Northeast Bowl
The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the administration complex and the training grounds were candidates and weyrlings can often be found. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag.

C'rus has grown to rather enjoy this small sliver of time in the evening, after he has put Jaicoureth to bed and he has a bit of time before he has to join him in sleep. It isn't because he doesn't love every moment with him, or because he isn't having fun with lessons. It's simply a matter of energy. He has to spend so much of his time when his lifemate is awake censoring his thoughts for fear that he might think something that would cause him to ask questions he doesn't want to answer, or hurt him in some way. Perhaps he is overdoing it…as he does most things, but he is still much better safe than sorry. For himself and for his lifemate. During this brief twilight time he is able to just let his mind go and be free and it can wander where it will. He is presently just wandering aimlessly in the bowl that has become so familiar as the boundary between him and the rest of the world.

Br'enn almost feels like he needs to walk stealthily whenever he's away from the barracks and Tovihasuth is asleep. No matter how many times the hunter-weyrling tells the little bronze that it's fine for them to be apart from time to time, Tovihasuth insists he needs to come along. Never mind that he wandered of with Kainaesyth while Br'enn was sleeping. Now it's his turn to wander off while Tov is sleeping, and while he's drowsy from the lingering contact with his lifemate's sleeping mind, there's a sense of relief to be able to get away for a moment. Tov is deeply asleep, and as long as Br'enn keeps his mind quiet within, the dragonet should stay that way. Sauntering slowly in the evening dimness, he gives a languid stretch of brawny arms; he's in good shape, but that much working out makes even him sore. Ending up near C'rus, he gives the blue weyrling a nod and heaves a sigh, smirking a little. "How ya holdin' up?" he asks, speaking a bit softly in the calm.

Rynn can't believe that she is actually able to stay awake for once while Mazzolyth is passed out - yet again - after another huge meal and another long bathing/oiling session. She had no idea the bond would run so deeply in her soul, or that the connection would be so strong she would feel every thing he felt with such intensity. She has been able to retain some bits of information that the dragonet is not quite ready for, but anything going the other direction has been full speed ahead. The large, studly brown is sawing logs back in the barracks and Rynn is taking this moment to try and work off some of the extra meals she's been consuming lately thanks to him. So, she has set out for a jog, not a full-on run as that'd probably be too much commotion and would wake Mazz, but she's definitely breaking a sweat as she trots across the bowl. Seeing C'rus wandering in the distance she calls out to him "C'rus!" but not too loudly knowing that things must still be soft and censored, especially when sleeping dragons are back in the barracks. She hasn't spent a moment in time away from her lifemate, and is feeling a bit incomplete at the moment. Seeing Br'enn fills a large part of this void, her expression fondly soft when he comes in to view. "Hi Br'enn." She has the same question. "How are you guys?" Seems so very very weird the three of them out here without their baby dragons by their sides.

C'rus has never been one to focus much on being physically in shape beyond what was needed for health. The process of being a weryling certainly has impacted that part of his life as well, but in some ways its simple. Do what they tell you to do. He always did like simple. There is an elegance to it that can't be denied. He glances over and sees that another of the werylings is enjoying some 'grownup time' as well, "I'm doing fine. Just taking advantage of whatever free moments I can. Keeping track of what passes through my head from moment to moment is time consuming and difficult. It's nice to cut loose a bit and let whatever needs to run through my head," he explains. "How about you. You doing ok?" He is aware that in some respects Br'enn has similar problems to deal with and in other respects probably radically different. He spots Rynn as she too moves in the dim light. Here it seems they all are, in the quiet. "I'm doing well. Thanks Rynn."

"Y're tellin' me," Br'enn says, his snort the fond sort of chagrined that he's come to perfect since Impressing. "One slip, 'n' it's on to the questions until I find somethin' that'll get Tov to move on. He loves learnin', but doesn' have too much patience for it right now, y'know?" Sliding fingers through his hair, he spots Rynn's approach and smiles a bit. Speaking of thoughts he needs to keep quiet… The fact doesn't keep the fondness from his own expression, though. "It's exasperatin' sometimes, 'specially when he gets us in trouble. But I'm doin' fine," he says in answer to both of the other weyrlings. "Wouldn't trade any of it for anything."

Rynn admires that tried and true appreciation for simple things that C'rus has, but this girl has been eating like a brown hatchling and must get some physical activity in after being confined to the barracks for so long. She catches bits and pieces of what C'rus says to Br'enn, smiling and not probing any further when she gets a much shorter response from the gent. "Glad t'hear it C'rus. Life is so amazingly and perplexingly different these days. I had no idea it'd be like this." Heart flutters but emotions and yearning are kept at bay for everyone's sake. A nod the bronzer's direction and it shows she agrees. "I heard about that! Naughty curious dragons! Mazz is finally ready and wants to drag me out further to see this forest he sees in my mind, but I have to keep telling him it is not time yet and will be glorious when it happens." Another nod for the concept of not trading it for anything "Me either." A warm smile is on her face, breath finally slowed and brow beads of sweat wiped away with the back of her hand.

"Yeah. I get that," C'rus says to Br'enn in return. "Jaicoureth is just begining to bet curious about things, but I know once he starts the questions will be endless." If he is as relentless as he persistent then there won't be any stopping him, "I suppose they will all get us in trouble at some point. Much like any child. I guess I always wanted a child, I get to have one sooner than I'd anticipated and certainly not in the way I expected." He glances between Br'enn and Rynn as she runs along. "Here we three are. The three weyrlings that came into this with romantic attachments. I must say I'm terribly jealous of you both. Don't get me wrong, it must be really hard to see each other everyday and not express how you feel, but I'm still jealous. There is almost nothing I wouldn't give to have Kera here with me right now." He was never shy about just throwing the truth out there.

"Yeah, 'n' I bet y'hear about somethin' he does at least once a seven 'til we're almost done," Br'enn returns wryly, stretching his arms behind his back this time. There's a smile that lingers at the corners of his mouth as he observes Rynn holding things back, just as he and C'rus have…and then C'rus is making his observation about the three of them, and the bronze weyrling finds himself renewing his grip on certain thoughts. "I, ah…hope y're blockin' that out, if that's true. But it can't be…just us three." Can it? "Even if y'could, Cy," he says, eyes flicking to Rynn quickly and then off, unfocused slightly, "…we're weyrlings." Which dictates quite a bit, even when not being able to express much of anything.

Rynn nods and listens to the gents speak about the curiousness of their dragons. A deep breath is taken and she nods. "It is hard to keep things from them. They know us so well, the depths of our beings like none other. Mazz really completes me like I never knew possible." There is a flicker in her eye towards Br'enn that conveys there is more to that comment that cannot be said nor thought. "That's all part of the process it seems. The trouble thing. Some of us more than others I guess. Though Mazz is so worried about me getting hurt I don't know how much trouble we'll be getting in to." She sighs softly. "I don't know how Mazz will come to understand any of that. N'it may seem worthy of your jealousy but it is REALLY tough…for me at least." There's a nod about blocking it out, catching the flickering glances from the bronzer and resisting being pulled in to thoughts and wants too deeply.

C'rus holds out his hands in something of an expansive expression. "Free time, remember…" he says in response, and he is going to take full advantage and think and talk about whatever he wants to talk about. He is allowed to have dreams, even if they are going to have to wait until certain parties are older and can understand. "He doesn't know…he can't know. Not yet, but he will some day." As for the bronzerider's other point, "Yeah. I think it is just us. Amy is unattached, Skyler is to young, idea, Sairon is as unattached as its possible to be and I couldn't see Hazelon in a relationship….so yeah…just us three." That seems to be the cold hard truth of it. He lifts a hand to wave away Br'enn's concerns. "Let me have my dreams, even if its only for now," he says before continuing. "I just miss her, you know? I haven't seen her since the hatching and I really wasn't able to talk. She sends letters and notes of course, but it isn't the same thing." Rynn gets a smile. "I bet it is. I'm sure Mazz will want to see you happy…it will help him understand." He hopes anyway.

Br'enn has fallen silent, his arms folded across his chest. Rynn's comment about the toughness of dealing with the matter is given a subtle nod as he keeps his eyes trained in the middle distance on the ground. Actively blocking? Probably. It would be wise to move on to another subject. "Yeah, I know. Sorry, Cy; wasn't tryin' to dampen anything for ya." Giving a small shake of his head, his eyes regain their focus to flick between Rynn and C'rus. "We can give 'em all the answers they want soon enough," he says with a small, dry chuckle. "Or what we can manage anyway. Is it gettin' easier for you two, separatin' your own thoughts 'n' feelin's from theirs?" Well, it clearly is for C'rus; he isn't going around using 'we' anymore, at least.

Rynn swallows hard and wonders about that whole free time thing. "Don't they still sense us when they're sleeping though?" she asks of C'rus, enjoying that she can actually stand near-ish to her friend right now. There's a shrug about it being just them with attachments and makes a comment that. "They have some flight class or something I hear. Totally awkward. So glad I don't have to deal with proddy lust from the other side of things." A scoff-giggle and eyes haze over slightly. "We are all entitled to our dreams, this is true, and I'm sorry C'rus, it must definitely be difficult not being able to see Kera." She places a hand on his shoulder softly as if offering some type of friendly consolation- since she can right now! There's a nod of consideration, though Br'enn's poker face makes it hard to read and she wonders if he even misses her like she does him. The silence doesn't help, but she's sure it is better that way. "It's getting a little easier - figuring out who we are both together and separately. I still…yep." That full cloud washes over her eyes. "Can't quite separate it all. In fact, his dream. It's ending, which means he'll be waking any moment." Her stomach grumbles ".. and will be hungry. I better hurry back so he doesn't freak if I'm not there when he wakes." A smile for them both, hand dropping from C'rus and not daring to touch Br'enn. Her hazel gaze lingers on him for a moment. "See you guys back at the Barracks." With that she's bolting off towards the Weyr feeling the grogginess lift from Mazzolyth.

"I'm sure they are always there…but I'm not really that with it when I sleep. I can't imagine they are either. I've never been questioned…and I'm sure I would…so I'm going to enjoy this for as long as I can." he replies to the both of them. As for answers yeah he supposes that will be the case, though when Rynn mentions 'the class' he feels a small lump of terror rise in his throat. "I won't become that…I won't. I won't. Jaicoureth had to know that when he picked me. I won't lose my mind and I won't be like them." He motions to the main weyr. If anyone needed proof that Cyrus was still Cyrus there ya have it. "I'm going to boycott that class." He does feel some comfort though from having Rynn there, friendship is indeed magic, "Good night Rynn…" he calls as she wanders off, leaving him with Br'enn.

Br'enn's eyebrows lift as he listens to C'rus being his old self once more, but there's not amusement in his tone as he comments on the matter. "We…are 'them' now," he says, opening his mouth as if he might say more but deciding against it. If it's something the man feels so passionately about, this, of all times, would not be a good instance to argue with him about it. Nor would it be good for Tovihasuth to have Br'enn doing so. Then Rynn is wandering off, and as much as he wants for there to be some sort of contact between them, it's for the better this way. "'Night, Rynn," follows in her wake, his graveled tone quiet as blue eyes follow her away. "I wish," he murmurs, "I was better with words sometimes. For her. 'specially now, when I have to think harder about 'em." His eyes go skyward for a moment. "This is the one part of all this I actually…hate."

C'rus is very much his old self at the moment, some things never change and likely will not. He raises up a hand as he tries to keep himself as calm as he can despite the terror that he feels inside of himself. "Br'enn. I'm going to be better than them. I have to prove it can be done." Prove to himself? Or the world? Doesn't matter really, "I have to…" he says trailing off, "For me and for her." No he can't get to upset now, even if there are times when he feels like he would want too. He just shakes his head and lowers his hand. "I'm not an expert on relationships," he prefaces the comments, "and I know it's none of my business…but honestly I care alot about Rynn…" So he's going to be nosey anyway. "…Do you love her?"

With a simple shake of his head, Br'enn lets the matter drop for now, only adding, "Y'just said y're gonna be 'better' than the lot of us, too; y'know that, right?" Spying the shape of a small boulder just beyond C'rus, the hunter-weyrling drops down onto it, draping his forearms on his knees. At the other man's question, Br'enn's brows draw together, a mixture of deep thought and severe concentration formulating a curious gravity that pulls his gaze earthward again. He runs both hands through his hair, focusing intently on walling off this particular bit of conversation from his sleeping lifemate for such a long moment that he might seem to be ignoring C'rus' question. "Faranth's tits," he swears under his breath, "dunno why I'm tellin' you this…" Maybe he does actually consider C'rus a friend. "C'rus…I've never been attached to anyone. There've been a good few women over the Turns. Rynn's different. Brings out somethin' different in me. She's…" His gaze rises to find the other man through the gloom. "…Important to me. I'd do anything to keep her safe. Maybe…maybe 'love' is the right word for what I'm feelin'; ask me when it's somethin' safer to think about, eh? Tov knows what love is, but not this sort. Can't explain it to 'im yet, y'know?"

C'rus gives his head a quick shake. "Not saying that at all. That would imply that it was not possible to follow after me. It is. I assure you." He has some faith in his friends, and even a bit for Br'enn, "I'll be honest with you. When I first met you I didn't like you. And honestly I thought you were bad for her. I was totally prepared to find some way to get you out of the picture and find someone better for her." he explains, "But I know you better now. I know you are a good man. And I mean that sincerely," he adds just in case the other man has any doubts. "Like I said…no expert, but if you'd do anything for her then it's love. And you just tell her. Its as simple as that. Harder to deal with, sure…but eh…life is."

It's quite possible that Br'enn doesn't want to even think about putting himself through the mental gymnastics he imagines C'rus intends to develop to accomplish such a thing…especially since he's doing his fair share now. He rolls his eyes a bit a the other weyrling's defense, then listens quietly to the rest. "'n' you're self-righteous as a Lord Holder sometimes," Br'enn returns with a snort and a laugh, "but also a good man. 'n' I mean that sincerely," he says, holding out his hand to C'rus. "I'll… I'll tell her somethin' when the time's right. When it's safe. Just hope she doesn't think I'm forgettin' about her through all this."

"Thank you," is the response that follows immediately from the healers mouth even before the other has a chance to clarify that he, too, believes he is a good man. Apparently the first part was a sufficient compliment in C'rus's mind. "And thank you again," he adds after he finishes. Wow, two compliments in the same sentence. "Though I suppose would just prefer to be righteous. No one really ever bothers to ask about that, you know. They don't see me…for me. They only react to my ideas. I know I'm an opinionated ass…" he says, plunking himself down on the same boulder, "It isn't my intention, if you must know. I only push so hard because I'm afraid. I know it doesn't look it." Given that he has gone toe to toe with now several Weyrleaders across Pern and not backed down. "But its true. They never bother to ask why I do it. Not one. I don't know if it would make any difference really." He shrugs and sighs. "Don't worry about Rynn thinking you forgot. I've talked to her quite a bit…and while you haven't come up in conversation, I think I know her fairly well by now. She loves you too. If my guess is right. You don't just forget that."

"Well. Least you're aware of it," Br'enn says with wry snort as C'rus sits down beside him. "Admittin' y're afraid is the most necessary part of bein' brave. So my dad told me once. He was right." He listens to the other man's reassurances quietly, rubbing his neck in absent habit. "Hope you're right." Not that they way Rynn manages to look at him every now and then is lost on him; it's simply, as she said, rough. It's the love of their lifemates that must be focused on now - their completely enthralling, heart-stealing reasons for this whole rigorous time. Presently, Br'enn feels a subtle shift in his mind, a breeze within, and he sits up. "Tov's comin' around," he says. "Best get back before he gets hurt that I went somewhere without 'im." A chagrined shrug, and he rises, offering C'rus a hand up - unless the other man wants to stay out here a little while longer.

C'rus takes the man's hand to help lift him up off the boulder, it seems that it's time to exchange one type of dream for another. "Being brave isn't my problem. It's getting results that is," he says with a smile. "But I'm not going to stop now. And I'm glad to be with you here. I'm under no delusion that you understand me, but of all the guys here, you are my best shot," he expresses in earnest. Not that he typically gets along with other men anyway; most of his close friends are women. "I know that I'm right." he says once he is standing, "and one day you will see that I am, and you will be even happier than you are now." And hopefully so will C'rus. "I'll come with you. It's time for me to sleep."

"See? There ya go again," Br'enn says with another exasperated roll of his eyes. "You're right, I don't understand ya. Most of the time. Least that's not a requirement for watchin' someone's back. C'mon. I think sleep's somethin' we both need." Getting Tovihasuth to do so again is going to be the trick, though. But he'll deal with that in a bit. For now, the weyrlings venture back home. Time to rest up for the next set of challenges.