Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible./
Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.//

The warm afternoon sun is easily felt here at the lake, which even with the water a touch on the cool slide the warm day does make the water bearable for all that go swimming in it. Niumdreoth is already at the lake, in fact he is already swimming around in the cool waters enjoying his time there it seems. Abigail is making her way on towards the lake along with any Weyrling that wished to come along it seems. The wingleader casts a glance back towards Ha'ze as he was one that surely wanted to come along. "I bet yer happy to get out to the lake finally, aye?" She questions curiously as they walk along.

"Kainaesyth's been nagging my… ear?" He hesitstaes for just a second, not sure how to describe that breezy mindvoice, "about seeing his plants." Which is only shown as true as the large young bronze dragon darts ahead to where that formerly-hearder trough has been turned into a makeshift garden. Ha'ze walks with his hands shoved deep into his pocket, looking upwards at forest in the distance.

Abigail smies softly and soon nods as she hears that. "I can imagen so." She offers with a soft tone while they moving along. The garden trough is settled off to the side, in a spot that gets plenty of sun and water, though there is some shade that can be found at times as well across the planter. "I'm sure e'll see that they are growing fine. Niumdreoth has been keeping and eye on it when able honestly." Niumdreoth watches as Kainaesyth goes running along the shore, a rumble escaping him as he paddles on closer to shore. « Afternoon Kainaseyth. How are you and yours this day »

"Be careful of the rocks Kai!" Ha'ze calls out after the bronze before falling in next to Abigail rather then a step behind. "Greatful you're walkin' us out here." Kinaesyth's running steps brings him to the edge of the trough and he's peering into it, nose gently bumping against the plants therein. They've spread, the weeds having a firm grip on the training ground soil. His clear flute-like mindvoice dances on warm breezes as they curl around the brown's mind. « They are growing! Better than in my little pots. »

"He'll be alright." Abigail offers while her gaze follows after the bronze once he is checking on his plants. A nod is seen along with a faint smile. "Yer welcome Ha'ze." This said while she pauses to watch the water before leaning down to pick up a few stones. "So how are things going?" She questioned while one of the rocks is tossed a couple of times before she sends it skipping across the water. Niumdreoth rumbles softly. « Indeed, the bigger area, and the fresh air has done wonders for them here. »

"I don't want him to be gettin' hurt." A bit of chagrin color's Ha'ze's voice as he finds a rock to sit on the Lake shore, like he is embrassed to be expressing such concern. "He's bigger now though, proly could be jumpin on them rocks." He glances backwards at the bronze, before looking forwards again. As for the question on training…. "Strap-makin' is goin' well. Though I'm thinkin' I might be stranglin' M'icha if he keeps switchin' things around." Better, focus on the one area where Ha'ze and Kinaesyth are actually doing well. He doesn't mention the rst of it where Ha'ze and Kai still fall far behind the other weyrlings. Kinaesyth bumps his nose against the plants again before turning away to crane his neck upwards at the brown. Heat soaked breezes carry that flute down deep into the canyon to brush accross the river. « Is it fun in the water? »

Abigail nods slightly as she hears Ha'ze and sends another rock skipping before she glances over to him. She looks a touch amused, a soft chuckle soon heard. "He does that with the straps ta keep ye on yer toes. Straps are very important in a riders life. Ye must be checking the straps often and make sure all is well with them." If not, well that could be bad. She moves to sit next to him upon the rock, brushing her hands off. She is curious about what is not being said though. "How are ye and Kinaesyth doing?" She knows it has been a problem in the past. "He won't get hurt either, just keep a watchful eye on him, give him pointers if ye see something wrong." Well it's an idea. Niumdreoth croons softly while he stays in the cool water, head lowering to lean out towards the young bronze. « Oh yes, very much. I do enjoy the water. Soon enough your be able to see yourself as well."

"We…" Ha'ze hesitates, digging a toe into some of the loose rocks. "We're workin' on it." Meaning Ha'ze still hasn't brought himself to answer back to Kainaesyth's words without speaking out loud. Not even to send reassurance when the bronze needed it. He glances over to the wingleader as she settles down next to him, then back out to the lake. Curiosity perked up Kainaesyth bounds over with his typical high energy to the edge of the water, but pauses on the edge of it. Wings relax from where he has learned to pin them up, and they brush down against the wet rocks. « Should I not come in? Water cannot hurt me? » It's a question as hints of the only water Kainaesyth has experience with drips down in the form of rain on his parched canyon walls.

« Water can hurt you if you don't know how to swim. » Niumderoth offers, his drums picked up, light and soft at first while the parched canyon walls are suddenly darkened by a night star filled sky. « Stay only there where you can touch the ground within the shallows. » Niumdreoth will not allow the bronze to far in that is for certain. Abigail ponders while glancing to Ha'ze once more and hums. "Do… Ye have any questions?" This questioned with a soft tone.

Taking that as permission, Kainaesyth enters the water, relaxing the muscles in his wings even further. Those large sails spread out across the surface of the water as he steps further into it. « It is cool! » The light rain continues, allowing that night sky to cool the desert. Ha'ze shrugs. "They be sain' I ought to be talkin' to him without speakin a'loud by now. Just don't seem right."

Niumdreoth nods as the bronze moves forward slightly, he will watch closely to make sure he does not go to far. « Remember, you are not to go into the water by yourself until allowed. Understand? » He wants to make sure he understands this. Being a dragon in Search and Rescue the large brown has picked up certain things over the past few turns when it comes to dealing with water. « The water can be very dangerous. It may look calm on the surface, but under that it is not always like that. » Abigail ponders this and nods a touch before pondering a few moments. "It didn't make sense to met at first, though over time I just started talking to Niumdreoth via the link without a second thought." She smirks a bit. "Of course at the start there he would talk to anyone."

Reluctantly Kainaesyth agrees to Niumdreoth's condition of not going into the water the brown presses upon him. « Can we come back lots? When not doing what Ayccheth and his tell us we should? » In the water he flexes his wings, sending ripples out that the bronze snaps at when they come close to his dusty bronze neck. "We'll be catchin up. Kai likes the others, even if they ain't got no use for me." Which… is probably a reflection of the way Ha'ze treats his fellow weyrlings. Distance and all.

« We shall see. I do think it would be alright to come back at times. » Niumdreoth offers while letting his head lower to the water and sinks down to his nose and eyes peer out at Kainaesyth. « Are you and your following the lessons? » Abigail lifts a brow while peering at Ha'ze. "Why do ye feel that they have no use for ye?"

« I promise to be good, so we can come. » Meaning, those bright breezes and soft flutees will only go where they're allowed to. Pulling his large wings in causes ripples to spread towards the brown. He ponders the question, actually hesitating for the first time. « Ha'ze does not like the lessons whe we have to… think together. So I try to cheer him up. » "You know what I got to be doin' soon as Kainaesyth's big enough. Ain't lookin' to be bondin' with them. Can you be seein' R'yal or C'rus out there tryin' to help?" Ha'ze actually lifts an eyebrow to look at Abigail.

Niumdreoth ponders this it seems for a few long moments. « The lessons can be hard, yes.. But they are there for a /reasn/. You both must work with one another and through the lessons the link will get stronger. » He ponders if that is something the other will understand. The ripple of water causes his eyes to close but that is about it. His night sky continues to fill the bronze's canyon. Abigail smirks a touch and takes out a soft breath. "Ha'ze… I know what ye be doing come that time. Though not getting to know the other's is not a good thing. Just because ye talk to them, and get to know them does not mean they have to go and help with anything."

« Ha'ze loves me. I love him. » That mindvoice waivers, as Kainaesyth's breezes slow and finally fall off, leaving only the silence of the dark night in the canyon to linger. « I don't think he wants it to be stronger. » Ha'ze shoots a glance over to Abigail. "I've always been on my own. And them others, except maybe Br'enn ain't got no stake in my business. And they got all judgements on the way Kainaesyth and I be talkin." Slightly defensive? Just a bit.

"How were ye talking to him?" Abigail questions criously. "I don't know the others that well honestly." For whatever reason she has not had much chance to speak with the other weyrlings. Perhaps she feels that she needs to help Ha'ze seeing how Niumdreoth asked him to stand, perhaps she understands him more then he thinks and thus wants to help. Perhaps… many things really. « Why do you think this? » Niumdreoth questions while leaning closer to nose out at the bronze softly a few times, a soft croon escaping him.

"Just loosin' my temper." Ha'ze shifts a bit under her questioning, not willing to admit that sometimes he gets harsher than he really ought to. "Kainaesyth isn't always listenin' when I'm askin' nice." Kainaesyth nudges the brown back, and steps a single pace deeper, testing how deep he is able to go. « Sometimes I can trick him. When he's sleepy. But he always wakes up. »

Abigail ponders this and nods a moment. "One thing ye should not do is lose his temper with him." She did see how he acted when she was there during the training after all. "Also, if you would speak via the link they how would they know what ye be saying? Not /that/ I want ye to lose yer temper that way either." Niumdreoth nods a moment and rumbles out softly while the bronze steps forward, so far so good, it is still shallow. « How about… Not tricking him? Perhaps tricking him hurts his feelings? What about just speaking with him…? »

The chastizement from Abigail, however softly given, cuts harder then all of M'icha's could. Mostly because Ha'ze actually does respect the wingleader. (It's complicated). He doesn't have anything to say to that, and simply looks down at the lake. Several words cross his mind, but he hasn't quite figured out how to say them yet, so…. silence. Kainaesyth has an idea to ponder also. « I don't want to make him sad. But I want to know who he thinks about. » Paired images this time, Laris, Ustrr.

Abigail isn't to sure what to say for a few moments, mostly because Ha'ze has gotten quiet. She is quiet and lifs her hand to lightly touch at his arm. "Ha'ze…" She says softly, perhaps she knows that she hit a nerve, spoke on something that was a struggle for him. "I'm sorry, only attemping to help." There is a moment where she smirks and lets her hand lower and her arms fold upon her lap as she looks back to the water. She has ways of making a mess out of things for herself let alone others at times, at least hat's how she feels. « Who? » Niumdreoth questions before getting the images and a low growl escapes him for a moment. « Those… Men are some his past, he will have to tell you. » The brown will not get in on this conversation.

The light touch on his arm has Ha'ze looking downwards. When she pulls her hand away he watches it. After a second he reaches out his own to cover hers where they last in her wrap. "I need every once of help I can be gettin'… at least in this." It's a rather quiet admission, and a moment of truthfulness. Kainaesyth is started by the growl coming from the brown, and backs up in the water, allowing the ripples to spread. « That is anger. » He identifies the emotion, « I will find out why anger comes so often. » Perhaps the promise is strange from the smaller bronze, but it is there.

Niumdreoth is quiet for a few moments, his head lifting up slowly while sending a glance towards his rider. « I'm sorry Kainaesyth. I'm not angrey at you of course. » This said softly. « With time I'm sure yours will explain who they are. » The bronze is young, to explain such things now would not be a good thing. Abigail is looking to Niumdreoth at the thoughts that are caught from him, a slight frown seen before the touch from Ha'ze to her hand makes her look back to him and she blinks a few times to clear her head. A soft smile seen and she nods while leting her other hand settle upon his and gives it a soft squeeze back. "Yer my friend, I'll give ye all the help I possibly can Ha'ze."

Kainaesyth will just have to be satisfied with that answer, and the sigh of breezes through his mind shows he it. « When will I be big enough to go deeper? Like you? » Ha'ze allows his hand to rest there. He's never been one to touch out of necessity, but the nights spent curled up with Kainaesyth have awoken a particular craving for touch. As long a his friend keeps hers on his, he will not withdraw it. "At least he's gettin' quiet." Ha'ze nods towards Kainaesyth. "If he ain't wantin' me to know what he's thinkin' to the others, I can't hear it."

Abigail doesn't have a problem with his hand there, and it seems innocent enough to allow for a few moments at least. Dragons are rather touchy, well most of them. Niumdreoth can be at time, and when he was Kai's size he wanted nothing more then to cuddle with his rider. "Don't let him get to quiet, means his up to something." Abbey says with a teasing tone at the idea. "They are just talking is all." So seems Nium is keeping his rider up to date on what is being said to some degree. Niumdreoth rumbles softly while shifting and turns slightly in the water pondering this before he turns to look back to Kainaesyth. « Soon enough. » There is a ponder before the brown is lowering his head, close to the bronze. « If you wish, you can sit on my shoulders and I can take you further out so you can see things? » With a smirk the Wingleader is eyeing Niumdreoth once more. "I'm rather sure Kainaesyth and Niumdreoth will be good friends for osme time. He has taking a liking to yer bronze." Abbey offers with an amused tone, her dragon always did like the bronzes for some reason, perhaps because they think alike to some degree.

"One friendship I don't mind him havin'." There's a smile in Ha'ze's tone as he looks over at where the pair of dragons stand in the water. "I'll be keepin' mind on the quiet. Isn't that what they be sayin' 'bout children in general?" Not that Ha'ze would really know- taking care of kids was one of the few Weyr jobs he never really had to do much with, and Kyzen is really the only child he knows anything about. Kainaesyth shifts in the water his attention moving upwards. « Would I hurt you? Ha'ze says my talons are sharp. »

« No, you will be fine. » Niumdreoth offers while tilting his head, a soft rumble escaping him. « Just don't dig them in how's that? » Abigail is quiet for a moment, a soft smile seen. "Aye, there like chilren. Especially at Kai's age to tell you the truth." She gives his hand a slight pat before moving the one away. She has a daughter, though at the moment she is with her father at another Weyr, which is a bothersome thing for her lately.

Perhaps Ha'ze might comment on the statement from Abigail, but Kainaesyth has turned his attention to Ha'ze. "Abigail." His voice is abrupt as Ha'ze rises and moves towards the water. "I don't want him to climb on Niumreoth. Kai, no." It isn't sharp, but Ha'ze is moving in that direction. If he needs to he's going to go right into that water and restrain the bronze.

Abigail honestly for a moment there hadn't caught on to what Niumdreoth was fully doing. At the comment from Ha'ze she looks to the brown and smirks slightly. "Really Nium? Don't go getting him in trouble." The wingleader is up following after to make sure all stays well. Niumdreoth rumbles a bit and then shifts further out into the water where he sinks down into it. « Perhaps another time little one. Listen to yer rider. »

If the wingleader is laughing, then Ha'ze allows some of his worry to fade. "Common Kai, we should be gettin' back. See if mayhap we can be finishin' them straps for tomorrow." « I'll be big soon, and then I can see myself. » Kinaesyth's friendly breeze strokes against Niumdreoth as he walks out of the water. Ha'ze pauses at his side, eyeing the now mud-streaked bronze. "Or I'll be givin' you another bath."

Abigail isn't laughing, she wouldn't have minded but didn't want Niumdreoth to get hurt mind you. A nod is seen while she looks to the two, a soft smile seen. "If'nn ye need help with the straps let me know? I've gotten rather good at making 'em." Plus she makes them for her canines so it works in her favor. « Of course you will! I shall show you plenty of things when you are big enough how is that? » Niumdreoth questions with a soft croon esacping him. His nightscene is darking slightly, streaks of green blue and pink are seen across the sky.

It is a shame dragonic memory. « I will remember! » Except, he won't. Kainaesyth really does believe he will, as he begins to trot towards the weyr and the training complex again. His bright sunshine mixes with those evening skies, as the clear flute dances above again, keeping pace with his steps across the ground. « Thank you Niumdreoth! » Ha'ze smiles, just slightly. "Thank wingleader." For the offer, for bringing them again. Before Ha'ze has turned and follows the bronze back.

Niumdreoth rumbles out softly while dunking down under the water and is soon slipping off. « You are welcome! » Is caught before he is gone for the moment. Abigail offers with a smile and soon nods. "Yer welcome Ha'ze. I hope ye both have a good evening." This offered while she watches them go for a few moments before she moves off heading for a walk towards the forest.