Fort Weyr - Weyrleader's Offices
Aged by time, this office has lived through the ages of Fort just as its counterparts have. But unlike the Weyrsecond and Junior Weyrwomen offices, this cavern is spacious and formed in a rough semicircle of three conjoined caves that were carved and modified Turns ago. The middle portion acts as a waiting room of sorts, holding only a few modest chairs and a simple tapestry to otherwise brighten up the plain stone walls. There are no windows here and the only light comes from well placed glow baskets.
To the right, the smaller of the two adjoining caverns has been set aside for the Weyrwoman, a large desk situated in the middle and a bookshelf pressed against the wall. A small hearth allows for some warmth in the colder months and another cabinet rests across the room to hold various supplies, as well as several books, reports and records. More tapestries have been hung there, lending some color to room.
On the left, the larger cavern belongs to the Weyrleader's office and the walls here are littered with a vast array of maps, as well as a tapestry hung behind where he would sit. The desk is large and the wood aged, looking old and a bit worn, but well tended too. Shelves and a bookshelf line one wall, crammed with rolled hides, other maps, books, reports and records and all arranged in an organized chaos. A small hearth has been built in here as well and various well placed glow baskets are hung to offer just the right amount of light in this windowless office.
Both offices have stout wooden doors that have been carefully worked into the stone. They can be closed and locked if privacy is needed but are often left open.

Thanks to his last restday's explorations - and Kimmila's ushering of him into the Council Chambers for a surprise firelizard hatching - Solan knows exactly where he's going. Carrying something about a foot tall and wide - something draped in a dark cloth and appearing not heavy in the least - the young woodcrafter finds his way through the Council Chambers and into the Weyrleaders' offices. He looks around, hoping to spot Th'ero and Kimmila, as a drudge informed him they were likely be here.

They are in fact there and the door leading into the room that belongs to the Weyrleader is slightly ajar. A sign that visitors are welcomed and that the bronzerider is likely within. Solan may get a little more than he bargained for, as that drudge was correct: Th'ero and Kimmila are within. What the drudge fails to add is that knocking is usually a best thing to do, door open or not. Not that anything scandalous is going down within (this time)! The Weyrleader is seated at his desk, while Kimmila is leaning down beside him as Th'ero murmurs something too low to be heard. Harmless right? Sure and so is the nuzzling the bluerider is doing to the bronzerider's neck. All that important looking paperwork on the desk? Ignored.

Kimmila completes the nuzzle with a little nip to his ear, straightening up with a low laugh. "Focus on your work, Weyrleader," she drawls in an immitation of his accent.

"Hello?" Solan calls out a little timidly, reaching out with his left hand to gently knock on the door frame. Knocking on the door itself would, after all, cause it to open further. He can see motion through the opening as he nears and once the woodcrafter realizes what he sees, Solan quickly looks away. 'Maybe this was a bad idea,' he thinks to himself, taking a step back from the doorway. When the chiding chirrup of Brynn, his little green firelizard, sounds in his ear, Solan sighs and nods. "Alright, alright," he offers to the verdant lump on his right shoulder. He knocks again and waits to be cleared for entry.

Th'ero chuckles low and heartily, giving her a sharp and somewhat heated look for the nip. A brow quirks up and he smirks, "Hard to focus while being distracted!" he quips back in that same drawled accent she so teasingly imitated. He gives her a playful nudge to her side for that and then exhales heavily, looking back at the surface of his desk. Ugh, so much paperwork. Glancing up at her again, his look reads so much like a 'must I?' expression of begging protest. The Weyrleader hates being cooped up for long and just as he's resigning himself to several candlemarks of boring, dull work there is a knock at the door. Frowning slightly, he darts a questioning look to Kimmila and then clears his throat. "Enter!" he calls. No backing down now! At least Solan is safe in that neither of them are aware that he'd seen that previous exchange?

Kimmila smirks. "Well, consider that distraction a promise when you get your work done," she mutters, glancing up to see who has come a knocking.

As permission is given, Solan sighs softly with relief. Perhaps this won't be so awkward after all? Using his left hand, the woodcrafter opens the door and steps into the office. His eyes briefly flick about the room - drinking in the sights, as it were - before settling back on Th'ero and Kimmila. "Uhhello," he smiles nervously, now suddenly bereft of the words he'd been rehearsing on his way up here. He'd meant to say something funny - something to break the ice and steal attention away from the draped object he was carrying. But instead, Solan's brain has all but clamped up and the quip he'd meant to use has escaped him. "Ibrought this," he says, his approach a bit timid, "for you two. It's not much and you know, I'm still learning and everything but" Brynn chirps at him to get on with it already, so the woodworker simply lays the object down on the table before Th'ero and removes the cloth.

Carved from dark mahogany, this statue - though gracefully shaped — is obviously not the work of a Master. It lacks the fine details such a piece would have. Nor, perhaps, is it even the creation of a Journeyman of the craft, though its carver would seem to be more skilled than an average apprentice might. Yet even in its simplicity of construction and detail, there is a beauty to this piece that bespeaks much time and attention spent in its planning, carving, and painstaking burnishing. Shining in the light, the chocolate brown jungle wood has been specially treated to resist the elements and catch the eye. In total, this round-based statue is both a foot tall and wide.

Depicted here in whittled wood are two dragons and their respective riders in flight. Jutting up through a bed of sculpted cloud, the first dragon - the smaller and darker of the two - is held securely by a structural support disguised as rushing wind. Tilted at a fifteen degree angle in relation to its peer, this beast's wings are carefully curved as it pumps them for altitude. His boxy head and peaceful face are polished purposefully soft, denoting the grace and grandeur of Varmiroth aloft. Sitting astride the handsome creature is a woman meant to be Kimmila, her boyish body rounded under the bulk of riding garb simply sculpted about her frame. She is smiling, though the features of her face and hands - gripping shaved lines meant as riding straps - are somewhat lacking in detail.

Riding lower and skimming the clouds is another dragon, this one larger and in-charger. The beast's facial features look lopsided and blunted, one of its eyes protruding farther than the other. Unlike the depicted blue, however, this dragon doesn't look handsome or graceful at all, though his wings do stretch impressively to either side, maintaining the glide. His hide has been sanded, shaved, and smoothed, the resultant effect causing this dragon's color to look bronzed in comparison to his peer. Given his smaller than normal size, though, this beast is obviously meant to be powerful Velokraeth. Riding his back is the man who must be Th'ero, his gaze fixed ahead as a raised arm points a generic-looking sword forward. The man is pointedly /not/ smiling and his features, too, denote the artist's lack of refined skill.

The underside of the base is scored with a message in blackened carbon: "To new friends…and not drowning! - Solan"

"Am I a child now, to be tempted into behaving with rewards?" Th'ero muses in a low murmur before that door is opening to reveal their visitor. The Weyrleader straightens in his chair once he recognizes the woodcrafter and then slowly pushes to his feet. "Welcome, Solan! To what do we owe this visit?" he asks, frowning a little at the man's timid approach. Gesturing for him to take a seat, it's only when Solan calls attention to it that he truly notices the cloth covered object. Taking his seat again, Th'ero looks rather curious though keeps his tongue in check while Solan works through his explanation. Something… for them? That DOES have the Weyrleader surprised and not at all prepared when the carving is revealed. Put simply, Th'ero is absolutely stunned into silence, dark eyes staring at the burnished carving and then at the artist and creator. Reaching out, he ever so carefully traces a finger along the base as he leans forwards to study the work and still he is utterly floored. So much so that he cannot even form a coherent sentence, fumbling at last through a few stunned murmured words. "Solan… All this work — for us? I — we, it's amazing!"

Kimmila notices the Thing that Solan is carrying, but she makes no mention of it until he does. And then she stares. Gapes, really, astounded at the detail and the amount of sheer work that has gone into it. Then she laughs. "Look, I'm smiling and you're not," she teases her weyrmate with a little nudge.

Solan is so nervous about how this gift will be received that little Brynn suddenly launches from his shoulder with a squawk and pops *between.* Barely paying attention to her escapist flight, the young woodcarver is studying Th'ero and Kimmila's faces as his gift is revealed. As reactions prove favorable - beyond favorable, really, given his expectations of Th'ero in particular - a wide, toothy grin explodes across Solan's face and he takes his first breath in almost a minute. "I'm so glad you both like it," he beams, taking Kimmila's comment as a positive one. That is, of course, until his brain starts going into overdrive. "Well, I mean, if you want to be smiling, Th'ero, I can fix it but I just thought you'd be sort of stoic and leaderly when flying into adventure and…I should stop talking now," he withdraws into himself a bit, his eyes focused on the carved statue and not either dragon rider. "You're very welcome," he replies to Th'ero, humbled that the weyrleader would think so highly of his work. "You've both done so much for me since I arrived. Saving my life, giving me a firelizard, making me feel welcome, making introductions," he counts all this off on his fingers, as if reading a mental list. "On and on. It was the least I could do to say thank you." He's smiling again, his eyes lifting to Th'ero and Kimmila once more.

Oh, if Solan only knew he had nothing to worry about! Kimmila's teasing and nudge have Th'ero looking up at her with a smirk that looks just as playful, along with the (very) gentle smack he gives to the bluerider's side or leg. More a light tap than anything as he drawls, "It just shows that he's got a good eye for detail! And look, now he's going to fret over it!" he muses in a mock chiding tone as his eyes drift back to Solan. "No, it's alright." he tells the woodcrafter with a vague smile. Ah-ha! See? He can do it! "It's perfect as it is. A bit of a running joke about my… lack of emotions but it suiting. I am who I am." Meaning he's pleased and humored by the detail. Still tracing a careful finger over the carving, Th'ero's eyes drift down to study it closely again though he is still attentively listening to the woodcrafter. With another amazed shake of his head, the Weyrleader sits back and that stunned look remains. "Quite the thank you! Didn't think we had made such an impression." he muses again.

Kimmila laughs, grinning widely at Solan. "Relax," she chides gently. "I think it's amazing. And, no, I didn't either," she says, agreeing with Th'ero and looking back at Solan, looking…touched. Humbled, even! "Thank you."

Relief. Pure relief floods through the young man and soon Solan is all smiles again. Good eye for detail? Perfect as is? And a SMILE from Th'ero?! The Red Star itself could suddenly loom overhead again, raining deadly thread to kill and maim all below, and Solan would still be grinning. Well, maybe not for long, but at least at first. He's pleased Kimmila likes the carving as well and as the two mention the whole 'didn't think they'd made such an impression thing,' he's laughing. "You saved my life. My mother said it was either that," he gestures to the burnished carving, "or a lifetime of service to the weyr. And since I'd already committed to that," Solan smirks, "this seemed appropriate. Though now that it's done, I'm not quite sure what to do with my evenings now," he chuckles. A thought strikes him and the young woodcarver decides to leave on a high note before he has a chance to flub the moment up. "Thank you again. I'm glad you like it," he dips his head with respect. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a class to be getting to?"

"I see," Th'ero muses to Solan and that vague smile broadens closer to something more true and natural. The Weyrleader is still stunned by the gesture from the woodcrafter, so much left unsaid that he wants to speak but cannot find the right words. Glancing to Kimmila again, he then pushes to his feet once more. "It's quite the gift, Solan and I don't think I could thank you enough for the gesture." After all, it's not everyday that this happens! Chuckling, he gives the woodcrafter a curious look before dipping his head in a respectful nod. "We won't keep you then from your class. Do take care and clear skies!" And now he does seem amused, eyes flashing with humor. "And stay clear of any rivers." he quips. Did… the Weyrleader just jokingly tease him?

Kimmila laughs. Seems she thinks the Weyrleader just joked with him. "Well, let me know the next time your life needs saving. We could use an end table…" Then she winks at the poor boy, waving before she's looking back at the hides. "Want to just leave this and go flying?" she asks Th'ero as Solan leaves. So not helpful.

Did Th'ero just…joke? It's Solan's turn to be stunned as he half-laughs, half-stares in surprise. "I'll uhI'll do my best," he chuckles, backing out of the room and nodding to Kimmila. "End table? Got it," he nods resolutely. Quickly turning on his heels, the young man is off to class and grinning from ear to ear. If he'd known as a child that weyr life could be like this, he'd have left home much sooner.