Shenanigan’s Lounge - Dartboard Room
The most prominent feature of this room is the large dartboard against the far wall. Each of the five wedges is a different color: Gold, the smallest, then bronze, brown, blue, and last and largest green. A number of holes decorate both the cork of the board and the surrounding wall. Tables sit to either side of the dartboard, sets of darts lined up with mathematical precision. Unwary firelizards often perch here, though when an unskilled person is playing, they often find themselves sharply encouraged to move. Two bored drudges hang out near a refreshment table, acting as judges but more often than not just gossiping with each other. A slate hangs next to the dartboard, detailing who is playing, in what order, and what the current score is. One of the drudges changes the score regularly.

A cool autumn evening finds us several hours after dinner. Too early for bed and too late for much work to be done, even for those most committed. It's a small crowd within Shenanigan's lounge and an even smaller one inside the Dart room off of it. Several people lounge with drinks around the edges. At the far wall stands Angelique, pulling off darts recently thrown at the dart board. Her young blue is perched on the back of a chair, presumably a safe distance away, to watch his pet toss things at the wall.

Solan skirts the edge of the room, having just come from the bar proper with a drink in hand. A small green is perched on his shoulder, her slowly whirling eyes glowing with the lavender hues of anxiety. First time in a bar for her? Yep. Reaching up to pet the little thing, the woodcrafter attempts to calm her while making his way to a suitable viewing area. It's with surprise that he spots Angelique playing. "Who's winning? Angelique or Angelique?" he asks with a smirk.

Angelique's own drink sits on the table, no doubt guarded by Skyler. "Angelique won but it was close. Care to take on the winner?" she drawls in amusement, turning to spy Solan. "Hey there…all finished with whatever is it you do during the day?" she teases, striding over to pick up her drink for a sip.

A rumble of chuckles comes from the young man, his smirk spreading into a toothy grin. "Yes, all done. I've never had so much fun sweeping floors and taking down repair orders. But it's what was needed," his sarcasm fades to professionalism, "and I was happy to do it." Solan's eyes drink in the dartboard as he considers the woman's offer to play. "You should warn Angelique that I have very little manual dexterity sometimes. I hit myself with my own hammer yesterday," he admits, the bandage on his left thumb now explained. "I'm probably likely to hit her with the dart more than the board," Solan laughs.

Angelique's gaze shifts to the bandaged thumb. "Angelique would recommend then to stay back." a thumb is jerked over one shoulder. The darts gets spread out on the table. "Glad to know that all the day's sweeping is done so expertly."

"I'll take Angelique's advice, then. Thanks Angelique," Solan smiles wide, stepping back to give the woman plenty of room. Brynn, however, flits from his shoulder, enticed by the shiny darts so neatly arrayed on the table. Swooping low, she tries to grab one in-flight but only succeeds in knocking it onto the floor. "Brynn," the woodcrafter's voice is calm but firm, "those aren't yours. Come back," he says. A note of patient authority sounds in his tone and the little green is winging back his way. Moving to return the dart to the table - before he's injured by the player - he says, "Sorry about that. We're still learning together," Solan smiles. "Let 'em fly?" he tentatively says, stepping back to safety.

Angelique snorts in amusement at the antics of the young green. "She likes the shiny eh?" picking up a dart she nods and moves to take a turn. Angelique glances over. "You watching or playing?"

With a laugh, Solan nods and says, "Anything shiny or made of meat, she'll try to carry off. But that book from the library is definitely helping." It must be true because his anxiety level about the small firelizard doesn't seem anywhere near as extreme today. "I'll play but you should probably put on some armor or something," he snickers. Solan picks up five darts and weighs them thoughtfully.

Angelique tosses a dart and
…the dart smacks dead in the middle of the BRONZE wedge. Angelique's score is now 40.

Angelique's fling is good and solid and she can't help but smirk a bit towards Solan. "Your turn."

Solan tosses a dart and
…the dart clips into the GOLD wedge, barely lodged in the cork. It holds though. Solan's score is now 50.

Solan’s throw is even better. "Beginner's luck?" the woodworker offers, knowing such providence won't hold out for long. Taking a sip from his drink at the table, he steps back for Angelique's next toss.

Angelique tosses a dart and
…the dart smacks dead in the middle of the GREEN wedge. Angelique's score is now 50.

Angelique arches a brow. "Very nice!" she hefts up another dart to take another toss. She merely nods as it strikes the green wedge.
Stepping back she works on her drink while watching Solan take his next turn.

Solan tosses a dart and
…the dart smacks the line between bronze and brown. A whispered conversation of the judges, and the call is… BROWN. Solan's score is now 80.

Solan grins, "Thanks! You'll catch up in short order, I'm sure," he says as Angelique's next dart is thrown. Green. "I think gold is in your future," he smiles, stepping up to take his own turn. He's sure his dart is going to hit bronze but when the line is struck and the call for Brown is given, he shrugs. "What are we playing to?"

Angelique tosses a dart and
…the dart smacks dead in the middle of the GOLD wedge. Angelique's score is now 100.

And indeed it seems that perhaps Gold is in her future for despite her snort of disagreement she flings the dart and…"Oh!" she says in some surprise. "Game ends at 100 actually." a lopsided grin appears. "See? And no blood shed."

"And I'm pretty amazed about that," Solan smiles back. "Well done, Angelique. That's quite a throwing arm you've got," he nods appreciatively. "Two out of three?" When the notion of another game comes up, Brynn - who had returned to Solan's shoulder - flits up to an out of the way ledge.

Angelique finishes up the last dredges of her drink, setting the empty glass back down on the table. "Deal." she grins and moves to tug free the darts. "I've thrown knives. These are similar really."

Angelique tosses a dart and
…the dart clips into the GOLD wedge, barely lodged in the cork. It holds though. Angelique's score is now 50.

"Remind me never to give you cause to throw a knife my way," Solan chuckles. As Angelique moves to reset the board, he looks up to where Brynn has settled. She seems curious as she watches the bar from above and the woodcrafter sends warm thoughts her way. He's had to be a little stern with her lately but she knows Solan loves her. Turning back to the game, he can't help but exclaim, "Gold! Twice in as many turns! You really ARE good!"

Solan tosses a dart and
…the dart strikes the BLUE wedge so hard its tip is no longer visible. Solan's score is now 20.

Angelique simply grins pleasantly, crossing arms over her chest as she watches his throw. "Told ya." her words are impish as she moves to take another toss.

Angelique tosses a dart and
…the dart smacks the line between blue and green. A whispered conversation of the judges, and the call is… BLUE. Angelique's score is now 70.

"Blue for blue," Solan smirks. "Now if I can just get a gold to match?" He lifts a dart and aims carefully, taking in a deep breath and releasing it in fluid tandem with his toss.

Solan tosses a dart and
…the dart strikes the BLUE wedge so hard its tip is no longer visible. Solan's score is now 40.

Angelique grins. "All just colors…" she takes her next turn.

Angelique tosses a dart and
…a drudge dives out of the way as the dart goes whistling by. It clips off her elbow and strikes the GREEN. The judges look the other way. Angelique's score is now 80.

Solan nods, "True but…" The gone-wild dart has him smirking now; that poor drudge! "Just need another blue and you've won," he remarks, stepping up to take his turn. Even if he were to get a gold right now, there'd be no way he could win the game. And he's alright with that — it's still fun.

Solan tosses a dart and
…the dart smacks the line between gold and green. A whispered conversation of the judges, and the call is… GREEN. Solan's score is now 50.

Angelique can't help but wince as she clips the drudge. "Uh..sorry!" she grabs another dart. "You can still catch up." especially if she misses.

Angelique tosses a dart and
…the dart strikes the edge of the board, wedging between rim and cork. Tough break. Angelique's score is now 80.

"Maybe I can," Solan hmms. "Good thing those last two weren't knives," he remarks, though he half wonders if the assistant headwoman isn't handicapping herself to save his enthusiasm for the game. Lifting another dart, he lines it up and throws…

Solan tosses a dart and
…the dart smacks the line between bronze and gold. A whispered conversation of the judges, and the call is… GOLD. Solan's score is now 100. Solan has reached or exceeded the final score of 100 and won the game.

"Now." Angelique drawls. "We're even. One game to one. You reset the board this time while I go get another drink."

"Happily," Solan replies, grinning to himself as he moves to reset the board. The darts are removed and returned to the table, the two different colors arranged in neat arrays. As Angelique heads for the bar, he remembers playing darts with his father as a child. That poor feline of theirs…Solan winces at the memory.

Angelique returns, two drinks in hand. One is handed silently to Solan and the other she drinks from. Setting it down on the table she moves to take a turn.

Angelique tosses a dart and
…the dart is thrown hard but it has a curve to it. It thunks into the BROWN wedge just when it looked like a perfect throw. Still, not a bad throw! Angelique's score is now 30.

Solan accepts the drink with a smile and sips while he watches. Once the dart has landed, he says, "Good start. Thought for sure it was going to hit gold, though." Setting his beverage down, he picks up a dart…

Solan tosses a dart and
…the dart smacks the line between bronze and brown. A whispered conversation of the judges, and the call is… BROWN. Solan's score is now 30.

Angelique mms thoughtfully at the dart. "Tied." she remarks.

Angelique tosses a dart and
…the dart is thrown hard but it has a curve to it. It thunks into the BLUE wedge just when it looked like a perfect throw. Angelique's score is now 50.

Solan hmms, "For now." He takes another sip as Angelique takes another throw. "50! Two turns and halfway there. Nicely done," he smiles, picking up another dart.

Solan tosses a dart and
…the dart clips into the BLUE wedge, barely lodged in the cork. It holds though. Solan's score is now 50.

Angelique's grin surfaces once more. "Tied again. Seems we're not giving up game number three without a fight eh?"

Angelique tosses a dart and
…the dart clips into the BLUE wedge, barely lodged in the cork. It holds though. Angelique's score is now 70.

Solan nods quickly, "The best battles are the closest ones. Or so I'm told," he smiles back, "having never, you know, actually been in battle myself." He lifts another dart and takes a breath…

Solan tosses a dart and
…the dart strikes the BROWN wedge so hard its tip is no longer visible. Solan's score is now 80.

Angelique says "Good shot." declares Angelique. Still a close game there's a pause for another drink. Skyler warbles encouragement from his perch."

Angelique tosses a dart and
…the dart strikes the BLUE wedge so hard its tip is no longer visible. Angelique's score is now 90.

Solan wows to himself. "Close indeed." Excitement floods his body: this could be it! This last throw could win it all! From her rafter, Brynn is chirp, chirp, cheeping encouragement at the woodworker, her eyes whirling with supportive color. Taking a breath, Solan smiles up at the little green before focusing his eyes on the center of the board…

Solan tosses a dart and
…a drudge dives out of the way as the dart goes whistling by. It clips off her elbow and strikes the GREEN. The judges look the other way. Solan's score is now 90.

"Ya know…you'd think she'd learn to stay away from the board." remarks Angelique with amusement.

Angelique tosses a dart and
…the dart clips into the GREEN wedge, barely lodged in the cork. It holds though. Angelique's score is now 100. Angelique has reached or exceeded the final score of 100 and won the game.

"You'd think," Solan smirks, "but at least her elbow keeps helping us out." Raising his glass in a toast, he says, "To Angelique! Champion of the dartboard of clipper of drudges!"

Angelique will drink to that! Drinking and then sitting. "Thanks." she grins. "Like you said…don't think you want me aiming a knife your way, eh?"

"For my own safety," the woodworker grin, "I'd say not. Accurate or no, I'd rather have you as a friend than an enemy," Solan replies, taking a seat as well. "Does knife throwing come in handy in your line of work?" he wonders.

Angelique shakes her head. "Naw, not really. Even for table sitting people who glare at me." she jokes. "I picked it up from a guard…friend." there's the smallest hint of a stutter but one can chalk it up to the drinks. "Back in Boll before I came here. Been kinda my 'thing' since then, ya know."

As the reference to Polana is made, Solan can't help but wonder how that particular discussion turned out. It'd been a tense moment in the library and, thankfully, the woodworker's thieving firelizard had provided an ample excuse to escape what - he felt - had been a brewing storm. The stuttered silence is noted and while Solan is certainly interested in that potential aside, the notion of growing up in Boll catches his conversational eye more at the moment. "What was it like? Growing up there, I mean. It's so different from Lemos."

"Never been to Lemos." Angelique remarks. "Growing up in Boll was…I dunno. No different than growing up anywhere else I imagine. Swimming lessons were at an early age. We were lucky enough to have a permanent Harper stationed there. Must of been the weather I imagine." a grin appears. "You grew up in Lemos eh? What brought you out here then?" Skyler chirps sweetly to the young green. It's never too early to woo a Lady!

"Harpers tell many tales," Solan recites one of his father's favored 'life lessons,' his tone far away for a moment. Coming out of it, he says, "I'm sure it must have been a fun place to grow up. Swimming, nice weather, a harper: what's not to love?" Taking a sip from his drink - which, by the way, is much stronger than Solan normally orders it - he says, "Well, the Woodcraft Hall is a great place to learn, don't get me wrong. But there weren't a lot of opportunities to really extend myself and grow. With so many other apprentices around, it was hard to get one-on-one attention. So I asked to be sent here, to work directly with a Journeyman who didn't have fifty students taking up all his time."

Angelique's head bobs a bit. "Make sense really. How long you been an apprentice?" her own drink is empty though she makes no move to go replenish.

Brynn looks down at the chirping blue and cocks her head to the side. Hello, have we met? With a flutter of wings, the tiny green descends, coming to rest on the table. With a warble of her own, she's curious about Skyler and greets him tentatively.

Solan takes another sip and says, "Oh, since I was about ten turns old. And since I'm half-past 20 now, it's been a long time," he smiles. Noticing the woman's glass, he asks, "Ready for another?"

Skyler chirrups another greeting, stretching his head out to nudge the green's side. He hops over to chatter some gossip no doubt. Or else he's informing her of all his masculine traits that she would no doubtably enjoy. "Plenty of time to learn." she notes. "Oh yes, please." is said in regards to her empty glass and need for another.

"My turn then," the woodcrafter smiles, reaching out to take the empty glass. "I'll be right back," Solan turns, making his way out of the dart room and into the bar proper. Brynn, for her part, nudges Skyler back. She's a bit too young yet to fully appreciate the blue's masculinity but she does enjoy the interesting, gossipy images coming her way. She chatters and sends back some of her own, something about the free meatrolls lying all over the Living Cavern.

"Excuse me," a deep voice sounds from behind Angelique. Coming around to the front, it's a man in his early thirties who - while not the epitome of handsome - certainly wouldn't be labeled as unattractive. "Saw your little match there. Impressive," he smiles widely, leaning against the table, perhaps a bit too close. "I'm Joheekel."

Matching the meat roll images with his own of fish within the lake, Skyler continues the gossip. "Thanks!" Angelique says brightly as Solan offers to refill the empty glass. Leaning back she's watching the blue and green in some amusement when suddenly there's someone else there. Eh? She half turns in her seat to see the newcomer…a little too close. Shifting back an inch in her seat she smiles pleasantly to the man. "Joheekel. Nice to meet you. I'm Angelique. And thanks. Just a fun little match."

Brynn considers the notion of fish in the lake. Food free for the taking with no humans to chide you for doing so? Her eyes positively maelstrom with possibility. Can she catch any being so small? Or will she have to wait until she's older? The green thumps her tail with excited thoughts.

"Annngellleeek," Joheekel repeats, letting the woman have her distance but still close enough to smell liquor on his breath. "Pretty name for a pretty woman," he says, bright appreciation on his face. "That your boyfriend?" he asks, "Or are you free and clear?"
Solan's still at the bar, waiting in line to place an order. His own glass is now empty as well, having drunk the rest while waiting.

Angelique's gaze cuts towards the direction of the bar briefly before back to Joheekel. Her nose wrinkles up a bit at the odor of liquor on the dude's breath. Granted she's been drinking as well but perhaps he's a bit more in the cups than she. The compliment sails over her head unheeded. "Solan's a friend, yes." however she doesn't say if she's free and clear or not.

"Alright," Joheekel nods. "Well, he looks a little young. Me on the other hand? I can throw darts with the best of them," he boasts. "And I'm old enough to know the proper way to treat a woman." His smile is perhaps a little sleezy but there's also something potentially endearing there. Standing up and clearing Angelique's air space, Joheekel says, "If you want a real game, come find me. If you win, I'll buy you a nice dinner," he smirks, walking away as Solan returns.

"He looked…nice?" Solan asks, handing over the drink and retaking his seat. "I probably wouldn't say no," he chuckles.

Angelique doesn't look like she's convince he could throw darts with the best of him but perhaps it's simply the approach that's not striking her as impressed. "Old enough hmm?" she starts to ask how old that is but he's already moving on and then there's Solan returning. Taking the drink he no doubt has for her she simply offers him an eye-roll. "Yeah, you play darts with him then." she jokes.

"Think I'll pass," Solan replies, sipping from his drink — now appropriately weakened — and then shaking his head. "He didn't challenge me," the young man grins. "You should have taken him down a peg," he says, watching Joheekel rejoin his friends at another table across the room. "Does that happen to you?" Solan asks curiously. "Strange men coming up, I mean."

"Not as often as I would like." Angelique heaves a large sigh though the twinkle in her pale blue eyes gives her away. "And you? You don't have strange men approaching you?" she does spare a brief look over to Joheekel as he rejoins the group he was with.

"Well, it's not often," Solan smiles wistfully, "that someone approaches me like that. And when it does happen, it's not really the men," he winks. "I appreciate both, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't mind a strapping, handsome man once in a while, too." He's sipping again before saying, "There /was/ someone I met recently but I think I read things wrong there."

Joheekel takes a great swig of his ale as one of his pals claps him on the shoulder. Looking back at his friend, Joheekel smiles and nods. His reply isn't entirely audible but - from her position - Angelique might be able to hear a snippet: "…been worse. Least she didn't hit me. Too bad, too. She's pretty."

"Ah yes…we all could use a strong strapping man come up to us at least once in our lives." kicking back she relaxes into her chair and enjoys the drink. "Ah, so you've met someone hrm? Tell me about her." a pause. "Or him." it's a weyr and she's very relaxed about that sort of thing. "Tell me yours and I'll let you in on my latest..ahem, fling." a wicked smile blooms across her expression.

Hearing a bit of the snippet she tilts her head towards the would-be lover and winks. "Maybe you simply gave up too easily yes? Or perhaps I'm simply in the mood for hot young women to approach me."

The woodcrafter's face lights up with understanding. "I see," Solan smirks into his drink. "Well, I'm sure he didn't know that when he came over," the young man laughs. "So that begs the question, if it's alright to ask. Do YOU have your eyes on anyone right now?" His gaze roves about the room, suddenly wondering who Angelique might fancy.

Angelique's gaze is drifting but hardly landing on any of the few people that linger here this late into the evening. Returning those baby blues back to Solan she leans into the table a bit. "Right now? I've eyes only on you." she says throatily. "And I'm waiting for you to answer me on who've you have met and when and where and what happened." in other words she wants all the details!

He'd been purposefully cagey in not responding the first time but Angelique would not be denied, it seemed. And honestly, given the friendship they were forming, Solan found himself not minding. "There's a certain handyman I've grown a bit fond of. Big, tall, funny" he trails off, "nice. But I think he's interested in your table-sitting knife target," Solan explains. As for only having eyes for him, that makes the brawny woodcrafter grin that wide, toothy grin of his. "Even so, I do enjoy spending time with him. Just being careful to guard my expectations, you know?"

Angelique covers a bit of a smile as she takes a moment to drink from the glass. "Sometimes it's easier to simply build up a friendship and let things flow as they might."

"You're absolutely right," Solan nods quickly, "and honestly, I have a lot going on right now. Getting into a relationship isn't something I'm looking to do at the moment," he smiles hesitantly. "But you wanted to know so there you have it," his smirk breaks into a smile. "So what about YOU? You'd mentioned a 'fling,' I believe."

Now she does laugh. "I did. With a certain bronzerider from Eastern." Angelique grins brightly. "However it's been a few weeks I believe. Whenever that ahem…gold flight was."

Solan ohhhhs! A quick sip later and he says, "I see. Well, I don't really understand a lot of the ins and outs of being a dragon rider but would things be able to continue somehow?" He's not sure who, exactly, Angelique refers to and thus his questions aren't as specific as they could be.

Angelique ponders that a moment. "Not sure. Guess it depends on if he's able to visit or not. He's busy at Eastern or so he tells me." she seems unconcerned though. "His name is M'ta." she offers so he doesn't have to ask himself.

Solan ahhhhs, though he knows nothing of M'ta or his role at the Eastern Weyr beyond what Angelique is revealing now. "I'm sure it's a very busy time, yes," he nods slowly. "Hopefully things will work out for the best for all involved," he says, his smile a hesitant one. "Especially for you. I don't know you well yet," he admits, "but you've always been welcoming, kind, and purposeful. I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates those things about you."

Angelique offers an off-handed shrug. "What happens happens ya know. Things will fall as they may." her drink empty now she sets the glass down, the ice clanking each other lightly. "So other than losing at darts what else do you do in your off-time?" teases the assistant headwoman.

Solan laughs lightly as Angelique changes the subject. "Well, I like to carve. I spend all day working on wood for mundane reasons: broken chairs, sanding down rough corners, helping to build frames and such. But at night, when it's just me and Brynn, I embrace my inner artist," he chuckles. "Finished a piece I've been working on for several weeks recently. For Kimmila and Th'ero," he admits. "It's not anywhere near as good as a master's would be, but it was from the heart and they seemed to like it." He takes another sip from his drink, realizing he's fallen behind again. "Other than that, I like to read. You?"

"You know I've heard artists are often married to their work." quips Angelique. "That's very nice of you though. I'm sure it was more well done than you give yourself credit for. "Knive-work is my hobby…perhaps you can teach me a bit about carving? Other than throwing knives into dummies I must admit I'm sadly married to my own work. It can get busy at the oddest times." with her drink empty and the late hour approaching she stifles a yawn. "Nothing against your company but I think it's time Skyler and me turn in for the night. One good thing about my position is my own room. In which I've a very large bed that Skyler takes up most of. Good night Solan."

Solan nods along, "I'd be happy to. If you'll teach me a thing or two about knife-throwing," he winks. "It's been really nice talking, Angelique. Thanks for the game! And tell Angelique I appreciate her letting me monopolize your time." Another grin and he picks up his darts again, "You sleep in that big bed. I'm going to practice. I'm expecting a rematch soon…" He bids the assistant headwoman goodnight and turns to the game, determined to improve his aim.