Fort Weyr - Library Archives
Surviving the ages is something that books are known to do, especially if they are left untouched for just as long. In this room, that's exactly what has happened. Put aside as trivial information or simply determined old enough to not impact present day life, these numerous articles stored in ceiling high shelves are the forgotten histories belonging to Fort.
Miraculously, the design of the room itself has prevented any of the books from damage. The rock base of which the room's foundation is actually one of the toughest rock known to man and cannot be surpassed by any creature living, while a layer of tiles of the smoothest stone gives this room a vibrant and mysterious appeal. The door itself on the room was sealed tight and allowed for a minimum amount of circulation, thereby preventing natural decay, although most articles may be brittle despite this. White marble has been used to create an insulating layer wall against the natural rock, giving the room an unnatural brightness and a enchanted atmosphere - while also giving it four distinct walls. The ceiling as well has been made smooth with an arching apex.
As for the books and mounds of information stored in this vault of information, the organization is clear. Books bound with hard covers are kept alphabetical in the towering skybroom wood shelves, where step ladders and scrolling ladders actually attached to the shelves move to assist a person in selecting a volume. The shelves are ornately carved, many crafted with a mastery none have ever seen. Meanwhile, scrolls have a sectional shelf where each scroll based on how they were itemized has a cubical square into which they are kept in. This shelf alone has over a hundred squares in which the scrolls stick out of. As well, any loose bits of information have been assembled in files that are stored in boxes along the back wall. Apparently, recording history takes up vast amounts of space and everywhere one looks in this room one would find a wealth of information. The ancestors of Fort live here.

It has been a rather cold day at Fort, though this is only Autumn which proves to show that winter will be a worrisome time for sure. Abigail is inside, her dragon upon his ledge, most of the day the dragons have been grounded not that it mattered as Niumdreoth hasn't been cleared to actually fly to start with. So for not Abbey has found a table off to the side in order to do some work. Why here? The lounge is filled with many of her wing, talking, playing cards, acting like silly riders and she needed to get this done, so here she is. Her red curls are pulled back, and she has on a tunic that has short sleeves, under that a tighter white long-sleeved shirt to help keep he warm, dark brown leather pants and boots finish off the rest of what she has on.

It's a rest day for Solan. As an apprentice, he's not afforded the typical end-of-sevenday cycle and so here he is, skimming across shelves in search of one book in particular. A tiny firelizard - a green obviously hatched only a few weeks before - holds tightly onto the young woodcrafter's shoulder pad for balance. "Feeding and Care," Solan half-recites the title, "Feeding and Care" Using his right index finger, he's tracing a line across the various titles on a shelf not far from the working Abigail. "Ah," he smiles to himself, "Feeding and Care of Firelizards: Tips and Tricks on Training and More." Pulling the book down from the shelf, Solan steps down from the stool - which looks in need of repair (but it's his restday!) - and looks for a place to sit and read.

Abigail isn't paying attention at first whom all is around, though Hurrit her brown firelizard sure is keeping an eye on things. He is secretly hoping someone sneaks food in so he can try and snag some of it. Though in the end the brown catches sight of a certain green lizard just over thar.. A soft croon escaping him while he hops forward and then right up onto his person's head to try and get the green's attention. Abbey pauses in mid-sentence and blinks before eyeing a firelizard tail that falls across her field of vision. "Huritt.." Is grumbled out a moment, not that it makes the brown actually move.

Despite the maintained silence in the library, Brynn is cheeping back at the brown and suddenly flutters away from Solan's shoulder. The little green zips across the distance between them and circles overhead, eyeing Huritt with contentedly blue eyes before coming down to land on the table. Crooning at her woodcrafter, Brynn makes it plain that Solan is to come do his reading at Abigail's table so that she and Huritt might play. With a sigh - the green is three weeks old and already running him ragged - the young man complies, moving to Abigail with an apology. "Sorry, she's still learning. And by that, I mean I'm still trying to figure out how to train her" He gestures to the book in his hands; its cover is graced with a young woman encircled by flying fair of firelizards.

Abigail flicks and pokes at Hurrit a few times before the brown is bouncing down to rest upon the table. The brown croons and warbles back to Brynn while he wiggles back and forth about his paws, wings fluttering a few times. Abbey looks to Solan, a soft smile seen and she nods. "That's alright, no harm done." This said while she looks back to the green and brown lizards as they work out what to play. "Yer welcome ta have a seat if'nn ye like." A nod is soon to the talk of him wanting to train her. "Best thing I found was bits of jerky.. They love to eat."

"Don't I know it," Solan nods vigorously, sliding out a chair and taking a seat. "I've probably fed her more meatrolls than I've ever eaten in my life," the woodcrafter says with humorous exasperation. "And I think she's stealing them from the Living Caverns while I'm asleep, too. Keep finding shredded wrappings in the morning." Setting the book down, Solan smiles and says, "Thanks, Abigail. It's good to see you again."

Brynn chitters back at Huritt, her head cocked to the side with curiosity. She's young; she doesn't know many games yet. Spotting a writing implement not far from the dragon rider's hand, she bats it with her tail, chirping happily as it rolls off the table. Fetch?

Abigail leans back slightly, a soft laugh escaping her. "My boys all ate more then she has.. Promise." This said with an amused tone before she is looking for something in her bag. She pulls out a paper bag and offers it to Solan. "Some jerky I use for mine. Might keep her a bit more full then just meatrolls." Hurrit warbles while he hophophops on closer to Brynn.. As for that pen he dives down to the floor after it, landing on the floor with said pen between his jaws. Abbey just smirks and shakes her head before she looks back to Solan. "Yer welcome, tis nice ta see ye again as well Solan. All well I hope?"

The bag is taken with a nod of thanks. "Jerky, eh? Will have to try it," Solan smiles, reaching into the bag to pull out a small piece. As Abigail asks after his well-being, he breaks the jerky into smaller slivers and pushes one towards Brynn. "I've been really well, thank you," the young woodcrafter remarks. "Was a bit lonely here at first," Solan admits, "but I've met a lot of new weyrfolk who've made me feel at home. Also, Brynn doesn't leave me much time to miss my family right now," he chuckles. "How about yourself? Strange to see a dragon rider in a library, if you don't mind me saying so." Strange because he's never seen one, not because it never actually happens, of course.

Brynn chirples at Huritt as he returns with the pen, thumping her tail in delight. She's about to trying knocking something else over when the bit of jerky is pushed her way. Picking it up with her forelimbs, she's about to gobble it whole when her mind changes. Eyes whirling, she hops forward and wants to split it with the brown apparently.

Abigail keeps her smile and nods. "Aye.. Try it yer see." This said with an amused tone. "I'm glad ta hear that. Everyone here is rather friendly I've found." There is a slight nod of her head while she watches the two firelizards curiously. Though hearing Solan she blinks and chuckles before looking over. "I imagine it does happen, just when yer not about. All the dragons have been grounded thanks to the weather. Even if they wasn't Niumdreoth isn't allowed to go very far, just up to his ledge is about as far as he has been cleared for as of yet." Huritt warbles and then blinks while eyeing the food, aww that is cute.. He reaches over and takes the offered piece, munching on it happily.

The woodcrafter nods at the mention of weather, understanding dawning in his eyes. "I suppose that makes sense. Kind of nasty out there right now." Solan's eyes narrow at the mention of Abigail's dragon not being cleared for extended flight. "I sort of avoid the aunties so I'm a little behind in weyr news, I think. Was your dragon injured? Is he going to be alright?" True concern colors his voice as Solan looks at the woman, his features softening with sympathy for both dragon /and/ rider.

Brynn gobbles down her own hunk before striding back over to her human. Nuzzling his wrist, she looks up at him with both a pleading gaze and hungry thoughts. More? Please? As another sliver comes her way, she returns to Huritt with another helping but, once it's been devoured, she's suddenly streaking off across the library. Catch?

Abigail is quiet for a few moments at the question, the flight coming back to her in short quick images. She blinks a few times to push them away and she closes her eyes. "He'll be alright. He was injured in the gold flight a few days back." It could have been a lot worse. Her gaze soon opens, pale blue rest on Solan a moment. Huritt shifts and watches the little green looking amused before he is hoping up to flutter after her.. This should be amusing!

Solan ahs, "The mating flight. Right," he says, his own thoughts distracted. "I was sort of cooped up down in the Crafter Cavern during that. Sorry to hear your dragon was injured," he says. "How did-" Further comment is disrupted by the little green's departure and Solan is standing now. "Brynn!" he implores, "please come back here. You're making a scene!" Looking about the library with apology for any who might look back, he sighs and then turns to Abigail. "Jerky, eh?" He reaches into the bag again and holds a piece a loft, his eyes searching the cavernous room for his firelizard. Mixing thoughts with words, he promises a treat if only she'll return.

This is FUN! Brynn is zipping between stacks - obviously not as fast, nimble, or even remotely as coordinated as Huritt is - until she spots a potential hidey hole. Scrambling into a cube-slot of scrolls, she wiggles her way amongst them until only her eyes are poking out above. She feels the tug of Solan's plea to return but this is a bit more fun. Nestling down further, she tries to spot Huritt. Seek?

Abigail smiles a moment and leans against the table, her hand moving to lightly touch Solan's a moment. "Just relax.. As long she isn't chewing into a book, or dive bombing someone she'll be fine. Give her a moment to look around and then work on pulling her back." A slight nod is seen before she lets her arms fold upon the table. "It happens. He was a silly thing to try and go after a gold with all the bronze around." Though she could do little to stop him, once that brown's mind is made up it would have to take a gold to make him change it. "As for what happened.. A bronze got to close to the gold, got hit and the bronze crashed into Niumdreoth." She doesn't say who's bronze it was. Huritt lifts his head while he zips along, his wings fluttering a few times before he lands upon the edge of a bookcase, an from this vintage point he is looking for that greenie.

The touch is a surprising one but it has the intended effect. Solan takes a breath - trying not to let the embarrassment of his green's behavior drive him to such anxiety - and then nods. Lowering back into his seat, his eyes flick momentarily to the book he'd taken and thoughts of Brynn eating it suddenly raise his blood pressure again. But Abigail's story is continuing and as she describes what happened, his own curiosity shunts aside his worries over Brynn and sparks a question. "Injured wing, then? Or was he cut or something?" This is asked tenderly, the woodcrafter hoping his questions won't annoy the rider.

Brynn sees Huritt from her hiding spot. Though she's not as swift as he is - after all, she's not long out of the shell - she /did/ have a head start. The little green decides to give him a clue: a muffled chirp amongst the scrolls. She's obviously in one of the cube-shelves but it may not be apparent which. Sort?

Abigail had a feeling the touch would do the trick, her pale gaze watches the other a few moment. "Ye need to relax more.." This said with an amused tone, a soft chuckle escaping her. "Aye, his wing was hit hard. Buckled in midair.." Which means a dragon that can't fly tends to fall about as well as a rock getting tossed out of a window. "Another dragon came to his aid and he was able to get his wing ta open again." Huritt shifts one way and then another while crooning out softly before hearing that muffled chirp. The brown tilts his head and casts a glance back towards the area before hoping forward and gliding over there to peak around!

"That's…scary," Solan replies, his thoughts dwelling on how frightened Abigail must have been. "But I'm glad he's going to heal, though I'm sure being stuck around here isn't much fun for him." As to the notion of Solan needing to relax more, he isn't going to argue that particular point. "I can be a little anxious," he admits nervously, "especially when it comes to Brynn. She gets into /everything,/" he sighs softly. "But I do appreciate the tip about the jerky. And hopefully, this book will do some good, too." Looking around for the little lizard, he again fails to see her and then asks, "Is it similar? Training a young dragon, I mean? With the jerky" Or perhaps in a dragon's case, a wherry? He and Abigail are sitting at a table near the stacks, talking quietly while others work at tables of their own. It's very quiet here despite their lowly spoken conversation.

Brynn - the woodcrafter's little green firelizard - hoots again, hoping to snare Huritt into the proper cubicle. When he does wander over, she pops up from the scrolls and whirls her eyes at him. Got you!

Abigail was beyond frightened that is for sure. Her dragon could have very well died that die, and there is no telling what would have happened to her. Though that is in the past, all is well and will stay that way for now. "He is used to being out and about. He loves to fly and explore.. So being told to stay put he just does not take easily. Which is another reason why I'm here to do my work. Being back at my weyr with a pouting dragon isn't that fun." Not at all! A soft chuckle escapes her at the question and she looks amused. "Ah.. yes and no.." She taps the side of her head a moment. "There is more of a link with one's dragon then a firelizard. Yer not two different things in a sense yer one." Huritt keeps poking his head around and then warbles out as he is caught so to speak and flutters backwards. The brown slams into a book shelf and thus there is books raining down upon the floor with heavy thuds each time. Abbey blinks and lifts her head, a smirk seen. "That was Huritt.." Just in case Solan thought it was his little green.

It's at the moment that the books are hitting the ground with several thuds that Angelique steps in. "What the shards….?" she asks in some surprise as her gaze slides across the room to land on Solan and Abigail first. "Hey there…" her longs legs strides in their direction.
If one looked at her they probably wouldn't be able to tell that Polana was up for most of the night, bothering a pair of siblings. She is bright eyed, her hair combed, and dressed in clothes that, for once, aren't too out of place. A short sleeved shirt, a knee-length skirt, and close-toes shoes. All her other clothes must be getting washed. She waltzes into the library like she owns the place, although she has little to no reason to be there. The sight of a group of people does not discourage her at all. After all, she already knows most of them. With a dip of her head she calls, "hey Sol, Abigail!" With that she walks over to a table, which she proceeds to sit on as if it's a chair.

"I imagine so," Solan nods, thinking back to when his sister had broken her leg as a child. She'd gone stir crazy mad with limited mobility; the woodworker can only imagine what it must be like for a /dragon/. As Abigail explains the differences between mentally linked with a dragon versus a firelizard, Solan nods in understanding again. "I'm sure newborn dragons have a bit more sense, too," he smirks at Abigail. Not that he doesn't adore Brynn; he does! More than he lets on, that's for sure. He just wishes she would behave a little better. But hey, they're going to work on that, hence his trip to the library for a training manual. "What if-" He's again interrupted, this time by the thudding of books raining down from somewhere behind. A soft laugh melts his sudden anxiety as Abigail explains Huritt is the culprit and not his little green.

Brynn thumps her tail with laughter at Huritt before nudging him with her muzzle and then flying back to the table. Clean up, stack aisle 3! Landing upon Solan's shoulder, she nuzzles him with apology.

Abigail grins a moment and shakes her head, a chuckle escaping her. "No.. There about the same there to some degree. Niumdreoth loves rolling around in mud puddles still, and chasing after sheep." Yes sheep, you heard that right. Her gaze turns to find whereabouts her lizard is while she stands to go pick up books. "Hello Angelique, Polana." A slight wiggle of a wave seen. "Back in a moment." She is off to pick up the books now. Huritt trills out at Brynn while nosing back at her.

Angelique arches a brow. "He chases after…sheep?" she's certainly not sure she heard that correctly. Polana's choice of seating has Angelique's attention quickly and a Look is cast over. "That is not a chair." "G'evening, Solan. Abigail. Everything okay? I thought I heard some books crashing down."

Abigail's greeting to her has her giving a dip of her head in greeting. When she says that she'll be right back before walking off the blonde gives a quick wave but does not say anything. For a moment it looks like she won't have to deal with pushy people. But then there's Angelique, saying that the table isn't a chair. Polana just shrugs in response before saying, "maybe not, just it still works fine."

The woodcrafter waves in response to Angelique and Polana, offering them a sheepish smile as Abigail departs to clean up the mess. He probably should have gone to help but given the approach of the two women, he didn't want to be rude. 'YOU should have gone to clean it up,' he chides himself mentally. Brynn seems to chitter in agreement but then remembers it was partially her fault and becomes contrite. "Everything is fine," Solan assures Angelique. "Brynn decided to lead Huritt on a little chase and some books were knocked down. Nothing too concerning." Looking to Polana - who sits on the table contrary to manner - he asks, "Did you ever make that date?" He gestures Angelique to a chair if she'd like one, taking himself as Brynn hops down to drag some leftover jerky to Huritt again.

Abigail is busy picking the books up and putting them away, her brown firelizard settling upon her shoulder and crooning out to her. A soft smile is sent to the little brown before she is back over to the table and to her seat. "Polana, she means sit in a chair not on the table." In other words, move! At the talk of a date a curious glance is sent to Polana and she lifts a brow looking curious to say the least.
Angelique takes the chair that's gestured too. "Ah…little ones getting into trouble?" amusement tinges her tone as she looks to the contrite green. The amusement is short-lived though as she looks to Polana still seated on the table. "However well it works as a chair, it is not. So move." she orders her tone short.

A small frown crosses her face at Solan's question. She gives a quick shake of her head before responding, "'fraid not. Well, sorta not. When I arrived he was passed out drunk. Drunk in the /afternoon/. So no, not going to do anything there." Then to Abigail she lets out a slight 'ah' sound before jumping off, leaning against the table instead. To Angelique she gives a quick glare although she does not say anything to her. Instead she gives a long sigh before commenting to nobody, "you know, life you be a lot easier if people just said what they meant."

"A little bit," Solan nods in response to Angelique. "Realized this morning that Brynn has been stealing meatrolls from when away from me. Probably from the Living Cavern. I'm sorry," he offers to the assistant Headwoman. "So down here we came in search of /this/," Solan says, holding up a book he found earlier. The title reads 'Care and Feeding of Firelizards: Tips and Tricks for Training and More.' "Abigail," he smiles as the woman returns, "has also been giving me some pointers. Apparently," he smirks at the brown rider, "jerky is the key. Did you have a lot of trouble with Skyler?" he asks Angelique, turning back. The question may go unheard as directives to get off the table are issued to Polana, though. He doesn't know the girl well but she doesn't strike him as the 'Yes ma'am!' type. And given her little glare, such suspicions are at least somewhat confirmed. "Sorry to hear about the date," he tries carrying the conversation forward.

Abigail watches Polana a few moments, still waiting for her to get off the table. A faint smirk is seen as she catches that glare to Angelique. "Never learn will ye?" She questions to Polana along with a shake of her head. "Next time we're draw ye a picture." Her gaze turns back to Solan and she grins a bit before nodding. "I've raised a few.." Along with one large brown dragon so she knows a /few/ things.

Angelique ignores the chatter about dates. "Oh yeah…he was a handful indeed when younger." she confirms Solan's guess. The glare is noticed and she narrows her eyes a bit. However, for the moment, she simply lets it go.

Polana shrugs again when Solan gives her his sympathies about the date. Her voice is casual as she says, "eh, it's no big deal. There are other guys, guys I know better. Guys that I know probably won't go and get drunk in the middle of the day for what looks like no reason at all." To Abigail she snorts before holding her hands up in an 'I surrender' pose. There is a slightly amused tone to her voice as she points out, "hey, I'm better than I was pre-candidacy." Maybe not /much/ better but still a little better. At least she isn't pretending to be a heir to a hold or yelling at the leadership. Angelique she completely ignores, not wanting to risk a confrontation.

"So…" Solan attempts to change the subject, hoping it will diffuse some of the tension, "Aside from bad dates and firelizard mishap, what's new with you two? Here to do some research or just find something for fun?" His eyes flick to Abigail and then to her work pile. For a moment he feels slightly guilty for turning her work session into a social one but the rider seems direct enough to shoo them away if needed.

Abigail would indeed shoo them away if she felt the need to, though she isn't to heartbroken over it. She even goes about picking the papers up and making them into a nice and neat pile. A glance is sent to Polana and she eyes the girl a moment. "Maybe." Is offered, not much more then that. Hey the girl smacked her brother and has caused plenty of problems for this rider to not fully trust her.

Annoyance flickers across Angelique's expression briefly before she simply lets her attention wander back to Solan. "I'm doing good, Solan." she offers nothing to give a clue as to why she's here now. "You finding plenty of books to aid the fire lizard training?" her gaze goes to Abigail briefly then back to Solan. Polana's not given another look yet.

Polana smiles toward Solan, grateful for the opportunity to change the subject. "I'm doing pretty good, came here because it's my break and I don't really have anything to do. Didn't get much sleep last night but at least I got something done that I really needed to get done." This is followed by a glance toward Abigail. Yep, the thing, she did the thing. You know the thing, you reminded her about the thing. Still no talking to or looking at Angelique.

Abigail is good about reminding people of things, even when she doesn't plan on such.. things.. She lets her gaze flicks to the others while she puts her papers into a neat stack. As for them stopping her from working she is totally fine with that from the looks of it! A glance is sent to Polana and she ponders the look, a soft ah escaping her. "How did that thing go then?"

"I'm glad you're doing well," the woodcrafter grins at Angelique. It's not exactly a genuine grin, though; more of a this-tension-is-awkward-let-me-try-to-distract-you kind of thing. "Yes," Solan nods, "I think this book will help a lot." To Polana, he smiles as well - see? we're all smiles in the Library! - and says, "Well, I'm glad you were able to get some things done?" She's so vague about what it was that he doesn't really have much to go on. Plus, you know, that tension is still there between the women. He almost feels like he's in the middle of some weird, triangular tempest. As Solan's social anxiety rises a little, Brynn flits from his shoulder to disappear *between.* Probably to steal more meatrolls

Angelique leans back casually in the chair, relaxed posture. "Shouldn't be too hard really to get her trained up properly, plenty of reference material in here not to mention plenty of riders around to aid." she grins brightly. "Right Abigail? You have a fire lizard?" she asks of Polana, trying to simply be polite!

The frown on her face begins to deepen when Abigail asks her how the thing went. It is clear that she is uneasy as she says, "the answer to that is currently pending. I told the person the thing, they said that they need to think about how to respond to it. It depends on how I act." Why yes, it is heavily coded. But Polana doesn't exactly want non-Abigail people to know that she apologized to Borodin over slapping him. She then nods to Solan, attempting to put a grin back into place on her face. In response to Angelique's question she nods before answering, "two, as a matter of fact." With that she mentally calls to them, causing green Opal and brown Mjolnir to pop in from /between/.

The young woodworker groans as mental images of the Living Caverns come back to him from Brynn. "Please excuse me," he offers the trio of women an apologetic smile, "I think it's time to go read this in my cot and start training Brynn not to steal things." His gaze sweeping to the brown rider, he says, "Abigail, I really appreciate all of your advice. Thank you," his smile is warm and full of gratitude. For the other two, Solan waves with one hand, the book held in the other. "Enjoy your afternoon! It was nice seeing you both," he nods, moving away from the table and out of the library.