Fort Weyr - Northeast Bowl
The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the administration complex and the training grounds were candidates and weyrlings can often be found. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag.

Another clear late morning and the air hangs still and hot with summer clinging stubbornly to the region in one last wave of heat before autumn begins its approach. The sun shines down, heating the stone of the Weyr below and casting hazy shimmers along the bowl. Activity is sluggish, with those few who are out being out only because their duties and work require it or there are some who risk to brave the sun and heat. One such person is Th'ero, though he has settled himself in the shade cast by a narrow overhang. The Weyrlings are all in the barracks and though he means to visit with them, his attention is drawn to another. Kyzen is in the bowl too, dressed in a baggy sleeveless tunic and shorts as he runs about, heedless of the summer heat, his laughter and giggling drifting on the still air and at his heels waddle two avian hatchlings, the only survivors from those eggs found on the camping trip with the Candidates.

Kimmila was off on sweeps, but now she and Varmiroth return, the blue swooping in to land a good distance away from Kyzen and his hatchlings. Dismounting, Kimmila is quick to shed her riding gear, storing everything in her straps before she sends the blue back to the weyr to rest before feeding. Then she heads towards Th'ero, but her eyes are drawn to their son, and…"Huh. They hatched…"

Th'ero looks up and shields his eyes slightly against the glare of the sun on the stone when Varmiroth lands and there is relief in his expression. It's way too hot of a day for him to tend to Kyzen alone and… his new "friends". Velokraeth bugles cheerily to Varmiroth and there is a rush of wind as the pale bronze swoops after the blue, likely to keep him company before they'll both go to feed in the pens. "They hatched!" Th'ero replies and there is a sigh in his voice too, a grimace to follow as Kyzen turns back around and races towards Kimmila, arms outstretched to latch onto her belt and tunic in delighted glee. Those poor baby avians scurry and waddle madly to keep up, underdeveloped wings stretched out wide and they hover anxiously around him when he stops. "Mother! They hatched! Aren't they great? They follow me everywhere and the Beastcrafters say it's cause I Impressed…" "Imprinted!" Th'ero corrects firmly and with a level look to their son. Kyzen just carries on, "Imprinted them and they think I'm they're dam! Isn't that silly? I'm not a girl." He snickers at that but when he bends to scoop one of the babies up, he's gentle and cautious and clearly fond of them. "See?" He holds it up for Kimmila to pet or take, beaming proudly.

Kimmila puts a hand on Kyzen's head when he races over, fingers into his curls and halting her steps so she doesn't accidentally step on them. "You imprinted…they think…" She blinks, and then laughs, cupping her hands to gently take the one he's offered her. "They are pretty cute, Kyzen. How are you feeding them? Why don't you pick up the other one and we'll go see Dad?" In the shade. She's dying out here.

Kyzen breaks out into laughter again when she does, pleased when she takes the avian hatchling. "Yeah, they're cute and they're mine! Beastcrafter said so, 'cause they're all Impress—Imprinted on me now and only eat if I give the food to them. No one else can! So I gotta help with that now, 'cause I am responsible," he explains in a mad rambling, butchering that last word something fierce. "Yeah!" Kyzen crouches down, scoops up the second one and scurries off to where Th'ero waits in the shade. It's not much cooler there but better than being in the direct sunlight. Kyzen is sweaty, his curls damp against his forehead but he doesn't stop, showing Kimmila where a little shallow dish of water has been set aside. He puts the avian in it and gestures wildly for her to do the same. "They like the water," Kyzen explains with a grin, crouching down to watch them with a sort of possessive interest and fascination. Th'ero is quiet where he's sitting with his back against the wall and once Kyzen is sufficiently absorbed and distracted, he pats the ground beside him for Kimmila to sit. "Wingmate. Sorry I didn't have Velokraeth warn you about Kyzen. Tlazio had an emergency and his wife has her hands full with her own son still recovering and the twins demanding her attention. So I offered to take him… Only I didn't know about them." He flicks a hand at the two hatchlings. Yay?

Kimmila follows after their son, gently putting the avian into the bowl. Then she flops down beside Th'ero, offering him a kiss. "It's fine. What's wrong with their son?" she asks, frowning in concern. Something happened and Tlazio didn't tell her? Typical. "They're pretty cure," she says with a grin. "I'm glad two of them made it."

Th'ero returns her kiss and despite the heat, he takes her hand in his and weaves their fingers together in a firm grip. "Just the usual childhood illness. Some bug or another. Kyzen had it too but the shorter version of it. Only the twins so far seem to have evaded it." Small mercies? Poor Tlazio and his wife! Maybe they should get them a gift or something… "Beastcrafters say they won't always follow him. Once they grow and become more independent and can feed themselves they won't need Kyzen. He's over the moons with them," he remarks, his voice lowering until it's a quiet whisper. "There were three. One hatched much earlier than the others, I suppose while I had Kyzen out to the caverns for breakfast. Boo killed it." Oh lovely. Th'ero's nose wrinkles. "I made sure to discard of the… evidence before he saw. Beastcrafters will keep the avians in the stables from now on… Our weyr isn't the place for them anyways. Eggs are one thing…"

Kimmila winces. "Oh." Of course Boo killed one. "That poor avian." She has a pang of guilt, and then it's quickly gone. "Well, bet Boo was happy." She squeezes his hand back with a smile. "But you don't like them." She's just guessing from his response, here.

Th'ero draws her hand into his lap when she winces and shows that pang of guilt and he ducks his head low to whisper to her, with Kyzen still hovering so close by as he fusses and observes his little avians. "It's what felines do, Wingmate. Pity the one had to go that way but we cannot fault Boo for doing it. And yes, she was quite proud of herself." he mutters with a smirk and then blinks. How'd she know? He sighs, "No, I'm not fond of them. I do not see their point but Kyzen adores them and so I'll allow him to tend to them until they're no longer needing his help." And that is that. He pauses. "Do you approve of them?"

Kimmila smiles, leaning against him. "I think they're cute, and look at how happy he is. It's not like they cost much…and if they're staying in the barn, what's the harm in them?"

"I'm not saying they're harmful, Wingmate. Just that…" Th'ero leans back against her, lowering his head to brush his lips against her hair in a brief display of affection. In the shade and tucked against the bowl wall, it's unlikely many will see. "… our weyr is not a place for avians. He already has Boo up in there." Secretly, the Weyrleader adores that feline but will never admit it. EVER. Only Kimmila has probably caught him snuggling with the feline or passed out on the couch with Boo curled up on his chest. "Did you honestly think I'd try to take them away from him?" he asks softly, sounding a little hurt.

Kimmila shakes her head. "But you said yourself they weren't going to be in our weyr. So what's the problem?" She glances up at him after the kiss, shaking her head. "No, of course I didn't think that. Not at all, wingmate. But you don't seem pleased."

Th'ero frowns, confused and there is a moment where he thinks to himself if the heat hasn't gone to his head. Before he can answer Kimmila, however, Kyzen is piping up with a laugh as one of the avians tumbles out of the shallow dish that makes up their makeshift pond. Scooping it up, he sets it back in place and then grins to his parents. "Can I name them? I was thinking Ling-One and Ling-Two." Th'ero tries to just… not groan out loud. "Kyzen…" Those are silly names! He bites his tongue. Are they? Or are they names a healthy, normal six Turn old boy would pick? He looks to Kimmila, a brow quirked in silent question while their son waits in anticipation for their approval.

Kimmila laughs, leaning against Th'ero's shoulder. "I think those are adorable names, Kyzen. Can you tell them apart? Which one is which?" she presses, looking towards the birds curiously. "At least they aren't firelizards," she whispers almost silently to Th'ero. Count your blessings? And didn't he want to give their son a pony?

Th'ero only smiles to their son, which Kyzen takes as approval from both and grins from ear to ear. "I think they're great! And yeah, I can! Look, see? Ling-One has thin stripes and Ling-Two is squiggly!" How descriptive! At least he points to them. The avian hatchlings are starting to doze off and now that they're sleeping, Kyzen's interest begins to wane. "That'll be next," Th'ero whispers to Kimmila, just before Kyzen wanders over to plunk himself down between them. No more cuddling for you two! "I'm hot." Kyzen announces as he pushes irritably at his damp curls.

Kimmila chuckles, nodding her head at their boy. "Yes, so you can." She flashes Th'ero a grin, and loops an arm around Kyzen when he flops between them, sitting up a little bit when he does so. "Should we put your avians in the barn and then maybe go swimming?"

"Yeah!" Kyzen agrees enthusiastically, wiggling free of Kimmila hold and rushing to scoop up Ling-One and Ling-Two. "Come on you guys! I wanna go swiming!" Because it's hot and he feels gross. Th'ero chuckles dryly and pushes to his feet, offering his hand to Kimmila to help her up. "I'm half tempted to take us to the lake up in the mountains." he drawls. "The lake here is bound to be busy but…" That doesn't matter, does it?

Kimmila takes Th'ero's hand and lets him pull her to her feet. She laughs. "I think just putting him in water will calm him down. Anywhere. Okay, careful, Kyzen. You're taking those to the stone barn, right?"

Kyzen is already heading into the bowl but he stops to give Kimmila a look, "Yeah, I know where I'm going!" Duh, mother? Th'ero frowns at the sass for which their son uses but lets it slide. For now. "We'll take him to the lake here. Doubt he has the patience to go by dragon back to the mountain lake…" he murmurs. His patience isn't entirely there either!

Kimmila nods, "Neither do I," she chuckles, giving his hand a squeeze. "Let's go get changed quickly so we can meet him down there?"

Th'ero hesitates, unsure but Kyzen is moving on ahead as if he's done this plenty of times. Which he probably has! "Shouldn't we follow him?" he asks Kimmila, frowning. Protective father much? Or has the heat made him forget just how capable Kyzen is in navigating the Weyr alone without an adult hovering over him every second.

Kimmila glances up at Th'ero, letting his hand go. "Maybe? I can grab your suit for you if you want me to, or I can go change, then you can come change…"

Th'ero quickly takes her hand again, as Kyzen is already trooping half way across the bowl during their moment of hesitation. "No, he'll be fine. He's proven himself capable before… and there are folk about the barns at this time of day. Come, Wingmate. Lets get changed and catch up to him!" Nothing like a race to find their swim gear, pack some towels and a few water skins! Th'ero will lead her back up the stairs to their weyr and then when they're ready, he'll somehow turn it into a challenge which likely has him chasing her out towards the barns to find their son and then race some more to the lake.