occupies the weyrlings well enough that they go about it on their own and he is free to simply wander and observe. Such as he does on this day, though the training field remains empty with most of the others choosing to work indoors or are out under the watchful eyes of his Assistants. The Weyrlingmaster isn't alone today either and walking quietly alongside him is the Weyrleader himself. Th'ero will hang back though, as M'icha moves ahead, his limp a little more pronounced now that the seasons are growing colder. Velokraeth is up on the lone ledge with Aycheth, though the older blue looks a touch cramped and it won't be long before the stunted and pale bronze moves to the field instead. "Almost done, I see?" M'icha offers by way of greeting to Ha'ze.

Ha'ze is crouched under Kainaesyth, attaching the last strap with a bit of help from the bronze. When the weyrlingmaster's voice rings out the weyrling doesn't even pause, nor look up. Rather he keeps his attention on those straps as he pulls them tight. "Back up, let me know what you think." Standing, Ha'ze brushes dust from his pants and steps away from Kainaesyth to allow the bronze to shake himself, and test how the straps sit. Only then does Ha'ze notice that the weyrling master isn't alone. "Sir." A slight flash of a frown, what was the weyrleader doing? Except, it doesn't matter. A slaute joins that sir before Ha'ze's eyes slip back to Kainaesyth.

M'icha wouldn't want Ha'ze to stop or interrupt his work just to acknowledge him for an answer that is obvious enough. The Weyrlingmaster smirks instead, arms crossing loosely over his chest as he shifts his weight off his bad leg. Watching and observing with a close eye and slowly he will begin to walk around Kainaesyth, provided the bronze doesn't move, making thoughtful noises all the while. Th'ero dips his head respectfully to Ha'ze, a salute following. "Weyrling Ha'ze," he replies, formally but a hint of a smile takes some of the edge off. With M'icha currently doing his evaluation, the Weyrleader adds in a quiet tone. "Kainaesyth is growing well."

« It itches. » A faint breeze stirs to deliver Kainaesyth's thought, before fading again. The bronze almost wiggles, testing the set of the straps. "Because you wouldn't sit still this mornin' long enough for me to oil them places extra." Ha'ze's attention is caught away from the pair of men to answer the dusty bronze. There is more than a hint of exasperation and frustration in that voice, with it coming off slightly sharper than necessary.

Velokraeth chuffs from where he rests on the fields, mostly out of idle curiosity as Kainaesyth adjusts to the straps. Th'ero frowns when he catches that hint of frustration and exasperation in Ha'ze's tone, but the Weyrleader holds his tongue for now. It's M'icha who speaks up, a slight frown knitting his brows. "Could be the straps are just unfamiliar too for now. They sit well on his form and your stitchin' is coming along too, Ha'ze. Good work. Do you mind if I test them or are they itchin' him to discomfort?" he asks, prior to reaching out to touch the straps.

Ha'ze holds his tounge at the slight chastisement from the weyrling master. Stepping backwards he gestures the go ahead. Away he folds his arms across his chest and waits silently. His face falls into a familiar mask. No frown, no smile, just a straight line of his lips, with his brows pulled slightly together in what could either be consentration or objection. Kainaesyth steps forward, lifting his head so that the weyrlingmaster has a good look at the work Ha'ze has done. A soft breeze stretches out to Velokraeth, holding hints of a fading desert day, where heat still reigns, but not the overwhelming sense which causes one to run for the water and shade.

M'icha hadn't meant to chastise Ha'ze, but he's not a man to sugar coat his words either even when giving praise. It's just blunt and honest truth from him. When Kainaesyth steps forwards, the Weyrlingmaster goes about testing those straps, inspecting them closely and may even give slight tugs or pulls, muttering under his breath as he does. "This'll do, Ha'ze, so long as Kainaesyth has no objections to how they feel. Chafin' and the like, as you've learned. Otherwise you can consider this passing work, minus any little tweaks or adjustments." he informs the weyrling with a nod, satisfied with the work. "Y'got any questions, lad?" he asks next, peering sidelong to Ha'ze and then past him to where Th'ero remains, still silent and thoughtful. Velokraeth's mind reaches back to the young bronze, answering the hints of desert and heat with a soothing, mellowing hint of sweet, summery wines and the taste of the sea and sun. « Different, isn't it, to wear the straps against your hide? » he queries in a voice that is low and almost honeyed and always holding a hint of amusement buried deep beneath it.

"He will get use to them." Ha'ze watches every move the weyrlingmaster makes, his own evaluation in place behind dark eyes. When he steps back and declares himself satisfied with the work, Ha'ze shakes his head. "No sir." Because, he doesn't. No questions to ask about strap work. With the weyrleader remaining silent, it is easy to forget the man is there… or at least pretend he is not. Since the time when Kainaesyth had wandered out to the lakeside the weyrling has had little contact with Th'ero, and is quite fine to keep it that way. The breezes of Kainaesyth's mind twitch in agreement. A brushing scent of sage mixes with the coying sweet of wine, adding a particular bitterness that is not unplesant. « It is! My Ha'ze wears clothing though, so I suppose I will adjust. But it sems strange to have something on the outside of my hide. I don't always have to wear these when it is time to fly though, so I suppose it will be well. >

"Good! Then you'll have to excuse me, as I'm needed back in the barracks." M'icha informs Ha'ze with a slight smirk, giving the weyrling another long, somewhat searching look. He simply shakes his head though and juts his chin towards Th'ero instead. "Later, then." He tells the Weyrleader cryptically before turning and walking away as briskly as his leg will allow. Now it is only Ha'ze and the Weyrleader and he won't remain silent forever. "It always takes a bit for them to adjust," he says in a quiet, neutral tone as he steps forwards to take the place that M'icha vacated. He's not here to talk straps though. "You've been well, Ha'ze?" Velokraeth does not mind the addition of sage to the link and welcomes it in fact, as he adds his own spice and smoke to counter and compliment the wine and sage. « Yes, they do wear clothing. » the older bronze agrees with a mental chuckling. « And we wear straps — on occasion. Not always, no, just when they must fly with us. They will be comfortable in time and you will learn not to even feel them at all! »

With the evaluation done, Ha'ze steps forward and begins to take the straps off of Kainaesyth, undoing them carefully, even though they are solid enough to take some ill treatment. A sideways glance is sent towards Th'ero, as Ha'ze considers the simple question… which is less simple when it is the weyrleader who is asking it. "Yes, sir." He falls silent then, stepping behind Kainaesyth, and tugging to get Kai's attention. "Down a bit." The dragon complies while his thoughts mix happily with those of the older bronze. « This means that we get to fly sooner rather than later. And while I will not rush the story…. I do wish to feel the wind as it has been described. » He stretches his wings out, their length already impressive from their small beginings. "Kai, knock it off. You're going to sharding knock me off my feet."

M'icha does not move to help Ha'ze with the straps. Not out of unkindness, but because as a weyrling the youth has to learn. He does quietly observe and his brows knit in another small, brief, frown at his reaction when Kainaesyth stretches his wings. "He doesn't mean to do it, he's young still, as far as dragons go." he murmurs, though he will keep well out of reach of those wings himself. Velokraeth, however, finds it all rather amusing and he chuffs again in his strange way of "laughter". « You and many of your siblings seem to share and ache and desire to fly well before your time! » the older bronze reflects, his mind rippling now with the amusement and humour he cannot otherwise express.

Th'ero does not move to help Ha'ze with the straps. Not out of unkindness, but because as a weyrling the youth has to learn. He does quietly observe and his brows knit in another small, brief, frown at his reaction when Kainaesyth stretches his wings. "He doesn't mean to do it, he's young still, as far as dragons go." he murmurs, though he will keep well out of reach of those wings himself. Velokraeth, however, finds it all rather amusing and he chuffs again in his strange way of "laughter". « You and many of your siblings seem to share and ache and desire to fly well before your time! » the older bronze reflects, his mind rippling now with the amusement and humour he cannot otherwise express.

Ha'ze's lips tighten at that reminder that Kainaesyth is still a baby. "I very well aware of that fact." For the first time, there is an edge to his voice, as once again, he responds to a sentiment which has been expressed more times then he can count. Kainaesyth furls his wings again, tucking them in so that they do not rest along the ground. Distracted by the older bronze as he is, there is no reply to the irrtation in Ha'ze's voice. Rather, « Is it wrong to wish to fly? I feel like it is important, and is much necessary. The older ones do not walk always. »

Th'ero's frown deepens at that edge and his mouth draws into a firm line, concern and troubled but carefully masked under neutrality. "And this bothers you?" he asks dryly, casting a quick look to Kainaesyth as he does. Seeing that the young bronze is being distracted by Velokraeth, the Weyrleader relaxes a small fraction and his attention turns back solely to Ha'ze. « It is never wrong to wish to fly! Only that you are too young for it yet and your wings must be stronger before you can test the winds and skies. » the older bronze intones wisely and again his mind ripples with that laughter. « No, we certainly don't, do we? Suppose you could say we have grown lazy since we can fly and what is the purpose of walking then? Or you can be like me and walking is a chore and rather unbecoming. »

"No." Abrupt the answer comes from Ha'ze, as the last of the straps are undone and he can begin pulling the whole of it off of the bronze neck. The answer seems undone though, as if he has cut it off in the middle and stuffed the rest of it back behind his own dark eyes. He's careful enough as he coils it in his hands and steps away. His needles and tools are a few steps away and Ha'ze leaves the shelter of Kainaesyth's side to move towards them and begins to pick up all of the pieces. Freed from the straps Kainaesyth takes himself a few paces away to where sunlight warms the ground below. There he settles onto the ground, stretching his wings out again to soak up the sunlight as it filters down from above. A hint of tiredness twines among this breezes, as cloying warmth makes one drowsy without. « It is not lazy to do what comes natural. At least, I do not think so. I could be wrong, there is much that I still do not understand. »

"Then what is it that does?" Th'ero asks bluntly but is careful to keep his voice lowered as he follows Ha'ze for a few steps as the weyrling goes about gathering his tools and setting the straps aside. Velokraeth remains where he is in the fields, stretched out on his belly and half on his side, almost lion-like with his stunted, twisted front legs crossed over each other. His wings are folded neatly to his side and his head is held up but in a relaxed, almost drowsing manner. « Wise words for one so young. » he muses and if a dragon could grin, he'd do so now. « You are not wrong. It is not lazy to do what comes natural. And of course there is still a lot to this world that you do not understand. That is part of growing up. Experience! »

Ha'ze picks up his tools, and places them carefully in a bag along with those straps. When that distraction is done however, he has to turn to the weyrleader. "Is there an issue I need to be aware of sir?" Ha'ze dodges the question by asking his own, as he attempts to keep his tone even. His arms cross his chest and he stands, waiting. The relaxation rolling off the bronze only encourages the lethargy which has slowly been wrapping around Kainaesyth as the weather has begun to cool, and the leaves fall from the trees. Kainaesyth rests his head upon the ground, his thoughts becoming more introspective, and lacking some of the vigor of his first hatching days. « I wish to experience much. It will be good when we can go further afield, I feel like there is much which is missed here, and Ha'ze whiches to be free again. »

Th'ero smirks when Ha'ze dodges his question but rather than be annoyed by it he simply brushes it aside. He's in no mood for games and isn't about to play at crypticness with the weyrling, so his next words are just spoken out of honesty. Gentled, but blunt all the same. "In a way, I suppose there is. I had a note from the Weyrwoman to come speak with you and so here I am. She is concerned." And so is he, though he won't outrightly say it or show it. Velokraeth's mind remains saturated with wine and hints of summer, of spice and smoke drifting on an ocean breeze. « You will, you will. There's plenty to experience here too, if you know how to look and when and where. I learn much from just observing, in fact. You'd be surprised what you can learn. » He chuckles. « But there is a certain flavour to freedom too and you and yours will have that soon enough. Little by little, until all of Pern is open to you. »

"I am not sure what she has to be concerned about. Kainaesyth is healthy enough, unless she is concerned about his obsession with plants." Oh, Ha'ze has a fairly good idea. But so long as Th'ero doesn't say it? Then he can pretend it doesn't exist. It is one thing to talk to Abigail about it, when Kainaesyth was firmly distracted by Niumdreoth, and another to speak when Kainaesyth lays nearby and can listen. He finishes wrapping up the tools, and lifts them up into his arms. "If you will excuse me, sir, I need to go get this stored away." Turning he'll begin to walk away towards the weyrling barracks, leaving Kainaeysth in the sun. « That is what I say. I am glad to know that it is right. All will be well though. We are still only in the first part of the story. »

"That is not what we're concerned about," Th'ero is quick to assure Ha'ze, not realizing just how damning that slip up of the word 'we' will be. Too bad for the weyrling, but the Weyrleader is not about to be ignored or set aside so easily. Kainaesyth will have to sleep sooner than later and Th'ero can be stubborn when it comes down to it. He's come to speak to Ha'ze and he will speak with him until he's satisfied and so far he is far from it. "Of course. But I would still like a word with you, Ha'ze. M'icha knows. I will wait for you here." So no using lessons as an excuse either. « All will be well. » Velokraeth agrees wholeheartedly to Kainaesyth. « You've many chapters and novels to go yet for your story. Even I am still weaving my own. »

Ha'ze hears that we and his pace slows…. for just a moment. That we means more than just the weyrwoman. A logical leap includes both the weyrlingmaster and the weyrleader in that 'we'. His steps only slow for a moment before they pick up again. He disappears within the barracks without answering Th'ero's request for speech. Kainaesyth's thoughts have begun to fade, as a desire to sleep in the warmth of the sun creeps upon him.

Th'ero will wait patiently outside of the barracks, giving Ha'ze the benefit of the doubt that he'd not be foolish enough to ignore a direct request from him, Weyrleader or not. Velokraeth will let the young Kainaesyth sleep, fading from the link with a final ripple of wine and sun.
Perhaps if Ha'ze hadn't spent a good portion of his life avoiding trouble, he might have blown off the weyrleader's request. And the thought does occur to the weyrling. But… not today. Not when Kainaesyth has fallen asleep. Ha'ze exits the barracks and his gaze finds Th'ero, still standing there and waiting. "Not here." He looks to where the dusty bronze hide sparkles in the sunlight, and a slight shift of expression comes through that mask, a frown mixed with overtones of worry, like the weyrling carries a load upon his back. He shakes himself out of it, and gestures to the way out of the training complex.

Th'ero will look up as Ha'ze returns, his expression giving away little to whatever emotions or thoughts may be going through his head. He doesn't miss the look given to Kainaesyth and the Weyrleader nods his head. "We can go wherever you'd like to go within the Weyr," he explains and will follow Ha'ze out of the training complex. Velokraeth will remain in the field, though his head will turn to follow their exit with a low and quiet curious rumble.

Ha'ze leads the way, his steps sure as he lengthens the distance between himself and the bronze sleeping upon the ground. He doesn't worry that Kainaesyth will awaken and be anxious at his absence- that was at least one place where they had reached an agreement. Sometimes, Ha'ze just needed time alone. The weyrling is careful, in these times apart, to not allow his emotions to get away from him though. The damned link was still open, and he is quite sure that Kainaesyth would hurt himself to come if it warrented it. He leads the way up stone steps and towards the stone bridge which overlooks the weyr. Here they will at leas tbe more or less alone. When there, he steps up to the side, and casts his gaze over it waiting for the Weyrleader to speak first.

Th'ero will follow Ha'ze without question even as they climb the stone steps up to the bridge. It's true, that they'll be more or less alone here. He will come to stand beside the weyrling, but giving him plenty of space. It will be a moment or two before he speaks, letting the silence stretch out between them as he gathers his thoughts. "Is everything alright, Ha'ze?" he asks again, repeating an earlier question only this time his tone carries a note to it: be honest. A final chance to come out on his own and not have the Weyrleader pry too deep.

Damn the silence. Ha'ze has a fairly good idea exactly what Th'ero wants him to say. But he isn't quite ready to meet that silence with complete honesty. Rather, he'll ask the weyrleader a question. "Have you had to explain what happened in the forest to Kyzen?"

Th'ero won't push Ha'ze (not yet) and when he evades again to ask a question, the Weyrleader only calms his temper and focuses instead on the answer. Patience, patience. "Of course I had too. Both Kimmila and I. No way around it, since I was injured and so was she and so were most of the Candidates he considered friends. He'd have questions and worries and so we sat him down and talked to him about it. Not sure how much he understood but he grasped what was needed." he explains in a low voice, giving Ha'ze a quizzical sidelong look. Why does he ask?

It's all in the same ballpark. Ha'ze edges around the real issue with his questions. The quizzical look is missed as Ha'ze looks over the edge. His hands find pockets and disappear within them. "Did he understand that people had died? That sometimes it wasn't worth leaving them alive to hurt again?"

"Not entirely. The concept of death is still above his head, though he's not naive to it either." Th'ero admits as he too looks out over the bowl below. He is silent again, gathering his thoughts before he continues in a quiet voice. "That sort of discussion is too much for him to grasp. If he had witnessed it, perhaps we'd have to explain why it's necessary to kill in defence. Kyzen knows that some of the "bad men" as he calls them won't hurt anyone anymore. Whether or not he understands that it means death or that they were killed… I'm not sure."

"That's what I thought." Something Th'ero has said seems to confirm something in Ha'ze's mind and he falls silent again. There is a particular tenseness in his shoulders as he stands there, slowly losing himself in the train of thought. Finally, he shakes it off. "What do you want to know Th'ero? If Kainaesyth and I are getting on?" Yup, he's going to make Th'ero say it.

Th'ero frowns for the answer given by Ha'ze and he will glance sidelong, thoughtful, towards the weyrling. "You can't protect them forever," he ventures to say, almost cautiously. "Kyzen will have to learn someday of the darker side of the world. I do what I can to keep it from him but I won't lie to him either. He grasps what he can and then just goes on with his day." Oh, to be so young and carefree again! He smirks at the bluntness coming from Ha'ze and snorts, "To put it so simply? Yes. If you are adjusting and if all is well. The first few months can be difficult…"

"Kainaesyth is like that. He has… moments where it is like an old man is speaking. But most of the time he is… very young. And very much in love with life. What goes on in my mind… it ain't no place for him." Ha'ze's fists clench within those pockets, as he says aloud what he has only hinted at to Abigail and said nothing to the weyrlingstaff about. "This link… he keeps seein' what he ain't got a mind to be understandin'."

Th'ero nods his head as he listens politely to Ha'ze but he cannot hide the deep and troubled frown that surfaces from what is shared. "He is a part of you though, Ha'ze. You cannot keep him shut out forever. It will only confuse him and make him want to know more of what it is that is upsetting you." he explains, keeping his voice as neutral as possible. It is not a lecture, not a chiding rebuke. "Are you sure he's not the mind or right to see? He is you and yours, Ha'ze. If there's anyone who should and would understand it'd be Kainaesyth. That is part of how the bond works."

"Who be I to destroy that innocence?" Ha'ze finally turns towards Th'ero, the trouble in his heart finally breaking out. "If I was to choose for myself I would have chosen to not experience the camps, nor met Ustrr after. But that was not my lot. He ain't got no part in this trouble, nor the promises I have set for the future. Already, waitin' for him to grow, I have to wait and wonder if more are having their innocence taken while I protect his. Do I destroy him, or do I keep it bundled inside? It is damned either way. I will not do that to him." Deep protectiveness lingers under their words, and hints at the love which is not visibly apparent between dragon and rider. A deep breath before Ha'ze closes his eyes. "He knows that I keep things from him. And he tests me. But I will. not. do. that. Not to him, not when I have a choice. So you ask. Are we gettin' along? What do you be thinkin?"

"He does have a part in your troubles, Ha'ze. He is as much a part of you now as you are of him. Who is to say it will destroy his innocence?" Th'ero murmurs as he turns to put his side to the guard rail now, facing the weyrling. "Not that it is my place or anyones, really, to guess or wager how Kainaesyth thinks or will react and I'm not trying to make it seem like I assume or know. Only that it's… difficult to keep yourself walled up, Ha'ze. Trust me. I tried." He tilts his head for Ha'ze's question and promptly shakes it slowly as his jaw works silently. "What am I thinking? That you and Kainaesyth are struggling, that your bond, while strong in some ways, won't be in others and that will be crucial as your training progresses. Do you trust Kainaesyth?" Time for the tables to turn again!

Ha'ze has to face the music. Already Ha'ze can tell that the pair have fallen behind the others in many of the bond building lessons which they are tasked with. Lighthearted is Kainaesyth, and hidden is Ha'ze that they have kept the depth of their troubles from many, but it is becoming more and more obvious. "I am not sure. I love him. I trust that he loves me. That he wishes that I was not followed by ideas he does not understands."

"You have to trust him, Ha'ze. I know you're probably sick of hearing that but it's the truth. He may not understand all that is in your mind but he should know… and then you can keep him out." Th'ero murmurs and his frown remains fixed on his features. "They just want what is best for us and it takes work and patience and understanding to find that balance. That's why you're struggling. I can… understand, in a way, why you're doing what you're doing. I tried the same with Velokraeth when we first were bonded." he admits with a slightly bemused smile.

Ha'ze does the weyrleader the courtsey of listening. The smile does little to settle his heart, nor the admission that perhaps the weyrleader had faced similar problems when first bonded. Ha'ze is not looking for understanding, nor perhaps even advice. He has stubborly settled himself upon a path. "I will consider your words weyrleader." He pauses, the stiffness in his tone more than clear to the ear. "I have told you that I mean to rid of the world of Ustrr. Nothin' has changed that desire."

Th'ero snorts, "And I didn't think you have changed you mind. Best you consider those words, Ha'ze." He pauses, hesitating and though his eyes drift out to the Weyr below, when he speaks again he has the courtesy to at least look the weyrling right in the eye. "But I'll tell you this: you won't rid the world of Ustrr if you're stuck here as a Weyrling. Do you see what I am getting at? Hide all you want from your troubles, but if M'icha doesn't feel you and Kainaesyth can continue forwards or if I cannot be convinced, then you do not progress at the same pace as the other weyrlings. You will be held back and the more you're held back, the harder it is for you to catch up. You miss on a lot of crucial bonding. So what will it be, Ha'ze? Let your past and fears control you and fail to allow Kainaesyth to grow and develop with the others and yourself with him? Or let go enough to accept him and grow stronger, together, so that when the time comes you are both ready to face Ustrr?"

It is a veiled threat, but one only made more effective by carring the ring of complete truth behind it. Ha'ze's gaze narrows as he locks gaze's with the weyrleader. Silence will be the only answer to that final question for long moments as the wind plays past the pair. It is the weyrling who will break first, looking downwards to the stone under foot. "I do not want to be holdin' Kainaesyth back."

Th'ero very rarely lies, even when he's laying down a threat. It's the truth, blunt and harsh. He does not balk under that narrowing gaze, keeping his neutral and stubborn expression fixed in place. Silence does not bother him either and they could be standing there for a long time. The Weyrleader has dug his heels in and will not so easily be moved. "I didn't think so." he murmurs. "And it's not all for Kainaesyth either. It is for you too, Ha'ze. For the both of you. You're one and the same. Folk use the words 'pair' and 'team' but it's a far deeper depth than that."

Ha'ze draws in a deep breath as he considers the weyrleader's words. Finally his shoulders slump and he turns away. A wealth of emotion crawls its way across his face as he allows the tightness of his fists to let go. Good sense backed up Th'ero's words, and Ha'ze is nothing if not deeply thoughtful. "I am glad it is Kainaesyth, and not one of the others who choose me if this is to be." Because it is, Ha'ze lost the ability to choose the moment he lost himself into Kai's canyons. His words are murmured, almost inaudible.

Th'ero will take a steadying breath of his own and in a risky move, he will reach out to clasp his hand to Ha'ze's shoulder. Lightly at first, to give the weyrling a chance to move away but if he doesn't react poorly, the gesture will remain and he will firm his grip. "If you ask me, Kainaesyth made the right choice in you, Ha'ze. You just have to trust him and trust yourself. He's in this as much as you are now." he murmurs.

Not as risky now as perhaps a few minutes before. For now the inward weight drags down on him and causes exhaustion rather then a violent response. He stays in that rather slumped position for long moments, drawing strength from the Weyrleader's grasp. Finally he straightens again, and pulls away from that grip. "Only time will tell if you be right weyrleader." His voice has taken on a very formal tone. "If you do not be mindin', I'd best be gettin' back to the complex. Kainaesyth's midday naps rarely last long."

Th'ero will only keep his hand to Ha'ze's shoulder for as long as the weyrling permits it. Once he moves away, the Weyrleader lowers it back to his side and puts space between them again. "You're not the first weyrling to have troubles at the start," he drawls and glancing back to where the fields are so far below, he nods. "I won't keep you then. I'll just add, Ha'ze, that you don't have to go about this alone. I'm not saying you need to immediately open up to your fellow weyrlings and join hands and skip along…" Hardly. He smirks, "But the bonds you make with them now carry through for a lifetime. You'll want their support, in whatever way you can get. They'll be your Wingmates some day."

Ha'ze raises an eyebrow yet. "Sir, have you met the other weyrlings? Br'enn is about the only one with half a lick of sense." Dis belief there as the long rift between Ha'ze and his fellows which began much earlier when the group were candidates, and only added to by the reactions after the renegade attack. "I doubt I'll be findin' any help among them, nor they with me. Excuse me sir," With that last statement Ha'ze turns away from the weyrleader to return to his lifemate's side, perhaps not with any clearer thoughts then before… but a distinct knowledge of the consequences if he is unable to bridge the gap between himself and Kainaesyth.

"I know the other Weyrlings, Ha'ze. I met them long before they even Impressed," Th'ero drawls with a quirked brow to the weyrling. Shaking his head, he sighs. "Then you keep Br'enn close but at least give the others a chance or try to work with them. I wasn't speaking of help, but remember my warning from earlier, Ha'ze! It applies to how you bond and work as a team with them to!" So he has more than just one gap to mend and a lot to face in the coming days. The Weyrleader will not stop Ha'ze as he turns to leave and return to Kainaesyth's side, his eyes following the weyrling until he disappears. He will remain on that bridge for sometime, lost to his own thoughts before finally returning to his weyr.