Fort Weyr - Feeding Grounds
Milling herdbeasts dot this lightly grassy section of the southern end of the bowl. Fences keep them neatly secured on all sides, even extending into the lake, allowing the beasts ample drinking water without granting them an escape. Dragons young and old come here to hunt on a fairly regular basis, though not all come at once of course. From here you can easily make out the entirety of the Weyr's lake as it spreads out south and southwest to the tumbled rubble of the far shore, while the rest of the bowl lies beyond the fences to the southeast, east and northeast.

It is a crisp autumn afternoon, just cool enough for some to need jackets, but not so cold that others may not find it enjoyable. K'drozen and Abigail are over near the feeding pens talking. The wingsecond is leaning against the fence while a large brown dragon is off feeding within the pen itself. While Niumdreoth is still on light duty he still needs to eat, and another rider and dragon was nice enough to help out with such things. "Was anyone hurt, how much damage was done?" Abbey questions while peering at K'drozen. "Naw.. Still need a report on it I'm afraid." Will help with the whatifs.

Laughing soflty K'drozen responds as Abigail immediates jumps into question mode about his statement, "They lost one of there storage buildings but I was told there was nothing major in it. No one was hurt. Rhyrith and I spotted the smoke on our sweeps, We got it put out pretty quickly so…" the brown rider shifts to lean up against the fence next to Abigail and nod, "I will get it written up not to worry."

Deciding that just a vest would suffice over her tunic, Angelique appears to be out for a walk this crisps afternoon. Seems a bit of brisk wind doesn't bother the Southern Boll native. Hands in pockets she's not headed anywhere in particular though perhaps subconsciously she's aware of Skyler's impending hunger for her steps do take her near the feeding grounds. With a hungry creel the blue launches himself up off her shoulder and towards the pens to perhaps see if any dragons are in a sharing mood today. Spying the pair of familiar riders Angelique lifts a hand in a wave and alters her stride some to head their direction.

A piece of that crisp autumn sky appears to break away but as it lowers it's only the slender form of a young blue dragon as he tips his wings to spiral down towards the feeding grounds. He lands some distance away to allow his rider to dismount before leaping up with surprising agility and darts straight and true for the pens. Ujinath wastes little time in picking out a beast as his meal and once it's dead and pinned beneath his white-taloned feet the blue drags it off to the side to feed. As for his rider, Kiena is slow to approach those already gathered by the fence and despite the cool temperatures she unfastens most of her jacket while stuffing her gloves into her pocket. "Afternoon!" she greets, eyes flicking between Abigail and K'drozen and then to Angelique when she too approaches.

Abigail of course jumps into question mode! It is part of her job, right? "Glad ta hear that no one got hurt." For a moment her mind wanders to a certain Harper that she knows and she wonders if he was around. "I know ye will." Niumdreoth shifts on his paws, head lifting and he looks towards the approaching blue curiously, a soft warble of greeting is heard but he doesn't want to bother the other dragon during his meal. Abbey looks up curiously at the voice of another, a slight smile and nod is seen. "Afternoon." She's seen this one before, but for some reason can't put a name with the face just yet.

K'drozen chuckles and says, "It will be a short report, who needs all those detail right?" he winks at Abigail before turning towards thoses approaching with a smiles, "AFternoon." the senice a nods to the pair approaching, "What brings you out to the feeding pens today?"

Skyler still lurks a bit. Greeting the newest rider with a quick smile, Angelique simply says. "G'afternoon. Pleasant day for a bit of a walk, isn't it?" as far as why the walk to the feeding pens she merely gestures towards the blue fire lizard and shrugs.

Ujinath lifts his head when Niumdreoth warbles softly and for a moment the slender blue only stares back at the unfamiliar brown before fanning his wings protectively over his kill and sinking back a few steps, dragging the carcass with him. This is HIS! But he at least rumbles briskly back, despite his odd behavior. Kiena has turned her head away, distracted by her blue's antics and is grimacing before she sighs in exasperation. "Swear I can't take him anywhere…" she grumbles under her breath before her attention snaps back to the group. Blinking, she realizes a heartbeat later that greetings are being exchanged and promptly coughs to mask her awkward blunder. "Was here a few days back for some supplies I hear the Smith here had, but today I'm strictly here on leisure. Waitin' on my brother to not be wrapped up in whatever it is he's doin' and Ujinath started complain' he was hungry." she drawls and then waves a hand in the general direction of the blue. "So here we are!" Kiena grins lopsided then, though her eyes continue to dart almost suspiciously between the three, all unfamiliar to her. To Angelique, she snorts. "I'd say it's a nice day! Last one it was hailin'."

Abigail is quiet as she glances out towards the dragons, mostly eyeing the blue for a few moment and looking amused there for a moment. A slight shake of her head is seen though she is rather relaxed sure Niumdreoth will behave. The large brown tilts his head, eyes a swirl before a low rumble escaping him. He isn't going after the blue's food, nope he be full, and happy! With dragons being content Abbey lets her attention settle back to Kiena, a slight chuckle escaping her. "It's alright, Niumdreoth doesn't take offense. Welcome back then." This said with a nod. "I'm Abigail, and that's Niumdreoth out there." Might as well be friendly like to the new rider. A glance is sent to Angelique and she grins a bit. "Hello Angelique."

K'drozen glances out at the dragons for a moment before looking back to the visitors and Angelique, nodding to Angelique, 'they can be darling but sometimes demaning." turning more to the visiting rider he says, "Welcome to Fort then, I'm K'drozen, Brown Rhyrith' rider."

Angelique offers her own name to the unknown rider. "Angelique, assistant head woman if you be needing anything during your stay."

"Eh, I'm not so worried about him causing offence more than he shouldn't be doing what he does." Kiena remarks dryly to Abigail in a rather rambling and cryptic mess. The bluerider relaxes a little once names are given and the familiar routine of introductions pass, hesitating just for a moment before offering her hand to shake to all three of them. "Well met, all of you! Friendly bunch you are." she muses. "I'm Kiena, rider to blue Ujinath from Xanadu." The young woman blinks then and looks a touch sheepish. "… Xanadu duties to Fort and her Queens, 'n all." A curious glance to Angelique then, another long look at the woman's knot and then she chuckles dryly. "I'll remember that! But right now I'm just killin' time before my dear brother is freed."

Abigail chuckles softly and smiles. "Aye.. I can understand that thought process there." Oh she could count the things that Niumdreoth shouldn't be doing often. "Forts duties to Xanadu and her Queens." She offers with a soft tone, not seeming to look worried about such things at the moment. Just out for a nice relaxing talk after all. "We all try ta be friendly." There is a pause as she ponders. "Who is yer brother?" Perhaps she knows him.

"Whos your brother?" K'drozen asks curiously, and shots and amuzed grin over to Abigail as he speaks the question almost at the same time she does. As he speaks, he hops up to sits on the fence just relaxing for the evening.

Angelique doesn't try to ask who her brother is since the other two have it down so she merely leans against the fence, attention shifting between all three riders.

Kiena blinks and peers curiously, if not a bit warily, towards Abigail as she sizes the young brownrider up. "You do understand?" she drawls with a faint smirk and then shakes her head. "Guess they all have their odd quirks, eh? I figured Ujinath had outgrown most of his…" Oh, how wrong she was! As she's asked by both Abigail and K'drozen about her mysterious sibling, she flushes a bit and ducks her head down, peering sidelong to Angelique only to look relieved when the assistant Headwoman doesn't ask her too. What'd Kiena expect, bantering about it? "Ah, well…" she stalls. Darn it! Can't weasel her way out of it now. "Th'ero's my brother."

Abigail doesn't pay much attention to the sizing up look from the other. "At times Niumdreoth tries every good out there, others I think his grown past it. In the end keeps me on my toes. Could be worse." A soft smile seen while she glances up towards the brown that has lumbered on over, a soft rumble escaping the brown. At the name from Kiena she blinks and glances to her curiously a few moments. "I do think I recall that now." It took that being brought up for her to remember it. She doesn't make a big scene over the knowledge that this one is the Weyrleader's sister.

K'drozen smiles and says, "I am sure he will get free before too long if he knows you are here." he kicks his feet, "I can't see him leaving ya cooling your heals to long.

Angelique gives a slight nod at that perhaps understanding the hesitation before Kiena offers up her brother's name. "You should have him show you the carving that Apprentice woodcrafter Solan made for him and Kimmila."

Kiena snorts in amusement to Abigail's reply and can't help but grin lopsidedly. "Suppose you're right on that score." she drawls, turning to briefly glance to where Ujinath is still neatly stripping his meal clean and completely anti-socially hovering in his own corner of the pens. Shaking her head, she looks back to the Wingsecond and studies her again. "Have we met before?" she asks, frowning. Now it's her turn to wrack her brain and memory! To K'drozen, Kiena only stares at him and then begins to laugh, sharp and gruff. "Oh, shells! That's a good one. Yer alright, K'drozen! … 'Can't see him leaving me to cool my heels too long'… HA! Good one!" It was a joke? Apparently it was, to the bluerider and still snickering under her breath she glances to Angelique. "A carvin' eh? Didn't think my brother to be the egotistical type… but you said it was a gift?" That's got her curiosity but perhaps for all the wrong reasons.

"Only very briefly." Abigail offers with a soft tone. "It has been a while, I was still a weyrling then I believe." Has it really been that long? Hearing Angelique she looks curious. "What did Solan make for 'em?" Though she won't get to wait for the answer as Niumdreoth is making his way over the fence in a few steps and is on his way towards where the weyr's can be found. "Alright.." This is murmured softly as her gaze follows after the brown and she clears her throat slightly. With a smile seen she nods to the three and shifts to move. "If'nn ye all would excuse me.. Have a few things ta deal with. Do enjoy yer stay Kiena." A wave is sent to the bluerider while she wanders after her dragon. "Clear skies all!"

Angelique smirks a bit at the curiosity from the blue rider. "Not sure actually what the carving was /of/." her brows furrow a bit in thought as she realizes she didn't ask. "Howevrer yes it was a gift. To thank them for the rescue they did." which in hindsight wouldn't have even been needed had Kimmi not invited them along for the ride. Huh. Amusement touches her expression briefly. Shifting a bit she moves to perch on the top of the fence. "Had any lunch then while you're hanging around waiting for your brother? Or drink? Plenty available in the living caverns."

Kiena really does frown heavily in though to Abigail's reply, chewing at her lower lip as she does. "Huh. You know, we might've crossed paths then!" It has been a long time and the details are very hazy. She's never been great with her memory for certain details. "Thanks, Abigail. Clear skies to you too!" She even offers a polite half wave before shuffling closer to the fence to follow Angelique's example. But she only leans against it, arms crossed loosely over her chest. "Guess I WILL have to ask him now, as I'm very curious about this… gift." Kiena drawls, looking sidelong to the Assistant Headwoman. "A rescue?" That has her attention too. "What's he doin' rescuing? Fort's got an S&R Wing, don't it?" She smirks then, lifting a hand up to brush irritably at a strand of her wild, curly auburn hair. "Not surprised Kimmila was there though! And no, I ain't had lunch yet. I'm sure there is…" And she grins with a slight amused snort. "Why? You offerin' me lunch?"

Angelique ducks her head a bit with a chagrined look. "Ah yes, rescue. That /is/ a long story actually." "A well deserved gift actually. I don't know much about the various wings here to be honest. All I know is Kimmila's blue Varmiroth called Th'ero's bronze for help." at the mention of lunch she grins. "I am offering' lunch if you're hungry. Nothing fancy I fear just what is left in the caverns. Never learned much of cooking myself. I'm better at overseeing the process and I leave the actual cook9ing to the professionals. My skills, aside from organizing, is designing clothing."

It takes her a moment, but as Angelique looks chagrined and then goes on to explain, with detail, it suddenly all clicks and the bluerider almost smacks herself in the forehead for her stupidity. "YOU were there too?" Duh! "What'd you get into that required them to come save your a—- Save you." she amends hastily, grimacing and only partially apologetic for her little slip up. She then laughs, "I wasn't saying you had to make me lunch. Whatever's on the servin' tables will be fine. I'm an awful cook too, so that's fair enough! And… wait, you design clothes AND are an assistant Headwoman?" she muses as she pushes back from the fence, pausing to give the young woman a curious look. Shall they?

Angelique wrinkles her nose a bit at the exclamation. "Yes, I was there." she can't resist sticking her tongue out at her though. "Wasn't nothing major." just a fall into the river! But she doesn't say that. Instead she hops down and moves to stride alongside the blue rider towards the caverns. "I missed lunch too." she whistles, bringing Skyler over to land on her shoulder. "Well designing clothes is just for fun." she talks as she walks. "The Assistant Headwoman is my job."

Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Kiena blinks and then frowns heavily. What was that for! The bluerider almost returns the favor, but in the end keeps her tongue held back. No, she won't resort to that — yet. "Nothing major? Ha! Yeah right. Had to be if Kimmila called him for help!" she drawls, not at all fooled by Angelique's bare answer. Nodding her head, she'll walk along side the other woman and right into the living caverns and while she keeps the conversation going, her eyes continuously dart here or there. Someone is edgy! And trying not to show it. "Ahh, I gotcha. Hobby is the designing. Kind of like how hunting is my hobby, but I am primarily a Smith."

Angelique can't help but chuckle as it seems Kiena's not fooled. "A long story though, none the less." one that is perhaps better told over food though she offers a cliff notes version. "In our attempts to bring the cattle over the river on the hastily made raft, Solan fell in. And then so did I. I was saved by Kimmi's blue and thus I am in love with all blue dragons more so than ever." a grin appears. This is all said during their walk in which if she notices the edginess she doesn't remark on it. Once inside she moves to peer over the selection of food left over from lunch that's still out. "My parents both wanted me to join the craft but I refused. Ended up traveling for nearly a turn before ending up here." she fills her plate. "Hunting is a hobby." something clicks and one hand moves with little thought to tap the new knife sheathed at her belt. "Smith eh?" then it's back to the hunting. "What weapon you use hunting? I'm good with a knife but I've nevrer taken anything down larger than a rabbit."

Kiena whistles low, "Shards. You both DID find quite a bit of trouble to land yourselves in! So a river rescue, huh?" She shakes her head, now accepting Angelique's abridged version of the tale before laughing. "We blueriders are a breed apart!" she agrees, boasting just a bit and her pride evident. "And Kimmila's a good rider." Despite the differences between the two, but Kiena isn't about to dredge that up here and now. "Gotta go where you'll be happy, right? I was facing life as nothing more than a common fisherwoman at my home cothold. Rather dull if you ask me." She wrinkles her nose at that or it's possible she's found something on the serving tables not quite to her fancy. But there is plenty more she DOES prefer and promptly heaps a plateful of it. "Not very good at huntin'" Kiena admits and begins to seek out a spot to sit down, glancing sidelong to see if Angelique is following. "Yup. Smith! I'm a Craftrider, though I started as S&R in Western before transferring out. I use a bow and… yeah, I only have taken down small prey. Only way to start!"

Angelique is following along, her own plate full and a mug of her chosen drink in her other hand. "Ah..I always wondered how that was balanced. Continuing in the craft you were in before Impression." settling into her seat she tears up a roll before popping a small bite into her mouth. "Bow..that would be a good weapon to learn." is commented thoughtfully.

Kiena takes a seat across from Angelique, setting her plate down in front of her and then tucks into her meal. She's just finishing swallowing a bite when something the young woman says sets her off into another fit of chuckling. "It ain't balanced. It's hard and often frustrating! Taking me twice, if not triple as long to progress to Journeyman, though I'm thinking I'm closer now…" she murmurs and then shrugs. "Eh, the bow has it's strength and weaknesses. Good for long range but awful for short. S'good that you're savvy with your knives. Surprised you carry a pair of 'em, honestly."

Angelique seems apt at making Kiena chuckle it seems! "Ah…yeah, I guess perhaps 'balanced' wasn't the correct phrase to use." her head bobs a bit as she listens to the pros and cons over the bow, taking the moment to enjoy several bites. "Why the surprise over the pair?" of course that means she only seen the two at her waist and not the tip of the one hidden in her boot. "S'just a hobby I picked up when I was younger that I've managed to hone into a real skill to be honest."

It isn't hard to make Kiena chuckle, but it's not necessarily a good thing either. She is one strange, very complex bluerider who often sends out mixed signals. Shaking her head, she only grins at Angelique before tucking into her food again, devouring it with a speed that edges on impolite. Maybe she's nervous? "Just cause I don't expect an assistant Headwoman to have knives… Though I suppose it'd make sense! And having skill with 'em is never a bad thing. Funny… you know how to use 'em and I can make 'em, but Faranth help me if I ever need to use one myself! I know to stab 'em with the pointy end but that's about it." she drawls with a low chuckle and then finishes with the last of her food before pushing back her chair. "On that note, I best go harass my brother again. Ujinath is telling me Velokraeth said he's free. Better get 'im now before someone else does."

"That is the general idea…stab with the pointy thing." Angelique chuckles. "Well I guess I'm simply not your typical Assistant head woman. Which really isn't a bad thing." she stands as Kiena does. "Ah…then I won't keep you from the family visit. It was nice to meet you. Maybe we'll run into each other again. Have a good rest of the day!"