Fort Weyr - Smithy Repairs
Off the tunnel leading to the inner sections of Fort Weyr is this small smith shop. The entry area has been separated off from the forge in the back by a U-shaped counter, forming a nice little waiting area for customers. There are a few chairs there for sitting. The counter in front is covered in piles of papers: receipts mostly, standards paperwork, signed copies of things, and other bits of this and that. A plaque on the counter reads: In Living Memory of Jedrek, original owner/operator.
The forge itself is off to the right of the shop, carved right into the stone and has several anvils around it that the smiths uses to shape the metal against. There are a few different workbenches each with their own tools for different jobs, the one that stands out the most is the long one closest to the door. This one is covered in small metal parts and where the smiths usually sit to repair items. The left side of the shop's wall has many machinery parts hanging on it and some larger tools.
Towards the back of the left side of the shop is a staircase leading up into a private living area.

Ahh, autumn! In Fort Weyr, this particular season is never quite boring or dull and where the skies are clear and blue one moment, they can swiftly become the polar opposite the next. Which is exactly how Kiena found herself trapped here, with Ujinath up on a ledge somewhere to hunker down out of the sheer, heavy rains. The Xanadu Wingrider is waiting out the storm as well rather than risking the tricky flight out through chilly and wind-swept skies. Her intention had been to venture to the Gemstone Tavern but as the storm took on a harsher turn and rain began to turn to hail, Kiena had to bail into the Smithy Repair — of all ironies. Rushing inside and swiftly shutting the door behind her, the bluerider swears out loud and promptly shakes off as much of the water from her riding leathers. "Shardin' weather!" she mutters irritably, not even pausing to look about the room as she reaches up to wring out her hair.

Xavier comes tumbling through the door being pelted by hail. quickly picking himself up. "Shards, the hail again." Looking over to see Kiena, quickly takes a deep breath. "Sorry, ma'am didn't see you there. Wouldn't have used such language." He looks to find the smith missing. "Guess my new hammer isn't done yet."

Kiena starts when another person comes tumbling through the door, her hands still mid-wringing on her hair. As he swears in the same way she just did, the bluerider just smirks and then flicks her hair back over her shoulder in soaked tangles and curls. "Ma'am? Ha! Hardly any ma'am. Too young yet for that. And I ain't offended by some cursin'. Damn awful out there and right fittin' for it! Looks like you got caught too, eh?" she drawls in an accent that is neither Xanadian or Fortian and something more of the Emerald Isles if one knows their accents. "Hammer?" Kiena cocks her head then, eyeing him curiously with her wide and rounded eyes before turning her head to peer at the desk. The empty desk. "Huh." she snorts, dropping her hands to her hips now and fixing Xavier with a sidelong look. "So let me guess… Hammer is your tool 'o trade, eh? I'd say you're a smith but a smith would make his own hammer…" With another hammer. Ironic, that!

Xavier grins then laughs the sound filling the room. "I'm Xavier, nice to meet you. I'm a handyman. I do what needs to get done around the weyr. I don't exactly have a craft." He sighs for a moment. "I bet the smith is still at the living caverns."

Kiena grins back, her eyes bright with amusement though she doesn't quite laugh in return. Instead she smartly offers her hand out to shake, an odd formality for sure but the bluerider is not your typical gal or… well, rider! "Well met, Xavier! I'm Kiena, rider of blue Ujinath from Xanadu Weyr." she replies, standing a little taller as she goes about the usual exchange. Shrugging, she goes on to add, "Handyman ain't no Craft, that's for sure. No… you've got a skill, s'what you got. One of them ones that any Weyr or Hold needs to keep on goin'." Blinking, she then frowns heavily. "What he doin' all the way in there and not leavin' some Apprentices or what not? I mean, I'm an Apprentice Smith but I ain't of Fort Weyr. Not about to do his bloody job neither!"

Xavier shrugs his shoulders, no clue what he's doing there. As for leaving an apprentice the apprentice may have wondered off and got stuck like we are." He runs his hand through his hair with a few bits of hail falling out. "Better hail then thread right? Though I'm sure your dragon would be quite useful for taking out thread."

Kiena had a purpose for being here but it has been temporarily waylaid and now completely derailed by the absence of the Smith. She scowls with annoyance at the desk. "Well, that just shardin' sucks. I've supplies I need and storm or no storm, I ain't lingerin' about all day long. I'm a Smith," Apprentice! "So…" She grins and with another shrug of her shoulders begins to walk towards the desk and then promptly around it like she owns the place. "Huh?" Looking back at Xavier, she peers at him and studies him long and hard. "Guess it would be an improvement." she drawls, only to huff again in mild amusement. "Ujinath? Of course he would be!" Kiena goes on to boast, reaching out to examine some of the materials stored behind the desk.

Xavier shakes his head. "Well that is most unfortunate, though I doubt the storm is going to last to long they normally don't. If you don't like the weather just give it some time, and soon enough it will be nice again."

"Eh? Never said I don't like this weather. Storms are actually a favorite thing of mine, so long as I ain't flying or out at sea or something. Lots of power and beauty in 'em, along with the danger." Kiena drawls as she oh-so casually browses the Smith's wares uninvited and unsupervised. Deftly she's begun to pile an assortment of odds and ends on the desk, humming a little under her breath as she goes. "So what about you, handyman Xavier?" she says in a near sing-song tone and a lopsided smirk. "Storms not your thing either?"

Xavier laughs a little. "Well I don't mind the rain it's the hail I'm not fond of. I'm such a large target to get pelted by it. I do enjoy a nice walk in the rain every now and then." He keeps an eye on the rider interested in seeing what it is she's doing with the odds and ends.

Kiena peers again at Xavier from over her shoulder as she browses the selection of various materials and chuckles dryly. "A large target, eh?" she drawls and it's hard to judge whether or not her tone is teasing or mocking or neither. Setting a few more strips and coils of things aside, the bluerider turns and begins to actually rummage around IN the desk for something. "Why ever for? The walkin' in the rain I mean?" she asks, only to be heard seconds later muttering and swearing under her breath. "… gotta be here somewhere. No Smith worth his salt ain't without… Aha! Here we are!" Up she pops from crouching behind the desk and drops a heavy looking hidebound ledger onto the desk's surface. Opening it carefully, she begins to flip through the pages. What IS she doing? And surely she's breaking a few rules or crossing lines!

Xavier nods his head. "Yes a large target. I enjoy the rain it's refreshing and calming. It's not the greatest idea when your in the middle of winter but most times of the year it ain't so bad." He moves closer to the desk. "Now I really have to ask, what are you doing?"

Kiena quirks a brow as she looks up from the ledger, her finger still marking her spot as she studies Xavier carefully again. "Uh huh. Most things in winter ain't fun!" she remarks, giving him a peculiar look. Such a strange fellow, this one! But the bluerider is notorious for being suspicious of others, especially men. As he approaches, she only smirks in a smug way and snaps the ledger shut with a loud 'thud'. "Shopping! Or, rather, helping myself." she says in a flippant way as she sets the ledger back where she found it. The supplies she gathers too, counting in a hushed murmur before finding a scrap piece of hide and a writing tool to scribble down a few notes and figures. A quick dig into her jacket pocket and she produces a few marks, all of which she sets aside before bagging her goods. "Like I said. I'm a Smith and I need some supplies. Ain't waiting around all day for it. 'Sides, Ujinath is telling me the storm is quittin'. Time to go!" Kiena begins to nonchalantly walk back around the desk and past Xavier then, reaching for the door only to pause and turn to face him again. "Oh, and before you go wonderin' or freakin' out — I know the Smith here. If he's got issues, he can take it up with my brother!" she says with a grin that is almost too wry to mean any good. "Nice meetin' ya, Xavier! Hope that Smith gets back so you can get yer hammer! Clear skies!" And then she's gone, out the door and whistling a tune even before it can shut closed behind her.

Xavier stands there mouth open, not a word coming out nor a motion to stop her. Appearently the man is stuck at an impass before she sets his fears aside and he grins once more. "Good bye Kiena."